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During the past few days we have talked exclusively on Men's and Boys' Clothing, and an exceptionally fine lino of
Overcoats which were placed at prices that drew even the attention and presence of Portlanders to give them a trial;
and all who purchased are mightily proud of the bargains they realized,
Now. Be Save Something Else to Say
wo ha in stock a rich and varied assortment of Underwear and Neckwear that in comparison ia fully as reasonable to buy as the Clothing.
da must be seen tS be appreciated 'l -Lk-! ma.cml and design, ami . kfemiclly .be of ,,.ds a, .,11 be fon,l on sale U momcu ,Ec
v York City.
It is this:
Really these goods
Jeading houses ot lew
Read the price we are now making on Swift's goods. As
is well known, Mr. Swift is recognized the country over as the
most conscientious manufacturer in this hue to e four., anv
WEAR, $1.50 per suit. Always heretofore they have been
more than cheap at $2.00.
Here is a line of Camel's Hair and National Wool t'n
derwear at SO cents vr garment. They are .'xe. ll. iit tor the
price asked and are sure to please- the purchaser. Many of
our best people select them by reason of the soft character of
the material,
While inspecting this department, iifk also to see F.ot U
T-B. These are what nre knuwu as Kibbed Wool Shirt and
Drawers. We have decided for a few days only to sell them
at flOO a suit. This is a remarkably low figure, if you nro
poted as to values in this direction.
And now we are making a still further cut on the justly celebrated Lu
zerne Underwear. Think of it! Only $2.50 a suit. We have just been
selling it at $3.00, but we want the bulk of Astoria's trade and we propose
to get it You cannot beat this price nor the goods anywhere on earth.
This Week, Wright's Health-Fleeced Underwear, ?-,.- per suit. All who
wear underwear will understand that this is an amazingly cheap price for
Wright's noted make, They are unexcelled for winter on account of be
ing fleece-lined on the inside.'
lit the same connection we have the Famous Arabian Fleece Underwear.
We tuo also cutting it for the time being to $2..r)0 per suit.
ChirtC Attent5on a11 ! Fancy Bosom and Colored Body
Ollll 10 Shirts with one pair of cuffs $1.00. Certainly
after examining the quality you won't believe it, but it is the
truth. We are going to sell these very same -shirts tfii week
at the above figure.
MiltC A man who is strictly up-to-date in style wears a
IICl to derby hat. We carry two lines, one at 1100 and
one at $4.00. They have just bevn received from the factory
and are Latest Fall Shapes. This is u good time to tender
our thanks for the splendid trade in hats we have enjoyc.
A nobby tie inskos any twtii look rce"talil. If tie
rn a bamlaonie lie ft 1'ortlan.l merchant can
walk the street hero ml not be jumi.l on. V
have beautiful variety jiut in Imtu ths F.mM. Imlmle.1 in it la tlm awe II
Hufu VUrlnm Neckwear. Mr. Vterhouo manufactnrr tlm finit
lino oltie In tlm United State, and tlio ittTim are innumerable. Aak
to see our Imperial, Trek. Four-in-liamla, 1'uir (in.l MlileUI ami Hand
llow a. Price range (ritu fide upward.
I -
490 Corrttnercial Street, Astoria, Oregon.
It is Expected That the Tarif Will
Soon Come Tumbling Down.
Jim Hill's Road is Accused of Secretly
Selling Cut Rate Tickets to Chicago
Through Outside Agents.
PhlladelDhla Times.
The preae-nt depression, not to say
despondency, of the English people over
the situation In South Africa Is the
at all or how much longer to get an
(army te where White is holding out:
against overwhelming odds. It la aj
difficult and dangerous march fronv
Durban to Lady-smith, that will take
many, many weary days, and the Boers
hold ail Natal by that time. War may
be declared by telegraph but soldiers
and supplies must be moved by slower
These are the unpleasant facts that
are Just now forcing themselves upon
tha consciousness of the British public.
