The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 08, 1899, Page 7, Image 7

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Disfiguring Humors
Itclilnjr, Burning;, and 3mly
Liruptlon. of the 5Un and
5clp with Ias of Hair
The Inwtiniiiit la einili, itlroet, ugmwlila,
ml ix'oh.iiiili'al, anil u ii,I.,.i..i in ili, vuiiug
Ml lufmil well m a.luli. of sierv ay.
tutu tlm arrariml in wiih llnr VYait
Slid I'l ll'll'S H..AK ID deans III akin lit
enisle ami eealea, ami aolt.n llm Ihh koni-d
eutlrle. if, Millnnit tuul luMiliig, ami
ai'Hr I'l'Tirim iitMimotil frri-ly, In allay
lulling, Irrlimi ami iiirUuuiiiuHnii, ami
'' ! ami mwl.aml Ually lake Itio t'HTir i'H
llrH. Kr l r.i will rlranan Ilia lilnml.
'Una iranliimnl alter-la liiaimii relief, riiill
reel ami alpei, ami Miint. In a sceily, Minna-rM-titaitiloreiioiiiirul
cure when all tiiliei mil
eluaaml nvnii Hi lxl!aiia fall.
Mmrrvhm, frt... Tm air, II ti . cvnn m
lair.Kf iOiiiviii.iiii, M.wil'S'f l.i( aid
Polls. l'i- ..I, I.H..,. r.,.r , R..U fn.i. , It
T " Uv to Lai. lliiHHMa,'' S4 Um.
("tinning vIkmIII" rwperlully a lilllilt
or sift nf uvwu-h.liig, ni-iniHiiii'i
wlili rnjnyiii 'in nml a sense of stip-r
lnrlly. It la iuu x'Uttv) with sum!! and
dull conceit, nml with iui ubsoltil
want i f sympathy ir affection, It I
the Intense! rmideritig of vutMarlty,
absolute unit utter.
Ur. ahilohs
Couoh and
r J
Thltia beyond nuestlnn th l
tnivt! lough Im1. I'l
dm nr kiniwn M n nn; llm
lew rtira Ima.ia'ily ruie llm llj
ami Mii'iii h II, , wirle iu mii.
rtr-rlul su -r in the itite e-f
rniuilln)!!..!) without a ei.
allel in i lir linl.nvnl medicine,
ronee It. i.t.t ,:.. nvrry u !mi
been '!'! en a iruaiantee,
It it Villi li IUI "I'.rr
con aunt II Y'MI how n
11 C "i Ii . v.0 rafir.:ly a.k Mm ,'p,
k IiiIivii. In l'nne.t Maireend yA
I l (aiiU V ,IA lml,l.l,iil.
I f 'n Fnglrl U M,d.l an t M
Wrw in
A Varlfly of Opinions on the Merits
of Hie Present Cmilllcl.
rout ri).ni.KXT leaders
The Mttjorlty Tiihc the I'ositlon Thnt
tlicTrimsuiiil 1'iirad the l'iht und
Engluml Huh No Cause to lllusti.
aux'Tiilnly nx'tttil. Th rHirvhlliin of pollilcnl p(wnciijnrj which lh war
tli't iirirnlrily rlicltta Impow vi n1) (1 fl- mut lirlnif In Itn train. Thc-r will be
nlt obllKiitltiii, For my purl, I hve!thit ununl vU-m'.wYm of ft iiampnlKn.
nlwiiyg thought the ptniciMliiti of th
iimllfl'il liiil'-iM'niliiifie of lh Bouth
Afrkiiii ri'iiulillu iiniilo by Mr. lUil -Mtoni!
In INhl wim, In tli" thti rlitMiin
tnnc'ii of Hniiih AMch, anil In vh'W
of nny rlrcuriiatiinnn which nt thiit
uv could hnvr U'tn rriwinahly con
i'inihili'i AN llki'ly to nrtiK', a innniuil-
ii'oin and p'lllto ari; hut Mr. (IWilMonr
ThT will Imp ultlmilvly th nurcmt
ottiii'lliiB at all cvriU thj larirT hftt
tullonii, If rut the WIit Ixttlallona.
