The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 07, 1899, Page 7, Image 7

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    rim MOuxijfl AJfnmiAN, h;ksiav novkmuo ' i. im.
Ha-Ak Hi. hinds (hunmchlr, on murine-, In
HirT luilinf uf ('nniim (Wr, llm um
rflmiiimkin .urirlnu, i.wp, u rll upnnut
Slid for (..lift, luilll, (till llliraTy.
1 r v, aii.nnl tny with Cl Ti"fN4 Oliiiuitani,
thai great all lit run ml ainriaai i.( rni.illlriili.
Wamniiil gliataaarliiriiiir instil, Sua araiiainla,
llrliini, liiinilii laalina an 'I ,aintul Suraaf
null, llill 'M niyM Irmlaml la wtiliili'liul,
t a.M iattaHai taa eml r'aaas n .c fa,.,..,
Praaa, low. " line a k lluuuli IILaata," I'M.
Ltf la nut ilnlt'il niiTi'ly ty years.
Kvriim ar unnntliiKu thaa rAU'iidar,
TIkhh nr i"n hii In mir e.lltiic wJiloli
can not lo niHvrtttliuil ly formal up
imil in I lift f'Klxtry.
JWV Sjf rsX 'If Jr.
Karl's Clover Root Tea
IJIillfta ti aCanplrll'in, I'ut.tte. !n
I1I.I. ffltr a,l ,,-ar Mailt, I ..roC.iii
llUh..,a, ta.tlf..i.,ii, aaaaal all :n..l. n. ..I
Mala, Aii antral'. I.t,tiai, NrrM'
'I .mli-, (w., ..,, ,;,,r,M,i 1 all
iliv.ttWi al H.V., Gala. ..J I .IKl.
. C, Weil 4 CO., It not, H V.
oil Mmaiilon
Th. Btroittt st jnudil.iim allow til sonu
ra-m. luit vanity ka-a-im pcrp-iuatly In
mni I. .n. hut a dust do I mIiiv! iny
th 11 y UM,n tli) casu-li wliixj. Anil
it wlml a ruW do I drive! siiys the fly
upon Iho lior1' hark.
Rcitor Vitality loalVlrof end Manhood.
Cure IitiNutrm-v, Nit; hi .".missions and
watlnif illw-ascs, all effect of self-
T nlmtf, or excess mm jnui.
r,'Jl-rrtltm. A IHTVP toiilc ttiul
?f II(mmI builder. Urine tho
, ii'ilf checks nnd
i Tt rriii" k'"" : "
fJV rrtro the lire of youtn.
SfTVIW mail Talk' jhtIhix, boxca
or (f2.m; with u wrHtni irtmrun.
t4 to i'tiru or rofiiml tho moneya
Bt-iitl for circular. Aililrciw,
Clinton A Jnckson Bt., CHICACO, i'Jk
Tor 8i br Chtrl rum Druiii.
Attm. Urrrm-
Tli. r U luit one Wrty I know of run
viMiMit mi r.-ly Willi 1l l""11- ll,,u .,H'
,,. i ,v . . ii.'. iilInK wliul iiy p l'.
I, nt av mivhiK it ilolnit noihlti.t llit !''
, r "H in l"1 iii',l'il
Doctors Can't
Cure It!
Coi'tncioiw l'1"' poi"0" i" nlwolu'j
I t yoi.ll
nmy (lo a ptlnnt fop yotvi on their
nicrinirml and pottrnh romwlion, but he
will never Ixt rid of tho dimi: on the
hi her Imiid, hit condition will Rtow
..i.lily wortvo. 8. 8. 8. is tho only our
for i tut terrible affliction, Inwauno it ii
I i, only romedjr which k,m dinu't to
tin' ntiKi of tho dinwoo and forevi It
'from i!ioiyU"in.
I u- mioil wllh Bloot rolaon, nt llij
tlllOUirl Hia mm liu panni, vaaa.un.i
aiirir arrniai ,--fully.
In fail, I aa'i-mrd
I o nt wiaraia a 1 1 tha
whlla. I took lnioi
evarr an call ft d bli!
rtinii'dy. bait they itldnni
awni lo r.aac'll llm ill"
fta. nd had no "
whaUivor. I wn till
hrrlftnat, fur It wmiv1
Ual I wtaold naftr !
ourfd. At tha nlvlt-c ol
' a frland t thru timli
H. ft. 8 unit unm
, unit Wn to nit
I oonllnuftd ttif
mnl.tdtla, Vaaallil.
