The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 15, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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England and the Continent Impressed With
the Significance of the Occasion.
alteration In the nIiaim of tho Island.
iu it Is known to th world.
The coa aurvoy t now at work
ftiullnx out what th mil hiH if
Torto Itlovt Is. and It has nlrvudy lmrn
l rmnigh to hov that the olit S.n
Uh surveys r? not only Jurvllabl ami
uoithlo but lluit (hoy rIw iHitlv
ly tar Iminvwnlott of th' formation
of the oortst. IVrto Kloo ha lV:i of
an otyong what. It him look-sl us if
the , i1IsUsi,m1 with the quvr hiiv
nii:nH'd by tho Island, hud d..ti'rmln
ej to throw above Its surface ut Iwu
one Island a evvn In cvntour an a
clKr h,x, Junt to show that it couKI be
The coast survy Is tK'RiiuiiiiK to Hi. J
out that IVrto- Uloo luu co.isl Wattle
I lireKUlarlt.'s. At the waurn eiul thew
! U a long northwes'.rn slant tnto the
The Theatrical Effects Will Be Stupendous and the Attention of ooenn. This will muke Uk Inland big
ger than had been supposed.
No one can tell what shape Porto
lllco will be when It Is finally surveyed
as an American possession, but It
on;s certain that It will not be the
i Insular freak it has appAtred on the
pnnlsh survey.
the Whole World Is Expected To Be
today's London Journals caution Eng
lishmen shouting until well out
of the woods.
NEW YOKK. Nov. 14.-A dispatch to
the Tribune from London, says:
' The German emperor's visit to Eng
land is the chief topic of serious dis
cussion and ingenious conjecture. On
the continent he has suddenly loomed
up as the commanding figure In Euro
pean diplomacy who has thrown his
influence on the winning side at a
moment when England is making a
supreme military effort seven miles
from Landsend.
Even the commercial clases of Ger
many are impressed with the power
mnA ronaeou-noe of their emperor to walch for the first appearance of the
great affair of the world and acrid swarm of meteors.
lrofsor of Small Western Colleges
(?) Making Extensive Observation.
CHICAGO. Nov. 14.-The rain last
night and early this morning dampened
the enthusiasm of Dr. Laves, and other
Uoers Will Execute Six Hrltlsh off!
cers Unlet Puller Releases
French criticism is forced to admit
that England and Germany have been
drawn Into a, close
understanding I nity. will, w ith a corps of scientific pro-
whlch does not differ essentially from fessors. make elaborate observations
a formal alliance and forecast a
monientcus change in the trend of
European dipljmai'y.
The stage business of this Imperial
Journey Is well worked both at Wind
sor and Berlin. The queen is evidently
taking the liveliest hitervst In the re
ception of her grandson and. after her
manner, is recasting the details and
assigning parts to all the member of
the royal family. There will be a
family reunion with every sign of af
fection and cordiality and there will
also he Ma My functions in honor of
the nation's illustrious guest.
The program of the festivities has
already been enlarged so as to include
Oxford and Cambridge, London, San-
ringham and Chatworth and the prime
minister will be at his sovereign's right
band at Windsor. The German em
peror, who has a consplcloug talent for
taee effects. Is enlarging his own
suite until it includes Count Von Bue.
low. Count Eulenberg and three mill
tray attaches and he Is meeting every
fresh advance with sympathetic inter
est. The English press is taking lis cue
from the court and Is magnifying the
Impirtance of the emperors visit.
Radical Journals are minimizing their
prejudice against the emperor caused
by his course In the Armenian-Greek
LONDON. Nov. U.-A sptlal dis
patch from Cape Town dated Friday.
Nov. 10, says that State Secretary
Rein has dma.nded that General
White immediately release the sup
pressors and students at the I'niver- spy, Nathan Marks, who is c-m-
sity of Chicago who had planned to nneJ at Lady,,,. cpUng hu j,..
mand with a threat to execute six
British officers.
