The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, December 27, 1902, Image 3

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Wt will mil Mti grant roduoUon. PLATK8,ait AW B0AT8,
TliU lln. imut go before Nuw Year.
POHTtAND, Deo. M,-Wtern Ore
nri ami Ww.lilii(fiin, owaslmial rain.
Cloak Sale
A. Dunbar Co.
0000009 00000 C3000000 00000
l t burn. The famous Wyoming
tl for dnmratta u. M pr ton.
Qfoi lump atova coal t la pr ton.
lion. Ml. K'mor.ACo.
Ttia mlanliVi1 young man n ho cr.
atecj a disturbance Christmas eve on
Aator alrwt waa yesterday flnad $10
In Judffi) Anderaon'a court. 'The ape-
lfl chanr waa drunk and dlaordi-rljr.
FOR BALE At a bargain, a Una
caith relator. Apply at Aalorlan of.
8wet oream IS centa a pint. No
charge for whipping. Tagg'e candy
a tore. , .
I .' . .
Buy your ault v overcont from Dan
slgur A Co. and fot an elrgant ault
cum fir. of I'herife...
The ordinary used at the laat
mwtlug of the council were ywslorday
alKnml by Mayor Buprenant.
K, f. Owena and MIm Jrnnla Mnlta
were yestorday granted a marriage IU-ent-e
by County Clerk Cllwlon.
Clran, newly furnished rootna by the
wek or month, at moderate price,
over Petereon Brown' ho atore,
P. C. Puditer and Id May Hoien
on were married Christmas day on
Oroya river by Kee. 3. W. McCormae.
For Itont-Tlirre flirnlehed room for
houek"plng, on ground floor. Enquire
at rVutley'e hard war atore. 1 Uond
Iot-Chatelalne bag. containing pa
per of vaJu only to owner, and small
urn ft nwiwjr. A reward of 10 will be
paid fttr return of aame to thla office.
J. V. riurn. the clirar manufacturer,
of 474 Commercial etreet, haa aold dur
Ing tltft paat year over O0,0O0 cigar.
The. Included the following brand.
via: La Bell, L Imperial ana tne up
per Btar. . . .
Th Eaal.j av a ChrUlmna tree en
tertatnment and grand ball In Foard
A Siokes' hall Chrlstmaa night. It
tailwated that between ,600 and 1000
people wre present. Kveryone relv
ed a gift and all hud a good time.
A ball wee given In Bkamokawa
fhrintmna ave by the McDonald broth
er .which wa largely ' attended and
proved a conducted and utijoyable
affair. Mulc wa furnlehed by the
Columbia orcheatra of thla city.
Oransoa are now coming In the mar
ket quite freely. We are receiving
lurae shipment of the beat brands ev
ery Bve duya. direct from the beat or
anise locality In Calif irn la. and will
continue to do o while the orange
season laela. By giving ua your or
dcr for orange you will procure the
belt the market ., afforda. Johnaon
Tfce Mm Wk Im
tilled Bulla
land Slickers
MiutotoUaMl hnl wofft i
rouabwwilair. f
mm. If yum imlH 6i0m'l
isnra.Mxt (urwtekimw.
I, I. fHtitaf Ifc.
tlill,, ttm fWMlM.
The funrU of little Alfred Bliielch
wa held yoBtrday, Interment waa In
Greenwood semetery,
Htep In kt Danzlg'-r A Co.'a and ex
amine the elegant ault taata he I giv
ing away with 0h purchaae of men'
nnd yjuth'a ult and )vercoata.
For franvid tni tmframed picture,
picture frame, burnt leather outfit
nnd material, art noveltl", picture
1ua and picture framing, go to Frank
WoodflHd'e are akop )n Bond etreet.
, Owing to the Impaired condition of
the Young bay draw bridge the milk
men are obliged to transfer their milk
cana via. email boat. Thl will necee
elTute a delay In the local delivery of
about an hour.
