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Acts gently on the
Kidneys; Liver
and Bowels
lcanses the System
(IuiyRnia 7g $yrvp(s
Wry few pooriU ar giant economists
of their fortune, and (till fewer of their
Husk ths bands thorouahly, on retiring, lu
mT Uiher of Ci'Th ( IWr, tlx kum
Ifrciiraikln purlflns wan, s ll as fnwl
anil oouwl tat tulel, talk, ami nursery.
lry, sivilnl rrwly wiih t'l'TH' Ointment,
th.rtl.kln eum tml unat mnllimlt.
wralil (Ion tlurlnir nl(hb fit hands,
IW-fcltir, barmmc pslins nd wi'ul flnf
Mill, tflla M Slif M trmrnl it uuitlful.
SHkmfkMt flu rnnnl)iMCTir,
riW.M -
Doing th great thing. Tor If, mo
lulely. people do what It right, In time
they coma to Ilk doing It.
Karl's Clover Root Tea
lleiiitln th. fiimpleiliin. Purifies ()
IIIimmI, glv... 1're.h.ClciirMiln. C'iin.tYm
fttlpatlim, ItiitlirMllnn, mid ill Kriiptl.ui. of
th. Skin. Ail areeftll IjiimiIv. Krrv.
Tunic. KM on nIluIiii. guiiriuiie. by ill
dnitiiUU at 5o., Mk'. iiul SI.OO.
. C. WELLS 4 CO., LINOV, N. V.
One girt well given la na good oa a
thousand; a thousand glfta 111 given arc
hnrdly better than none.
V to Balum of Copaiba,.-
Cubebi or Injection! iridfumS
I J the Mm dueaseiwiuVW
j out Inconvenience,
S, SM Av ill flrnpftst.
The fund for tho Dewey home, which
but A few days ago was something
like 127.000, haa taken a sudden jump
to 47,lli9. Admiral Dewey la reported
to have signified directly and In anawer
to formal Inquiry lila willingness to
accept the gift.
Pears' soap is noth
ing but soap.
Pure soap- is as gen
tle as oil to the living
May Prevent the Advance of Iloth
Admirals to Their Klghirul
On Dewej's Kenimniendailun Ibr
Brooklyn Cannot be Hahlp
of Suutb Atlantic Squadron
NKW VOItK, Oct. .-A iwlal to tli
ll-mld from Wiulilngtun u):
iValilnnt UoKlnlry may in 4 rnuli-
mil to the ptilo tlio mmiliuitloii cf
Hrar-Admlral Hamunon and Hchlcy for
advrKiiirnt In rnH(nl(loii uf th vie
lory of Hantlago.
Tli ailmlriliirtttl'm U Jlx'l to
avoid a rniM'wal of the blld-r cniilm!
U-tUHvn frla-nds of th ( offlcm itmi
n ny finally dcM to let the mutli-r
drop. Whi-n Itcar-Ailmlrul rtmniison
wan (wo ha lalkiil with Ut-cri-tury
Uing on the niatbrr of nt-iubmiulni
I he nimilrtutlonn. lie la naturally grul
IIKmI it the iUinrt rt'(vci from th
4'l'i)lnllrttlloli, but di- nt wnnt to
cinUir Uw pnildi'tit or 111.' m-crr
Itwir-AJmlrnl Bchb-y hna many
frli'inU who will tiiport his claims r r
r." KtilUoii, iiiid aomo of tlwm rimy
prupiiM a bill rn-ntlng the itnido if
vh admiral, In thw hiw that lh'
prvslilcnt will appoint him fr th po
sition. Ik'causx of the South African situa
tion, l la planned to get the C'lilcnKo
rcAdy for sx-a as soon as possible ami
the work of repairing that vrasel will
be vxpvJIted.
It is atatrd Hint the scLttlon of the
ciulacr OrtHiklyn aa flagship of the
Asiatic station waa apeclally n-com-ni-nilcd
by Admiral Dewy. Admiral
Kchlry wanted hla old flagship for the
houth Atlantic, station and the vmwI
might have ben aent but for Admiral
LHwty'a augr,atl. At the requeet of
Cnt vln T. 11. Cooper h boa been de
tmhed from th command of the
l.rooklyii. Ills auecvsaor will be an
ncum-ed In a few daya.
