The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 10, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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gaUtf glotoriaw.
Telephone Main ML
Sent by mall, per yew
Bent by mail, per moath M
Served by carrier, per montn w
Sent by mall, per year. Id advance U-M
Postage free to subscribers.
All communication! Intended for pub
lication should be directed to the edi
tor. Business communication! of all
kind! and remittance! mutt be address
ed to -The Astorian."
The Atorian guaranteea to Itt ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Advertising- rate! can be had on ap
plication to the buslneea manager.
The Astorian has always contended
tliat Astoria could never .be developed
against the opposition of Portland. It
has always ben the Astorian's en
deavor to obtain the cooperation of
Portland in the utilisation of Astoria's
undoubted advantages as the seaport
of the Pacific Northwest as against
any port on Puget sound. It has been
repeatedly asserted by the Astorian
that the people of Portland were like
any other people, and that their preju
dices against Astoria were born of fan
cied self-interest and out due to feel
ings of malice or sentimental concern
over Astoria's possible rivalry us the
metropolis of Oregon. Once convince
Portland people that commerce cannot
be held at Portland. Once convince
them that the Columbia river is losing
- trade and commerce in consequence of
th. ...pmn. t maintain th. apnnort of :
uregon at a iW miies in.anu (
from the ocean. Once convince them I
that Seattle's wonderful strides ahead
of Portland are due to nothing else
... v.. ,
but the artificial restrictions now !m-
poseaon ine commerce ot tne coiumoia
river through efforts to hold dwp-waser
tonnage at Portland Instead of allow- j
ing It to come to Astoria, Once per
suade the bard-headed business men of
Portland as to the truth of these prop-
ositions. and no power on earth could
stop their energies from at once con-!
cemrating at the mouth of the Colum-'
bia river. But. with all due respect to
u: viiiiiuiis m ure uirgimn, me ah- sanitations in wis city yco are auvo
torian cannot agree that the best j eating the appointment of Mr. Wheeler.
wayto bring Portland people to the
proper realization of present condi
tions; that the best way to circum-
Vent the well-laid plans of Oreg-n's
commercial enemies, who labor inccs-'
, . . !
samly to create such a strong
tendency of trade and traffic to Puget i
sound that even the restoration of nat- j
ural condition on the Columbia river!
will be unable to prevail against It fori
the next 109 years the Astorian tan-
not agree that the best way to; when It was recollected that tt had
accomplish thece important ends Is' tn said just as positively only a day
to indulge the hallucinations of Port-'01" tw' a tnat tne Prdetit had all
,. . . ., .. Jhut appointed a man from Ohio; also
land people as to the practical) ty of . . , , ,
1 ' tnat he would certainly name Judge
a 100-mile, 30-foot Inland channel from ; Paxtun o p,nngyiva,iia. These rumors
Astoria to Portland, or that the L'ni-1 having failed to discourage the advo
ttd States government, after the years' ca,os of tn; appoirvtment of a repre
and years of delay that must en3Ue man fnm the Pariflc
I t!ie more circumstantial report about
surveys and Investigation as to th-) Ff(,r Wdlf out While the, clum-
feaalbility and public policy of such a moves on the board have been pro
project, will eventually appropriate iUv reading. Mr. Whaler has been further
millions of dollars requir-d f,.r such''"'1"'"1 ,,y representative bodies of
. F'a';iilc coast citizens,
an experiment. nat the A.Jtonan
would ure uponPortlu:i'1 people is their
quickest iJOSHible reO-rtic-iliiient to the
inevitable law of nature and comm r;
which debars Portland from the race
for seaport supremacy with Pu?..t
sound. What the Astorian wi. iM Jo
is to bring to the attention of the .y-n-aible
business men of portl.itnl I,--enormous
lof which h;is aire.vly )..
suited to them and to Or-gon frjni the
ton-development of Astoria. Wht-.t .h..