Athrll Macharonl died Thuraday af
ternoon. Deepened 'a the three year
old aon of Joaeph Macharonl and death
Wita the reault of an attack of acarlet
fever. The funnml waa hild from the
family renldeoc yeetwday with Inter
ment at Qreenwood cemelery.-
For the Men
iSmoking' Jackets.
Bath Robes, Silk
Neckwear, Gloves
Fancy Hose, and
A Handsome X?
Given away with Men's or Youth's
Salt or Overcoat
. vSuits, Overcoats,
Trousers, Shoes, Fancy
Sweaters, Etc.
Astoria's Leading Clothiers.; ;
Olaf Andcmon yeaterday aaeumed
the dutlea of police Judge recently oa
algned him by the city council. Judge
Anderaon la eminently fitted to perform
the dutlea of the office and the city
can be cong.-ttulated upon obtaining
uh an efficient official aa he will
doubtleaa oe. .
Srlnl muate by the Bundny achool
piiplla, aaalated by adult, will be given
In the Preebyterlan church tomorrow
evening. A part of the Chrletmna
mnlc will be repeated and other selec
tion will be rendered. The alngere
will be aaalatvd by' four vlollna and
violin-cello. The entire program l
undvr th leadcrahlp of Mlaa Katie
Iridic-, be aure and secure one of
Mica Marsrrlta Flathefa nouverilr
phologr iph'a. given away by heraelf
to UJl-a only. Monday evening. Decem
ber at Flahera' opera house. The
company will present thai beautiful
border driro "The Golden Olant."
Admission, reserved eut. 60c: gallery
i'5c. Scat sule ojen this morning at
Orlffln's book atore.
Terry McKean, who la now In San
Francisco, will probably effect an en
gagement with the Margarita Fischer
company which open In thla city neat
Monday evening for a week's engage
ment. Mr. McKean I recognised by
thu best dramatic critic to be the lead
Ing man of the coast In light comedy
roles and striking character parte. He
recently ehowed with Bob Fltasimmons
In the "Honest Blacksmith."
A small boy by the name of Hansen
fell overboard near Ross, Ktgglna &
Co.'a atore Chrlstmaa day but was res
cued without a great deal of difficulty.
Tho Incident created considerable ex
citement at the time and quite a
crowd collected on the aiot, and the
story that was passed around waa to
the effect that the .lad had met his
death. He Is nllve and hearty enough
however, nt the present time to live
through several more Chrlstnmses.
Mr. and Mr. H. C. Thompson and
aon Harold of Portland, Mr. and Mrs.
(V H HIiriHns nnd Mr. L. C. McCloud
of this city, were entertained Christmas
day at the home of Mr. and Mm. D.
K. Warren In Wnrrenton. The beau
tiful residence waa profusely decorated
with holly, onlms and other appropri
ate plants and greens of the aeaaon.
Besides an ck-iuntly served dinner, a
Chrlstmaa tree, attended with charm
and beauty, delighted the houra away
making the day only too brief for the
honored guests.
Mrs. Julia Price of Skamokawa was
found dead In her bed early Christmas
morning by her aon. Mr. Price waa
72 years of age and had not been well
for some time, but wa considered
much Improved of lata and Wednesday
evening attended a Christmas tree en
tertainment and seemed to enjoy the
fetlvltlee. . Thla extra exertion I
thought, however, to have been too
much for ' the aged lady' feeble
strength. About t o'clock the follow
ing morning her son entered her' room,
presumably to see how his mother wa
resting, and was greatly shocked to
d Hoover that rhe had died during the
night. The funeral was held yeaterday
with Interment at Skamokawa.
The bark Madagascar hue troubles of
her own and there aeems to be no let
ting up on them. Two capstan have
been broken and an anchor became
fouled several day ago. After that
there was a brief respite, but Chrlst
mna day she broke out again. , The
first thing that happened wa the drag
ging of an anchor. Another . was
dropped and thea the two of them got
fouled of each other. Tuga put to
the vessel's assistance and aha wa
where her gearing will be repaired.
This was all bad enough, but to cap the
climax six men took French leave dur
ing the night and bav. mc managed
to elude all efforts to retake them.
