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gaily gUtortau.
Telephone Main ML
"""" DAILT.
Bent by mail, per year
Kent by mll, per month
Served by carrier, per month W
laagte that equally r rwults have
' f.illnwvd it ue In Africa. It l the be
j Uef of ur ar dopartmont that thortte
j will prvve a grvat a sucwus lydlt.
! aiiJ work much gronter eH-utl.n than
the fleli gun now In service. The ad
vantage of the new Mplortvt Is that
a few pounds hAve many time the d'
tructlvenes of imnpi der. and thai a
much mIU'r quantttiy prvHlucrs far
gTvater eaVot. In AfrK-a the English
sre S-tm h shells, but In the Phtl
iiplm it Is rspetd that our sh.'lls will
be slightly sttnlU-r, at any rat at Art.
Bent by mall, per year. In advaoc 110 f -
Potag free to aubacrtbera. ' aMKRIOAN TOOLS IN THE ORIENT.
j That American t 1 aiv vh'ited to
All communication Intended for pub- .lay an Important part in the Industrial
licatlon thJuld be directed to th edl-; swak.-n'ng of Vhir. I cfc-arly shown
tor. Buslneaa communication of all J in the rapid building of the Chinos
Itlndi and remittance muat be addres- . Eastern railway.
d to "The Aitorlan." That this remarkable enginevrlng ec-
th principal If that waa the contract
It may he that the city warrant
only betr non-rvtntrart Intervet. In
which csw the dii.tlU"tLiii I make will
not apply. Hut In all case of private
contract fir interest In execs of logal
Interest, this difference between the
contract and the non-conlraot rates of
Interest will make the question raised
of no practical Importance. It will be
to the debtor's Interest to have his In
terest calculated according to Mr. H.'f
vlJ-fashioned style. Tlila statua of the
ras I on premise of the merchant'
custom of calculating Interest on In
terest, and It mlnlAe the Importance of
tne problem In this state, confining
it to caves where a special rale of In-let-em
is not contracted.
Put there I another prtiicipiti k4 luw
that may be involved In favor of the
city, or debtor. It s the principal of
application of payment. At the tlnie a
payment Is made the debtor ran direct
Its application either to the principal
or Interest, a he chooses. If he applies
Orient. The Honolulu had cargo of
coal from Australia for the Spanish
navy, and th captain saw the Intended
consumer rink by the Tnnkee guns,
but he rejoiced, with the that did re-
Jolce, and sold hi coal to ivwey.
teqrte ha been pushed with a rapid-
! ity never approached In railroad 1 11 w ,h Principal the. effect will be to
construction Is largely due to Amerl-
can ingenuity and American tools and
Th Astorlan guarantees to It ad-
Yeruser we large" - mach,nery. according to Alexander
newspaper published on the Columbia wh
in MoClure's M wraxine for November,
l and describes m.-wt e-rnvrtainingly the
I difficulties encountered by a member of
Advertising rate can be had on P- the Engineer s Club of New York CHy
plication to the business manager. i in Inducing the Russians t. try he
i Atrwrkan tools. In his starch for the
avoid compound Interest by making a
n-?w principal, and a smaller one than
by the other way. If he falls to direct
the application the creditor can apply
it as he pleases. Now right here Is
where the custom of merchants will
come In to help the debtr. A well
settled custom enters Into the Inten
tion of th parties to a contract. Jt
will be prima facie presumed by the
the custom merchant.
" -"r- L " " 'country never before entered by a
the Hamilton-City interest question, it n.ts man He Anally overhauled
would seem that the city' answer j them, but they at fir refused to listen
should be amended to set up speclrtcally ; to what they regarded as hia fabulous
, tales ox the superiority of American
tows "and machinery for railroad con-
" 1 st ruction. They were finally pursuaded
Will the Orconian y where it be- t( ,nm a tria lnj -a-tth the ar
lleves a drydock should be constructed rival of the first invoice of American
on the Columbia river? Does it be- tovls a new era began in railway con
, - ... . structioa in the far East." Siberia and
lieve the commerce of Oregon wiJ be ,. ,
as well subserved by building eucn jAmerlcan manufacturers of pickax-s.
structure on the shifting bank of th..' ( hammers, shovels and handcars, and
Willamette river as at th entrance to; befxe the close of navigation in No-
the river on the deep harbor of Astoria?
