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Bought before tho ad
vance and sold regard
less of it on account
of moving.
Eclipse Hardware Co.
The Pressing Boers Give the English no
Respite from Fighting.
' T
YMtertU? we received notion from the publishers of tlie
Winnm Edition ur Tin Eweri'toi-itm IIhitanmica, that
owing to the fuormoui increaso lu (be prioe of paper with
in lb pMl few weeks, they would shortly withdraw the tale
of their Enrvclonxlii at the prtnt prioe. Our ontract
with the pabllf tier enable, ni to Dinks the tame llxral of
fer M heretofur. Thirty large volumes of the Enoyclope
dia, one guide to Hystewatlo Heading of the Encyclopedia,
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cyclopedia fros of charge. All the above will be delivered
upon the iiuall payment of
Balance iminall monthly payment. Call and look Into
title otfor. ,
It May Be Weeks Before the Fate of General
White and His Men is Known.
White Protatly Entirely Cot Off From the Coast-Gool Artillery
Practice on Both Sides-Colonel Morely t Captarei
Britisb Hussar Praises Treatment by Boers.
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COLENZO, Natal, Nov, 2, noon, (delayed in transmit
Bioi).) Boers have commenced shelling Colenzo, their fire
being directed against Fort Wylie, which defends Tuegla-bridge.
LADYSMITH, Nov. 2, 10 a. m., (delayed in transmit
sion. An artillery duel has been in progress since 6 o'clock
this morning but so far no damage has been done, the British
fire preventing the Boer guns from making good practice.
Firing has been heard in the direction of Coleno.
CAPE TOWN, Nov. 2, (delaved in transmission.) A dis- to
ft patch from Pretoria, under 'date of Tuesday, says Colonel
& MiH'lly, who commanded the British IIuars captured by the
(.) Boers, declined, on being interviewed, to give any details of
g the misfortune, but praised the treatnient he and his men had
received at tlio hands of the Isoers. .
Tho British prisoners were playing football ut the time
U their commander was being interviewed.
that the Boer are not disposed to come
to close quarters. On the other hand,
m people assert U U more- probable
the Boer are recuperating prior to a;
fresh on.laught on Ladysmith, as, ac-
cording to the latest new, after tho
artillery duels and Ineffective aklr- i
mlshcs 'on Tuday, the Boers Uxik up ,
good positions on Signal hill and t'm
butwunl mountain.
The two commanders continue to ex
change courUl. White, In response,
to JounVrt's reowt Tuesday, lent the
Boers an ambulance to assist In the '
conveyance of the Boer wounded. !
Advices frjra Cape Town show the,
theserlousnessoftheeltuatlon In Natal.! ! vr v w an writ
Merchant, are apprehensive of the'
Boers overrunning the entire country, j
and It la reported many have Instructed '
their representatives to lfve Plater-
Britishers Begin to Realize That They are In 'For a Lonf Hard
marUlburr j StrnKle-A Troopship Retnrns to Liverpool
another boer meeting, j Badly Damaged ky Storms.
Further Effona to Arouae Sympathy
In Chicago. i " "
CHICAGO, Nov. 4.-A pro-Boer maaa
meeting, under the auaplce of the HoW
land Society, which waa temporarily
abandoned two weelca ago, ia being ar- j j
ranged now for MxAaj evenipg, No
vember 13, at Central Music Hall. '
Within the wit week a call will bef
til lied to th imnn nnKII. t .1 X
. MlIll, j
society aaking contributiona for the;
widows and orphans of the Boers who'
hav givn their lives In defense of
their country.
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riwlully o unlor lnm ll.jO.CO up
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LONDON, Nv. 5.-The evacuaUn of
Culcnxo la undoubtelly a niMl aerloun
mailer for th Brttinh in Natal, a It
not only teatltlea to th complete Invert-
mentment of iJiilynnillh by the Boers,
but mak-s the relief of. Oeneral Blr
Ueorgn Slewart White an eslremely dlf
fli ult titration.
Ciilenio la the point where the rail
way from Ladymiillh, envotes Tugela
river, which Is now In flood. The town
Itself ia of small Importance. It la dom
inated by hill on the north aide of the
river, aud o was untenable If the
lioera have advanced as they seem to
have done. Moreover, only a amall na-
val and colonial fore was atationed at
The aerloueneiia of the evacuation,
however, Ilea in the fact that Com
mamlnnt General Joubert, while com
pletely Inveatlng Sir George White at
Lodymlth, can aelae thla Tugela bridge
and, If he'haa eufJlclent troopa, can de
tach a force and send It southward on
rletermnrltxburg, and, In any cose, by
destroying the bridge and railway, can
prevent any relief expedition reaching
Sir George White for some time.
