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Telephone Main ML
Bent by moil, per year $-00
Rni hv mail. oer month -W
RrvJ bv carrier, per month to
Sent by mall, per jht, In aJvance i00
Postage free to subscribers.
All communication Intended for pub
lication ihiuld be directed to the edi
tor, lluslnees communication of aJl
kinds and remittance niurt be aJJreM
ed to "The Astorlan."
The Astorlan guarantee to Itt ad
vertisers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Advertising rates can be had on ap
plication to the business manager.
TO KI.tnEKS.-lh- "Cslty Ait-rUa"
enat.-ls lkr umirk r. srtlre tirras
say llir r All. It
H tk Mly paper taut pm u It ritr
WHS) a tlly tlrftpfcl rrr-
TO ADtEKTISat..-Th "t'alljr A
torlsa ha Mr Ikaa la it u mt. j rub
ers at.y other ppr pubJihid la Aalu
rla. II U more Ihaa wke as
nlaakla as aa drtil iMdlasa.
ine omcial returns afterward made It
CVOM.OO. It will not surprise any one,
inercrore, ir the wheat crop of ISM
shoull reach X, 300,000 bushcla.
The navy department Is satisfied that
no complication as to rank wm occur
at New Tork when Dewey arrive, as
the Admiral himself will rank every
naval officer as well as any army gvn
erat wno happens to be ptvsenL The
anticipated connt In seniority between
Rear Admirals Howlson and Sampson
for second place of honor w ill not occur.
as tn aepartment has adopted tht
simple expedient of directing the com
mander-ln-chlef of the 8outh Atlantic
squadron to proceed from Barbados to
Hampton Roads, where he will haul
aown nis nag and go direct to
Wash I niton to awmll retirement. How
won. wno Is Dewey's clasa-mate and.
next to the Admiral, the highest rank'
lug officer in the navy, will be promt
nent In the Washington reception to
Dewey and In the presentation of the
sword voted by concresa. Arranaw-
menu lor the national reception to
Admiral Dewey at Washington. Oc
tober and X are being rapidly com'
pleted General Nelson A Miles, the
marshal of the parade which will greet
the Admiral upon his arrival there, has
announced the selection of Adjt-Oen.
Corbln as his chief of staff and Ma
jor John A. Johnson, assistant adjutant
General, as chief aide-de-camp. Pres
ident McKlnley will give a dinner to
Admiral Dewey at ( o'clock on the
earing of October 1 Handsomely
engraved Invltaltons will be sent out
In a few days. The number will be
limited to fifty, and the foreign repre
sentatives there will nut be included.
An Indiana man has raised new
kind of wheat which sells for 1100 a
pound. The gold brick has ceased to ' The main portion of the list will com
be the costliest ?hlng they raise In the PHfe prominent officers of the. nav
Hooeier state. and army, and there will be no ladle
1 i present. Several eminent men will
That the total customs receipts of the fr.vited, but their names have not yet
Philippine Islands for July were $Stt,-i0l.n determined upon.
S45.5 which Is at the rate of more than .
six millions a year and und.r condition. PKOBLE1I op jjerchaxt MARINE
where there Is very Iitvle vtrde of.
any Klnd-ls a nam nui tor tne ami-; It orally believed that the res
expansionists. i ,raton pf our merchant marine Is one
; of the problems that will receive the
earl attention of the Ffty-slxth con
gross. Having entered upon s policy
of commercial expansion, the govern
Pome of the windows overlooking the
route of. the Dewey prade in New Torlrt
have been sold for I300 each. The peo
ple who own the windows will brobably
content themselves by sitting in their
basements and looking at Dewey's
"latest pictures" while the procession
is passing.
Over 70,000.000 pounds of poultry and
nearly 3S.OOO,000 dosen eggs, produced In
Missouri, were handled by transporta
tion companies last year, the aggre
gate cash returns for whlcj were 18.
t tt,32. The gross value of the ship
t jrtp pis jjeedvKl the value of the ship
ments of wheat, corn, oats and hay,
and the combined value of the ship
ments of lumber, loirs, cross ties, pil.
