The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, April 14, 1903, Page 3, Image 3

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    Only a Few Bozei of those Famous
remain and to close up this con
signment we will sell them at
$L25 the Box
HIh Wtr.J AM. I P..M;. tow Watw. A.M.J PM,
f'wt, " ti'.ml ft7 b.mTl ft Ptw.' Em." tC) fi.m. fC
Sunday". . .it tat M i,u f.f iONi)AY'TTTti : . T:M i.i
Monday . ... IS 1:11 t.i I: OH T.4 Monday . . ... 1J 1:01 0.1 ?:! t.l
TuMdny , . ...H J;6S 1.4 I:7 T.l rumUny U 1:40 0.) I: S3 t.t
Wadiwaiiay , IS 1:27 1.1 1:21 i.1 Wtdmwday . ..16 :17 0,6 0:01 t.l
Thumday . . . It 1:00 T.l 4:11 1.5 Thumday . , ,, f.ti 0.1 t:4 1.1
rrUUt . . , ...17 1:11 7.6 4:63 M Friday . . . ...17 10:14 1.110:1V t.l
Haiurday , . ,. It 4:10 T.I t;46 1,0 Bnturdny , . ,, UU:li 1.411:17 1,0
HUNpAY . . ..1 8:10 1.1 1:46 1.0 NUN DAT . . . 18 U:0 1.7
Mumlny . . , 1:13 t.l 7:44 I.I Monday ,'. . , 20 0:96 t.t 1:0! t.t
Tuoaday , , ., ji 7:19 1.0 1:44 1.1 Tuwlay , . 1:47 1.7 1:00 t.l
Wtlnauy .,..21 1:46 t.l 1:11 T.O Wednady . ,.83 1:61 t.t 1:69 t.t
Thumlay .' , ,n t:4S 1.4 10:16 T.t Ihuraday . . I; 60 1.7 2:61 1.1
VrMy , , . .. 24 10:42 11:00 T.t Friday.-. . ...4 4:40 t.O 4:10 1.1
Maturday . . ,.26 11:11 T.l 11:16 1.2 ftoturday . , . 26 6:21 1,1 5:23 1.1
ft UN DAY . . . XU:1 7.6 SUNDAY . . . 24 1:06 0.1 1:04 1.1
Monday . , ... 27 0:14 1.6 1:04 T.t Monday . .. .,27 t:45 0.1 1:47 1.1
Tueaday 2 1:60 1.7 1:10 T.l Tuaday ... .24 7:27-0.2 T:10 1.1
Wdiiday . ',. 2 1:22 t.l 1:16 T.t Wwlwaday . .. 22 1:10-9.6 1:16 1.6
Thuriday . . ..30 1:10 t.l 1:11 7.4 Thuraday . . . 30 1:56 -I.I 1:01 t.t
i slier men
Thin Nphkou I offer Oil Clothing made
for lue CNiwclallj".
r Gsarenteed I
Every one of tliera Coat la Ouaran
teed by me. It It better Coat than
any other for the same price.
Clothier and Hatter
Opposite Palace Uetitaurant.
Met me at Hocfler'a aoda foun
tain. Bend in your order for Wyoming
coal. 8. Elinor 4 Co.
Tha banjo-playing by the DeMoaa tr.
.(lata can aoarwly be exlld.
The aweltnst hop In the city,
.kttlsta at the Falaw batha.
Four up-to-date barbers at the Occi
dent. You don't ha vo to wait.
Ask for our Llsterlnated Tooth Pow
dw, It la the nlceit powder and the
largnat bottle on the market, it will
pleaie you to Charlea nogera.
It Schilling beat baking powder
doe not please you your money will be
refunded by u. Johiieon Broe.
New atock of fancy gooda Just arriv
ed at Yokohama Bniaar, Call and i
the lateat noveltl from Japan.
YoQ will always find the beet 15c
rwal In the city at the Rising Sun res
taurant, No. til Commercial street.
Dr. Nollle S. Vornon has recently lo
cated permanently In Astoria for the
purpose of practicing medicine and has
secured offices over Griffin's book store
when she can be found from 10 to 12
a. m. and 1:10 to 5 p.-tn.'
We are agents for the best
Felt Mattress on the market.
Maufacturer's guarantee
with each one Try one and
you will surely be satisfied
as to their worth. Price, $15
590-592 Commercial Street
; . Birth Notice
To Captain and Mrs. Cbarlrs Itlrn
ardaon, on Monday, April II, a son; 10
pounds av,
Seven Widowed Sister
Doctor Dorntwrg, a prominent phyal
cian or Manama, Minn, had seven
daughters, all of whom married and all
of whom or now widows, Mrs. Outs.
