The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 04, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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Headquarters for Dry fooJ on the Lower Columhiu
Embroidering, K.iittiflRorCroehetlng
The season for tnniieiieintf fancy
work is at hand. Don't demy. It is
tbe kind of work one ciiniiot burry
through anii luive it satisfactory. ,
Embroidered Pieces
Kiuin' c.iieful work, and roust bo
of ijoixi linen to gw fcttUfaotion
Outs will wear. They are liictiard
n's lsl liand-wovi n nul urn
bleached goods. 1
Kodak and Doylie Holders
Of nicely Iiti;g!ied and tinted card
board, stamped, colored, i-anva .ov
em; very convenient device for oo
lectin); picture- mid doylies.
Mie "IViseilla" r'tnhro'dery
Hoop Holder
I.i an i'f!is'!y convenient arrange
mem. Screw? on the tallc. A n up
riK'lit attachment which can le mov
ed hut way denirt-d, bold tip tin
In al'iindaiice. A full variety of col
oi s in (ionium, derimintou n, im
ported Saxony, Sliet wind wool and
ttosK. Spimish yarn, Fleiir do Lis an, I
ioo Wool.
fnvliet threads in full a-o-orttnenl.
Wheat and Stock Brokers
DIRFCT zr m ew York Slock Exchange
-11-21 lT.and.vr of (imrrct
J. v,
Kt'iin.lrd 1STI).
IHH. M. IV, rrliu-liial.
Chrlatma TVrtii Open
The Good Memory of the Astciria School
would Impose on the city an unjust rule,
which, when applied to a,ll warrant,
a It must be if aplled to one, will re
sult In lanHy Increased expenses ana
Increased taxation; therefore be It
"Kesolved. (I), That we approve the1
action cf the city treasurer In oomput-
1 Ins; Internet on warrant held by sold
J secietary of the Taxpayers' Leairue, ac-'
' cording to the ame rule by which in-!
f terest 18 computed on warrants held by 1
the common people,' - '
"(.,). We
iinir-rir:H lnc
j For ctliku or intvrtuallaa
, rrtno;; J V. HUX, M
V IVrtUnl. Or.
Ir1n.rr. PrrivTy and A.-Jamtr ILrt-
nunis: Ciller Hriirt1crt. Mllll&rr IttectpllM.
Unul Trmuif. tooym oi U Mi rwMlrti.
Every Hand
.... ..
The Astoria bcrd of school directors
has been having a hard time. It has
been endeavoring to maintain the effic
iency of the schools undtr the depress
lng circumstances of a sadly deficient
income and an emhArrnmln Inrrvaa.
attendance Th riirf.- hv nrVM ' condemn In Unm.Hwurd
faitkfully and have worked wonders. ! t?rms ,h actlon 01 th retary of the
The board remembers some caustic
criticism it received when it needed ad-
vice and encouragement. It needed
bread and was given a stone. The fol
lowing resolution, adopted by the board
yesterday afternoon, shows that the
board does not forget, and Is not asleep:
"Whereas, this board of directors, on
the JOth day of May, 1S39, received from
th Taxpayers' League, under the cer
tificate of its secretary, a copy of a res
olution which 'condemned in unmeas
ured terms' the aotion of this board in
borrowing money with which to o.iv
salaries of teachers and actual neces-'
ary expenses of our rc hoots; and
"Whereas, we had, long prior to the
receipt of said resolution, in order to'
relieve the taxpayers, reduced the
school year from ten months to nine
months, and reduced wages so low that
we find it difficult to secure and re- t
tain competent teachers; and
"Whereas, we realise that even un-'
t the exercise of the most rigid econ-
- ortunty,
tny In the rruinao t
city and district affairs, the buran Of '
mws win continue tn tv h..o- -. ..
taxpayers League in seeking to cam-
pel the city to pay compound Interest '
on warrants,"
shade Wednesday, when the Norwegian
steamship CJuemsey ftnlshinl loadlnu n
cargo of S,4:;0.63 fwt of lumber, or owr
HW.00O feet nurv than was taken from
Mobile. This is the largvst can?o that
was ever set arlixit anywhere ;n lh
Vnltod Ptates, and with the except!''!!
of a carir, carried ty he CJuernney
from a Russian port to Alexandria.
Kgj-pt. Is tht larg't ever carried from
any port. At that time the Querns--)'
. carriinl over J.6O0.0O fvi-t of lumber.