Ing, cooperage and cord wood.
A present joelfcoto.-of the mutabil
ity of politics is found In the speech of
Senator Blackburn, In which he "des
cribes William Goebel. one of the dem
ocratic candidates Jor Governor of
Kentucky, as "the noblest man he
knew." When Goebel killed Colonel
John Sanford In liH, as the result of a
quarrel over a newspaper article for
ment cannot afford to Ignore the In
creasing demand for some sort of pref.
erentlal legislation that will build up
American shipping.
mat this is necessary if we are to
carry American commerce in Amerl
can-liuilt ships is demonstrated by
convincing array of figures and facts
In an article In the September Forum
from the pen of Captain William W.
I-ates, formerly United States com
mi&uoner of navigation. Captain Bates
goes back to the creation of an Amer
ican marine under a system of protec
turn by the congress of 1789. By dls
criminative revenue acts the propor
tion of our carriage In foreign trade
rose from less than 25 to SO per cent.
Coupled with this protection was the
registry provision that American ves
sels must be American built. Our ships
were built at home and were owned by
our citizens.
In 1815 our government entered upon
a policy of "maritime reciprocity.
which withdrew the protection to
transportation in the foreign trade, and
which Ooebel was responsible, Senator
Blackburn stood by the dead man's bier I U ha" contlnue1 Poucf until the
and said to his wllow, "I will make It j Amerf-an n Is rarely seen In for
mr life work to wn hi. h 1 e," Lnaer tnis policy- our
bringing bis murderer Into merited ' pr"por,lonate carrvlnS our foreign
public execration." When Goebel was
nominated for Governor the window of
his victim became Insane and was sent
to an asylum.
commerce has decreased from 90 per
cent, as It had stood for 30 years, to
less than 9 per cent, the present ra
tio. Fortunately this policy has never
been extended to the shipping In our
domestic trade, and for this reason we
still have some merchant ships flying
Te close relationship that exslsts be
tween the crops and national prosperity
naturally Invests the crop reports of the American flag.
the government with exceptional Inter-I What shall be done to restore Amer-
est to all class of producers and loan shipping? The principle of our
tradesmen. It might be said also that earl' BnP protection was stated by
the crop prospects for the year preoed- President Malison to be "the making
ing a presidential campaign are of more : ' a preferince for our venae-Is In our
vital concern to the people than the ovvn commerce." On no other prlnei
their bounty system for a second term.
"If government money Is usvd, to sup
ply these conditions life and growth."
says the writer, 'can be assured only
while the conditions last." Our regu
lation of the domestic trade costs us
nothlnq. The propor course, therefore,
according to Captain Kates. Is for our
government to return to ihe policy of
tho fath'is, that Is, W such practical
measures for the regulation of oilr
earring trade as w r once enforced
and were successful In creating a
commerce distinctively American,
Boys Now Leading the Olrls. but the
Latter Will Rally on the Finish.
The contest for the subscription pris
es has evolved Itself Into a battle-royal,
with the hoys now leading the (Iris
by a really alarming majority. A lit
tle miss who visited the Astorlan uftVe
yesterday, however, stated that the
boys, must not count their chickens too
seriously as yet, for she, as well as
several companions, had a surprise In
tore that was certain to svnd their
stock upwards, and perhaps carry a
great deal of confusion In Its train. If
the little girl Is correct In her calcula
tion. It may prove a telling blow to the
hustling lads who are now feeling ex
ceptionally proud over their achieve
ments. Here ar the rules and regu
lations: CONDITIONS,
Prise l.-Th boy or girt under II
years of age sen ling In the Isrgest
number of monthly or yearly subscrib
ers to the Dally Astorlan during the
months of September and October will
be entitled to choice of the best grsds
of $40" Rambler bicycles. This rhe I
contributed by the Columbia Electrical
k Repair Company.
Prise 1 The boy or girl under II
yean of age sending In the second larg
est number of monthly or yearly sub
scribers to the Dally Astorlan during
September and October will be enti
tled to a 110 suit, If a boy. or Its equiv
alent In cash. If a girl. This prlie Is
given by Mr. Dantlger of the popular
San Francisco Store.