Military men optlmlatlcally predict
that General Joubort will withdraw
from Natal Immediately when Plr Red
vers Butler's force emera the Orange
Free Stale, but the latter cannot be far
(tin tilii way f.r at leant three, or four
SANTA CRl'Z, Cat, Nov. 4. Major
Gerrard of thla place has received a!
cablegram from the British war secre
tary thanking him foir his offer to raise
a regiment of Englishmen In California
for senice In the Transvaal, but stat-j
lng that owing to existing clrcum-'
stances the offer oannot be accepted. i
cupled Colesburg. Cape Colony,
Wedneday, meeting with no resistance
from th local police, who yielded to eu
nerlor force.
The steamer Klldon Castle left South
ampton last evening. She la the laravxt
tmopehlp In the world, and has more FIGHT 0f( NATIONAL ISSUES
I hao 3,000 souls on board. I
S LONDON, Nov. 4. The war office at noon today an
nounced that nothing had been received there in any way
modifying or altering the statement . issued yesterday after
noon, saying belated dispatches from Ladysmith were coming
through. Nothing has been received to corroborate the reiter
ated reports from Berlin of 'the capitulation of General
A dispatch to the Exchange Telegram Company, dated
Cape Town November 1, announced that the Boers had
entered Cape Colony at Norvals Pruit, destroying several
bridges. . ,
The British troop ship Papidan, which sailed for South
Africa November 1, from Liverpool, is returning in a damaged
condition, having encountered yesterday's storn. She signaled
that her fittings wore out of order, that several horses were
dead and that three of her boats were stove in. She is going
to Liverpool to be refitted.
(Copyrighted 1S9S by Associated Press.) fortnight Is the minimum in which r-
LONDON, Nov, 4. Though the, lnforcementa of any potentiality can be
. events of the week have aroused the j pushed to LadyBmlth, and then R may
Reports of Contemplated Raid on Dur
ban Described Courtesies lie.
, tween Opposing Armies.
LONDON. Nov. 4. The fact that the
British war office has retvlved no news
of the situation at Ladysmith seems to
effectually dispose of yesterday's con
tinual rumors of General White'a cap
Uu'atlon and kindred stories, as If the
general had sustained a severe reverse.
There is no reason to believe but Gen
eral Joubert would be only too glad to
forward While's official announcement
of the fuet to the nearest telegraph sta
tion, while, it is added, hod news of a
serious churacter reached a foreign gov- '
ernment In cipher It would undoubtedly,
promptly bo conveyed to the British'
The war ollloe hero is making every
effort to communicate with .Ladysmith.
so news may arrive at any moment.
Meanwhile the best opinion is satlslled
that if White keeps strictly on the de-'
fenaive. he will be able to hold his own. '
spirit of the British nation to the ut- be too law. It Is this Interim, emblt
'' PAJlipAlPW ENTiETV mo"t' an1 "" lts mlutary escutch-1 tered by the vivid memory of the recent
VsAillr A I lilt C 11 U II LI i eon has been more stained than it ever disaster, which will try the temper of
y&a before, there seems to be ahead a' the British nation, which as a whole
'still- more crucial ordeal that of sua-1 can be said to have embarked in the
pense. war with stupendous over-confidence.
Days, perhaps weeks, may pass be
fore word comes from the Isolated Brit
ish force In the neck of Natal, and the
long wait will strain as does a death
bed watch, the eagermss to learn how
The Republican Ticket III Oh'O May the day went with the beleaguered be
Suffer Heavily oe Account ft lng vy by TT'.
' dread that they have shared the fate of
Sectional QuairelS. the that fell at Nicholson's Nek.
! Whatever may be the Justice or oth
' , - erwiss of the criticisms passed on Gen-
eral White, it is palpable that he no
CINCINNATI. Nov. 4.-Tonlght prac- Ion?r V"1 nflllc of
public. He may be fully able to with-
Ucally closes the debate In Ohio In the Und the a(Ucks of a ,uperlor Boer
campaign for the election of state and force, and may be ready at any mo
county officers. Six tickets are before merit to execute a masterly retreat, but
the people-democratic, republican, non- as long ao he is cut off from communl
.' . cation with the outside world there
partisan, prohibition, union reform and a ,errlbw Mety wgapdlng
soclalls-tlc labor. The registration in the welfare of the sewn or eight thou-
all large cities is abnormally large for sand men of his command. .
an election of this kind. How the vote
will be distributed between McLean,
N.ish and Jones la not easy to predict,
at the close of the cnjiipulRn.
