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During the past few days we have talked exclusively on Men's and Boys' Clothing, and an exceptionally fine lino of
Overcoats which were placed at prices that drew even the attention and presence of Portlanders to givo thorn a trial;
and all who purchased are mightily proud of the bargains tin y realized.
Now, We I
m Something Else to Say
13 is this: We have in stock a rich and varied assortment of Underwear and Neckwear that in comparison is fully as reasonable to buy as the Clothing.
Really these goods must be seen to be appreciated. They are new strictly so in material ami design, and are identically the same class of ;oods as will be found on sale at this moment in the
leading houses of New York City.
Read the price we are now making on Swift's goods. As
is well known, Mr. Swift is recognized the country over as the
most conscientious manufacturer in this line to be found any
WEAR, $1.50 per suit. Always heretofore they have been
more than cheap at $2.00.
Here is a line of Camel's Hair and National. Wool Un
derwear at 50 cents per garment. They are excellent for the
price asked and are sure to please the purchaser. Many of
our best people select them by reason of the soft character of
the material.
While inspecting this department, auk uko to m o Ixt K
T-B. Tliese are what are known ns Ribbed Wool Shirts and
Drawers. We have decidi-d for a few days only to Hell them
at $2.00 a suit. This is a remarkably low figure, if you are
posted as to values in this direction.
And now we are making a still further cut on the justly celebrated Lu
zerne Underwear. Think of it! Only $2.50 a suit. We have just been
selling it at $3.00, but we want the bulk of Astoria's trade and we propose
to get it. You cannot beat this price nor the goods anywhere on earth.
This Week, Wright's Health-Fleeced Underwear, $2.50 per suit. All who
wear underwear will understand that this is an amazingly cheap price for
Wright's noted make, They are unexcelled for winter on account of be
ing fleece-lined on the inside.
In the same connection we have the Famous Arabian Fierce Underwear.
We are also cutting it for the time being to $2.50 per suit.
Chjpfc Attention all ! Fancy Bosom and Colored Body
O II 1 1 lO Shirts with one pair of cuffs $1.00. Certainly
after examining the quality you won't believe it, but it is the
truth., We are going to sell these very same shirts this week
at the above figure
IfatC mftn w'10 's fi'r'c'lv up-to-date in style wears a
lulu derby hat. We carry two lines, one at $.'5.00 and
one at 4.00. They haye just been received from the factory
and ore Latest Fall Shapes. This is a good time to tender
our thanks for the splendid trade in hats we have enjoyed.
A imliliy llo make any ninii look rciHilullr. II tin
urn n lmiiilaomn tin i'urllninl mrri-liitnl run
walk llie nity!t lirm iiml not U iuiiinfel on. We
Iiiivb n beautiful variety jtut in from llio r!nat. Include, I hi it in tlx avrell
HufiiH Y'tirlioiHo Nm kwfr. . Mr. VaUriitua iiiatHifiiclurca tlio Hurst
llm of tit In tlm 1'inted Slate., and the tmttertia nru iiiiiilnnrulltt. Auk
loses our Imperials, Trek a, rour-iti-IUnda, VniU unl HhloM and Hund
lltma. I'rnta rniitto from otk! upward".
490 Commercial Street, Astoria, Oregon.
England's Soldiers will Not Fare
So Well as Did Our Troops.
It is Considered a Good Wholesome
Ration Notwithstanding the Uproar
Made In the Spanish War.
P. Hugo Sksad of the City Club, Cape
Town, South Africa, -was a visitor at
the agriculture department lately arid
had a long talk with Secretary Wilson,
Bays a special to the St. Louis Glube
Democrat. The special object of his
Vlfllt was to secure advice from Secre
tary Wilson as to the best plan in the
army which Is now fighting In the Phil-'
"No country In the history of the
world has ever given such generous
treatment to Ks soldiers as the United
States gave to Its army during the
Spanish war, and Is now giving to the
army which !s engaged In putting down
the Insurrection In Luzon. Why, we are
now sending refrigerated beef to Ma
nila, and are building an immense re
frigerating plant there, so that the sol
diers of Oen. Otis' army can have re-,
frigerated beef at all times. This Is the!
same beef which we send to England, j
and which Is the highest priced beefj
In the English market. It Is the best :
beef In the world. The British soldiers j
In South Africa are not likely to get'
any of this kind of b-ef, because, as I
said, England Is not prepared to fur-'
nish It to them, even if she desired to
do so. The English soldiers fighting
with the Boers will have to get along
with our canned beef and canned pork
meats. And I have no doubt whatever
they will get along very well with
"Ir. normal llms we send 400,000
head -if cattle to England a year. The
Increased demand for our cattle In con
s -riu-nce of the war will raise the price.
