The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 07, 1899, Page 5, Image 5

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    NIK MOItMM) AM0HIAN ll'lHAV. !S'"VKMilc.ll T, Mail
It Will l-ay You
To look up tli baraln I am oftr
lug in my orockry tock. IBvory
(IiIiir I Inoludtd at -rnt dlaoount
r rpulr prlc. Kverylliln In
plain anil tourmd war; th fam
tun l.uatlo Lraiid, KimlUh inaki. It
will nay you to look H over.
U Common!! Hlreot
Th KAII.V A1TOIIIAN will l found
ii u ulii In 1'iirilmnl lit llm wnll-hnuwti
linn. i huuu of J. V, llmiiMnjr (;. Mill
Wh.IiIhkIiiii Klrl. Orilmi for lr
Main Willi this II in will ratwlt
iruinit Alloiillun.
poiitlani. Nov. 7. wuiinKt"n.
ciivgmi mill Mulio, orourlonul rulu to
Crawflnli, oookrd In win, At th N'
llonul Caf.
I MU I'JiiKnln lwl
frli-iiil In rurtlaiiil.
llwy'ro I'tipiilur Nw
llav you idvii my aortment of
bonv brutioT Tlmy wro pur-
cIumiI direct from Nw Yoik. and.
ar vary popular. Am constantly, Mr. Nlo Troyrr rviunivii
nwlvliif nw good. Conn and wo nn frM vUll In I'ih-IIiumI
Th Loading Jwlr,
III CuninitrtltU Btrwrt.
I vlHltlng
M'lio l)o Your I.uuuJi) .'
Mi. Merry ami duugliur huv r
turned from vlull to rortlund.
Drink K. Is. Cereal; Eat Nut butter
W claim, and will nrov to, and Jlumtii J oofl ana lit nappy.
tvery onu, niai w
and mowt up-lo-dal laundry on thnj
Coatl. A trial order will oonvlnc
tlio niont particular. If you want
inat, prompt work, try lh
F.2I Franklin Avinu.
Our Spcclnl Hiii HiiliiM
W hav nma broken lima of tin
war which w will oke out at bar
lain prior. Wa art alio making
pedal prion on itimi brokon line
of canned frulla and rellnhoa, pick
tli. table dellraol and aauov.
Then art A No. 1 gooda, and can
bt had at low prion.
JtuHH. 1IIU01N8 CO.
Mr. Krunk I'm ton and wlfo lft liwt
evi'iilng for NVw York to be abnerit a
Hubert Whldby, who I rmployed In
i'ortUind. apBiit Humlay at III hum tn
A Clan in Spun ixli
l.imt night Mnx I'ohl rlmix-rom-d a
luirly of young ladlea and goiitli'invn on
it imftflidi hunt.
Mr. Muyhun and winter, Ml Kthel
Hllimuii, were piuMi-ng-Tt on but night'
truln from Portland.
R T. Allen k Bon art elllnf Em-
! boned Wall Paper a low aa 10 ocnta
Will bt ttarted. to mwt tvtning ai r r(J. lmporlt4 Engltah. 7H centa.
tin liomea of tht membert. Plan ( '
Two Ivtmiiia a week, M oenta a le-i
on, tight month eounw. A. H. Halliird, ndv.rlHliiK muimg.T
Conault by mall or call at tht f ,,e Amllnn t'ompiiny, of New York.
chool after f.W p. m.
Principal of High School.
I Ixt ni l ine I'mtM cIIhh
And at better than Portland price,
li t a faet. They are the oelbrated
Pollmer-Cliigg makt; handtome,
durible illk umbrwllaa. Don't make
tht mletakt of buying eleewhert.
Tht Jeweler.
MO Commercial Slrwt
ItUUr TIiiiii I vcr
The Pond Btreet Flth Market la
better than ever prepared to uppiy
fifth and toll flail of all kind.
Clooda delivered to any part of the
rltv and aalliifaotlon guaranteed.
417 Ilund Ptreet
.Millinery Novwltlc
I dclrt to further call the atten
tion of tht ladle to my handaomt
tock of trimmed millinery. It com
print the latet creation of the
millinery art. and I am offering re
duced rate for tht net 10 day.