The reason given for the smaller cargo
i from Portland is that the vess.-l car
ried much larger timbers, which would
not admit of such trood stowage- The
i Guernsey was dlspatclud by the Fa-
chc Kvp.rt Lumber Company, and
i mnk.'s a total of over 13.000.0tV) f.-t
' shipped by that company In four car.
' goes, within the past SO days, the others
i being the steamship Orange Hr.inch,
! with 2s.3S feet, from Portland, and
1 the Elm Ilranch, tw trips fim rug.-t
sound, with J.9W.0OO and S.SOO.000 feet.
The fiuernsey was taken down the river
! by Tilot Emken, and In spite t her
Immense carg, was drawing but 3 1
f vt S'i inches. ... I
M Mlllllirrv.
MISS McKKA-Corner TN-nth and
Commercial streets.
At prices within the
reach of ad. I'sll
nnd xatniiie the new
" y
Ui in'lu'.- lor ilu tlclicion.s
mailo tit
The Spa Candy Factory
by rendering .ujicrior iervlce of some kind. The cotnmwUJ world will mw
have mi ovir nip;i1y of capable oflice turn sad woiurn. We fa qualify any
earnrX, faithful atudetit to do firt il oflice wo-k-lA hintl thl .
Department: Uislness, Shorthand, Hnsllsh.
Visit our school, or write for full artkula. iw"'""''"" CotubUed
Theory and Practice of Bookkeeplmt" i new wy to ttmli. Stu.leiiU lcar
to kttp hooki M-fr as they are kept In bt'ilne... !nv"iit-te Csll. or writs,
Portland Business College
Hfth and Yamhill SU A. P. Arm .Iron-. Prln.
0n all tlie year. Sti;dcni may fntcr at any lU:c. il.witw, Shorthand
and EtiRlish (lcartmrnt. Private or cLw Instttu tloti. Catalogue !.
The larjrostt lino
Famous ('li'olnt(s
to At"riii.
of LowiU'v's
cwr lu'oiilit
A. IV COON LEY, I'rop'r. '1' '.HM
IV'niijs n Specialty.
1S3 thh .Stmt I
W. B. Edwards
The Photographer
Kvery variety of Koiijili and
Dressed Lumber, Doors,
Window. .Mo'.i'e'liis :'d
Cedar Shingles
N. V. Corner
Seventh and Vliinjton
The Leading Ylsillng and Wedding Card
. . . Engravers ...
pout lam. okkoon
The steamer Sadie B. Is in port.
The British Artie Stream left up the .
river yesterday. t To make It apparent to thousands, j
The British ship Lorton arrived down who tnlnlt themselvvs HI, that they are;
from Portland yesterday. She is bound nn a'nl,-,ted with rtrty disease, but that
- South Africa. I the system simply nevds cleansing Is I
WOOD lis
llion S!;il-. I' . rlr. Fi. i
ck. Al.l-r.l'olcOuk
Otrie-.' Seventh tteet Dock
jHolmes' English
Wholesale and rtdail Jenler in
Jl be can -j01 c,t,ien io do
ratbo k8en Public expenses,
. " than to increase them; and
"Whereas, said secretary of the I'tx
payers League has lately lrtuted an
action against the ci':, irinH. to
collect compojg lnteret on clty mn-,
'tiAS, tui beliia1 llUng to accept th
'terhe method tf computing Interest on ,
The steam schooner"
San Francisco, arn
nce, frj,,
i to bring comfort hom to their hearts, ?
as a costive roiKimai im eoauy cur"
Nut Ihitter. I
tn yaay ! using Syrup of fija, if " 'yi
can r muiiav"-. . . ,.,,,. .nuracierea oy ,
morning and P l ' 1 Syrup Co. only, and
. Yne transp.5rtt IVnlV ' l0ia by all druggists.
uij - - i
K Wueal.
Health ( Ytleker.
gr. out this morning. The soldiers have (
o years' service In the Philippines be- ,
tore them, and some of them will not
return. . . " J
The Oregonlan says: The celebrated "
Boeton Globe.
It may possibly occur to the thought-
Nut Roast;
ful mind of Edward Atkinson that he
Business 'College
4H Yauddll St, ivitlar.d, Orescm.
warrants that labortngmen, merchants, cargo of lumber wrucn was snippy
knd indeed, all other cttlsens have been rrom siowie aooui six mu s. tn acoent. but. rather than which robbed Portland of the record for
abide by such uethod of computation, big lumber cargoes, was
laid In the
: . 'i- . i ... i.l t .1. .-i.i ,.. ""k".
