The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 08, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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"Open Door" and No "Zone" of Influence
Wanted by This Country.
th Doric, glv lotulU of Rrwt fir
In Canton at ml.lnlnht on th M, by
whir ft ovr SO pernou Uwt tli.-lr Hvva.
tt aw ma a nmtuhtsl ihctur had been
lullt hy th rlvorxUn ail iumul iihoiit
loo Hour IxnH ht Nwn aiuh.nvd.
Wlille the thi-atiifiil porformam-e n
KIiir on, flrv brk out on oih of tho
boat. It npivn rnplilly to tho Intlam
timhlo nuttorlul of th thou lor. Thotv
wan a IM rush anionic tho aitilloncc
anil many boats ro owpsUoil. Over
no v.'rs.ii woiv bnrnoi! or ilivwiidl.
Demand Will Be Made By Continental Nations for Disclosure of
the English-American Motives-They Will
Be Accommodated.
NEW TORK. Nov. ". A upeclal to , the proposed (,isroenibemvnt of China.
the World from Washington says:
There Is not lacking conclusive evi
dence that thre exists an understand
ing between the United States and
Creat Britain regarding the share
each shall have In tha partition of the
From a high official authority the
World correspondent has obtained this
outline of the situation:
1. The United States demands that
the open dour policy be continued.
1 That none of its treaty .rights
Chinese empire. Japan is expected to shall In any manner be disturbed by
side with these two countries In their
Confirmation of the statement that
the continental nations that are plot
ting for a slice of China will Inquire
Into the motives of the United States
and Great Britain came today In the
shape of an admission by Count de
Casini, the Russian ambassador, who
eame to Washington thla morning.
Count de Casini said tonight:
'The statements in the newspapers
that I Lave been charged with a mis
sion to unite with my colleagues and
lnvi;e the United States to declaro her
policy In regard to China, either
chocing a sphere of Influence (a port
to be under her JurisctiotUwi) or de
claring for the 'open door" policy, 1
must decline to affirm or deny. I haw
not as yet time to look around me. I
must ascertain the American views and
sentiment before I give out statements
on such interveting and absorbing
questions. Later I may have some
thing to say."
The World corespondent Wrns to
night that Count Casini will not pre
sent the views of his government to
the United States until the arrival of
th ftther MWllniMtlal 1 I
.V.IIUIU1M, uiuaiauur0i
whose governments are Interested in)
foreign powers selling Chinese terri
J. That American trade and com
mer.-e shall be granted the same rights
as the country owning a particular
port enjoys.
t That each power seizing territory
shall furnish a written agreement to
continue in force all treaty rights now
existing between the Chinese empire
and the United States.
a. Great Britain, having always
maintained open ports, will co-operate
with the United States In securing Its
6. These demands, once halr.g been
made, must be enforced.
7. It Is believed that the demands
of the United Sta'es will be granted.
S. It is hoped diplomacy will secure
the concessions asked, but In the. event!
it fails, other and more rigoro-Js meth
x!s must be used.
J. Because of possible trouble, thei
rt'T in moss.
Pan of Crew of Tranort Afraid to
Face Filipino, nt Manila.
S.N FUANCISCO. Nov. T.-Tvnty
two East Indians employed as oilers.
owl passer and nrenien on the Hrltlwh
ihi? I"nlhan. recently chartered by the
isuue not only tj Iho unpnaHty and
simplicity i,f ilu . oiii'.in.itioii, but !i
to the euro airl skill with which It I
manufactured by M-'-ntthV prtkvssp
known to the C.iikoum Km f-'YHt'r
ia. cniy, ana we wi-.ii to iinpiesa upon
ail the illicit a luv i.f tiroiiNsiiiir the
true ami original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of l'g- is muuufactured
bv the CAi.irioiviA l-'io Kvuin Cn
Untied States to carry tni to the onlji a ,nm.l1(;t. of that fact will
Philippines, have been put In Irons by assist one In aroulinir the worthless
order of Captain Butler because they 'citations mutmniotiired by other par-
t u Thokltrl. (,..,. I!.,.. ,. r...
objected to going to Manila. M,, . Pln Svul.n r .,' "
Ml profession, and the satisfaction
pone In September for an IS months' Vchth (genuine Syrup of Ftjr has
voyage. They are afraid of the hostile
given to mlllious of families, makes
the Dame of the fotnnanv a iruiraniv
Filipinos, but the captain thinks he 0f the excellence of its remedy. It lk
will soon force them to rompke their laJMQ advance of all other laxatives.
as II acta on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irrita'.injr or weaken
ing" them, and It does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get iu beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
NEW TORK. Nov. ".A dispatch to the Company
tho Tribune from London says: CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP m.
