The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, October 01, 1899, Page 3, Image 3

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s . i a".1.".! Ji
Acts g.ntiy on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
M Wki mm svat-tt m Mi Ha una.
A miner con not ueoswd unlet, h
tr down to bus! no.
rnvwrio it
Th. moss llv skin purifying and
" bMUUfTUII SOp I" the 1I
uiraii an J awr.iml for tuiloi, Uslh. ad
nrsr-ry. it atrlkna t th rauae of had
eotnplaslotia, ml, rough hands, fulling
hair, and blj blemishes, vis-. Hi eluKKed,
IrmaUol, Iunml, orwoikd. or iu
gtah IVssa.
rii,i.iJ T U.MlUnlMMMIlCwMWUa.M
ll'i II wis foil (ht kep hit lack
of wisdom to hlmsalf.
U 71
Karl's Oovcr Ro'otTeu
... "''""'iM th Cutw.lMloii, PurWfli tha
lliMMl.ifirR l',(.lritrMln. luri-sl'mi
tlullon,, nmi) all '(riii'llon of
llio Shin. At. KKrwitWd l.asiillt Nx-iva
'Ionic, hold nit a'lioliili, giinritlitee hy all
ilruui;kets ( n, 60c. and 1 .00.
8. C. WELLS 4 CO., llnOY, N. y.
,.' . noli moHmiom i , ,- .
Neoesslty knows no law, and li ua
uully too poor to Mr ft lawyer. , .
hese tiny Cipiulei (re tuperioi
to Balsam ot Lopaibs,-
Cubobi or Injections mriiirriv
the am diteawith
K!rJt out Inconvenience.
The Count of FViiitalbo, the new Por
riinu.'se ambaMMador to tho Austrian
rourl, has nimlo hie wholo journey
f nun I.labon to Vienna In a, liandRome
currliiBf, drawn by four goricuouely
cupHi'lHoncd iniilca and attended by two
tlniik-- m In brilliant llvodrs, Ilo left
Lisbon In April and drove through
Hpaln, France, Northern Italy, through
the 8t. Eeniard Piimh to Switzerland,
and thence by way of Munich through
Hlyrla to Vienna, 44 .
Soap not only for toil
et and bath but for
shaving. Pears was
the inventor of shav
ing stick soap.
Bi " JlS ft "V
FISv a.4
ami. a r w j. x
i .1 -sri nir- a
V 1
Adititiil Dewey lias Said Manilla
Was Won lie fore Leaving.
The Difficult and Danrmu I Vat of
Nivlgaiioj, the Ships After
Eulerin llir Hay.
Hint' tha bavllla at U..ll 1.1....
Di'Wry lioj laid, nut unu i.nlv l.n m
uuivn umwi, "rm utile u won
Hi Rons harbor." -
Tlwre la probably no well Informed
IM'raoll now lull who aumxi.a thai
t'oinmodira Uowy prpparalkin for
mr u.iirurooii or mo himi. ah fl--i i.
an wlmn he h-anl that war had b.n
Uoclarvd, and lirllhi-r la It probable
that any one who wai not prow'tit or
hajl not bull tbruUfh aoiiv almlbir r.
pvri.iit can have any rraliiatlon of
bul tlmt prfpaiailon meant It woa
not Ion' tha conixallng and prxivla
Inning of the hlp, (he (rooming of
inrin a... ine mnKlng or them r.-ly
for the grrtitrat p.illlr rlhrb-nry of
c-rvlio. nor did It viid with the buv.
lug of (he Hrttlah itcaiin're Nunahan
and .aflro, to go nh the flrt and
i airy coal and auppllra.
Kvrry poaalbllliy of the txprdltlon
iboufbl out, dlaeuaMt, provide
for and dliw-d of. Tile enemy mlKht
be iix'l hrr, or he might lie nut ih-rv;
n.igni pe met by iay or nik'hl, under
lila condition or under thnl eoiidltlon.
any aitd every conceivable cuav
wey and hla rnpialni knew what woa
n be done. And ao carefully had lilt
problem Ixvll atudletl that when
I wai flnlahed IV. y ami bla ran-
aina. llioimb they were unuwrcl for
anylhlng thai might hui'pen, Kllev.d
thai the battle would be fought juat
here II filially was and Junt In the
i ay that It wo.
