The morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1899-1930, September 28, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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Boys and Girl School Hose.
Hpeclal Price IBc Pnlr.
The kiud yon always pay 25c for.
Ronionikr our Glove Sale lasts til tbii wek.
5GG Commeicial Street
warrior who I night.
once wttn I
With dewet at cavite.
Personal Recjllectlons of the Admiral
by the Oregon Volunteers.
Dewey Is the attraction on the At
lantic side of America. From the re
ported Interview with him it It ap
parent that he doe not take much
lock In his own greatness and amid
all the furor raised by his admirer he
ndeavor to be only hi simple self
4 plain man and a sailor.
Sever! men ,n Astort hav "n
tvwv. Members of the" Second Ore
gon have seen him often and they hav
Hnntrtd more thau
rwral Anderson for working the vol
unteers too hard In unloading ln
sell at Cavite. "Get native to do
that" he said. "Don't kill off good men
In that way."
Dewey waa affable and genial with
the soldier boys but the personification
of unapproachablllty with his own
men. A corporal of company t Oregon
regiment, now editing a newspaper In
Eastern Oregon, boarded the Olympla
In Manila bay and resolved to see the
famous admiral. He caught sight ot
him on the bridge and started up.
"Where are you going?" demanded a
antrv. 'Tm going to shake hands
with Dewey.- answered the webfoot
Infantryman. "You're not allowed up
there." said the sentry as he barred the
way. Dewey heard the disturbance
and ascertaining the cause, told the
corporal to "come up." He shook
hands with the delighted soldier, spoke
a few words and dismissed him. As
tbe Oregonlan passed the marine guard
the latter growled "Tea he'd shake
hands with you but he never notices
me and I have been under him 15
' years."
Sticks Fast on Deedamona Sands Early
Teaterday Morning.
The steamship State ot California got
aground on Deadamona sands early
yesterday morning. The tide was high
at the time and she remained fast un
til high water, about 7 o'clock yesterday
The tug Escort was dispatched to
her assistance aa soon as the news of
the acldent reached the city. Nothing,
however, could be done until the tide
rose sufficiently to float her off. About
high tide she was towed Into the chan
nel by the Ecsort and soon after arrived
at the O. R. A N. dock.
Capt Green said he crossed over the
the bar at 2:30 yesterday morning. It
was clear outside, but soon after en
tering the harbor he ran Into a thick
cloud of fog, which completely envel
oped the vessel until after daylight.
The State was poking her way slowly
and the lead was frequently thrown.
About live minutes before the ves
sel struck Captain Green says be found
six fathoms of water. There were no
fog signals by which he could take his
bearings. After grounding, an effort
was made ot get her off by her own
steam, but sha could not be moved.
Captain Green said this harbor should
be provided with fog signals to pre
vent such accidents. Every harbor on
the coast has them and they can be ob
tained from the government on re
quest. The State had about 100 passen
gers on board and a large quantity of
Wheat and Stock Brokers
direct wiRFS to Ney York s,ock Exchange
uiKbti win io Chkag0 Board of Traje
214-115 Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, Oregon.
the fibre of the tree Is derived from the
carbon of the air Instead of the toll
at Its roots, so the soul of man mut
freight, part of which was put off last',1 W T methlng higher and
night at the O. R. A N. dock.
The paaengers. wers not displeased at
the dilay of the steamer, and amused
then-selves In various ways during the
day, some ot them finding entertain
n ent In fishing for tomcod frohi off the
steamer. Among the passengers were
a number of volunteers of the Califor
nia regiment recently mustered out
Ther are returning to their Oregon
The Stat was uninjured by the mis
hap and will arrive her on the out
ward trip early tomorrow morning.
She left up for Portland at 10: JO last
A Large and Appreciative Audience
Present at the Methodist Church
Last Night.
; .' ...--T. - V.
The lecture delivered last evening at
the Methodist thurch by Dr. Q. K.