engineers of the rod he explored the j 'aw. th absence of special appropri
wild of Manchuria and parsed through at Ion. that the debtor and creditor
vember, l?y, ship loads of American
I raiK Iccoinotivrs and cross ties arrived
at Yladivostock and were sent Into
I Central Manchuria. The r.usslans
The present activity of the Astoria fciUml that America could deliver bet-
chamber of commerce will meet with ' ter gxlg at a lower price than Euro
universal approval among our citizens, j Pn countries and could furnish them
T. , ... .. , t ,h, ! in one-half the time. England. Belgium
It is a satipfaotlon to know that leading ...
and Germany were practically driven
business men are now coming forward rym tJje fie!i
In the Interest of the city's advance- T,ig gUccessful invasion of far-ofT Si
ment who once held aloof (Mm thj ' beri and Man' huria by an enterprising
chamber of commerce or regarded Its American engi la but one of the
, . , ,. . , many demonstrations of the ability of
proceedings with Indifference. With .
" . American tixls and machinery to drive
such men on his prominent committees, out all cmp-ty,, ln any market on
President Van Dusen ought to be able the gli be wbvre the peple have an op
to show tome splendid results bofure 1 pjrtunity to test their merits. Of the
... . . millions of dollars' worth of railway
the close of the year. , , . ,
- . material yet to be used to complete the
Chinese Eastern raiisay it Is believed
It is a significant fact that while none ,hM mon (han y.. T cent
of the states admhted to be doubtful can be spnt to the best advantage in
in today' contest has ever been relied ; the I'nited States. In fact, an Amer
on as safely republican, while two of ' ican firm ha already secured the con
, ,. . . tract for supplying the bridges for this
them, Kentucky and Maryland, up to r
nd. When the road is com-
the time of the last presidential contest. ; pttj ,he establishment of a dl
were never looked upon otherwise than , rect steamship line between San Fran
as strongly democratic under all cir-! cls anl VladlvuMock will bring the
enmstances. Yet if the republicans - "
and Germany to a rich country of 10.
fall to carry all these doubtful states M population, opening up vast trade
today, Bryan and his followers will set possibilitir. for th- Pacific ost.
up a shout that the policy of prosper!-
ty and expansion has been rebuked
and a great uprising againt the ad
ministration indicated. Of course the
questions of tariff, the gold s-.andard
and the war in the Philippines are not
real issues in any election h-ld to-lay,
but the evident purpose of the man
agers of perhaps both national partis , Thr toivn whih Issued the wat-r
to nroclaim the r-sults a f.eaM (,fb"nl ' t"ay a big, bustling city.
meant the custom of merchants should
be followed, and that the payment
should be applied to the principal in
stead of the Interest.
It is true the "custom of merchants"
Is technically to compute interest on
the partial payments. But the result
Is the same as when the payntent is
deducted from the principal. So. on the
whole, I believe the final construction
of law (upon this principle of appropri
ation of payments) must sustain the
custom of merchants, which is gener
ally found to be based on sound rea
son. So much so, lnde.-d, that. In a
limited sense, the- common law holds
the custom of merchants to be actual
Fillpino!i Readily Adopted
The American soldier had not tx-en
long in Manila before the FillpiiKM, who
are natural .nudcia-is, began playing
American airs. The natlvs hae
tands and orchestras, and !h- du?liy.
catchy Yankee tunes were exactly to
their taste.
The little boys and rls delight In
"playing soldier, " and they drill Ith a
precision anl go thrugh the manual
of arms with the wooden guns or
broomsticks ln a manner that always
compelled the admiration of the
They always wind up th-lr play by
one of the boy blowing "r"treat" on a
tin whistle. Th-n a tiny American
dag, which they have b4sled on a
pole, Is slowly drawn down, the
whistle playing "Star Spangled Ban
ner," and all the' Utile Filiplmis stand
ing at "attentlon"wlth bared heads.
