The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, October 06, 1899, Image 1

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AO. 112
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MWW HMMI tl HMMI 1 1 M Hl I !
General Advance Has
Laing's Neck is Occupied Members of
Cape House Assembly Petition Queen.
Imperial Government Unable to Adopt Suggestion of Petitioners
Fears Ttat Wbites Win te Massacrecd Sboold Hos
tilities U Prolonjtd.
I.ONION,Oct. 5. The Ii!y Telegni.h Ims the follow
ing tlijnUh from NVwcnttlt-, N'utal, dntttd yeifterday:
"Tliu Boers' advance began today with a general move
ment of artillery. The IWrs arc occupying Laing's Neck,
nnd now hold the mountains to thewuth of Volksrust. There
aro no British t.ooj8 nearer than Lady Smith, and prepara
tion nro being made to abandon Xutal from the frontier to
tSleni'oe. The inhabitants of NeweaMle met today and de
cided not to attempt to defend the town in the event of a
Boer advance in force. General iiimona is preparing to evacu-
ato within 24 hour. The people are crowding the trains at
winy omiw.
trTITtfl Til F 01TF
ILIillU.Ns MIL . .
LONDON, Oot. I A petition to
gueen Victoria, rfgned by it membvri
of the Cap. House assembly, has been
. i.., ..., -K IV.. Urttl.h h h
IHVIIUCU tivus - -
oommlssloner, Blr Alfred Mllner, point -
iu out ilw pUllun. a, w'w rltvC
by blood and through marriage to the
resident of the Tran.vaal, are mate -
rially Interested In th. maintenance of
peace, and urging abandonment of j September 3L In view of the refusal the first half. Altogether, sit least 175.-( wheeUng. men who were sleeping onj quire almost two months, and the vea
warllke measures "as th Transvaal Is ot the Transvaal to entertain that mod- ko tons have been sold In the central tne deck and the WheeUng bombarded sel will not be ready to start south
now fully awakened to the wisdom of
liberal concessions," and praying hT
majesty to appoint a commission forth-1
wltt to confer with "th. Boem. as the
petitioners are convinced that If the
present frmchlse act Is Inadequate thej
Transvaal government Is prepared to'
make further concession to the
Today Secretary of State fr ith. Col-
onles Chamberlain sent th following
The Imperial government Is not un -
mindful of the sympathy and Interest
of British' aubjeot ot Dutch descent
... - W
In South Africa. On. or tne main -
. .
Jeols of the Imperial policies is
the Northwest
iwmwwwtmiiii ww
this adr with
you and have
your teeth cleaned
Free of Charge
Dental Work
We employ
only the most
methods, and
for the Portland Dental i
IBM Mil Um Mml md MM
Been commenced and;
;CUr ,ur ,h no""I)ulen Inhabitants of
rranvaAl fighii and privileges
inil'r to those enjoyed by the Dutch
In the Cape colonies. The Imperial
sovemment has shown the Transvaal
every consideration consistent with
' -
tnls objeot. and deeply regrets that ef-
( f)r,f for a peaoefu! settlement have'.ry during the drat halt of 1900. In'
Ij.iiio beeu unsucceeshiL The Impe -
rial authorities are unable to adopt the
, sungestlon of petitioners for the rea-
( sons tared In a note to th. Transvaal,
rsalc and conciliatory offer, the Impe-
rlnl authorities have been compelled to
formulate their own proposals regard-
in a rnal settlement, which will short-
ly be communicated to the Transvaal."
The second edition of the Standard
and Diggers News, the Boer organ.
publishes the following dlstpsitch from
Johannesburg, dated yesterday:
'It Is expected that W.000 burghers
( from the Transvaal and the Orange
I Frw Stw wl" on thWr re"Pectlve
; borders this evening , (Wednesday).
, fchnuld hostilities b. protraoted there
J ! much fear that the Zulus, the Mata
, ,1V. Daanlna wilt flssA (TO !nlf
w - -
i Ik. -kit., .n.1 hn maaurMM .nit rila-
asters will roliow. tne juiu cmeis nUl(lo conc?nwd. Well-informed 0ai?uapul San Fernando and De
have been summoning their tribesmen papUe. , the unahe t0 trsuM( h, h undw the UM of
from Rand for weeks past" '
Stories OX outrages communed oy me
Boer upon refugees trom th Trane-'
vaivl contlnu to pour In.
iXut Believed In New York That(drawlnK iulfo hev,,y on Btocks of
Kruger Will Press England
. Too Far.
NEW YORK, Oct. 6. A dispatch
' to the Tribune from London sayr:
I'rominont men connected with the
'military and other services now de-
i ! dure that there will be no hostilities
i with the Transvaal, but that matters'
will be adjusted at the last moment!