General Bulier replied, according to
the special dispatch, that he was en
titled to retain the man until he should
render a satisfactory account of him
Prof. Hough, director of Dearborn
observatory at Northwestern univer-
of the meteoric shower tomorrow morn
ing if conditions permit.
At Williams Bay. Wis., the special
apparatus for observing and photo
graphing the mwteoric shower is in
place on the roof of the Yerkes obser
vatory. Professor Barnard has spent a con
siderable time for a few rights search
ing for the Ephemerides of the mete
oric cloud. The position of this cloud
in our sky has been quite Inaccurately
determined. The main body should
now be entering the constellation Leo.
Though he has searched carefully with
the big Yerkes telescope, the profesor
has not yet discovered anything which
he could identify as the meteoric cloud.
In his search Prof. Barnard has dis
covered many new Nebulae and one
seen last night la exactly in the spot
where the meteors should be. This
signifies nothing, however, unless on
further observations the Nebulae Is
found to have moved.
The sky last night was totally ob
scured with clouds.
Morning. It is officially stated that tht
long range bombardment of Ladysmlth
with heavy guns continues dally, -but
without seriou damage.
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ties. The high standing of the Cali
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cal profession, ami the satisfaction
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Chaplain Seibold Will Avoid Service in
the Philippines by Retiring.
Bat Thirty-Pour Patients, Inclid-
Ing tbe Natives Employed
At Cavlte.
NKvV YORK. Nov. 14. A special to
the Times from Wahinfirton says:
affair, and the unionists are explaining Te ma,,e by arm ph U,M
who have ben ordered to the Philip
pines to have their orders revoked have
excited considerable comment. The
j case of Chaplain J. S. Seibold, now
stationed at Fort Canby. Wash., Is a
case in point. Wh-n the Reverend otfl-
was three years older than he sup
posed, having bve.n born in 1S.15 ins'eud
avay the ordering out of n flying
squadron as a matter of no Importance.
America comments on the relations
of England and Germany are read
with marked Interest and the sugg
tion of a widening sphere t good feel-
t t. .... C.r.l..n.l K l-irila Ull
m urie.-.. r-.8...v. o,... - wr discovered that w would have to
as to Include Germany Is received with: phHlpf he foum, tha, he
great favor as a p-inna.n-nt saf-guard
of the peace of the world and the free
dom of commerce. Tnere are signs of. f ag (n ,h(, fjf (hJ
a recurrence of the spirit of overcon-j wgr ,J(.,,artmtnt anJ wajt tn,rf.f()re old!
fldence in the certainty of the succs j w r e prudl. a(iya.j
NEW YORK, Nov. 14.-A special to
the Herald from Washington says:
Rear Admiral Van Reypen, surgeon
general of the navy has received a
per.ional leAt?r from medical Inspector,
P.. C. Pearsons, llet surgeon of the
Asiatic squadron. Informing him thai
the general health of the squadron Is
The official report submitted by this
of the British arms without a further
sel back 'ft reverse to the P.ritlfh'
troops. j
The situation surely In steadily im- j
proving ewy day wHh the arrival ofi
vits which conclusively proved that he
had been mistaken In his age up to
that time. Ace irduigly his orders were
revoked and he was retlivd.
Chaplain O. J. Nave has also applied
the reinforcements at Cape Town and j for retirement afU-r being ordered to
Durban and a too with the Increasing' lhe Philippines. A board has leen or
evldence that the Dutch allies have j aerf:(i to t.onVene in thic city for his
made a fatal taotical mistake In scat- j examination.
tering their comma-nds at too many, chaplain 8. W. Pilchard ha. secured
points Instead of concentrating their i tne revocation of his orders. Rev
frices against Kimb?rly and Lady
smlth and inarching like Sherman to
the sea aiid sweeping down on Durban.