It is no wonder they are despondent.
Yet the situation is one that must be
faced, like our own situation In tho
Philippines, aiid that beyond doubt
the people of England will face with
their customary enirgy and courage.
In the light of events, it seems Improb
able that the war could have been
avoiied, though It was not possible to
act on this assumption. Certainly It
cannot be escaped now, and that It
muat be a long and arduous war, In
volving almost certain disaster to the
British forces at the beginning, Is no
new revelation to those who have un
derstood the difficulties from the b-giu
nlng and how formidable a foe it is that
Vina n rudelv declared himself from
natural nilhl tn th pflrplMN SffT.O
ance with which they received the hig mountain fastnesses in the distant
challenge or the Boers, it is not to oe
supposed that the government was ig
norant of the Immensity of the present
undertaking. On the contrary, there
was evidence enough that the govern
ment was trying to defer the issue
which perhaps had been Indiscreetly
forced by Mr. Chamberlain at the be
ginning, but afterwards was forced
from the other side until at least some
preparation could be made to meet it.
Kruger, on the other hand, entirely ap
Dreciated the military situation, and
rudely precipitated the war, knowing
that It must take weeks for the Brit
ish to meet him on anything like equal
terms and that much might be accom
plished in the meantime.
The BritlBi publi. however, could
hardly understand this. The corres
pondence with Tram aal had been car
ried on by tel?graph. Kruger's defH Philadelphia Times.
ance was transmitted in that way, in a tale told by one of the crew of
elvlnz twinty-four hours notice of the I the Norwegian sreamer Banan, which
beginning of noStiLiUes. It was hard to came from Port Antonio, Jamaica, In
realize that it would take weeks to the teeth of the gale on Thursday, can
transport troops 'o South Africa, and . niballsm, a three-months' (light
Her Plight Through the Swamps to
S ve Her Child Prom the
weeks more to get them from the sea
port to the outlying points In Natal.
"When Krug?r declared war, people
thought of him as boldly engaging the
whole army of Great Britain. They
did not stop to ihlnk that he was for
the present engiglng, with the entire
through swamps, and a woman who
shipped before the mast as a sailor to
escape an awful fate, are Incidents.
While in Jamaica, preparatory to
starting on her homeward voyage, the
Banan was short of men and shipped
an American sailor, at leat one who
1 city. Th sailor. located tn a nouruiua
' house not far from Delaware avenue
! and Lombard street. He disappeared, j
'but the police of the Third district.;
1 uho know the story, said that Mrs.
Mary Tyne, who was there yeaterdiiy.
passed as the strange sailor on the
Mrs. Tyne was seen yesterday by a
reporter of the Times, who had learn
ed from Captain M onsen that his for
mer foremast hand was well worth an
interview.' The woman was ready to
start for Brooklyn, where she has
She Is a Haytlan by adoption, and
her husband deserted her In that coun
try. She said that white her native
Island Is civilized, the Interior Is not.
ar.d the cannibullBm exurta there.
According to the wild yarn-told,
however, with every evidence of sin-cerlty-there
la a yjaxly festival, when
hiiren are carried off and
yuuns .,-- -
"This heathen festival waa approach
lug when I left the Island," said Mrs.
Tyne. ' The young tnfanta were about
to be seized by the Interior tribe for
an offering to the god Tlshtu to propl
tate hi wrath. The savages hope to
thenwelven. by virtue
of these burnt human offerings, the aid
of Tlshtu In war, and to the end that
make themselves successful
In their pursuit on shore and stream."
ainr went on to say that at
theie orgL. which are continued for
. , r WvtiMi are
several days,
either eaten, burned at stake or cook
ed In big pot.
