The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 05, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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Telephone Mala Ml
t ment sgalnM Santa MarK, and for the
I difficult Hnl dangerous three week.'
m.trvh under Lawton.
.'rij i ii" wit- uirir en, -vi
hii. und-rsiand ll that thin brief ree
orJ contains. The title "general." b
stoned by sn appreciative administra
tion on Colonel Summers, was meant
to honor the. regiment as well a Its
capable commander. Th title In this
' case meant achievements and Mcrlflcea.
8nt by mall, per year
a... v mall rwr mAnth ...
Served by carrier, per month ' h "' loliww. wounds and deth.
I; nn ii ii! an Important sftiare In the
SEMI-WEEKLY. I work of carrying out the dentin)' of
Cent by malt, per year. In advance 1100 th grwurtlt natlo.i the world has ever
Postage free to iubacriDerB. , v)
.Shall, then, the title '"general" be be
stowed rcprjachlessly by responsible
ne si-aper upon a preening lordHng
who remained safely at home when
danger raged? One who, when the
weary soldiers returned from a hard
campaign unler a tropical sky. poaed
In broadcloth uniform and distended
stomach and exclaimed, with a patron
Ixing air as the r-glment marched up
the San Franoisej streets, "Veterans!
veterans! veterans!"
"General I!ile" at the head of the
columns In the Orvgonlan and Telegram
has ben affronting the sensibilities of
sensible Orvgonians for the past month,
Patience In such a cast is a crime.
The people of Oregon want no more
Who Is this "General" Beebe that fig- j of tna, wn?nt.?, and unless It Is
stopped "General" Beebe, the Orego. and the Telegram will hear some
expressions from a suffering public
which will m be agreeable to their
All communication! Intended for pub
lication should be directed to the edi
tor. Business communications of ' all
kinds and remittance must be address
ed to "The Astorlan."
The AstorUna guarantee to IU ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
."newspaper published on the Columbia
f Advertising rates can- be had on ap
plication to the business manager.
ure so prominently In the head lines of
the Oregonlan and Portland Telegram
lnoonnection with Intervlewsconcerniiif
the despatch of transports to the Phil
ippines, the construction of drydock. on
the river leading to Portland, and who
appears to be so much In evidence at
: levees and receptions tendered visiting
military officers and organisations In
Oregon? '-General" Is a military title
'; which . usually suggests battlefields.
"Hundreds of brave Oregon soldiers have
just returned from a series of battle
fields Involving much sacrifice and suf
fering In a foreign land, but we do not
recollect any "general" in connection
with these arduous campaigns of the
name of
TUCKY. Globe-Democrat.
It is beginning to be apparent to
some of the Goebel leaders that It was a
tactical blunder for them to put Bryun
on the stump for their state. Bryan has
not only irjured himself, which, of
course. Is not much of a consideration
for the Goebel men, but he has widened
the breach in the democratic ranks In
the state canvass, and baa given votee
Beebe." Oregon has no gen- ; t0 ex-Governor Brown, the independent
eral named "Beebe." The mistake that democratic candidate.
is solng out to the world In the coU.! Ban started out with the intention
. .... n , -'of whooping it up for the party while
umns f guff printed in Portland pa- . z '
" ' ignoring the candidate, but he quickly
pew implying that there Is such a Phil-; fuunJ that ,h(f trU.kery oomj not be
lppine hero In Oregon wants to be cor-, carried out. Goebel Is the democracy
1 reeled. There is only one living soldier of Kentucky In ISM. and the democracy
In Oregon who is really enUtled to be "'"- f " "" " l" p
Hie one from the cither. In Indorsing
called ''General." and his name Is not,Goebe, Md dlsnoneflt electlon ,aw
"Beebe." the democratic party stands sponsor for
The Astorian is r.ot unmindful of the all the political vices which Goebel
fact that In the days of long ago, when ' u' commit, and which he
, ... will commit If he gwts Into power. No
there was no thougnt of war in the ; . , . ' ,
i reasonable democrat can be In any
Philippines, when there was no thought . (1,lUbt as 0 the Men wnicn Govbe,
of Dewey and Manila, when there was tends to make of hia dishonest election
nr, call to sned American blood In up- j law If he gets Into office. If Goebel
holding the flag and maintaining the "nM an hunt P and count
, , i he would have left on the statute book
dignity of the nation before the Inter-; Uw wWch wpeate(l Ia framlng
ested multitudes of the earth, there anj puling to tmictment a law which
was a small man of that name who is designed to set aside the will of the
wore a sword and rode at the head of majority and to make the minority the
, , . governing Influence in the state Goe
Oregon guardsmen s parades in Port- . , ,
bel, hs Bryan ana every other sane per
land. But this kind of play-general s,,n kniws, intended to do the very!