The commodore and the captalna
ere together cotiaiantly, planning,
IUdlng, questioning, conaldeiing, de-
iMtting. Any one who had a plan or a
inggeatlon made it, and It waa oonild
red. And all this time Bpanlards were
elivulatlng falsi reports about Manila,
IS defenses, the Hpanlnh lb"t Hud It
robnhle nu'winenia, and the runiino
lore had lo lake all that he heard
ind ninke up his mind what he should
lleve ami what he should disbelieve.
Tbere was no voting among the olllcers.
hen the studying and considering
wrrc done, the ixnninwlorv alone gave
the verdlet. He tuld the other what
w us to be done and what was to bo the
purl of each In doing It.
There was no JIMrUHt among the
otn.-rrs, and there) was none among the
men. They all know th commodore.
John I turret t, who bus Just published a
beok about Admiral revey, tells of a
Cotiverrntlon he hud with a gunner of
the Olympla. Mr. Hurrott naked:
"Where did you think you were going,
imd what tlld you expect to do, when
yon ;.lled away from Mlrs HayT"
"Vn (itij do?" the (runner answered,.
Damn little did t or any one else on
this ship care as long as the old man
was ordering It. We knew we were
goitie to a hot plaee. and meant to
make It hotter sllll for the Spaniards:
but. umn, we would have sailed rlgM
into hell after him!"
The ships approached Manila bay
on April 30. The commodore had heard
Hint the enemy Intended to tnect him
at Point ; Sublg, but it this win. true
the enemy failed to kcp the appoint
ment The lloetoii and the Concord re
rennollred Iho n-glon. but found no
HpnnlHh ships. At 11:30 o'clock that
iilslit (he suuidron entered Manila bay
by the south ohanuil. The. ship were
In the. same order as when they left
Mlrs Hay, except that the McCulloch
and trauHports fell In bhlnd the Dos
ton. All the lights were masked, ex
oept a iw'iwned light at the stern of
each vessel, for tho vesBol behind to fol
low, (Jo the licet ate-uned up tho bny to
ward Manila. Commodore Dewey, Lieu
tenant Calkins, the navigator of the
Olympla, stood together all night, mak
lug their way through unknown waters,
gul ling their ship and those that fol
lowed It simply by what Information
they had gained hundreds of miles
away. It was an act of great bou
nces and terrible responsibility to make
such an entranoe. but Dewey hud work
a tha nroblem and believed that
this was the right way. and that was
enough. Tho other ships roitoweo,
every cnminunder on tho bridge. All
who could be allowed to sleep slept be
side the guns, which were loaded and
for notion as the men.
At daybreak of Sunday, May 1, the
squadron was off Manila, ana ai
o'clock It was fired on by three butter
ies In Manila and two near Cavlte and
i. i h Snanlsh fleet. The Spanish
fleet consisted of the Costilla, the
Velasco. the Don Juan do Austria, the (rlitlr.a. tho Tsla de Cuba, tne
Isla de T.ion. the Don Antonio do Ul-
ina and numerous Bmnll gunnonis
As the American ships came along two
n,i,m. were exploded ahead of th
Olympla, but the Spaniards hnd been
too impetuous, as usual; tney nna
.1 .k .1. scon, nnn no
UIOW1I iiieo hi...-"
h.iem mi done. 1t Is not tho Amerl
can way to begin firing before firing
can have any effect, and It was twenty
sit minute after the Spaniards began
before theAinerlcan fired ft shot. Hut
there was another good reuson for this
In th whole fleH only the two guns
In the forward turret of the Olympla
could be brought to bear oil the Upon
lah fleet, beeaune all the other American
ships ere behind the Olympla and
(hey would have to shoot through her
and through one another In order to
hit tho Hponlards.
Hut the tlm came, and the commo
dore said: "You may Are when you
are ready, Orlilley," and then the Olym
pla let fly, and so did (he other ships.
It has been s.iid by those who, In the
spirit of Mephlsltihele, deny every
thing, that Dewey never used these
words. Hut the statement that he did
was contained In the first clear account
of the battle that reached this Coun
try, and It was written by man who
stood on the bridge of the Olympla. If
It an Invention, therefore, )( was,
an extremely early one, Moreover, the!
least authoritative account of the af-
fair credits It, and so, perhaps. It I
safer to accept than such good things!
