The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 17, 1903, Image 1

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An All-around (Coat
I . V a mam ...
I II fV'-5
Silk Petticoats, $4, $4.75 $5 and $9
Sllh Dress Skirts, $10.00 to $20.00
Silk Monte Carlo Jackets, $9 to $11
WASH SKIRTS-Demims, 85c 1 Grass,
cloth, 3I.OO1 Linen, $2.00 to $3.50.
White Skirts, 85c to $3.00.
Th many use for which a to
coiit comet in rundy make ft
imperative that you have one of
thece .
Thirty-Thrw Inch
Top Coats
M4 of IIn( Cvw1
In ihidei for every taite. In
dividualitv Irhiu Integral paru
marks thit one at standing
above Its fellows at an exposi
tion of the kind of garment that"
is lessening the clientele of tall
erdorn-beciuM the manufac
turers being large purchasers
and having extensive tailoring
shops on the pemUes they era
Die to produce garments of taii
character i
This Coat is Correct
In many placet and finds favor
for All-around Wear
In mild weather. It permits of
easy walking and makes the
man In action a paragon of grace
snd style. Made by
AMdKtartu Tflr, VTKA, It Y.
h luittfUt renwny In buying tfylMi
teitiinf wttte they an made to geo4
The Chicago
Perfect in touch, speed, dura
bility and appearance, $35.
When you want him you ar
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tire always glad to respond to
your hurry call and relieve
the difficulty. We have much
experience In repairing- and
new work and will Its the bad
plumbing and supply the good
on short notice. ;
Phone Black 2185
470-472 Commercial street.
Minnesota Is the Largest Stum
ship Ever Built In
President Hill's Monster Vessel
Took Her First Plunge Be.
. fore Great Throng.
Now London, Conn. April In the
pretence of thouaanda of spectators,
Including many , visitor from New
Tork, Boston and other cltle, the
ateamahlp Minnesota, the largest v
al ever built In thla country and the
greatest cargo carrier In the world,
wa launched today at the yard, of the
Eaatern Shipbuilding Company at fro
ton. The iponaor of the mammoth
ahlp waa Mlaa Clara Hill, daughter of
J. J. Hill, president of the Great
Northern Company, for whom the ven
ae! waa built, to become a, part of the
company' Pacific and Oriental -trice.
At th laat retraining link that held
the ahlp to Ita place on the way waa
severed, Mis Hill broke bottle of
wine over the ateel bow and named
the craft of the Minnesota. After the
luunclng luncheon waa nerved to the
guest of th ahlpbulldlng company In
the mold toft of the yard.-
Finn! pre pa ration, for the launching
of the Minnesota were begun early to
day at the yard of the Eaatern Ship
building Company In Croton, the en
tire forte being ImsHl in knocking
away the heavy blocking and getting
every last detail In readiness for the
Inltfll plunge. Into the water. While
the preliminary work wa going on
thousands of people from varlou van
tage points watched the labor of the
men and viewed the Immense proper
tlont of the "Minnesota and her sister
vessel, the Dakota.' which Is to be
lnunh"d 'ew uionltis hence,
St. Paul, April 1, In view of the
liUM'.hlig of the Minnesota at New
London. Conn., the. following resolu
tion. Introduced by Senator. Horton,
was adopted:
'Whereas. The largest ateamahlp
ever built In America and the largest
freight carrier In the world, the new
and Mpleudld Minnesota, Intended to
form a rrt of the great system of
commerce between the Pacific Coast
and the Orient. 1 launched today at
New London, Conn., be It
"Resolvel, By the Senate and House
of Representatives of the State of Min
nesota that the following telegram be
sent to the Bon. James J. Hill, New
London, Conn., the scene of the launch
ing! ; i v . -
" The Legislature of the Stale of Min
nesot xpresses Ita appreciation of the
honor done this state In the naming
of your new steamship and extends Its
hearty congratulations on this further
evidence of your enterprise In develop
ing the commerce of this country.' "
Nice Scenes In Court Brought About
By Custodian Fight.