Astoiian would bring lo the r-aiit. ;
lion ! I'oUland jjeople- is Hi.; st. rn ri-.--C'-.ssity
for the Immediate recgtiiiloji cf
Astoria as Oregon's seapoi i, i,.i the,
theapnes?, the surpassli s t-u'V..n-'
i-nce and inestimable value cf tha; !
reaport, as jigaitist all oth'-r s-ap'inxi
for the outuoing and incoming cum-!
merce of the Pacific North-st. Arici!
the Adtorian humbly BUgg -stg Jiat the!
right way to bring these important
facts to public attention; the right way
to force them upon the minds of InM.
ligent business men In Portland, Is not
by indulging the dreams of Portland's
future greatness through the impossi
ble creation by government bounty of a
30-foot deep sea channel, but rather to
tell the plain truth as to Oregon's de
cline as compared with other Pacific
coast ttates; to stir up the men of Ore
gon to face the crisis brought about
by present conditions; to make them
comprehend the advantages which
He at their hands unutilised, nml to
enroll rago In thorn the dtfrroe of united
effort whlrh may ntiik'e the Columbia
riwr the mightiest artvry of vm
mwe w the ww ixnllnont and
convert rortlsnd within a brief ifMt
of time Into the lrs and mi miig
nifioent trad-1 center on the entire Til
rilir coast.
Southern Pacific Company Trying to
Hnv? Chlpmnn Appointed on Inter
state Commerce iVminisatan.
The Southern Paelrto Company Is try.
Ing hard to get Oen-nil N. P. Chlpman
Into the Intel-state Commerce Commis
sion. Within the past two or three
days the activity of the hired men of
the big corporation has Ixvn partlru
laxly in evidence, says the San Fran
Cisco Call. The newspaper orgiu cm
trolled by It In the Interior, following
out the tactics of ofTU-iol dwellers In
the yellow "knockery." have begun a
campaign of abuse against William R.
Wheeler, who Is the candidate of all the
commercial bodies on the Pacific coast
from Puget sound to San Diego.
The purpose of this Is to affect the
minds of those wh are friendly to
Wheeler, and also to get the idea
abroad that the people of the slate of
California are opposed to Mr. Wheeler,
and especially to make an Impression
of that sort in the national capital.
Marked copies of papers containing at
tacks and reflections upon Mr. Wheel
er are going out to senators and mem
bers of congress representing' the Pa
ciflc coast states.
Still another scheme has ben put
Into operation, which Is to have rumors
published that President McKinley has
expressed his intention to name one or
another man from the Middle West to
All the vacancy upon the Interstate
Commerce Commission and to ignore
the Pacific coast, which has never had
a member of the commission, and is
now united for one candidate prartlc
ally, the exception being the Southern
Pacific Con-pany. Within the past three
days friends of Mr. Wheeler Have been
quietly Informed that President Mc
Kinley had decided to name S. H. Flfer
0f IIlinolS' ImUlry ha invariably led
j to the knowledge that the rumor start-
from thf yeow ..knockery .
An Ingenious form of the story wait
given out in a morning paper yester-
day nd ft ran thU: "Chlpmtn
not be appointed. The Southern
, .
Pacific Company has evidently lost the
flght to secure the position for him."
Then the following was published
' Word was received from Washington
yesterday that seems to Indicate that
President McKinley has no Intention
of selecting any from this coast.
Mr. Calhoun's successor will be. tt Is
said. ex-Judge S. H. Fifer of Illinois,
whos appointment wlU be due to the
.-m f 8?x' CUllom maoia "
This storv ha1 n effect In rh riltvo
tlun of dlscwragirthe commercial or-
There was no quloo that this story
cam from the "knockery." After It
appeared it was connected up with this
Interesting story: That Calhoun re
signed to take the position of attorney
for th St- L0"'8 .Jobbers only after he
had reached the conclusion that his
... , , . ,
successor would be appointed from
ininos. alfc0 tnal Senator CuUom would
after the settlement of matters close
t0 the administration resign and tuc-
ceed Fifer on the Interstate Cnrnmls-
. siun.
This story caused some amusement
Pullman - Wagner Combine Seeking
e C'Oitrol All Sleeping Cars.
A plan is how b-lng advocated by J.
Plerpont M'-rgan, on behalf of the con
solidated sl-eplr.g car company, to ac
lulre the simpers of the American
roods now nvniiig their own equip
ment, thus turning over th'- entire
!", Ins car biisitvss to th" r.rtisolidat
company. ii'r 1 ;uu iian ra ilic runs a slevper
s-iA'ici. of hs own from wan to ocean,
fr. l a i : 1 not ),.. Mpiroa:h rl by the con
s. !!'! fi Iniei-est; but the Great
h. in. Miiwauk'-'-, Soo line and S:.