.tftdlftln., and It .urJ n ","'!;''''-, "' I a..,, Iltaaiail llll
tftfl e n, ann i ourani .,,
!n i r mi' iiralth and l""1"?'
AUhttWl llila Win ton yaiira ago. I hava Barei
y.t hif a ilgn of t'" "
' Suniiion, v.'
It It like aolf-deMtruotlnn to continue
to tnke notaih and mercury i bewdei
totally, dontroylng tbo dlRojtion, tliey
dry up the marrow in tho bone, pro
diioinif a atiffntiM and iwolliiiR of the
tt)int, cauaing the hair to fall out, and
completoij wracking the yHtom.
is guaranty Purely Vegetable, and in
the only Wood remedy free from tnee
. dartgarom minerals.
Buot on self-troatmont sent free by
ttt BpwlM Company, Atlanta, Oa.
Telephone 13.
All Coods thlppso to Our Care
Will Rectlr Bpctal AtUntloB.
n Duaae it, W. J. Cf)01C Mf
Asta.rU. Oraj. Ra. TL Ul.
7 .-iV
Some (if Hit! Novel Traveling Furls
Ojitralnlby llm lirlilsliln Natal.
Tlicy Cnn Ik of Vwt Strvlic Hut
Must Ik Aicoiiimnltil Ii) fiiMiliy
to Ii event Ikliiij Cut Out.
Tin- urmortl irnlti In n iinniiliii'iil
f.-iiltiir of the Ttunavaiil wnr, owlim to
the iiiwlllim of tlii t'oiita-attniitH nml 1hft
olif, Ullprol'H't'tl lafl'T of the ll
1nry lliif. Tile rta'Hirnyed trtilti wn n
liMHllly I'oiiatriittU-tl iittiilr, foiiKlnlliii of
lot (iinotlve mtil two cum. The i-iiKlne
una In lie' eeiili-r of llie 1niln.
The hox cars and th liK'otnollVf weiv
eov.aa-d Willi iHiller plating i nr-a--iUar-
It i s of an Inch thick, as firmly riveted
ua time wouiil an. w. i ll,' tnun was
foiminlt Iwl an Maf-'klng, where He re
ttie wevrrat ritliromi snops, ine town.
Mdinj en Hie new imiln line frmn the
rap.- t' I'lilifvityo. I
TI.e locomotive w as the only part of
Hi- train that did not carry guns, the
ttrel caning la-lng st'la ly 1 prnt,t l tlu
ina'chanlKin of the engine from the sh't
f tin. enemy. The ra-iinUinler of the
auinir, however was tiiii-my wrronit,u
with port hoh-, through which guns of
tnryltig nillhrv H-a lil, the Maxim,
Nordelif. lt and gatllng le lng the luamt j
er If-tihle WTiiHiini for this kind of I
...... Tl... - II. .M 1..... f... II,,,1
la "I ta. Ilia rmiani'i , i ...
rlil'n of the niarkHiiien. uinl iinunlly the
le.liill. t:t III Hie f 'Kluo'lIt Were iv lel'led
f.,r the poBitlo.i. It takes an XH-rt
tIl!ll'V.nllltl to tdl.Mlt With tailtllf.ielory
r.iills from a tti. ktnovlng train. As
usual, the train was nuppled with a
powerful m-an'h light. In view of a ne-
ollile nlKht attack.
of f.niriae th Niller luhlng can nffer
no realm mice ! irilll-ry. In lift, llll"
HUials llrvd at hort range will some.
tlmis peiietni!" the platen, and to meet
su.'h n puKsllilll'y land lings were pro
vide.!, an was the m In Hie Kgyptlun
;iniiiill!n, when the tsiiMar found the
armored train of jr-nt wrvlce.
lint In spite of all pnileetloii, the
Hoers roii iiier-tl. Th.-y hail their ar
tillery stationed along the hills tiesldo
the tracks. It watt ft veiitahle trap.
The trm k ah 'ad w as hl.a keal. The
KngUahmeii had fnlhsl to lucniupany
their train wllh the usual cavalry ad
vance guar I, w hich exix-rlence hail
taught was absolutely ie-'sary.