Tlif ilill)rultl" of tl- wur will b-
KD'ul, hut wn know thru Hie ciuruic
Hint the on'luraiiw of our l'JI-.-n will
overcome th'HM- tlKTl'-'jIIIjhi. The two
r inihllcn will ho corwijfT,'l. Thftt l.i
tli-lr nhtire In the n-iiult of tho war.
ohlulnci) i iiih Iu.nIvc unmiruiii Unit tho1 They msmt csoririhbT for. tlwrnm lvcti how
Oo'it trmiwr U llk a nunny day; It
nhrla tt brlghtnimi fwrywhtTP.
Bettor Vitality. Loit Vigor ind Manhood.
Cure Imtxitcncv, Night Kmlnslonnan
wanting UlHcancpi, ail cflcctt ot felt
lahuhe, or cxccm and lndlv
Irretlon. A norvo tonic and
I I...ll.l TIlMn
pi'iiKm iiiii,t, 'iiuk iu
rjilnlt (flow to pnlc check ana
rfKtorfu the fire of youth.
fcHv uiall ROc Per box, O boxci
lor; witn n written inmran.
trm to cure or rlin4 the money.
acna tor circular. Ailurcm,
Clinton AJockfon Sts., CHICAGO, IU.
For t4l by Cbarlaa llocari. Druiclit.
Tldon B.
All Couta Bhtppea to Our Car
Will Rot4T plal Atntla.
K M DuM It.,
AaVrl. Or.
Km. TN. IU.
Throuirh naltce and toutlit ileepert,
dlnlnir and lllirnry olirvmtton cara.
No. 4 Llnlied lavea Portland at I:1U
p. m.
No. I Limited amvea Portland at l:W
a. m.
For ratei, tc, call or addrwa
o. v. ix)UNrfnicnnT.
Afnt 0. R. N., A j tort.
C. P. T. A.. Portland Or
aIHE "North.Weitern Limited" tralni,
lectrlo lighted throughout, both In
liH and out, and tteam heated, are,
without excepilon, the flneit tralni In the
world. They embody the lateat, neweei
and beat Ideaa for comrort, convenience
anil.1 luxury ever offered the traveling
public, and altogether are the moat oom.
p'.ete and iplendld production of the car
bullden' art.
Theee Splendid Train
Conneot with
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The Northern t'acific end
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No extra charge for the superior ac.
commodatton and all olaaaea of ticket
ar available for paaear on the famou
"North-weatern Limited." All train ot
thl line are protected by the Interlocking
Block ayetem.
0n'l Agent, ' T A
Portland Or.
Ilillifl.-lplilu Tim-.
Arthur J. Hiilfour, Flint Ionl of the
llir foiiiriiViMKy whh-h may In milt!
to huvtt Ixgun on ih iimrnm' of lli-
munliig of tin. cunvi-ntlon of lsn, Uus
now ri'iu'liH th muic when an appeiil
la liuiile o nriii). I know not what
trthrr protilt! may fwl, but I rorifw
that to me, a a niniilT of thi guv-
ermnenl. na one of lhoM dln-ctly re
p inalt.le for the cotlduet of the negi
tlatliini which hiiv now terminated.
I regard t til h unhuiy clue of them
Itli coiialderuble feeling.
Th r wa a time wlK-n iloulita were
expream-d u to the conduct of the de
UI1a of the neg.Ftlatl'ina, und when
there una not the clear conviction
which now rxlm aji to the true merlta
of the CN which now hua to b de
rided by the arbitrament of fri, but
the more the public hit known of
wip hnv.i done und wh.u we have ainxd
at, tlx' longer their opxrtunliy hua
been for atiidylng the r.i"ih.l of thej
afov riimeiit of I'r-toila, the givutrr
upportunltl'1 given them of really
forming a cl ur Judgnuvit of the Imuc
which la to 1m decided, tho more th-'y
have conin round to the v.-w thnt the
govei nnieiit. If they hnva rred, huve
i-m-d on I hi? Hide of imtlenif, and that
an fur fiom lielng w .iMi. mi pt-i,viikera of
limn cenry war, the crttlclmi th it
hive been pn"HKil upon ux are thai we
hiivu hoped with ! firm a ho', a'l
d"lled with t" effi-ctlvd a ihnlie thnt.