The reasons for their confidence In th
! maintenance of peaoe are not apparent tween eastern and western mills. This transports Para, Zealandla and Valen-, sUy Jn rtland and wlll then pesum
;to outsiders, who cannot understand j Includes some recent western orders. ; cla sailed tonight for Manila with the. lhpir eaalwanj joumey over the North
how an outbreak of war con be pre- among which may be mentioned 60.000 Twent-nlnth regiment and a large I, pariflC,
vented. Publlo opinion also relleotsj tons for the Chicago. Burlington and number of recrulta. The gouth Dakota volunteers wera
this optimltftlo vlaw. although no In-, Qnlnoey ana JS.OOO for the St Paul, i mustered out today and paid off. They
itelllglble reason can be given for the railroad. The great trunk lines east; GOING TO CANADA. kave r.r their homles Sunday,
reacUon against the war feeling which of Chlcairo have as yet placed no or-1 I0NDOx. Oct. 5.-It Is announced' traveling over Ithe Southern Pacific to
baa prevailed for the last three weks. ders. nor have the majority of the rail-' hat Lof and y Aberdeen will Portland, thence east on the Northern
! Kruger-s delay In striking the BrlUsh, roads arranged for their requirements. , q Canad(L Pacitl0
' garrison when It was weakest has tend-
1 ed to convlnoo some Journalists that he
i will not open hostilities and that he
! may consent to a conference It he Is
! assured thoit England's fresh demands.'
when presented, are a complete list of
' grievances, and that no new Issue will
; bt cached.
i The satisfactory Issue of the Vene-
' nrMM-.itlon Is also a timely object
lesson which Influences publlo Judg
ment. While the reaction against mill-
tarism may be only theory, It encour
age the mHui nt tit fx-toc party
to renew th-lr effort and make much
of Blr William Verrvrfi Harcourt's con
version to their view. Tb rprt of
a liberal conference- at Blr Henry
Campbell Hannerman's house It an ex-.-ratl
m. It was a imall meeting of
' a few frl'-niid.
Gretut Britain, However Continue to
Make Active Preparation.. j
LONDON, Oct. t-Whlle there la no
diminution In tba Hood f dispatches'
from South Africa, recording- with al
most tiresome Iteration the military
preparation and movement of both'
Idea, with all kind of accurate and In- j
accurate rumors and (peculation. The:
real situation remains unchanged. It '
Is evident that strong efforts are still
being made to preserve peaoe, sltnulto-,
neously with a determined energy to'
! be prepared for any emergency.
It Is expected thsit 5.000 reserves will
be called out tomorrow. '
In the meantime It la Interesting to
note that neither side shows anxiety
to precipitate a conflict
Tne Entire Product I'p to Next I
Summer Has Already Been
Engaged. I
NEW YORK. Oct 5.-Revlewtng th.
situation In the Iron and metal trade,
the Iron Age will say today:
Interest continues to center In the
pig Iron market. In which there la ae-
cumulating evidence of the fact that
the enUie product up to the summer of
urgently needed. The
evnl the week has been the pur -
cnase bv the leiding Chicago lntereet
of a'lout 190.000 tons of beaaemer Die
lu the valleys and elsewhera for deUr-
'addltTon to theW seJes, a leading inter -
est Id Pittsburg has take J0.000 tons,
oWlvery to begin at once, and a valley'
plant has contracted for 20,000 tons for
west during the past week.
in foundry Irons, the demand con -
tinues quite active, and while ooca-
a;Wmlly new Irons are seeking buyers
for future delivery at some concession,
lBe market la strong for the whole of
lHe ,lx months of 1900. Producers are
nuim generally behind in deliveries.
and the scarcity of spot Iron continues.
lt ta however, that during th.
course of the winter, the furnaces will
,b able -to catch up. There Is a report
tnat some southern Iron Is being of -
feredi t0 t. returned from England.
!t ii,, M though the reports of sales
or Kngusn low pnospnorus pig naa
... . .
Deen exaggem?a so iar as meir mag-
more than about ,000 Uuia We note
. of S.000 tons of eastern low thos-
h -1- KMS ak tht furnace.
The steel situation Is rather perplex-
ilng. On very large consuming Inter-
es has been forced to lay Idle a num-
r of plants, and Is reported to be
(mnnuractuDd goods. Report has It
that two recent contracts call for close
to 200,000 tons. .The price basis for a
good deal of the steel being pnntraoted,
for next year la about $31
Last week the makers had a oon-
ference In this city, the result of which
was that $3J east and west Is being
named on orders for next year.
