The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, November 03, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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Telephone Main ML
Sent by mall, per year
Sent by mall, per moath 40 j
Served by carrier, per month 00
Bent by mall, per year. In advance M.00 ,
Postage free to iubtcrlbera.
InfatiMMfd Chlran convention and It
The convictions exprnt0 by Gcnvrnl
Kin?. hhJ by the sound money l,mo-
riHtH of Maryland, huw taken dp root
among thoughtful dfiih-onus In every
section ol (he country, wid they are
more than likely to turn the scale
ag:iiimt the in Mnrylsml.
Ohki. Kentucky and Nebraska. With
lryamnt overthrown In those male
thl year, thiv will be aonw hope of
an honest democratic party with hon
est O.nHK ratio f;Uth coining to the
front to rght the grvnt national battle
of 1900.'KlX'
All communlcatlona Intended for pub-
tics Hon should be directed to the edl-' The iron Interests of the country are
tor. Buslneat communlcatlona of all the owner-stone of irvneral prosporky.
kinds and remittances must be address- j Wh- n the Iron Industrie are gynerous
ed to 'The Astorlan." ' employed there must be very gen-
' oral prosperity throughout all the In-
" ! iliKrl-s of the land. It Is the one great
The Aatorlana guarantees to lu ad- Industry that i most Immedintely af-
rerOsers the largest circulation of any, fect-.s! by any change in our .uslnes
newspaper published on the Columbia! condition, and a demand for Iron
rtver j product can come only w hen there Is
j a general employment to labor; genera
I profit in all commercial ami business
1 enterprise, and general prosperity for
! our great trmisprt.ulon lines.
The most conclusive evKVnce
Admiral Dcvtcy Sas Nit Alliuiucuf
Any Kiml U'ns .Made With
Advertising rates can be had on ap-(
plication to the business manager.
: i has yet been given of the general and
I enduring prosperity of the country at
unime many towns oiicn larger c nw lg fHI1(J , w ,ymarkllWe
on the Pariflc coast. Astoria has an in-1 announcement re-.-enily made that 1.
terest In he selection which it Is be- j .VO.'W tons of steel mils have been
Ueved the president will make from this contracted for to be deliver-
. , ed during the year 1300 at tSi per ton.
l .... ,.v,v, wfK11 g.w, j,, WVV .j, i3l)
state commerce commission, me vast lon ,he raHrjaJs 0f tn country- could
quantities of the salmon product j not afford to buy them, as business and
shipped each year sjid at all seasons of Industry were rwrilly depressed and
the year from Astoria to ewry state in
the Union gives our business men a pe
culiar concern In the proper regulation
of inter-state (traffic For this reason.
there is a strong hope in Astoria, not
only that a Pacific coast man shall be
appointed to the commission, but that
the choice shall fall upon Mr. V. R.
Wheeler of the well-known firm of Hol
bruok, Merrill & Stetson, who has been
recommended by the executive commit
tee cf the Pacific Cont Jobbers and
Manufacturers Association. Mr. Wheel
er has been connected with the groat
No More Back Ache
U ..fBt . J
Jf 1 F7V
Lo i i i j x y
I i f I I B lAV'V
rurilK-o the IiI.mhI by ellmluatliiK
Histious it-.itler, stmiulntlmr the e
citlor..j. iiriilatlim the 1miw, I. mid aid
ing nit line In tlmi!iK olf that which
makes a yvllow skin. The effect on the
l'OMPI.KXIX Is unite pivn.iUi.oei., as
a few dHys' use will demonstrate.
transportation lines were thus deprived
of a large measure of their general
profits; but now when eurel rails com
mand $33 per ton, the largest order ever
given In the history of this country has
Just been made by our railroads; Th
fact that the contract covsrs the peri
od of the whole next year proves
conclusively that. our best advised busi
ness and financial men are entirely as
sured of continued Improvement In all
industrial channels.
By great combiation of capital and
economy in product this country can
now prvduce iron or steel and undersell anv olhT time."
ther countries In the markets of thej Continuing the report suys. Deplor-
WASIUXiJTOX. Nov. S.-The Philip-
rliio commission today submitted to the
president the pivllmlnury rep.'it which
It had promised to ptvpajv.