8J'l:lNOFli:M III., txt. 6.-In the
I'litfo'l Ftatca dlatrlet court.Judire Allen
rendered an lniKrtant decision, Involv
ing tho entire construction of the bank
ruptcy act. Tho raas waa that of Mr.
Nancy Oat, who filed a petition In
bankruptcy, fiewn holders of mort
gage on varloua parta of the property
aought to foreclose Independent of the
bankruptcy K. Henry Hamilton,
trustee of the bankrupt, asked for a
Wini orary Injunction against the proa
ecutlhg of the fireclour aults.
Jiulge Alien, In hla decision, held that
Ihe bankruptcy court hud full power
over all inortg.tgea and dowers and
that they must go Into the bankruptcy
NKW VOItK. Oct, .-Tho lirltlsh
steamer Afrlda, which sailed from thla
nnrt vestoriluv for Manila, carried ma-
terlal for sevenvl ontoon brldgea, 400
mo of eiiclnivrlne amillancea, 600 tons
of commlsiMiry itipplles and several
tons of compressed hay. The bales were
niM.thlrd the usual alze. This wis an
experiment, with a view to economy In
PAN A, 111., Oot, 6. Prairie (Ires three
miles w.vit of hero yesterday destroyed
hundreds of acres of meadow and corn,
thousands of Hons of hay and fences
and buildings. The flro la still raging,
though herolo efforta ore being made
to stay Its progtvss. The loss will be
many thousands of dollara.
LONDON, Oot. . According to the
Hebastopol correspondent of the Daily
Graphic, the Russian naval credit for
moo amounts to tho enormous total of
87,500,000 roubles.
PARIS, Oot, 6. Dissensions are re
ported among the kadetf of the strike
at La Crcuson, on account of the de
cision Ho accept the arbitration of the
cnuiHnn rraii'iB in dfiy dock.
NMW YoriK, Oct, .-Th auxiliary
cruiser 1'rulrle la In dry dock at th
lirr-oklyn navyyard, bidng fitted out to
cany tho United Htatea exhibits to the
l uils exhibition.
NEW YORK, Oct. At the opening
vson of the grand field council of the
Volunteers f America, ronvened at
lllue 1'oiul, Long Island, and ootnpos-d
of the clDrers of hlgheitt rank from all
psrt if the country, presided over by
-) t u I CullliiKtou Uoolh, the follow
li resolution uiunlmously
Resolvi.-l, "That In view of th con
flict with the civil a'lthort'le on the
part of other organizations, and In view
of out strong desire to respect and up
hold the municipal laws, we authorize
that the use of tho drum be ubundoned.
both oiild'Mira and In, In connection
with the whule movemvnl, except with
or at llw head of a parade onVlally
authorized by the sectional officer.
"It la recommeniHI, however, that
in place t'f the drum a cornet, small
organ, concertina, guitar or other
stringed Instrument be us-d."
John Hays Hammond 'I Links Eng
land Will Ik Victorious.
NKW YORK. xt. . A dispatch to
the Tribune from Pails says:
John lluys I'.aininond, the American
civil engltn-er connected with leading
rtotiih African mining companies, who
reluni'-d from '.he Cope two month"
ago, after a brief holiday In the Tyrol,
is now passing a few days In l'ur!.
The appreciations of the situation In
the expressed by Mr. Ham
mond In conversation with the Tribune
correspondent arw of Interest as show
ing hoiv a war with the Hixrs Is re
garded by an observant n pres niatlve
American, enjoying the advantage of
unsurpassed knowledge of the facts,
enubllng him thereby to gnisp the situ
ation. As to the Justice of the war, Mr.
Hummond did not wish to an
opinion, but when asked whether the
war would be a short or a long one,
"It will be a short war, ending with
the capture of Pretoria, after which the
Itoera will recognise th futility of
fui'her fighting. The Uoera today are
not ua formidable fighters aa they were
fifteen years ago; for example, their
former enormiua advantage In mark
nianshlp owr the lirltlsh troops no
longer exists, because, game huvirg to
.1 groat extent disappeared, the Doers
have no experience In shooting at a
moving object. A few old dopera are
still good shots, but they are fast dy
It.g out. Moreover, the British Lec
Metford rifles, with their remarkable
flat trajectory, puts Tommy Atkins
quite oil an equality with the Doers ao
far as markmanshlp la concerned.
