The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, May 09, 1903, Page 3, Image 3

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    We have Just rrlvd direct from tht factory a very fine lot of
Broom. Just what you wiint whn house cleanltif. We also
have a full Una of Brushw, Bcrulm, Dish Moj. Whlsa: Broom,
Dusters, tto. Kr OoodK itnil porltl prlci kit th lm.
Hatlirday .
Monday , ,
Tuesday ,
Tfcursday ,
tHday . .
VaMM-day .
Monday , ,
Tuesday , ,
Thureday ,
a. m. i p, .
"l K,nC ftrf hTm" tC
77Ti i-.ii s.f 4:16 M
.. t !: 1.1 6:13 T.O
. . t :4S T. till .
... 4 1:14 T.l T:I3 T.l
.. t 7:1 I.I 1:15 T.l
.. 1:41 I.T 1:11 7. 7
. 7 1:11 I.I 10:11 7.1
.. 110:11 7.1 10:16 l.t
... I U:4 7.111:11 I.I
, . 10 11:11 7.1
, . II 0:14 1.4 1:15 7.1
... II 0:11 1.4. 1:56 7.0
.. 13 1:14 I. II 1:14 I I
. 14 llOS 1.0 1:14, I.I
JUw Water. I A. M.
Friday" .""."777X1:41.0.4
HnturJay . . .. 1 10:40 0.0
HUNMAT . . . 111:40 0.1
Monday .... 4 I: to 1.2
Tuesday . . . . S 1:15 l.
Wednesday . .. I l:4 1,4
Thursday ... 7 l:tl i.g
Friday .... I 4:50 l.J
Hnlurday', . ,. I 1:40 0.1
HITNDAT ... 10 1:24 0.2
Monday . ... ,11 7:0 -0.1
Tuosday .... 11 7:46 -0.1
Wednesday ... 13 1:20 0.0
Thuraday . . .14 1:11 0.1
P. M.
Are you going to the
nt St. Louis, Mo.
OU may if you buy your Men's
and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Un
derwear, Trunks, Sox, Shirts,
etc., at Herman Wise's store.
A number with every $10 pur
chase. Keep your slips if you
only buy a dollar's worth. . When you
have 10 worth together you will re
ceive a numbered certificate, which
entitles you to an equal participation
in the distribution of the
which Herman Wise gives to his cus
tomers. Why trade elsewhere and
lose this splendid chance?
Bfctf Reliable Clothier and Hatter
Meet meat Hoefler'i soda fountain.
Send In your order for Wyoming
coal. 8. Elmore A Co.
Flahcrmrn: Dixie Queen. In ll-oc.
Valla, 40 cents. P. A. Trulllnger.
The swellpet shop In the city. Bix
artists at the Palase bathi.
Four up-to-date barton at tht Occl--dont
. Tou don't have to wait.
Orayi river full cream cheese war
ranted the beat on the coast. Depot and
aole agency at No 417 Bond atreet, Bond
Street market. Wholesale and retail.
Improve your flower and vegetable
garden with bone, or land plaster, fer
tiliser, for ale by Johnson Bros.
New atock of fancy goods Just arrlv-
ed at Yokohama Baiaar. Call and 1
the latest novelties from Japan.
Yon will always And the best 16c
mm! in the city at the Rising Sun res
taurant, No. 811 Commercial street.
Rooms Some choice housekeeping
rooms now vacant and for rent, over
Peterson & Brown's shoe store.
Ture and wholesome Ice cream, 15 e
a pint. Delicious Ice cream soda and
confectionery at Taint's candy store.
9 EH by 12 .HE!
all the smaller sizes of
We have them in Axmin
Body Drussel, Tapistry
Brussel and the Crex Rug. See
window display.
590-592 Commercial St.
Proceedings of
Closing Day
Busy and Profitable Gathering of
County and State Educat
ors Disbanded.
A very profitable and enjoyable con
ventlon of the teachers' of Clatsop
county came to a close last evening.
During the aesslon of the Institute the
efforts of tho visiting Instructor Supt.
A.ekirmuo and Professor Ressler and
Lyman, have been highly appreciated
and productive of great benefit to the
local educa'.ors. Superintendent Ack
erman says; "The ability to apply the
knowledge we have I the tronVst at
tribute of a good teacher," and be Il
lustrated his own right to that dlstlno
tlon by a practical demonstration of
such ability. His humorous handling of
some of the dryer qustlon of school
work enlivened what might otherwise
have been tomparatlvely. uninteresting
Prof. K. D. Kessler. of Monmouth.
contributed largely to the success of the
Institute. His pleasing way and fine
presence emphasised - the Impression
made by his able addresses, and his ex
cellent voice In song wa an Inspiring
feature of the sessions.