The rvpn .ippewrs to be a compact
s'immary of conditions on the Islands as
the commission left them; of th histor
ical events which preceded the Spanish
war and UhI to the original Filipino n
urrvotlon: of exchangea betwen Ad mi
ni Dewey and other Amvrican com- Ins i onuiilssury tlenonil W.slon. c
monders and thv Insurgents; the break- i ' !?."'..
Ing out ?nd progrvsa .f the present In
surrection and finally the statement of
the capacity of the Filipinos for self
government. A notable feautrv of the report Is a
memorandum by Admiral IVwey ex
planatory of his rvlatlons with Agui
M!du. The ivjwrt says: It was de
cided to allovr Aguinaldo to come
fnim Hongkong to the city of t'avlte
on board the McCulloch. He arrived
May 19 and immediately came on b.anl
the Olympla to call on the Commander
In Chief Dewey, after which he was al
lowed to land at Cavlte and organize an
This was done with the purpose of
strengthening the United State fore-
and weakening those of the enemy. No
alliance of any kind was entered Into
with Aguinaldo nor was any promls of
independence made to him, then or at
PATKKSOX. N J . Xo. 3 At 2 3i a.
in: vice-l'iesldent I lobar! Is sk-eplng
Arrival of Kunston and Volunuvrn Cre
ates (iival KittluiMlicsiii.
KANSAS CITV. Nov. J. A spec
in', from Kinpoi ui. Kan., sas: The ap
piw li f the iniln beiirtng home the
Tweiiticih Kansas oglinenl this morn
ing was Ulltlotinceil by the blowing of
whistles .ilk! ringing of bells. School
and colleges were clos,'d and bulns
practically susj-ikIo.1. s-veral thousand
people going to the train. In response
to loud cries for a hihv.1i, 'Vncrul
Funston mounted a wagon and madn a
shurt sp-eoh.
To a Star coi respoiidenit. Funston said
I In regard (o the reported suit for UU-I
They demniuleit a reduction of time
fivrn 10 to nine houi on w night shift
an I woii. refused. All except otu em
ploye walk.M out.
MANILA. Nov. S 10 a. m.-Tlie In
sut'genti) ultemptel l ambush Captain
liaison's scouts holwoen Sauliago and, hui Capluln liaison ctmrio'd
Ihem nud drove iheiu out fiMm their
position, killing nnd wounding several.
One Ameilciin oltlr was kllUd ami one
private wound. si,
liOlSK, Ida.. Nov. 3.-A dlMpiitoh from
WunlinT !o (he Slahwnmn says coin
liiny II. Idaho national guard, wen! on
guard a! the prison last nlglil. Ad
jutant tleiiernl Weaver, lets a dispatch
from tfcwral M.-nimn which says the
ISsteral trooiw will remain In their
camps In the Cvur d'
Wonin's Welfr
within her own control; greatest
French mdlral triumph of this con.
tury, for al 1 female Irregularities,
weakness, etc.; a positive blessing to
married ladles. Call or write for
sealed Information. Incloa ttnmp.
3.i4 Wash. St.. Portland, Or,
WI.en you are In Portland nnd wsul
a really gil home meal. Just glvo Mr.
Prown u 10 Fourth Si., near
as.iiogton. Aou will like It surely.
This n'staumnt Is open all night.
Ladles who go to Portland and desire
something especially fine In the way of
tailor-made suits will do well to remem
ber that they can be well fitted at I. D.
Hoyer's IT Fourth street. In the Y. M
C. A. building.
Not only does he keep a strictly first
class cutter for men's wear, but also
one exclusively for ladles' work, and
all can rest assured of getting not only
good work, but the best of materials,
as Mr. Iloyer is an expert on woolen
The North Pacific TVntnl Pnli.