If pnmllile, thin controversy
might have Iwn d -cUeJ wltlmui llo.I
alie.l. We hnv had war forcl upon u be
cauie we denlivd li wo i-aluhlli-htU
thnt aiiilo of thing under which olne
peace la Mllle In Hnu'h Africa, a
state of thing not only incoriBiiMcnt
with pciannnl anil political fr'doin,
but nhlch I lullmtil-ly IhuiiI up with
those great ciiu"i, and, Indeed, pil
rnii"lly deiienda upon them. I know
not, I will frankly ndd I do not much
rare, what Judgment n piisswl In Oil
mutter upon U by thou- who perhaps
have nol the opportunity, and ptrhap
have not the Incllmitloii, to Judge us
a a nation fairly.
Il I enough for me thnt Knglund
ha li'-en force, lut, its pnent rowltlon
ngulnst Its will, and thiit vuch forward
tep ha been tak-n nduclantly, mid
In obedience to an ovenimsterlng ne
cesalty, and that now that the pros
pects of pence are Anally destroyed,
now eVn thine whom ("aitliwo
seetiKsl tucxhnuvlhte !.ave had this ito
lutlon pressed upon Hum, no.v that
war. with ail its, nil ua
Ion of life, all Its destruction of prop
erty, ' nil the suffering Inevitable In
any war Is up : us, we, at .ill events,
run sny thiu we have never mkeil for
anything but Juntle. We have never
deslnil anything hut fr,Mom. thnt nil
we have long-vl for Is the equality un
der the Transvnul Keptibllo towards
men of our raee and of our spivch
which wo freely and ctiiilly give to
men of Hutch nice and Dutch speech
In the nelKhborlnur colonies, ivnd Hint
If they think It worth while to Imperil
their future In ord r to refuse these
rights to men of our nice and of our
tie-ech. nt nil events blame rests on
them und not upon this country, and
we enn nt all events fool. that whnt
evei we have to go through In-fore this
wnr he brought to Its final, conclusive
and successful Issue, the snerlllcis
that we shall Im called upon to make
are sacrlllc.-s In the Interest of tne
rlithts of men nnd of civilization.
UrlllNh minority would have "tiul
rights and privileges with the burgher
cltlx-ns. That prouil" was d-llls-r-alely
mude. It has iwvor ln-n enrrh.d
It Is IlilpoHnlble to Ignore that tie
slut of thlriK which has existed In the
Tninavaiil a. lid nllo-d to K ''r by
year from bad to worse, has unbr
nillU'd that unanimity of feUi;K, that
loyalty of sentiment, that harmony of
co-openttlon ii pun which our Imperial
position In Hoiith Africa d i-uls.
The Issue rnlsi-d by the Transvnal
Kovrnrrieut Is simply, has fipitt llrlt
aln the piiramount isiwt In Hoiith
Africa? Has ftreiit UrlUIn th- right to
s-i ure for her jiuhJertH u tin. Tratis.
vuul the same equalliy of tr-ninxnt
a I voluntarily luc.srded to Dubdi
and Kngllsh nllke In evfry other part
of Smith Africa? The Ihsui- so rilw-d
Is an lsu which we cmuns shirk,
w hh h we are bo' to tak up. I
dlsosoclnte niy-lf, howvv-r, -ntln-'y
from those, If such there le, who hall
(hi war, this depl iruhle, this luiient
abln war, as a means to an ulterior
pti(J--the sulx-rlln ithsi of the lioi
ant! the amnxatlon of the Dutch re
public, fuch on Intention has leen em
phatically and n-is-ntlly r-pullut'-!
by her majesty's avvertiwit. It finds
no place, as far u I know, In the pio
gram of jsillcy of any reHinMlbU- i-il!-tlclnn
In this country. To adopt that,
to cOo,uct with It. to connive nt it,
would be to Justify a hundredfold th-
charge of rharalsalsm and hypocrisy
which are being frely leveled against
llnry H. Asqtilth, Member of Farlla-
A stain of war exists between Great
Ui ltal'i and a country Inhabited by men
of the same blood, the same color, tho
same religion, ns ours. I suppose that
this Is .i state of things which has not
occurrsl within the nemory of a largy
majority of thine I am addressing. I
nr.i on i or those who Moped ngulnst
hoe, who expected nlmiWt against ex
pectation, that this catnmrophe would
be av.-rtd. Dut '.hese hoes nnd cnl
culatlous of a perhaps over-sanguine
optimism have been put to an end.