I nawarc of the true unite of affairs,
the tliionud Iraln st,imcd lia tin- ob
slruitlon an. I be nine derailed. The
men "allied fiailh anil workeal like
laellVer" to put the w -heels lin k on the
ti'ick anil remove the olist ruction. Then
the I tiers o" ied ilr with their can
non. At the firm rei'it the redcoats flow
Im.k Into th-lr Iimh Imttery. They
worketl their h'lina for all that was In
them, but tlc-lr force was small and the
tiling nectvtttat'lly slaiw.
The t annm lire of the Hoers was
rapid 'iinl luvui-.ue. The thin sheet
iron pi election ngainot bulU-l shots waa
an Ideal burning 11-0111111 for the lar
ger shells. The arucAvd train was
Hoon 11 tolnl wrtvk and moat of the crew
dead or laidly w iiintl-d. In that con
tllllon the Knglltthnien surrt'iid-Tttl, ami
the unit ammunition anil big guns so
hudly needed hy Colonel linden-Powell
nl Mafeklng newr reached (heir desti
nation. Armored tmlna, Imwcver, do not al
ways fall so dually Into the hands of the
enemy. Armored trains mounting Held
pieces nnd machine guns ore being ex
lenhlvely by tho American
troops engaged In the complest of the
!''lllplr.:s. and It will lie rememlKred
that Iho sucivtetful issue of the tight at
t'alutnplt was attributed to. the oppor
tune arrival of Jnul such a (lying bat
tery, inning the I utmn reneuion mere
were nutneroiw acwiunts wnftoj to the
fnltod Stittes of the Use of nnnoivd
trulns by the Spaniards.' The queetlon
now .irises, where did this mode of
fighting originate?
Although It Is liniKwslble to obtain
any rellahlo details, II Is certain that
tho Franoo-rriiHslan war was the first
rnnnmlgn witnessing the use of jtiMtoct
ed train nnd looomntlves on the Hold
of battle. In their sorties ftxmi Tarls
the French troops weiv fivtUently
bucked up by the fire of light field
pl'ioo carried In thlH manner, and when
the Communists weiv holding the cap
Itnl against the Versiallleao an armor
ed train opor.utcd upon the railway In
the direction of Chateau Hrecon, nnd
Is said to have ochleved Its object In
silencing the batteries which the regu
lar troops were endeavoring to estab
lish In that position. It Is this exper
ience. iKM'hnps, Hunt has given rise to
the belief that the French were the
original adapter of tho idea for the
utilization of pcrm.Lnent lines of rail
way for the 'transport of artillery, cap
able of being brought Into action upon
the metals themselves. Shortly after
the war of 1S70 an Englishman, Mr
I'lvelyn I.lartM, took out a patent for
no nrmorod train, which W'ns nullified
by the discovery In the patent ofllce of
Mr. Anderson's prior scheme. Mr. Jus.
Anderson of Kdlnburg, In 1847, pre
pared nnd painted a series of plans,
and further submit U-d a working model
of his tlefeimlve rolling stock for the
Insectlon of ttomo distinguished engi
neer and ortlllory oflloers.
As far pa the British army Is con
corned, Captain Fisher's armor-clad
trnln, un"d tlurliift the flint wtiw of
the iilliipiilK'l iUC'ilniU Arahl, wioi th
first and, mi far, only a'tlve i-xuiiiple
of Ita tyte. The train wua (.otmlrutetl
lit AI' XHiitlrla by a party of bluejitf k
el, mill wim comfiei'd f a locomotive
ami a iiumiImt of trucks pnu-cM hy
Iron mils, trm pbtu wnl mtnil Imjk".
The enllte was pluel In 111" middle
of III liulll, while u iifi-lt tnachlne
Vtiu was moina-d on. th HuIIiik i'o
tectej truck, aii'J a 4o-uli-r on tho
next. The Infer, hy neans of a small
cinne earrleJ with llu Iraln, ooiild b
Utiltkly mounted and iJImiiounted, one
minute huIIicIiik from tli IuiIUhk of the
li, iln to ivmnuiit and fire the (fun. Tin
vehicle hehlnd the engine tonv. ycd u
detachment of sklrniisha-ni, while II wus
r . 1 1 1 1 1 a expedient to attiM h one or two
empty truekn In from of the working
puitloii cnrryliiB Hie guna, as U
mlnlmliie any danger from tlf i-xplo-aJoii
of milieu laid under the p. rmuie iii
railway hy the enemy, t'nfofitiniujdy,
fupialn l-l-lM-r luol hut few opportunl-
t. a or lil'lligliig Hi" Irani imo ,i ii"o,
but during a sni.ict "Unnlih on the
,nhuioUdlyeh faital ll came at umlng
up from (inlinrrl-, and hy throwing
sa me well directed ihella Into the very ,
center of the enemy ;'oinieUed him to
rtniit with cvnald'.rihltf Ions. J
The main ohjivlloii ralwd agidimt .
