The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, December 23, 1902, Image 3

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    SHOW ME!
Motpooplo on the Bubjcct of XmM gifta
; tho mm from Minouri, "Show Mo!" If
l -1 . iii ... ....
help un with an opportunity we will show you that
our good things to oat and good tilings suitable for
Xmoa gifts can't bo boat,
Ross, Higgins 6k Go.
' - rai-kriiONE mi.
( v
PORTLAND, lwc. ...-Cloudy llh
how.1 -.
OOOOO 0000 0000 00000
I A. Dunbar Co.
0090000 OOOOOCOOO 0000 OOOOO
John Fri fritwon, a native of Fin
land, tw granted flml rliunhlp pa
port In lh ofllc of (h county clerk
yeatardair. '
"High Art" iumirml clothing ia
not high priced, considering it's
letter than most mndo to order
clothes. See Herman Wise.
For the Men
Smoking' Jackets,
Bath Robes, Silk
Neckwear, Gloves
Fancy Hose, and
A Handsome ep'
Given away with Men's or Youth's
Suit or Overcoat
Suits, Overcoats,
Trousers, Shoes, Fancy
Sweaters, Etc.
. Astoria's Leading Clothiers.
uro like
vnn uill
Tn cunt per boa-ChrlatniM candln
ad Jnhnnon Iiroa,
Boy' tool cheat, ultal for Chrlat
miia (Ifta, at FUher Bro.
flwtttt flrn It cent & pint. No
chart for whipping. Tajnf candy
Buy your ault w overcoat from Dan
lr A Co. and t an Irant ault
caa fr of t'bars. . '
CTan, nwty furnished rooma by th
k or month, at moderat priv,
ovr Peturaon Known' ahoe ator.
"High Art" insured clothing
for gentlemen at Herman Wise's
big store.
For Runt-Thin furnlahcd rooma for
houMekplnr, on ground floor. Enquire
at flcullDy'i hardware ator, 431 Bond
rroval for th eonntruitlon of a
drain on Eleventh trct will be opened
today by the council commmttte on
Tuxedo suits for evonuig wear,
"High Art" brand, at Herman
I hav a lln of Imported novoltle for
Chrlatma antlroly new, never In the
market before, at prlcea to ault every
one, Roger, drufrelat.
Cool to burn. Th famou Wyoming
coal for domeatlo uae. it per ton.
Oood lump atov coal at IS per ton.
Phone Wt. E'mor ft Co.
For a limited Mm we will aeil Chrlat
inaa boxoa containing 1 bar Ktrk'e
toilet aonp and 1 bottle Klrk'a perfume,
at 0o rr box. Considering the quali
ty of theae good tho price la very low,
Johnion Uro.
The atrftmer liarrlaon arrived from
NVhulem on Saturday evening with a
cargo of aalmon conilgned to Samuel
Rlmore & Co. She will leave out aa
aoon a the weather permit for Alaea
J. V, Tlurni, the cigar manufacturer,
of 474 Commercial treet, ha aold dur
ing ttie paat year over 300,000 clgora.
These Included the following brand,
via: La Belle, La Imperial and the Op
per Star.
F i:
E i!
Chrlnlniai candle lOe per bos. John
on Uro.
Th Huivouf French bark, left up the
river to load grain. , -
Th French bark Cornet hurt arrived
down the river yeaterday grnln laden
for Europe, . '
Th French bark Francol Coppe
left up for Portland y"trday to load
grain for Europe.
Full dress suits, "High Art"
make, hee Herman Wise, the
Reliable Clothier.
The Oermaa bark Alaterthal arrived
down from Portland yterday. Phe
hue grain for Europe,
Th O. ft. 4c N. ateitmer Elder ar
rived In Sunday from San Francisco
with freight nnd paaaenger.
The Moating ateainnr Dt-apatch ar
rived In port yeaterday from San Fran.
claco and Inter left up the river for
Th throe maated ahooner F. 8. Red
flctd, which arrived In trt Sunday,
left up th river yeeterday to take on
a cargo of lumber.
- On kf unlay neat, at the courthouae,
Bherilf Llnvllle will offer for rale the
proxrty on which taxea for th year
iwil re delinquent.
Step In at Danalgxr Co.'a and ex
amine the elegant ault caaea be la giv
ing away with each purchaaa of men'
nnd youth' ault and svercoats.
I .out -Chatelaine bag, containing pa
pers of value only to owner, and a mall
urn of nVMWjr. A reward of S10 will be
puld ,'or return of aame to this office.
The remains of the lule Clement A.
Prtdbtiry were laid to r-Mt in the old
Clatanp cemetery yeatnrduy. The
funeral waa held at the M. K, church In
Scaatde, ...-....
- . t
I have the largeat line of perfume
ever brought hore, for Chrlatmas, and a
lot of fancy pursee for ladles; prlcea re
duced to one-half. Rogers, drug
gist. When in doubt, buy "High
Art" insured clothing at Her
man Wise's, and you'll bo safe.
