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Telephone Main M,
Sent ty mall, per year 16.00
Bent by mail, per month 60
Served by carrier, per month SO
Sent by mall, per year, In advance..
Postage free to subscribers.
AU communications Intended for publi
cation should be directed to the editor.
Business communications of all kinds
ard remittances must be addressed to
"The Astorian."
The Astorian guarantees to its advert
Users the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Advertising rates can Be caa n appll.
oatlon to the business manager.
No one will deny that the Oregonlan,
while more than a year behindhand In
getting started, has lately done cred
itable work in pushing Portland's de
mand for a share of the government's
transport business. It Is difficult, how
ever, to see the applicability of gome
of the arguments the Oregonlan uses.
The government certainty stands In no
need of Information as to the condition
of the river channel between Astoria
and Portland. These facts have been
repeatedly promulgated by the gov
ernment's own agents and the depth
of water from Portland to the sea Is
plainly laid down on the charts sup
plied to every naval vessel. No sur
vey has every been made of the Co
lumbia river or any of its confluents
except by government engineers and
out of funds appropriated by the gov
ernment. Thus the government has
paid for all Information there Is extant
on the subject and is In possession of
all it is possible for any one to know
about it. Only a few weeks ago Major
Fisk filed his last report with the war
department, wherein he stated the
maximum depth of the Columbia and
Willamette rivers between the Astoria
Beaport and Portland at 19 feet. What
use, therefore, Is it for the Oregonlan
to multiply words about the channel's
depth; nothing that paper can assert
will rub out these official figures of
the government. The grounding of
the steamer Columbia a few days ago
above Tongue point, fairly In the chan
nel, with the experience of the ship
Standard at the mouth of the Willam
ette, on her four days' voyage down
the river, speaks more forcibly than
'any assertion the Oregonlan can make
as to the size of the ships that can be
accommodated In the Portland chan
nel. But suppose the government
needed Instruction In this direction,
what light could it possibly obtain
from the Oregonlcn's table showing the
DEPTH of vessels which have made
the trip down from Portland? The
question of navigating the Columbia
river has to do with a vessel's DRAFT;
not her DEPTH. The depth of a ship
is no better criterion of the water she
may draw than the measurement of
her mast would be. The Great East
ern was a deeper ship than the Ocean
ic Is, yet the Great Eastern drew
seven feet less water than the Ocean
ic does. What bearing, then, does the
Oregonian's parade of the 23-foot depth
of a few Irregular tramps, employed
by the railroad combination to carry
cut the fiction of the "Oriental" line
from Portland and thus scare oft com
petition with Seattle on the Asiatic
commerce, have to do with determin
ing the practicability of loading gov
ernment transports at Portland? Does
n't the Oregonlan know that many of
the Atlantic steamers carry a depth
of over 60 feet on a draft ranging from
za to 3U reetr Juuged by the same
rule of proportion, what does the Ore
gonian's "argument" thus make out
the draft of Portland's so-called Ori
ental liners to be? Surely the Oregon
lan does not expect to fool the govern
ment with any such clap trap as this.
No, the Oregonlan can have but one
object In publishing these pretended
btatistlcs relating to the depth of wa
ter In the Portland channel. It Ib to
Inflame the narrow and non-nautical
minds of Portland people with the
pretence that Shatter and the war de
partment are hired to ship soldiers
and war supplies from other ports.
There are plenty of good reasons why
Oregon should have a share of the
transport business. Plenty of good
reasons, Indeed, why some of the
transports that can really get to Port
land should be loaded there. To send
the Thirty-fifth regiment to Manila,
In fact, by any other route than the
Columbia river would be a fraud on
the government. The Oregonlan Is the
bcll-whether organ of the railroad
combination. That paper surely knows
that the true reason why govern
ment transports haven't yet been load
ed at Portland Is because the railroads
are under agreement to send that bus
iness elsewhere. It Isn't the govern
ment that discriminates against the
Columbia river route to the sea; It Is
the railroads, under an Infamous com
pact which limits Portland to the func
tion of an Inland wheat market, and
throws general commerce of all sorts
to the ports of Puget sound and San
Francisco. It Is to be feared the Ore
gonlan would not be now found agi
tating government transport business
at Portland but for an uprising among
Portland people. The government has
been sailing transports from the Pa
cific coast for over a year; why has
the Oregonlan not put In a demand for
this business long ago? Is It because
the Oregonlan Is controlled by the rail
roads and dares not discuss any pub
lic question which tends to expose the
deals under which the entire trans
portation business of the Northwest
has been parceled out among the mem
bers of the railroad combination?
Nearly al! women "m
forward to the o il
of motherhood with
much dread and anxitrtv
that only after the baby t
satcly arrived and nude
warm little place for himself
in the mother's heart, does
she fairly realize that it was
indeed a good angel who
brought this wee nestling to
bricrhten and sweeten her lite.