Dr. T. N. Ilull
67S Commercial 8treet.
Over BchtUMel'a Clothing Store.
la In the i-tty on bunlm for hi com
pany. A. U. Cyru hn nmvid hi Real E
tuto and Iimuruti") olllco to 136 Coin
iikmvIiiI utrevt, npiHwltt tlw Aatorliin
For the fund-t'iiU'iialiiment tomor
row night. Tlrkot. 60 ciTiitu; rhlldn'n.
Ji i-i-nlii. lteerve ai-ula at Orlllln &
Wanted Hul'.e of furnlnhed Iiouivf-kei-plng
nHiin, ground floor pn-fernil;
HiiiHt be reaotinablo. Addn-H 11, care
t'apluln lllgn.-y mviit yeaterday In
Port hind. While tln cnptiUn remain
In the Ity h. will Ik- the gul of Mr.
Eugene Hnmuel, on tlie nwd for the
Enultftblo Life. pent Saturday In Aa
torlu and look the evening train for
Pur whUky Harper Perfect whUky
Harper every bottl guaranteed Har
per. Bold by Ford A Stoke Company,
Aitorla, Oregon.
The imie conducted by the Iridic'
tlulld of Hly IniuMvnt Chapel will
tie held Haturdiiy, NowmN-r :.". at the
old ai hool hoiiHo.
noaiyn coal lt longer, U cleaner J
and make lei trouble with itovci and
chimney fluo than any other. George
W. Sanborn, Agent. Telephone 1311.
Wiwlefl Woman to do light boiiiw
wwk In family of thrMi on ranch
four mile from twn; good home; kind
tro-itment. Call DM Fnuikllii avenue.
You can help the. memorial fund and
thoroughly enjoy ynunHf at th ame
lime tomorrow night. Ttu HhHd com
pany eiit'-rittlniiient are ever ucoi
ful. The re'Tve wat al for the Young
memorial fund by tin- Bhluld coiiiiny
at Flher' opi-ra hou tomorrow
26 (H'tit. ReiK-rv-'d iK-at at Orillln
Tak teamer Halley Oalaert of
White Collar lln for Portland and way
point. Fare, ZS oenta; room, 76 cent;
upper or lower berth, 60 cents; fCtloii
btirth, 26 cent,
Hoftlyn col I tht bet and moat eco
nomical coal for houhold uite In A
torlx Try It once and you will havt
no other. Oeorg W. Sanborn, Agent
Telephone 1SU.
"The man with the gun" held up a
Portlund atrei car Sunday evening
and robbed the conductor and mtor
man of their watehe and 112 In coin.
The car hod no paAmmge"'.
The Iioat Puller' Club gave a danc.
log parly Saturday night In thi halt
over the No. 3 engine houm;, It wo
well atlend-d. and lh young people
thoroughly enjoyed thviimvlve.
Th-Tv will le a ikkIiiI given liy the
Junior league of the M. E. church thin
evening at ah reldenie of Dr. T. L.
Hull on Commercial mrit. The llule
x-oplv are Invited to utb-nd.
A "rttlly-" nu-ln u given by the
Fpworth League In the auditorium of
thtf M. E. church m Bunduy evening
prior to the pniu-liliig wnlc. The
mei-tlng wa well attended, ond pnjved
to lie one of rulng Intennt.
Mr. Dement and family will noon
move from Atorltt to California there
t,.i renuiln on IndeflnlUi time. During
their abeme Mr. C. R. Hlggln and
wife will occupy their nuldene, at
the corner of IS ond Exchange ir.-.u.
A meeting of the FonMgn Mliwlonary
..jy of the M. E. church u held
ymtenlny at the realdence of Mr.
Churle Wright on Alr Htre.t. After
a bUhineiw eflou, rvfrehiiwnta
m rved an.l th ladle pawed an hour In
a friendly noclul way.
Mr. Sherman Swagi-it, a prominent
young SiMitllelte, ha accepted a por
tion a manager of the ehlngle depart
ment which U alxut to U Introduced
In the C'lotaop mllUi of this city. Mr.
Swogert 1 at pre -nt uperintendlng
the placing of the machinery In the new
mill a relationship, although Mr. Ixrwy
of the Louvre do- not alvertliu.' the
fai l, It I evident that he xiiM.iwte the
Dewey common Tie.
