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    ! NOTIcm!
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, . i : ' i - ' C r , i I
'vi!i ioi it . mission
' hi My i , ' ! ; . (jl
NO. 144
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.1 I I T i I
faff in
IIiih HcimovimI to it New Q,,Iirh'rn wxt
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three (liK)in form the hIiiimI, wlit'ie they
will eontiniio to carry tlio finest utock of
ntovi'H In Astoria.
Vtl"ily i rcrrlvf.I nutlit) fruin (lie iitiblUlicr. ol the
Wrhnkii Kihtiom or tiik Kwtci.omnu Bhitaniimca, that
owing to 111 root moils lucre" iu tb prio of ar with
in tbn (iHKt few , tlirjf would shortly withdraw lh sale
til llirir KiirvrloiHKh at tlis present prirx. Our contract
with tliti ni( liiliiTu mulilr nil tu funks the same liU-ial of
(una lieivlnfors. Tlilrly largo volumes of the Kuoyclnixt-
tn ,in, oiin giilda to Kvsteniallo leading orthe r.liryclopedia,
V ... li I. II I. It I ...111..- 1 W..I l'
Wlln I priglll I'UK IHNIIIHWRimi'llo JJPIJfn ..riwiei J.u
cvcIoimhIis free of charge, All the above will be delivered
(X utHiii tlm mimll I'liytni'tit nf
IUIsno in (mail monthly payuir-nls. Cull and lixk into
tlm oiler.
Pressed Hard By Our Troops, Aguinaldo's
Fleeing Followers Turn and Shoot.
Tbe Filipinos Reserved Their Fire Until the Americans Were Right
On To Them, Then Fired From Trenches, Houses and
Tblckets Seven of Our Soldiers Fall.
contract for burying th crty -A of
Memphis. For norm- lime h hus lw
selling b"dle to medical colleges
throughout thin part of the country.
BT. PAI'L, Nov. 14. Th.- Xorth'-rn
I'urlfic ha cnijt.- nrriitiif. nvnt tor
thi traiuprtalln A ovit ?,(CiO ho
frin Central WanhliiKtoii AMt
H'. 1'aul aJJ'l nuHvm jontK. Thr tratii
prta!liio ut 9.WW hnn will r-ure
310 cam eHi h nifitalnliiK 25 Ywrmm. It Ik
the Inu-nthm of th movent In the en-; "
ItT prte to bPHik tho ruilgnmfnU Into
r,: rr ;:r th m " UKh colonel powell answersipointedly
He Also Complains That the British Fly Too
Many Red Cross Flags at Mafeking.
louisville, xov. u-Th, propnu m g,, commander Says Pules of Civilized Warfare Permit
of tha conti-wtn In varioui roumtl In
Mines and that Pretoria Is Thus Protccted-No Word From
Udysmith-Brief Ntws Frcra Kimterley.
9 4jHSH3Hv-&-i-irW -sM!-y'4)--uV-r-s-
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cniin0 ar ilirol ninntifni'turcru, mill juii will uvo the iiiiilJU'iami'
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Kur Nrck llmin, rnmi V up
IjuIIih' KIiii Tiillur .Mnl Hiill(riim tVlW U
U'tl''' I 'I no mllnr MiiiIk I'lolh Juikrla, froni t 'O up
UiiIIihi' Khic Kri.n.-h t- lt.ini l Wnll, from II. 7 up
AlH'k Ki'nl in Jui'ki, l.'Mulim l), iimilr
ri'lul tu oritur Irum.,.,. IIW.W up
Itcnioili'tliiK f Fur (liiruirnU Into tki Ijttmt Hlylf at vry
low nKiirra.
