The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, October 07, 1899, Image 1

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Are Not to be Taken Frcr.iThe
Library without p-rmiiou Any
ono . JKl guilty of sue! j fJK.t..
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nml Itnvelope--too
Columbia Towed From Sandy Hook to Safer
Moorings While Shamrock Remained
There at Anchorage.
rather Inclined to favor the Columbia
on Recount of her sailing ability, as
far It could be judged while the wind
rM-td good yesterday.
A few beta on the yacht rat werei
ma4 on the stock exchange yesterday,!
th odds airaln favoring th Columbia.!
R. II. llalstead haw wvral hundred:
d llarn out at 10 to t and 10 to 7, and
those were the prevailing odila yester-!
day. One prominent broker off-ivd to
, bet M0 even on the Columbia winning
. the srt-s, but wa unable to plaos bis
Tw..wudIa.,n1(rhthatnnoneyon'General Fred Grant Advances From Imas
tn Columbia was being put in Boston
at 2 to 1, with little Shamrock money
i at even these figures.
i Much Diss ppolotmnt on ihe Contln
Expert Yicbtmen Undecided as to Merits of Columbia and Believe, Bf(j Flukes-Upton's Enter
Sbamrock a Tboroogbly Danferons Rival-Hard lainment Praised.
Northeaster Expected Tbls Morning.
and Routes the Rebels, Latter Firing
. Volleys as They Retire.
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NEW YOKK.Oct. l. Thislwisbwn adayotrest on board
tlio intt-mntionitl ruccrs. The Columbia was towed from
Sandy Hook to l!ay Kiilgo to pet her out of any danger from
a northeaster. The Shamrock remained nt her anchorage at
the Hook, her jteojdo seeming willing to tuke chances. Tho
feeling on both sides is one of confidence. Mr. Iscliu thinks
ho will win. bir 1 lionins Upton lias a nice little corner
tho Erin ull ready lor the cuj.
, LONLON. Oct 6-Few of the morn
, In papers print editorials on the yacht
ra-e, and those published are mostly
, repetitions of the comments' of the first
race, with deeper expressions of
Filipino Loss Estimated at Ten Kille j-Pilcy's Battery Does Ef-
fectlve Work and West Bank of tbe River is now
Held by Americans.
appointment and a shade greater eon-'
fldence In the Shamrock's ability to I
win the cup. J
The Dally News expresses the opln-!
Ion that the fate of tbe cup
decided by the next event.
will be
The Dally Chronicle and tho Dally
Mall advocate the abolition of the time
limit, declaring that otherwise the pres-
ent generation may not live to see the
MANILA, Oct. 6., 5:50 p. m. General Fred Grant, with
three companies of the Fourth infantry, two companies of the!
Fourteenth infantry -and a band of scouta attached to the
former regiment, advanced from Imus this morning driving
the insurgents from the entire west bank of Imus river.
Three Americans were wounded.
It is estimated that ten Filipinos were killed.
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The public Is In doubt, and It must
b said that there la a feeling of Inde
cision among expert yach'smen. Two
days of drifting have furnlnhed almost
nothing on which to base an opinion.
They have, however, semd to
strengthen In the bellve that the Sham
reck Is a thoroughly dangerous propo
sition. This Is now a well-grounded
opinion, and If the two days of light
airs have done anything they have
shaken that "onfldent feeling that has
prevailed among backers of the Columbia.
Those who have watched moat closely j
every movement of the two yachts are
firm In the belief that there is lime w
choose between them In a drift, and.
us It Is remembered that the Shamrock
people have never asserted that she
was a drifter, K can be understood that
then Is reason for a rise In ithe Sham
rock's stock.
It now looks as though the first race
to finish would come In a good, strong
brcere. At sundown tne vino as
blowing hard from the north, the
weather waa clearing and there were
good signs of a pretty hard northwest
er in tn morning.
result of the eoritest. The Chronicle
Weather Bureau Predicts Rain
Htrong Winds Over Course.
the line say before sundown
be declared the winner.
should ,
vane od westward In the direction of the '
I The Dally Mall refers to the regal' BlnCtt5fan road, the Insurgents firing (
sugeits that the first yacht to cross Companies C and H. with scouts, twsen Bacoor and Cavtte Vlej-x
crossed the river at Big Bend and ad- were routed, six being killed.
