The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, October 27, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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. , i . . - ' fc-
Progress of the War so Far Appears to be
In the Boers' Favor.
the United Sutes eovernment. bur, rracdcaliy all tns oovi romis ana
Gold nuslals will be gtvn to Jofforeon all the New Knlanil ronils lie,v ptnoed
M. llmwn, Iaar Toionovloh ami an tMr ordors. ami a Urge piirt of 1h
Indian namoU Sam, In recognition of Hindu's for the South and the Bouth
thelr gallant conduct In the utempu at west whs also taken,
rescue. J The Orvat Northern, which It waa -
T Con rail F. Strand, master of the p.-otod would call tor a wry largw quan
eteanier Tolnt Arvna; Lara Olson, the ttty. haa placed only 1&.000 ton. The
mate, and Seamen Andrew Lllleland. j rin t la currant that alnce th ad
P. Anderson and A. Hendrlxson, allver vanoe to IJ& haa taken plaoe an order
medal will be 1 towed for their meri
torious services In rescuing 25 of the
crew of the Ill-fated steamer.
Light Me'Al Is Fast Displacing
CHICAGO, Oct. 2S. The Record says:
Aluminum Is to have Its first Import
ant trial as a commercial conductor of
Reports of Killed sod Wounded Among the Boers at Clencoe Were electricity on the Northwwaem eievat-
.I. t.i.i t, TV- :e-l ' Twenty miles of Inch and a
U really exaggerates ucwai aisu iuai iuiu
Cannon Were Captured.
LONDON, Oct M. The death of Oen- j did not molest them.
eral William Penn Bymons, Brtusn
commander at Glencoe. who waa shot
in the stomach In the battle with th
Boers there Ootober SO. w-as officially
announced In the house of commons
today. The parliamentary secretary of
the war office, Mr. Wyndham, in an
nouncing the death of General Symons
The news waa considerately sent to
General White by General Joubert
which conveys the Impression that Gen
eral Yule had to leave his wounded at
Dundee. We hope to have shortly full
information on the disposition made by
General Yule for his wounded before
i half cables 150.000 pound of light
' weluht tu(V are to be strung along
' the steel trestle to distribute the mo
, tlve power to the trolley rails of the
: new road.
! Aluminum displaces its copper rival
' on the new road because of Its cheap-
I nuL Conoer haa doubled In price
British Prisons Captured at Dundee ' " the m,i
has dropped a snaae in me acaje,
rilled a Train of Ten Trucks.
LONDON. Oct. M.-A batch of de- R. Chapman, an Mectrlcal an
layed dispatchea arrived this morning' "r ' lhe new y,:
"After copper, aluminum is ute oeet
conductor among the cheaper metals.
An aluminum wire haa the additional
via Lorenxo Marque. They are as fol
lows: PRETORIA. Oct 2t-The British
rrisoners captured Friday near Dundee! advantage of being lighter to handle
were entrained at Dannhauaer. They
' and of being non-corrosive.
Allied 10 truck. Offloem traveled Hrst- ..r.v,.,.,
class, and a separate van was provided ' i',,nt hM bn mad K8,bl by 0,Jer
for two wounded officers. An enormous""" CMc mn
crowd assembled at the station hens to1
witness the arrival, but there waa n0!JTQ METAL
demonstration. The greatest order and
for 20.0W) ton has been entered for one
Since the rapacity of the mills Is
about 2.250.000 tout, the works are now
pnRnfied very considerably beyond the
first halt of the coming year.
The prevailing car famine ha aaln
emphasised the neoslty for more and
more modem rolling stock, and It looks
as though very large requirement will
come upon the market from that quar
ter. As a matter of fot a considerable
number of orders have been placed
The Lake ship yards and the yards
along the Atlantic count are crowded
with work and have added to It lately,
notably on the Lake, so that some of
the plate mills .ire now under heavy
pressure and will remain so for many
months to come, Reports from the
wire trade, refer to heavy commitments
for the future with deliveries still be
Mnd. This Is at a time when Interests
branch, the manufacture ought to be
gin to accumulate a stock for th
spring trade.
The past week has been one of reced
ing values ill the metal market. Larg
! blocks of lake copper have been offered
unsuccessfully at 17V Tin had a sharp
drop In London and here , declining
down to 30. from which It reacted at
the close. Spelter has weakened
sharply, and lead, too. Is somewhat
The house," he added, "will be glad j deC()rum prevale1 wht9 they were
to know that we have a further report ( traverslng lh! streets. !
from Mafeklng, which was all right, Thtf woun(lej were uken t0 no.'