I hi inning such action, hut ( w hoj advertisement appeurt In anoth-
uijiiinst Archbishop Ireland, that he did 1
worm, ine great MD-nan railway, or able ttar the one whl,,h !
finn in which he is now a partner near- K Y i now enM amlv,)1(Ullll,
, . .. . , , . Trom tenni-ylvuma, on ties taken from . . ,,
ly ei't r since it was founded. Fr .m boy- . . .. , . Jnw nitu hv . h.,1.1 ..u. ""' 1,11
uregon, anu us trains are urawn oy - 1 er .olumn oiw.n,l u. ,i,w,r- o.k... i
hood to mature and middle-ag,-i man- Am,ric31l IoCumoUves. only reevntly a 'and enthusiastic army. No alternate lhM h" w"1 ih" ii,llt '- l A "tu d"J on 'u, rCt7r.The col-'
kood, Mr. Wheler has made a study, Philadelphia iron firm astonished and j was left, to us, except Ignomlnous re-: " rn""lM"
vi wiuu t t'arti n.iiuuitii?. ne ii nuuiiu-; i'j"n mi hk- uuvici trvaJ
hiililmir thm fir tn mtrtanr hHilirfa :
in Eivrt wherv mllliarv necessitv com. ! "Iialew the future of the Philip-
antly qualified to understand the com-
merx'ial needs of the Pacific coast and
pelled its speediest construction; and P1'v', ma' 'here is no course open to Pug
und W-athar U.'sulis in
Had Collision.
b ge Is well equipped with every facll
It y to graduate students In all the late
; knowledge of dentistry. A. R. Paker.
i D.D. S., Is demonstrator In charge, and
i Is well qualified to Instruct all students
wno at'.Mtl tnis college.
" - -- --" .T-f vl .'. vi J
Merchant Tailors
2()Ukv Tamlilll Street
nctkrti Hid and 4 1 li ...
Portland, Oregon
IVIvphone Oreuuit IlloeU alus.l
T--r-v c-' T" "r rrrr t -frff
(iatlicr lip 'riliiNC,
You luivo hIniiiI your liiiiues mill have llieui iirndp into Handsome Honks,
Old lxKiku rebound ami imide imk ns new. We miikc nil kinds of
Uxiks nnd hsve tin only Ilook linnloiy in Asloiln
Will be plcusisl to silbinit iwllinnli.
J. S. Dl I I INtil K.
(!ir. Ninth miJ Cotiimcrclul Ms,
P. TI. Sharpie's Cream Separators
I.titHt anil I lent
General Supply
House for
Family Groceries
Builders' Heavy and Shelf Hardware, ShipChandlery, Etc!
Pacific Sheet Metal Works
Lithographing on Tin a Specialty.
San Francisco. Cat. Astoria. Ore. Falrbaven. WastL
Astoria. Ore.
Krlle Us tor Prloosi
to protect th? rights of this section in ur ilon 1iw.s are now furnished to al- us now except the prosecution of the war !
Its relation to the vast internal trade: most every country in the world. Af-j UI)U1 tj,e Insurgents are reduced to!
of the country. No better, and it is' ter a., the Kreat marKet for our Wn Tf)e comml8alon of , SKATTI.K. Nov. 2,-The local f.-rry
doubtful, if as guod, a selection could
ard steel products is at home, and when
our railway can at
I Al iiviiic. wiu n uru i, j .,,1 ,
.mrMt f..r I.-Uioono1 "Pin'"" tlwre has been no time 1 il " ' ',ulr ' 1,1 ' revenue
be made as Mr. Calhoun's sUcceor on long oC st, vlng morf. than a ' since the destruction of the Spanish i ( ,,,,"r f't':,''!" h'T arcliorng tlil.M
the inter-state commerce commission year for their dellvjry, and Involving ' squadron hy Admiral Dewey
than .Mr. Wheeler. The united influence an expenditure of some J50.W0.000, the
morning. The long overhang of the
when It
(wan rvwult.U t, wlthrtran- for,.i ' "r' "'.! nil., tne sue or the I'at-
of the press and business men of the! " ?s"n lhat. , ,,.,, klM.klnK ,he mot-rs out of their
Northwest should be centered on Mr.
Wheeler, and evfy pofsible exertion
made to secure nis appointment.
a c 'i I ami mitm biiH 1 1 n v luiula rt
general industrial, commercial and 1 ourselves or with safety to the Inhabl- ,'unk''- Th,'rv '-H 11 h"l " h the
trade prosperity than at any time In , tants.
the history of the past.
cutter lu feet wide und eight feK high
The commissioners say the rebellion Is ' j"!'t aboVe ,he wa 'r Th,r as
V-s they ,i,i and th style and finish
they give to ,ne.rg suits, rank these
gentlemen as export practical mer
chnnt tnllors. The material they u
is ulso ttia very best and you will al
ways find them busy at !9t4 Yamhill
St., I'ortlmd. Get your next suit there,
nnd g.-t It now.
j Wh.n Industry and trade are pros- T , d , J no uumage to the ferry and no casual-
i perous our railways ke-p up their lines .