I'i'ii and Idiluth all op-rate their own
sl --,er and it is these lines that Mor
tcai. is aft'-r.
it is argueil that under a system
such as prMVMed the iailroa1 compan
ies could be relieved of the heavy ex
pense of maintaining a service during
a Iare portion of the year equipment
not in use. With the sleeping car com
panies th"re Is never a shortatre of cars
since unusual demand In one portion
of the country can be met by furnish
ing cars from points where thfre Is no
pressure, with a road which owns
Its own equipment there Is often con
siderable dilllculty in obtaining equip
ment in times of heavy travel.
lie plan of the consolidated com
pany, as outlined, Is to gain control
of th? Independent sleeping car service
In the NorthweHt by purchase, after
ward making the usual contracts with
the different companies. The form of
contract used recites that the road on
which the sUvpors are used sbult haul
th equipment and ktvp It In exterl.w
repair. The eojslMted com pan)
agrves to keep the Interiors in g-od
repair, furnish porter and conductors
Rod ojx'rate the rnrs for the road. In
payment for the i-aIc percentage
basis of division of revwnue on a slid
ing srale Is used.
The Khal Claims of Democrats and
Kcpvbllcaas I'rumlse a Contest in
the Legislature-
LOUISVILLE. Nov. J.-A i-onfuslon
of claims and counter claims to cUltt
which an official count or perhaps a
contest before the legislature will be
necessary Is all that Is left of Tuesday's
election. Above it all vehement cries of
fraud, committed or contemplated, are
Each side claims th election of Its
ticket by a plurality of about 4.000 and
present! figures to back up the claim.
These figures in some counties vary
widely and it is Impossible to tell which
side, if either, has accurate returns.
Chairman Long of the republican
campaign committed, said; "I have no
estimate to give, but I can furnish
actual figures. On the face of the re
turns Taylor's plurality is 4.136. All
preclnts have beem heard from. Twelve
counties are not ofhYlal, Including the
relu-ni from Kenton and Breathitt."
A special from Frankfort quotes Gov
ernor Bradley as saying: "Taylor has
been elected by at leant 10.0"0 najority
and he will be the next governor of
The returns from democratic sources
show a plurality on the face of returns
of about 2.000 for Goebel. This, they
claim Is to be affected by returns from
some missing preclnts, where th? ilem-
ocrats can hardly do woi-se than break
even. Goebel and "ssnator Blackburn.
In Interviews at Knnkfirt Way open
ly charged the republicans with fraud
in the eleventh district, from which
returns ars coming in very slow ly. In
dications point more strongly thnn erer
to a contest before the legislature
which there sems no reason to doubt
will be controlled by democrats.
SEATTLE, Nov. 9. As an introduc
tion to the local rate war between the
three transcontinental lines, begun thlsi
morning, the first and second class tick
ets to Chicago and Atlantic coast points
dropped $6 today. The trouble began
through alleged rate cutting- by the
Great Ncrthern.
BUFFALO, X. V.. Nov. 9. Kid Mc
Coy knocked out Jack McDowuirh of
St. Paul In the fourth round at th
Thorne club tonight.
The latest word of those who know Is,
that to be perfect, coffee must never,
while It is making, come In contact with
any mutal. For the breakfast table, at
least. It should be made In glass.
First buy from a depot of medical
supplies a flask of annealed glass which
looks like an ordinary water bottle.
need not lose flesh in summer
if you use the proper means J
i to prevent it. You think i
you can't take SCOTT'S i
EMULSION in hot weather, J
I but you can take it and di- '
; gest it as well in summer as 4
in winter. It is not like the jj
: plain cod-liver oil, which is
j difficult to take at any time.
II yvu eti v 1U31115 ntjii, 4
you are losing ground and
you need
i Scott's Emulsion
1 your flesh and strength, if $
you have been taking it and 5
t prospering on it, don t fail to
t continue until you are thor J
5 oughly strong and welL $
S joe, and 1.00, all druggltU.