"Quasl-frlenda of the Boers," contin
ued Mr. Hammond, "delude them Into
the belief that Great Britain would not
resort to war In any event, and, un
fortunately, thereby provoking a spirit
of opposition to ithe British demands,
resulting In the present diplomatic im
passe, which, I fear, mak war Inevi
"Encouraged by the present weakness
of the British garrisons, the Boers evi
doiitly hope to occupy strategic posi
tions, and, by rapidly assuming the de
fensive, deal 'telling blows before the
arrival of the bulk of the British
NEW YORK, Oct. 6.-Qeiioral Janus
It. Obolrne has made publlu the follow-'
Ing extract from the cablegram ad via.
Ing Dr. teaman of the generil'a ap
pointment a commissioner extraordi
nary in the United States:
"It may be added that the dispute has
now reached the most acute stage. The
forces of this republic have mobtltied
on the frontier while those of the Or
ange Free State mobilizing, and all
prospects of & peaceful settlement
seem to be vanishing, We are atlU will
ing to arbitrate. If General Obelrne
accepts, kindly request him to cable at
onoe In regard to the duties which we
will advise by return cable.
"State Secretary South African Re
public," General Obelrne was provost mar
shal under President Lincoln. He was
once commissioner of Immigration, and
under Mayor Strong was commlaioner
fo charlltea.
Continued from page 1.
IrgH.n under orders to prooqrd to the
mouth of ths Orinoco. Blie will prob
ably carry out the orders, returning
when nlleved to prepare to Join Ad
miral Wats hi.
The Bancroft Is at Washington am)
pmrllrully reoly for service. Th
Mui hl is Is now at Washlngn and af
ter needed repaint v: can leave with
little delay, With the exception of the
Alimny and the llurlotta, all ttv-se ves
sels can leave bx Manila within a
montli. The ailmirul baa Impressed
upon tho authorities Hie need of haste
ard they are priceedlng acoordlngly.
The department may later decide to
rid additional vessels of the auxiliary
gun bout clas. The admiral has point
ed out the desirability of large ves
sels, raying there Is danger of small
gunboat being captured,
When 'be eight vessels named reach
Admiral Watson he will have under his
cimmnnd one battleship, two monitors,
one nrniorwl cruiser, seven protected
ard auxiliary cruisers and twenty-
siven gunbuota, including Uw vessels
I bought from Spain by General Otis.
The Vnltcd Btatea will then be auperlor
; In nnval stp.-ngth In the Pacific to
Rusila, which stands next to Great
West Coast Trade At the ports of
Pu't Sound there are at present forty
t .vo vessels taking on lumber. Elght-
t-n of these take their cargoes to
i .ilifori la ports. The remainder will
distribute Washington lumber In eight
dllferent countries, in all parts of the
world. The average carrying capacity
( f this Heat of vessels Is between 600,
"h snd TDO.'fM feet each, and their ag
Rregme cargo,' will amount close to
ifi.poo.OoO feK, bringing to the shlppeia
approximately a quarter million do
l,i r.i. The prusent is not an exception
ally large flewt of lumber carriers, nor
d cs It Include Grays and Willapa har
bor ships, but it Illustrates something
of the large proportions of one of
Washington's great Industrie, and Its
it 'luence In bringing the Northwest In
to touch wtth the rest of the world.
A maa in the darkness of hopeless dl
rase is of all men most miserable. When
doctor and medicine innumerable have
been tried and found wanting, and loving
friends vainly urge upon him the food be
cannot tat and which brings him do nour
ishment or strength, what is to be done ?
Men and women who have sunken ao
fur into weaknesa and disease that the
whole body seems to be permeated and
poisoned by it have found health,
strength and vigor through the transform
ing, electrifying power of that wonderful
"Golden Medical Discovery" which Dr.