Mend for llltiiral il ratiilofun, wliirli wm will iladljr mall
Hiyhest I'rlcc I'uld fpr Kaw furs. Yours Respectfully,
The Silverfield Fur Manufacturing Co.
f, MANILA, Nov. 11 The Thirty-Thinl infantry, in one
of the wharpfht two-hours criRHRcmfnts of the wnr, with an
S fdiinl forcfc of thn inwirL't-nts. five miles from San lahittn, &
Itwt one otlii er nnd live men killed and one oflieer and twelve g
(v men wounded.
w The AnierieaiiH caplured 2'J Filipinos and 100 rifles and
found 81 of tlic
. . . . ...
doubtless were kill
the atate la the point about which In
terwit In the fight tit the governor-,
ahlp Is centered. The determination of
lh- dlnputea may awing In eilher dl-' t
rectlon the reault of tbe fare of the
returns as the)' will be ma4e ti the iMr,MiM;M(:i(Mi;aMM
state board of ek-ctlon comml!Kln.'r!i. ' "
These contesta Involve i.VKt votes In'
even countries.
Largest and Best Equipped
Offices In the Northwest
To'' I
f rlo"I t I
Crown und Bridue Work, $4.00 per tooth, suaraateeil.
lleit Pt Teeth. 5.00 fit Runranteed.
Keat FillliiKS, Ulc up, Kilarantoed.
Mj All Work Positively Guuraiitecd
mill a ii . 2. .!.... .ii
Washlnaton BulMinu, Corner 4th and Waahiugton Sta.
Fifth Floor, Kooma-47, 48, CO, 61. S2.
Prion 0ion, Brown oj. Colunttila b9.
.MANILA. Nov. H ien"ral WheiUon
was Informed Saturday th th eimy
n gatlk-rlnK at Han Juclnte for th"
purpoih of preventing the Amertcan
controlling the rul from IniguupHn
north, whereby Agrulnaldo might re-
tr.iu. The Thlrty-thlni. Colonel Howe
commanding, and a dmachmeiu of the
Thirteenth with a galling gun, How-land
commanding, went sent to dlnperae
The troops encountered the worst
road ;ver found In the Inland of Lus-m.
tine hundred aoUllem had to drag the
nulling gun art of the way, homes be
ing llseltiw.
The litaurgvniit itvncl the fight, two
mil. front fan Jacinto. Philippine
aharimhooteis. hidden In tre.w, hou.-s
and a small irviu h acri Uie nwd
Ii. I. their lirr until the Americana -r.'
olos.- to Ihi'in. When they Ugan flr
liig other FillolnoH oieiiet fire from
thickets, iliiht and left, further away.
The liirui'Keut ha) iwh'Milcrs picked
olT oiflcers first. Five of itie Amerlcnnn
who fell wore shoulder utraps or
chevrons. Hut the Thirty-third never
wavered. Its crack markmen brought
the Filipinos down from trees like
squirrels and Americana rushed the
trenches, having four dead Insurffents
The regiment tlun di)loyed under fire
with Major John A. Logan's battalion
iu the center. Major Oronle's on the
right and Major Marsh's on the left. The
skirmish which was a mile long,
advanced rapidly keeping up a constant
lire. The Filipinos made un unexpect
edly Rood stand, many of them remain
ing; under cover until ttv Americans
were within 20 ft of them.
The Insurgent nr- stipiocd to huye
ivt rented toward Unguiwn. It was lin
posslhle to pursue them as the Amer
ican tnMips were exhausted and their
supply of ammunition was low.
The officer say It Is Impossible- for
General W'heatxm to attempt a Junction
with General Young on account of the
roads. Prisoners say It Is reported that
Agulnldo with an army they estimated
at 2.KK (probably great exaggeration)
Is returning toward Dugupan, Intending
to leave by railroad for the northwest.
Killed While Leading HU Battalion
Against 1200 Entrenched Naitlves.
