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Do you know that there is 8 vast difference
in the make op, lining, Bewing and general
flniuli of clothing.
Tlioro ia the "made to ttU" kind, pretty
pattern, gaudy linings, but there's no Krtiofuc
tion in the wear; it is made in a hurry ly
underpaid labor; just "made to sell."
Then there's the "made to wear" kind, pro
perly tthrunk, plain but strong linings, the
"vitals," or inHido paddings, properly adjusted'
sewod with silk, niado by skilled labur and xold
on honor.
The "made to wear" kind costa u little more
than tin "made to sell'' kind, but, dt'ur me, it
in over ho much better.
We sell the mudu to weur kind.
mfmc jkitiuinlmt
IN TUB POO Richard Harding Davla
AUDUBT ... Mary Johnston
Tirra 8toN or tub prophet Nayior
LAZARIU9 Mary Hartwell Caitherwood
SYLVIA Evalyn Emerson
They or the leader tl 25.
The I lest Hruixl of C-otVee is
"WHITE HOUSE" Mocha and Java
For tSule only by
Of course I sell Hats. My Stock is absolutely new
and complete. The very latest shapes and shades
are now at your service They are not sold ut cost,
but you cannot duplicate thorn in Astoria or Port
land for the sane money
It costs you no more to dress in style if
you buy of the leading clothier
Democratic and Republican In
surgeon Overthrow
Rulings of Chair.
Beet Sugar Men Take the lilt
In the Ir Teeth and Carry
Thing With a High
orata and Republican insurgents rode
rough a hod over the house leader to
day when voting began on the Cuban
reciprocity bill. They overthrew the
ruling of the rhalr In committee ot
tne whole on the queaUon of germane
ne ot the amwidint-nt to remove the
differential from refined sugar during
the existence of the reciprocity agree
menl provided for In the bill.
The vote to overrule the decision of
the chair u 171 to 13. itepubllcana
to the number of 37 joining with the
nil. I Democratic vol to accomplish
this result.
Having won thin preliminary victory
the amendment tin adopted In com
mlttee, 164 to 111, and later In the
house by a "till larger majority, 1M
to 105. On this occasion 14 Repub
Ik-an voted with the De.moera.ta for
the. amendment
The bill was then passed by an over
whelming majority, 247 to 52. Analy-
tla of the vjle ahowa )S4 Republicans
and 123 Democrat voted for amend
ed bill and 42 Republican and 10 Dem
omits ajptlnst Jt.
Today's debate waa of exceedingly
lively character, feature being echoes
of luxt night' Democratic caucus.
To that caucus the defeat of the He
publican leader who sought to pass
tho bill without amendment la at 1 rib'
ulittiU1. Previous to the holding of the
caucus Democrats were very much
llvliled and the opposition of the Re
publican beet sutrar men showed sign
of dlsintergratlng. Today, when It be.
aime apparent that the Democrat:
would act together.' beet augttr men
decided at a meeting a He ml e l by 32
of them to take the bit In their teeth
and overrule the chair. Soon as this
combination w.ia anVnied the Repub'
llcun leaders realised that they would
be defeated so far as the removal of
differential was concerned and Payne,
Republican lender, contented himself
with warning bin beet sugaa- colleagues
that In removing the differential they
were taking oft the bit of protection
plueed In the Dlngley bill especially
for the ben-MIt of beet augur producer
Democrat attempted to follow up,
their advantage when the differential
amendment was adopted by offering
the Babcock bill and other amend'
mentj to reduce the Dlngley sched
ules, but on these amendments Re
publicans declined to stand with them,
and the Democrats did not press them
The bill a paased authorises the
president, after the establishment of
an independent government In Cuba,
and the enactment by said government
of immigration, exclusion and contract
labor law a restrictive as those of
(he United States, to negotiate reci
procal trade agreement With Cuba by
which, in return for equivalent .con
cessions the United States will grant
a reduction of 20 per cent from the
Dlngley rate on goods coming Into
the United States from Cuba, such
agreement to continue until December
1903. During the existence of such
agreement the duty of refined sugar
and all sugars above No. 16 Dutch
standard Is to be 1.SS5 per pound.
WASHINGTON, April 18 At today's
session of the senate, consideration wa
begun of a bill temporarily to provide
a form of government for the Philip
pine. The measure wa read and the
committee amendments were agreed to
tentatively, but no-act Ion on the bill
was taken.
Fifty-five private pension bill and a
few other measure were passed.
WABHINOTON, April M.-The secre
tary of state today transmitted to the
senate a communication from United
States Minister Congfler inclosing a
protest from the Chinese government
against the exclusion of Chinese from
tin- Philippine Islands. ,
WASHINGTON. April IBThe house
committee on judiciary today directed
a favorable report on the bill of Chair
man Ray, amending the bankruptcy
law In a number of particulars. One
of the moat Important amendments al
low corporation to become voluntary
bankrupts with the proviso that this
shall not release corporation officer
and stockholders from Individual lia
bilities tinder the state or federal law.
MONO KONG. April W Rev. Mr.