the piiiilleal-llliy of armor-1 is
tun suggestion .nai un eiie,,,, .,,. u.
few men t arrying 'iinall piuwls of tly-
nntiil'i', cotiiii eiuuijr uanuv; e-
maneiit way. ).ul!l"Ji they could do
ho. ii net .iet "iiu"r ta t aau j an."". .
while th-y for lliltt puipm. ;
hence It mum lie a sine tim non in.u
Honor - d trulns are ahv.iys act'vmpume,!
I y a strong force nf e.ivalry. AkiUii, to
guard nitalnsl Hie .oiiipulntry ul.a'.doii
iinnt a.f Hi,- guns If the train Is detail
ral. Cnii'altl l''Ua'i'.l pivcuuiion of l.i
1 luiflng a crane In the -tulpmeii! Ml'ould
lie followetl. Ma llllle guns. 01 .... 1 '
Vl'y ll lilt field pl- a'eS, Wera: til. only
itrmiiiiV'ttt "f Hie irsiln which the Il- rs
cilp'.uivtl. Tru ks carrying tln w hhotild
certainly ha.'e the gun a'lai htneiits
pr.ilxt -d by bullet-proof nuintlets. but
any v.ey high 1U lug. with the Idea
of keeping a,ut i-h.'ll". was that day
proven a mis' ik". This. Ind.-al, Is u
w.-ak point In the Smtw-x gun truck,
for the er"ilon really only offers u
gootl targ't and an Ithal bur'tlng
TIIK KOMANl'K (F A S()LDIKRaM,ll'luaatru.i;lngswvtheaitcould
Hk liitrn.lcilliriilc Is I'hintl tu Hilllilhr love r-se suiwrlor. No on.' may
hllc He May lie riijhtlinj the
lilnml-Tlilrv lniliuits.
rhere Is n remarkable rotnane.' In the
life of Lieutenant John Money t amp-
bell. At this moment It Is Impassible ; ,.(, The s.m sent word to his father
to state whether ho him Just 11-11 mar-1 ,,. K n,j s,v jns, Tompkins with a
rl-d or has lavn font out to fight th j ji Jtuhiii in his name that she should
lo,.d-thlrsty Apuehea In tlw western j Hn)0 (he date for their marriage,
part of Texas. ' j ' If you ure not angry, say yes to
In h to lie murdered or Is he to be f,vlhert" was his m-asage. Mls Tomp
marrled? 'kins answered -yes." It wo Con It.i-
Two years ago l,l utenant Onmnh ;'l , .Aii,it. f,,r -imr l!.-i. . t
wan a salesman In a New Yprk Jewelry; ,.;lV0 ),is couiniand at the bonier post
storo. lie had won high position wlth!M Texas to go nnd claim his bride,
his firm through constant attain .m to t, ,uh!e was oven then biv - tig. The
duly and ranked high among the trust- jVpaches wt tv on the war l ath and it
eal employe. There came the war with j VVI1)I poeosary that some of the United
Spain and CnmplK'll felt It his duty 1 states soldiers should be sent against
to ko to the front. He enlisted In the!,),..,,, a. fortune would have It, of
Seventh regiment, but when that regi
ment failed to take an active part In
the war preparations Campbell resigned
and re-enlisted In the Seventy-first
regiment. He wont through .the var
ious preparatory nuim-uvers at camp
and fnnlly was sent U' the front on
Ci'ltun sell. With his regiment he
foiiught at Sun Juan hill and distin
guished himself for bravery.
It was at that very time that his
romance was coming to a head, llvfore
he had gone aw.iy to buttle ho hail
formed an enduring filondshlp with
Miss rtuth Tompkins of NeV Y .".;!-.
lie had made love to her In a charming
way and his attentions had bon n"
ceptcd. She had received him as her
Ivst beloved and It had Wn announced
among their Intimate frienils that they
were to be wedd'd. The wii' I
voiu'd. however, and the young lovers
were separated. It was dilllcult for the
lieutenant at the front to st'nd letters
to his sweetheart. Weeks passed and
months Intervened without her hearing
a word from him. He says bo wrote to
her but his letters) wore never received.