WASHINGTON, Nov. H.-A cable dlfl.
patch received at the war department
announces that Major John A. Logan,
Third-third volunteer Infantry, has
been killed In a fight In Luion, He was
ItMidlng his battalion In action. Ha Is
a son of the late General John A. Logan
of Illinois, and Mrs. Maria Logan,
now a resident of Washington. He
leaves a widow and three children at
Youngstown, Ohio. Tito news of the
death of Uta major was contained In the
following dispatch received from Gen
eral Otis under date of Manila today:
"Wheaton reports, November 12, that
there was an engagement near San
Jacinto between the Thirty-third volUn-
General Cronje, commanding: the Boer forces around J
lltfcking sent a message to Colonel Powell, who U in charge g
', of the British forces, protesting against the use of dynamite f
mines in defending the town. In this might be found a clue
to Joubert's delay in forcing matters at Ladysmith. Possibly S
he fears the mines more than he does the p-rms. There in. tint
inwurgenLs dea.l. Many more Filipinos general it cm $i3..i74 to malign a worJfrom Udvsmith but doubtless heavy artillery fighting
fd or wound.-.!. l in comml,wt"n ihlp ln Brv, S ;3 in VTOimsa ' 1
I LONDON, Nov. 15.-4:30 a. m. There General St'nberg'a annual report
WASHINGTON. Nov. H.-Accordlng
to the annual report of the paymaster! ffi
ir, the navy last year.
leers and 1200 ntrenced Insun "ts.
Our !. Inclmled laj. Lan. ..ho TUT PHARIFTDV
was gallantly leading the battalion, and
six enlisted men killed. Captain Green
and 11 men were wounded, mostly very!
slight. The enemy were routed, leaving
HI dead In the trench. Their total
hws is believed to be 30.
Lawton reports from San Jose that SIE TJES OPEN SEA
in the vicinity of San Nicholas, north of
Tayuig. Weasels captured 11 cart with
the Insurgents war department records.
A printing pre and. complete outfit of jB
the Insurgent newspaper and a large
quantity of rice wore captured. The
cavalry Is still actively engaged and'
the Infantry 1 pressing on fpjm San'
Jose and Araga. The roads are Imprac-
tlcal'U; for any wheel transportation
ai d the horses are foraged on rlre and MANILA. Nov. 14. Further details
OTIS." ( regarding the grounding of the United
States cruiser Charleston shows that
she struck an uncharted coral reef 10
miles east of Laamlguen.
Stormed the Native Works. Losing Sev-' Af(er ,ne fiRn effnPUl to right her, te
is no additional nerws regarding the pro-
I grets of hostilities in South Africa, this
LAl I lb bAV bli! morning except a dispatch from Mfe-
I king, forwarded by a runner, dfeted Oct.
31, which says during the aftemouo
General Cronje, the Boer commander,
sent an envoy to Colonel Baden Powell,
under a flag of truce to declare that he
did not consider that the Geneva con
vention authorised the flag of the red
1 cross society to fly from several bulld-
Naval Circles tbe Accident Is j ngs at once in a tojca and that In his
Considered (Juite Vnavoid
growing rice straw.
en Klllel and it wounaea. ; officers feared she might slide off be-l
opinion the employment of natives
j against the whites and the use of dyna
mite mines were both opposed to rules
I of war.
Colonel Badden Powell replied that
the Geneva convention did nut stipulate
a to the number of rtd enws stations
permissible and that tho Boers were
i nnlv rvoulre.1 to resDec-t the convent
hospital and the womans' Laager all o"
' which were beyond the town limits.
The British commander aho pointed
LONDON. Nov. H.-Speclal dispatch- caUW( of lne hlvy and aban.;
es from Manila say that seven AmerU iorKi tne attempt to gave her. They
! out that miles were recognized ad
juncts of civilized warfare and than the
j defenses of Pretort were extensively
cans were killed and 15 wounded in hunM to the iaunches and boats and!