Prlxe V The boy or girl under II
years of age sending In the third
propriety of quarantining against hu
man being and domesito animals
with tuberculosis entering the state.
It Is now In order to calculate th
Immcliil Ions to CAllforttln. which has
always been a fnmotis resort for con
sumptives, if this matter la acted on.
New Yorkers are divided as to
whether they should publicly express
miner or keep aa quiet as possible con
rrrnlng the fact that President Mc
Ktnley and about all the administra
tion dignitaries have declined to at
tend the New York Dewey celebration.
Some of the declinations were not ac
companied by any reasons. Secretary
of the Navy Long, Secretary of the
Interior Hitchcock and Attorney-General
Griggs are still to be heard from.
There will be .-onie question as to
what political argument Is to be deriv
ed from the case of Raffaele Paura.
the Italian banker of New York, who
In disappearing because of a shortage
of 140,000 in the bank deposits funds
left a note behind In which he said ht
had no hope of squaring matters next
year lecauae the presidential elections
would make business bad and because,
too, Ihe contest might result In the
choice of a democrat. Paura, by the
way. Is said to have been an evangel
1st before he was a banker.
The O. D, F.
Fresh cracked crabs at the National
8 west cream In any amount at tht
Burbank potatoes, II a sack, at Pat'i
Jeff's la
Whit cooks.
"iris only"
Astoria to Portland
via O. Tt. A N.
only 10 cents
The second American challenge to
Ksterhaxy to right a duel come from
Scrseant Paul R. Aver, of the Eighth
South Carolina Volunteers, who thus.
according to the laws of his state.
makes himself amenable to criminal
prosecution. Esterhaxy has not ao
copied the first challenge yet, and since
the affair could not come off on Frenc
soil, where duels are so harmless. It Is
not probable that he will pay any a
tentlon to either. Besides, since bnlh
the challengers are presumably gentle
men, the author of the bordereau imvht
plead thit, according to the dueling
code, he la disqualified.
With the news of the first legal sen
tenie in Virginia to hanging for the
crime of hlKhway rubbery comes the
story of a New York man, wht
pocket was picked of 11.000 In Chicago
by a woman of that city, and another
story from California of some stage
robh rs who gave back a fifth of all
they took from one passenger who only
larsrest number of monthly or yearly had 15 when they learned he was
subscribers to the Daily Astorlan dur- j preacher. The absence of hlghwa
Ins September snd October, will be , rtmwry news rro-n ew York msy,
entitled to a beautiful sterling silver i pernaps oe accounted for on the the
watch, American movement, guaran
teed for one year, value 17.50. This
prlxe Is tendered by Mr. J. H. Seymour,
the well-known Jeweler at i6t Com-1
merclal street '
Rarn boy or girl participating In the !
contest must bring the name and ad-1
dress of each subscriber, legibly writ
ten on a separate piece of paper, to
the business office of the Astorlan, be
tween 1 and I p. m. of any day during
the contest, together with the amount
of the subscription, at the rate of 10
cents a month, for the term of the sub
scription. In return, each boy or girl
will receive a printed card bearing the
name and address of the subscriber,
with the date and amount of the sub
scrlptlon. These cards will be retained
by the recipient until the second day
of October, 1899. On that day tht
cards received by the children must
be returned to a committee of clergy
men, whose names will hereafter bt
announced, and these gentlemen will
compare the cards so returned with
the records of tht office and make the
award of prizes thus shown to be
earned. An order will be given to the
lucky boys or girls and the dealers will
Immediately deliver to them the prises
named. -
ory that the penalty Is too severe, the
police, according to the Maxot commit
t-e' Idtfj, requiring the thieves to glv
theni the lion's share of all plunder.
A street railway company In Mar
shall, Mich., has agreed to accept the
fra'irhlse offered by the city council
which provides that the company shall
pay 15.000 to the town, to be applied on
street paving and shall sell eight tides
for a quarter. Work of laying the
tracks Is to begin at once.