SCOTT & BOWNE, ChrroUti, New Yock, J
The price Is 30c no great outlay con
sidering the bottle will stand boiling
water without breaking. Then pay Tu
tor a glass funnel, to fit Into the tnrttle
neck, and 10c for u doien round bits of
clean, coarse white muslin.
Coffee Itself Is the next thing. It l
reiil Java, bought green of a denier who
has rvttnrd for his word, at SOo to cV
a pound. It Is rousti-d to a nicety at
home, one half pound at a time, and
ground Just ns It Is wanted. It nniy go
into a ehed silver lidded bowl without
the lejft harm. The water may HH' I e
bell In a sliver kottle. over a brass
mounted spirit lamp or vwn on the
plebeian gits stove before It comes In
Right. The one essential thing Is to
have It In plenty and freshly boiling.
First pour 4 cup of tilling water in
the ilink and then turn It .h-ftly about,
hearting the lliusk all the way up. Then
pour It ut. whip the funnel In the
fliisk mouth, llm the funnel with one of
the mutllti rounds, and put Into it
three heaping tablesioonfuls of the
ground coffee. Then slowly, steadily,
graeefully pour ni :he warer which
has bvn kept bubbling over the uplrlt
lamp. As It beirlns lo drip through.
stir the wel eonve ugntiy wun a u-a-spoon.
More water goes In ns the first
pouring tlltei-s through. Three wponn-
fuls of dry isffev ought to yield three
flips of the coffiv essence.
It Is renlly coffe." essence which will
come out of the flask. It Is almost blark
p.-rfiH-tly clear, full of coffee flavor and
aroma. Only the mst conflrmeil coffee
toner can drink it ne.vt. ixher Ndk re-
aulre the cup fo he half filled with boll
Ing water. Those who like whipped
cream in It make the water a third
Thus a single filtering will serve a con.
Merable tea party. The miiolln and
the spent grounds, are thorwn away af
ter each Altering.
Holiert Purdette In Iw Amf-les Times.
f tut speaking of eu ton Htrnnge how
the subteet s'l.-ks to on.. 1 once asked
a small farmer In le-orgta. "Why do
you ralsv' cotton year after yer? It
seems to me It's the hardest thing In
the world to rals-; it -.niiirvH more care
thar anything I kn-w if; tins I" be
plowed oftener and after more
carefully; why d.m't yoii r.ii- some
thing to ent?" And the man with the
two mule farm laughed and sail. "I'll
know you was fpm .he N-n"!i Just by
that fool si-vh. Haii.- I owe fr
my land. I have to lave money overv
yeai to run thin farm. I can ln i" '.'
money on my m-xt crop of t t :i A- I
the man ho lends me the noioy inn
keep his eye on mv eri fnn Ih ilio -
tno KWj tn thH Kr,imi uiitl' It H'
londed on the cars. Ills security Is all
right. But If I go to hi in in the spring
and tell him I ain't going to raise any
cotton, bin only corn and garden
truck, he can't kei track of no such
perishable security as that. He won't
lend me a cent. So if I want any money
I ve gut to raise rotlon." And I mnde
what haste I could to swim uwhore. it
Is so easy, son, for us to tell people !,-
000 miles away Juki what they iMight to
do. ;io much eitsler than It Is to go
there and do it. Thai's one reason why
so many men who think that the buiu
g-s In at the muzxle of the gun and
that the powder Is put In first when you
load It sre trying lo manage the I'hll-
Ipplne war In Boston, Mass.
Sm Frnnrlscn W ive.
A well-known cleric was addreiwInK u
i congregatl n of wiuneti at a water-
front mission. Thinking to be Impres
slve, he pictured a ship trying to enter
a harbr against a head-wind. I'n
fortunately for th- succ- ,,f the tne.
taphor. his Ignorance of seamanship
piiced the ship In several singular jx
sltions. "What shall we do next?" he
cried. "Come down off the bridge,"
cried am old Lar In disgust, "an" lenirne
take command, or yeil 'ave us all on
the ro.-ks In am her 'arf n second!"
How much trouble lie avoids who does
or thinks, but nly to what he does
himself, that It muy I- Jimt and pure.
Every man takm caiv that his neigh
bor iles not ch"at him. Hut a day
come when he In-glns to care that he
does not cheat his nelKhlnir. Then all
gen-s well. Id. hn chang.-il his mark"
cart Into a chariot of the sun.