T. Hellborn, being the last to loaa her
husband, who wan the oldest of the
seven men. Mrs. Fred Pral, whose
huaband died In January last, Is the
youngest of the slaters, Mrs. Pubuls
son, who became a widow In Portland
laal Auut, Is now living in Tacoma.
The other slaters are stllf In the east
Off for Germany
Gor Katioth, for many years
successful elnr on the Columbia, river
leaves this morning with his wife and
children to spend the summer in Ger
many. They will be accompanied by
Mlas Caellle Krclflxjhn, a niece of M
A. SeherneckttU, . who has spent 10
years In this country and goes back to
remain. They will Icdve New York
on the North Qerman Lloyd steamer
llarbitroa, on April 22. . Mr. Kaboth's
old home la In Brealau.
Work of the Committee
Cha. V. fJroiw. chairman, and other
member of the regatta committee will
go to Portland the first part of next
week for the purpose of InterestlngPort
land business men In the proposed re
gatta. A thorough canvass will be
made of Astoria before outside assist
a nee Is solicited and the committee la
working bard to cover the local fit-Id.
Thus far Mr, Brown claims fulr sucv
cess and balleves that the merchants
will lose no Interval In the project. He
wishes It Impressed upon the public.
hover, that words, no matter how en
thuslaailc they may be, will not alone
suffice, but that substantial funds will
be vitally necessary. , Volunteer of
taring will greatly lessen the arduous
labors of the committee and will be
greatly appreciated..
v Fined in Police Court
Rennle Mahan ,a tea muter. In the
employ of ihe Prnel ft Cook Transfer
eotppany, was up before Judge Nel
son yesterday charged with assault and
battery and was fined In the sum of 120
for the offense. The victim of the as
sault Is an old man and the attack was
seemingly unprovoked. Mahan explain
ed to the court that he waa drunk at
thellme, and didn't know what be was
doing. ' He delivered quite a temper
nee speech .attributing In the course
of his remarks the commission of crime
In general to the use of whisky. As
for him, he said, he had taken his last
drink and would henceforth behave
himself. In the evening he and Mrs,
Mahan went to Portland to remain for
day or two.
Dredge Going to Portland
As soon as the Columbia River Dig
ger company haa concluded its contract
of dyke building on the Lewis and
Clark, the dredge now being used there
will be taken to Portland. The com
pany hall engaged to furnish street con
tractors there with sand necessary to
carry on their work and no time will
be lost In beginning operations as soon
as the dredge la free to be put on.
Manager Hackett had considered for a
time of building a dyke on Youngs
river, similar to the one on the Lewis
and Clark and though overtures had
been made by both the property own-
era and the company no agreement
was reached. The land proposed to be
redeemed Is situated an the west side
of the river and runs from the mouth
to the Islands. , . i
French Bark Henriette
The -French wooden bark Henriette,
which sank on the Sylvia de Qrase reef
two years ago, waa towed down from
Portland Sunday afternoon by the tug
Samson and taken to the lower harbor
Dreoaratory to beina- taken to Van
couver, O. C where she will be con
verted Into an ore barge by parties in
British Columbia to whom she has
been sold. When the bark met with
her misfortune on the Columbia she
had a cargo of redwood and waa bound
for Europe. During a heavy gale she
dragged her anchor and pounded on a
rock of the reef. She sank and at high
tide her entire delk was submerged.
By the use of two barges the Hale &
Kern company ralsod her and two river
tugs took her to Portland. She has
betm repaired, hut Is too old to be con-'
Bldered fit for further service at sea,
Pilot Arthur Leighton will go around
with tho bark. ;
vehicle as smashed pretty badly and
th harness was reduced to a dilapi
dated condition. The cause of the ac
cident is doubtless rightfully attributed
to the hood of the buggy which pre
vented Mr. Xeffers from observing the
approaching car, though the tnotorman
Insisted he sounded ..the gong as a
warning before the crossing of the
track was attempted." Mr, Jeffers on
th other hand, said that he heard no
gong until the car waa upon them.
DeMoji Concert Tonight
The DeMoss Concert company, con
stating of sli artlstsT favorably known
In Europe urn well as In America, will
give a most unique concert In the Meth
odlst church tonight. The opening
number of th program will be Ros
sini's "William Tell.'! During the
concert thm artists will make use of
60 different Instruments. Tickets at
Griffin's hook store. Reserved seats.
