The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, October 18, 1899, Page 3, Image 3

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OUT of the great number of anlts ordered,
many arc uncalled for. Our contract with
well-known tailoring firms throughout the
country is that we take tip uncalled lor gar
ments left in the express orifice west of the
Mississippi River. In this way wc keep on
hand a number of uncalled for suits, overcoats
and trousers, which we are abl to sclj at greutr
' U rediicdd' pricci! These ? garments arei not
r. i . . . I I.. I I
misrits dui suits on wnicn ucjjosus nave uccu
made and which were forwarded by express
C. 0, D. and (for unknown reasons remained,
in the express office uncalled for. We have all
such rfuits that are5 accumulated by these firms '
forwarded to us every JIO days, to be sold at
half the original cost.
20 Suils and Overcoats for . . $10.00
$25 " " " 44 . 12.50
$30 " 4 . . 15.00
Save SI to S20 m or Suit r Overcoat
If you wish to be well dressed in every particular, Style, Cloth, Lining,
Work manship. in fact everything that pertaias to a perfect suit or overcoat
BEO at no more exoense than if vou wore ready made clothing. Then let s
make your next Suit. You will have no trouble in finding the CLOTH YOU WANT if you come to us, as we can give an
assortment of over 5 " different styles to select from.-
Suits to rder,
Not cheap garment makers, the only thing cheap about our suits is the price. Our suits have that style fit and finish
about them that swell-dressed gentlemen appreciate.
No Partisan Bickering Will Delay Parlia
ment In Voting Supplies.
a committee," said Mr. Wolwoith, "who Manila hits on board medical officer!
dully are meeting tn this city to dlcun who 111 be aligned to duty by General
the matter on behalf of all the manu- Otis. The despatch sent by general
facturvrs, to listen to report and gvn
erally to look the field over and formu
late plana for the successful carrying
out of the scheme.
"All the straw board, wood-pulp
Sternberg was in response to a message
from Lieutenant Colonel Woodhull ask
ing that thirty additional nurses be lent
Immediately to the Philippines.
In addition to those now on
Your Head
And what is in it.
board and paper-pulp board men of the way to Manila, General Sternberg
country will be asked to enter the con- mild ten commissioned medical offloers
solldatlon, wbi object will be, not the and 25 contract surgeon are under He H ill KeCOmOlVDll IDC LstaOUSD-
Only opposition Will Be From Small Groups of Irish Mcirtcrs
-An Acrid Protest From William Watsoni the
"Senator Hoar" of England. '
, NEW YORK, Oot 17.-A despatch to
the Tribune from London says:
Parliament will meet today with
every Indication that the two main par
ties will unite In voting supplies for
war without controversy or partisan
bickering.' The small group of Irish
members may offer some oposltlon,
but public opinion Is strongly In favor
of ths vigorous prosecution of the war
and the loyal support of the govern
ment. This feeling was shown by two
enthusiastic meetings at the Qulldliull
yesterday, when the business men ral
lied to the support of Mr. Chamber
lain's general policy.
Only a few votes were raised In pro
test. One of these last Is William Wat
sons, whose aoiid letter to the Dally
Chronlole today will exolte mtioh re
sentment. He writes:
"Like several of your contemporaries,
you appear to have been disappointed
with the quality of a recent sonnet by
Mr. Swinburne. In simply Justice to
that magnificent singer let us remem
ber that the existence of a great theme
not less certainly than that of a great
poet la one of the Indispensable antece
dent conditions of great poetry. The
assassination of a state and the strang
ling of a people are not herolcal themes
and never while this world endures
shall they evoke one note of noble song.
Moreover, In all combats between u
giant and a stripling the mum must tit
necessity be at a certain moral disad
vantage In the somewhat ludlclous task
of enheartenlng the giant
"It Is the valor of David with his
sling, and not the arrogant bulk of Go-
Hah, that kindles the Imagination of
poets and captures forever the sym
thles of man."
All the Paper and Pulp Mills of the
Country to Enter One Organl-
advancing of price, but rather, by bet- orders to report to General Otis. There
ter working relations, the removing of aro privates at the hospital corps j
xoesslve competition and the centrall- now In the Philippine, and 200 are
satlon of direction in one head office under orders. Medical officers on the:
to bring about much better results at way and under orders to Manila are In
a minimum of cost. In fact, tie pro- addition to the commissioned officers i
nosed consolidation, which, howevei, is of the volunteer regiments. Each regl-
as yet only In embryo, will be on the ment has three commissioned medical (
same lines as the formation of the In- oHirers and a force of hospital crP
ternatlonal Paper Company. iinen.