Notice Is hereby given that there
will be a republican primary city elec
tion on the 17th day of November, 1M9,
for the purpose of electing delegates
to the republican city convention. The
Judges and polling places of said elec
tion to be as follows, to wit:
First ward Judges, Charles S.
Wright, Man in Johnson and A. C.
Fisher; polling place at county court
Second ward Judges, p. 7f. Welch,
Walter Uohh and It. Carruthers; poll
Inir place, Welch block.
Third ward-Judges, T. S. Cornelius,
C. Gramms and Maxwell Young; poll
ing place, old school, house.
The number of doW-gaitcs to be elected
at said election being 11 from each
ward. It Is recommended by the re
publican city central committee that
said convention be held on the 21st
day of November, 1899.
Said primary election to bo hell be
tween the hours of 1 p. m. and 6 p. m
of said date,
Chairman Republican City Central
F. P. LEINEN WEBER. Secretary.
When you are In Portland and want
a really good home meal, Just give Mr.
Brown a trial, 108 Fourth St., near
Washington, You will like It gurely.
This rertaurant is open all night.
No More Back Ache
i i r c I vi f
Purifies the blood by eliminating all
poisonous matter, stimulating the e
rivtlonr, regulating the Imw-Is and aid
ing imtur In throwing oft that which
makes a vllow skin. The effect on ths
COMl'LKXIOX I unite pronounced, as
a few days' us will demonstrate.
Do you want a good meal whtn you
vllt Portland T If so, go to the Tort
land restaurant. 106 Washington street.
If you want any Health Food that
your grocer dost not have, write Knapp
Bros. Haltn Food Co., East Portland,
Knapp Urns. Health Food Company.
Fast Portland, carry a full line of alt
the Mat tie Creek Sanitarium Health
E. House's Cafe at l!l Third street.
Portland, Is regarded by many peoplt.
as the leading restaurant In the Pa
cific) Northwest.
Kncyctopedla Brittanlca. M vol.,
heep. $3 Best teachers' Bible, now,
JOc. al liyland's Bros,' Book Store,
Portland. Pee advertisement.
A good meal with meats rich In flavor
and one you will enjoy with a relish. It
Just what you get at the Creameiie
restaurant. 271 W.uhlugton street, near
Third. Try it when you go to Portland.
If you are going up to Portland and
miss going to the Creamrrte itritsu
rant, 'J71 Washington St., you may con
sider that your trip will not be a suc
cess, ns others -vlll tell you, who do not
miss It.
Holmes' English and Business Col
lege it No. 411 Yamhill street, Portland.
Is ; ir.-1 -to accommodate n large;
rumi'i" or pupus mis year. Aireauy
the c'ses are well crowded, a fact
that lc 'Icntes the excellent character of
the Institution.
Mr V. R. Bridges, late of the Rills
Printing Company of Po.f land, has as
sumed the management of the Astorian
Job printing department, and Is pre
pared to do all kinds of first-class, ac
curate, up-to-date printing. All work
promptly delivered.
Why la Watson's restaurant In Port
land patronlied by thousands of people
dallyT Simply because It Is the largest,
finest and best equipped eating resort
on the Pacific coast. Watson's restau
rant hat sixty-eight wV.lte employes on
Its pay roll. Remember the location,
1M-11 Fourth street.
A tailoring establlmment of tome
pretentions, located on Washington
street, Portland, claims to have made
47 suits for dressy Attorlant daring th
past tlx months. Thlt ttatement It de
nied by the firm of Povey 4 Blrehad, at
SV Washington street, near th Im
perial hotel, who are patronised by th
great majority of outside customers.
Povey tt Blrchall make the swell tulta
for most of the stylus rortlandert, and
feel that they are not excelled by any
Portland firm for out of town pat
ronage. All kinds of r-adlnc! There It only
one place we know of In Portland
where you can find all the latest book
and phamplets on the most advanoed
thought of the day, many books on tub
Jects of advanced up to date topic not
to be found In other book stores can
be obtained here. It Is worth your
while to call when In Portland and see
fur yourself. Jones, 291 Alder St.,
Strangers visiting in the city will find
the Ixjuvre an Httraclive resort wherein
to spend the evening. Tlis Amnio Histnrs
l.nilii-s' Orchestra is still on (lis hills unci
presents nihility a musical prounini of
exceptional merit, Hiimlsouie pool nnd
billiard rooms nre s feiitnre in coiinedtlon
with Mm home, l'lilatiilile lunches will
he serveil fit all uonrs
ron sale.