i We are also having an increased de
mand fur hardtack and flour with
which with whk-h to make It. This
where the merchant shjp Olympla was od) of freeing
being loaded for a voyage across the beasts of prey.
the community from
As a price was onoe
Pacific. I said to the agent of the line, j offered for every head of a wolf, so the fridges: thirty-three Catling guns, with
who was standing by: 'I am anxious conscript furthers of the Danish capltol
to know just what Is going Into that ; engaged to pay a certain sum (we do
ship, where k came from, and where not know the exact amount of their
fft vmirrsrBrafa
Celt automatic guns, with an aggregate
ammunition supp'y of 1,000,000 car-
more than 7,000,000 rounds of ammunl
tlcm, about one-third of which Is smoke
less powder: twvmty-one two-pounder
ducat") for each dead rat. An official ; mountain guns, twenty-one twelve-
report of the statistics of rat slaughter ; pounder mountain guns, with J000
each gun,
it Is to be delivered.' He got an Inven
tory of the cargo for me, and I mar
veled when I saw It There were ties ! has been issued every week since the! rounds of ammunition for
umiea ouaea to purcnase muies ior tne ll8rd tat-k is the cracker with which we
use of the British army. Secretary , supplied our soldiers in Cuba, and be
Wllson advised him to go to St. Louis. j r!,us ,h' V had nothing but this and
Mr. Skead will leave for St. L uls to- h-con. for a few days, we Were charged
morrow. with having starved them. A man
Mr. Skead's visit brought up the gn- , "ho raised his voire in defense of hard
era! subject of the increased trad- ,a('k a 5"ar af?" In this country would
which the war in South Africa is bring
ing to the United States, and Secretary
Wilson discoursed upon it to the Olobe
Democrai representative in a must In
teresting manner. He said:
"Of course the war will greatly in
crease our trade with Great Britain.
The. producers of th United States are
already reaping benefits from the oondl
ditions In South Africa. In normal
times 54 per cent of all the things we
sell goes to Great Britain. That per
cent Is certain to be largely increased
during the present year.
"Great Britain is dependent upon us
for her supplies. She is now purchas
ing from us for the use of her army in
South Africa large quantities of canned
beef about which such a howl went up
in this country during the Spanish war.
There is nothing the matter with that
beef; it is the best of its kind In the
world, and England knows It. She has
been using large quantities of it for
years. England Is compelled to uso the
beef. She can not feed her army In
Africa on refrigerated b:f, such as
have lyn in dangT of violence. But
now that we have recovered our senses
I may remark that hsrd tack Is the
rrKit pef-.-ct ratlm known to men, ex
cept milk.
"Speaking of nllk, I think It quite
likely that the British will buy a great
deal of condensed milk from us for
their soldiers In South Africa. Inas
much as the British army cannot enjoy
the luxury of ;-efrlgerat-d bef, such
a? our buys In Luzon are supplied with,
I have suggested to them that they
might find something like a substitute
In jerked beef. There is not much of
II Is to be had l the United States,
but the South American countries turn
out a great deal of It. It keeps well, is
nutritious, and I believe would make
an excellent ration.
"Th'i Increased demand for horses and
miles In consequence of the Transvaal
war has sent up the price of thefe
animals and this is another source of
profit to our farmers. And where do
you think all these supplies of grain
and cattle, which we are now supply-
which had been cut In Oregon, going
to be used on the railroads In China;
there was steel lrjn from Pennsylvania
and Alabama for the same purpose;
there was flour from the Mississippi
valley states; there was beer from St.
Louis and Milwaukee; there were can
ned meats from Chicago and Kansas
City: there waa sugar machinery from
Philadelphia; there were 1200 tons ofj
tobacco from Virginia; there were bales
of cotton from JCorth Carolina, and
there were bicycles from various parts
of the United States, all going to China
and Japan,
"When I got back to Washington I
had the chief of one of our divisions
get me up the figures on the Pacific
coast trade for the past ten years. And
I found that while, ten years ago, this
trade amounted to $35,000,000, lost year
It amounted to JT3,000,000. Toil don't
all about it. They feel It. Their minds
are made up upon the benefits of ex
pansion. Talk to them about bringing
home the flag, and hiding it away un
der the bed, or putting It out in the
chicken coop for a hen's nest; well, all
I iave to say Is that the party which
attempts any such thing will have to
reckon, with the producers of this
And what we are doing In the way of
trade with the Orient today Is nothing
to the possibilities of the future. Walt
until the Russian railroad through Si
beria Is com Dieted, and the railroads
opening the interior of China to the
world are completed. We vlll supply
these countries. We are bound to. Our
commercial development will be noth
ing short of marvelous, We are now
opening of the campaign. In the first : and twelve Sims-Dudley
wek the rat catchers, professionals and ; guns.