Tomorrow night r-nUtl(! Ncemw
Hi.cotid Oregon regiment In thi field,
II return home; Dewey at New Tork;
the mounter parade; otht'v pbimltig
feature; a funou reciter; muilcul
program, prominent concert olotti;
brlKlil'-et and beat (iitertoinment ever
given In Antorio, Itiitervw your fti
at (Irlllln & Jtwd .
In the police court ymterday two
member of the Jv family were ar
rulgneii for mlMbi huvlor. John wa up
for an Indecent act, and a he had
erved two day In Jail he wa not fined
but wa udvlNed to leave the city. He
cxpnuM'-d bin w lllingiw-iM to go. Ml
Doe wa charged with drunkenn ond
added 'j to the city' fund.
Hainui-I 1!, Donnelly, pnnl(bMt of the
International Typographical Union,
vi in In lyrtUtnd Kuiunluy and Sunday.
He mu well entertained, and Sunday
afternoon a bunlnen meotlng of the
Multnomah union wa held. Mr. Don
nelly mode the principal oddn, up
holding union labor when organized
and conducted along lawful line.
All AMtorlan who vlilt Portland and
denlre tpendlng a pleoaant evening In
company with polite people and In the
enjoyment of an unexcelled musical
program, should go to the. Fredericks
burg. Ik-tide vocal and Instrumental
election there are mi.iy other at
troctioiii to delight the vlaltors. The
new ijiai:ngeuicn! I making the Frcder
Ickxburg a well-merited uccc.
Tv.o offieloii young men attempted
to hov i, i Joih-4 how :o run hi
bUHiiio at the demt rn Sunday even
big and the prompt and pcrf-ctly un
rnuiantli: manner In whb-h thut gentle
man oiitik-d th'm from the ticket of
fice, where they had forced an en
trance, gave the bold upwart plenty of
foiwl for thought for llwlr Journey to
Mls Slgne Patmberg. r?cently arriv
ing from the Eat, deiilre to announce
to the ludlea of Astoria that she ha
opened droHBmaklng porlor on Ninth
Htrett, near Commercial, next door to
Delllngw' printing ollce. MIh Palm
beri; h:i ' .-d "sfugh experience In
ciutl'ig oml Ilttlng ladU-a' garments of
all kii.d.i, particularly tailor-made suits
i, d cloaks of the Ixtost and most fash
ionable dentins.
Letters addreiwd as follows re
mained uncalltd for at the Astoria
poHtofllce Novemh.-r : Benjamin, E.
A.; Lush, Mr.; Hurr, Rev. J. J.; Gat.,
Charles: Crimes, Royal; Harrison, W.
A.; H el 111.1, Mr. Rose; Hlatt. Frank;
Jordan, W. W.; Mullen, Thomas; Pet
erson, Mrs.; I'eternon Bros.; Blgle, Miss
Niche. Foreign Anderson, P.; Bos
trin. Mis Selmoj Kare, K. Herra Mat
tl; Schulii, Jiihn,.
Over I) members of the Washington
regiment were In Portland yesterday
Perhap not many As'.oriatm riuiv(m. w.m.
that there I a ix-wey living in Astoria j.o.d entertained royally, as well they
who I related to the Admiral. The! might be, for there was not a better
rvlotlon.hlp I not Immediate but It I leylmont In the Philippines than these
r.iii e Washlngtonlans. The remainder
. I of the regiment are on their way to
-wr eyryryyyrryyyyyyyTvsTTTjvi Seattle on the steamship Queen, and
.SkXX..Vv.S.-S..N..S.-.-S.-V.t.--v --cu yij () r tinie whtfn thiy
Portland l Astoria
.. FREE..
To jirovidt) tlio citizens of Astoria mul vicinity with tlio same mlvantafios as
tho ppoplo of Portland, we will, iluring the continuance, of the prevailing
rates, furnish round trip tickets from
Astoria to Portland and Return
Absolutely Free
By giving one round trip ticket with each Suit or
Overcoat, purchased of us, no matter what price the
This will enable those desiring to visit rortland to do so without cost
and at tho same timo to tuko advantage of our enormous selection of
Vnrfon IWh n nd Children. All our iroods are markod in plain hcures.