" ? " ,ZZ Z . . , T 1 Shorthund. TypewHtlntl,
other bunco steorer. one Eml o Agii- ..,., iDrb. I . i, .
inaldo. knownasavery.lick-o-A-i KNAPB PROS., l'em,,.,frv, All.
tor. , y HEALTH FOOD Co. IVirtttiiJ. Or Send fordrcnlais.
W S r w m e t&SrX
-tr-v7 r "1 1 w O " "w
Kranieli and Piicb.
SchafTer, Hflilllrr,
aud utility others.
ScliulU and Co.
Miller, Ann Arbor
Ileutli y and others
Instruments Sold on Easy Terms,
M MATTHIKI.I.. Munaer. Head (iffii-e U! Hisle St. nem.)re.
w jiAUl
During the past few days we have talked exclusively on Men's and Boys' Clothing, and an exceptionally fine line of
Overcoats which were placed at prices that drew even the attention and presence of Portlanders to give them a trial;
and all who purchased are mightily proud of the bargains the y realized.
Now, We lave Something Else to Say
It is this: We have in stock a rich and varied assortment of Underwear and Neckwear that in comparison is fully as reasonable i o buy ae the Clothing.
Re-ally these g00d3 must be Seen to be appreciated. They are new strictly so in material and design, and are identically the same class of goods as will be found on sale at this moment in the
lea ling houses of New York City.
Ki'iiil tin' price we arc- now making on .Swift's goods. As
is well known, Mr. .Swift is- recognized the country over as the
most conscientious manufacturer in tins line to he found any
WEAR, $1.50 per puit. Always heretofore they have been
more than cheap ut $2.00.
Here is a line of Camel's Hair and National Wool Un
derwear at 50 cents per garment. They are excellent for the
price asked and are sure to please the purchaser. Many of
'our best people select them by reason of the soft character of
the material.
While inspecting this department, link also lo see Lot R
T-B. These are what ure known as Ribbed Wool Shirts and
Drawers. We have decided for a few ilays only to sell them
at $2.00 a suit. This is a remarkably low ligure, il you ure
posted as to values in this direction.
And naw wo are making a still further cut on the justly celebrated Lu
zerne Underwear. Think of it! Only $2.50 a suit. We have ju.-t been
selling it at $3.00, but we want the hulk of Astoria's trade nnd we propose
to get it. You cannot beat this price nor the goods anywhere un earth.
This Week, Wright's Health-Fleeced Underwear, $2.50 per suit. All who
wear underwear will understand that this is an amazingly cheap price for
Wright's noted make, They are unexcelled for winter on account of be
ing llecce-lined on the inside.
... . i 1 1 i. . i .
JM me same connection we nave me r anions arainan I'lerei
We are also cutting it for tbe time being to $2.50 per unit.
hlPfC ''"tion all ! fancy Boom and Colored Body
Ollll lO Shiit-s with one pair of cuffs $l.(Mi. Certainly
after examining the oualityynu won't believe it, but it iu the
truth. We are going to M'll the-e very s:iine shiris thi-- week
at the above ligurcj
HltC "IU" w'"' 'S stn:,'.v up-to-date in style wears a
llUlo rh ihy hat. We carry two lines, one at $.'5.00 and
one at $4. no. They have ju.-t been received from the factory
and are Latest Fall Shapes. This is a oood time to tender
our thanks for tin: splendid trade in bats we have enjoyed.
A nobliy liu iniiki H uuy man look ivkh i liililc. If In.
weaiH a liiiiniHiiMio tin u l'oriliiiiil mcrrliiiiil run
Hnlk tho HI rcelH hurt) nnd not iuinni'il on. Wo
have n licuiitiful variety jn-t in from tin. IvimI Inrlinlcil m it j i hi- rnvt ll
KufiiK WuterlmiW! Neckwear. Mr. VVali-rlioiiHe iiiuiiiifii(iliiicn the Uni-Ht
lint) of ties in the Unitiid Statu, ami tlin piilleriiH nru iiiiiiiim-iiitili.. ,nk
to Hee our liiiii-riiilN, leekH, roiir-in-Hnmlx, I'm tin iunl Shield mid Hainl
JJows. I'riwH latino irom ltic upwimlH.
490 Commercial Street, Astoria, Oregon.
ff" J'VK' 'TP
- " ' r