Morris, of Boston Vnlverslty, Was a
spiritual and Intellectual treat rare
ly enjoyed In Astoria. The subject
of the lecture was, 'The Relation
more divine that the base surroundings
ot earth, and that God Is a most lov
ing and generous Being, who desires
the harplnea t( (ill, and who I not to
be blamed for the frailties and ml
tttk of a debauched humanity: the
thankless recipients of his xunshlne and
showers, and most of whom reject the
richest blessings a God can offer be
cause their sins have blinded them to
their value. ,
"The Harvest Festival" exercises will
be held at the Salvation Army on Sat
urday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
evenings next. On Saturday there will
a musicai and literary program, and
Ice cream and cak will be served dur
ing the exercises. An auction aal of
goods of different descriptions will be
held during th evening, and busln
men or other cltliens who desire to
donate any little article to further the
Cause will plea-e notify the officers In
charge, or send them to the barracks
at ry time between this and Saturday
pnln. "The Harvest Festival" Is
of Education to Success In Bus-, v,., . ..eftr,y flr tne purpoe of raising
imss," and the clear enunciation and ntmnc t0 ktp up th social work of
elegance or tne speakers delivery, jne army, and. while no large donations
are exneeted. there are always
grounds for hope that a sufficient num
txr of small sums can be realised to
make up a substantial sum.
Summer Hoarder I thought you
wrote me that you had no mosquitoes
Joshua Hay Wall, I hain't. Thalr
bo more or less of 'em erround here,
but I don't claim 'era.
with the vigor and originality of the
thoughts sugysted. charmed and de
lighted the audlenc present and held
thi-ir wrapt attention from the begin
ning. The Impression of Dr. Morris'
demonstration of the practical value
of the principles of Christianity had a
visible effect on his hearers, and Its In
fluence in the religious growth and
moral awakening of more than one
circle in the community of Astoria
will be felt for many years to come.
Dr. Morris maintained, with con
vincing logic, that the teaching of Jesus
Christ Is not Intended nwrely to make
men good In the narrow sense of the
word, or to entitle them to seats In
heaven, or to provide a way of escape
from hell, but that the true Interpreta
tion of Christianity means the develop
ment, by education, of complete man
hood, physical, mental and moral, as
well as spiritual; In short, that It is
and should be the education ot each and
all of the God-given attributes of hu
man nature.
He made plain that no education Is
complete which does not provide for
the development of all the best pos
sibilities of man, and that true sue- During th month of September. 189.
cess In life Is measured by this de- wl "Upose of my household fund-
Which Is the handsomest street or
avenue In the world? Why, I believe
that most travelers would vote for
Commonwealth avenue, Boston.
Furniture of upper floor of Central
hotel. Good paying business. Owner
wishes to go to Europe. Will bo sold
cheap If sold wlthlng IS day.
velopment. H especially condemned
the narrowness and selfishness of cer
tain self-righteous ones whose highest
nlm Is to reach heaven regardless of
consequences, and showed how eagerly
the Impure would depart In shame
from that holy place If they should
ever chance to arrive there.
He contended that Christ does not
mean merely to promise a rest In heav
en to those who are weary and heavy
laden in thW world, but that the rest
should be enjoyed In this life and will
be In proportion as the true principles
of Christianity are employed.
One ot the many practical statements
of the lecturer was that the only way
to permanently relieve the oppressed
and dow ntrodden Is to elevate them by
this all-around education Into such
complete men and women that they will
be fully able to take care of them
selves and not suffer through the Im
position of others.
Dr. Morris closed by showing that aa
. .
lure, consisting of carpet, chair, wal
nut secretary, parlor 'organ, chamber
suits and bedding, lounge, lamps, hall
rack, tables, picture, miscellaneous
books, crockery, kitchen range, refrig
erator, etc
Please call between th hour of I
a. m. and I p. m.
ia as ax
Exhibition of
Woolen Cloths
In the Piece
This will include all the Latest Novelties in Suit
ings,Ovrcoatings, Fancy Vestings and Trouseringp.
A Skilled Cutter of long and successful experi
ence will carefully take the measure of any of our
gentlemen customers
C. H. Cooper,
Those who have delayed buying.
Summer Poolwenr
are fortunate. They can save at least
a third on the usual cost of high grade
shoes. We are closing out all of our
summer tan shoe at a great reduction.
We have them for men, women and
children, which should bring everyone
to the (tore. They are new good
which have overstayed their time.
Consider these figure.
Petersen & Brown.
,He says was always so light
and well baked.
Well there is a knack In mak
ing It
But don't forget ' the kind of
stove or range nsed makes a
difference. His mother used a
Star Estate I-'enge
h The Leading Clothing House of Astoria, Oregon.