amatiiers, gave In the heads' 'of 6,000; Orders have been Issued by the chief
rats, in the second week 6.616, In the ' of the bureau of nrdlmincu for the ship
third week 6.7S0. We are told that the' merit to Manila of 25,000 sets of Infan
avenige weekly bill of mortality among try equipments and 2000 cavalry equip
th rat population of Copenhagen has . merits. Orders have also bn Issued fr
now risen to about ten thousand. Other supplying the field mortars and Bvlgc
towns and communes followed the ex
ample of the capltol, and the Panes are
making a patriotic attempt to extermi
nate "the petty wlf," as Hendrlk not
inaptly named the rat.
guns now In the Philippines with the
necessary ammunition for the coming
If 1
i 7 m tf.yi
i ' V Vi
I 3i
Guns and Ammunition for Infantry,
Cavalry and ArtilK ry Branches of
the Service.
When ilenth comr to
the door of a Htrnnit. ruggrtl,
hralthy constitution hr iitiiln
It closed. He i nlwiiyl
. around look.
13 itur for otirn.
iniiit throiiKli
which be ciin
liivude Ituppy
honitsand leave
them forlorn mid
(IcMilatr. He
f& lookn for wrnk plnrt
ti(7 hiuI broken doors
which enn be caily
battered down. When
a man vigor a no
in to
v. come imrrttain.
V" then the door to
shaky And there if an opening for the grim
visitor to enter.
It is commonly said that people die of
this or that particular disease. The truth
is tbiy die of constitutional weakness.
If more people realized this they would
understand why the great l.olilerr Metri
cal Discovery" invented by Dr. K. V.
15 -v A V I"im " v,l"
i' J'Vtv energy bfir
,Sf VSv weaken and
'J S. conic imrrrt
You never Know what form of blood It loo Into to shut tlw stnblo :1oor
poison will follow constipation. Kop wm. ,lu, W1, , rUtU.n
the liver clean by using DeWItt Lit-
tie Uiuly HlwM-a and you will avoid
trouble. They are famous little pills It will not Iw a surpriw to any who
for constipation and llwr and bowel are nt all familiar with thn good quail
trouble. Kor sale by C1IARLKS KO(l- of CliiinitMtrlaln'a Cough Kemedy to
KIIS. I know Hint poopli everywhere take
I pleasure In relating their experience In
Manners must 'adorn knowledge nm! !h" "IT "f I"!1,1 "I'1"""'1'!
.... .. i Mt. i l'111" of the lMiein they htivn r. Its way through the world. ,elved from it, of .d colds It tins
cured, of llireul'-iied utlm-ks of pnru-
J n oriiu it has averted ami of th chlldrn
J. D. nrldg., Ldltor Domocrat. tt liU) ,.,.,! frt,m ai,lltKI( f (.rollp ai,
Lancaster. N. II., says: One Minute w limping cough. It Is a grand, good
Cough Cure Is 1h best remedy for , m.ieinn. sale by Clms. Itogrs.
croup I ever used." Immediately re-i
lleve's and cures coughs, colds, croup,
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anil all thnxa anl lung troubles. It society avoids many tlang. is.
iirevents conaumptlon. For aalo by' -
Our greatest
falling, but In
glory consists not In I
rising every time v,e
t'npt. C. O. Deiiiilsoii u well known all
over Africa as tlio rouitiinuiler of the
I forces that cuptur-d the fitmoua rebel
Oeo. Nolnnd, Rockland. O,, says "My (iallshe. Under date of Nov. . 1HD7,
wlfa had piles forty years. UcWItt's
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lhu best salve In America." It henls
everything and cures nil skin diseases.
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When desperalo Ills tlemand a speedy
cure, dlnlruKt Is cowardice, and pru
dence, folly, j
ii om i) bii in, lleehuiiriiilnnil, he
wrltis; "llefont iitnrtlng on the last
campaign I bought a itiimt It y of Cham
berlain's Coiir, Cholera and I'lurrhoea
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troutilt'd wlih bowel complaint, nnd had
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pDVicl most beii'" For sale by
finis, lingers,
"I wouldn't be
The next rule of mural conduct Is,
without neWllt'a
Witch Hazel Salve for any consldera- "' "'"I. respect of ilme,
I Hon," writes Tlios. IJ. Ithodes, Center-
1 (hid, O, Infallible, for pH"S, cuts,
I burns nnd skin diseases. Id-ware of
! coumterfelts. Kor salo by CHAltLKS
A special to the New York Sun from
Washlngtin pays: The bureau of ord
nance of the army has Just completed VleTCt of n,,fr,,lo, N. Y , cures ao many
arrangements to ship to Manila guns,
ammunition, ordnance supplies and
equipments for uso by Otis' army In the
coming cajnpalgn against the lnsur-
cast s of lingering roughs, throat, bronchial,
nnd kindred affection of the sir pa-sngea.