Lafayette, Ltd., April 16, There was
a list light In ths Circuit Court this af
ternoon between Attorney P. Plinms.
representing Fred Chase, father of the
young millionaire Mosea Fowler Chase
and A, L. Kumler representing Mr.
and Mr. Charlea Duhme of Cincinnati
who are fighting for the possession of
young Chase. The attorneys had met
for a conference with the Judge as to
what ahould be done with Moses F.
Chase pending the hearing of the guard
lanshlp case. The court directed that
Mosea F. Chase remain In the court's
Jurisdiction with the understanding
that Mr. and Mrs. Duhme, who are his
aunt and ancle, are not to Interfere
with him. ,
Fierce Political Battle Waged in th
' Albany Senate,
Albany, April 16. Not since the mem
oratle day of the Conkling-Platt in
turrectlon has the State Senate been
n scene of more bitter personalities
or of a more sensational poll teal bat
tle than that of this morning and aft
ernoon, when Governor Odell' nomina
tion of Railroad Commissioner Frank
tfuker, to succeed himself, was rejected
by th coalition of the three so-called
"Insurgent Republicans" with the Dem
ocrat. It Is not unlikely that the bat
tle will ba renewed tomorrow when It
Is expect Jd that the Judiciary Commit
tee will report the nomination of
;enrge William Morgan! to take the
place of John McCulluirtJ, aa Superin
tendent if Elections sent In by Gov
ernor Odell today. , .'.J , .
Youtsey Tell All He. know, of the
. Ooebel Murder From the
Witness Stand,
Frankfort, Ky April W.-Henry E.
Youtsey today for the first time
told on the witness stand his story of
the killing of the lata Governor doebet.
He named James Howard, the defend
ant, as the man who fired the shot.
Youtsey said be saw Howard for the
first time a few mlnutr before the
shooting, Howard had a' letter sent to
hlin severay day before by the witness
at Governor Taylor's dk-tatlon, Yout
ey say he took Howard Into Caleb
Powrrs' office, which had been specially
arranged for the shooting. Youtsey
said he showed Howard the Martin
rllle, the bullets and window from
which the shooting was, to be done.
He ,ays Howard asked i what he was
to get for the shooting. I
"What do you want tor ItT Yout
sey said he askd, and Howard said he
wanted a pardon for filling George
Rflker. f
"I told hi mhe could pave" that and
more, too," said Youtsej.
"About that time," sulii the witness
"Ooebcl came In the gat and t point
ed him out to Howard Wnd ran from
the room. As I disappeared from the
steps to the basement I heard the
crack of Howard's rlfle.
He said that after the shooting he
passed through the autehouse base
ment and a few minutes later came
back Into the executive' building from
the eastern entrance.
Youtsey said that at the time of the
shooting he was private secretary to
Auditor Sweeny, but that, while his
political status was not definitely fixed,
it was understood he was to have a
good place tinder Taylor. '
"Governor Taylor,'"sa!d Youtsey, "di
rected everything we did. We regard
ed htm as our leader, and tut waa mor
ally responsible for all we did. We
knew we had the Governor and pard
oning board behind ua, and we were
pot afraid of punlshnwnt for killing
Cioebtl." ' "
' Youfey said further Yhat he bad an
additional Incentive to tell the story,
a Taylor, Powers and others had used
him as a ratspaw and sespesoHt. and
then deserted him when be got Into
trouble. ' ' t, i .
Lit ut'-nnnt Governor T.e Held In Mis
souri by District Attorney Folk.
Knnu City, April 16. Lieutenant-
Governor Lee left for Chicago tonight
after assuring a number of persons
that he waa bound for St. Louis. At
the train he was subpoenaed by a deputy
marshal to testify In a local case, this
subpoenae being Issued nt the request
of District Attorney Folk 'of Si. Louis
to hold the Lieutenant-Governor ln
Missouri until the St. Louis summons
could be served. The deputy marshal
In aervlng the paper, said:
'Mi: Lee, you understand that If
you disobey this subpoena you will
be regarded -as a -fugitive from Jus
tice." , , , ' f
The Lieutenant-Governor replied an
grily, denouncing Folk, and said that
he understood the move, which was to
call him before the Grand Jury,
Governor-General Empowered to Crush
Spirit of the Finns.