Intending purchasers of.- Christmas
tree ornament will do well to see our
stock, as we have probably the best
line ever brought to the city. Tagg's
candy sto.-e.
By an agreement between the clerks'
union and the merchants, all stores
will remain open as long as thler pro
prietors wish this evening and on Wed
nesday evening.
A crew was shipped yesterday on
the barkntin Echo, Which has just
finished her cargo of lumber at the
Knapptnn mills. She is bound for Al
coa bay, South Africa.
The A. & C. R. R. has been award
ed t750 in Its suit against Daniel Kern,
for damage done to the -allroad trestle
Inst winter by one of the defendant's
scows. The company sued for $1000.
For framed nd unframed pictures,
picture frames, burnt leather outfits
and materials, art novelties, picture
gins and picture framing, go to Frank
Woodfleld'a are shop vn Bond street.
There are other good makes,
but "High Art" insured clothing
is the "vory beat." Horinan Wise
is the Astoria agent for "High
Art" clothes.
A steamer Is reported outside. Its
Identity Is not known, but it Is pre
sumed thnt the vessel Is the Kllerlc,
an English tramp chartered by the
government to transport supplias from
Portland to the Philippines.
The Wheeler Lumber Co.'s mill at
Nehalam Is closed down for the winter,
and until extensive repairs have been
made. A cargo of lumber now on
hand Is waiting shipment to San Fran
Cisco on the schooner Liziie Prene.
Chafing dishes, five o'clock teas,
carvers, china plates, cups and saucers,
lamps, pipes, cigars, silver plated
knives, forks and spoon, fancy or
anges, fruits and vegetables. Ross,
HlgKlns A Co.
The petition of Martin Foard for re
duction of a street assessment for the
Improvement of Bond street between
Forty-second and Forty-fifth woa de
clined by the council lost night, and
the full amount of the assessment will
be required of him.
At the request of many the opera
"Mttle Duke" will be repeated this
evening and a price of SO cents will be
chargedto subparts of the house. No
reservations will be made. Come early
and secure your seats.
Yesterday was a banner day 'in lo
cal trade circles. Every store In town,
and particularly such as made a spec
ialty of holiday offerings, was crowded
with " eager shoppers. , From the i
crowds thronging the street It might
have been supposed that a regatta or a
Fourth of July celebration was In
progress. It was very evident that
there is plenty of cash In Astoria, and
that It to being circulated.
J. V, Marten and wife, of Point Rob
erts, -arrived in th city yesterday to
spend the holiday. , "
Captain 3. N, Jones of the scow
Bell and Mia Nora Faulkner were
married on Sunday last in Portland,
Where they will reside.
Pan M. Coulter, for several year
past a popular employe of the O. R.
ft N, Co. In this city, expect oon to
resign hi position and take a trip to
Alaska. - V. ,;'
The meeting of the Push club to have
been held last evening has been post
poned until a more convenient "Season,
The "Little Duke" a counter attraction
prevented the holding of the session a
The Christmas number of the Chi
nook Observer 1 out. Th edition a
handsome one and speaks volume for
the enterprise of the people of the bus
Ulng little city across the bay, a well
as for the good management of the
publisher, Messrs., Hlbbert and Payne.
George Tllden, a marine ' diver of
Portland, arrived In the city last night
to Investigate the condition of tho an
chor of a ship In 'the lower harbor.
The anchor can not for some unknown
reason be raised. The vessel is load
ed and the captain Is anxious to put to
At an extra easlon" of the circuit
court which was convened at 7 o'clock
last evening, a decree of divorce was
granted the plaintiff in the case of J.
P. Merrlficld vs. Alice B. Merrifletd.
The plea waa desertion. Merrifleld I
a resident of Seaside and follow the
vocation of blacksmlthlng. The couple
have no children.
Captain Jordan of the strainer .'ordan
went over to Deep river yesterday
morning to tow a cedar raft ground In
to the mouth of th? river from the bay.
The raft contains 300,000 feet of cedar
and ia valued at 12700. Its position
endangered It to loss. The raft is for
the Day Lumber company of Portland
and wlH shortly be towed up the river.
The cloth, the linings, the pad
ding, the tailoring, the fit,- the
wear, it's all superb in the "High
Art" clothes for gentlemen. Do
not buy inferior makes; only
Herman Wiso sells "High Art"
insured clothing in Astoria.
A good slaed . crowd attended the
footbaH game played between the As
torian and the Adair school teams.