An element that disturbs all calcu
lations ia the novel candidacy of Sam
uol M. Jones, non-partisan candidate. '
His phenomenal vote as an Independent-candidate
for mayor of Toledo gave
him wide publicity.
It Is generally conceded that his vote
will be considerable, and a puzzling
The most optimistic believe that a
and which has now awakened to a re
alisation of the fact that if General
White's force Is annihilated it will
cause an Indefinite, prolongation of hos
tilities. It is said here, of course, that
it can only defer, and not alloy the re
sult, and the British taxpayer, however
patriotic, objects to a long drawn out
war, especially when wagtd against
people whom he has not been brought
to believe immensely his inferior.
It Is amusing to note how often the
British correspondents report Boer
guns knocked out of action, while next
day the same guns are reported to be
peppering away merrily.
The British army corps will not com
mence arriving at Cape Town until No
vember 8, and will scarcely be able to
take the fteld untU the middle of De
cember, though u is likely that some
units will be busily engaged before
The Bocra at Ladyamlth Moving Into n'g Durban
Closer Quarters.
attest ion is from which party will he
BrltUb experts smile ut the Boer plan' tak(. tne most votes. The republicans
of' campaign, which contemplates sels- hliv. ,,,,, . vleorous campalirn. with
In order to prevent the .i, i..u,. i,i.,n thnf the nnwident
landing of British troops there. They muat aUs,nied In his Philippine pol-
LONDON, Nov. 5.-A dispatch from say it has one fatal defect, namely, that ' (cy,
Ladysmith, dated November 3, says: it ignores the British fleet, under whose Thati indeed, has been the most
Turing the night, the Boers moved guns. It Is alleged, the t-eture of Dur-' promln'ont pon't 0f attack by the demo
noar the British position and mounted ban will ba Impossible. J crat8i s0 thnt state iues, the money
guns in fresh places. Meanwhile the The dispatches today show that tho ques,1( and everything else has' been
naval guna have been moved to more1 forces of the Orang3 Free State are at generally Ignored. The democrats have
favorable positions nearer town and' length prepared to Invade Cape Colony.' n(U, a flsM awinst trusts, and espec-
commnndlng some of the B.ier batteries. These forces are not overwhelming, but Jally aRainst Senator Hanna.
"At 6 o'cl.vk this morning General! tho Dutch in the neighborhood of Co-' It does not appPnr that the gold dem-
Whlte ordered a bomlwrnlment of thel lesburg and Burghersdorp are excep- j oorats pf 1S96 wi!1 Join the republicans
tionally pro-Boer, and their support Is tnla j.oar, and the democrats are prac
evldontly expected. The objective point tically united, while the republicans
"The Boers replM vigorously. They, of thla force of Boers will probably be have priou(l factlonal fights in Cincln-
enemy, and the bluejackets opened the
The Proof
If -J
Of Buys' Clothing is in
the wearing. Clothes
must be of best quali
ty to - withstand ' the
healthy violence of
youngsters, or mother
will be kept busy
The tougher the
ike to
the better we
clothe him.
He's the surest test we
fired straight, and some of the British
were hit. A terrible artillery duel has
been proceeding for over three hours.
So far tho naval gut)s are the only ones
that have engaged the enemy."
Another special dispatch from Lady
smith, dated November 2, says:
"The artillery duel Is proceeding
splendidly. The British guns are firing
three shots to the Boers' one."
A special dispatch from Cape Town,
dated November 2, says the Boers oc- lng more cheering and as
Nuauwpoort. one of tho most Important nat Cleveland and other places. '
strategic railroad points lu South At- Wth th(lss conditions prevailing, it
rlca, which will probably be, it Is said Is impossible to do mow than to pro
here, the flrat advanced depot of the ' nounce the result In doubt.
Second division of the army corps.
Naauwpoort Is understood to be well; IN KENTUCKY.
garrisoned and able to take care of It-;
self. Trains thence to Colesburg have' LOUISVILLE, Ky.. Nov. 4. The per-,
been almost suspended. i sonality of W. Goebel, the regular nom-
Dlspatches from Ladysmith, though lnpe of the democratic party, has been
three days old, are regarded here as bo-1 the theme of discussion In the cam-
Indicating. (Continued on page 4.)
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