R v. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., proffered,
thirty years ago, to sick and suffering hu
manity. Dunn all th years since then thia mar
velous 'Discovery " has been building up
weak and deomtatea constitutions oy its
extraortlinary influeac Upon the human,
nutritive system. It giv the digestive or
ganism keen power and capacity to appro
priate every life giving element from the
food taken into the stomach and trans
forms it into rich, highly vitalized Wood
and healthy flesh, bone, sinew and nerve
Conmruption in all its earlier stages ie
arrested and counteracted by the tissue
building, flesh-nuking, life promotingpow
er of this grand medicine and there is no
darkness of bodilv ailment so dense but it
will shed upon the sufrret the light of re
newed hope.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure constipation. Hicks, a Bailor on the Olympia,
!s going to present to Miss Helen Gould
two 47 shells reoeovered from the
wrecked Reina CrWtlna, Montojo's flag
ship. They are mounted on Leghorn
marble and upon each of them Is a
statuette In Ivory of Liberty, carved In
I Small annoyances;;
fret and worry f
one. Sour milk f
nvprnlcrht nn W i- U
morning ; no (
cream for the (
coffee; no milk
for the baby, i
Gall Borden
Eagle Bran
Is always available. Has stood
. . . ...
a ursi tor tony years.
2 64 for Book on "Babies."
0 BUKiJixs iwutvau Miia io., r. i.
pmmmamy " i '"'l J", p a
1 "a"''
... - . X
I XWy!ee?B
I 1 TV : ' .14
A rumor wu current at Bkagway at
last advices that lh great Mulr glac
ier t ad been broken up and dumped In
to tho sea by th Alaskan earthquake.
This ought to be a valuable contribu
tion to the tcientlfio discussion as to
whether glacier or earthquake have
had most to do with giving form to the
earth's surface.
Do you want a good meal when you
vltlf Portland? If ao, go to the Port
land restaurant, 105 Washington street.
E. House's Cafe at 121 Third street,
Portland, la regarded by many people
as the leading restaurant In the Pa
cific NorthweaL
A good meal with meats rich In flavor
and one you will enjoy with relish. Is
Just what you get at the CreamerU
restaurant, 271 Washington street, near
Third. Try It when you go to Portland.
If you are going up to Portland and
mlaa going to the Creamerie Restau
rant, 271 Washington St., you may con
sider that your trip will not be a guo
cesa, as others will tell you, who do not
mlas It,
Holmes' English and Business Col
lege at No. 414 Yamhill street, Portland,
Is prepared to accommodate a large
number of pupils this year. Already
the classes are well crowded, a fact
that Indicates the excellent character of
the Institution.
Smokers, read All IS cent cigar, 10
centa: El Palencla, 10 cents; El Be
lmont, 10 cents; General Arthur, 10
conla; Leland Stanford, 10 cents; bran
ches Y. Hyaa, 10 centa; All 5 cent, f tor
25 cents. J. F. Handley Co., cut
rate cigar and newsdealer. Perkins
hotel building, Portland, Ore.
Why Is Watson's restaurant In Port
land patronized by thousands of people
dally? Simply because It Is the largest,
finest and best equipped eating resort
on. th Paclfle coast. Watson's restau
rant has sixty-eight white employes on
Its pay roll. Remember the location,
109-11 Fourth street.
The Pernln method of shorthand Is
being taught by Mr. H. W. Behnke In
the Oregonlan building at Portland.
The Pernln system Is not only extreme
ly legible after being written, but Is
exceptionally rapid. It la said that
students under Mr. Behnke's direction
attain success In one-half the time es
sential with either Graham, Munson
or Pitman method. This school Is
open day and night.
A tailoring establishment of sum
pretentions, located on Washington
street, Portland, claims to have made
47 suits for dressy Aatorlans during the
past six months. This statement is de
nied by the firm of Povey it BIrchad, at
Si? Washington street, near the Im
perlal hotel, who are patronised by the
rreat majority of outside customers.
Povey & Blrchall make the swell suits
for most of the stylish Portlanders, and
M that they are not excelled by any
Portland firm for out of town pat
The O. a F.
Fresh ".racked crabs at the National
Sweet cream In any amount at the
Burbank potatoes, SI ft sack, at Pat's
Jeffs Is "tbe only" restaurant
Whit cooks.
Astoria to Portland only 50 cents
via O. R. & N.
Home made chocolates, SO cents a
pound, at tl'.e Parlor.