Anywhere one would go ln the city
of Manila, which Is as large as San ,
Frarcisco, he could hear "Hot Time.";
"Honolulu Lady," "Wabash" and the!
other popular airs. But the melody of
"Just as the Sun Went Down" proved'
the most Irresistable. Jt captured Ta-
. They nun
Football Isn't a piirlor game. It Is
not a gentle, ladylike pastime. Its his
tory U dotted here and there with ac
counts of broken limb and even U4
lives. Yet for all that It grows In fvir
and It so ought. Whh nil Its roiiKhnctw
It d" nt make ruttlans. The game
develop character as well as muscle
niut 'the youth who piny a gd game
of football a god player Is never a
"slusger" Is n.t usually n w.nkllng In
nny sense.
Mr. Hamilton and the school bird
are evidently not In love with each
other. This much the public under
stands and It might be well for the In
cident as eh" at that point.
We.she and I. a wager made. It was
I hive klses on the side. I said "I
win" she blushing paid and then, all
penitent, I cried "I told you false 1
kst. On me devolves the debt and not
on you." I then returned her klsw
thr.v and paid her what I owed her.
J' v!"
Many men with some of the seeminu
attribute of greatness are woefully rx
poMwhen they st-t In high place.
One of the demi-gmls of the Oregon
republicans Is fast Kvotnlng common
clay very, very common.
Twlay a battle of the Iwtllot Is on In
full vigor in several of the states. Ex
pansion Is In a measure at issue, but
th--re aie so many l.val Issue Involved
that only 'a i. t i led sliiinp one way or
the other will show the tval sentiment
of the people on national matters.
Agmnaldo, It s-t-iiis. will soon have to
ly from another "capitorf." Mulolm and
and on-' or two iith-rs have lvn do
si rted as ih- dr-tid ap.
proaeheil and three columns aiv heiul
el fir Tarlac Tut a little thing that
doesn't N-ther a man w h.-n Ik' Is used
to it.
The anti- -x;iriM'iiilsls miclit put up
Kmll Agulnaldo a tlo-ir candidate for
president. If training count i for any
thing he Wiuld niiike a good run.
7 . .
,. Jt' 4t aO,.1a i-M
Merchant Tailors
2io, Timhill Street
IWlatf iliii till 4tb...
Portland, Oregon
rlllon Ortiiml MlncU 4
A . . i tv
But a true Iv.mtiticr, Wing the otilv prrp- !
station soM uii.ler pitive guitrnutcc of ;
fl.IKH) tll.(t It Coli:.llll ol a TMn or!
fraction thereof ol i,,..noti or drlctrrl- I
ous sidt,tncc. l!iil.irl I'V the tuot
ctrlcbratcil tuti-tr ol the nc ami
malic sUkic tTcotmiicttilrrl ly rininntt 1
phvMCUiiH. and pronounced hannlcMt by ,
lradittK chitiut
It I tbf OHlv pfTtmtHthHt IH Bwl t fallH'IVaM
Ulir to jtj tiuir U'4'iitlu! ktiiti.Vi-ti i Ak
y-otii t1ruiit lot ti nil I 1' .h c iIuh( to Uk
Bythuig vr rur " crtii Kr toti
( up TIionc,
You linvo aUitit your lionic anil liavs Ihcm mn.le Into llnnilsome I looks.
Old lK)ka retioiiiul Mini lumlo us gixnl a nrw. We ninke nil kinds til
books and lisvo Hie only Ikaik llindcry In Asltula.
Will lie plcasist to nliniit mllinali.
J. S. DF.I.I.IMil'K,
(air. Mntli a ii J Coiiiiiicrclul SI.
P. n. Slmrple's Cream Separators
Latent (inrl Heat
Do you want a good m'l when you
visit Portland? If so, go to the Tort-
land restaurant. JC5 Washington street, i
If you want any Health Food that
your gmeer doe not have, writ Knapi
Pros. H-ai:n Food Co.. Eat Pi
General Supply
Mouse for
Family Groceries
onunT Builders' Heavy and Shelf Hardware, ShipChandlery, Etc.
Kinpp Itro. Health Food Company,
l ast Portland, carry a full line
th iut;Ie Creek Sanitarium'
.- Pacific Sheet Metal Works
E. House' Caf at IM Third street.1
Portland. I regarded by many peopl
as the leading restaurant In th Pa
cific Northweat. !
-' : Cslmnn
Encyclopedia Brittanlca, SI vol.. ,4U"
h.ep, W- llest teacher' Blbl. now, Vft'ttafclr
JOc. at Eyland' IJr.' Book Store. 6fc,","'
Portland. Pee advertisement. FrUlt
Lithographing on Tin a Specialty.