It gives thorough abundant constitutional
vitality. It gives the digestive and blood
making organs, where consumption usually
begins, power to do llir ir work completely
ao that no poisonous dregs can get into the
circulation to fasten on the lungs and vital
gents. The cost of equipping the army
In tills brunch alone will reach several
million uoiinrs. r.acn service lias Its tissues.
rmrtlcular -viiilnmen's Pr the Infnn. ! "1 liave troubled with broirrhllla for
s.-ndlng Immense quantities of cotton ' try thm wl, ,)p ,n()re tfln 70000 , j -veral ZZTaTuTV'C
to the far E.wt. It Is marKeiea uorn . f . ... rounds of am- ! I'1"1-' 1 h"1 "re thr""1; 'Kt"mi """"
i iee,-,...i Tt r-nn rctwh the far East -.m.uw rounds or am-, , l((jt v,)rjol mrllldn, , K0, no
LiveiK,ol. It can reacn tne lar muni:ion arc provided. Eighteen mil- Instinir relief. We mmie our mm.tit to try
qulck-r by the Pacific route, and there . , nlreidv on hand in' the ihr medinne n,lvertie,l as rr Fierce -ioliten
u , na fahniiM not' "on r"u,1" "f" alra''y on nana in tne M,.,jiai ,j.c..verv. Afirr I had taken owe buttle
Is no reason why Manila snouiu noi ph)pIpw an(1 7i000(00n wm k- dlstrlb- we thought we ,il see a mile change Wt
Income In a few years such a cotton ., (he different volunteer enr nwl k.,1 anther tKule of the 'OoWeti Mt-,11-
t i 5en'utors! amng me mm rent Voiuntctr reg- , CIll ,J1Kt,wery. nii'l also one of Favorite lre-
cent;-r as Liverpool is today, bcna-ionr n(.n(H or,jr.(1 t0 Man,a, The cost of aeriptioti.1 r t,,,k them alternately, and hi i a
Morgan of Alabama and McLaur,n o, . ammunIllo , at)(tllt m tor IZZrSZ
.-vmui .u.i-uiiiid. neo lo.b. - , rnillioil rounds, or a total Of 1625.- ; Uiscoverv' anil two ul I'avorue i-rescripoou,
been telling it to their people, and thf-! 000
Southerner are Winning to get their j Jn a,,,.(m t0 Ilfantry the .mry
Habits ure soon assumed: but when
we strive to strip 'them off, 'tis txdng
flujed alive,
Dr. H. H. Haden, Summit, Ala., says,
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splendid medicine. I prescribe It, and
my confidence In It grows with contin
ued use." It digests what you eat and
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Much learning shows how little mor
tals know; much wealth, how little
wi. ridings enjoy.
My wife has lieen using Chamber
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sults, for a lame shoulder that has
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We have tried all kinds of medicine
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nn advertisement of this nuvllolne and
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most wen. Adolph L. vllllett, Man
chester, N. II. For sale by ('bus, Hog-cm,
eyes open.
from? hy, from the mates of the
Louisiana purchase. If It was not for
our army in Cuba and Porto Rico was.! '"(? the market vilth, come
supplied with after the first few weeks.
She has no refrigerator eliips to carry
it to South Africa, and no refrigerators that purchase we would not have
a keen it in after it arrives there. The ! enough to feed ourselves. But as It is
English army in South Africa will not
fare as well as the American army dur
lng the Spanish war and the American
we can supply the world.
"On my trip to the Pacific coast I
visited one day the harbor of Tacoma,
of war has glvjn to General Otis nine
batter-leg of H.2 Inch field guns, each
battery consisting of six guns. The
i cost of each battery and Its equipment
From the London News. ! Is pi iced at $30,000, .naking the total
We hear that In Denmark a campaign ! cost of the nine batteries $290,000. They
against rats is being prosecuted with ' are to have 1,000 rounds of ammunition
vigor. It has originally Started In for each gun. The hiiiiiUiiIUoii comdsls
Copenhagen, about a month ago, where: largely of shrapnel, 009'Jng 3 a round,
the alarming multlplcatlon of the rats It is estimated that the ammunition for
induced the municipal authorities to those batteries will it an additional
resort to a mediaeval method perhaps ' $270,000.
we should even say a prehistoric meth-1 The Philippine army has also twelve
and, really. I have not felt as well in yeara.
aleep ueller man 1 n;ive lu twenty yeari.
Dr. I'icrce'ff Coiamon Sense Medical Ad.
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1 f