Sunday afternoon. The game which
was hotly contested from start to fin
ish resulted In a score of 5 to 0 in fa
vor of the Astorian. The teams were
evenly matched both as to weight and
ability. Edwin Sinnott aa umpire and
Alvln Campbell as referee did effic
ient work. . ' '
Mrs. Carrie Krager died at her home
In Portland on lost Sunday evening
from blood poisoning resulting from
the Caesarian operation performed 11
daye previously. For a number of
years Mrs. Krager was a very popu
lar teiuiher in the Astoria schools, and
had here a large circle of friends. She
Is survived by her infant daughter, her
husband, A. F. Krager, and her moth
cr. Mrs. John Abercromble, who were
with her during her Illness, and sev
eral brothers and sisters. The de
censed was 41 years of age and a native
of Wisconsin. By her own request her
grave will be beside that of her father
In Clntcop cemetery.
Rev. Francis E. Clark, the founder
of the Christian Endeavor movement.
Is sending circulars to the state officers
asking them to take part in a great
forward movement for 1903. An effort
is to be made to Increase the number
of societies 'in the state by 10 percent,
and to Add 10 percent to the roll of
ear h society. The state malting the re
quired Increase will be presented with
a banner at the international conven
tion in Denver, and the successful so
cieties will be placed on the roll of
The Time
But we can supply your wants
M jr.-, i
St ja
111" rRtiArr
i. s
Great Eastern
honor The plan, a announced, I to
make the last week of Junuary "In
crease week," when th atongest effort
Is to be made. The first Sunday In
February, "Endeavor birthday," will
b "declsio,! day," a day for adding
new members. Member of the society
hope to arrange matters so that Ore
gon will be on of the banner winners.
Th recently enacted land law for
Alaska to meeting with much favor
among homeseekers, and a considera
ble rush to th southern portion of
that country, in the vicinity of Admir
alty and Prince of Wale Islands, where
the best land and timber are situated,
will probably result. Under the new
tow, a citizen can homestead 220 acres
of land wl'hout waiting for the gov
ernment survey, the tarllness of whlb
has heretofore prevented the land be
ing taken. The yellow cedar timber
growing there I described aa being a
very valuable article for future mar
kets, and the field Is regarded as a
first-class chance for speculation.
The three act comic opera "Little
Duke," was presented last night to a
packed house. . The performance, ev
ery part of which was acted by a local
amateur, waa remarkably well render
ed And waa well merited applause
throughout. The leads were ably sus
tained and the choruses gave efficient
support Mrs.. J. T Ross aa "Fabrice,"
the little duke, achieved over again the
success that is always hers. Her
voice and stature were perfectly adapt
ed for the character she portrayed and
her acting was up to the standard and
fitted well wltn her other admirable
qualities. The duchess, "Blanche de
Cambry," a done by Miss Sadie Suth
erland, v.ia highly appreciated by the
audience, the love wenes with Fabrl.-e,
her solo work and the various situa
tions of Aiilch she was principal being
effective Indeed. A feature of th
evening waa the ladles' quartette, Mis.
ses Bess Reed, May Utslnger, Amy
Lemon and Margaret Busey, In their
Spanish dance, both as to movement
and vocalization, those young ladles,
wer particularly well liked. While
everything and everybody were cer
tainly good. Mr. Frank Carnahan, lit
It said in all truthfullness, was consid
erably better than anything or any
body. "Frank Caranahan was swell,"
is doubtless what everyone who attend
ed the opera last evening, Is still say
ing. His voice, a high baritone, leaves
nothing to be desired and he acted, ap
parently, with as much ease as if he
had been doing light opera for the last
hundred years and never expected to
do anything else. Without any exag
geration, no vocalist, either local or
otherwise, who has ever appeared be
fore an Astoria audience had more rice
things said, about him than did Mr,
Carnahan for his really ' remarkable
rendering of "Fri mousse." He sang
Plnsutti's famous "Bedouin Love Song"
In the last act and then everybody
went wild. U was a fitting climax to
a perfect triumph The opera will be
repeated this evening. The admission-
has been reduced to SO cents to any
where In the house. No reserv jd scats.
Other Astoria Whole
sale Cigar and To
bacco dealers sell at
Portland prices.
Will Madison
Santa Claus buys all
his Xmas cigars there
Why don't you do the
534 Commercial Street.
114 Eleventh Street.
Is Short
Men's Chairs for Xmas presents.
See the large line we have from
$7.50 to $17.00
The best line of Bookers in the
city, from
$1.00 to $12.00
Conohes and Lounges with oak
frames, in VELOUR aud MOR
KOCOLINE, $5.50 to $13.00
New Spring' Patterns
Furniture Co.
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The Finest on Earth " ' . ' . '
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Individual Crockery
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acceptable. Call and
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To every Man. Woman and Child;
Fancy Slippers, Rubbers, Rubber "and
Canvas Boots, Newest, Largest, Latest
I MocK. -
The Boston Restaurant j
Best and Neatest Eating Hoose in Astoria
Try Our 2 5-Cent Dinners
Prompt Attention
I V. H. . CO P;P;B y!
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Groceries and D$ ieois
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Pieces, Caning Sets,
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