"We have had the matter undtr con- G-noral Sternberg states, that so far,
si deration for some time, and the com- as he Is advised, the Increase In the
mlltce will keep at It until such time as mullcal force Is n desired, because
It feels that It has gotten all th facts 0f any Increase of disease among the
necessary to enable It to present nt a troops, but in order to be prepared for
general meeting of manufacturers a, ba- any emergncles In . the coming cam
sis of consolidation which will be wilts- pulf-n. Il developed "that tho" trouble
men! of Another Lxecmive
Branch of the Government.
factory to all concerned.
between'; Rear-Admiral Watson "and
NBW YORK, Oct. 17. Plans have
been quietly maturing for some weeks
past locking to 'the consolidation of all
the paper manufactories of the coun
try grouped In those now independent
mills which manufacture wood-pulp pa-
1 .4 X Yw .l I
per, piiper-puip uouru ttuu mmv.,
All told, some 100 or more mills are
Interested In the projected consolida
tion soheme, and the amount of capital
Invested la about $10,000,010.
From C. C. Wolworth of the Fort;
Orange Paper Company, Caatleton, the (
Times learned some of the details of .
the scheme and of the progress made. ,
"The matter Is now In the hands of i
We cannot as yet give any further Commander E: D. Taussig, as a, result
Information on the subject, but In the 0f whlch the latter was detached from
course of a short time we hope to have1 command of the gunboat Bennington,
the matter well In hand, and be able toj ftrose during a conference of the com-j
ny whether consolidation is or is not mandlng officers of the ships relative
possible. ' ' " ' to a plan of operations strongly advo-
"Becauee of the recent drought, and cated by Rear-Admiral Watson. Com-,
the scarcity and Increased cist of raw mander Taussig sharply criticised the '
material, paper price are likely to go rear-admiral's suggestions and words
higher In the future. Certainly they were exchanged which cauaeo. me com
ulil rn higher before they will go' nmnHer's detachment. It is authori-
lower. Rut that will not be because of tivey stated that Commander Taussig
this proposed consolidation or any oth- aid not refuse to obey orders. His con
er one." J duot. in fact, Is defended by other offl-
DOCTORS ENOUGH. dlB f the fleot- ' k , '
I latest reports from the Aslatlo
Increase in the Medical Force iu the snUadron are that Roar-Admiral Wat- j
Philippines. g0n has recovered from nts recent m-
ness, but is not In such good health
as he desires.
NEW YORK, Oot.17. A special
the Herald from Washington says:
Burgeon General Sternberg states
that ample provision had been made
by the war department for supplying
troopx In the Philippine with medical
NF.W ORLEANS, Oct. 17.-The Brit
ish steamship Knight Bachelor has ar
rived from Hamburg, Germany, with
General Sternberg sent a despatch tO( 73,567 bags of raw beet sugar, equal to
NEW YORK, Oct 17. A special to
the Herald from Washington says:
President McKlnley will, It is expect
ed, devote considerable attention In his
forthcoming annual message to an
other executive branch of the govern
ment with a cabinet officer at its
head, to have charge of interstate and
foreign commerce. It seems to be
pretty well settled that a recommend
Hlon will be made for a new depart
ment of commerce, but Its full scope is
still a matter for discussion and will
probably not be decided until various
subordinate officials of the government
have submitted the data which they
I have been requested to furnish and
there has been a general exchange of
views around the cabinet table.
Some of these favor the creation of
a new bureau In the state department
to have control of the colonies and the
: creation of a new executive department
1 which will absorb all branches relat
Ing to the regulation of interstate com
merce and the extension of our foreign
commerce In the foreign fields which
are now scattered among the several
: existing executive departments. All
agree, however, that the war depart
i ment, which Is now In control of all
I the new dependencies, is aot the proper
I department to have Jurisdiction over
i these possessions when a civil govern
ment has been substituted for the military.
A Complete Foundation for Measuring Mind.
Thirty Distinct Factors Have to be Considered.
The Faculties of Power. The Successful Man.
Why some have Stronger Constitutions.
The Principles of Self-Development. Different kinds of will.
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Lieutenant Colonel A. A. Woodhull,
deputy surgeon general and chief Bur
geon of the department of the Pacific,
informing him that since August first,
six medical officers of the regular es
tablishments and 82 contract surgeons
had left San Francisco for Manila,
Every transport that now reaches
7,S1 tons. This Is the largest cargo of '
B. P. Allen Son
House In
With the exhilarating sense of re-
" - , . newea neaiui miu Bireiism
foreign sugar ever brought to New j terna ci(.anllness. which follows the ,
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