The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, October 03, 1899, Page 3, Image 3

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lift MUBNIXJ A3T0..IN. Hb$D, "v-ClOBKK S, ii.Vtf.
ri GtNTlY
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
Manses the System
D15PEI- iWl?xttfSGGr,
OVIRCOMtS JJrr ' .rfT,
The raahlor should be known bjr the
company who keep Mnu
, Take Cuticura Resolvent
aUesass It 1 m par snd wbolsscea that
KMbin eaa fiv II frly M ehildre M
11 g- l B0014 "a clean lbs blood,
and I of lb graaUet la speedily
wtfil itsflgarlag, burning, seal? h amors,
wabat, sad Irritations, whan kk la oon
MdlM with ho bath of Ctrnccaa Boat,
ana (toll anointings with Ccnctnu, lit
IMl tklp ear Md ur at OKiltita
Whan railroad rt to euttlnt rates,
ticket scalper" ar happy.
or lir. amioii!)
f Cough and
r.'i as . i c
vui v;
Thla it beyond guratltin lh.
nntl aurceaaful tough Modi
cm rwr known t avieuee-:
few diwi Invariable rut tn
wuttt ( I i"ih. ( map
and Ilium hitla, v.lnl lit won
derful ami-eat tn the ems o(
Cmaiimptn In without ii par
allel In I he limliw 1 of medics n.
Mm- It. Htt iliK'"''y II haa
bwn sold on it guarantee,
Uit wnlt no oilirf ninlirln
can atann. ii yon nave
CohkH, w urnmlf ni yna
. totryit.
. in rn leu Males anil
ta.U!?V'.,wc. niiJii.i". nq
In Knislend
It. VJ., 3d.
sol 4(jptiti6fli J
Mr. Dawion wai upd In a London
court for a balance ih owed on her
wedding ring. The ring cost two dol
lar! and ahe agreed to pay 15 cent! a
montn on H for eight - montluM At
;bQkond of two, montha ahe pwivd It
and atntmed payment, ilence tne law-
ault. . i .....i ; " -r. ! r !
hat tinv Oaniulai are iudmoi
'to B!iam of' Copibi js.
Cubebl or Iniectioni tndfumJ
th uma diMIMIWith.aaa1
out lnconvnlenc. - i 1
SM Ay aU Vrucrfif.
1 In the 'latent typhoon at Manila bar
6.:in Inchca of rain fell In twenty-four
hour". In Provl'lonce, H. I., according
to the Boaton Transcript, 6.30 Inchea
tif rain fell lant Wednendny between
S HO a. m. and 11 a. m., which la better
or worse than Manila's record, accord
ing to the point of view. ; i i
A touch is enough
for cleanliness. That
is why it lasts so.
Acts otkriy on the
CAN., fjk
of Whfil
Enormous Elmiors Suck up Con
tents of Boataand Barges and Do
po.slt (be Cereals in Steamers.
York Tribune.
Tht ocean llii.-r lay at her plr In ths
heat and sun at an early September
afternoon. The hit waa not ounrca-
v.(l)4t tt sunH hung blah la tb
U-vr, oaualng the ainvU if hides to
pervade ths plor. Illilta, however,
wr m the point of Inter! about
this Tranaallantlc leviathan that Mood
hlh up out in the water.. to re-
col ve hr cargu ir rvtn ports, The
watir l'l baA'ked and fro, aluxtl.h-
ly In the slip was overladen with a
yellow jr-um. The ship ItMlf was only
one of tbnw mmhanlcal Uruivs In this
even from the drama of commerce.
Next lo hi-r and far overtopping hrr
upH-r decks the lower uf a float
ing eWv.lor. Oil Hi other aide of the
elevator was a railroad borae. sunk
leep In the water with Us load.
Uraln was being ruehrd to Europe.
and the scene wltnvaeed rere could
have bwn diljillrateil alxiut New Tork
In a half dosnt place along the river
fiont that same day. 1( Is the month
f September lhat vs the s urrv and
bnelln among (he shippers, of forward
ing wheat, com, oats, ry, batUy and
IK- abroad. To prince and pauper.
h!h bon; 4iid iieoaant, all over Oreat
llrltulu and the continent, git a good
hare of the producla of Amurlcao
fields. , .