Sm Francisco. Cal. Astoria, Ore. Falrhavcn. Wasli.
Astoria, Ore.
Write Us for Prices
curate, up-to-date printing,
promptly delivered.
All work
gulo and Maccabebe.
Jmmd It.
Cditi'.ue fro u Fae 8,
thing SMme
the future tendency of the people gives
these elections an inten-st and imp.r-
and the lKnds are at a premium. The
r reditors who got the bonds made mon-
i ey by the New York bank's failure. Mr.
tance which will cause the i-turns t.-xixn di not stite wha.t he g'Jt for
be uatched and aaitel from one end , the Kloiida property, but it is doubt-
of the country to the (her.
W a v-ry small sum
An account of the terrible u-structive- j
mss of the Englinh artillery aaint the ;
Boers In South Africa is published in ,
another column, and It will be of inter-
est to know that the United Stan is
whistled it, played It on piano, guitar J
and mandolin, and their bands and '
j orchestras enjoyed giving the melodl
So the lands wwejom sounds to the tropic aJr. j
I i fie auiiior oi iua.i pi(uKLr book,
Jak Keating, has ben engaged for the
"memorial fund" entertainment ti be
given Wednesday night under the
management of Mr. Edw. Shields. H
is a pianist of the popular school, and
plays right Into the hearts of his hearers.
The admission to the ent-rtainnr-rrt
has been fixed at 50 cent: childn-n, 1'.
cents. Scat can be reserved at Grif
fin & Reed'.
should always be kept In
the house for the fol
lowing reasons:
fJRST Becau. ff any member
of the family has a hard cold, it
will cure It.
SECOND - Pecause If the chil
dren are delictte and sickly, It will
make them strong and well.
TfflRD Because, if te father or
mother is losing flesh and becom
ing thin and etnaciaiel It will bulid j thought of the day. many book on ub
them up and give irwm flesh and
FOURTH- Became jt h the
standard psrred in u throat and
lung affect.or.j.
No ho'j-hoi-f should be without It.
It can be Uiten in summer as well
as in winter.
IO0TT V BOWSE, Chnui.. StwTork.
A g'd meal with meat rich In flavor
anJ one you will enjoy with a relish. I
Just what you get at the Cn-ameii
restaurant, 171 Washington ativet. ner
Third. Try It when you go to Portland.
If you are going up to PortUnd and
mUs gon to the Creamerie Uestau
rant, ;n Washington Pt.. you may con
sider that your trip will not a ur
cess, in others .v 1 1 1 tell you. who do not
mls It
!ln::t! ' English and Huslne Col
teg,, ni Vi 4! I Yamhill treet, I'ortland. l to acrnniniodat a larg
oin l.-r ,,f pupil this year. Already'
the rsie are -ell crowded, a fact'
hnt ..''i' ite the excellent character of
the l:ntitUtton. :
Mr. N. R. Ilrldg-Mi. late of the Ellis
Priming Company of Po.tland. has as
sumed th management of the Astorlnn .
Job printing department, and I pre-
HeutZealand Fife Insuranee Go
Why la Watann'a restaurant In Port-1
land patronised by thousand of peopl!
dally? Simply because It I the largest, .
finest and best equipped eating resort
on the Paclrle coast. Watson' restau
rant ha sixty-eight whit employes on
it pay roll. Remember the location.
Fourth street. j
All kinds of reading! There Is only
one plnce we know of In Portland'
win-re you ran find all th latest book
And ph.ttnplet on the most advanced
Of New Zealand.
San KmnciHco.
Subwribtsl Cajiital ...
Pnil-U Cupitul
AssttU .....
Assets in United .States
Surplus to Tolicy Holilors
lla lccn Underwriting on the Pacific Coast ovt r Twmtv-two vears.
ReHldent ArntH, Astorin, Oregon
j.-rts of ndvanced up to date topic not!
to b found in other tok stores can j
be obtained here. It I worth your!
while to call when In Portland and se
for yourself. Jones, Alder Bt., !
Portland. j
Pacific Navigation Com pany
ilr. Dell Distunes the Question From
an Imartlal standpoint.