! and equipment- stel buildings are; Luzon u must ?nd throughout the arch-1 '
" 1 erected in every part of the country, ' ijielago.
While Mr. Kryan deliwred yome raih- 1 bridges are constructed whenever need- j Ijegurdlng the failure of a native form
er conservative HiKwhes on the mon.y ed. and every branch of business prog-,. In ,nH v-,.,,.H tallin,.
A.MKltli'A HoNuUEU.
f 'ur '.iris Selected to I'liriBieii
Knglinh llittt,-slili.
We know of only one book store In
Portland where so complete a lino of
novels can be obtained, on all the radi
cal subjects of the day under discussion
as can be teen at Jones' Book Store,
291 Alder street.
question when camnaiarnlnir in ih. Flout r-s srives bountiful markets fur our
em Mates, he bl...:m. cut in the Iron and steel; but when buIn-ss de- nn'1 the SUeCs of Anierit'ft c"'"'
in full fer.thf-r as rami.nt for free si' pi-sion comes, railroads halt the iin- the commission Bays:
ver (inag- at 18 to 1. and declar-s the piowntent of their llm and machinery, The flat failure of this attempt to h--
Chicago platform, with all its repudia- buildings are limited to extreme neen)-! (.ure an independent government in Ne-
lion ami agninai reatur.f. one of the si;i.-'. the erection r brlilges is hnned, , . . , , . tienhin t'i.i..,i,i i,. ,,. i
... , . ' . i gp,. conducted as U was under most t'esnip ein iable here today was ac
flnest specimens f de-notraUc ant. b-H-aitse iron s the one product that ; . ,.
i'..nii,.i,..,..i-. i. ,ii.,i . , favorable circumstances, makes It ap- mp.inle(l by nc-n. t unusual cnthus
Neb., a folUws: j flraiicial conditions.
' 'HATHAM, Knglan.l. Nov. .'.-The
liiunching of the Ilrltlyh fir -class bat-
"I desire agtin to say to y..u that the Thoi-e who are th oizing on the pres
silver Uestion, as presented four years ent phoperity of the ountry as ephem
ag the issue of 16 to 1, if you nl-a-- I , ,-, , ,
Is as alive t.iay a ever. In spite of the' eMl aml Uk"ly to 1,"riKn paniC any
frantic efforts of the republican party : 'lay. should look the fae.s in the face
to befuddle '.hat paramount issu,. The and understand that at no time in all
Chicago platfo-m is as fine a specimen' U. t.yau history has there been such
of democratic art t.lay as ever l fore, , , ,, , , . ' .
and there it lothing in it. as originally multiplied evidence of the mW sub
drafted, that should be repudiated after : stantial and enduring prosperity for
four years of experience. Therefore, let' v hoP- iieople of the United State,
the lovers of free silver be not dlsap-!
pointed i,r fear that the Issue Ik being
neglected. Naturally, new issues arise. I
following great foreign complications, WIL' NT STAND THF; STRAIN.
but tney uo not necessarily obliterate
old issues, though for a moment they! "
may over shadow them." Light Freight Cars Cannot Be Male
It will be "en that Bryanism means I'p in Trains With Those of
cliear money and eyudiation as the Latest Pattern.
ooiner-s'one of dni'MTitic faith, with1
anti-imperialism and enti-xpanslon as . , ,
, Taeorna Leilger. ,
tcinmirn I-v eVTtemmu un,. if K(u Bt.tA
. ., ... ' ' . ' Trrtffir oflk-lalH .f roa'lH that have a
f..r the !..., '..i. e... f. . s" llt niany old style freight cars on
imu'i itre conironieu wiin a ntw proo-
lern. which Is more or less
I ami not Infrequently the cause of accl-
parent that there as well as In less fav- I'isni. The christening was -rformed
ored provinces, a large amount of ly Mrs. Joseph ChamlsTlitin, formerly
American control Is at present nhsnlut- Mif,8 Kndlcott, ..f Washington, who was
ely essential to a successful admlnlstra-' accompunled by her husband, the Brit
tion of public affairs. '"h secretary of state for the colonies.