Just what proportion of the crop Is
sent away etwh year depends upon
conditions abroad, upon the failure or
luccoae of their afauona, but It never
lacks Important volume. 1'ncertaln.
too, are the domajids Kurope will make
upon America In this regard. At times
the rails become Importunate and anx
ious, and enough "bottoms" cannot be
secured to hasten the raln over. Then
(tgaln may come a lax hour, when those
In the foreign trade scowl, end scoff
it the beggarly thousand! i( buslx-la
ealk-d for. Buch an hour la It In wheat
nt the moment, though the "rougher
icralns" are being demanded In a man
ner that should satisfy the moat exact
ing money makers. , )Ut Oe g4t) out
of wheat are datoouraglng, the aJiipp.-r
say. and not nearly up to Inat year.
ttne would never think this, however,
If he should make the rounds of tht'
sttameblpa the elevators, the Nirgva.
Ihe irralr) tonal Iwiata about New York.
If, Indeed, the shipments to foreign
lands are some thoumuida of bushels
behind those of last year It Is not no
ticeable lo the neophyte In grain. The
pouring of the "yellow gold of the
vt" Inn the ahlpa la going on with
Just as marked activity.
The total number of bushels thut go
out of New York la collmwal. In the
eight months ended September 1,
IT.JOu.0W bushels Of wheat, !. .000.000 of
corn, IMW.UOB or OaUa were iiatm-o
along the North river and on th Ilrook-
. . . - , - . . !...
lyn shore. "
tnAimist of this year there went
out J,o.Q butiel 6f Vieat,
rye aud haney. Anu August is a
month. '''''
Sptember'a flrst week ahowd S78.
352 bushels of wheat, 1.3S5.OO0 of corn
and 5fl.0W of nata and barley. It Is
Indocd the year of corn and the coarser
J in I ns, with the pnwpect that before
October Ih over wheat will retrieve It
self und will oome rliwe to the exports
of last season, If, In fact, it doce not
pitas them.
The pouring of the "yellow gold of
the Weal" Into the ahlpa was a phrase
made use of above. That phrase Is
etrlctly utcttrite "Pouring" and noth
Inn else la an apt designation of the
re.narkable way grain la put aboard In
these days. What the farmhand of the
West tnkea a week to do, what a hun-
Lhnrori would toll like Etfyp-
ti in l tvos to perform In an hour, that
marvel of mechanUro, the groin eleva
tor, does In the twinkling of an eye.
It sucks the groin up out of a canal
boat'a or.4 bargo'e hold, weigh! U Vth
inconceivable rapidity, carrrles It ttp on
high again and pours It Into the ocean
steamer's hold. An elevator Is out of
gear and. behind the time. Us captain
and crew slow and Inadequate, it n mn
not empty out a& ordinary cnnal boa,
ivhoae nrio Is elghi thousand nusneis,
nelu-h and screen this iiuontlly and
load It In the hold o the Iron ship
alongside In an even hour, of perhaps
a fraotlon less. . ... )
Nor la ths the entire power of a first
class elevator, floating or stationary,
Those nf the floating variety one Is apt
to give the moat heed to, for they are
most In evidence, following up the reg
nlnr liners and the tramps, traveling
about the bay and the two rivers of
New York, wherever they may be
wantnd. The mountain In hls case
can stldom go to Mahomet, Mahomet
mimt needs sock out Ihe mountain. It
n rarely convenient for a tramp or a
liner to moor alonsslilc of a stationary
elevator, and thus the latter's place
In the grain trade of New York Is In
great part to fuck the grain up out
of canal boat and sfrw It away In
store until It may be nedd fif send-
- ;;
abrod, , Then l)ils earn grain Is
ken nut. loaded Into uarg, towru
to the ahlp' llde- as she lie at the
pier, and "pumped" through a floating
elevator Inut th "btuiin mat win
soon mum seaward.
The additional power that a floating
elevator get conies from her duplica
tion of machinery. One aide of this
gigantic automation Is all that Is re
quired to load the 1.900 bushels of grain
epokon of. The other side can, at the
same moment handle pretlaely a sim
ilar quantity. It haa a duplicate "leg, '
or ShUte, WPIglling Ilim nm aim
lifters, receivers and hoppers, Proper
ly placed It :an pump out two canal
boats or bargee at the seme time, and
since a lltwr would hardly be likely to
carry more than 2,000.000 bushels across
It can be seen that with artlve eleva
tors her full complement of wheal, corn,
barley or oats could be poured Into her
hold In an Incredibly short space of
An unusual figure of worklngman
la the Brain handler of New York No
picture or description can quite do
justice to hli appearance. About the
elevator, In the vanalbuavl and In the
ship's hold particles of grain are flying
everywhere. It la this (hat makea the
thl'-k at'ijin on the water aJjoul a load-
nix sl.lp. Il K-tU-a on t)u clothe, In
the hair, In tho noatrlls: It sticks in
the thr-rU-a One. yellow whitish, al
most Impalpable dual that la all pre
vailing. An hour's work In It, unpro
tected, if one la down In one of these
steamer holds, would almost strangle
a man. The grain handler neda lo be
In the midst of thla dust. Knee deep
In the maaa of the canal boat'a hold
he must shjvvl up the fluky substance
to the mjuth of the "leg." In the ships
bowels he must, as score of bushel
come washing down upon him, toil
iin with the shovel that the grain
may bw stored uay evrnly and Ihe
ship may be properly trimmed.
