The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, October 19, 1899, Page 5, Image 5

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Extraordinary Sale
Special for this week
Muck und Colored Sergei- $1.00 quality 60c
Golf l'laid 40 In. GAlqulity... 4flo
Knglwh ' KlannlWo 10c quality ......Hjc
All other goodn in irojK)i tioii
470 Commercial St
Ths ItAII.V A STOMA olll be found
uu till In I' (inland t th. w.ll-knuwii
lo.ry hawM of J. V, Man!. t'u., WI
WMhlmlaa StrMi. Order fur sdt.r
Uln l.ii Willi this flrut will ttmlit
irunal AlUBliun,
J'OllTl.AND. Out. 1.-Waahlntl.
Oregon and Idaho, rail), brisk to hlfb
ouib to tut wind fciid nwxlrs,U off
bur islr fclonf the ooaat todar, '
C. A. MoUrew of Portland la In town.
Burn-To tlx wife of Pa Mb, a
llnry Oil of Chinook tu In th oily
Wanted girl to do houaework. Call
at IU Biohanf atraat
Chill eon earn and frlJolUa at La
Hei-rliif National Cai evrjr day.
Mr. John Chltwood waa a pnrr
on the train from fcaahl ywurrday.
rrtvman Parker oama up from Sea
alU yMtardagr.
Carlo Dow waa In from Younc't
rlvtr yratarday.
Thomat Donaa of Chinook waa In tht
oily yesterday.
Louis Ntppach of Waldport waa In
town yeaterday.
J. Culfloy of Chinook waa In town on
business yesterday.
E. C. JofTers of Lewi and Clark wm
lu th city yesterday.
John Flnlxy of Cathlamet rotfatervd
at the Parkur yeetorday.
Ira. C. W. Fulton and Mr. 0. C.
Fulton came up on the Seaside train
The Jossle'a cargo of halibut which
waa shipped M haa molted Buaton In
prrffct condition.
Tha lateat In tha eonfcotlon Una art
thoaa delicate loa Crura Chocolatee
at Tha flpa.
For rant Right-room hone with moil
ra convanivnoM. Adilroaa "U." Astor
Ian oftV.
The bark Powya Caatla, Orltlah, waa
towed to a yesterday, bound for Port
Natal, floulh Afrioa.
Duncan McTavlsh wrtte that ho la
In rod health, and will locate on Ho
nania for the winter.
Tha stvamnr Alllunoa, lying at tha O.
K. N. dock haa a cargo of flour and
snooks for Ban Francisco.
Dr. )Ivndraon will be r4 No. I onglna
houat Saturday for fro vaccination be
tween tha noun of 10 and 11.
Among Aalortaoa registered In Port
land yeeterdsy wwe H. W. Copp, J. Q.
A. Dowlby and F. P. Kandall.
Four larg freight ateamers art be-
Ing built fr tha 'round-the-horn rout
between thla ooaat and the Atlantic.
Miss Clara Blmpaon left for Portland
yetrday evening, wbera aha will take
a oourta at Ilolmas' business collrga.
The logging oamp of M. Btaple which
haa been In operation on tha Walluakl
haa cloaed down for tha winter montha.
Tou can find ovar 10,00 tltlta of nor-;
ala at Hyland Broe.' old bookftora.Pert
land. Drop In and gat aomethlng to
If you want any Health Food that
your grocer dm-a not have, write Knnpp
Broa, H'allh Food Co., BaM Portland.
Buy Rftjlyn coal; tha beat ooal for
heating and cooking purpoeee on tb
market Oeorg W. Sanborn, Agent,
Telephone MIL
Mr. S. T. Bmllh and Mlaa Dlanch O.'
Abbot were united In marriage yester-J
day. Ttev. W. Seymour Short per
formed tha ceremony.
noalvn coal laata longer. It oleanar
and makea leaa trouble with atovea andj
chimney nuea tnan any orner. ueonr
W. Sanborn, Agent. Telephone ML
Vliltor from Portland and alaawhera
will And the plraaanteat rooma In As
toria at the Bay City houae, 171 Tenth
strevt, Mra. K. S. Andrews, proprtetreea.
When In Aatorta, tranalent gueaia
oan secure unaurpaaaed aooomaaoda
tlona at the Aator Houaa. Perfect cook
ing and nloa, clean rooma. Rate, tl
per day.
Wanted Hr1 for gneral houeerork.
Imiulre at tha malilmtoe of S. DanxIgiT,
on Fourteenth atrwet, nax Fraiklln av
enue, Knryiilnpedla llrlLUuiliA, 28 vol.,
aheop, 121. UeM teaihora Illblo, now,
IWr, at Ilyland'a Uroa,' Hook Store,
Pornlanil,, Hte ailvortlUKHient.