Wheaton's daybreak attack this morn- ivrana rwl tt flight fnr A
i- th- .rf Ssllnda. which was nn- DeP these warnings from Colonel
turning nun iu umi rui
Muhborrly defended. After heavy fire, lQ day ntiaaa '
the Americans charged and stormed th gtmle of ,he 0mwr8 an(j nwn dressed
works. Severrty-sevM dead Filipinos . . ra1ania. an(l thrtr undercloth-1
! In Tn r. K,tr aft... th PhiirUton'
t,,. A 1. V IIV'W.K. -
struck all had gotten away. The re
port that the crew remained two days
' on the vessel is Inaccurate. The party
Another Escaped Spinlard Heports tnat
Gllmore and His Companions
Are Well.
wete tounted In the trenches
Baden Powell, the Boers continued de
liberately to shell the hospital and
womans Laager. i
WASHINGTON. Nov. 14. Surgeon
shows the total death in our armies,
Including regulars and volunteers, from
May 1. 1SSS. to June 30. 199S, were .19.
of whom 495 were killed ln battle. Two
hundred and sixteen killed by accident;
202 died of wound. 2774 from typhoid
fever, 47 from malaria. 35 J from pneu
monia. Ml from diarrhoea and 1S5 from
yellow fever.
ST. PAUL. Nov. 14. -Both the Great
Northern and Northern Pacific deny
that there Is any friction ovtnr the ear
bound rates from Seattle, occasioned by
the returning Alaskan miners. The as
sertion that the Great Northern has cut
the rate J6 is denied by the road.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14. Roland B.
Motlneux was put on trial for his life
today in the court of general sessions
before Recorder Goft, charged with the
death of Mrs. Katherlne J. Adams, De
cember 23. 18M. Mrs." Adams died after
swallowing what was believed to be
a headache powder that had been sent
through the mall.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 14. Admiral
and Sirs. Dewey returned to Washing
ton from New York tonight.
returned two days later, but found U
lmnf...lhlA in miv A.nvthinir. '
The first landing was made on a little
WASHINGTON, Nov. 14.-The M- (slan(j wlth a front lf barIvn rocks. I
lowing was recelv -d it the navy depart- Noxl day th)f agllin took to wa.j
ment from Watson today. ttr and priceed.ed to Kamlguln Island,
"Manila, Nov. 14.-An escaped Span-, whcre R Hndng was made In the ex-;
Ish prisoner at San Fabian reports see- pf.e,ftUoil that m.ig Would be neces-;
lug Lieutenant Gllmoi-w on November 1 gnry The r-harleBton's men found a!
In Tarlac with five men, all well. He nf.vagy people who regarded them
crossed the mountain from Baler In wUh cllrlosWy rathor than hostility, j
May with 13 men. The location of the Leuienant McDonald was four duys
other eight men is unknown. Have a)aat kee,)lng under shelter of hostile
cabled Hong Kong for salvage for the ghore fof ,wo dftyg on aooourit of high!
Charleston," I g(.aRi i,, nl0st 0f the time In a soaH-
Ing rain. Finally, the officer and his,
Arrest of a Man Engaged ln Shipping
Bodies to Medical Student. i
! companions overtook the transport Ax- j
tec, which carried them to the battle
ship Oregon.
The Charleston was returning from a
14 Four xlneV flve w?ek cruise along the eastern
coast of Luzon. i
In naval circle the accident Is cut--
ST. LOUIS. Mo., Nov
lined trunks such as used by traveling
men In carrvlnsr samples, each contuln-
...... f.. ,v, sldered quite unavoidable. The only
Imr a corpse, were takn from the
baggage room at the Union station to
day and Frank Thompson, city under
taker nf Memphis. Term., Is under ar
For some time the police have been
aware that a traffic In human bodies
has b"en going on through this clly and
they have been on the watch for the
guilty ones. Rece.itly a shipment of;
four bodies in trunks was made to Wl OMAHA. Neb., Nov, 14. United
H. Hnmsen. at Keokuk. Iiftva, for whom' Staiea Senator llayward is In a most.
wander is that there are not more of:
such disasters In the Philippine waters,
' which are most indifferently charted, j
' Th fhnrlwton ll.l nrnctlcallV ln the
' opn sea and there is no hope of saving
her or her valuable paraphernalia and
the contents of the cruiser.
those captured today were also In
precarious condition and his death ls
expected any time. It in universally
the event of his
tors, Thompson made a clean breast of death Governor Poynter would name
the whole affair. He said he hod the Ex-Senator Allen. '
When taken to the police headquar-j conceded that , In
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