October 21. As the establishment there FjtaIi whe he othe offloers and men
of the Nineteenth Hussars was man.hed to the race course, es-' 'JJ () () 'fill! W.K
plete. thre is no explanation why the.forted by mounted burghers, and were1
Infantry officers fell into the enemy's encamped on the apot where Jameson's
hands." 1 trooper were confined. The officers : -
Orders were issued today for an ad-( Lieutenant Colonel Mollor, Major The
dilifiiial 5.'W troops to sail for South Af-1 Grenville and Captain Pollock of the ,
rloa between November 4 and Novem- Kighteenth Hussars, and Captain Lons-'
ber 1?. The war office received the fol- dale. Lieutenant Meuseur. Lieutenant
lowing dispatch from. General White: , carvice. Lieutenant Grimshaw, Lieu-
LADYSMITH, Oct. 26, 12:40 p. m. tenant Majendie and Lieutenant Shore
General Tule s column Just marched in f the Dublin Fusileers looked In good M'W YORK, Oct 26. Discussing the
here after a very hard march during health. They were quartered In a conditions of the" Iron and metal trade,
the nllfht of exceptionally heavy rain, building apart from the men. The men the Iron Age will today say:
The men, though done up, are In good appear Indifferent and spend most of
spirits and only want rest. The enemy tneir time smoking. 8'ne branches of the Iron trade and In
the cruder products some large trana-
Tninsktiun Lanjc in hapimi
Kith the (icncral Htiints
Wilson Improved Air Tight Heaters
...FOR COAL...
This lii'iitor is oHpooittlly aJiitil l'-r Soft ( 'mil
nud I-inilo. l'lio Imily in iiuulo of cli!it'tl
Htot'l. Kxlra heavy Hliukinj: niul thiinpiiiK
gniUi. Firo jmt oxtm linivy with hww ti.h pit.
IltiN a nifkol urn, tiickol muito plato niul two
nickel nlatod foot rails.
Tlit hot Must tint ft is so fonstniftetl that the
escaping gases are all eoiisuiiied, whieli makes
n great savinj; in the consumption of fuel.
Price, $12.00 to $25.00.
All Varieties of Hood Air TIJbts al
The "Delsarte"
and "Regent
Shoes for Women
Shafier has provided headquarters In
the army commlssury building for the
committee f the lied Crvxw Society
now engagv-d In coll.-cting books for a
free library to U' established In M.i
Mlla for the u. of American soldiers.
The committee expect to soon have
e.iough books n hand to make a first
shipment to the Philippine. j
Jonn Sherman Is quoted by the New!
York World as believing that Admiral j
Dewey would be a strong presidential j
candidate for the reason that he would
be voted for with extreme disregard of.
There haa been a very active week In Prty lines. Mr. Sherman also says,
however, that tne admiral uispiajr
Playing Tlwir Usual Game of Revolu
tion in Several States.
NEW YORK. Oct. !. A dispatch to.
the Herald from Panama ays: i
The Herald's correspondent in Bo
goto sends word that a section of the
liberal party. Induced by a branch of j
quiet. Business is going on as usual, actions have taken plaoe. One Interest
All JiliLEWrt
Styles if 53 to
One f any
Price f;' xf;;i $5.00
$3.50 Sh0C
great firmness of character and a won- j
derful degree of elf confidence, and. . . a a .in ii
this, while It would undoubtedly saU- AI50 UUeeil UUdlliy
The military guard l strong enough f ha. purcha-ed fully W.0OO tons of basic 'wfth SflOCS for WOlTien
iously awaiting development In the In-: and has option on some additional , " r.- .
1 ttrlor.