A hora eatapod from Ita kpora yea
lrrtuy and acampnrl about tha atrUi
to the dlamay of thi ladlw. lie waa
finally captured and W crwit-fallpn
back to bla atall.
Roalyn ooal la tha beat and moat eco
nomical coal for houaehold uaa In Aa
torla. Try It ono and you will have
no other. Oeorge W. Sanborn, Agent,
Telephone Ult
I. W. Harper", Nelaon county, Ky.,
whlakey. A gentleman'a whlekey; a
whlakey for tha aldeboard; a whUkey
for the alck room. Bold by Foard
Stukra Company, Aatorta, Oregon.
The flrat ateejner for tha Portland
Manila line haa been aeoured, and will
reach Portland net month with car
go of about 4,000 ton. Bhe la the Ger
man Iron atemahlp Tetartoa, 1.81J tone
m , a
The dancing party given by the Eait
ern Star lodge lat evening at Han
thorn'a hall waa well attended and very
highly enjoyed by all who partlclpaJeil.
It waa again made very evident that
rain and atorm do not quell the gay
eplrlta of Aatorlana.
The annual oonvenllon of the Port
land district, Epworth U-agu. which
met In Aatorla laat year, will be hem
at Central church, Portland, the latter
part of thli month. The Megmt ap
pointed from Aatorl are Mlaa Carrie
nnarth. Mlaa Nellie Oerdlng, Mlaa An-
nlo Noalon, Mlaa Annie OnUke and
Mr. William Llndau. ,n
Johnnv McCann, one of the popular
employee at Foard A Btokee, la reepon
Ibl for a very reaJletlc creation of the
Initial yacht rare between the Columbia
and Bhamrock. which adorns one of thr
large tllaplay wlndowa of the firm on
Commercial atrc. The wrt la exoi-p-tlonally
artletlc, and attract the at
tention of all paaaemby In that vloln-
MF. w,
Mlaa Sign Talmberg, recently arrlv
Ing from the East, desires to announce
to the ladlea of Aatorla that ahe has
opened drcaamaklng pari"" on Ninth
street, near Commercial, next door to
Delllnrer'a printing ofllc. Mlna Pttlm
berg haa had thorough experience In
cutting and fitting ladles' gerrm-nt of
all kinds, particularly Ullor-made sulta
ai.d cloak of the lateat and most fash
lonable design.
Mr. Charlee a Hlgglna and Mim
Maud Warren, prominent young Clat
sop county people, were united In mar
riage at the horn of the bride' paenta
In Warrenton yeeterday afternoon, Rev.
u.nrv ManviLto offlclallng. Mr. Hlg-
gin la aaalaunt eaahler of the Aatorla
National bank and the bride is the
daughter of Hon. D. K. Warren, presi
dent of the bank. Mr. and Mr. Hlg
glna left laat night by rail for Monte-
Portland am Astoria
rey, Cal and aftcn Dotemlwr 1 will be
at home to their frienda In this city.
The dally 'aalea of tha Aatorlan and
the regular suhw-iiptlffl lint have shown
a gratifying Innreaso slnoe the radical
Improvement and enlargement of thw
pupt-r. Not only doe !the Incn-aae-d
number of reafc-ra appeal ferelbly to
advertlaera, but the style and tone of
the Aatorlnn will convince tlvm that
It ia a valuable medium through which
to uu In the public nitontlon. The qual
ity of a newpapr, It standing aa 'a
Aral-class Journal, gives color to It ad
vertisement. That auoomeful business
men understand this la evidenced In tho
advertising patronage the A at or lan la
Hpeaklng of the dpth of water that
ships draw going up and down the
river from Astoria to Portland, an olJ
pilot said yexterday that In IW2 the
A mi lean bark Hanta, Clara, Pilot II.
Empkins, by taking advantage of full
moon tides, waa towed o Portland
drawing 22 feet t Inche. A very few
ships have been towed up or down the
river since that time, under the same
conditions, drawing 22 feet 10 Inches,
and a few freight atearnera are reported
to have been, driven over the shoal at
extreme high tide drawing 23 ft
With all the dredging by the port of
Portland, pwldca the large amount of
government money spent ty the Cnlted
Btatx-e engineer, not more than four
Inches of depth In the channel haa been
gained In seven years. The Oregonlan
makes a great fun about the transports
Bio Janeiro and Sikh getting to aea
from Portland In II hour from Port
land. The Rio Janeiro went out draw
ing leas than 20 feet f Inchea and the
' Blkh leas than 20 feet, and had a aouth
I erly wind and big tide. It should be
noticed, the skippers hold all the big
I ship In Portland until they have a
laraa run of tides, when hev come
down like log on a freehet. . But tb;
jahlp-owner make the aklpper pay for
all dels) or demurrage when he char
ters hi ship.