When the kidneys aj;e sound
they draw the uric acid from
the blood.' When they are un
sound the acid remains, to
shatter the nerves, to weaken
the heart and to dull the brain.
There has never been but
one way by which the kidneys
could be kept in perfect con
dition and good working order,
and .that isi by the use of
Warner's Safe Cure.
aiuations which have been so Industrl
ously and Innocently (?) circulated.
After apologising to your reader for
so doing, and offering In palliation of
my offense an old adage modltied to
suit the occasion, thox thoae who live
in Astoria must do a Axtnrians do.
I would say that In order that the dis
graceful exanple of wwn officials oc
cupying high und honorable olllcen, sup.
posed to represent the culture and re
finement of a community, who have
gone far out of their way, prt.vttltu.Ung
their offices for the purpose of injuring
a private cltisen in the pursuit of a
livelihood, may not corrupt the school
children of 14 years of Bffe and up
wards, that these children by the aid
of the common arithmetics supplied
them should determine whether or not
the charge that I am suing for com
pound interest Is true, and for their In
formation and that of others who are
interested In faimeea I will state that
the pleadings in the lawsuit in question
discKwe the following Indisputable
Warrant No. 6713, dated December 12,
1S93, 10".3) In the Wall street fund;
Indorsed on the back as follows: Not
paid for want of funds on the 14th of
December, ISiJ. Paid on the within
wafYant on August 7, 1S. the sum of
Interest t 8 per cent per annum.
Amount sued for I1SS.45, with interest
thereon from the 3d day of April. 1897.
Warrant No. 6716. dated December 12.
1393; face $391.73 on the Wall strw
fund. Indorsed on the back as follows:
Not paid- for want of funds December
12, 1893; paid on the within warrant
$389.97 on February 21, 1298; received on
the within warrant $253.40 on February
4. 1S99. Legal interest at 8 per cent per
annum. Amount sued for, $177.26, with
Interest thereon from the 4th of Feb
ruary, 1899.
As a matter of common Justice and in
defense of my reputation as a private
citizen, which must at all times de
pend on the fair-mindedness of the pri
vate citizens of the community In which
I live; I ask that the children take
their slates and pencils and cipher out
(bene simple problems as a lesson show -
nor a candidate for any otnee, cannot
pursue his ordlniry vocation without
imillxtmnt and open efforts being made
ti. Injure him foe so doing by self-licensed
public otll vr of the community,
an 1 for whom the public Is responsible,
then it Is time to pause and settle the
matter beyond all doubt. And I can as
suiv the perptrutors i.f this outrage
that us to how It will be settled will not
occupy a moment of my thoughts any
more than the uuery to whom their
apology is due. Very truly.
(Continued from first page.)
palgn which will end next Tuemlay in
the election of a full state ticket.
The republicans, in the light for their
ticket, have dir.vted their energies
mainly ugulnst the democratic leader.
Goebel Is also antagonist! by a faction
of his own party, which placed In nom
I nation a state ticket ! John
Young Blown. This element, under the
; name of "Honest Klection League," him
a bitter personal campaign
against Goebel.
On the other hand, Goebel has the
support of a well. organized state ma
chine nnd the endorsement of the dem
ocratic national committee.
liullsm and trusts and In favor of nn
Income tat. The republicans adapted
thonutclw to the new program and
have ditfondcd the policy of the national
administration. The currency question
has cut but little nguiv In the cam.
Volunteers Home From Long Service
In the Philippine.