They received a great ovation. Th'
COST OF SUBSISTENCE. launching was very successful. The
j Venerable is of 14.700 tons, and 15,000 in-
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. The subsist- j dl ated horsejK.wer.
eiice of the army during the past year, '
according to the annual report of Act-
for the pr.-sidency i xt year may be ac-
c.pteo. as ineviianie. I
It Is this nlw -ni .Ht..ti...n ,.f ,.i. ..... 11 "
monev ,hst it ,..i..r., . ,,"nt' "Thousands of the old style cars
cur Industrial and business conditions'
from center to circuaif-ren.;.-. that is1
unking many ,l..m, iiT,l ,p...
clde that any dern cra!ir vl'.-tori.-s won
are made useless by the new patterns
at st'rel cars and the heavy l'j0,000-pound
wooden ones. It marks a new era In
freight car building. A gnat number
tins yeai w iuM lie faUl to dein)f racy. I
leader- j
as tney woiilci lie won under th'
ship if Bryan himself.
One of the most signilicant of the re-j
tent expressions i n the .subject by
prominent democrats, was given by the!
sound money democrats of Maryland
of old cars become greatly weakened
when made up In trains where the
heavier cars are used. Under ordinary
traffic conditions they would latrt for
months yt, but wnen forming parts of
trairs made up with big steel freight
cars and the forty-eight ton wooden
a few days ago. That has been fol-i V ' . ' '""V. l'U. Bpa" V
lowed un hv (-.,,..1 n i"e or crusnea oy tne application
the .ea.lin. '.., , Z. niS, 1 "' air
democratic club, w ho in a recent letter! nx n.-arly all of these
rvsitrniiir hist niMtTilkruhir. r.r.tT, v,
gani-atlon, said: " 'rvl"e or run in ,rainR r-l"y ma-le
"I hope to live to see the return of the Up "i,h S"nl,ar CarS'
uemocratlc party to its time-hoiioml I
principles, when this mid-summer mad-!
ins;, of Uryaniam and populism shall
have passed away. In the cominv na-l
tlonal contest thire is no place for a
flllrH ntirlv m,.v,.mr.f .T T ..i.-.n .1
hesitate to work with the party that! thentlcated history is the great bhoo
stands for honest money, the supremacy! lr"e ot Burmah. For twenty centuries
of law and the unnualiflt'd support of! It has been held sacred to the Buddah
T " - n-on ,s allowed to touch the
democracy, nnd I reject the Epurloua trunk. When the leaves fall they are
article foisted upon the party by the carried away as relics by pilgrims.
It is estimated that
ths nearly all of these
light tars will have to be taken out of
The oldest tree on earth with an au-
and I am afraid I have in
herited it. I do not feel
well ; I have a cough ; my
lungs are sore; am losing;
2esh. What shall I do?
Your doctor says take can of
7ourself and take plain cod-liver
oa, but you can't take it. Oaly
the strong, healthy person can
take it, and they can't take it
long. It is so rich it upseta too
stomach. But you can take
It is very palatat'; and easily
digested. If you will take plenty
of fresh air, and exercise, and
there is vry iittie ooubt about
your recovery.
There L5 poho;-pbites in it;
they give streuglli and tone up the
nervous system w bile the cod-liver
oil feeds and nourished.
yx. inii i.uu, ail d'UKfrutt.
SC0I7 ft H'lWNk (MtiMU. New Voifc
Invested Too Recklessly In Western Se
curities. PORTLAND, Me.. Nov. 2-The pri
vate bankinx firm of Woodbury &
MouHon has made an assignment. It Is
estimated that the liabilities may reac
1 $7,0ii. The deposits held by tbe firm
are emlmaled at $200,000.
j The caiiNe of the aHslrnment Is not
cU-arly known, although It Is said th
house lost lnnvlly on recent Invest
menits In western bonds and on securi
ties of a recently formed industrial
Two Fashionable Furriers Who Are
Earning- Well-Merlted Approval
flood work, correct style and ncrfect
fli speak louder for the furrier than
any advertisement that can be written.