"I trust that our oltlsena will dismiss
ruirrow-mlmledneea and turn out In
force for th Portland Exposition Sat
urday," sold a well-known merchant
yesterday. "It was my privilege to talk
with one of the committee on Monday
laat," he continued, "and I am satis
fled that the courtesy of Astoria Day
I extended In no spirit other than that
of unquestioned good-fellowship and
friendly regard. While I, aa well as
other tradoemen. am anxious to retain
all local patronage at home, still, In a
case of this nature, It Is only Just that
we should rl ie beyond bloeed senti
ments and reciprocate for her splendid
support of the laat annual regatta. Aa
a matter of foot, within a week I havfe
undergone a radlcaf change In disposi
tion. I have found that Astoria Is ex
aotly like a spoiled child. She sits still.
pouts and shows an ill-temper, whereas
on the contrary, she should smile, vl"lt
with her neighbors, make new acqunin
tances and w-in th eeteem of the out
side world. Cross-grained and stubborn
people are never known to ge along
well, You can say for me that I am
going to Portland on Saturday and take
all of my family. Tou can also add In
the same connection that I have talked
sensibly to several of my neighbors, and
they, as well, are gotng. We expect to
have a big time, and there Is no reason
why we shouldn't. If we go grod-nnt
ur-vlly to look for It."
To provide the citizens of Astoria and vicinity With the same advantage, as
the iwople of Portlaud, we will, during the continuance of the prevailing
rates, furnish round trip tickets from -
Astoria to Portland arid Return
Absolutely-Free ;
By giving one round trip ticket and an Admission
to the Exposition with each Buit or Overcoat, pur
chased of us, no matter what price the garment,
This will enable those desiring to visit the Exposition to do so without cost
and at the same timo to take advantage of our enormous selection of
' For Mens, Boys and Children. All our goods aro marked in plain figures.
CUT OUT THIS "AD." and it will be honored for a round trip ticket and
an admission to the exposition with each purchaso of a Suit or Overcoat.
Moyer Clothing Co.
The Popular Price Clothiers.
BEN SELLING, Manager. ' 3rd and Oak Streets, Portland
If there Is a bargain In Portland it
Is to be found at Welche's Clothing
Store, S5 Morrison street. The real
value, for little money offered on Shoe
this week I worth Inspecting when tn
Portland. ......
Rev. J. L. Trumbull' Addrease the Con
- vention of Baptists.
' Tho ministerial conference of Oregon
Baptists, - which met In Portland this
wvek, attracted general attention.
Much Important work was Accomplished.
Speaking of the Tuesday session, the
Oregonlan said: ;n r'" '.
Discussing "The Preacher In Evan-
jrellstlo Work," Rev.; I J. Trumbull of
Astoria pointed out the different meth
ods that obtained of conducting revival
work. ""I' want to put myself on record
ivere," he said In beginning, "a having
no kind of sympathy with the-preaching
and living religion one month of
the year and then preaching higher
criticism, new theology, sensationalism
or any other kind of Ism."
Rev. Mr. Trumbull said In part:
"Finally, not a little of the success of
the preacher In evangelistic work will
depend upon his ability In interesting
and keeping his church aotlvely en
gaffed in the work. ' When he has no
church to sustain or clog his efforts he
may go forth confidently, expecting
God to bless the word and answer his
prayers for the conversion of sinners,
but It Is rarely If ever the case that the
lost are brought to aooept Christ
against the Influence of a cold, Indiffer
ent, critical : church. Hence, the vital
necessity of arousing the church to a
s-?ne of rta responsibility and of Its
duty and privilege. It Is when Zlon
traveleth not merely the preacher
that children are born Into the King
dom. Let the preacher proclaim that
the judgment of God, as "well as the
love of God, begins at the house of the
Lord: that men and women are not
thiMr own, but that they are bought
with a prloe, not with gold and silver,
but the Drerlous blood of Chrlttt, and
that as such their servtoes ami their
urnvers are precious before God, and
thnt It Is both their privilege and their
duty to labor with all tenderness ana
love for the salvation of the lost.
"A successful work of fcraee demand
that not only shall the church be
aroused to agonizing prayer ana conse
crated persona! effort to win soul to
W knoV of only on book ftor In
PorMand where so complete a line of
novel can be obtained, on all the radi
cal subjects of the day under discussion
as can be teat at imtm' Boot fittm,
Ml Alder street. ;
'Tale com to a of the uffering en
ddnd by our brav otdler In the Phil
ippines. The paper ring with them,
sympathy l freely given. ' And yet
there are people In our mldt of whom
we hear nothing, who are juat as brave.