50c: admission, 85c; enndren,
25c, . !
Prosperous Seaside
A wave of prosperity has swept over
the little .'lty of Seaside, due In a great
measure to the business enterprise of
the Necanlcum Sprues Lumber com
pany., Two hundred men are constant
ly employed In the mill, bo factory
and In the woods, all under the direc
tion of the concern. Good wages are
paid In every line of work and the
monthly payroll reaches the sum of
111,000. The cltisens of Seaside are
continent of a bright future. Real
estate values have an upward tendency
A number f buildings are now being
constructed and many more are in
prospect for the season. ?
A lodge of the Improved Order of Rd
Men will be organised at Seaside on
Saturday, April 18, under the direction
i.f Samuel Miller and Adolph Payne.
This will make the ifeventh order rep
resented here on for every day In the
week. " . -
A baseball mid " was played at
Seaside hist Sunday between the War
renton and Seaside teams, resulting In
a victory for th Wamnton nine by a
score of 11 to 1. "
Death of an
Aged Pioneer
vnanes jneoaore neiiDorn, senor
memlfer of the firm of Chas, Hell born
and Son, and for 17 years an honored
cltlsen of Astoria, died at his home
yesterday at a. m. Mr. Hellborti,
who had long been an Invalid, suffer
ed a psralytic stroke a week sgo while
at the store and had been confined to
his bed ever since, gradually approach
ing the end, which came -without ap
parent suffering.
Mr. Hellborn was 7 years of age,
and was bom In Munster, Germany,
coming to the United States at the age
of H. After a few yars residence st
Cincinnati, where be was engaged in
the furniture trade, Mr. Heilboro re
moved to Kankato, Minn., where for
many years he was extensively engaged
In the manufacture of furniture, and
Court Notes.
Circuit court convened yesterday for
1 week's session. Judge McBrido on
the bench. Orders were made as fw
lows: "
P. J. Lynch and Theodore Tobiason,
charged with kidnaping, were arraig
ned and pleaded not guilty and the case
waa set for trial on nest Thursday.
Mattl larvl, charged with the mur
der of his father was arraigned and
his trial set for June 6. The bonds
were also exonerated. .
Lyman Way. charged with the steal
Ing of two nets from Peter M. Caison
and John Dragollch waa arraigned and
pleaded not gullfy. Bis trial waa set
for June SS and his ball fixed at 1200.
Sarah A. Grimes vs C. C. Grimes,
motion of defendant allowed making
Q. M. Grimes a party defendant and
allowing the plaintiff 14 days in which
to file an amended complaint.
R. J. Ptlklngton -vs' J. H. Smith,
judgment by default. ,, '
D. Falangos vs Anton Cugalich,
Judgment, ' v
T. K. Johnson ,vs W. E. Tallant. on
trial before a Jury; suit to recover rent
of diving suit and apparatus.
Fishing Licenses. :
Master Fish Warden H. G. Van Du-
seq has Issued 359 glllnet licenses for
the coming season at 13.50 each, 1 seine
license at 3 cents a foot, 2 trap licenses
at 126 nnd 2 cannery licenses. Can
nerfrj Pay from 1176 ud. Last year
oit$t us glllnet licenses had been Is
sued at this time, or only one-third as
many as for this season. This is taken
to Indicate that the fishermen have
come to understand and respect the
A J f
Charles Theodore Heilborn.
where also he was married, his bride
being Miss Alma Dornberg. He served
with distinction during the Indian wars
of Minnesota, and during the Civil war
aa second lieutenant of volunteers.
During bis residence In Astoria Mr.
Hellborn was i successfu) leader In bis
choseu llnf of business and a very
highly respected man. He waa twice
elected county treasurer, serving from
1878 to 1881.
Deceased leaves, besides his wife, six
children: Otto F., Miss Olga, Mlas
Therese and Charles A. M.. of Astoria.;
Mrs. Otto A. Blerback of Honolulu;
Mrs. John M. RodgeVs of Portland.
The funeral will be held' at Grace
Episcopal ehprch at 12:15, and the in
terment will be at Greenwood. Ser
vices at the grave will be private:
Owns Many Vessels.