Several W. C. T. U. Matters Delegated
to Executive ('ommiUpe.
amounts. It Is reported that, so far as
the Iron purchased In Western Pennsyl-
vanis Is conevrned. It was on the basis
of V. at furnace. j
In bessemer pig one larg consuming
' Interest has takvn about 75,0)0 tons at
some- Xx at valley furnaces, for the first half
the conservative party, now called the! SEATTLE. Oct. 26 Unless
historical, revolted in Santandr. The( thins unforeseen should prevent It, the of 1SV0, in addition to a lot of 30.000 tons
government and a majority of the llb-j next national convention of the Wo-; referred to last week. Pittsburg re
erals, however, are resolved to main- j man's Christian Temperance Union will ports sales of forge Iron aggregating
tain peace. be held in Washington, D. C. A sen- 2.'.000 tons. In charcoal iron tht-re ha
The government has declared the re-j timent practically unanimous in favor i been a heavy movement also; report
public under martial law. It will issue j 0f tnat cty exists In the executive com- has It that a very large block has been
new paper currency as may be re- milte 0f tne national union, to which ' taken for car-wheel purposes, and
body the convention has delegated the some good business has been done In
quired.. It controls the railroads, river
steamers and telegraph lines and is
acting with prudence and moderation. I
It had been planned by the historical
to selie General Jose Santos, the min
ister of war, but the attempt failed.
This may bring about the fall of the
party and cause Important political
changes and developments In the near
The department of Antiogula, Cauca
and Panama have remained quiet so
far. .
Liberals In Bolivar rose in arms on
October 21, under Julio Vengoechea,
and starts blowing up four bridges on
the railway line between Cartagena
and Calimar, taking up rails, cutting
telegraph wires and obstructing river J
navigation by sinkkig dredges at the
duty of fixing the place and time for the iron for malleable purposes, with one
Fancy Plates,
10 ct. up.
Great Left Over Slb
Prices Away Down.
You'll hay So,
When You Sec Prices.
Great American Importina Tea Go.
Stores Everywhere.
ioo (stores.
171 Commercial St.. Aatsrta.
E. C. Goddard & Co.
Oregnnian liuiMiiiK, Portland.
Inquiry for 10,000 tons In the western
A number of conferences have been
lild by some of the large billet pro-.
convention of 1900.
The executive committee today decld-'
ed, among other things, to maintain
an active lobby at Washington this
winter to prevent the seating, if possi- ducers, but, so far as we can learn, no
ble. of Congressman Brigham H. Rob-; definite action haa been taken. Somej
erts of Utah. large trade have taken plaoe on the:
It was also decided that steps should basis of relatively low figures, but spe-j
be immediately taken by the general clal conditions governed these transac-!
officers to effect the organization of the Hons, so that the prices do not reflect
W. C. T. U. In Cuba, Puerto Rico and the market accurately. In that way, aj
Hawaii. No mention was made of the 30,00-ton lot was placed, In addition to i
avnriAnnjmrinuvut'uviAAAirunjUJ i
'5 3
XT iC-
m V-
Reopened September 13. For circulars
: address.
Principal, 1'ortlsn 1 Oregon
Telephone Red 391.
Affects Oregon, Washington and Idaho
General llodriguez,
the WOo-ton transaction referred to
last week.
Th opportunity given to the rail
roads to come In at $33 before the price
was raised to $35 seems to have been
very widely availed of. and In some ln-
I PORTLAND, Oct. 26. The committee stances the tonnage placed by Indlvld
with a large force; m?t today Rnd eslabllHned tne gra,efl ual roads wn very large, while in oth-
of men, left on the same evening on j w be uged ,n 0regon Wahington an(J ers It was Toelow the usual quantities,
the steamer Hercul-js, going up the riv-1 I(ja)0 th,g aeaBon at 5g pound,, for N-0 The movement, which has now culml-
tr In pursuit of the revolutionists. Hej j WaJa -v'ana and bluestem. They did nated, began as early as August, and a
was followed by the steamers Colom-! nft nx the grade ffjr valeyj but it w)11 SOod deal of tonnage was placed at fig-
bia, La Faurle and Manuela Aycardl. j probably tne WalIa Walla ures running up from $28 to $29. The
This was the situation when the : A pr)M was agreed on of 1 total now on the books for 1900 delivery
Spanish steamer left Cartagena on Oc-j cent bunel lefM! for 57-pound wheat ls variously estimated at 1,200,000 tons
tober 22. There was then considerable anfJ 2 CPntj) bugnel leeg for 56, to 1,500.000 tons, not Including from 20,-
exekement in Cartagena. ! pounfl Action regarding the lighter m t0 300,000 tons to be carried over the
Official advice received by the gov
ernor here state that the national gov
ernment is organizing about BOO men to
march on Santander under General Hu
gar. Publication of all the Colombian
newspapers In the republic has been
The Most
Annoying Thing
One encounters in the wcRring of
gloss-s is llie cntiHlniit rare neces
sary to keep the lenes clean and
cleat. The handkerchief is al-
wu.vs linndy lint not always cle- P
gnnt W'e (five a fine leather case 2
and nliiiinois lens clesrer with g
each mirof gliu-Hes we sell 3
Northwest Optical Co.,
The UI1.,
Hccciml urul WiiMlilnuton Htm
C Kooiiim jo-jr-Jj-i.i
A Portland Buyer
j grades Is left to the judgment of the
; buyer.