The American ships passed along the
line of the Hpanlsh fleet, pouring ter
rible brxidalde upon It. When they
aero passed they turned and passed
egaln, and so they ptuwed and repass
ed five time. Early In the action two
launches were even owning toward the
Mympls. It was supposed that they
Here dying to use torpd. The (Ire
f the ship waa turned upon them
and one of them was sunk and (he other
llsabled and driven upon the beach.
The rlng'hlp of Admiral Montojo, the
Relna f'hrlatlna, tried to adv'nnce from
the line and engage the Olymplu, at
ilosa range, but she met with such
frightful fire that e!ie Was barely
able to return to her Httln. 8he was
a t on fire by American shells and
burned (III she sank. The sdmlnil
tisnsfenvd his Dug (o (he lala de Cuba.
The delicate, difficult and dangerous
I union of the American ships at this
time cannot be dwrlt upon tun strongly.
me cannot le dwrlt upon tun strongly.
It was i)"t a mere question of firing!
guns and standing the fire f the ,ne-
my. sinh ss It was. When a ship on
a Kuerftil mission. In broad duyllgM,
ith siuiMlb. water and a tlcur sky,
navigates a harbor, she Is supMicd (o
have a local mM on Ixwrd. Not one
ftn-er of Dewey's fiet had ever been
n Manila bay before. Commodore
"wey and Lieutenant Calkins stood
in the bridge of (he Olympla and ite-
i rmlned her course. In lime of peace
would have been a dllTlcuU thing
for (hem (o do so. Ii.Jeed, in time of
jieace (hi-y would not have attempted
it. They (IM It by night, In the dim
dawn, and by day, with the emk t.f
luittle all around them. They did It
Wouuii S iowcr is lanrelv deneiiJcBl
upon hei ability (o Intctert, rntrrtain, at
ttaol and please. It la for thia reason thai
women ttrive lo become sccompli'ied.
They study in order tbst they may converse
Intelligently on all subjects. They strive
to become p.xM mtiiiciuna, graceful da
cers and sniiahl" hoteaes.
All aceoiiiplUltuietiis are unavailing If t
woman nunVts ftoiu ill. health in a womanly
Way. The weakness peculiar to th
womanly or mbon, will rapidly wreck lilt
general hralti. The aulTerer will lose hei
natural vivacity, her wit, her good looks,
and (Ue nmhillon aud power to display the
accomplishment at her command. Any
woman affected in this way ahould resort
to Dr. I'ierce'a Favorite Prricription. It Is
a wonderful medicine for ailing women. II
is (he Invention of an eminent and akillful
physician, Dr. K. V. l'ieree, for thirty years
chief conaultiug phvuiclan to the Invalids'
Hotel and Suigfcul Institute, st Buffalo,
N. Y. It aims to cure but one class of dis
eases, and claim to be good for nothing
else. It Imparts health, elastic strength,
vigor and viiility to the delicate feminine
orgntn. It prenarea a woman for wifehood
and motherhood. ,
Mm. Hhiiiui. rWuchri. penanco, Taos County.
N. M -v. in .1 letter lo I'r Tierce aayat " I'rom a
gn.t- lul liemt n.vmiiT -i u to r.od lKth ninht
nml .l.iy in a miuiiiu prayer lie may guard
your lir.ill h met prcHcrve life. I llerrtivea
prrM niv irallluilr lo yoi. for Hie relief I hare
rccrivtd ti.iin vour womlerful mntlcine, 'Favor
ite Pre riptiun.' After hiiflrriiiK yenraof nilwry
1 am tn-ibiv n h- liappy wife, ami can
triiiiiftilly i . ' it iumkI to woittcu the utic of the
'Hnverhe lrr--i..iiuii ' as a regulator of the
mo.Mliiy priiixlv'
The quick toutipstion cure Doctos
Pierce's l lcasunt Pellets. Never grip.
The old toper frequently gel. away
with, more than he can carry.
The Original
That's it
ilfcindiim. f
Beware of Imitations
foba Duncan's Sons, Agents, New York
with the frightful roar of their crea
guns about them and the Jar of them
shaking their Instruments, and with
shells whistling over their beads and
about them and now and then carry
lug away ft bit of rigging close to them.
Lieutenant Calking watched for ft land
mark ..n the shore and then for an
other, and took their directions by the
compass. Ills assistant marked these
directions on the chart and the Inter
section of the line gave the position
of the ship, Then the Commodore; or
dered how the steering should be done
nod the process was repeated. Was
not this a trying tlm for clear mathe
matical work? Yet If either Dewey or
Calkins had made a mistake, the cons-
iliiencrs might well have been disas
Wind mnrl
Pain Stomach
Torpid Liver
Sallow Skin
Indigestion, etc.