Helslngfors, Finland, April 16. A
decree hai been published here de
scribing measures for the maintenance
of order In Finland. Under this de
cree the Governor-Gr.era! Is empow
ered when he deem it ' necessary, to
close school, shop and factories, .to
prohibit private meetings, dissolve pri
vate association and expel from1' Fin
land all versona who are considered un-
desirable. Expulsions, however, except
In cases which do not permit of delay,
must receive imperial Sancton. Persons
expelled may be ordered to reside In
certain places within th empire. The
decree become operative In three years
Insanity Plea Did Not Save Murderer
From Sentence, .'- '
. Chicago, April 16-John Hoftarth, who
has been on trial for the last two days
accused of the murder of his wife, has
been found guilty by a Jury and sen
tenced to the penitentiary for SO years.
Hoffarth, who had been on a spree, shot
his wife1 while she Vaa bending over
the cradle of their baby. His defense
whs insanity.
London April 16. The Grimsby
Tnwler Natallia, with a crew of It
which was to arrive on April 6 from
the fishing bank of Iceland, has been
given up for lost, ' -
Bulgarians In Macedonia Planning
for An Uprising Against
the Turk.
Servia's King Says There Are Fate
ful Times Ahead and He
Will Take Hand.
Constantinople, April IS. It Is now
understood that the commission sent by
the Sultan to appease the Albanians fail
ed to secure their adhesion to the re
form scheme of the powers except on
the conditions that the Albanians be al
lowed to choose their own governors
and civil officials and. that other minor
concessions be granted them. The
Porte has decided to establish a mili
tary campaign 'at Berzovltch and has
ordered U batellons to concentrate
there. In view of the possible eventful
operations against the Albanians.
Great uneasiness has been aroused In
Turkish Government circles by the re
ports that the Bulgarians In Mare
doniat are preparing for a general ris
ing. April 20. the recond day of the Eas
ter festivities of the orthodox church.
Belgrade. Servla, April 16. At a ban
quet given at the palace yesterday ev
ening in celebration of the tenth anni
versary of King Alexander's accession
to the throne, the King made a speech
In which he referred to the grave situ
ation In the East saying fateful times
were approaching for all the peoples of
the Balkan peninsula, and Servta must
be ready to strike at the proper mo
ment. He also congratulated himself
on the fact that his marriage to Queen
Drags had met with the approval of
th people. Referring to his recent
proclamation, the King Bald Servia
had no time foe cxeprimenUng, and fee
had therefore been compelled to restore
tha Constitution to Its original con
National Convention Entrusts Measure
, t 1 to John Redmond et a. '
Dublin, April 16. By a unanimous
vote the Irish National Convention
which met here today, accepted In pnn
clple the Irish Land Bill Introduced In
the House of Commons by Wyndham,
Chief Secretary for Ireland, and en
trusted John Redmond and his party
to the task of securing In the House
of Commons suchamendments as the
National Convention may consider es
sential. ' . ". "
The Convention tomorrow will out
line the shape that the amendments
should take, and on Saturday Lord
Dunraven, Lord Mayo. Captain Shswe-
Tayor, John Redmond William O'Brien
and T. W. Russell are likely to meet
at the Round Conference Table o dte-
cuss "the landlords' and the tenant'
opinions on the bill and try and ar
rive at a common basis of Parliament
ary aclton. .. .
That's What Gompers Says Unions
Here to Stay.
Washington, April 16. President
Gompers. of the American Federation
of Labor, today gave out a statement
in reply to the annual report of Pres
ident Parry, of the Manufacturers'
Association, which was read before
that body in New Orelans. It says In
"If there la any doubt that Mr. Par
ry had taken leave of his reason the
report, "or harangue, which he has
made to his convention demonstrates
It beyondany doubt.