In hi brief stay In Astoria Prof. W.
D. Lyman of Whitman university crrat
ed a warmth of regard very similar to
that generally felt toward bis brother,
the county superintendent. Professor
Lyman Is a polished gentleman of high
scholarly attainment and stands In the
front rank of the native son of whom
Oregon 1 worthily proud. HI Uluinl
nation of the subject of United States
history, during the Institute will long
be remembered ,as will thi keynote of
hi theme; "The two pier of the great
bridge over which the march of civilis
ation ha passed are Individual liberty
nd union.".
The special music features of the af
ternoon session were two. Professor
Ressler sang a touching song entitled
"Absent." which reached a tender
chord In many hearta. Mlsa Kathryn
Shlvely sang the "Ttrtuh Serenade,'
from Ben Hur. and In reeponse to 1
hearty encore she gave "Long Ago She
Said She Lo-ed Me." In a moat capti
vating manner. Mis Nellie Busey was
ally mrltorlous, and received much
favornble omment.t. ' -,,
A most pleasing f f uture of this sea
l(m wa the music discoursed by the
orchestra .anslstlnf of , M. Johnson,
violin; J. C. flwope, cornet; B." D.
John.), cello, and Mr. Otto IIHlborn,
County Superintendent Lyman, wjiose
mom prominent characteristics are
modesty and proficiency, is congratu
lated on tb entire success of the Insti
tute, due to the careful preparation and
wise execution of hi plans.
Grand voting contest for the moat
popular Forester at the Dime Musee.
The following resolutions were adopt
ed by the Institute at the close of the
Whereas, The success of an Insti
tute depend chiefly on the effort
of those In charge and the quality
of Instruction given; and
Whereas. Our county superin
tendent and corps of Instructors
have been untiring In their effort
to make this session a success; and
Whereas, - Thl eslon of the
Clatsop county teacher' Institute
has been a most Instructive and
profitable one, be It
Resolved. That we, the teacher
of Clatsop county, extend our
thanks to our efficient county sup
erintendent. Professor Lyman, for
hi efforts to make the Institute a
source of assistance and Insplrai'in
to the teachers of the county; .
StateSuperintendent Ackerman
for his helpful suggestion end
word of cheer; to President IUs
Inr for his practical Instructions and
for hla successful effort to make
the Institute pleasant a well a In
structive;' to Prof. W. D. Lyman
for hi clear and scholarly pre
sentation of the subject of United
State history; to the pastors of the
city churches for their hearty co
operation and encouragement; to
the senior class of the high school
for th'iir evening' entertainment;
to all who assisted in the musical
, program; to the trustees of the
Methodist church; to Mr. A. R.
Cyrus for the use of the piano; to
the secretary and his assistant; to
the press of the city for Its uniform
courtesy; and to all who In any
way helped to make the Institute
a success. And. be tt further
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolution be spread upon the min
ute of the Institute and that eople
be given, to the pre for publica
The largest audience of the Institute
assembled last evening at the M. E.
church to listen to essay prepared for
the occasion by members tf the high
school graduating class. There are 10
member of the class of 1903, six bf
whom took part In the exercise last ev
enlng. The essay were under the gen
eral topic "Recreation In Local His
tory" as detailed In the program pub
lished yesterday morning, and were, of
decided merit and Interest, showing
much careful preparation. ; Tho excel
lence exhibited attests the fact that our
high school course In English I not
outranked even by many eastern
school!, which I further vouched for
by those who know. It I In compet
ent hands, and at least two text books
are used besides those required. '. "
While possibly It Is hardly Just to
distinguish between the six who all did
so well ,the essay of Mis Laura Fasta
ben 1 on "Discover lea of Juan De Fuca"
and of Ml Emelta Una on "Explora
tion of Lewi and Clark," were eepeo-
The funeral of the late Lyman C.
Kinney will be held In this city tomor
row and the Interment wUI be In the
cemetery on Clatsop plains. The body
Is expt:t9d to arrive down on tonight'
train. The hour for the funeral servic
es has not yet been named and the ar
rangement In detail will likewise not
be known until later. Mr. Kinney came
to Ore.n from Iowa with his parents
while Jnly 7 year of age. The family
settled first In eastern Oregon.where he
wa associated In mining and In the
tlon he struck out for himself. ' He
settled first in eastern, where he was
associate both In mining and in the'
iteneral merchandise business, and In
171 moved here, w hirr be ha line re
sided, lie is survived by Mr. Kinney.