Riley's battery of the Fifth artillery
made an effective sortie about a mile
NEW TOKK. Oct .-By the rules 'manner In whlrh Bir Thr.m. t intnn' volleys but retiring. Twenty Filipinos, south of Bacoor and shelled the west
under which the presvnt series for the; an(1 tne others nf his party are enter- wre discovered in the trenches at th bank of the river at close range. That
America's cup Is being sailed, another! talned, and says: ! Blncayan church about midway be- bank is now held by the Americans,
trial is held two days alter an un
completed race. Hence the Columbia
and Hhamrock will nave another try
out ovx the eourw tomorrow.
Both of the trials that have already
teen mads have failed because of lack
of wind, but there Is every reason to
believe that this advantage will not be
present tomorrow. The weather bureau
today predicts rain and strong winds,
over th course tomorrow, and If the1
"We are convinced that It Is no mere
impuie of the moment, but a clear ( increase In number and liabilities of
sign that the Anglo-American alliance failures in the west over those In the
.s no inpty phrase," , gecond quarter Is noticeable.
" I Against this, however, it is to be re-
called that comparisons with a year
ao are satisfactory, though business
conditions last year In the west and
northwest were highly favorable, Per-
1 haps the most satisfactory showing of
' all Is that made by tbe southern states,
i which have at last, apparently, begun
prognostication provw correct the ex
r 1 1 rt irai 1 n-hn nv r1in-n 4 iii thA Mti.i
us,, tomorrow win not be disappoint.; Statistics of Liabiliiies and Failures. 1 sh"e ,n th pro8f earller M
1 ! lit vttASSi ,-tnm a' ilia Hniintaiw
From inch trials as have taken place
It is Impossible to Judg with any de
gree of accuracy which of the raoers
will prove the butter vessel, but those
who bet without sentiment, and whol
ly with the Idea of winning money, are
inclined to favor Columbia, and con
sequently offer odds on that vessel,
The only lesson learned by the nautl-
Show Them the Smallest
Knows in Years.
in other sections of the country,
Confirmation of iv porta from time to
time of Improving southern trade con
ditions, partly, of course, the result of
better cotton prices, is found in our-
' rent failure returns. Growth In popu-
NEW YORK. Oct. . Bradstreet's to
morrow will say:
Statistics of failures point to con
tinued trade Improvement, and to a
cal sharps from yesterday's contest was I still ebbing tide of business mortality,
the faot that Columbia Is better in ! Failure reports for the first and sec
running and reaching, and Shamrock ! ond quarters of the year left little to
by our
process without
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only the most
methods, and
lb sllfshlly superior In beating. When
the wind freshened, Columbia show-
' ed a dealt pair ot heels to her Emerald
j rival, but whon the brwese died away
I the Shamrock slowly crept up on the
I white bi-at.
The action of the general government
in taking care of the course over which
the yachts race this year is the subject
of much complimentary talk, and the
thorough manner in which Captain
K'obloy D. Evans enforces the restric
tions have added to that officer's fame.
In spite of the fact that the first lvO
trials have ended In flukes, excitement!
be desired, showing, as they did, fewer
failures than in any but the most fa-
i latlon, and, consequently, in the num
ber ct traders, is, apparently, mainly
responsible for the Increased number
ot failures throughout the territories.
The total number of failures for the
nine months was only 7,075, a falling off
of 20 percent from last year, of 28 per
cent from 1837 and of 57 per cent from
1S96, which year held the record for
the most numerous nlne-month3a
' ures, exceeding even the panic
As regards liabilities, the
I .
wro kvuuu m-. uivru, rjuner roan uio
preseuce of unfavorable conditions, la
probably responsible for tbe increase,
which has, indeed, run through, every
quarter of the year. This view is also
confirmed by the relatively trifling gain
in liabilities shown. ' ,
As regards the latter particular. It
might be said that, with the slight ex
ception noted In the case of tbe terri
tories, the liabilities of every other
group of states haw decreased, the
heaviest falling off being In the mid
dle states group, tbe liabilities In which
are less than half what they were a
year ago. Decreases In the west and In
the eastern states are also notable.
Farther west the decreases in liabil
ities are teas notable, partly because of
comparisons being made with excep
tionally favorable conditions a year
ago, and partly, also, because the
growth of those sections in population,
and, therefore, in the number of trad
ers, favors increases rather than de
creases In (labilities, other conditions
being equal
One of the b?st showings made by
any state is that noted in Pennsylva
nia, where the IiablHtler show a de-
total for crease of 6i per cent from a year ago.
vored years. " '.