After the long tight In front of Santi
ago and when the Soventy-flrst regi
ment had gone through its full service
gpjgt Sold by Drugglata everywhere,
VJ i"' g' ataaaaail 1 IV , ( UIV.
t PISO'S 1
k A ' kT H Consumption
M aTt&rt&tfto&Vi is subject to Croup. Piso's Cure 1,
JZ L always relieves him. Mrs. B.
tf&j'rAU'MM:i'ti-ftA CRANDELL, Mannsville, Ky.,
The Plm Company. Warren, P11. July 3th, 1899. &'v
Gold Dust cleans
everything about the better, with
half the effort, in
half the time and at
half the cost of
soap or any other
Snail for fraai book itt-" Ootin Rolaa
fitf Uiiuaawutti
aiut SI.LmU NtwYaik
j u 0llipl)(.L1
W(ui taken III.
Order came f.r the r-glne tit to lw re
lumed to home land. A transport took
it to the camp lit M-ititnUk Point.
I'.irnpU II ia Mill III. and he coMlnued
.. even after Ida n-gtmi-nt niuti-r-ed
out "f servh. 'fills was a part of
the time in which he fsilM tog -t cum-
ri lu ill, .'I t lot) W Ith his te-trothed. Hh
ri,,.h,tir, h,. The m.ult.
lit no word.
The war department, how-vr, ' kept
In cIoh- with Lieutenant
Cuiiiplu'll. II" had lat-n mark-d out by
tin hi-nds .f the d 'P'trtnient 11s u brave
young until and had l'n ljokeil for
promotion. It cinne to him s m r than
he X-cled. While he wit Incamp with
l:l voluntwr rt-glment at Montcuk
1'ilnt the war ilepartmetit K--nt him
word that he was to consider himself a
tan. Ill, ite for a pia v In the regular
artiv. Tlds let esMiated a sp 1.1I ex
amination, which he 1'K'k and pass- d
with t h' titr. Wh.n the K-venty.
llt-t mtit'T 'd out of K- rvlt e Catnp-l-ll
.it ilelaila.l to go to Tort Macfr.
t .."li, In Texas. There he wan to J iln
the Twa iny-liflh mfumry.
It ts fmpoKKlble t" relate now Juh!
wliial brought bark to him the rtrvt
thought of his love affairs. At all
1 veniii. bottev.T, he had not down
In T.-Mt vry long Ivf.-tv h- ).-!houglit
hl.nlf It would 1-e well to tlt p ilisj)
Tompkins a line. Hit latter to her wa
it; ll - form of an apology. II,- knew
that he had delayed over long in selid
l'is; le r any ni -.tKo and when he did
rite he fouml It n -e -Mry to aau mi
igiva'inss. His silence had ba'-n too
leiii: continued. No one may Know the
' w, riling i f that !Ua r. At all events U
j Ini'iht a happy response. The forgive
'tiinsw.iti iMiiml'te. Miss ThompkliiH
Ik expected to l?. .She rTgive every
thing. The long lb.--. 'lie? and the luck
of U-tiers wei iHtr'h overlooked by h,r.
kiiow lu.n what her btt -r contained.
The rtmilt alone Is apinuvnt.
It is claimed tint IJeuuanant Camp
bell wa.o. il In a. w inning way. Imii-
l.le as he found It to go In person to
nlead bis cause, he seirt his father In
'his pli'it'l. The fa. her Is the llev. Dr.
1 j,n v. Campbell, of the Trvmotit
M,,trodlst KpUoop;il Church, In New
course, ll foil to the bt of Lieutenant
Campbell to bo assigned to this duty.
There could In- no questioning on his
part. When duty called he must go.
And there is where the matter now
rests. Miss Tompkins started from
Now York with the lieutenant's father
us lu-r escort. There was a trip of 3,000,
mlla'S ahead of ha-r before she could Join
i the man who was to be her husband.