Landls, an American missionary who
has arrived from Nan King, province
of Kwanksl, confirm reports of ser
iousness of reb-illlon in the Southern
provinces of China, j He ays all trade
beyond Nan King I paralyzed- Store
there are packed with goods stopped
on their way to the interior. The to-
tl rebel force numbers about 10,000
well arnitrd men.
Their Duties and Rights as De
fined by the Government
of Venezuela.
Five IVrnoiiH Killed nnd u Dozen
or .More are Wounded.
Other Wot.
BRl'SSBIJi, AJrll 18.-A serious riot
occurred at Louvaln near Brussel.
The Socialists held a demonstration.
The police attemfftihir to Uhioerw
them were received with a' shower ot
stones. The Irish guard then fired on
the mob. Similar riots occurred In an
other part of Louvaln, altogether five
persons were killed and 13 wounded
A riot Is reported at Bruges, in
Flanders Here the police charged the
social Ists with drawn swords and 10
of the latter were wounded
Says That the Reports of British Cru
elty to Boers T Absurd.
NEW YORK, April 18.-Rev. D. Jo
seph Herts, who was a member of
Lord Milner's high or advisory com
mittee In South Africa and chaplain of
the Rand Rifles, has arrived In this
city, hie former home. When the war
broke out Dr. Herts was expell?dfrom
Johannesburg by Mr. Kruger for belna;
a 1'ltlander. He has since visited many
of the British concentration camps in
South Africa Of these camps and on
kindred subject. Dr. Herts fays:
"The stories of the British cruelties
towards the wives and families of the
Boers In the concentration camps are
absurd It is not the fighting Boer who
makes these charges, but the stay-at
homes. Why, the Boer In the Held
sends his family to the British to take
care of, so that he will not be hara-
ered by them while fighting.. While
there were but 9000 children attend
ing school In the Orange Free State
before the war started, there Are now
14,000 at school under the British gov
ernmental rule."
. And old boots are made
almost as good as new in
my shop at small expense.
I can also sell you
and new boots of the best
quality, warranted as rep
resented, at lower prices
than you can buy for
S. A. Gimrea
Opposite Rom.' MijIdi ft Co-
Not Subject to Military Service
Sor to the Payirent of
Any Contribution in
Case of War.
(Correspondence of Associated Press.)
CARACAS, Veneiuela, March W.-
The new law defining the duties and
rights of foreigners who ma- oe found
within the territory of V.nexu?U rss
juai oeen suomiuea to congress Ly
President Castro- In substance !t Is
Foreigners shall enjoy the same civ
il rights as Penexuelans, as determined
by the constitution of the republic
They shall be considered as either Do
miciled or as in trinsit
All who have resided within the ttr-
rltory voluntarily and uninterruptedly
for upwards of two years without a
diplomatic character or for purposes
of trade or any other Industry pro
vided they have a permanently estab
lished home although they may even
be invested with a consular charac
ter. All who possess real estate with
in the territory of the republic wt o are
not Included in the foregoing provis
ions shall be considered as foreigners
in traleit. ,
.Domiciled, foreljmew shall be bind
to the same obllgat'cns as retards
both their person and property e
Veneruelans but are not ubpect to
rrt! ary service nor to the payment
of any ocntrlbutlons in case of war.
Foreigner shall not mix in the
public affairs of the republic nor In
anything relating thereto, either pub
licly or through the press.
Resident foreigners who violate the
last named provision in whole or In
part shall lose their conditions of for
eigners and shall be subject to the re
sponsibilities, etc., which may attach
to nationals. ForelKner in transit
who may aimlllarly transrress the pio
vlslons shall be expelled from the coun
try forthwith.
The penalty for the vlolaon ,of the
last named provision shall not be lu
ftlcted without due legal proceedings
and there shall be no resort to the
diplomatic channel except when, hav
ing exhausted all lee-al jneans before
the competent authorities. It clearly
appears that there is a Ocnlal of Jus
tice or notorious Injustice.
Foreigners, like Veneiuelans, bar
the right to claim from the govern
ment by way of Indemnification all
losses or damages which might be oo-
casloned to them in time of war by
legitimately constituted authorities,
but they cannot claim compensation
for loss or damage by the agents or
armed bodies In the sen-Ice of any
revolution. .
The executive decree of February 14,
1S1J, concerning the duties and rights
of foreigners and the executive decree
of July, 1S97, which relates to the
meddling of foreigners In the electoral
business of the country, are repealed.
NRW YORK. April 18.-John T. Mc
Keever, for seven years treasurer of
Wallack'8 Theatre Is dead from clr
hosls of the liver at his home In this
life ot Aaron Johnson has been saved
at the City and County Hospital
through an operation never before per
formed on this coast, the complete ex
tirpation of the larynx, on which was
a cancerous growth. This will rank
as one of the three or four successful
case on record In the world. An ar
tificial larynx Is being made for the
patient which, It I asserted, will en
able htm to speak though his voice will
be confined to a monotone.
to the floor and Sullivan fell on top
of him. . Santry could not arise and
the referee picked him up and held
him. Sullivan tried to continue thw
9ght but th refere pushed him away
and called a halt. Santry was unable
to continue .saying Sullivan put hi
knee Into the - groin disabling him.