John Olln and wife are In the city
from Chinook and will remain her. a
few day before leaving for Little Kock,
111., where Mr. Olln will enter a con
servatory of music, Mr. Olln I a
performer of ability on both organ and
piano, consllerlng the limited time he
ha applied to those Instruments, but
Is desirous of becoming more proficient
and eventually adopting music as his
profession. He Intends making pipe
organ his specialty. .
Mr. Itanle Mayhan and Miss Bessie
fihepatd were married at the home of
James Mahan, Franklin avenue and
Fifteenth street, Christmas eve, Key.
William Seymour Short, rector of
Grace church, officiating. After the
ceremony.whleh was performed Ut f ront
of aXlirlstmas tree, the couple and the
few friends present sat down to a
dainty lunch. The gift were a full
set of china from the brother of the
groom and a water set from friends In
The members of the Wahkow club
entertained their friends with an en
joyable dancing party last night in
Hanthorn's hall. - A feature of the ev
ening wa the presence of Santa Claus,
who courteously kept the guests sup
plied with liquid refreshment. The
young men used every effort to cause
the evening to pass pleasantly and
these efforts .were certainly not un
availing. Excellent music was furn
ished by the Columbia orchestra".'
Though it ha been suggested In
some tlrck-s that the prevailing disease
In thl city that has been termed scar
let fever 1 In reality some other mal
ady, It Is, nevertheless, true that it Is
proving quite as fatal as though It
wvre In fact the dreaded contagion, A
prominent physician has advised that
the schools be .Indefinitely closed a
the disease Is rapidly assuming the pro
portions of an eplmedlc. It Is very that the mahidy is the scarlet
fever, as reported, and every precaution
must be used to keep it down.
There la an unsightly condition of
thlig on Ninth street between Bond
and Aator that requires looking Into
M. Busman, fictitiously known as the
cattle king, sold three quarter of beef
last Wednesday to a local concern and
the customer, being for some reaaon or
other diasatlBfted with the purchase, re
turned the goods. Mr. Susman refus
ed to accept the beef and so the quar
ters were dumped on the sidewalk in
front of his place of, business... Susman
Initiating they have passed out bf" his
hands, refuses to remove them; the
oth.-r party, having repudiated the pur
chase, declines to further concern him
self In the matter, and so for three
days they have remained distributed
about on the sidewalk. It might be
well for the right authoritlea to beatlr
themselves and get the obstruction out
of the way. Some of the visitors to
the big Portland fair might visit the
city and it wouldn't be nice for them
to see.
The custom followed by many resi
dents of this city In allowing wood plies
to remain on the streets for a length
of time Is not only shocking from an
artistic point of view but la a decided
menace to life and limb. Wednesday
night the No. 1 hose wagon narrowly
escaped getting demolished by a num
ber of thesa obstacles. In such an
event It I only reasonable to suppose
that the driver and his team would not
have escaped unscathed. The spirited
nnlmala were tearing up the street in
the direction of the fire In the Welch
block.' The wind was blowing a gale
and beating rain In the driver's face,
ao that It waa with difficulty anything
could ba se-in. To add to thla there
waa no street light, at the very point
where It was most needed, so that the
team waa fairly upon a wood pile be
foie It could be seen. The horses in
stinctively leaped, Jerking the wagon
after them, and landed In the middle
of the pile. A few more leap and
stumbles and the obstacle was cleared.
Not half a block beyond, behold, an
other wood pile. Fortunately there
was a little more light at thla point,
and the obstruction waa avoided, but
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Collars to go on them; neckties to go on
the collars; and all sorts of good furnishings.
P. A. Stokes
another one waa encountered a few
seconds lat;r on the opposite side of the
street. It seems a miracle that a seri
ous mishap did not occur, but the hose
wagon managed to reach the Welch
block la time to assist In extinguishing
the most menacing incipient conflagra
tion that baa occurred in this city for
year. - It has been suggested that if
wood pile must be kept on the prin
cipal street In the city, It might be
well to hang out danger lights for the
safety of the public.
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