11 Immediate relatives are Mrs. Or
Rogers and Mrs. Mary Brisbane, agist
ers, and one brother, Layfayette Kin
ney. They reside In Newberg, Ore
gon. Mr, Kinney's last illness Belied
him early Tuesday morning. An at)
see wa found to be forming In one
of his ear and realiaing the Import
ance of Immediate attention he went
to Portiind on the early train of that
day. The growth was operated upon
at the North Pacific sanitarium and he
Immediately thereafter became uncon
scious and remained so until the end.
The abscess had penetrated the brain.
and that was the direct cause of death.
Labor hall wa filled last evening to
hear an address on tbe Industrial prob
lem by Captain F. L. Evuns, a veteran
of the Civil war. The captain, who is
a finely preserved man, vigorously
showed the defects of the present sys
tem, It strike, boycotts blacklist, and
other evil, and pointed to public own
ership of public utilities as the only
mean of solution. HI talk wa honest
and earnest and met with a cordial re
sponse. He wa followed by Chairman
J. F. Well h. Just returned a vice-
president of the State Federation of La
bor, held at La Grande where he wa
re-elected, Mr. Welch pointedly how-
ed that the laborer and wealthmaker
must go to the ballot box to get the
creation of hi toil and Issued a chat.
lenge to anyone to .rove how It can be
done otherwise.
J, H. Imhoff, the Portland monument 1
msn .formerly of Astoria I in the city.
He has Just erected handsome monu
ment In Greenwood cemetery at the
grave of Mr. Catherine W. Feeley,
Albert Nllson, Emll Erlckson, Thomas
Moore and Thoma J. Moore. The last
named Is the man who wa killed In
January, 1900.' by an insane man, whose
exciting capture by Sheriff Llnvllle will
be remembered. His father, Thomas
Moore, was a well known resident of
Astoria before bedied 10 year ago.
Mr. Imhoff also has a contract to build i
a 11400 monument for the family lot of j
Hon. Benjamin Toung.
J.W. Smith, one of the two men arrest
edhere by Sheriff Llnvllle and later
taken to Portland, bas been tried and
convicted of robbery In the state circuit
court In Portland. He was charged
jointly with Albert Lyman of robbing
J. W. Collins, on March 20, but was
given a separate trial at the request of
his attorneys. Murphy and Watt. Ly
man, who acquired considerable notor
iety by Jumping from the train while
enrouts for Portland, was tried yester
day. It took the jury just 15 minutes to !
hrlnv In a VArrilet milltv n. phnrM
In hi defense Smith testified that
the knife with Collins' name upon It
and which was found in his possession
wa obtained from a gypsy at Seattle.
With the lifting of the quarantine
Of E. H. Bteffenson oc Thirty-eighth
street, which ha just taken place As
toria la once more free from all con
tagious disease, and the Indications are
the present conditions will continue.
The last house to be Infected wa
thoroughly, fumigated by City Physic-
Ian Pilklngton so there la no probability
of the fever being Introduced from
In $1 and $1.25 values. Gen
uine goods, not substitutes
or imitations, now on sale at
69 and 79 cents
C7 season's L latest designs;
all the popular., colors and
the most artistic styles.
Chairman Charles V. Brown of the
regatta committee apent yesterday at
Chinook. The Chinook Gun club I al
ready practicing to attain a perfection
at breaking clay pigeon which I In
tended to make the capture of the re
gatta medal a certainty. The regatta
entlment In Chinook I first class, as
fixed up by Mr. Brown, and a good
crowd will be In attendance.
Grand progressive show by talented
artists Tuesday evening. May It Three
halls. 10c admission to the three.
A most excellent essay on the salmon
Industry and cold storage methods
written by HUH McCroskey, a lad of
11 years, wa read at the teachers' In
stitute yesterday. The youthful writer
Is a pupil of the Shlvely school, under
Prof. A. A. Cleveland, and his produc
tion reflects much credit on the Institu
tion. In penmanship, style and neat
ness hi manuscript could be equalled
by but few adults.
Mrs. Eilvcard Heintx, 171 Franklin
avenue, .wishes mulc pupil. Beginner
only accepted. Special attention to
fingering and time.