Congressman John J. Lentt, who des
crlbed Agulnatdo as a hero at a meet
Ing of democrats In New York, Is now
being urged by his anti-lmperlalnst
friends to go to Manila and learn the
facts. Although his expenses would be
paid he is In doubt about the trip, fear
ing, perhaps, that It might make a good
American of him.
the crop reports of any other year. As
a matter of fact populism had Its birth
In the crop failures of the West. Pop
ular discontent over the workings of
natural law has always been the pro
lific breeder of revolutionary and im
practical political ideas. The decline
of populism, Indeed, may be attributed
to the general prosperity that has come
from successive bountiful crops and
from the restoration of public confi
dence through the maintenance of a
sound and stable currency. When the
oincial acreage of wheat for the year
shall have been revised and the actual
thrashing resul's of rate of yield are
secured It Is believed that the official
estimate of the crop of the year will
reach f.30,000,'00 bushels. It Is remem
bered, however, that the government
September report of the last year plac
ed th crop fS1) 000,000 bushels, but
pie, says Captain Bates, can we sue
ceed today. On no other principle did
any nation: ever succeed In building up
and maintaining Its shipping power.
The writer does not believe that
"subsidies" or "bounties" will retrieve
the American merchant marine. He
calculates the cost of building and
maintaining a marine on the principle
of governmental expenditure, as pro
posed in the bill Introduced In the
Flfty rlfih congress, and, shows that
the sum to be paid out of the treasury
under a system of compensation based
on tonnage and mileage sailed would
mean ultimate national bankruptcy.
Our shipping Interest
for want of the essential conditions ofi
life and growth. Captain Bates does
not think these can be supplied by
subsidies or bounties. The French
found themselves compelled to continue
Louis Lange, Jr., former United
States consul at Beriaen, has been su
perscded by Henry W. Dlederlch, for
merly consul at Magdeburg, presuma
bly because of Irregular methods. A
Bemen newspaper says Mr. Lange re.
signed because of his disapproval of
the "Imperialistic policy of the McKln
ley administration."
There seems to be but little doubt of
growing nervousness In administration
circles as to what Senator Beverldge
will say when he speaks out about
what he found In his recent visit of
close Inspection to the Philippines.
Just now the senator Is keeping quiet
and somehow there Is something por
tcntlous about his silence.
Burke Cochran, of New York, who
has not been In the newspapers for a
longer time than he cares to think
about, has succeeded In getting there
by advising President McKlnley In an
open letter to offer to arbitrate between
Oom Paul Kruger and the UrltlHh. To
make It perfectly easy fir the president
has died OUU "Jr- "-oc'"1 espiaws ' ueiun juhx now
the orrer should be made and what
should be said.
Thf State Board of Health of Cali
fornia, has passed a resolution Intro
duced by Dr. D. D. Crowley, one of Its
members, that it shall consider the
As will be seen by Its advertisement
In another column, the Oregon Dental
College begins Its Initial session
October tnd. The final day of entrance
ha been fixed for October 11th. The
Oregon rental College Is conspicuous
Ir. that It Is one of the three colleges
of the United 8tates which confer tht
title of D. M. D. on Its student. The
college occupies a floor space of
l''xi:5 feet on the third floor of the
Mulky block, corner of Second and
Morrison street a The course of In
structlon In this school Is In advance
of the requirements of the National
Association of Dental College faculties.
That Is, It covers a more extended field
and hence, is of greater value to stu
dents In acquiring a fuller course In
dents! knowledge.
The Electric Doctor
Styner Theraputic Co.,
Hvi s n tyitm i f treatment for
Styner, The Electric Doctor.
Main Street House, 150 9:h Strrel.
Advice mid Electrical DistBuo
Raiding Free.
Hours from 10 to 4 and 7 to $ dally.
Posing a Kpeoially, .
The Photographer
N. W. Corner
Seventh nnd Washington
Ilomt mads chocolates, 10 cetitt
pound, at tin lMrl.'r.
Best IB-cent aval, nutng fun restatu
rant, (11 Comawrclal etrL
We guarantee our let crsam to
mad of pur cntam, Tht Parlor.