It Is estimated ithat the total tonnage
already booked for next year Is about
250.000 tons, about equally divided be-j
Negotiations nun
the Pennsylvania
and other large systems are now pro-i"
ceedlng, however. , j
In other directions, too, Ithe railroad!
demand continues to absorb large'
quantities of bars and car material.!
The Illinois Steel company denies that '
" nas enterel lnt a contract with the
Pressed Steel company for 400 tons of,
plates per day. It seems that many;
are beginning to feel that lt Is the best
policy to awalL developments. '
Acting on Advice of Admiral Dewey, Cruisers
Brooklyn. Nashville and New Orleans
Ordered to Manilla. '
Residences of Governor-General and Arcbtisbop Were to te
Bsrned Bn't Plot ralleS-Afninaldo Orders Soldiers io
Northern Provinces to Resume Fannin?.
. WASHINGTON, Oct 6. The navy department was
buily ngaged today in arranging to reinforce the fleet in the
Philippines as suggested yesterday by Admiral Dewey at his
conference with the president. . . , .
The Cruisers Brooklyn, New Orleans and Nashville have
been ordered to proceed via Suez canal as soon as possible,
and the United States steamer Badger has been ordered to go
from San Francisco.
Archbishop of Manila Notifies General j
Otis Wheeling Bombards Bt j
Vincent I
MANILA, Oct l The archbishop of
Manila has notlded General Otis that
u,ere was a plot on foot to burn the
rejidences of the gorernor-renersd and
' archbishop, together with several
.overnmeat buildings and banks, but
.l.. ,. i.iu .h.iim. nnnihlv
lUB v""- ' '
twuLiiui of a disolar of forec
Th XTnlted Slates runboai Wheel
ng, from Vanoouvw, March t, via
Honolulu, while pawing St Vincent, In
Northern Luson, shot down a Filipino
flag, u,e Filipinos fired a volley at the
the settlement
; .
Aulluado Uglng soldiers for Alternate'
ghifu on Farms and Under Arms.
uxsiLX. Oot 5.-Agulnaldo, ac-j
t0 4 report brought to Manila
today b, a Dominican friar from the
north ha. tssuei orders to the Flllpi -
n0 u,e northern provinces
t0 t0 their towns and resume
farmlng. ThU story lacks conflrma-J
' UoDi DUt 9 minor may be in aooord-l
nce wUo Agulnaido's policy of keeping!
the country aa productive a possible,!
' I
Mlng nl8 qq aJternate shifts on
farms or under arms.
united States warships, are supposed
. o. t, u .iw th.t th
Z n. In th. -,!'
inhabitants to be orderly in case of the'
arrival of American troops, and ex -
prcssos the hope Ithat the Americans
will protect the towns.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5. The secre-
! tary ct war has Issued an order dls-
continuing the military department of
' the Gulf and merging lt into the de-
parlment of the East, under command
of Major-General Merrltt, with head-
quarters at New York.
Makes the food more
Oljmpfn Discharging Ammunition
and Will Go Oat of Commis
sion at Boston.
Ni W TORK, Oct (. A special to th
Herald from Washington says: Re
ports received by the navy department
from Captain Cooper, commanding tba
Chicago, showing that that vessel la la
need of repairs, will delay Rear Ad-
mlral Schley In the hoisting of his dag.
The repairs to the Chicago wlU re-'
until tha latter n&rt of NonmW. Tha '
secretary left tonight with the presi-
dent, but he has made no provision
for actional vessels for the South At-',
Untie st&Uon.
Captain Lamberton. commanding tha
cruiser Olj-mpia, received orders after
he had landed the ammunition at'th.
: naval magazine In New York harbor. "
to proceed with the Olympla to the
Boston navyyard. where the vessel wlU .
be placed out of commission.
Captain Lambsrton desires duty In '
Washington, although he would not be
averse to spending another year at
in order to make up the usual sea tour.
of an oincer of his grade.
Rear Admiral Sampson will resume
command of the squadron and prooeed
nmtwhi "tut r-li0v,t nf th ..nmm.n
. ht ni.
Formal orders were Issued today to J
. Captain Barker, formerly commanding
1 the battleship Oregon and the Asiatio .
squadron, directing htm to assume
! command of the Norfolk navyyard.
I Captain Barker will be promoted to
the rude of rear admiral upon the re
tirement of Rear Admiral Howlson.
Will Go Fast From Portland Over N.
P. South Dakota Volunteers
Mustered Out
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 5.-The Min
nesota volunteers started for home to-'
day Xn M hurg t)J
m 0 m a m
delicious and wholesome