The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 08, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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riii Millinery.
Headquarters for Hry (mmkI on the Lower Columbia
MlbS MoREA-Corner Tttth and
Commercial starts.
Wheat and Stock Brokers
MRFfT uircc m Nw York Slock Exchange
DIRECT WIRES TO akm um Qf faJc
Seasonable Cloafcings fi
214-21 s Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, ( )iv'on.
At lv.knvd priot'. Five attr
binatious and to stylos h
cloth for coals or goh' cajvs.
active mm- Y
caw curly T
J. w,
ra44 ur.
U1U, M. D, PrlipJ
$2.K) and $2.50 values
for 14S yard
this week.
! BtiMw VMM OHW tt It, It.
W. B. Edwards
Every xurlety of Kotmh and
Dressed l.uinber, Poors,
Window, Moulding and
Cedar HiinglcH
I V.WUll.mlork.AMi.r.l'uleOiik
Office Seventh Street l)ck
W. HIUTm. IX. P. O. 4rw
The German ship Adolph was towed
Op the river yestetrday.
The British ship Crown of England
left up yesterday for Portland.
The steamer Alliance left out y--4erday
for San Frandsco.
f The steamer Brunswick arrived IB
yesterday from San Francisoo.
Chaa. J. Gallagher, whose back was
broken while working' on the German
hip Nlobe, at Portland, has com
menced suit against the ship for 10,000
and costs. It is thought that Galla
gher cannot live long.
died with the rags of poverty about his
poor limbs, and there is every reason
to believe that with proper attention
and prompt medical attendance the
life he had risked in battle for his
country would have been spared. This
happened scarcely beyond the shadow
of the Dewey home, and almost before
the echoes of Dewey parake and re
ceptions had died away.
perhaps, for
T. Partita. Or.
VttmwT, nMHtT Aouamt Ppr.
Mat cums nmrawa Miutwr mi'im
jtawK nuB. wos au
Both these speukers aw scholarly
men and In high ivpute as convincing
orators and btxmd mliukd educators.
The main subjoot for consideration
during the day mtwtons of the institute
will be the course of study prepared by
It is proper.. II. Ackvrman state superintendent
those who so desire to of public Instruction.
I 7f I I!
a tMjbA
asAV IB. sssaala m , gaHSBBBMsl
I Nut 'i. Nut flutter.
K 11 Cereal.
bestow their plaudits and their atton-j It Is called "Stale Manual of Course
tlons upon the prominent war figures, ; of Study for the Public Schools of Ore.
but It is delightfully refreshing to see
the Astorians turn from shoulder
straps and epaulets to pay their!
tribute to the men behind the guns. 1
Ir the movement Astoria citlaens are
leading other cities of the state should
Join, and by prompt and munificent
action show that we appreciate the ser-
vices, not only of our commanders, but '
gun," and Its one great object, as told
in the Introduction, "is to so arrange
the work that the children, especially
thow of the rural schools, may follow
from time to time a plain, simple, pro
gressive line of study to the ond that,
at its completion, they shall hove a
good common school education."
Its aim Is to "introduce nothing that
Corvallls Times.
There is splendid exhibition of
public spirit and patriotism In the
movement in Astoria to found a li
brary In honor of Edward C. Toung.
The movement of the Astorlans differs
from the usual trend In such matters.
It to only a dead private's memory
that the Astoria people propose to
commemorate. The dead volunteer,
though serving his country with all
his strength, even to the giving up of
'tis life, had never risen to the star
spangled and epauletted grandilo
quence of a commander. Men of his
sort we have been accustomed to al
together too much not to fully recog
nise. Indeed, a comrade of the dead
Astoria volunteer died the other day.
of our common soldier boys. All honor j should not be taught and make the
to Astoria and to Edward C. Toung. classification as simple and Intelligible
Astoria s silent volunteer! - possible."
' The one idea of the manual Is to aim
mxraXTinv r TFirHrrsa P11 the of all and at the same
r. ..' '-via- t,m prove more to the enlightenment
' ' '' f0f th pup" and Wwen the teachers
Public Instructors of Clatsop County jabor8
Convene Today. j I(g unvepMl Bd)ptlon can noi faii
"""""" ' to be to the betterment of the school.
The first session of the Teachers In-
Two Fashionable Furriers Who Are
Earning Well-Merited Approval.
Good work, correct style and perfect
(It speak louder for the furrier than
any advertisement that can be written.