Astoria, Nov. C Editor Aitorlan :
going to try a new explosi ve in the war j The h-jt tirs of controversy over the
againHt the Fllipiiw. With tn xc-p- Hamilton-Astoria Intrent quetlrn stir
tion of this government every or e of the '. lo an M"a "n tnl lmrtanl
, i . . 'public, not private; problem. It Is an
i'l'.a that might 'In ore view) settle
Helu artill-ry. rh- i.nush .yd.t-. th maU(,ri pra.-tlcally, in Oregon in
the French melinite and the Germans a . l.i .or of the Hamilton side of the dls-
imiliar explosive miLtiufa''."tur''d at tb.'ir i ptt'. .Mr. H. says inU-rest muat be
own arsenels. These explosives are said
acl'ied to the principal up to the first
! pavnient which is thn to tf deduftetl
to be practically identical in comnokl- ,,, . . , , , . .
' from the total, making a new principal
tion, but the exact details are a secret. ,t which interest is to be computed,
with the Inventors. The I'liited Statee and so on for oat.h partial payment,
has U-vn experimenting for some ti.,r:-:!Tne '" ''' 1;" anr say the con-
. v, , ,. ... ; tract intetcst shfiUid (by the custom of
to find a suitable explosive, and at last1 .
rne' hants for a quarter century) be
ha. determined to prove the utility of , t.0iputS( on th. prlnr.lpaj t0 dale of
thorite the Invention of a (.iuzen ofiflral payment, and then interest at a
Tauotna under service condition. The lilte ate, should le computed on each
payment up to tame time, deducting
war department has Just ordered Lieu
tenant Parker to go to the Philippines
to superintend the manufacture of
thorite, and with him will go the In
ventor. Lydlte now used by the Brit
ish in South Africa is said U be fright
ful it: its destructive effects. It was al
io used by the British in their last Sou
dan campaign, and from the reports
siade by the military exports, accom
plished fearful execution. When the
Dervishes charged down on the British
Hnes at Omdurman and at the Albara
ntlre battalion were mowed down by
tie exploding lydite shells, and it Is evi
dent from the account elsewhere of
ke artillery at Glencoe and Elands-
total from the total principal and In-ter-ft.
The former way gives Mr. H,
considerably more by allowing Interest
on interest, or compound lnteret. The
latter way was invented by merchants
to avoid that compound interest. Mr.
H' way has lieen the practice In the
court for ages and is found In all the
arithmetics old and new. The city
treasurer's or merchants' way of com
puting the interest, though, run up
against one practical difficulty, viz:
The contract rate of lnterrest In Oregon
may be ten per cent while the non-con-i
tract rate I ( per cent and was S per
cent during these payment. Ho It the
clty'g lalm Is correct, only 8 per cent
could be computed on the partial pay
ment In the absence of a contract,
while 10 per ceut could be figured on
The ehlp Crown of England arrived
In Sunday.
The ship St. Mungo came down the
nver yesterday.
The steamer W. K. Harrison has left
out for Tillamook.
The British Bernlcla is alongside the
O. E. A N. coal bunker.
The two transport Olympia and
Pennslyvanla left out Sunday.
The British bark Lorton and tAe Ger
man hlp Ferdinand Fler have
passed out.
Steamer State of California arrived in
early yest'-rday mornfng from San
Francisco and two hir later left up
for Portland.
The steamship Gunsey, Norwegian,
left out yesterday morning for China.
She has a cargo of lumber.
The Brltlsk schooner Honolulu ar-
rived In port yesterday from Mexico.
The Honolslu witnessed the naval bat
tle of Manila bay, having entered but
a day or so before Dewey took hi fleet
In to aemolish Spain' power ln the
Two Fashionable Furrlw Who Are
Earning Well-Merited Approval
Good wrk, correct style and perfect
fit speak louder (or the furrier than
any advertisement that can be written.
Appltaih A Prasll. the faahlonable
furriers, at US Third treet, between
Alder and Morrison, guarantee abso
lute satisfaction In every cas? where
a purchase I made at their establish-m-nt
Both gentlemen are practical
cutters and fitter, who have been em
ployod In some of the largest houses
In the principal cities of the United
Stat.-. Thore Is a style and finish to
all work tumid out by this Arm that
stamp both gentlemen exp-rts In this
buslress. Garments will be taken to
be msde over or repaired, and the work
turned out with the least possible- delay.