On account of the stupendous aggre
gation of talent and attractions engag
ed for the Progressive Dime Musee of
the Ladles' club, which will show on
Tuesday ovenlng. May 11, It ha been
found necessary to secure three hall
One Is In the Flavel brick, one between
Orlffln's tnd Morse' stores and one be
tween Trulllnger' cigar store and Pet
erson and Brown's. One 10c ticket ad
mits to all three sections. -
A civil suit brought by M. M. Pier-
son vs. Jim Martin, -w a introduced!
yesterday In the court of the justice of
the peace but a the interested parties
signified a willingness to settle the af
fair out of court, the case was dismis
sed. The suit was brought to recover
125.25 alleged to have been due on an
unsettled account.
Delieaeiesfoi the Tabic
The equal of our asortment of near and delicate edible for the
table cannot be equalled else where. Jellies and Preserves in
Glaaa, Lang's Fruit Catsup, Something neJr, Norwegian Knueke
Bread, Fancy Cookies and Cakes, Paradise Soda Cracker Biscuit,
Pilot Bread, etc.
Astoria - Ore.
Grand Matter Workman Wm. Smith
of Baker City Is. expected to arrive to-1
day, and to address the members of
the Ancient Order of United Workmen
and the Degree of Honor this evening
at the Presbyterian church. Commit
tee from each of the three lodge hsive
been appointed to meet him at the de
pot and do the honors.
But they are the most sanitary, convenient and cheapest
.bedsteads you can use. We now sell them as low as ....
We have a auprlua of our spring Carpets, Linoleum and
Hatting. To reduce stock we will sell at price which all can afford.
Best qualltlea and styles. Buy quickly.
H.' H.1ZAPF - The Housefurnisher
First Lutheran Rev.
will conduct the usual
morning and evening.
Oscar Ostroml
services both
Remember the Dime Musee occupies
three buildings. Flavel brick, building
next to Trulllngar's cigar store. One
ticket admits to all. 10c.
Any one having rooms for rent dur
ing .he next week will confer a favor
by leaving or sending word to C. E.
Foster,694 Commercial street; telephone
2541. We want about 100 rooms for
members of the Foresters grand court
which meets Tuesday. Will want room
from Monday to Friday. '
Committee on Entertainment.
Congregational Rev. Evans P. Hu
ghe will preach at 11 a. m.. and Rev.
Harold Oberg at S p. m.
Grace Service at H a. m. and 1:1
p. m. a usual.' Sunday school at 12:10
m. Holy Innocents' chapel, Uppertown
Holy Communion at 9 a. m. '
Methodist Rev. Harold . Oberg will
preach In the morning on "Living In
the Right Atmosphere." In the even
ing Rev. Evans P. Hughe will preach.
Good music.
- : 1 ' . ..-.'
, Baptist All the usual , services will
be observed. Sermons will be preached
on the following subjects: "The Unity I
of the Savior and the Saved" and "The
Efheslan Twelve."
. a
Norwegian-Danish Methodist Sun
day school and Bible cla !0 a. m. Sttr j
vices both morning and evening at the I
usual hours. Morning subject: "Glory J
In the Inner Court." Evening sub-1
Ject: "How Much Do Tou Owe?" Class
meeting T p. m.
m . . . l
I Palace
I Cafe
The Best Restaurant
Refular Meals. 2SCeats
Sunday Dinners Specialty
Everytllar tie Market Affords
Palace Catering Company f
Your Orders to tlie
Everything for tho House. . . ,
New Store at 504-500 Bond Street
Adams $ Henning'sen
porosis shoes are now sold in every leading city In the
world. America no lonjrer goes abroad for ideas in'
footwear, it is universally acknowledged that Sorosis
sets tbe shoe styles in Europe as well u in America.
The daintiness and stylishness of some styles, end the
sturdy wearing qualities of others, commend them to the
favor of fastidious dressers in every part of the globe.
AH styles, aQ leathers, (3 JO. 1 :
Somb Spkcul hakd-mads STVLMraoM Custom DaraaTMBifT, fo.oo.
and UrwAaus.
If your dealer does not keep them tend for Hlf-neuaremcnt
blank and copy of our new Novelette, containing- a splendid love story.
Tht sharpness of ateel," by Julian Street, with five beanUful
illustrations. Address,
SOROS IS SU04 CO., Niw Teas, Boa tow, oa Itwic, Kais. "
The Finest Hotel in the Northwest
Of New Zealand
: VV. P. THOMAS, Mgr., San Francisco.
Has been Underwriting on the Pacific Coast over twenty-two yea-
SAMUEL ELMORE A CO., Agents, Astoria, Ore.