Thus he lrve for the part. lie
wears a suit of brown Jeuns, the truu
leia atruppvd tlghOy around the shoe
whirl; are of the brogun variety. On
head la an old aofl hat pulled tightly
d.iwn. Over the lower part of his face
is a mask, In which la placed a wet
sponge. Through this lattrr he breathes
when down amid the grain duat. With
out the in it k working In this atmos
phere would be Insupportable.
When a canal boat or barge la tied
alongside an elevator and the hatches
are taken off, the elevator's "leg," by
mechanical device perfect In Ita auto
matic working, moves down Into the
renal boat hold and burle Its nose, or
end. In the grain. The "lev" consists of
two gigantic box-like tube of wood
running side by aide and joining at
the bottom and top. Within them,
runnlnK on" an endleaa chain, a rub
ber bull, are uncovered boxes of steel
with sharp sides, known a "bucket."
Kat'h holds a quarter of a bushel, and
they are about a foot apart. The chain
carries them along at a rapid rate, and
sroopv up Its quota of grain. The
men In the hold have only to heap up
the grain about the "V-g," and the
moving scoop take care of It. The
ol her end of the "leg" I on the ele
vator'a second story, where the buck
et turn by the chain to make their
descent back to the canal txiat drop
their loads Into a vast hopper.
Here come In one of the predlest
feature of elevator work, and one that
Is easily to be sn-n. The elevator's sides
and Interior partitions shroud much
of Ha operation In mysteries, but the
weighing is In full view. Directly un
der the great hopper, on the Aral floor.
Is a huge scale, surmounted by a bin
with a glass "peek hole. The weigher
moves a lever of wood. There Is at
once a rush within. A vaat quantity of
grain comes tumbling down. In lees
than a mordent, a can be een; by
looking tbiMtigh the glue, tin t'Ui is
lull. It holds venty-flve bushels. The
approximate weight of - each variety
of grain that fall Into It for this quan
tity are; Harley, S.00 roundel corn,
430 pounds; .wheat, t&oo pounds. , , ,
An Instant'! moving of the weight
and the record ut the blnlond 1 made.
The weigher marks a few figure on a
sheet of paper - fastened on the - ma
chine, and then briskly moves another
lever. Presto! the maaa of groin limlde
the bin Is disappearing. It la eliding
out of aluht: It Is vanishing. In half
a minute It la no longer to be seen,
and the weigher phlegmatlcally pulls
down the first lever 'and lets-another
seventy-five bushels Into. (he bin.
The Weigher Is a most Important
factor In an elevator. It 'Is he who
checks off the quantity of grain that
posses through the elevator and pro
vldes the figure for the accountants
and the billing. Woe betide him if he
makes an error or mlaflguree. In an
hour one hundred blnfula must pass
before his eyes.
The grain as It has disappeared haa
dropped down into the elevator's eel
lar. Thence It Is carried up on another
endless chain of buckets, now known
a' slofter. each holding half a bushel
high Into the Interior of the tower, to
be dropped on the screena. Here the
dust nnd dirt are shaken off and away,
and the grain, purged and purified, la
now ready to be passed Into the ship's
hold. ,
Another aet of lofters carry It up,
this time to the elevator's very top,
From that point a long pipe, a sue
pedKlon of pipe or "chutes," stretch
out. They begin in this tower, they
reach out of the tower window, they
in throueh the air from elevator to
shin, at Inst ending In the ship's hold
The grain rushes down In a golden
stream. Men with shovels hurl It away
Into corners, packing It well, levelling It
out. Finally a coating of bans OH1
with the same food for man and beast
la laid ovef the top, arveral deep, to
keep thl fraotlon of the cargo safe
and clean, ,
It Is a marvel how
'.me men will rik thrit
lives, by abut terlrrt.