Appletalh Pranll. the fashionable
furriers, at 143 Third street, between
Alder and Morrison, guarantee abo
lute satisfaction In every case where
a purchase Is made at their establish
ment Both gentlemen are practical
cutters and fitters, who have been em
ployed In some of the largest houses
In the principal cities of the United
States. There Is a style and finish to
all work turned out by this firm that
stamp both gentlemen exp-rts In this
business. Garments will be taken to
b made over or repaired, and the work
turned out with the least possible delay.
sti-tute to be held this year will convene '
today.; The forenoon will be devoted to !
organization and a discussion of the1 Th recent e conf'renc brin9
subject "Characteristics of a Good 1 ,h Pwer of C" RuMl twl'
Recitation" led by Prof. Payne. This I blJr t0 mlnd' Hto b look hlm
meeting will be conducted Jointly TSy ,or food' nelter' ment- even llfe U"
Professor Pa-ne and Superintendent In no country monarch's
Lee. State Superintendent Ackerman l"" more bso' But far-reaching
will be present to the afternoon and i - tts "inutnoe ' 11 not comJ
will thereafter preside. j P"1 to tnat whJcn the human 'H
nas ora me munus onu neiuin 01 uio
Evening seslons will be held Thurs
day and Friday at the M. E. church,
at which President Whitaker. of Port
land University, and President Camp
bell of the State Normal at Monmouth
will deliver addresses.
The subject of President Whltaker's
address will be "Expansion," President
Cam bell's subject will be announced
average mortal. Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters cures constipation, dyspepsia,
biliousness, nervousness and all dis
eases arising from an Inactive lived or
weak kidneys. Try It if you htve
stomach trouble of any sort, and see
for yourself. It will bring yu back to
health and happiness. It will make you
strong by making your stomach strong.
A private Revenue Stamp should cover
The Eastern
Cranoxe, Health ("rnckcr.
Nut Roast, Nutene.
M altoli
Are a few ol (lie HomUu Foods iM by
IIFALTM FOOD Co. Portland, Or
Foitii a Hpeoialty.
The Photographer
Dinintj-room nml Wcstanrant
J. U. Wanmr, Jrp.
rrlvite Diaiig-room lor lidit
Ntili I V t'p Opts all Si(ht.
....Dft. .Inrrisns nd Yankill
Portland. Oreson....
MllHnery .
At prices within tlie
reach of all. Call
and examine the new
j the neck of the bottle.
MRS. ROSS. m llth Street.
N. W. Corner
ScTfuth and Washlntfton
Holmes' English
Business College
4U Yamhill St, Portland, Oretfon.
English, Ii(MkkeepliiR,
Shorthand. TyrewrltliiR,
Penmaithhip, Ail.
Send for circulars.
"Armstronit'a Combined Theory mid I'ractico ol Bookkeeping."
We liuvr nit hitudieds of our grsdimtcs to good potillont. Wt eiptct to send
tliriiMn mire, Cull or write for our catalogue. I.csrn wAsfunil Aotr ws teach.
Portland Business College
Fifth and Yamhill St. A. I. Armstrong, Prln.
Open all the year. Students may enter at any time, llimitrst, Shorthand
and English department. Private or t lavt innriu tion. Catalogue free.
Wc Carry the
Health Foods
Wheat Flakes, Crano,
Whol Wheat Crackers,
Breakfast Food,
Select Brar),
Yeast Cocoa, Ko y,
Wholesale auj retail dealer iu
A- V.
Pianos 2
Krnnich and IWh,
SchafTrr, Schiller,
and many others.
I IMU-IIti Union Avenue and
iW:l East Alder Street
Kchull and Co.
Miller, Ann Arbor
lleollry and others
Instruments Sold on Easy Terms.
M. C. MATT!) I ELL. MaiuiKer. Head office Ui Blato fit. Sult'm.Ore.
Plays any Piano.
Can Play It.
Fry n rw?
i v v V W
a w
Wherever there is a
Piano there should
be a Pianola.
We'll Show You The
Monday, Nov. 20, '99
and will
Continue One Week.
The Grcnt
Composer and PlntilHt
Bridorscs the
(Literal translation.)
"Any one hidden in a room near by who will hear the I'innola for tho
first time will surely think that it is a great virtuoso that plays; but after u
while ho will perceive his error, because your instrument never plays false
Pianola, in Connection with Grand Piano, Price, $250.
M. B. WELLS, Sole Agent for Oregon.
Representing The Aeolian Co., (rHSrS""''
Th. Urge M, olMusical IS.ruments in ta Worid. j T. ,