We find ourselves fnce to fac with
a new situation in wntcn ror tne mo
ment I think the fewer words the bet
ter, provided always that these words
are free from ambiguity or reewrve. In
what I Bay It must be understood that
I speak only for myself. I have had
no opportunity since the new phnse
of the situation hns developed, of con
sultlng the colleague with whom I am
In tho habit of acting, but I should not
be doing my duty If I did not state my
views with clearness and frankness,
The Transvaal government rest their
cas upon whnt they allege to be an un
warrantable and unlawful Intervention
on the part of Great Britain In their
Internal concerns. I confess thnt to
my mind the controversy Is of a most
scholastic character, for It cannot be
too clearly understood what the word
William Uroderl k. Under e r tary for
Foreign Affairs.
We are now nbiut to send forth the
larg"t cxpedl'loii of im-n and hors-s
which has ever left the ltrllish lle
for the pui ivski of the uinipalgn In the
Transvaal. That I the more remarka
ble w hen We consider that In the course
of the Inst twenty-four .luinths bith In
Afllc. and In Africa many cas-s have
arla-n In w hich there ha been a great
extension of tend: ry and of lullueiw
on the rart ot various w-rs I'l prox
imity to ourselves under circumstance
w hich, with less able guldoiie , might
have rendered possible am- r-rlous
clash of lnter--st.
The reason we have been forced !nlo
thive expeditions is that this country
has an empire w hich has a frontl r all
ov,r the habitable globe. We have
done all w piswlhly could by every
means In our power to prwrve the
peucip. Kecollecl that IMK for lilnulhit.
but for past .wars, the government of
the Transvaal ha preserved BgAinst
our protests atttliiuiui-d and iiuiiul'.able
methods of government, which have
aflecled a large numhr of subjects of
th nusn and caused continual unrest
within lis own borders. Meantime the
Transvaal I'self ha ben turned Into
nn arnietl camp, soriously tlmsitenlng
th? peace of the whole of South Afri
ca. During the whole of that lime
i nothing btxa be-n wanting on our part
as UK stronger power In the v ay ot
patience, moderation and rwp,ct for
engagement, although w-e could see
that then. was little deposition to
nnvt us, and although pivpnnitlong for
uctunl conflict were proceeding upace.
It ha been made ck'or within the bust
few days that our jwitlence hns lei-n
mistaken for pusllanlmlty. This coun-
I try would not long remain grent If It
is not strong enough to protect the
treaty rights, the convention rights,
nnd the engagements made on behalf of
the queen's subjects In various parts
of the globe. The least we can give
to those who feel themselves to be
cltlxen of no mea.i country Is the pro
tection to which they are entitled.
That, nnd thnt alone, without any
(Itiestlon of the lmleendonoo of the
Transvaal, hns been the object of our
I trust that us we have boe-n moder
ate In negotiations so wo shull show
ourselves In the end to be possessed of
that true wisdom which alone can set
tle the affair of ontlons. Hut unques
tionably the result of this campaign,
which Is to begin today or tomorrow,
must be, If the government, U to do Its
duty, one which shall secure perma
nently the peace of South Africa,
which can be secured only by securing
the undoubtedly paramount position of
the British crown In respect of that
region. Whrm all these matters come
to be discussed freely by the public to
form a Judgment, I for one shall not
be ashamed.
The thinking people of thl country
see In this war little or no prospect
either of material advantage or mili
tary glory. They fear with too much
reason that, Uka the sowing of the
dragon's tooth, It may yield a bitter
harvest of resentment and distrust.
It Is not with a light heart that they
take up the challenge that ha been
thrown down, but now that It has been
forced upon them, they will see 11
through to the end,
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Mem
ber of Parliament.
I regnrd this war with feelings of
horror. My dread Is not based upon
the mere realization of the sorrows,
the suffering, and tho cruelties which
are necessarily at'emdant upon war;
I lojk to the peculiar circumstances
of South Africa and to the social and
far llwy will be bewflttH by It. Hut
what Is our share In the result of the
war? Wo shall r'-tnaln the victors, It
Is line, but a war and'-rUiki-n and orn
durted In this manner will have raised,
and will h uve behind it, rot only In the
territories of ih republics, but
throughout the whoto of South Africa,
racial enmity and anger which It will
take genciutlons to overcome.
Every wis.- and prudent statesman
who has had ;uiy r-spo'ilMllty In
Pouth African affair hn found the
eunllnal principle of rfood government
to II- In the maintenance of tile bmt
filling between the Dutch and flw
English el-tniiit In Die population.