The nit to tii:itrl
oblivioua of the dani'ri
cteeuiiig upon tlirm, Mro
I hardly tie made to ic
aliw thai a lillli (.put
trrtrtir inark of din sac
wbub tit iirlit brMamp
. ed out in an intnl
mean Until i il
i allowed to keep on.
(tyaprpais, COr
tipaliun . and
liver complaint
seem like tuning
matters bill they
will rvtituirU
wreck the con
.ill lull on at.
relv as a
A1 " P'k IH blow up a keg of
V . . If vour health is not Mr not
and vigorous It Is a simple
(U, and scnaiblr thing to write to
Dr. K. V Pierce, chief con
"71 suiting thyairiaa to the In
, 1 ealinV Hotel and Buuical
InslitaU, of Btiflolo, N. Y., and oblain from
aim and bis stall of eminent stiectaliats,
without charge, profrMional advice which
trill ,nh you to put yoar constitution on
solid beats of btaltb and strength forth
with, before Iheae ailments bare a chance
to reduce you to a physical erreck.
Dr. rierce'a Goldr Medical biarovery is
acknowledged as the most wonderful med
icine ever drvied lot tfcoae diataats which
are canard by impel feet actluo. of the liver
and digestive org ana
Mr F M. toMnrtt. ef Xewophon. Kinrock
Co.. Tens . aara in a lour Were.: " I ran
heartily recommeod lr FWrcr s 0.Vljn Medical
HiKuvrrv for IntlreatKia aail torrid liver. I
tried diifrmt dorian wit bat lluk rantt. I
amid .vcely ral aqyinng-il would put tnr la
arh dreadliil dilreai la fay atomaeh. I liad a
dull aching ea'a tot my i"tac ano coauanai
karting lblnd my ii.jwera. oa-i ur id i.r
with a ilred wursoul (rating. I k eleven
bntlln of CoWea Medical Lnacovrry' and re
ceived greal beoehl. I am aow aide to work II
II had out been frr thti wnaderfiil remedy 1 be
ht I would sot U lirlsg ttxlay."
The rnt nifficult diaeaaea lo cur sre
thoat wliirh are spravatfd by con'tipation.
I s h rer Dt- I'froe' Pleasant Pelleta
ahould be taken in conjunction with the
" Diacovery." They never gr'P- All good
dealer aril them.
Some clergymen are entirely too
nice for their business. One recently,
In referring to the Jonah Incident, dr
ill airly spoke of the prophet aa having
puaaed three) days and nights In the
bale's ahem society."
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
let. All druggist refund the money
If It fall to cure. EL W. Grove' lg
nature I on each box. tfo.
For many year science ha studied
liquor. Result the whole world una
whiskey. It ha proven the best tlm
ulant and doe not Injure nerve and
tlaauea Ilk coca wine and other drug
ged compound. And Harper Whiskey
la the Ideal whiskey. Bold by Foard
Stoke Co, Astoria Oregon.
A learned doctor remarks: "Chll
dren should aeleot uch -food aa aid
(heir growth, but the good doctor fall
to remember that It I a w1e child that
knowa It own fodder.
loreph Stockford, Hodgdon, Me., heal
ed a sore running for seventeen year
and cured hi piles of long ftandlng
hy using DeWltt'a Witch Hazel Salve.
It cures all skin disease. For sale by
Charlea Rogers. ,
An enterprlairig manager of a Kan
aaa City delicateasen haa thla sign In
evidence on hi delivery wagon: "You
n-ed a ginger wafer, but you heed a
welner wurst.
Million of dollar la the value placed
by Mrs. Mary Bird. Hanrlsburg, Pa..
the life of her child, which aha sav
ed from croup by the uae of One Min
ute Cough CUt. It 'cure all tougha,
colds and throat and long trouble.
For cale by Charlea Rogers. 1 , f .
Frtncls Rabelais: Then I. begin to
think that It U very true which 1 com
monly said, thai one-half of the world
knoweth not bow tho other half
Eat plenty, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
will direst wh.t you eat. It cur, all
forms of dyspepsia and stomach trou
hie. E. R. Gamble, Vomon, Tex.,
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There Is a Persian proverb which
savs- "Ten measures or. iik were
thrown down upon the. earth and the
women tooK nine." Tnars tne rcnu
If you scour the world you will
. , .
novor nnrf a remeay eouaj i
Minute Cough Cure,"says Editor Faek
ler. of the MlcAnopy. Fla., "HuBtler."
It cured his family of LaGrippe and
saves thousands from pneumonia, bron
chltls, croup and all throat and lung
troubles. Sold by Chas. Rogers.