Improved ranch, conslstliiK "f ISO
acres, on Younir't river. . Apply to John
L. Hnyseth, Wise. Or.
The North Pad do Dental College, j
whoM advertisement appears In anoth
er column, opened Its doors October 6,'
with 70 students on Its roster. Ths col-1
lefre Is well equipped with every facil
ity to (rnifluate students In nil ths late,
knowledff! of dentistry. A. It. linker, j
t).V. 8., Is demonstrator In chance, and j
Is well qualified to Instruct all students !
who this college, j
Dental College
loth and Couch Sts I'ortliinil.
iMemhcr of Natiunnl Association of
Dental Faculties.
Formerly Ta:oma CoIIcqc "f Dcnta
Dental Infirmary open dally from I a.
m. to t p. m. Free oral surgical cllnlt
Baturday, 1:30 p. m. to t p. m. A. R.
Baker, P. D. S., Demoturtrator la
Student! desiring Information, ad
drss North Paclflo Dental College,
Flftnenth and Conch streets, Portland,
ixukuaku rui ickuh,
Merchant Tailors
ii ' 800tv Ymhlll Street
Prtkcea Aid anil 4h...
Tlpliin t)ruoi lllneli os.
(iatlicr up IhoNc.
You Irnvc slxiiit your homes and livt them uml into HhiiiIsoiiis IViwika.
OM IsKiks rebound snd msdn hi good a tirw. We uiaktf nil kinds of
books siul have I lie only llook Hindcry In Astorln.
Will lis pleased tostitunlt rstlumles.
J. 8. DI I.I.INtJI.K.
P. fl. Sharpie's
Builders' Heavy and Shelf
Pacific Sheet
Salmon ... Jl
Fruit ms Syrup
Lithographing on
San Francisco, a 1.
Astoria. Ore.
Writ Dm for Prl)
(leuiZealand Fe InsiiFanee Go
Of New Zealand.
W. P ThomuH, Mgr., San Krnnclco.
Subscribed Cnpitul
Paid-Up Cnpital
Assets ...
Amiia in United States
Surplus to Tolicy Holders
Has been Underwriting on the Tacific Coast over Twenty-two years.
Resident Agents, Astoria, OreKon
R. P. Elinoro
W. H. HctrrlMon
Connecting at Astoria with theOreirnn Itailroad & Navigation Co. ami
also the Astoria A Coliimhia Uiver It. It. for San Francisco, Portland
and all point' cmI, For freight and passenger rates apply I,
HomMel Elmore i Co.
Of noral Aifi'Dls, AHTOHIA, ORE.
COHN & CO Agent, Oregon lUllroatl Navigation Co.,
TILI.AMOOh Ore. A. A 0. It It. 0 I'OHTLANU, Ce.
8TRONO COURSES-Wsll equipped training departments, Normal oourts,
gulckest and best way to State Certificate
Eipenses for year from JIM to 1160; Board ti.W to IS per week; Taltloa, M
per term of ten weeks. Fall term begins September 19th: Bummer term Jun IT
to September 1. For catalogue oddreaa P. L. CAMPBELL, Presldswt.
or W. A. WANN. Bet of Faculty.
The North Poolflo Brewery, of which
Mr.John Eopp is proprietor, makes beer
(or domeatio and export trade.
fforth Pacific, Brewery
Portland, Oregon
Cor. Ninth uuJ Coiiiiuurclitl SI.
Cream Separators
and Het
General 5upply
Mouse for
Family Groceries
Hardware, ShipChandlery, Etc.
Metal Works
Tin a Specialty.
Ffttrbaven, Wasti.
Normal School
Training School for Tsachsrs,
New Buildings
New Departments.
Ungraded Country School Work.
firadiiales Secure Hood Positions.
A Delicious and
Palatable Drink
Absolutely Pure
Bottled beer for family use or keg
beer inpplied at any time, delivery In
the city free.