V 1VIIU 'J w o -
CUT VUT THIS "AD." and it will be honored for a round trip ticket and
i . . ,i ;j ...jii. i i -f r i
an auiunsion W llio exnosmon wiiu cacii nurcnasu oi u oun or vvercuut.
Moyer Clothing Co.
Tli Popular Price Clothiers.
BEN SELLING, Manager 3rd and Oak Streets, Portlard
; Mr. I,. O. rollnnd and wife and Mr,
: August Lai. -en, Mn. Larson and their
ditunhtcr Thora. b-ave today for Eu
! rope. They will be Joined at Chicago
ly Miss I.und and will sail from New
: York on the 15th, taking the steamer
' Oceanic. The party will make its head
' qunrters at Gutenburg. Sweilen, but
j w 111 visit different sections of Norway
: and probably the Psrls exposition,
i They oxiect to return In r.bout a year,
' . . a.
j When the Olympla steamed down the
river Saturday and nassvd by the city,
It seemed that Astortans gitve vent to
every patriotic yell In them, but they
either iU not or else In the meantime
recuperatM t hemes! ves, for on Sunday,
before !h Pennsylvania got fairly
within hearing and after she got be
yond, whs w rung, whlsitleB
W ' iii' u iiiki Hpiu simpiy yeued,
(Jj sln.wlnpr tlint s; 11 that Is necessary to
llr up patriotism In Astoria Is the
i sight of a transport.
' x" yesterday awarded
j the contrail of transporting the mater
i lul for the construction of the road be
yond tho 1 oung's bay bridge. This
dooa not Include tho laying down of th.
planks. That part of the work will be
made the subject of another contract
which will be awarded later. Mr. Sale
will get the material for the road from
the Goss trestle on Young's bay. He
will bi obliged to secure about three
hundred thousand feet and his terms
are 95 cents a thousand.
The regular county teachers Insti
tute v !". : '.ouurrow morning at
the High school building with County
School Superintendent Lee presiding.
State Superintendent Ackerman will
arrive on the noon train and will pre
side at all the meetings from that time.
The principal themo for discussion dur.
lug the progress of tho Instkute will be
the course of study prop .wed by Profes
sor .vucniuiii iii iiie public schools of
Oregon. Evening session will be held
In the M. E. church and will consist of
adiliosita Ljr .cuing educators of
the state, exhibitors of model class
work by different grades In the city and
niu-sle furnished by local talent.
Mrs, Bailey, national speaker and or
ganizer for the W. C. T. U., has Just
closed a very successful series of ad
dresses In this city. Sunday afternoon
she spoke to a large, audiencd at the
M"ih'ilit hun:h. on one evening he
M'ldren.! an amll.oie In Union Town,
Till mi'KtlriK wuh largely altetti-d and
tho piiipln were, very pronounced In
lHr fliianclal reeognltlon of the speak
er tffort. Yesterday afu-rin.on Mrs.
Ilailey eonduetirl 'ivllm' m-tlng at
Hi JSupllwt church. Mm. I'jil,-y np-akn
with a onvlutlon and oorneMtiieMi thai
I ve-ry fureeful and demands tlw at
u utiori (rf all thoughtful lUUM-rs. Iter
addr'-M. show a wl 1 rang of travel
and tiueli pnlu:"Jve olmervaUoiia of
tliij dlferent K'Opl anvmif whom she
ha moved tn that h I ull to draw
mroTiK cinnpariiwri and enumerat II
lUNtrntloiui that can not fall to prove
the Plea nhe I advancing. The local
V, C. T. V. I mu;h trerigthen;d by
hr vIkIi and I more determined than
ever to puch with -ixTgy the work ft
hux boen to a:comp!lsh.
Th? recnit rw ronferencc bring
the vimi-r of th Cxar of Itussla frei to mind. Ill sulJei look to him
for food, helu-r, raiment, ven life It
self. In no country Is a monarch
power rnoro uls'Wuu-. Hut far-ra.:hlng
um lis lnilu-iK- Is It canm oe com
pared to that which the human U,ma:h
ha over the morals and health of the
HVeruge mortal. H'mO-tter Htomai h
Hlttcm cure crnstl nation, dyspepsia,
bllliiines, rMTvourHs arl all dls-
ens- arising from an Inactive liver or
weak kidneys. Try It If you have
nlomnth trouble of any sort, and see
for ynurs' if. It will bring yai bak to
health and happliiMi. It will make you
Htrong by making your stomach strong.