Beet 15-oent meal. Rising Bun restau.
rant, til Commorciai street
We guarantee our Ice cream to be
made of pure cream, The Parlor.
Cold lunch, pickled pigs feet oysters.
sheeps tongue, etc at the National
Our les cream Is warranted to be made
of pure cream. T& Parlor, next to John
Beat California what SO cents per gal.
Ion. Alex Gilbert, sol agent for As
toria. Telephone 81
Do you knew Sncdgrass make
Stamp Photoe? Call and see them they
are all the go.
Cream Pure Rj. America's finest
whiskey. The only pure goods, guaran.
teed rtoh and mellow. John L. Carlson,
sola agent
For rent Furnished rooms . with
first-class table board. Apply Mrs. E.
a Holden's corner Ninth and Duane
Boquet De Cuba and Key West Gems
are the finest five cent cigars that ever
came to this market Henry Roe, op
posite brewery.
Beginners and advanced pupils can
have thorough Instructions on the vio
lin and piano by applying to J. H. Am
nio, a graduate of Dresden and Lerp
zlg conservatory. Hotel Tighe.
Kelley's transfer wagons deliver box
wood to any part of the city on short
notice. All orders left at Zapf"s fur
niture store, 630 Commercial street,
will receive prompt attention. Tele
phone 3144.
Go to the Columbia Electria V Re
pair Company for all kinds of oew
and repair work, from a cambric
r.eedle to a bicycle, boiler or engine.
Quick work and satisfaction guaran
teed.. Logging machinery of all kinds
a specialty. Shop opposite Ross, Hlg
(lnt Co.
Tb concert ball opened ty Charlie
Wise at No. S3 Astor street, la the one
and only popular resort of Its kind In
that vicinity. Mr. Wise la doing some
thing new among concert halls. He la
not only selling class of pure liquors,
but Is giving his place a management
which Insures gentlemanly attention
A . . . .. , ,n hla Mtmn. TtlA
good music and th crowd, will be i
found at Charlie Wise's place.
He who Is most slow In making a
promise. Is it be most faithful In the''
performance of It J
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet .
All druggists refund the money If It
falls to cure. E. W. Grove's signature '
Is on each box. zso, .
Pleasure soon exhausts us and Itself
also, but endeivor never does. ,
For many years science has studied
liquors. Result the whole world uses
whiskey. It has proven the best stim
ulant and does not Injur nerves and
tissues like coca wines and other drug
ged compounds. And Harper Whiskey
la the Ideal whiskey. Bold by Foard A
Stokes Co., Astoria Oregon.
Who gives a trifle meanly, to meaner
than a trifle.
Joseph Stockford, Hodgdon, Me., heal
ed a sore running for seventeen years
and cured his piles of long standing
by using DeWltt's Witch Haiel Halve.
It cures all skin diseases. For sale by
Charles Roger
An error gracefully acknowledged U
a victory won.
Millions of dollars to the value placed
by Mrs. Mary Bird, Harriaburg, Ps-,
on the life of her child, which she sav
ed from croup by the use of One Min
ute Cough Cure. It cures all coughs,
colds and throat and lung troubles.
For cale by Charles Rogers.
Temperance and labor are the two
best physicians of men.
Eat plenty, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
will digest what you eat It cures all
forms of dyspepsia and stomach trou
bles. E. R. Gamble, Vernon, Tex.,
suys, "It relelved me from the start and
cured me. It to now my ever lasting
friend." Sold by Chas. Rogers.
Necessity to the argument of tyrants,
It is the creed of slaves.
"If you scour the world you will
never find a remedy equal to One
Minute Cough Cure, "says Editor FacK
ler, of the Mleanopy, Fla., "Hustler."
It cured his family of LaGrippe and
saves thousands from pneumonia, bron
chitis, croup and all throat and lung
trouble Sold by Chas. Roger
Sin has many tools, but a Ue Is a
handle which fits them all.
"When our boys were almost dead
from whooDlnr coueh. our doctor gave
One Minute Cough Cure. They re
covered rapidly." writes P. B. Belle
Arglye, Pa. It cures cough cold
grippe, and all throat trouble sola
by Cha Roger druggist
Love labor; for thou doet not want bt
for food, thou mayeet for physic.