I The war department records do not
j staio whether tho lieutenant Is there
' awaiting his briale or whether he has
J game out to light the Indians,
i The laily of the Apaches? This Is the
t unanswered question, '
! Whoa Miss Tompkins and Lieutenant
I Campbell do caime together the rev
I croud gentleman who Is the brlde
I fToon.'fa father will perform the cere-
Iia fairo this comes to pass there Is the
possibility that the young lieutenant
nmy have fallen in battle with the red
Nobl'-s oblige; be liberal In spirit and
thereby demonstrate mat you ate a
nobleman by nature, and not nn ordi
nary man.
I h'.fan using Piso's Cure 13
and believe it saved JJ
II Ulll VVUaUlll UUUUi AlAViAlaU vV
Carpenter dnd llulltlcr
(Icncral Contrnctor
Astcria Public Library
Opam aaarv if from I 0 clock to l:
and in to tv c m.
t'ltrtfrttatloB rait n rsr D3um.
IVtat Cor. Elaventb ard Otiaaai atrawta
Hallroads Are Acceding to Demands of
Middle Ciaatt.s Who Want Better
H!eeplng-Car Service.
In response to the demands of the
limes the O. H. Sc N'. and Its connec
tions are placing In operation a much
better grade of tourist sleepers for Pa
1 I'l .: cmst service than at any previoug
tlir.a-. The larg-ly Increased tratflc to
ti.ln sectli,n of tho country has d-mand-ed
nil the Improvements of latter-day
transportation, and In consideration of
this tlte railroads, are establishing a
s'-rvlre which Is excellent In every par
ticular. Not only are the wishes of
fl rat '.-class passenger served, but those
who rtre traveling to and from the East
on Ri'car.,!-c!nss tickets are splendidly
cared f. r. There was a time when a
t' tiri't sleeper appalled to a limited
number of people who were traveling
on the "cheap order. In every meaning
of the trm. Now, however, there has
been a radical change. W ith the bet-
t"r tourist sleepers In operation the
class of passengers has bten Improved,
and one may now travel upon tnera
and enjoy all the privileges of a flrst
clnfs sleeper at a groately reduced rate.
nails-, on the O. R. & N. east-bound
fast mall. Is attached one of theee lat
ent Improved tourim Fleepers, a model
of beauty and handsome appointments.
The new cars are a'mrst an exact
ctautitert-art of the flrst-class sleepers.
One nctlceable feature of the new
tourist, cars Is th absence of a smoking
apartment. The new cars being built
bv the Pullman Company are not pro
vided with Bmoking apartments. This
rew departure has been taken because
of th" fact that mist through trains
mv nrovlded with composite cars, which
provide a smoker for the slapping-car
Lis ve." " POrfTLAND. ArrlveT
8:00 a. mJ Port land Vnlon a.m.
T:M p. m.ifor Astoria and into! S:W p.m.
iir.e. ;.a,u.ts.
7.4." a m.lFor Portland ft In-ll:S0 a.m.
6 10 p. intermediate points 10:3t p.m.
p. 111. a. m.
5.;.V11:S5 Ar
S Sll l'-U I.v
Arl 7:40 4:00
I.v! 7:l S:3$
'Arl 6:52 3:10
Lv 6:15 J:S0
6:301 l'.OO.Ar ....Seaside.
Leaves Astoria at 8:J0 a. m.; arrive at
Seaside 9:45 a. m.
Passenger may return on any train
shown on schedule on same date.
ALL TRAINS to and from Seaside run
ot Flavel and Hammond via Warren
ton. All trains make close connections at
Goble with all Northern Pacina traim
to and from the east or Sound points.
At Portland with all trains leaving
Union depot.
At Astoria with I. R. ft N. Co.'s boat
and rail line to and from Ilwaco and
North Beach points.
toria for Sacramento, San Francisco, all
Eastern and European points.
City ticket office Astoria, 524 Commer.
tlai street. J- C. MAYO.
Gen'l Fr't and Paw. Agent.
Through palncaTliiid-tourist sleepers,
(llninR and library observation cars
No, 4 Llnlted loaves Portland at 2:10
No. 3 Limited arrives Portland at 3:3f
a. "in.
For rates, etc., call or address
Atri'nt O. R. & N., Astoria.
C. P. & T. A.,Port!and Ore
Columbia River and niirtt S'und Navl-g-ation
L'nlley Gatzert leaves Astoria dally,
except Sunday, at 7 p. m.
Leaves Portland dally except Sun
day at 1 a. m.
White Collar line tickets end O. K.