Cold lunch, pickled pigs feet, oysters,
sheep tongue, stc, at tht National
Our lc rrsara Is warranted to be Bade
of pure cream. Tse Parlor, ntxt U Johe
BWwwt and bmn meal at Denver Kt
sa oa NtiMh atmt. U cents. WMit cook.
Try K.
Best Calfttrota wtas ) otnls per gaJL
loo. Ales Qlltwrt, sole afxn tor As
terisk Telephoae a
Do you know Snodgrsst makes
Stamp Photos? Call and tee them they
are all the go.
Cream Purs Rye. Amrtoa't Dnast
whiskey. Tile only purs goods, guaraa.
teed rloh and mellow. Jjbo L. Carlson,
sole acsot.
ror rent Furnished rooms with
first-class table board. Apply lire.
C Holden'a oorner Ninth and Duaat
H. House's Cf at Kl Third street
Portland. Is regarded by many
as the leading restaurant In the Pa
clflc Northwott.
Boquet De Cuba and Key West Oems
are Iht finest flv cent clgart that tver
camt to this market. Henry Roe, op
posite brewery.
The Occident shaving parlors and
baths will remain open during the llms
the Improvements are being made to
the hole). CusV):nrs will be given tht
same service and attention.
lieglnners an I advanced puplli ca
havt thorough Instructions on the vio
lin and piano by applying to J. H. Am
me, a graduate of Dresden and Lerp.
iig conservatory. Hotel Tight.
ia steamer MafIowtr In change
of Captain Ptckernell. Is now open for
business, except on Saturday and Tues,
days, when she will be engaged on her
regular run. Apply at Flsher't dock.
The Astoria Fr n.bel Kln.torsnrten
will open September 25. Miss Annl
U. tllndertJn, kln.lergartner. Psrenl
nierestea ure invited to call at th
klndergart jii. No. w: Exchange street
Reduced rates on the White foliar
Line steamer Hailey Gatxert Oct wee
Astoria and Portland: Fare M cent
stste room $1.24. lower berth 75 cent
upper berth 60 cents, section berth 15
Kelley s transfer wagons deliver box
wood to any part of the city on short
notice. All orders left at Zapfs fur
nlture store, 30 Commercial street
will receive prompt attention. Tele
phone Vii.
uo to tno uoiumbla Electrio Re
pair Company for all kinds of new
and repair work, from a cambric
needle to a bicycle, boiler or enxlne.
quick work and satisfaction guaran
teed. Logging machinery of all kind
a specialty. Shop opposite Ross, Htg
gins ca
Commencing Sept. 2lt the following
reduced rales will be placed In effect
via the O. R. A N. Co.: Between As
torla and Portland and Intermediate
plor.ts the fare will be SO rents In
eaen direction. uedU' tlun has also
be.n md,e In berth rates as follows
uower berths 75 cents, upper berths
M cnls and section b:'rth 25 cents.
Tht concert hall opened by Charlie
Wise at No. 339 Aator street. Is the one
and only popular resort of Its kind In
that vicinity. Mr. Wise Is doing some
thing new among concert halls. Ha Is
not only selling a class of purs ll'iunrs.
but Is giving his place a management
which Insures gentlemanly attention
ana treatment to hit patrons. The
good muslo and the crowd will be
rouna at unarne wise's place.
Cor. Second end Morrison Ms.,
The regular annual session hein,
October 1, 1899. Last day for entrance
Is October 11. The course of Instrue.
tlon In this college is In advance, or
rainer more exienaeo, man are the
requirements or tne rtatlonnl Assorts
lion or cental college, facilities. HW
catalogues ana runner particulars, ap
piy Bl ino uiHien Dunning, or to
UK. HKituuKT u. M il.L, Kit, Dean.
09 Oregnnlan Bulldlnir
DR. B. IS. WRIGHT, Secretary,
aosneniim HiillrllnK.
Astoria Public Library
Ops every -'M from t oeioek to l:in
ana : w t m p. m.
inscription rates H per annum.