A negro convicted In Alabama of
stealing chickens received a sentence of
a year's Imprisonment, but Governor
Johnston evidently thinking this pun
ishment Insufficient paroled the un
fortunate man on the condition that
he shall not eat a ohlckep or any por
tion thereof whether purchased, stolen
or received as a tflft, for the next li
"When our boys were almost dead
from whooping cough, our doctor gave
One Minute Cough Cure. They re
covered rapidly," .writes P. B. Belles,
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The Shakers, who are noted for their
longevity, make it a rule to go out In
the fresh air, breathe deeply and take
a little exercise every morning before
breakfast. They never sleep on
r.-nhrr tied, using always the hair
mattreSB and wire springs.
1 tVfJJHi
"It did me more good than anything
( ever used. My dyspepsia was of
moot' V standing; after eating It was
ttrrfl'le. Now I am well." writes 8. B.
iCterii-. liiWulngtori, Kan., of Kodol
Dyapexiln" Cure, It digest what you
eat. Sold by Cha. Roger, druggist.
The Ancient and Honorable Artillery
'ornpany rf Boston, who have, la late
year, perpetuated their earlier hlator-
lcrfoniuince by tbelr attacks on
banquet table and ; their marches
hrough crowded street, will reach
hlladelphla on October 1 on a rlalL
ireat preparation are to be under
taken for their adequate reception and
Tre "Plow Boy Preacher," Rev, J.
Klrkmari, Bwlle Rive, in., say, "After
suffering from Dronchlal or lung trou
ble for ten year, I was curd by One
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cold, grippe and all tbAavt and lung
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Homethlnr bntter than a cake waJk
I promised In a bicycle road race to be
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employed In the ' public school of
CranfoM, N. 'J. Tht UghftH rider
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OA will go to the winner. The
course will be three mile and all fhoae
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Had Almost Given Up, but Wa
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From the Tim, Hillsttlle. Vs.
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lime add thought t wa past being ear
ed. I had spent much Urn and money
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of recovery and await the result, but
noticing the advertisement of Cham
berlain's Colic. Cholera and Dlarrhoa
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ed to try IU After Uklng a few doe
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lilt of tilk or woolen cut Into stripe
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ng a constitutional disease, require
constitutional treatment Hall's ca-
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ing the foundation of the disease, ana
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un tbe constitution ana assisting na
ture In doing Its work. The proprie
tor have so much faith In Its curative
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Fig that have grown drf may be
steamed nnttl plump and moist, dust
ed wlh powdered sugar, and oerved for
luncheon with salted peanuts or al
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tate ' to ' administer Chamberlain's
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proval and praise It has received
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Roger. ,
The old t,oper frequently gets away
with more than he can carry.
the Original
Beware of Imitations
John Duncan's Suns. Agnts, New York
That's it fUv
m k n 1
ISXa I ' VWl
While fcoaton Is seeking to find an In
centive to kill English sparrow, ths
suggestion of a well-known gourmand
o.lght be bourn In mind that 'a nice lot
of plump sparrows makes the finest
kind of a pot-pie."
President King, . Farmer' Bank,
Urooklyn, Mich., has used DeWltt's
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A rntti. (.lllaa, pfcaU or eaiaop are A
I, faranna Wax Ilia hf r)
t',.'l luL DutMOfllUWSMWUiM
Pmffir.3 Xhl
O In awy awnaabold. It Is etaan.
laatelaa ana on.wi-w ,, --
and and pnwt Oetasooad aak
k wiu a IM of lu gaiiy eaa
Frmi roar oriureaaav a"-SaU-rjrwlMm
Madaby ,
X I AJ iKV via, vm
i . . . THE . f
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ered when the first payment is made.
Th Complete Set (Thirty Largs
Oetavo Volumes):
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E4rs. Extra Quality High Machine Ftn
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A reduction of to per cent i granttd hy
paying cash within days afar Iharacalpt
(leaiZealabd fife iDsaranee Go
Of New Zealand.
W. P. Thomas, Mgr., San Francisco.
Subscribe! Capital - $5,000,000
Paid-Up Capital : ... 1,000,000
Assets - - - - 2,545,114
Assets in United States - ' 300,000
Surplus to Policy Holders 1,718,792
Has been Underwriting on the Pacific Coast over Twenty-two years
Resident Agents, Astoria. Oregon
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The tare. rapacVa bird af prey
Olldaa sear that aafaU. rawat. taadar tatsf
taaat crad daws arowld aoaUh away.