"It did me more good than anything
I ever used. My dyspepsia was of
months' standing; after eating It was
(erritile. Now I am well" writes S. B.
Keener. Holslngton, Kan., of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you
eat Sold by Cha Roger druggist
(leoiZealand Fife Instance Go
Of New Zealand.
W. P Thomas, Mgr., San Francisco.
Subscribed Capital - - - ?5,000,000
raid-Up Capital
Assets -
Assets in United States
Surplus to Policy Holders
Has been Underwriting on the Tacific Coast over Twenty-two years.
Resident Agents,
unrinnn Alwhnna PMa tive
Crumb aiuf I .i.jwli I'-Mii-y
of ilf-aluc tlitiiiiitv,ii ince-set, at ci; .reiw nii'Wiiii. Cu' LOftt Ml nllOQGi Im
nniAnev Loft Power. Nfcht-Lf9ci, SoormiAtorrhoea lnorr.nln, Paln
yu,.7 Vl.tc1 "r 91 rrl .
Xtrtns, Stimulate the brim nd nerve ccnU-r. ls.
eg wooct reiuoOed, with bona. Ciiculm U. tddreju
sjTery lumiioii. uih ...... -
Tie "Plow Boy Preacher," Rev. .
Klrkman, Belle Rive, III., gsys, "Afur
suffering from Bronchial or lung trou
ble for ten year. I was cured by One
Minute (tough Cure. It Is ail that to
claimed and more," It cures coughs,
colds, grippe and all throat and lung
troubles. Sold by Cbaa. Rogers, drug
gist. '
By the very constitution of our na
ture moral evil is Us own curse.
"I wish to express my lhanks to the
manufacturers of Chamberlain's Colic,
Chpjera and Diarrhoea Romedy, for
huvlnjr put on the market such a won
derful medicine," aays W. W. Mas
slngill, of Beaumont, Texas. There are
thousands of mothers whose children
have been saved from attacks of dys
entery and cholera Infantum who
must also feel thankful. It Is for sale
b Chas. Rogers.
Art actual heroes are essential men,
and all men pomible heroes.
On the 10th of December, W7, Rer.
li. A. Donahoe, pastor of M. E. Church.
South, Pt Pleasant, W. Vs,, contracted
a sever cold, which was attended from
the beginning by violent coughing.' He
says: "After resorting to a number of
so-called 'specifics,' usually kept in the
house, to no purpose, I purchased a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
which acted like a charm. I moat
cheerfully recommend It to the public.1
For rale by Chas. Rogers.
Prosperity doth beat discover vice,
but adversity doth best discover vir
tue. President King, Farmer's Bank,
Brooklyn, Mich., has used DeWltt's
Little Early Risers In his family for
years. Says they are the best These
famous little pills cure constipation,
bllllousness and all liver and bowel
trouble Sold by Chas. Roger
Durirg the winter of 1897 Mr. James
Reed, one of the leading citizens and
merchants of Clay, Clay Co.. W. V,
struck his leg against a cake of Ice)
in such a manner as to bruise It se
verely. It became very much swollen
and pained him so badly that he could
not wa k without the aid of crutches.
He was treated by physician also
used several kinds of liniment and tw
ar.d a half gallons of whisky in bath
ing It, but nothing gave any relief
until he began using Chamberlain'
Pain Balm. This brought almost ft
coin let cure In a week's time and ha
believes that had he not used this rem
edy his leg would have had to be am
putated. Pain Balm to unequalled for
sprain bruises and rheumatism. For
sale by Cha Roger
As small tetters hurt the sight, so
do small matters him that is too
much Intent upon them.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cur.
F. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known 7
J. Cheney for the last 15 year and be
lieve, him perfectly honorable In all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations mad
by their firm.
Wholesale Druggist Toledo, O.
Wholesale Druggist Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Tea
tin.or.lals sent free. Price, 75c per bot
tle. Sold by all druggist
Hall's Family Pills are the best
Astoria, Oregon
Delivered at your
: Office. Store.
- only ou tenis a
been in u o'-r 50 yva tw Uo le-uJcTs 01 die Morntoa
cm me it ti.:i r. ili an .1 y ur? arisin from effect!
. ... ! iff h.if.,1. FJTI U-st.n small. un.1-cluped
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