Mrs. Tyne lived In the heart of Hay
,!., husband and child, !
ih Th former deserted her
and she had reason to believe that the
....... vn nelected for saennw,
a..'i., .h viUaare at night and under
took a perilous Journey to the nearerst
port. She was three month on the
inrredlble narasnips
way, rnuui - -
The infant was unable io stand the
oh died. The motner sioweu
. in the hold of a ship
t . Pirt Antonio, Jamaica,
uuuim - -
un without mishap
ait tn w Htatmt, she haa
a brother living in Brooklyn, who will
take caro of her. It was to seek this
.. i h.i .h hiooed on' the Banan.
Her rough experience had so hardened
her physically thut ishe h.i.l Utile trou
ble in pushing as a man.
Probably the mod remarkable fu
ture of the story is that Mrs. Tyne Is an
American citizen. She wan brn In tin
West Indies, of a native, but
h--r father was from Brooklyn. She
drifted down Into Havtl vear ngo t-
se-k her m th-r arwl there mari l-d th.
huabnnd who d-ft-iteU Iv-r. a man with
an unpronounceable name. The woman
Is well educated an always lrj.lst.-d on
retaining the lame of her father.
Salem Statesman.
Paris has 2.6S5 newspapers, of which
Hi are dally. If itewspnivri vr- us
plentiful In an American city all the
different kinds of democrats might
hope for an organ.
We know of only on book tor J:
Portland where so complete a line of
novel can be obtained, on all th radi
cal subject of th day under dlcualon
ns can be aeen at Jones' Book Store,
291 Alder itreet.
Freuh cracked crab at th National
Hire' root beer at th Bpa candy
Iiurbaiik potatoes, 11 a lack, at Pat'
JefT la
White cook.
"th only" restaurant
What a piece of work I man! How
noble In reason! How Infinite In fac
ulties, In form and moving how ex
press and admirable! In action how
like an ang;l! In apptehenlon, how
like a God.
Oh, the Pain of
Xhtaioatism often cause the most In
tssMe suffsrfnj. Jlany have for Tears
Tfumljr sought relief from this disabling
disease, and are to-day worts off than
ever. Eheuimatism I a blosd disease,
and Swiff 8pecinB 1 Ue osly cura, be
cause it 1 the only remedy Which can
reach such deep-seated diseases.
A fv reai aso I was Ukaa with lnflaiisa
lory Bassmatlim, which beoam so la Mm
that I wa for week snail to walk. I triad
Streral yromlaant phyaV
I bmiiI ialthfolly, tmt was
unaU to fl lb llgk'
stralUf. ra(aai,myna.
dltton mml to grow
won, th elita tpwj
MiffflfHlln Wv4v nA
from Kovamter to Kanb
I auSerad agony. I tried
atanr nates I nadlaln,
but p rUrad ts.
UpouUe aStl el s
frieadl ifMoi to try
llic j.iinvH. " a " " -( - ' . - - '
1 J i r 1 1 1 . . ' - - - - - . ' - " ' - j ' r ...E. -
lies, only the few thousand soldiers I ship. He told Captain Moneen that he
that occupied Natal, separated by! only desired to remain with the vessel
hundreds OI milcn ol iii.juuuuiivuD uuui hir? reAjiieu fuiiafjeipnia, aiiu
country from the points from which
reinforcements could reach them.
The prompt dispatch of General Bui
nothing more was thought of the mat
It was from the fact, however, that
ine ifiui.-K" - '
ln B-lih ah o T-m v pmfl to AfrieA. neem. thp i.xnrimpMl U'hlr.h thA ru.nmn Maim.
ed to make all secure. Probably fewi ed to have encountered were so singu
unolficial peraona stopped to think how lar that his movements were watched
long rt would take Buller to get there after he received his discharge In this
Only they who
use it know the
luxury of it.
Bafor allowing m to tax It, haw
. ray guardlaa, who a abaoklii.
nu muiviuww . k u
I felt ao atuah IMtMiaital
8. . B.
tmr. w
fari lb ramtdy, and
ml1h n VABTimnr. I II
Uxiul fwa bottle, that I oontUoad th ram-
a. W t-.AmnnfchllI OOftdOOiXllualeir.