I'OUTLANP, Nov. 4 -Four hutuliv,!
men of the First Washington volunteer
i'Klnient arrived hero n1 4:30 this after
noon on two section of a special train.
They were mot at the depot by com
mlltcen from the chamber of commerce,
lied Cross S.xiety Hlld Emergency
Corp and escorted to the Armory,
w here luncheon was orved.
All along the Hue of march to the
Armory the volunteer received an qva-
Hon from the crowds of people who had i
gathered to gn-et them.
Thirty-two men from coniany O,
whose home are In Clarke county, went
dlret't to ancouver under the escort of
a large delegation, Including company
O, NatliMwil Guard of Washington,
This evening they were given a reoep
Hon by citizen if Vancouver.
Company F of Pay ion, Wash., left for
hme liwilght over the 0. H. & N.
Companlc A and L, It la stated, will
go direct to Spokane tiMnorrow,
Tbs remainder of the troop will loavi
here at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning
Tacoma and battle.
Merchant Tailors
XhU'v Yamhill Street
Dctntci II rd nd 4 In..,
Portland, Oregon
Tl.i.n Ortiimi IIWicU us.t
(Intlicr up Those.
You Imvn alxitil your lioiuc nml Uvw llicm nm.le Inlo IUinlomi Hook.
DUMniok reUmml and made m kI a new. V insko all kind oi
book and lisve tlie only lUk lUmlcty hi Astoria.
Will lie plcascl tosiiluult iwlhualc.
J. S. l)II.I.lN(;r.K, 'r. Ninth an J Commercial St.
P. H. Sharpie's Cream Separators
Lntt and llcot
General Supply
Mouse for
Family Groceries
Builders' Heavy and Shelf Hardware, ShipChandlery, Etc.
.". Pacific Sheet Metal Works
Humor That the (lovernmenl Will Make
Kxtenslve Iriipiovemenl at
IVrt Wilson.
TOUT T"WNSKND. Nov. 4 -General j
Mllt arrived here )-stenlny on a tour(
of I ns pectin of the triangular system!
of fortlflcatl Ki on Port Wilson, Mar-j
row stone Point anil Admiralty Head, j
Ills prponed visit to Neah Hay 1
significant fnm the- fact that some I
wii'k ago a corps of government engl-'
ni-r made a survey of that section, a
well iu the lay, and It was rumoreil
i that the government rmitemplated '
j erenUng forts and also building a break- ,
atr for a harlr of refuge. !
Lithographing on Tin a Specialty.
San Francisco. Cal. Astoria. Ore. Falrhavtn, wasn.
Astoria. Ore.
Write U for Prleoa
LINCOLN. Neb., Nov. 4.-Fur an off.
year campaign, the one which practical
ly cloned In Nebraska today ha been
more closely contested, with many of
the element of bitternM Injected, than
for years.
Speakers of national reputation have
covered the state thoroughly, and the
InttT'st ami enthusiasm aroused Is
nearly equal to that of a prfiileiitlal
Three tickets are In the field, but the
prohibitionists will play so small a part
as to hardly be a factor. The fight Is,
therefore, squarely between republl-
with -Judge Reese for supreme
VANCOPVER. R. C Nov. 4 -Ilritlsh:
Columbia people aro overjo-etl at the !
prvmpeot of the Dominion government j
sending a second cuntlngent for ser-
vice In the Transvaal The general '
fleuiZealand f'm Insaranee Go
Of New Zealand.
W. P ThomnH, Mgr., Son Franc! hco.
sentiment Is that If Hrltlsh Columbia j
Is allowed to raise a full nglment the
Siibscribol ('iijutnl
PaiJ-Up Cnpitnl
Assela in United Statos
Surplus to Policy Holders
2,5-13,1 H
work cid be com-ieted in three day.. jr,,, Xmn Underwriting on the Pacific Count over Twcntv-two year.
The cost of equipment would Iwde-' , .,-,. ...rkr, . "
frayed by popular subscription.