The Sr. Petersburg correspondent of S4.irnaxrwoc.rat
the Momlnr Port throws llirht on the MWIU4L W TtRK. N. T
pllcy of the European powers. He
atates on authority that the govern
nients of Russia. France and Spuln
discussed the question of Intervention
in the dispute botween England and
the Transvaal, and agreed on the dls
patch of a Joint note sug'stlng arbl
tration, but the condition of the ac
tion was the cooperation of Germany
which was refused.
Asiatic squadron is being strengthened) The Garrison Holding Out With Eng'
to its maximum.
10. It is not the purpose of the
United States to seize a Chinese port,
or a sphere of influence. It being the
intention of the government to pry.eci
all United States Interests In all ports
and provinces of China.
Beresford Says England Must Restrain ! BlcycW and Aut.miobi! to be Made
the Blacks After Conquoring' j by One Consolidated Company.
the Boers. I
- --. j NEW YORK, Nov. 7. -The Times
' LONDON. Nov. .-Kar - Admiral I My,:
Charles Breeford. speaking at Sunder-j Al-'W0.0 combination Is pro
land, confessed he regirded with great ' J"ctM- T" informal meelirj to pr-
anprehenslon wwhat minht rh Mt tnis fnt organization
tude of the blacks toward the van
quished when the British had con-
Ifch Grit A Qaestioo of Sb
pcrior Artillery I'ractlte.
quered the Bors.
'I must repeat." said Lrd Charles,
"that in view of ui-h a contingency,
the government is tvil evn now s-nd-,
Ing out sufli i-nt tpxr. As to th
poREibility "( f'T-isrn inti-r.'-ntiun, I
contiidr that tho ?r-it naval, milirary'
and financial rs"Ur.--si of tb- empire
are raHuiatw to ward fit any undu"
Enr.'P'-an dictation.
'Whatever hoty-s may hiv lf"n ili
rectly h-rld out to the l!-rs
the war, it Is a srr-it-r matter that v:
can now mor- !han -v-r, count uiin
the affection and sympathy of the
great Am-iica-n rtali-i, the great-sts
and r,n of the m '. tuhing f-rsni-.
pies of which i :h" Amricm laiii.-s
hosnltal ship."
will be
' held at the Waldorf -Astoria tiKlay. It
: i. int -nd--'l to combine all the rubber.
; bi' yc. and aut mobile compani-s Into
ime great conc-rn, which will enntn)l
the production of evnry article nter
Ip? into th- manuf icttire of n bicycle
or an autom-iblle.
In th- prip..s-d company. It ! mid,
, all uf the con.pail- slr-ady formed rl,Jin(f n(,,.,)SS
will l- participants.
.Msia. Htu l--bik'T and l:ik.-r, who
own nim-rous patents, are said to r
panl'-s it :h- anting -rnnt, and they
are also m-!r.lon-d as largely Inter
ted in the autorn bi'e cumrianjr In-
c ii -pei-ate at Wilmington, Ic!., r,n
;-fir la-.
' HAit'JEij Tin-; i:ni:i:s.
I'-rlti.Jl'. Ca;a!ry at La tysmi h Make
SorM" on the En my.
Right of Way and Franchise for Pre-'
tended Transcontinental Line
from F-n TMcgo,
SAN DIFOO. Pa!., Nov. T.-A rail-;
way franchise, including a right of.
way Kfl feet wide along th hay ofj
San Piego, hs br-'n granted ,y the I
common council to IT. S. Orant. C.
W. Marston, Oeorge H. Rallou and ;
f.M'F TOWN, Nov. 4. -Aft-ino..n.-A
ilispa'ch from Ladysrnith rays that
on Thursday aft--rnoi th I!riih
favulry charged ihc while th"
latter were maneuvering south of the
', ami cut their way thrcugh them.
A lun? "torn" posted on Rulwln hlli
shelie, th'.- town, hut little damage
wa done.
I Jhe r.aval gunners put the he inin
situated on Hepworth's hill out of ac-
NEW YORK, Nov. 7.-A dispatch t
the Tribune from London says:
The war in the Transvaal remains a
game of ''blind man's buff," played In
outer darkne. Th results are
known when a carrier pig-on wlngx a
flight of 1S9 miles, or when a rough
rider carries news hundreds of mll-s
across swollen rivers and open country.
Press agencies) which expand Into
victorious sorties, cavalry raids accu
rately described as reconnoissances n
force, are convinced by cold, hard
Rteel that the faithful mes-nger tells
nothing but the truth,' and the ama
teur strategist In a smoklnfr-room of a
comfortable London club Is at th-m-rcy
of thf ruthless frontiersman,
who Is liable at any moment to upset
the most scientific expert opinion by:
country and proving
that what cannot possibly be true has'
happened, an'l I" the most natural j
thing In the world.