j Government Will Distribute Medals to
t Rescuers of San Benito Survivors,
current year. Among the recent sales I Jrs
1 IT AAA . v 4Ua TTaMman .vatAm. i
10.00 tons for the Pennsylvania, dis
tributed among the mills on the line of
the road; 50,000 for the Illinois Central,
35,000 tons for the New York Central,
40,000 tons for the Baltimore & Ohio,
suspended for the present. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 28. The men 40,000 tons for the St. Paul, 40,000 tons
Telegraphic communication with im- J who saved the Ives of a number of the for the Union Pacific, 40,000 tons for th.-
portant town north of Bogota, and also' crew of the steamer San Benito, which Chicago & Northwestern and a large
with Cartagena and Baranqullla has was wrecked on November 22, 1896, near block for the Louisville & Nashville.
been Interrupted. Panama remains Point Arena, are to be rewarded by The Lehigh valley order went to Pitts-1
DALIT) N, wlio has liad
year' of f-xjicricnce us a
. Buyer .
Will b pleased to give persona
attention to all customer.
Correspondence solicited.
363 Second St., Portland.
He says waa always so light
and well baked.
Well there Is a knack In mak
ing It
But don't forget the kind of
stove or range used make a
difference. HI mother used a
Star Estate Rantre
M ' 1 j&
W. Or. BfJULLT, Agsnt,
4M Bond Street
llought, .SuM niul Kxcliungt'd
tit the
Old Book Store
History, HiorHiiiy, MocImiiIi'uI,
Itefefi'iui', Potry, Meillrnl,
Ijiw, lUliglous, Scietitillo
All standard work.
Sctoad-linml sclioul books, Urue stix k
etieap. BeiiiDd-lininl iimnu.lni. Li
bntnes boaglit. I-nrgo stock o( uovuls,
10.000 tltlie.
rOKTI.ANl), on.
2J.i '.':il Yatnhlll St., below Stolid.
Telepliotie IUhJ UtiH&
Best and
Almi ItcpnltiiiK Niul Ibfinvoriliir (
WanliiliKlou Ih'Iw.-i'Ii fitli and llth H reels.
I'tUll'I ANU. OHK.
John It. Coffey.
rv.if.r- Portland, Ore.
Tonsorial Parlors
301 Washington St, comer Fifth
Opposite Hotel Perkim
Ladies Hair Dressing a Specialty
Ladies entrance to bath
ou Fifth street.
W. C. A. Pohl,
101 n (oko)ci.
Undertaker, Hmbalmer
and Funeral Director
Caskets and Funeral Supplies constant
ly 011 liaml.
Comer lltli and I 'nans Bli, Astoria, Ore
firing Urip (..!!, I nrti Ktnniton, vlUifuvi
roltTLANi). - OUEnoN. mrjifXiXffiu&Um.iu.
Golombia Electric & Repair Go
SueceHHor to
Kept in Stock
Logging Engine HmIU and lepalred
Heavy Forging Under Power Hammer a Specially
Sole Manufacturers of the Unsurpassed
Harrison Secton" Propellor Wheel ...
Contractors for Electric Lights and l'owor riants.
I ...The Esmond Hotel...
Biir.)).-ii pi,.VicVil,iJ0itr dv. OSCAR ANDER80N, Minmgor- X
AiiiiTlcanplsii,1.00loa.UU.enly. .1. ('. I'KNDKIIAST, Chief Clerk.
In nil sizes nml styli-H.
We shall continue to toll
' I run nnil Brims lledflti'nds
ut tin' shiiib Lnw Prices
roKnrdlcns of the nil ho in
tlio price nf iron and brims
qjvurLTLruinJ inAiAiuwinnAnunnnirinuuiiAi uvuiAnAnuuiAnruuvAui
. . , 7lHUMPInttu 11... . . . A. . M
awnfinnnnnn' ivuuirrinrLruuuuiAnruvariaruu