Th Dutch In the colonies and this
s-mj U b oomTilm forgotb-n In the
articles that one reads In the newspa
jiers are every whit a much our fel
low lubJ.-c-tM as the Kngltah colonist.
Th rir-mit prime minister at the
Cnpe, who, although not a Dutchman
hlms"lf, Is In rxiw -r by virtue of Dutch
support, Is as much a minister of the
fU-n as Lord Salisbury himself. It
Is by "ousultlng and conciliating our
Dutch fellow-subject that stable or
iW and content can ixwt be maintain
ed. It la by leillng It lie seen that
ni-lther race shall have an advama;
over the oth ;r that they can be brought
Into harmony.
How will this policy be applies b'"
wh -n a ra:e war. such as thl cue, i
shill have lake.-i plaMi? Our Dutch !Vv.
f- llow-subj.-os In Cape Colony have
maintained th.-lr loyalty utdmpulred,
nnd hava exhibited In many form and
on many occasl in their cke friend
ship with us. Hut how far their loy
alty will bear the strain of a war In
which the whole force of the empire
which Is their empire as much as ours,
and to the strength of which ihey con-
I tribute, and In which they rejoice
I shall have bt-en brought out to over-
I rsinie nn,l erl IntnitKli th.. Dutcli r.nnl..
lies? And If th- natural effects ensue,
how small will our difficulties of past
years appear In comparison vl '.i tho
which, not we, p-rhups, but those who
come after us, shall. In five years, In
ten years, or In fifteen years hence, be
called Uon to encounter?
I merely briefly IndlcaAe these con
ditions, which surely ought to give
strength to the appeal In which every
thoughtful man and every really patri
otic man must Join an appeal to those
who bear the tremendous and ovi.r
wh lining responsibility of government,
whether It bo In London or In Cape
Town, or In Pretoria, to stay the hand
of war us soon as possible.
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That' an argument that's coo
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can save from 10 to 25 per cent on
everything you buy, and that is J. A.
Clemenson's Drug Store, at 227 Yn
hill street, Portland, Ore. At that store
you can get Hood's Sarsapartlla at 70c;
iieuen's f'ooa. Ji sue. 55c: Fr '
ter, 81 stxe, 70c, and everything else at
tne same tow rate, rou can get red
trading stamps there, and If you need
the Natural Body Brace, you can get It
DEPART mm Portland A""
r.t fslt !.(, lnT'T Ft. Vl
&t I cmcaiiidKssl" 'j-P-
Si. 1 j WsIU T.' Jla, Spokane.! 8lv,,,. ,
I vV. Mini estw'is. SUNulJ . ?
Jlunm Iuhi'h. Alilwsukeel g."r
map. m.j aud East- 1 s.!9 a m.
j From Astoria
All Nilltuit Dates tub!
Ject to change. !
For siau Francisco Sail.
N r. , H. 19. it. jyjj
1 I
( Colt-mWa Rlr 1
TaniexSu. Steamer 5am ex Mo
ndsy ; To Portland aad ndav
Way Landings.
Commission. Brokerage,
Insurance and Shipping, i
Custom House Broker.
Agent W. F. 4 Co, and Pacific txoreu Co'.
The Leading Visiting and Wedding Card
. Engravers ...
Infill mwi
ST. PAUL, MINN., JAN. ist, 1899.
Willamette ana Tan- 8:30 p.
! M011..W
1 a.. and Krl.
n.l SaL uo-S.oumij.i
7 . m.
Tile., 1 Inn
bill Klver.
n Ottv. I.vt(
Klpuria I
Isve dly
1:40 a m.
5nake River.
Klpartato Lewlston.
10 a in
1 From HertlanJ
6 a.m. WILLAMKTTK R.VT.R 4 9) m
V.. WedOremiii t'ltv, Sewberg, Xuea, Thui
I s'l'm w ay-Laud . Saturday
Agent Astoria.
Oam. Fu Art Frtla4. Or.
Columbia River and ruget Bound Navt-
gallon Company.
Bailey Gatiert leave Astoria dally,
except Sunday, at 7 p. m.
Leaves Portland dally except Sun
day at 7 a. m.
White Collar line ticket and O. R.