We ar closing out our entire depart
ment of tinware and granite Ironware
at price below wholesale. These ar
first Quality goods and ar manufact
ured by th following firm: St
Loula Stamping Co., Habermao Mfg.
Co. and Klckhelfer. In fact any fac
tory brand you want ThU Is a rar
opportunity for merchant and parties
ho wish to buy at wholesale. Follow
ing I th list of price:
Boys heavy school suits, worth
$150 sale price
Touths' school suits, worth IS, sal
Prl t. IK
..en fine wool pants, regular val
ue J5. sale price tU
Webster's unabridged dictionary,
regular price It. 60, sals price .... 1.45
A few fine Cocoa rugs, sis 34x71,
worth W.W. sale price 1.14
S-quart granite tea pots, sale pries .It
XXX silver plated knives and
forks, worth 13 a set, sal price .. .75
A large assortment ot new goods
Just arrived, call and examine them.
510 Commercial Street.
School Starts Monday
Ami the thoughts of tho iliiMron tiro onco mtmi ilivrUsl to their gtiulioa. The beginning of
ot tho your finds them with hunlor Htiulic to muster nml more. coni.lientetl j.roMojns to
solve. Have j'ousolvetl tho problem of fittiug the fliilJreu out jroorly? W have,
mid nro willing to let van tlttrivo tho hnfit of our otl'orK Wo nro prepared to handle
nil tho school children in Astoria and vicinity; and lit them out with tho proper kind of
clothing at prices you will bo glml to pay.
Mr. Mix Are you on speaking terms
w ith your next door neighbor?
Mrs. Nix Why I'm not even on bor
rowing term with her.
Womin's Welfire
aithin her own control; grrsti l French
medical triumph ol this century, dr all
female irrecnlsrities, wenknem. etc.;
a positive LlrtMing to married ladies. 1
Cull or wnle for sealed information. !
Inclose stamp. Office 3iOli VahiDk'trj
street, over Cordmy's, rooms V-10. I'orl
land, Oregon. '
A TAfiti, Proprietor.
Special attention given to family orJer
Sgrnt for
iu Lre or skill
Special attention itiven to family orders.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
4H3 Commercial St., Astoria, Oregon.
Every Hand
Reaches for tho delicious
mnde at
The Spa Candy Factory
The lurgestt line of Lowncy's
famous Chocolates ever brought
to Astoria.
A. n. COONLET, Prop'r. 'Phone ISM
Hoys' Well Md Suit
Of the best (nlirli s, One oh
linens and wornteds, nicely
lined, full v t'.'.OO; erlal
Boys' $j oo Sults-Kvsry
uit tailored in a Urst-claa
wanner, finely finished ami
perfect filling gartutut,
Th Bt $4.00 SulU
Thst er svsr shown ar
placed on sals tomorrow (or
Boy' $S.oo 5ults In al
most all sue made ol tlis
finest oaasimere and fancy
plaKIa, strips and mix turn
all wool garments, special
Young ft en' 5ults-Mm!eof gcinl heavy Caisi
meres, in neat nnird fatlerns, siuare or rouuj
cut, well seaeit and lined, Iff U to ID er,
worth .'i.6(l, sptvlal $4.00
Boy Kne Pants - In cortlnroy, tweeJ, serge
and rtit'viots, all well made snd sewed, age 3 to
M years al Jc to $1.00
Black Ct Stochtngt
Witb trlpl iiisr beel and
toea, wear llfty per cent long,
rr tlimi ordlnsry sliR'kiuys,
No, 10 is th heaviesl and
trongeat N' sUM iing n
tlm world. No. lOisaliglit
r we ight. No. DO I th flD.
est iu Hie market for ladle'
tule and olilldren, prion
lf tlr S
Children fast black double
kne, boavy rildmi sloik
lugs, slue i to 0 H, ieoiat
t plr loc
Cklldrta'g Undsiv-.
llojs' heavy rlblwd fteooe.
lloe.1 slilrU and drawers, can't I beat for lb price- aaksd,
aiiea t U84, special per garuieul 15c
Boy' Sweat r- Boys' heavy cotton swvalcrt, onlort navy
blue and maroon, price 50c
Boys' extra flue all pure wool sweaters, navy Mue and mrKio
II 80
Boys' Cap-Hoy
golf cans Iu plaids
and oWks and
plain, color,,. ijfl
Boy' (Inn navy
cap with emlilsm
in ovarehot (ilk,
Iwst quality, all
od cloth fiOu
mi- .-wt
tlie 24 to 84 eaah
X. H. We have the lnrger-l line of school supplies in the city; large tablets 5e; combination
school boxes, So; bound slates, 80; sonptono pencils, '.'Jo per dozen; book strops, 6c:
rubber inserted lend pencils, lc each; etc.