It is a time when the official red
tape system can well afford to despise
th- foroes of public opinion, and wh-n
the London Journals which have In
vested thousands of pounds In system
atic arrangements for describing th'
Inopportunely and convict him of men
daclty in raiding Boer camps and l
lenclng the enemy's gun.
The Ijidysmlth situation Is In real
fty unchanged, pending the arrival of
th next carrier pig-on. .
The garrison Is holding out with
English grit, and the lt, r genera'. nrv
fintsl to admit that the rapture of
La lysii'lth Is practically a qitefftlon
of superior artillery pnullre, and a
direct attack u-smi the ntivnchinetits
rather than a mutter of d-s-r Ktalklng
and s. iting traps for rash birds !
hunter's ll-s.
There is still .-.insl.lerable d-.ul-t .-v r
what lias happened at i'olen... but
none whatever p-s-,-tlng the i
sity f.-r a supreme effort on the part
of th- to,rs If they wish to win "
decisive victory before the arrival of
the British reinforcements, whlc h are
due at Cape Town and which can lie
dispatched at once for Durban.
The retirement of the garrison from
Stromberg Junction before It could be
attacked by a Free State force ad
vancing from Hurgh-rwdorp Is regard
ed by military writers as a proof thnt
Fast London will not be used as a
base of supplies for the army corps.
and that Re Anr and Naauw-port will
be the first line of the British defense
of f'ape Cnlnny. with Cape Tmn and
Fott Elizabeth behind them. Stnrm-
berg was occupied b half of the
T . I... I. I i. . . . . .
iiemsture regiment witnolit field guns
or cavalry, and Sir Hedvers Hulh r has
wW-ly onl-p-d the gaiTison to r-tre
The retention of Naauw-port is of
much gr-ater Importance, sine- It
eomminds the approach-- from f'ort
Fllals-th. the near-nt base of supplies
for either Klmb-rly or I!lo.-infoni-ln.
Th- k-enest nillltary writers who
analyze Hi- situation lav stress iir(n
the fact that the I Mitch ulll-s are
wasting their resources by attacking
th- urltlsli at tisi many i-olnis Instead
of cencentratl ig th.-lr efforts upon on
or t'.io points. This Is true.
natev..r advantage the H,. rs have
won has be-n from the ivK-klesnness
of their enemies. The liners buv
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war day by day, at 4 nhllllntfa a vor,l .
wvf work, and they have allow-. tt,m
can learn Christian fria.e and huniilltyi ., ,, ... .
.... n-, iu nni uy nnnoiii wintiitiK n
an'i ij" tnanKrui ir ini-ir p"nny-a-iiriem
arf- not turned out of the war oltk-e to
The enemy at Orohler'a Kloof en.
iii. i. uuu-r, inur uhv h mot in-, gaged
flucntlal reBldents.
The purpofv. of (frantinir the
a company of the Royal Irish
fusiliers, and brisk flrini? occurred on
both sldc. An armored train, with fid
c-hlfie is to facilitate the construction of i,,,.-,, , , ,
, inrantrymen on board, drew the f-ne-
a railway from the bay of San Dle?o . fire the volunteers tQ
to the Colorado river ard thence east- make headquarterfl The ml.
ward to form a new transcontinental tary are ,0ffiz,.d for iMv Umely
"n' (help to the volunteers.
The grante of the franchise hnvei
until January 1, 1903, In which to carry j
out the undertaking. A croDosedi
rouie vja oau i.aite meerH witn favorl SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7.-Hong expansionist
stand In the rain and foif and co-il
their heads.
The London Journala an-, of course,
hr.pini; for ly-tter thingn wheij the
army corps, of which fully 20,0o0 men
will arrive at the Caix? this wo-k, once
takes the field, and their own relays
are on the ground to d scribe the tri
umphant march through the two Dutch
republics. Apparently they do not
know what manner of man Sir Red-
vers Buller is. He does not consider
war correspondents enner useful or
ornamental, and the Incrv-aiv-fl pres
H'jre put upon the ceriHorshlp since his
arrival at the Cape proves how little
license will be allowed to even privi
leged social experts when the real
business of war begins.
On the English side, meanwhile,
there are rumors barely In excess of
the demand for special editions. The
afternoon papers' midnight editions
Know uitr ui&ciiuojr oft nor press neWSI 1
who Is paralyzed by th
decisive xui-c-ss by virtue of r.vr-r-whelming
supi-rlority In number.
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