The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 04, 1899, Page 3, Image 3

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THE great rush of people to take advantage ol our extraordinary offers in uncalled for suits and overcoat has been marvelous from the very beginning.
The popularity of these suits has become so great that we have been compelled to open correspondence with over one hundred of the largest Tail
oring concerns throughout the country in order to get these suits fat enough to supply the enormous demand. These are not misfits, but suits
made to order on which deposits have been paid and which for unkown reasons remained uncalled for. Such things happen to every Tailoring establish
establishment. It is by advertising and making a feature of selling these suits that they find it more advantageous to consign them to us than to attempt
to dispose of them from their own establishments.
Uncalled for Garments at Half Price.
$20.00 Suits and Overcoats, $10.00
$25.00 Suits and Overcoats, $12.50
$30.00 Suits and Overcoats, $15.00
$36.00 Suits and Overcoats, $17 50
$40.00 Suits and Overcoats, $20.00
These garments are so !ar superior in
style, fit and finish to ready-made cloth
ing that comparisons are odious. Call
and examine them and see ii we can
fit you. '
Suits to
We make suits to order from 5.00to$15 cheaper
than any other first-class tailoring establishment
in Portland. . . .
We are Tailors, Bear That in Mind
Not cheap garment makers, the only thing cheap about our suits is the price.
Our suits have that style fit and finish about them that well-dressed gentle
men appreciate. Astorians are cordially invited to call and inspect our goods
whether they buy or not:
Tailoring Companf,
250 Washington Street, PORTLAND, OREGON
At no Time Since the War Could We Have
Withdrawn From the Philippines.
Tbe Members of tbe Philippine Commission Discuss Individually
the Subject of Their Investigation-All Three Say We
Must Keep tbe Islands.
Americans or by e-lucated Filipinos un
der American guidance and the cities
nnd town by mayor! elc'ed by the
people, posseMlng certain educational
or property qualllliaulonR, or both, a
may be drt-rmlnod.
It sevnm to n.e that the coimtltul Inn
prepared for the Inland of Negros by
the commUvon Is nn excellent Inntru
ment to consider In connecUoi with the
government to be glve.i to the Island
of f.tisnn '
Prof, WorcoM-T says:
"I am no: prepared at this time to
give an "xpr: opinion on the war, but
I believe the Flllplaos ire In a vry
tight pluce. Yes. they have ben In a
tight place bof.irc !ut tlv;lr condition at
this time seems to .tie to be critical.
"Nothing now but a po'ley of doubt,
hesitation and timidity on our part can
encourage th Fill-' continue."
NEW YOUK, Nov, 8.-A special to war. In fa-U, I firmly boll-ve thit the
the Ueruld from Washington says: j bottom has dropped out of the Insur
Wlth the submission of tMr prellml- j lwllon'
nM.i.i..n h. mem. "A " as the Tagalo insurrection
bers of the Philippine commission are
at liberty for the fir time since their
arrival In the United States to partly
discuss the subject of their Investiga
Is suppressed," jsald President Schur-
nian tonight, "the United States should
Immediately establish a government to I
,be administered at first under the dlrec- j
I tlon of the war department, but by j
' successive stages to finally be placed la !
"I wish you would say for me," said (ht nan(J f the PIUpn0B under Amer. !
Admiral Dewey, " that I endorse- every ,c(tn wmXzvly. j
word of tlw 3omml8Hh.n-s report. I ,My u there h )U, bj pro
can say this with perfect propriety for freMvt M,f governmenti a Erdunl u ,.j
the reason that I did not write It. It ve,opement of home government as the
was written by the literary members Plu,,,no, b,come mow experienced ln!
of the commission after full and free ,., , ,, Buffle,onHy edu-
A Disastrous Gale That Has Been
Raging In the Middle North for
Forty-Eight Hours.
conference between us, but on every
conclusion reached we were unanimous.
We made absolute, truthful representa
tion of all that has happened and of
the existing condition.
"There has not li".jn a moment since
the first gun was flred that the United
States couH h.ii' withdrawn from the
Ifl.mdn, jn.l the reasons sut forth In
the report as to why permanent Amer
ican control Is essential are, In my opin
ion, Immovable. There Is no other alter
native. That the Tagales ar realizing
this Is shown from the rapid llHlntegra
tlon from Agulnaldo's ranks.
"The la! Or advices show a very de-
cuted to unieretand the questions with
which he has to deal. What the char-j
orlvr of this government should be Is a
matter which has not besn touched up
on by the commission In Its prellml
nnry statement I will not say that It
ling not be";i considered, for It has. It
Is proposed to deal carefully with this
matter It: ih report of the commission.
"1 should think that nt llmt there
hhouhl be l governor general appointed
by the presi len wh t should be assisted
In admlnls. Ming 'he alTiirs of the Isl
ands by a cabinet composed of repre
fonitiitlve tn.i of the several tribes.
This would eventually develope Into
elded linprj 'einont In the situation. I the legislature of the archipelago. The
look for un early tormlrw.lon of ths' provinces sh mid be administered by
CHICAGO, Nov. 2.-The northwest
gale Which has been raging for over 4S
hours, and brought the first snow of the
season to this locality, still continues.