. . . Shanahan's . . ,
H. W. BRHNKB. Principal.
Room Ul
Oregonlan Building, Portland, Ore.
Th Pemln System was awarded th
World' Pair Medal and Diploma. No
shading: No position; Fsw word-sign
No failure.
Day and night.
A storia
...Steam Laundry-.
D. R. CAK I'BEI.L, Prop'r.
Wr irt dulnt murh ro eort lb wublng
habll nfltr tx-ttrr wy. a hra
cranit a muisnuirrnltint way Fiini
IrwuninK arid Ironlnc rbrspr than
yim ran have Ihf m dona at hum, thus
dolus assy with (lie "! enwa and
llrr.l f fllnann Miimlay.
JTsW-Nn Chlnt'trmployM.
Curuer Nlnlh an4 A "tor UlrwU.
Holmes' English
Business College
414 Yamhill Ft, Portlaud, Oregon.
EnRliwh, llookkccpinx,
Shorthand, TypcwrltliiK,
I'dininnidiip, Art.
Seud for ciroular.
jrevenU the advi i-nl of many young people wl o hwu all othsr clement
necess ry to succeed. The remedy lies in their owu hatuls entirely.
" It Is Never too Late to Learn."
V admit students of all ages, for a full court or fur a frw branches only
W teach Spelling, Grammar, Arithmetic, 1'enmauahip, tetter Writing. Comuirr.
rial Uw, llookkeeping, Offic Work, Shorthand, Typewriting, Dusiucta I'onns,
alanifoldiug, Ktc. 8T"'Anntrjiig's Combined Theory aul Tractice of Book
keeping" make that branch eaay. lnvetiKate. It will pay. Call, or writ.
Portland Business College
Fifth and Yamhill St. A. P. Armstrong, Prln.
Open all thj year. Students may enter at any time. Uusine, Shorthand
and English departments. Private or cluu instniction. Catalogue free.
miM isto.
J. W. Hill, m. U, rrlaslpal.
Chrtatmu Taraa Of mm lap. 11, 1RM,
A BoaHIn ni Pr cbsoL
Dsow i
asanasamatit aiaa lsia
Tor aaiaiosuaa or loronnauos aaaraaa im
srlnolpal. J. W. HILL. U. 1 P. O. Mtw
It, Hurtlaad. Or.
Primary, Prtparalnry and Aradamla Dapart.
tmtai Collas Pnnarallon, UUIlar? Plaolpllaa,
Dual Tralaln. Uvrs a( all aa raoalttad.
Reopened September 13. For circulars
add rest).
Prinuipal, Purtluml Oregon
Telephone Red 301.
W. J. BCULLT. Agent,
HI Bond Street
Notice Is hereby given, that on Mon.
day, October 9, 1899, at 10 o'clock In the
forenoon, as administrator of the Es
tate of W. H. Ryan, deceased, I will
H' II at public auction, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at the Court House
door, at AHtorla, In Clatsop County,
Oregon, lot no eleven (11), of block No,
two (2), In Bradbury's Addition to
Ocean Grove, In Clatsop County, Ore
gon, belonging to said estate.
Administrator of the above entitled es
tate. Datd at Astoria, Oregin, this 2Stb
day of August, 1899. , ,
Over 700 TRIMMED HATS from $3.00 and Up.
Golf Hats with long Quills all colors,
97c Eocli
Street Hats all new styles from . . .
7E5c on cl up,
New walking Hats. New Tams and TurbanH
We cordially Invite you to visit us In our new quarters,
Comer Morrison and First Sts . .
Formerly occupietl by A. 1). STElNHACli, where we have on
display the largest exclusive line of Millinery on the ConBt.
Up-tp-Date Millinery
The Wonder Millinery Co.,
Corner Morrison and First