N. tickets Interchangeable on Bailey
Qatsert and Hassalo,
A. J. Taylor, Astoria Art
U. B. SCOTT, Telephone 111
When people are contemplating a trip
whether on business or pleasure, they
want the best service ob-
talnable so far as speed, comfort aid
Is concerned. Employe of the
uald to serve the public, and our train
ar operated 40 as to make olo eoa
notion with diverting line at all
Juncvtlon point.
Pullman Palace Sleeping and Cbalr Car
on through tralr-a
Dining Car ervv unexcelled. Meal
served a la carta
li iw to obtain thl flm olaa service,
u. ticket agent to sell rou a ticket
-""-.consin Centnl Lines.
and you will make direct connection at
8t Paul for Chicago. Milwaukee and
all point east
For any further Information call on aar
ticket agent or correspond with
J AS. C POND, Gen. Pa. Agent
or JAB A CLOCK, Milwaukee, Wla
General Agent
Ml Stark at. Tiortiaaa Ore
Capital . ...
Reserve for Unearned Premium
Reserve for all Other Liabilities
Net Surplus over all Liabilities
Total Assets
B. GOODWIN. Assistant Manager.
S17California St.. S. F., Cal.
$ 500,000.00
SIUEUWi Agents,
Tour looks tIl on vou. Can kfp It
aecrt a hlle. Btton it', too late
so and se or write to this old doc
tor. He haa been treatlns auoh cj
for over 2M year., and is purfevtly
reliable. Fumixiea his own ii'sJ ctne
and tll. no tales.
Of the old St. Louis Medk-al and
Sursioal Dl.iwnsary, 230 Vami.lll
street, Portland. Or., positively nutr
ia 10 cure.
DP1VATF Disease.. Thl. doctor suarantees to ?ir anr
r nn nik nM of SThlln. Gonorrhoea, Oleet. 3t ctuos
cured, ro d:flerence now long standing . Spermatorr ioea.
Lo ji cf Manhood or Mithtly Emlnalons, cured perm.nent-
ly i ha habit ot Self-Abuse effectually cured la a siort
VnillVf, MFN Tour errors and follies of youth can he
iuu.xu mi-ii remtdlwJ and tnl M iaetat wm rtv, cu
wholwme advice and cure you malte you perfectly sin ng
and healthy. You will be amased at his success ,d cur'.ni
SteruiJtorrhoea. Seminal Loasea, Nightly Emissions, and
other eflccts.
Patients treated In any part of the country by his tome
erstm. Write full particulars. Inclose 10 lie nam., and
ha oill answer you promptly. Hundreds treated at ovine
who are unable to come to the city.
Take a elear bottle at bedtime arvt'urtoate n the bettle,
sat aalde and look at It In the morning. If It la cloudy or
haa a cloudy eeulla In II. you have some Sidney cr bladder
llsease. and should be attended to before you set an cur
able Disease, aa hundreds die every year fromdrl(bt'( dis
ease uf Kidneys.
This areat Vriivuhl.
Vital iaer.lhenrAKii n.
tlon ot a famous French physician, will quickly cure you of all ner
vous or tiuae ui tue geuerauve orirans, sucn aa lAist Manhood,
lnu.mtiift. Win.lnOiA R,u-lc Mmln,l
himplen. Unfitness to Marry, bxliauatuiir drains, Varicocele aud
Eniljalout. Nervous lebUlly.
ConsllpaUon. It stop ail lease by dav or night Prtnents onlclt.
nesauf diacbarre. which If not cheeked leads to HDermatorrho, and
I arm Of ...irrm alltheborrorsuflmnoteDcy. l'PIIKIEcleaumiaUieUvr, (u
Daruna BHD sir I an kidnevaandtheiirliiaryonransofaUimpuHUea
f ITPIMXC strenarthensand leatorea small weak or?ana.
Tha reaaon sufTerera are not cunM bv Ii,. iura la beenu ninety percent are tronhlM wll),
Prwaaaiiiia. CUFlOENBletbeonlydinownremi-dvtociirewlibouiauopeniUon. Um teatlmnnt.
ais. A written guarantee given and money returned If six boxes dnee noi eilec! a permaLeaieur.
SUM a box, six for iuu, by mail. Hend for rasa circular and lestimomiia.
Address DAVVt, BKDICIHB CO.. P. O. Box 2m, Baa Fraiwlaeo, Cat JtrSaltb