Life-savers at various lake points have
been kept busy watching for and aid
ing vessels In distress.
The following vessels are reported as
being In trouble at various points.
Schooner William H. Dunham, ashore
near St. Joseph, Mich.
Steamer, name unknown, ashore near
'Bolg Blanc Island.
Schooner Kate Lyons, stranded near
Schooner Elgin, puts in at Milwaukee
leuklng badly.
Tha fleet of sheltered vessels In Chi
cago harbor last night were reported
as greatly Increased. Over HO tKiata
have been reported In shelter during the
last two days, which makes an unusu
ally large list.
Tl.e schooner rigged yacht Chlqulta,
with a dead man supposed to be D. S.
Way.the owner and captain, lashed to
the rigging, went ashore In the gale
three miles east of Miller's Station, Ind.
It Is believed that the crew and pas
sengers have perished. Garments found
In the cabin Indicated that at least one
woman was among the unfortunate
party on the yacht. Where the vessel
belonged was not ascertained last night,
but It was thought It was from some
Michigan port.
The dead man lashed to the rigging
was apparently BO years of age. On his
left temple wts a deep cut, caused
probably by, a falling spir. It was be
lieved that his name was D. S. Way,
that signature being found on a number
of papers and effects In the cabin. The
name "D. S. Way" was found also on
the silver ware. In the cabin was found
a complete woman's wardrobe, and the
opinion was the the owner was washed
In the cabin there was a fully equip
ped photographer's outfit and among
other things a large number of pictures.
The supplies had all been bought In
Charlevoix, Mich.
The Chlqulta was first seen by Albert
Sablnske, a fisherman who lives on the
shore a mile from Miller's, as he was
looking for driftwood In the morning.
At that time he saw three of the crew
on deck.
A siuad from the South Chicago life
savers are patrolling the beach In
search of the missing bodies.
headquarters In Seattle, has secured a
controlling Interest In the steamship
Pacific Coast Steamship Company Will
Remove From San Francisco to
the Sound City.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 3.-The Call
says that on January 1 San Francisco
will cease to be the shipping and gen
eral business center of the Pacific Coast
Steamship Company and all of the local
Interests of that concern will be moved
to Seattle.
Although no public announcement of
the fact has yet been made, It has be
come known that Goodall, Perkins &
Company, which firm for years was the
company's agents anil managers, have
been deprived of the tgency and Is clos
ing up Its books as rapldlj us posslhle
In ordi-r that the formal transfer of the
business may take place on or before
the appointed date.
The change Is duo to the fact that the
Great Northern Railway Company, with
jThe Best and Safest
Family Medicine I
T TIM? J V r. nn-ilAM I
diiiuus auu nci vuus visuiutia x
Sick Headache, Constipation, i
Weak Stomach, Impaired Di-; ;
gestlon, Disordered Liver and (
; Female Ailments. ; ;
:The World's Medicine:
Annual Salt Eictcds 6.000.000 Boxes.
' 10 cents and 25 cents, at all drug stores.
Beeehnm'1 Pills have the lurpwt sale of '
any 1'ioiirteiary Medicine In the world, and
' lliti hua beeu achieved j
' Without the publication of testimonials' J
A Berlin nhyslclan has written an
article on the dangers resulting from
what are considered Insignificant
wounds. -For Instance, In thirteen
wounds to the thumb, permanent dis
ability followed In 60 per cen,t.
A TAtiti, Proprietor.
Special attention given to family orilers,
In ljrye or Small UUNTntKs
(jiiantltlc CANDIES
Special attentiou given to family oniers
Wholesale utnl Uetnil Peulers in
tXil Commercial St., Astoria, Oregon.
Fine work a IVj'-i!. r Prices.
327 VVatililnyton Sirutl,
Next Imperial Hotel
Wall Paper and
Room Mouldings
G) psinc, Paints, Oils,
Varnishes, etc.
Plain and Decorative Paper
House and Fresco Pointers, Etc.
343 WosHlngtoti St., Portland, Ore.
Telephone Red 19S5.
j. 0. Gillen 8 Co.,
Dealers, Manufacturers am Contractors
Of Asbestos Boiler
nnd Pipe Coverings
229 Second St, PORTLAND, ORE.
B. F. Allen & Son
The Leadjng
1 House in
Wall Paper, Paints,
Oils, Varnishes,
Brushes, Etc.
No House Can Beat Our Prices.
365 Commercial St. '
Arc you aware there is a movement now on foot
which proposes to combine all business interests,
and to issue and use combined credits instead of
money, and to make those credits absolutely safe.
If this succeeds, interest on money will be a thing
of the past as far as the commercial world is con
cerned. If you wish to understand the plan,
send 10c in stamps for a copy of Van Ornams
pamphlet, ''Credit versus Cash.' Address
Jones' Book Store,
201 Alder St., bet. 4th and 5th, TORTLAFD.
Agents Wanted lr I'lacinij the Tacilic Coast Installment Library! Yirite for I'artitulai
v. . (