Re!dent AgentH,
AstoHo, OreKon
I'ATERSON. N. J.. Nov. 4. -The fol-
lowing bulletin was pouted at
in.: "Vice I'resldent Iloliart passed
vornbl" day. I'uls Hlrong
MADRID, Nov. 4-MoJados was
has passed out of consideration tiling whl-h his law permits to be done.
in Oiwn in connection wl.h mill-. :in'' hi( h il d " ln th unr"pJ of "tanut P-MMm
The il-nuncla-lons which have been 1 and their methods, and' for an undT
tary matters and fighting soldiers. B ex-Oovernor! standing of conduct unworthy of a'klng
Can the Portland papers have res- and ihrr demix-rats who were ! of the Cannibal Islands.
nrreeteri that man anil fevivei the Kuin,.irtrt if Hrvnn in ii,rf an,i n,iil The Btatement that the secretary oficar.s,
empty ante-bellum title he used to as- t- appeai-anr? in the canvxss In Ken- the Taxpayers League Instituted the juntico heading the tlckot, and a com-: greatly dutnoged y.nterday by a water
., , - , , , tin ;v, sh.ovs the Wrength of the revolt lawsuit in quesuon ior compound in
sume about the corridors of hotels, in v me r ""M,.
oi tli- il-i ent iemo- rats of that state i terest is falsB in three particulars:
clubs and on the streets of Portland? llryan.8 enlran(.e into! First, the suH was IrurtJtUted by S.
It is well remembered by some that vimt !lu independent democrats called Hamilton, the owner of the warrantM,
this "Mr." Lv.-be was in official com- family afiair has intensified the uuarreli who resides at a Jintance. Second, the
mand of the state soldiery when the il" ' a f"-'- thousands of
, , . , . . I rviinltes au iinst Hr'an, and has crt-
war with Spain began, Lnd that when, , . . '
at-i( n exi it-inern in the canvass
in response to fr,e president's call for u l.i, h is rure to gi - Urown many votes
volunteers, the guardsmen throughout from ilerr.oerats h' hate Goebellsm,
the sla'e left all they had In this world whom th-- claims of "regularity"
tn enlisi for the flair, their commander "a,r t,itr ln
, , . . . . still another way liryan's Intrusion has
uecuneu 10 ko. ii inanerp 1101 wiieuier ,,..,. v , j .L
ii JUfii (jo-b.-l. It hus inspired the re-
fear or finances Influenced him. Every publicans to make still greater efforts
man in the Second Oregon regiment of to Inr-rease th"lr majority in the com
volunteer made a.s irreat a sacriflcs as' '"JT election, and has put ujs.n the
k. nnK..,w cum have mmle ami there' stum" fi"VWnor Bradley and other re
I publican leaders who hiul not intended
1S not a memoer or mat organ.zai.on l() ,ak,; an a,.th. jn (:ttI)Va(l)
which so valiantly hoqored the name of The ouilorik for the election of Taylor,
Oregon in the war with the Tagal in- the republican nominee, grows brighter
gurgents but deserves the title of gen
eral more than Mr. Beebe, who had an
opportunity to go as the regiment's col
on cf and flunked.
It is true Mr. Jteebe served hla coun
try and the regiment best in not of
fering his services, thus giving an op
portunity fur Colonel Summers to so
manage his men that he accomplished
more with the least sacrifice of his sol
diers than any other commander on the.
islands. But military titles are not won
by such negative achievements, and the
and brighter ;r the
day of the election
H Referr 4 be Matter to the School
Children in the Common Arith
:n.;tic. Ciadc.
ASTORIA. Si,;. l.-IvJitor Astorian:
I was raised in a section of the country
where lawsuits were not tri'-ii on the
street corners, in the newspapers, and
by school hoards, but in the courts, and
Aiiile I have 1e. n il.-fa.rned for the pant
tine,; weeks In a certain newspaper, yet.
Portland papers affront their readers . thar.ks to a reasonably thick cuticule,
in constantly parading this strutting acquired by a short tr;rm in public of-
iicp in Astoria, I felt able to Ignore
some misrepresentation, as some news
paper men must live, and nothlnz so
Colonel Owen Summers was brevctted , heh,s ihP circulation of .,.,. r,n.r..
appointee of a politician governor as
"General" Beebe.