LHfM parmanent.lor I,liTnTf lno
Si taash fl( Hbaanatlsih tiooah many
ttaj nm1 to dam and mM wealjwr.
Ilsasos It. Tlrraix,
Ml fw)taa Atsbu, PbilMalpbla
Soat trnlfer longer with Rheumatism.
TJbww aakt your oik aad liniments, a
aVy an not reach tout trovible. Don't
sjtMrinent with doctor--their sotaab
in mafoury will add to your dlsahil
ttw and eompletery destroy your dlge
Ci euro perfedy and ptoniMBoatly.
k foaranteed purely Mrata,ud
oataiflj bo Htash, BerMry, at ihn
ni&sral Books rat&A free by Bwtft
gelfie Co., AtlaaU, Ob.
It will not bc a surprise to any who
Kmn "r 111 n" famlllaj- with the good quail-
y wm ... v .ii.. w. m.i. m i.uiii.J u
know that people evrywlur tak
ili-aurt In relating their experlenoe In
the un of that splendid Medicine and
.. ii. . ...1 iwir " leinns oi no mineni ucj imvo re
fer constipation and liver and bowal f . . ,
rured, of thrtt"iie1 at I arks of pneu-
You never anow what form of blood
poison will follow constipation.
the liver clean by using DeWltfs Lit
tle Early Rliaers and you will avoid
trouble. They are famou little pills
For ale by CHARLES HOO-
The end must Justify the meant".
J. D. Rrldges, Editor "Democrat,"!
Lancaster. N. II., say: "One Mlnuta
Cough Cure ia th best remedy for
croup I ever ud." Immediately re-i
llevi- and cures cough, cold, croup,
I tiuinla It ha averted and of th chlldrwa.
i It hits anved from attack of eroup and
j whi oplng cough, ll I a grand, good
medli-lnr. For al by Cha. Rogr.
I'ovetnu anibl'lon, thinking all too
UUli" which presontty ft hath, sup
poaeth llaulf to at and In need of all
which It hath not.
asthma, oncumonla, bronchltl. sTlppeipji-p BT jUtTISII SOLDIERS IN
n all thrnht anl lunc trouble. It, irntpi
prevents consumption, rvr p vr
C1IAHLE3 H0015R8.
Beit 15-cent meal, Rising Sun Restau
rant, 612 Commercial street.
Chill son carne and frljolle at Lee
Herring' National Cafe every day.
Until further notice the Astoria
creamery will pay 24V oenU for butter
Cold lunch, pickled pig feet, oys
ters, sheep's tongue, etc., at the Na
tional Cafe.
Do you know Bnodgraas makes
Stamp Photo? Call and see them.
They are all the go,
Copt. C, CI. Dennteon I well known all'
over Africa a the commander of th
force thut captured the famous rebeV
flnllahe. Under date of Nov. 4, 187,
Ml love and whisky and It make, an f(m Vrybur( BPchuansHnd. he
awful dose. I wrt(fi; "iji fore starting on the last
"I wouldn't be without DeWltfs "rnpslgn I x""t tntlty of Cham
Witch Hazel Balv for any conldera- h-rlaln' Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Inn" writes Tho. 13. Itnooe, weniar- iwiihmj, win. m i um-u ru-cu x.kmi
field. O. Infallible for
burn and kln disease
piles, cut, troubled with howol complaint, ana had1
Bewar of Riven to my men, and In every case It
For sale by CHARLES privid most beneficial." For sale by
Cha. Roger.
Cream Pure Rye, America's finest
whiskey. The only pure goods; guaran
teed rich and mellow. John L. Carlson,
sole agent.
There I no life of a man, faithfully
recorded, but la a heroio poem of Its
ort, rhymed or unrhymed.
Agriculture not only gives riches to
a notion, but tho only riches she enn
call her own.