O, how that aaatWaVs Wrt aawat bag
To Ui ihla parU or rat air
A way from thai so aat of atae
VMS aU kr law aatd loagiag laara,
taitaaathaaiaaa aWAadarrlas
With brtatltng aaan aad aaad tract.
Mo powtT eaa aaatcti that aiacloas f
Whlit ha auadt raady la protact. I
Sleep oa rwrt habd. yaar Saothtr'a hrraal f
Once amort ahall at taa yoa eioat aad waraa,
Wo rru b4d (hall e ar moirat
Whllt thia brat goardlaa aotata tha harm. -
. To protect net1 ftttle ones Is among Oi
Strongest instincts of mother's heart, and
th rough all tha thousands care sad worrit
of s buy woman's life there arises ever aad
aaos the thought "O, if I could do more
fcr my baby "
1st sutlicrs sr loo etUfl wdghed dowra
a-' 7- 1 . I
asd weakened with tbelr ow daily burden
to do any more than straggle almost hope
leasly against the physical and mental evils
that Oeaet thtnuclvea. with no strength left
to care for others. Women with large Earn
fjie Snd that the very ordeal of bringing
ehildrea into tbe world, and annttng ana
gearing then to boyhood and girlhood, ia
ao great a draft a poo the mother's strength
that she herself becoaae the natural object
cart aad protect loo.
It is a glorious boon to the women of thl
generation that tbe wonderful supportive
tonic, originated by Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo,
N. V., is capable of aaatalning them throngs
tbe ordeal of frequent motherhood and
bringing them oat of it with unimpaired
Womanly strength and energy.
Motherhood is sot only the grandest of
Woman s possibilities, but is tbe natural
fulfillment of her phytic being and wbea
prepared for with proper observance of
nature's laws and attended by reasonable
care should be free from the mental de
pression, excessive pais and subsequent
prostration so commonly, experienced.
Thousands of women have found that the
se of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescriptioa
during the expectant time and over the
burring period imparts precisely the local
Strength and constitutional reinforcement
Seeded to carry them over this critical j unct
fere cheerfully, safely, almost pafnleaaly. .
It affords direct organic endurance and
constitutional nerve-force. It gives recu
perative power; it promote the stcretioa
tof abundant healthy nourishment for the
Child during the nursing period. R is is
the best sense the guardian of childhood
lot it not only enables the mother to take
p the work of life again with vigor and
enjoyment but through bar it imbues tht
tittle one with the tugged Batumi strength
which is constant protection against the
physical evils with which childhood ia
iomtantly assailed. .
What Dr. Pieree'a Favorite PrescriprJaa
Ides for mother and their children is waQ
rxemplifed In the experience of Mrs.
H. M. Hanaroba, of Magnolia, Morgan Co.,
V. Va. Ia a recent letter to Dr. Pierce
She write:
" I commenced to take Dr. PtcrcVs Farorltt
reearripooa aomethlag over two years ago, aad
am glad to teauiy that ft is a God-aead to woman
kind. Tht three cailtlrto who were bora befert
I began to take your mediant did not litre long;
they wrrt very delicate, but taoa bora siaot
(three in all) art very bartT. and that eoaviacta
sat that yoaw mrdictat la just what tt is said to
be and a great deal more. IcooldttU enough to
lUabookabcaMUtcwaylaunerrd aad the way
your medicine acted. Indeed, every woman oa
tbe globe ought to know about your madtcine."
Another lady, Mm. Elisabeth Hull, of ay Me
riekSt.. Fawtockrt . I, writes: "I have had
iAeeabahtea.and always had a bad time. Soma
time I hat bad lo have two doctors. I begaa
taking yoar 'Favorite rreamptloa' mat July
and in September I gave birth to two little girl
Ittle girl
I had a
snd I never had such en ear
doctor and did aotauaer hall i
aaloaw aa before.
Mv twins wbea born wrurhed tan sound each.
They are fine girta, aow four months old."
Dr. Pierce's Common Sens Medical Ad
viser tells yon how to treat almost every
known form of disease at home and just
what to do in case of emergency. There
is no trouble ia understanding it It con
tains 1008 page and more than 700 illnstra
tiona. A pa per -covered copy arill be sent
free for ii one-cent stamps, by the World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo,
N. Y. If a French cloth binding Is want
ed, send tea cent more, thirty-one stamp
Jew". - '
Delivered at yoor
Offlce, Store,
or Residence,
Only 60 Cents.
' f .IWKS'Cf!'1
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