A private Revenue Htamp should cover
the iii-ck or the bottle.
The Shield's
Company .
At risher's
Opera House
J A Ilclined v l'lii;litftil Knter
' tainmetit.
F'rogram of
Pleasing Novelties
For reueGt o(
Edward C. Young,
Library Memorial.;
" P
A OPEN DAY E,ti-'U:rfd
ijj AND NIGHT...
E. House's
lS Third S rrfl, F.rlhnl, lr?i. .
J T!ie Bet Cup of Ceflie
orCocoa lathe fit y.
Cream siiit Milk
y, (rem eur own ranch
f Hnnio nude I'let nd i-ke.
I f ' ' Vrnt' Tailor,
I, D. Boyer,
merchant Tailor
. IrHo-Date
1 i'inrth St., rOMLMD, ORE.
r n i r.,
A first-class place at moderate prices
lJoonis for ladies and private parties
Open nil Night...
10S Fourth St., near Washington
Jackets! Jackets ! Jackets!
fine Tailor-made Jiicket reduced from $12.00 to
10.00 to
An Unusual Opportunity to Get an
Elegant Jacket at a Bargain.
Have You Seen Our Fall Line of Winter Mack Drva
Good 1'oplyw, Venetianff, Whipcords,
Camel 'a Hair and Ocpon '
With every Suit, even if the Suit cohta no more than
I'HONli BLACK 1833.
Columbia Tboiif 21.
K. 11. riTTHk.ll,
. I'loj.rioi. r.
I'rivalf Rooms tir Ladies.
SOS Washing
ton St , ue;ir otti
(We have good Suits for this price)
No lottery. Every One Treated Alike.
Boy also (tet a Hal with a Sail, ami we have good mm
8aiU Upward fiom aTjpS5 1 KJ
You buy the Bait, we give the Hut. The bettr the Suit the better
the hat. No toy Ijeio given away, bat something nw-fal. Huvidk low
rent we can do this.
Dealer ia Mea's tad Boys' Clothing and rariisbing Goads, tad flea's Boys',
Ladies' aid Children's Sboes.
2'.'3 florrisoa Street p
c STRICTLY A3 a.lCHICAX CLOTHING STOKE Betweea Tirst aad Soeoad 5
Fresco Decorators:
and Scenery Artist
Latest Designs Wall Papers
J27 First Street, Portland
We Rent New Typewriters.
Many New Improvements Added-SEE OTJR LATEST
Smith Prentier Typewriter
'A-r'-r$2 1 & X. 4.FKNDrR A CO., Pi.onc Main 574
Excluoive Pacific Coast Dealers. 245 Stark SL Portland
Hoefler's Bonbonniere
Where tire finest Candies in the State
are Trepared and Always In Stock
543 C0.1.ICRCIAL ST..
g) WATSON BKOS., Propr s,
romliictod on tlu check system, there-
fore pttrohi piiy hit wlmt they order
gj and no more.
1V Claim tbe Larjrest, tomnt, Brsl
tnd (luirlest Senite in the Jortlwest. X
11U and 111 Fourth St.
Open 6 a.m. to p.m. PORTLAND
Of Every Description Made to Order. Largs Line of Stock
Books for 1900. Attractive Prices.
loose leal Ledgers and Transfer Cases. Tiip in till II UfinCrtU PA
Order Blanks Holders and Binders. H L I II if iil'M U UOUil UU.
Commercial I'rinting in all branches.
nr-Liirreitt Eaubiirtunimt in th Woit. First and Salmon Sts., Portland.
t t a a m (.j
BecatiBe at our house we Lave neither a bathtub,
nor hot water humly. ,. .
Theo go to the Russian Baths at 217 Astor St. '.
25 cents is the price. Private apartments for
ludies. Only the better class of patronatfe la
catered to. Try one and you will come regularly.
(S i(!X(SS3