' Dr. H. II. Hadcn, Summit, Ala., ay.
"I think Kodol DypcpIa Cure I a
1 .r.uriiiri medicine. I prescribe It, and
. t , . Jm confidence In it grows with contln-
Buv Roslvn coai: the best coal fori c.P"",r "rA wh.. vnu ... .d
heating and cooking purposes on the I "Xky',.ures dyspepsia and Indigestion.
market. George W. Ban bom, Agent.
Telephone 131L
Boquet de Cuba and Key West Oemi
are the finest ti-cent cigar that ever
came to thl market Henry Roe, op
posite brewery.
Visitor from Portland and elsewhere
will find the pleasantest rooms in As
toria at the Bay City house, 179 Tenth
treet, Mrs. E. S. Andrew, proprletre.
Kelley' transfer wagon deliver box
wood to any part of the city on short
notice. All orders left at Zapf fur
niture tore, MO Commercial street, will
reoelve prompt attention. Telephone
The following reduced rates are in
effect via the O. R. A N. between Asto
ria, Portland and Intermediate point
along the river: Fare, 25 cents; section,
26 oents; lower or upper berth, BO cents
each; stateroom, 7S cents.
Go to the Columbia Electrle and Re
pair Company for all kind of new and
repair work, from a cambrlo needle to
a bicycle, boiler or engine. Quick work
and satisfaction guaranteed. Logging
machinery of all kind a specialty.
Shop opposite Rosa, Hlgglns k Co.
Dost tho-i love life, then do not
squander time, for that I the stuff
life I made out of,
Dr. W. Wlxon, Italy Hill. N. T.,ay:
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Cough Cure. It gave my wife Immedi
ate relief in uffocating asthma."
Pleasant to take. Never falls to quick
ly cure all coughs, colds, throat and
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Kwrv man's life lies within
prcnt for the pat Is spent and dfne We have tried all
with and the future Is uncertain. , and doctors without
wiin, am u v e fit from snv of then
My wife has been ualng Chamber--lain'
Pnln Balm Balm, with good re-
' suits, for a lame shoulder that ha
hB pained her contlnualy for nine years.
kind of medicines
receiving any ben
efit from any of them. One day we saw
. an advertisement of thl mKllclne and
"I had dypepla fifty-seven year thought of trying It, which we did, with
and never found permanent relief untU the best of satisfaction. She has used
.. t.-nI AvanAnaln. Cure Now I om' bottle and her shoulder I al-
I used Kodol dyspepsia Cur. Now I m,)gt WP Adolph u Aimt Mftn.
am well and feel like a new man, Chestr, N. 11. For sale by Chas. Rog-
wrlte 8. J. Fleming, Murray, Neb. It I er.
Cures all
the best dlgestant known.
form of indlgjetlon. Phylolan every
where prescribe It. For sale by CHAS.
Give no reins to your Inflamed pas
sions; take time and a little delay;
Impetuosity manages all thing badly.
A noble nature can alone attract the
noble, and alone know how to retain
By local application, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
. . , . There I only one way to cure deafness,
.MS WSi DeWlU'. -"hat I. by constitutional remedies.
Witch Hazel Salve cured her. It I DeMnes caused by an inflamed con
the best salve In America." It heals dltion of the mucous lining of the Eua
everythlng and cures all skin diseases, tnohlnn Tube. When thl tube i tn
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imperfect hearing, and when it is en-
-nn-in-p. v breadth tlrly loed, deafness Is the result nd
Nothing conduces more to breadth unieM thfl nnttmnvltjOT1 ba
of Intellect than Intercourse with var
ious mind.
LaGrlppe, with Its after effects, an.
out and this tube restored to Its nor
mal condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out of ten ar
caused by catarrh, Which Is nothing
dim an innamea condition or the mucous
nually destroys thousands of peopl. surface.
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ute Cough Cure, the only remedy any case of Deafness (caused by ca
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