& N. tickets Interchangeable on Bailey
Gatzert and Hnssalo,
A. J. Taylor, Astoria Agt
U. B. SCOTT, Telephone 111
of fha pudding U In the eUa
aod the proof of liquors
That's an argument mat's
clualva a demon! ration.
Ours will stand th test.
J. A. Fastabend
and Builder
House-moving Tools ior Kent.
New, fresh and
Plum Pudding,
W. W. WhippIe.ProprictOr
Finest JRestaurant North of San Francisco
533 Commercial St..
ad Smokers' Article.
414 Commercial St.
Commission. Brokerage. -.,," TwmCmm
Insurance anJ Shipping. Agent w. f.c treM co-s.
Capital . ...
Reserve for Unearned Premium
Reserve- for all Other Liabilities
Net Surplus over all Liabilities
Total Assets
B. GOODWIN, Assistant Manager.
.mCalifornia St., S. F., Cal.
S-i v? ,t -7 ot ,he oM St-
il l if: J Suralcal LUspot
'I i fttjJA streft. Portland.
Hl V antees to cut.
Diseases. ThU
ease ot Syphllia,
curM. ro allrterenee how long standing iermawrr'i,
Lo.i. cf Manhood or Nightly Eminalona. cured permanent
ly, the habit ot Selt-Abue effectually cured in a il'orl
vnilVT, MFIM tour error, and follies of vouth can he
IUUiHU ffltll f,.,,, ,nj t,ts old doctor will ou
wfcjiwm advice and cure you make you perfectly ura ng;
and Ujlthy. You will be amaieai at his luceoss ,n
Srtna:orrhoea. gerulnal Loisea. Nightly Euilialoui, and
Other eliecta.
Patlenti treated In any part of the country by hla tome
ayanm. Write full particulars, lncloe 10 Sa: ta.. "2
he mil answer you promptly. Hundreila treated al livni
who ur unable to come 10 the city.
Tak a clear bottl at bedtime and nrinat In the trttl.
let uncle and look at It In the morning. If It la cloudy or
,ns a rlou ly settling in It. you have some Kidney or biadder
llsesae, and should be attended to before j-ou set in .m-ur-abie
ulsease. as hundreds die every year from ilrlajht dla
eaae ..( KUneya.
... 11 11.1111 aim iT-n" I rm 1 I """r"
a -i .mail i. -i - -
Mormon liishoua' Fills
hutch i.ui u.... l.w.. I"'')."""'-1
r LU alliC. alis.iirttiuia, a-aca!-v-i. of c; r-iv; sia,..,. a
potency, Lost Powar, rt!ct
you. .Twitch n ol kvelW
vci faniUoo. lh-ui K oc-i,a.iii.i ..t,
Thene who have delayed buytBf.
Summer Footwear
are fortunate. They can save at least
a third nn the usual eoat of nlfti grada
hoea. We are closing out ail of our
summer tan shoes at a great redoctleaV
We have them for men, women and
children, which should bring everyon)
to the store. Tbey ore new goods
which have overstayed their time.
Consider these figure.
Petersen & Brown.
Seasonable Goods
Mince Meat,
Squash, etc.
Open Day
and Night.
Astoria, Oregon
Manufacturer ot
the Alwoyaa Reliable
La Belle Astoria" Clear
Sctelfce's Opera Star
Scrie lie's Special
And Othar Brand
it, 1899.
$ 500,000.00
Astoria, Oregon
Tour laki toll on you. Can keep It
aecrajt a aahlle. Kefon lt' t Ut
go and st or write to thia o.d doo
lor. Ha has txwn ireating su.h ckj-
for over ltt yenna, anJ is perlectly
reliable. Kumlsiies his own n'ejc!n
and telli no lalea.
Laiuls Medical and
ipenrary, Sl, Xaitni.iu
ur., puDHiaeiy fcu'-
doctor guarantees 10 jure
Oainorrh.x'4. Oleet. 3T ctur l
f a s a
" ' '" "'"J. yi.
; IV -liters ol tlie Mormot,
t: ires tte w tA ties n. "l-l yutii,; lrt.itii; ora eooci
- t.03 - .ct, Soi
iilP'mv.TOi'noo innomnia, rwpm
,on, nn-i itjr.'M ww
L 5 M n.Mr-i .u.t leUtmcy to
M ',.. .mAll .intla.l(i4ied
ft cure w ii-'"';. Ir-lTI r,rrs.
n tini, or rJ V 1 r