Captain George E. Plummer, who
owns the ships Berlin, C. F. Sargent,
and the bark Harry Morse, now start
ing from Astoria for Bristol bay, Al
aska, was In the city yesterday look
ing after the Interests of his crafts. He
usually comes up from San Francisco
every spring on a like mission. The
captain owns so many sailing and steam
vessels that it is hard for him to keep
track of all of them. About 20 steam
ers are on the list, and sailer too
numerous to mention. - Captain Plum
mer thinks the Alaska fishing business
has seen Its best days, owing to its be
ing overtone and to the raise of about
40 percent tn th cost of labor during
the last few seasons. Also that the
business of packing fish has been de
veloped too rapidly for the consump
tion to keep pace with it, and that
fewer canneries should be operated
until things become equalised. There
Is danger also of depleting the streams
of salmon by too many being taken out
each year. Charter rates for vessels
are lower than In the past owing to so
many vessels being disengaged by the
Car Strikes a Buggy
saaaOTSBMSt V .-'
Mr. and Mrs. E. C, Jeffers of the
Lewis and Clark, were driving down
Twelfth street early Sunday afternoon
and In attempting to cross the car
track on Bond street, the buggy was
crashed Into by a streetcar. The oc
cupant! of the buggy were thrown vio
lently to the ground, but fortunately
away from the dllrect course of the
car so they escaped without severe In
Jury. However ,they were bruised and
badly shaken up by the accident and
Mrs, Jeffers was rendered very nem
ous by the unexpected shock, The
law more generally than In the past.
It Is tho Intention of Mr. Van Dusen .., ,ho ln(a
io enioree uie provisions ot uui law mn .vnllnh.n thtin usuaJ
to tne utmost, not oniy wnn regard
to Individual fishermen, but with all
other appliances for taking and hand-1
ling salmon. The law Is very explicit demsna for EnjtUsh
concerning tho proper marking of the. , ((( agfUn ,n evldeDce and mftny
onicioi numws-rs Qi uo, neis, I ,a.. veB8e,g are being loaded and
traps, wheett andwelrs and on the' rtd ouf country ns npmy a8
display ot .llghU at night by all fixed ,Ue The demand for the ceie
appllancea fpr . taking fish. . Any such. . . MMtl.. atomach Bitters is
gear found fishing without having paid
the license fee will be duly confiscated.
j Now Open. v
After being handsomely, remodeled,
refurnished and enlarged, the famous
Toke Point Oyster house is again open
to the public. Th celebrated Toke point
oysters and all other delicacies will
be served In our superior style at ail
hours, . Private rooms. ' Eleventh
street." ; -
to two classes ot txernoas: book.
keepers, and stenographers. W bars
not been abls for months past, to mast
the demand on us for help. Quality
counta-that Is why our graduates arso
competent, and why so many of them
ar In positions. Varily, It pays to attend
our school. Open all the year: students
admitted at any time; catalogue free,
also largely Increased, because more
people are learning of Its wonderful
curative powers In cases of stomach,
liver, kidney and bowel disorders, andi
having tried one bottle they are be
ing convlnsed of its value, and won't
accept anything else In Its place. This
will be your experience, too, If you
will only give tt a trial. It will butld
up the run down system in the spring,
Overcome that tired, depressed feeling,
purify the blood and cure loss of ap
petite, indigestion, dyspepsia, constipa
Hon, biliousness, and la grippe. Don't
fall to try it.
Boat for Sale.
Flshboat and web for sale by Geo.
Eleo, administrator, No. 417 Bond
In the Art of . S
Ou the Fourth Pnge .
Vjq place to buy all the smart
creations for spring wear
I A store full of snapping bar
gains that suggest quick acton
if you know a good thing. Many
splendid costuming bints In the
new suits, skirts and waists
Striking individuality in cos
tumeswhat every smartly
dressed woman eovetaitfIy se
cured If you select from oar new
Importations. Excellence and
broad variety marks the display.
marks the display. C
Our plain and fancy etamlnes, plain and novelty voiles, plain and
fancy crepoits, fancy knottted twine cloths, wire frame novelties, worst
ed crashes in art mixtures, basket and canvas cloths, seeded eollennea,
mixid siballnes, panne cheviots, Sicilians, . alpacas, briUiantlnea
fancy mohairs Scotch plaid suitings. ,
Everything for the ladies and children.
Fishermen who need Fishboat
w. ..... .
Oars Boat Stoves Clocks, etc.,
should first see our stock and
examine prices.' Full assortment.
The Cost Gcstoorant 1
. Regular Meals. 2 5 Cents
Sunday Dinners a Specialty
' EverytDlof tne Market Affords
Palace Catering Company
a Specialty. -:- Prices Lowestof the Low.
Adams Henning'sen
Next to Peterson & Brown. : Commercial Street.
oston Restaurant
Eest and Neatest Eating House Is Astoria
Try Oar 25-Ceat Dinners
Prompt Attention
lileh Class Oil
and ji