They are suffering silently and fighting
bravely with the great enemy of
mankind- Inrspepsla and All ita terrible
Ills. There la relief for them If they will
take Hostetter Stomach Bitter faith
fully. Tt will cure dyspepsia, constipa
tion, blllousneaa, malwla, fever and
ague and live and kidney trouble. It
tones up the whole aytem. Got, It from
anv drucclst and see that a private
Revenue Stamp cover the neck of tha
bottle. -
The man who work 'and I apt to
rln. cratch or otherwise Injur him
self ahould never be without the cele
brated Century Liniment, 10c and 2Sc
bottle, at J. A. Clemenon' drug tore,
i:i Vamhin atreet, Portland, Or. ' '
' Tha woman who ha a weak ooanttu
tlonj and who need aomethlng to brae
her ud. ahould ret tha Natural Body
Brace, tha brace that brace the whole
length of the body and that cost only
tS. If you are not aur you need tt, you
can try It for SO daya, at the end of
which time, If not satisfactory, you can
return it. Write for a book witn in
formation. J. A. CLEMENSON, tt,
Yamhill street, Portland, Ore.
Ladlea who go to Portland and dealr
something especially fine In the way of
tailor-made suits will do well to remem
ber that they can be well fitted at L D.
Boyer'a 11 Fourth street, In the T. M.
C. A. building.
Not only doe he keep a airiotly flrat
class cutter for men' wear, but aJao
one exclusively for ladles' work, and
all can rest assured of getting not only
good work, but the best of materials,
as Mr. Royer is an expert on woolen
A very desirable dairy' farm, fineat
beaver dam land with abundant Uvlng
water, nnd cow, buildings, orchard
and leDara'.ors. Addrea Robert Craw
ford. Nehalem. Tillamook county. Ore.
Flaa Millinery.
MISS McREA-Corner 10th and Com
mercial tils.
Latin' Tultr.
I. D. Boyer,
Merchant Tailor
177 hirta St, NaTLHD, L
Y. M. C. A. Build'g.
L I. MTTEUir, '"
. .Pioprlefc r. v -
tun St., near &th
fmiU lwifcrUlK
J E. House's
S Cafe,
S 1!8 Tkir4 8'rwt, NrUand, regM,
SThe Best Cup ol fnflee
or Cocoa In the clt
or Cocoa Id the city.
Cream and Milk
j truiaoiuownraocn
2 Home made IMci and cakes.
Watson B
Restaurant g
WATSON BROS., Propr's, p
'ondiietiHl on the check sy.-.tnn. there- M
fore patron" ray for what tlu-y order W
and no more. n
Wt Claim the Larjcfst, Chfapt. Best R
and ((uifltst Service is Ue Surthwest. R
10) ami 111 Fourth St. Q to 8 p.m. PORTLAND M
Natty Swell Jackets :
Plash and Golf Capes,
; '. v Fur Collarettes and Scarfs
, In all the latest novelties in tbi line.
, Look at our Goods and Plcei
- Ladies' brown melton jackets...... 12.75
Black bouole cloth Jacket 4 00
, Clack boucle eloth jacket trimmed
ia appliqued kersey cloth 66
Elegant. all wool kersey jacket,. ...60
In Childrens cloak we are carrying
the largeal assortment ever before dis
played in our store.
467 "'Commercial st., astobu.
Vib tw
Bargains in Ladies' & Children's Shoes
' II, fruJ
Ladies' $9.50 Shoes at f 2.65.
Ladies $2:75 and 3.00 shot !! .
: "'"at $125;-
Ladies' $1.95 and $2.25 shoes
at $1.65.- J';
Ladies' $150 hofi at- $1.1 5 ,
4. , r- - i 9 'mil
We Want Room for Men's and Boys' Clothing
Here's a Snap, Good Overcoats at $9.75.; ,
Welches Clothing Store,
225 Morrison St, bet. 1 and 2, Portland, Ore.
Fresco Decorator::
and Scenery Artist
Lakst Designs ?o.oi,y Wall Papers
127 First Street. Portland
We Rent New Typewriters.
Many Kew ImprovemenU Added-SEE OUB LATEST
Smith Premier Typewriter :
f-'. L. at A. ALtAA.M'tK u mone main S7
Eiclmiv Pacific Coast Dealer. 215 Stark St Portland
.-5 . V
SATURDAY, OCT. 21i 1899
'- at' the " . ,.,.,
The following Superior Attractions are offered: -
Bennett's Superb Military Band
The Three Flying Banvards
In their thrilling Aerial Turns and Flights
Alice Raymond, the world's greatest Lady Cornetist.
Gus Henderson,
Wonderful Tight-Rope Walker and Gymnast.
EVA ROSS, Descriptive Ballad Singer.
i -yyyyirs wyyl
Christ, but they may De Kept ai u.