A doctor found him injured as des
cribed. Santry had to be carried from
th ring.
Up to the time of the accident San
try bad alt the better of the boxing
and waa (laming Sullivan around at a
lively rat.
POINT RICHMOND, Cal.f April 18.-
By th explosion of an oil burner at
the Santa Fe Railroad Company's
pumping station here, Hiram Pope,
the engineer, wa blown out of the
fire room and fatally Injured. The
pumping plant wa damaged to the
extent of $5000.
JEFFERSON. Wia, April ltWil-
lard Lanfare, aged 84. and his wife,
aged W, have been divorced after SO
year of married Ufe. There was no
contest. ' :
ThittLargeSiimisto be Divided
Scxt Week Among; the
Stoek Holders.
CHICAGO. April 18 The I450.000
which remains In the treasury if the
World's Columbian Ejp.l! Com
IjtywM be d ividednex t jveck be
tween tne 20,000 shareholders. The last
lawsuit against the company has teen
decided and the board of directors has
concluded to distribute "the money as
soon as preliminary work can be ac
complished. The "dividend. It is esti
mated, will amount to about 5 cents a
share. Shares were sold for $10. About
cne-fourth of the 20,000 stockholders
held one share each- The city will get
about $225,000 as its dividend on the
$5,000,000 bonds issued.
The funds have been tied up all ihse
yeans by litigatior. against the world's
fate company. , About 200 salts were
brought for damages, the claims ag
gregating nearly $500,000, and the
money was held to meet possible judg
ments. Most of the cases were de
cided against the claimants, however,
judgments being secured for ?ess than
$15,000 of the entire amount.
NEW YORK. April 18.-Louls Lester
and Thomas Riley, the former claiming
CVilveston, Texas, as his home, have
been arrested with articles In their
possession which had been stolen from
churches. Lester has, according to the
police, made a confeslon in which he
said they had started in the burglary
business at Pittsburg, making a spec
ialty of looting churches He admitted
they had stolen articles from the al
ters of more than 200 sanctuaries
throughout the country.
rniiuiuii nc
UHKlinAlf VI
A Thief and Emblezzlcr, Wfea
Went Into It On Urge
Stole Jewelry 'in America and
Bankrupted a Stock and
Brokerage Exehanjte
,in France.
NEW TORK, April 18. When Lauia
Alfred Balensl leave Sing Sing next
Saturday he will have served 'a all
years' sentence, made shorter by com
mutation, for misappropriating $25,00
worth of Jewelry. His freedom will ha
brief, according to the Herald. At th
door of the prison he probably will he
served with a federal warrant charg
ing him with the embeszlement of av
proximately $tS0,M0 In France.
Louis Alfred Balensl ,or, a he Ut
known In this country, William A.
Bellwood, was bom in Paris 49 years
ago. In im he organised the "8a
clete Francalse de Ranque et
Change," purporting to do a general
stock exchange . brokerage businea.
All went weB for five year than Bat
All went wel for five years then Dal
ensi disappeared. Two week later th
Tribunal of Commerce of 'the Seine
declared the society bankrupt and a
similar judgment - was pronoanced
against BalensL The investigatlea
proceeded, and finally the Chamber
Indictments of the Court of Appeals of
farts declared on Jmy u, i7, mas
Balensl had not only misappropriated, i
.800,000 francs but also had convert
ed to his own use a large quantity of
valuable Jewelry which had beea law
trusted to his care.' His arrest waa
ordered. y.:
Balensl located in Philadelphia.
where, under the alias of William A.
Bellwood or William S. ' Redwood, he
opened a Jewelry store. Early tn ISM .
Ball wood obtained $25,000 worth ef-
Jewelry from a New York firm oa a
memorandum and proceeded to hyp
thecate it at one of the largest uawa,"
broking establishments in the metrew
polls. He -was arrested ao&'fent to
Sing Sing for Ix years. It had been1
discovered in the meantime that Bal
ensl and Bellwood were Identical and "
during- his lareenv ' trials a TTnlteA
States marshal hovered nearby with a
federal warrant wMch hod been issued..
after an Investigation had been mad
ot the embeszlement charge In Franc
by the United States ambassador, Gen
eral Horace Porter.'
An Oregon Dog Took the Honors of
Kennel Club's Show.
PORTLAND, April 18.-The honor of
Portland Kennel Club's bench show
went, to Oregon's Jessie II., 11 month
old pointer bitch, owned ly F. T.
Wamsley, Pendleton, Oregon. 9b waa
given . a special cup for the best Ag
In the show, besides three other spec
ial cups. i
CHICAGO, April 18,-In the Santry-
Tommy Sullivan contest at Apollo
Hall, Referee Johnny Mclntyre decid
ed It was "no contest," After about a
minute and a half ot boxing In the
third round Santry fell out of a clinch
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