It. P. Elmore
W. II. llnrrlMon
A tailoring establishment of som I
pretention, located on Washington i
street, Portland, claim to have mad
47 suits for dressy Astortan during th!
past six month. Thla statement I de-j
nld by the firm of Povey St Bircha.l, at 'fiAIJIBALni
r.7 Washington street, near the Im-,
ASTOItl A to
perlal hotel, who ar patronized by thi
grat majority of outside customer. I
Povey Sc Blrchall make the swell suits i
for most of the stylish Portlndera, and I
feel that they are not excelled by any!
Portland firm for out of town patronage.
Connecting at Astoria with the Oretiou I U 1 1 road A Narigatlon Co. for
Sao Francisco, I'ortland and all (tointa vast. For freight anil passen-
Strangers visiting in the city wiil liud
the Loiwe an attractive resort wherein
to sjietiil the evening. The Amnio Mister
Ladies' Orelii-n'm Mill on the bills ulid
present nightly a musiial prourHiii of
exceptional merit. Handsome pool mid
billiard rooms n'e a fi-nlnre in connection
wilh the lion.e. I'nliitHhle lunches will
be served lit all nonrs
ger rates apply t,
COHN kCO Agents,
Like what Is man, but tike a sprouting
That grow and ripens but to cast Its
Among the thistles and the tares of life
And then to see It strangled In the
Or like the clouds that wander with the
And pas unnoticed from a life of eas -?
Or like a mushroom, sprung to life,
To starve or strangle ln the tangled
grass r
These are thoughts that are apt to
come to many people at time, espe
cially when they are sick and have to
pay big price for medlclm. But there
Is one drug store In Oregon whore you
can save from 10 to 25 per cent on
everything you buy, and that I J. A.
Clernenson's Drug Store, at 227 Yam
hill street, Portland, Ore. At that store
you can get Hood's Sarsapaiilla at 70c;
Mellen's Food, $1 lie, 65c; Bromo Selt
zer, II size, 70c, and everything else at
the same low rate. Tou can get red
trading stamps there, and If you need
the Natural Body Brace, you can get It
Improved ranch, conslstlt.g of 120
acre, on Young' river. Apply to John
L. Hnyseth, Wle, Or.
The North Pacific Dental College,
whos vlvertla?ment appear In anoth
er column, opened Its door October 6,
'lth 78 tu dent on it roster. The col
lege la well equipped with every facil
ity to graduate student In all the late
knowledg3 of dentistry. A, R. Baker,
D.D. S 1 demonstrator In charge, and
Is well qualified to Instruct all student
wno are id tni college.
Harrtuel Bltnore & Co.
f rl Agent. AHTOIUA, ORE.
Oregn .llroarl Navigatiou Co.,
Normal School
Training School for Teacher.
New Buildings
New Department.
Ungraded Country School Work,
Graduates Secure fiomlf Positions.
STRONG C0UR8Ea-WlI equipped training departments, Normal court,
quickest and best way tu Stat Carttflcfcte.
Expenses for year from 1120 to $180; Board U 80 to per weeks Tultloa. Ml
per term of to wk. FaU term begin September th; Summer trm Jun
to September 1. Foe catalogue address p. l. CAMPBELL. Presides.
or W. A. WANN. So ofFoulty.
Why at 'The Eastern,' of course. 170
Third St., Portland. You can get a
good layout for 15 cents here, which
will satisfy your hunger and bring you
back again to the same place. Remem
ber the Eastern.
Dental College
loth and Couch Sts I'ortland.
Member of National Association of
Dental Paculties.
Pormcrly Ta:oma Collcije "F Dcnta
Dental Infirmary open dally from a.
m. to I p. m. Free oral surgical cllnUi
Saturday. 1:30 p. m, to I p. m. A. R.
Baker. D. D. 8., Demonstrator la
Student deilrlng Information, ad
dress North Paclrte Dental Collega,
Fifteenth and Couch street. Port!uid,i
Oregon. 1
A Delicious and
Palatable Drink
Absolutely Pure
The North Paoiflo Brewery, of which f Bottled beer for family use or keg
MrJohnKopp Is proprietor, make beer beer npplicd at ony time. dllvrv In
for domes io and export trade. the city free.
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