Wsst Cor. Eleventh ssd Duaae trseta
Normal School
Training Hohaot for Tea oases.
Nrw llulMtngt
N'W lwpartnMnta
Ungraded Country school Work.
I! nuliit Irs Secure (loml I'onIiIuu.h.
8TR0NO COURaKsWWsll qulpid I mining departmsMo, Normal sour,
quickset and bst way to ftals Certificates.
Kxpsaiss for year from Its) to IIS); Hoard UN to M per srtekl Tvttloa, m
per term of tea week Fall term bgae lptmber HMhi gwrasaer term Juse
to eptsmbsr L For catalogue address P. L CAVrllBLL. PrssUwsl.
- - or W A WANK, (too of raeulty.
JL JL L J . J i
Everything In tins olllcc it tiiilinl J electricity- touch the
the button siil lbs machine ils the real.
No siutluiitt d tins itw. I.001 for college tllplotni Ufort
sacrificing money and gol teeth sllli students.
Upper and Lower Set of Teeth, Gold Drowns,
Gold nfllius. Silver Fillinrs Free
Mr. lruiih'.!ihtU,li .
Mrs J. , rurti, M Mu.uiiil s,e ...
tin w m. !iiiv, km i "i
.... Iseth
....... II(ll
....... ys imiIi
lira. Holxrl Hostr. luV ll "I II 1Mb
Mrs. A II Hell, or . J Ul
Nrls Mrlus. IIhumI lil... .tlr'lli
Mr. M m Hmi, am I "U. h "t .l inlU
AuJ TIuiiimiiiJ of Oilier
five rUatlrcd Teeth EitrmM Weekly- I'sIdIcm Giiriotccd Tree.
"Gold McdnlM Dctitnl Pnrlorn
Suits, , Wsih nlon PM(, ;iu tleot, l Kounli tad Wuhlhflun su
thfesnn 'I'huR rist SUl PS. SI'miK-Tt s viumi
LloU'l UoueJOj. lit, ,,,
Astoria's Lending Hotel
McRlcr iV Wright, Propn.
Those who have dtlayed buying.
Huttiitier Pooltvotir
are fortunate. They can save at lettt
a third on tht usual cost of high grsds
shoe. Wt are closing out all of our
summer tan shoes at treat reduction.
Wt havt them for tntn, women and
children, whloh should bring sveryone
to the store. They ore new goods
which have overstayed thtlr time.
Contldtr these figure.
Petersen A Brown.
your house
of business
Vapor Gas Lamps
IM-candlt power at a coot
of lo for three htura.
Miller & Baroaberr, Agents
405 Dond Street. Astoria.
lis ssys was always to light
and well baked.
Well there I a knack In mak
Ing IL
But don't forget the kind of
stove or rangs used mskr a
difference. HI mother used a
Star Estnte I'finnc
w. .:.
SCL'LLT. Assnt,
ill Bond Hireet.
Sewing Machines
Sold on .
Easy Payments
Old nincliltici tiikeu in eiolmnuo,
C. P. Looney, Agent.
413 Ojnmraial S'.reut', Astoria.
M. Reculsr communlcstlont held on
tht first snd third Tuesday evening of
each month. J. N. ORIPFIN, W.
M.i E. C, HOLDEN. Beoretary.
Cnrponltr nnd llullder
Oonorol Conlroctor
Andrew Lake
-i . ! , .
...Merchant Tailor...
Perfect Pit Cairtatecd. Low 1'rice.i.
Repairing and Cteaalog Neatly Dob.
J. A. Fastabend
and Builder
Iloune-iiiovinn; Tools for Rent.
of the pudding Is In tht sating
and tht proof of liquor
That't aa argument that'
eliiilvt a dtmonsxratloa.
Ours will stand tht test.
HF.Prael Transferee
Telephone H.
All Coodt Shipped to Our Csrt
Witt Receive tptotal AttsnUoa,
No. tH Duaat IL,
AtUrla, Or.
W. 3. COOK. Mgr.
Km. TiL Ul
Offloe Bond Btrttt, Aitorla, Or.