Roturns by months showed failures
and liabilities in June only about half
imi uiey were in jiuiuary, inuicaung "
that failures were well down to the the period under review J63.S53.21S is , The drop in New York, too, is over 60
minimum possible when the friction in 35 per cent smaller than It was last Pr oent. Among large states making
oniinarj business life was considered, year, 45 per cent smaller than in 1S97, favorable comparisons might bs mcn
The piestMtt report of business fall- 61 per cent smaller than in 1396. 80 per( tloned Massachusetts, in which the 11a
ures is, however, even better than any percent smaJer than In IMS the panlc( billtles are 16 per cent smaller;' Ohio,
that has gone before It in recent year; 14 oer cent smalltr than In "S?2. in which they are nearly 60 per cent
years, and the third quarter of the year' and in fact Is tin smallest aggregate, less, and Illinois, In which they are 30
1S38, appropriately enough, shows the of liabilities for the period menUoned
fewest failures, the smallest liabilities that there is any record of.
per cent smaller, Missouri, Iowa, Mich
igan and Oeorgia also show largely re-
here over the races Is high, and therei and the smallest proportion of assets Assets show even greater shrinftnge,, auo'i" "aum es-
is lltle doubt but that the excursion to liabilities of which there Is any re- being 41 per cent less than last year.l A i.cts'.ile exception to the much bet
steamers which tfo down to see the cent record. ess tnttt half whait they were In 1897,' tpr showing generally reported by the
races tomorrow will bear as large
crowds as they did on the occasion of
either of tho other trials.
Odds Offered on Columbia Willi Little
Shamrock Money About.
it m I Tut inrirt i ti iiim iiimi ii i mmnm
Take Elevator o Washington Street near For th and ask for the Portland Dental
Parlors, Top Floor.
'Phone Oregon, Brown 493. Columbia, 569.
NEW YORK, Oct. 6. Betting around
town last night seemed to rest with
odds as before, on the Columbia. There
was no betting of any magnitude, two
bets of 1100 to VO each on the Columbia
belne all that were heard of. There is
apparently no Shamrock money about,
if tho truth must be told. It was ru
mored that Richard Croker and An
drew Freedman were taking the Shanii
rock end of some bets, but this could
not be verified, and when Mr. Croker
was seen in the Hoffman Houaewlth
Senator Murphy lost night, he seemed
As IndlcaUve of Uils good showing 1393 cr m 1594, nly one-third of those
being representative of existing condl- f 1SD6 and only one-seventh of what
tlons, it Is to be remarked that failures they were in 189? It is not strange,'
and liabilities alike found their mini-1 therefore, to find that the percentage!
mum this year In September, and tor- o asset8 to liabilities is only 44 per
responding totals of previous jrW CPnt this year, against 51 last year, 65
show that the month just closed comes ln 1897 6S ln jg9$ an(j 70 93,
near to, If not Mtually, possessing th wporta 8how that , only!
record of the smallest business embar- on(f that o the terrttorI l81
rassments and liabilities. 1
There were only 2.026 failures, in
volving 113,550,965-In liabilities and
tO,340,?S6 ln assets, ln the third quarter
of 1599, a decrease of 16 percent in num..
ber and of 48 percent ln liabilities from
the same quarter of last year, which,
II is hardly necessary to add, was a
very good one for business generally.
Compared with the second quarter
of 1R99, liabilities are 18 per oent small-
er, and compared with the first three
months of this year, liabilities are lessi
than half as heavy. TliiB tendency U
practically universal, though a slight
Southern states, Is. furnished by Mis
sissippi and Lousiana, ln which con
siderable gains and libllitles and ln
number of failures are reported.
Other states showing Increased lia
bilities are California, New Hampshire,
New Jersey Indiana and several of the
territories. Canadian failures for the
three quarter number 679, aggregate
I9,715,15 In llblllties. a decrease of 10
of failures as compared with the nlnej per cent In number, but a gain of 13
months of last year, and the growth of per cent ln liabilities from1 lost year.
there an Increase shown in the number.
s Nn
lioy uj-vautj ifovDEli
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
kom (memo powreaco,, wre voan.