Applegaih 4 Prasll, the fashionable
furriers, at 113 Third street, between
Alder and Morrison, guarantee abiO'
lute satisfaction In every ca; where
a purchase Is made at their establish
ment Both gentlemen are praotlcal
cutters ana niters, who have been em.
ployed In some of the largest houses
in tne principal cltlea of the United
States. There Is a style and finish to
all work turn.'d out by this firm that
stamp both gentlemen expert In thl
business. Garments will be taken to
be made over or repaired, and the work
turned out with the least possible de
Inspecting tlw Formications on the
SIATTLi;, Nov. 2. Oneral Nelson
A. Miles and party arrived here at noon
today and left this evening for the In
spection of the new army fortifications
at Port. Townsend.
He declined lo discuss the Philippine
puliation further than to say that peace
depended upon circumstances, and that
he would go to the Philippines If or
BAKER CITY, Or., Nov. 2-The min
ers at the Bonanza mine struck today.
Like what li man, but like a sproutln
That grows and ripens but to cast It
Among the thistles and the tares of life
And then to see It strangled in the
Or like the cloifds that wander with the
And pass unnoticed from a life of eas.
Or like a mushroom, sprung to life,
To starve or strangle In the tangled
These are thoughts that are apt to
come to many people nt times, esne
clahy when they are sick and have to
pay big prices for mediclms. But there
Is one drug store In Oregon where yo
can save rrorn lu to zs per cent on
evtrythli.g you buy, and that Is J. A.
ciemeiison s Drug Blore, at 227 Yam
hill street, Portland, Ore. At that store
you can get Hood s Sarsaparllla at 70o
llellen's Food, $1 size, 65c; Hroino Belt
zer, $1 size, 70c, and everything else a
the same low rate. You can get red
trading stamps there, and If you need
the Natural Body Brace, you can get It
.Strangers visiting in the cilv will II nil
the Ixmvre an sttructive resort where in
to spend the evening. The Ainnifl Sisters
Lnilien' Orchestra is still on the bills and
prcseiitM nightly a musical program of
exceptional merit, Handsome pool and
billiard rooms an- a feature in connection
with the hooxe. l'liluinlile liitii bes will
be served at nil nours
Hoadquarteri for Cutters' Lnirelnr
onoes ana LiOggerr uutnts. THE RED
r kijin i, -m Morrison street, Portland.
Improved ranch, consisting of l?o
acres, on Young's river. Apply to John
L. Hayseth, Wise, Or.
fleuiZealand pipe Insurance Go
Of New Zealand.
W. P ThomciH, Mgr.t Snn FnmclHeo.
StibscritKMlCnjiitnl - . - I.I.OOO.OOO
raiI-Up Capital - 1,000,000
AbmcU . - . 2,645,114
Assets in United States 300,000
Surplus to Policy Holders 1,718,702
Has been Underwriting on tlio Tut ine VmA over Twrntv-two wins
Resident AgentB, Astoria, Oregon
Tsltphons No. aa
Uanrilac finlv tfiA PhnlrAct Maitc ii
J Of Csamsrtlsl It.) Pslsos RntMru.1.
Pacific N ay igation Com pany
It. P. Elmore
W. II. HarrlHOti
Connecting at Astoria with the Oregon Itiillroml A Navigation Co. for
Sun Francisco, Portlnnil nm! all points cast. For frolglit ami passim
ger rates np;ly fiamucl Elmore & Co.
iral AitontB, AHTOKIA, OKE.
COHN &CO AirenW, Orco illronil Nnvi(?ation Co.,
Normal School
Training School for TetcWs.
New Bulldlnfs
Now Departments.
Ungraded Country School Work.
Graduates Secure (jomlRPosltions.
BTRONO COURflBS-WslI equipped tlntn r., ,,.
dulckert nd best way to mate Cerliflc.te. '
Expenw ror yew- trom 1120 to 1100; Board M. 10 to per week; Tuitlom. MS
oer term of ton weeks. FaU term beg-tnt HentemW mi,, ih,-,. t... .
to Beptember t For catalogue addr. p. r. campbibt.t. p-m
or T. A. WANN. Be of Taxmlty.