. 10 centt tni 2S centt Drutrlsts.
Astoria Public Lltrary
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me man w "
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si at at aw a a a m s.s,
2? lion ol ft Camoiw
SS, ,li...
tifwH 01 tli.'lmry
i . .wi,"r.0." v?. ' :,r ; wii r,
"Oh, whni suhr meets on M(h
The hab aa lo tn Infancy,
f!flth fhi. .jot hn fhr pains and (Vara,
The ila.if m. Ih watchful oigBt,
For all hr nrrow, all her Iran.
A oaar-paymeat of dallghl J"
When a baby is takes sway by the anp
f death from it sorrowing mother she baf
Some sense of consolation which is denied
to the sad beartsd woman who ha seres
been blessed with the joy of clinging little
srms sronnd her seek and a dear, tra
der little bead neading against her loving
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r ..a
'H 4
Ae moat complete snd perfect of womanly
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It is impossible to svo.d tbe feeling that
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woman who longs to be a mother; and es
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caaea the difficulty lie in some on natural
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Deans is altogether remediable.
. So delicate and sacred a subject cannot
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" Mv bat rift is sow Ce weeks old and la fat
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progressed and went to toy full time. I ahail
recorrcineud Dr. Pierce's Faeonte Preacriptio
to all I meet who are troubled with female weua
ess. There are aevenl ladi?s taking th r j,
vorite Prescriraion since they have serfs th
benefit I received, and More ao doubt, will eoua
ttleucc its use after knowinr my conditio!, as
ray prcarresa waa watched w.:.i much tutciest by
fflanv of my neighbors aad friends.''
" My wife aa aaed Dr. Pierce's Pa-rorite Pre
scription when in a critical condition, and finds
II the best medicine on earth." suites W. J
Joumiptn. of Rhinehart, Catahoula Par.. La.
My wife had miscarried seven times, but with
the last child she took nine bottlc-of the' Fa
vorite Prescription and the child ta now a
larre, fine boy. The 'Favorite Prescription
kukes childbirth easy.'
Dr. Fierd bas for thirty years been at th.
bead of that great model sanitarium, the
Invalids' Hotel and Sunrtcal institute of
Buffalo, S. Y , as its chief consulting phy
sician. Here he has had sn intimate, prac
tical experience in this puniculor Ueli of
practice, which is probably aneqtulcd by
that of any physician in America.
His unparalleled anccesa in diagnosing
disease and prescribing prompt ana effect
ive, remedies is acknowledged by leotii:
physicians everywhere. His Favorite
Prescription " has cored more cases of fe
male complaint than all other medicines
combined. It is the only proprietary rem
edy devised for this express purpose by aa
accomplished, scientific physician.
When you ask your drufrpist for Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription, and he say.
-"let me sell yon something; else just as
rood " ask him gently but firmly if his
jut as good" medicine has a "just as
good" record as Dr. Pierce's, a "just ss
rood " physician behind it as Dr. Pierce. .
and carries with it "just as rood " privi
leges of consultation and treatment, as da
Dr. Pierce's medicines.
There are no medicines for female dis
orders as rood as Dr. Pierce's.
In f '.ct it is the only successful specific
remedy for women prescribed and prepared
by a graduated physician in regular prac
tice ana sold through druggists.
Every woman would be benefited by the
clearer knowledge of her physical self
which she would obtain from Dr. Pierce's
Common Sense Medical Adviser, a splent! jl
thousand page volume, illustrated with
over seven hundred engravings and several
colored plates. More than half a millioa
copies of this valuable book were sold st
$1.50 each; but a paper-bound copy w31
now be sent free for the mere tost of mail
Ing si one-cent sumps, which should be
Inclosed to World's Dispensary Medical
Association, Bunalo, N. Y., or if hand
somer, heavier cloth-bound copy Is desire
ten stomp extra should be sent
Astoria. Orecron1
Delivered at your
Office, Store,
i... r-.M4-
UDly OU vCUId o
This great Vesetabls
,111 auickly cure you of all nor-
of the seut'rauve ortrans, such aa tost Manhood,
rvnen puywcmii.
f I:;ipjincy. A' I' VIU V. S K elvuwca Umi liver, U4 -
.,a teuimuudis.