Women who are approaching motherhood
with a sense of fear and solicitude, or in a
weakened condition, need the
help of that marvelous " Favorite Prescrin
tion." invented by Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief
consulting physician of the Invalids' Hotel
and Surfrical Institute, Buffalo, N. V., and
designed expressly to restore healthy vigor
to the delicate feminine structure involved
in motherhood. It talces away all of the
danger and most of the pain attendant up
on motherhood, and confers on the baby
that lusty hardihood which is a joy to a
mother s heart.
An Ohio lady, Mrs. Lefa Hoffmire. of Claring.
ton, Monroe u., in a icuer to ur. fierce, lays
" I had always been healthy until four years
ago. t Before 'the birth of my child 1 suffered
almost death a dozen tims. Had what we call
milk leg for four years. Could not stand it to be
on ray feet long at a time without swelling dread
fully, before ray last baby was born, I had ev
ery symptom of a return of the.trouble. My leg
swelled badly. I read of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, and thought I would try it. I took
six bottles, and when my baby was born I was
not sick at all after I was out of labor, which
lasted oulv a short time. In times Drevioua, la
bor had lasted twelve to fifteen hours. I am a
well woman tcMlay, and have been since I got
out of bed, when ray little boy was nine days old.
1 give the credit all to Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription. I will never do without it during such
Sewing Machines
Sold on
Easy Payments
Oil machines taken in exchange.
C. P. Looney, Agent.
433 Commercial Street, Astoria.
As impregnable as Is Gibraltar,
Dewey captured It with no resistance.
Sacrificed to
Blood Poison.
Those who have never had Blood Pol
ton can not know what a desperate con
dition it can produce. This terrible
disease which the doctors are totally
unable to cure, is communicated from
one generation to another, inflioting its
taint upon oountlers innocent one.
Some yr ago I was Inoculated with motion ,
taint. The little one was
unquai to the struggle,
and its life was yielded
np 10 me iearrui poison.
For six long years 1 suf
fered untold misery. I
was covered with sores
and uloera from head to
foot, and no language
can express my itelloirs
or woe during those long xc-
years. I had the best
medloal treatment. Rev.
eral physicians ucce jT
sively treated me. but all,
to no purpose. Ths mer
cury and potash seemed to add fuel to the
awful flam wbleh was devouring me. 1 was
advised by friends who had seen wonderful
cures made by It, to try Swift's Speolflo. We
got two bottlei. and I felt hope again retire In
Drwttt ope ror neaitb and happiness
iin. 1 lmaro'
plete and perfect core was the result. . 8. S.
is the only blood remedy which reaches des
perate eases. Mas. T. W. Lis,
Montgomery, Ala.
Of the many blood remedies, 8. S. S.
is the only one which can reach deep
seated, violent cases. It never fails to
cure perfectly and permanently the
most desperate cases which are beyond
the reaoh of other remedies.
is FTJRILT veoitabi,!, and is the only
blood remedy guaranteed to contain no
mercury, potash, or other mineral.
Valuable books mailed frefi by Swift
Specific Company, Atlanta, Georgia.
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
Cleanses the ystem
eu the btNuiNt-MAN'FD ry
..tlttfr .. nun V .u Va
.11- .-"ic.r' ...n voz.
AY. . ' CAL. T M Y.
tot Mi byu omwfcsrj ru sot wwmk
Jeff's la
White cooks.
'the only" restaurant
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rant, 612 Commercial street
Our Ice cream Is warranted to be made
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Biggest and best meal at Denver Kitch
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Try it
Best Caltfornia wine 30 cents per gaL
Ion. Alex Gilbert, sole agent for As
toria. Telephone 81.
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whiskey. The only pure goods, guaran.
teed rich and mellow. John L. Carlson,
sole seen.
Kelley's transfer wagons deliver box
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notice. All orders left at Zapfs furni
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If a wife is cross make allowance for
her the bigger allowance the
band makes the less apt she is to be
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No matter how large a woman's feet
mnv Wnm, aha wt- a I r 1 n,vA I
shoes at some time In her career.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a scientific
compound having the endorsement of
eminent physicians and the medical
press. It "digests what you eat" and
positively cures dyspepsia. M. A.Ket-
ron, Rloomlngdale, Tenn., says It cured
him of Indigestion of ten years' stand
ing. Chas. Rogers.
The only way you can shock some of
the up-to-date maidens is to let them
take hold of live wire.
For wounds, burns, scalds, sores,
skin diseases and all irritating erup
tions, nothing so soothing and healing
as DeWItt's Witch Hatel Salve. Mrs.
Emma Bolles, Matron Englewood
Nursery, Chicago, says of It: "When
all else falls In healing our babies, It
will cure." Chas. Rogers.