"OrganUed labor Is here to stay ye,
to stay long after Parry's name shall
have been forgottten. It has srvived
many encounter with men of Mr. Par
ry' calibre.
Richly Dressed Governess Accused of
Stealing Finery.
Chicago. April Xi.-X dispatch, to
tho Tribune from New York says: -
Resplendent In Jewels, wearing a rich
cloak of sable, worth $2500, Miss Minna
Williams, a handsome young woman
aged 27 was put In Ludlow Street Jail
last night. She la accused of having
stolen the' cloak and other furs and
jewels to the aggregate valu of about
J30.000 from the family of Albert Ret
tinger, a wealthy Englishman by whom
she had been employed a governess for
hi children. Miss Williams" arrest
waa made under a warrant Issued by
Commissioner Oitclds on application of
Charles Fox, Counselor for the Brltin
Consul-General at this port. ;
Bh ill have hearing before the
Commissioner, today after which she
will probably be committed to the Lud
low Street Jail to await extradition pro
ceeding, the arrest being made on In
formation from the English authori
ties. '
White Man Attempted to Smuggle
Them on a Sloop and Was Arrested.
Beat tie, April If. The capture of II
contrabrand Chinese and a white man.
alleged "o have smuggled them In a
sloop, waa effected this morning by
three customs officers near the coal
bunkers. ' Harry - Thomas, the white
man, to In the county JalL Another
man alleged to be the owner of the
sloop, jumped from the boat and al
though three shot were fired at him
he ewesped under the wharf. The CM-w-ee
were ordered deported by United
States Commlsslo.ners.
Albany, N. T.. April If. A success
ful operation has been performed on a
child at the Albany Hospital for the re
moval of a pin from the stomach. The
child, a 10-months old babe, waa plac
ed ifnder the ex-ray and the pin was
found to be stuck In the throat. The
surgeons forced It Into the, stomach,
and then that organ was opened and
the pin removed.
Base Ball Scores.
At Sacramento Sacramento-Seattle
game postponed; rain.
At Ban Francisco Oakland, f; Port
land, 5. ,
At Los Angeles No game. .
wane coast league. '
. At San Francisco San Francisco, E;
Butte, 2. .
At Seattle Tacoma, 13; Seattle, Q.
At Portland Portland, 7; Spokane, 1
Al Los Angeles No g&me; rain.
I Wm QfilN
the good cldtbts event ef fte season
We have ' arranged with the renowned tailoring house of
Str&usa Bros., Chicago, to display tbeir entire line of
fine woolens in the piece at our store on
The display wilt be made under the supervision of a special
representative tram Chicago; 500 newest patterns in the line;
low prices. Even if you're not yet ready to order, call and let
us "post" you. We can interest you.
C. H. c o o;pie R
The President In Splendid Condi
tion and Enthused Over
His Outing.
Chief Executive Meets Secretary
Loeb and the Two Transact
Routine Business.
Cinnabar, April If. President Room.
velt came Into Fort Yellowstone today
looking to be In splendid condition and
enthusiastic over the good time he has
had. Secretary Loeb met him at Ma
jor Pitcher's headquarter and the two
transacted some routine business, the
first the President has done with his
Secretary since be went Into the Park.
After hi return from hi visit to th
President. Secretary Loeb Issued th
following statement:
"Major Pitcher reports that the Pres
ident and his party have just returned
from the eight days' horseback trip
In the north of th Park and along th
Yellowstone." v
On entering the Park the President
Informed Major Pitcher that he would
not under any circumstance fire a shot
at anything while in th Park, and
be took neither rifle or shot gun with
him. Tbeparty bad some good fishing.
Tne party start tomorrow for the
interior of the pak to visit the geysers,
and perhaps the Fall of Yellowstone;
They will go in sleighs, on horseback
or on, skis, according to the condition
of the snow. "" '