The British campaign, however, has
jiot yet been won and a full fortnight
remains In which Kimberly may be
caitured and Ladysmlth exposed to a
destructive long ramge fire.
General White has done great work
In holding back General Joubert's
forces from lower Natal, but It is pre
mature to conclude that the latter Is
wasting time, ammunition and men
laying seige to a camp which he can
never render untenable.
While the meagre news received
from Natal and the western border Is
favorable, the best military writers In
D. McKinnon, the 'a.tho!ic pri.-st wli.i
served in the Philippines with the I
California volunteers and who is now)
a chaplain In the army, has offered a
contrast to the action of thene clergy
men by applying for duty In the Inl
ands again, but he is the only chap
lain now In this country who has done
The Outline of Porto Rico Will be
Different From the Spanish Mis.
NEW YORK, Nov. 14.-A special to
tbe Times from Washington says:
One of the most curious results of the
annexation of Porto Rico will be an
officer shows that of the entire naval
force there are only 34 patients, sev
eral of whom are native employed In
the navy yard and most of whom are
suffering from minor complaints.
'The condition af Admiral Wa'snn."
he states, "continues good. The re
ports of his condition ahat were print
ed In th? home papers were exagger
ated. Hi ha not b?en on the sick
Considerable satisfaction is full by
I Admiral Van Reypen at the excellent
; health of the navU forces and much
I satisfaction !s expressed by officials of
: the department who appreciate that
almost a thousand marinew stationed In
! the Cavlte navy yards are subject to
j the same conditions which makes the
sick list of the army so large,
i Admiral Van Reypon has Information
that unles congress places the asHist-
I ant surgeons of the navy on a better
! footing four officers holding this rank
and attached to the Asiatic squadron
will resign their commlsnlon and enter
the army.
Assistant surgeons have to occupy
the steerage aboard ship and receives
the pay of a second lUmtenant while
a Junior surgeon of the army receives
the pay and allowance of a first lieu
tenant. There are now seven vacan
cies In the marine corps of the navy
and It Is difficult to secure educated
men willing to accept the small pay
and allowance which an assistant sur
geon of the navy receives. Admiral
Van Reypen will appeal to congress for
The Advance Guard of the Mnsirlc
Shower was Seen Early Yester
day Morning.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14. With a bril
liant swish that lighted up the heavens
for quite 13 seconds, the first of the
Leonlls announced Its arrival Jut be
fore midnight last night. Following
the first were others of equal Intensity,
enough ,to ninke the display satisfac
tory to those who waited up to see It.
However tha meteoric shower will net
appear at Its greatest brilliancy mill
Thursday morning after midnight.
During the next 4 hours this earth
wll! have such a meteoric pelting
It has not enjoytel since ISfiil. when the
heavy belt of Leonids wa last pene
trated. Those seen last night and this
morning gave evidence of what may
be expected. The' first appeared In the
northeast, bursting Into the atmosphere
at a point about 43 degr's above the
horl2on. Th "lr Journey was a long one
and It loft behind a fiery trail of green
ish tint that was visible for many
After the appearance of the constel
lation I eo above the horizon, the ta
of meteors was fairly steady, though
It could hardly be called a shower. All
over the city Watchers were stationed
and from many strvt corners the Itln
erant astronomers did a thriving busl
nesa with th lr portable telescopes.
Some of the earlier meteors were of
the magnitude of a plnnft of the first
cluss. but os Leo mounted higher In
the heavens the period of flight ap
p.?ared shorter and they lost their brll
llancy. Fortunately the atmosphere
was clear and few clouds Interrupted
the view of the heavens. Equally sat
Isfactory conditions should prevail to
night. While observations of the meteoric
shower are b'Ing.made from every
university In the coun'ry, Harvard
sterns to be taking the lead In gather
ing data. From the Harvard observa
tory requests have been Issued for re
ports of all rvgular observations of
Leonids. Those reports will be com
pared and much valuable daita are ex
pected to result.
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