"brigadier general'' for the trying du
ties of the regiment as provost guards;
for Its daring and successful work as
yi-t, upon opening your paper of this
' date, the skin of -ny fingers was well
niyh removed by coming In contact
I With the official conceolr.lteil K'e c
part of Wheaton's flying squadron up Kp,( ially rpami for mc by a ftw
the Faslg river; for its brilliant charge bred peanut politicians In the name of
against the trenches of Malabon and
pact fusion of populUts, democrats and sjmut. Fortunately, no lives were lofrt.
free silver republicans, with, ex-Gov-
Polo; for Its success In protecting the
Daugupan-Manlla railroad and espec-
the school board of this district. After
several wdf-lnllicted pinches lo con
vince mys-!f that I was not living on
one of the Solomon Island under a ean-
irdly agalnBt the night attack of April , nii,ai king, I resolved to refute the
11, for the quick and decisive move- aforesaid misrepresentations and def-
actlon was brought by myself as attor
ney of the owner, and the Taxpayers'
League had nothing to do with the mat
ter. Third, the principal object of bring,
ing this suit was not the collection of
any Interest, but to prevent the war
rants from outlawing, as the six years
., ,. . I 1 , U , nllA., I. a.. tit
lime anoweu uy iu.w w iwikvi iiiem win
have expired on the 14th day of Decern
btr next.
Although the city qouncll wa peti
tioned a year ago to make provision for
the payment of these warrants on the
ground that they would soon outlaw,
yet they refused to make such provis
ion for' their payment until after the
lawsuit was commenced. Whether they
wre desirous of cheating my client or
nut, I cannot say. One of the warrants
was called by the treasurer in the
course of the year mentioned, but upon
its being presented he instated upon
computing Interest on the principal sum
for the full time (about five and a half
yeara) and Interest on each payment
from the time when made to the time
of settlement, and on paying the differ
ence between the two sums, which Is
not the legal way of computing Interest
where partial payments have been
mink, and was the-jfore declined.
If the peanut polltlclans.'who, under:
lh" stolen garb of public office, usurp-1
lug (he functions of the courtfl, grossly
and wantonly violating my civil rights
and barefacedly prostituting hIr of
fices for the gratification of personal
spite and seeking to Injure a private
'itln, Imagine for one moment that
such action causes me any anxiety oth
er than that felt by any fair-minded
ciiwn upon seeing the community in
which 1m; lives dlsgnoed, they are silly
beyond comprehension. They have
overreached thenselves, and have, dis
graced their offlses, themselves and this
community beyond all estimate. Noth
ing I have said has any application to
Director Kendall, who took no part.
If it has come to that paws that a
private citizen, neither a public omcerj
ornnr Silas Hnk-omb as the head of I
their ticket. I
The republicans assumed the nggres
slve at the outset, making state que
lions tne leaning issues, but this was
changed as siKin as Hon. W. J. Bryan
entered the campaign, and for the last
month national questions have been
discussed almost exclusively.
. Bryan spoke In opposition to Irnpe
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liOSEBl'RO. Nov. ,4-D. II. Qull
hang, for many years a resident cf
rtorvburg, was Instantly killed In the
railroad yard here this evening by be
ing run over by a flat car at the crossing.
It. F. Elmore
W. H. HnrrlHon
Connecting it Astoria with tli Oregon lUllrooi A Navigation Co. for
San Francisco, Portland and all points east. For freight sud passen
ger rates apply 8amMl Elmora it Co.
( tral Agents, ASTORIA, ORE.
COHN ACO AgenU, ' Orego .llroail Navigation Co.,
OAKLAND. Nov. 4-From the ef
feds of Injuries In an t.iU-r-class
game of football at the state uni
versity yeH'jerday, Jewie Norrls Hicks,
senior Htudent In the college of min
ing, died tod ly.
I'ltJNf'ETON, Nov. 4.-I'rlnceton IS,
llrown 8. f
VVEHT POINT, Nov. 4.-Yale 24, W(st
I'oliit 0.
cell's pis&oa
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