Of course, the only reason why a
woman will not walk under a ladder
that she is afraid it will fall down
upon her, not at all that there is any
superstition connected with the case.
Chester H. Brown, Kalamazoo,
Mich., says: "Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
cured me of a severe case of indiges
tion; can strongly recommend It to all
dyspeptlcB." Digests what you eat
without aid from the stomach, and
cures dyspepsia. Chas. Rogers
The day It pours you are certain to
be prowling about In low shoes.
For many years science has studied
liquors. Result the whole world uses
whlBkey. It has proven the best stim
ulant and does not Injure nerves and
tissues like coca wines and other drug
ged compounds. And Harper Whiskey
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Stokes Co., Astoria Oregon.
It Is awful to contemplate that we
frrow to resemble the sort of food we
eat, especially when we are particu
larly fond of small potatoes.
There's always hope while there's
One Minute Cough Cure. "An attack
of pneumonia left my lungs In bad
shape and I was near the first stages
of consumption. One Minute Cough
Cure completely cured me." Writes
Helen McHenry, Bismarck, N. D.
Gives Instant relief. Chas. Rogers.
The concert hall opened by Charlie
Wise at No. 33$ Astor street, ti the one
and only popular resort of Its kind in
that vicinity. Mr. Wise Is doing some
thing new among concert halls. He Is
not only selling a class of pure liquors,
but Is giving his plaoe a management
which Insures gentlemanly attention
and treatment to his patrons. The
good muslo and the crowd will be
found at Charlie Wise's place.
Many of the new autumn hats for
the out-of-door girl, though not de
signed for gunning, call forth the Ir
relevant and uncomplimentary remark
from the small boy: "Shoot the hat."
"They are simply perfect," writes
Rob't. Moore, of LaFayette, Ind., of
DeWItt's Little Early Risers, the
"famous little pills" for constipation
and all liver ailments. Never gripe.
Chas. Rogers..
Mormonlsm has taken refuge In
Switzerland. Recently published sta
tistics ' apprise us that there are no
fewer than 1,000 Mormons scattered
about the Swiss republic.
DeWItt's Little Early Risers perma
nently cure chronic constipation, bil
iousness, nervousness and worn-out
feeling; cleanse and regulate the en
tire system. Small, pleasant, never
gripe or sicken "famous little pills."
Chas. Rogers.
A statistical Englishman estimates
that a factory hand earning $6.25 a
week, expends out of it for food $3.40,
of which 1.0 is for meat, bacon and
flsh, and on equal amount for butter,
cheese, lard and eggs.
"Pest on the market for coughs and
colds and all bronchial troubles; for
croup It has no equal," writes Henry
R. Whltford, South Canaan, Conn., of
One Minute Cough Cure. Chas.
Married people live longer than the
unmarried, the temperate and Indus
trious longer than the gluttonous and
idle, and civilized nations longer than
E. E. Turner, Compton, Mo., was cur
ed of plies by DeWItt's Witch Haxel
Salve after suffering seventeen years
and trying over twenty remedies.
Physlcluns and surgeons endorse It.
Beware of dangerous counterfeits.
Chas. Rogers.
Instead of wishing to get rid of the
relics of barbarism women retain Ihem
as souvenirs.
' Had Almost Given Up, but Was
I Brought Back to Perfect Health by
; cnaniberiain s Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
From the Times, Hlllstllle, Va.
I suffered with diarrhoea for a long
i time and thought I was past being cur
.i v u j -
utiu oycm iiiucu nine anu muney
ana Buttered so much misery that
had almost decided to give up all hope
oi recovery and await the result, but
noticing the advertisement of Cham
berlaln's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and also Bome testimonials
Btatlng how some wonderful cures had
been wrought by this remedy, I decld
ed to try it. After taking a few doses
I was entirely well of that trouble, and
I wish to say further to my readers
and fellow sufferers that I am a hale
and hearty man today and feel as well
i as I ever did in my life. O. R. Moore.
Bold by Charles Rogers.
Denmark claims that there Is not
single person in her domain who can
not read and write.
1100 REWARD, J100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there Is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure In all Its stages and
that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is the only positive cure now know
to the medical fraternity. Catarrh be
ing a constitutional disease, requires
a constitutional treatment Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby destroy
ing the foundation of the disease, and
giving the patient strength by building.
up tne constitution ana assisting na
ture In doing Its work. The proprie
tors have so much faith in Its curative
powers, that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that it falls to
cure. Send for list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY ft CO.,
Toledo, Ohio,
Sold by Druggists, 76c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Mrs. Shlv-.-r, who lives In southern
Georgia, ought to have a place In the
world's hhtory. She has had no
fewer than 210 descendants, 235 of
whom are still living. This great-great
grandmother Is ninety years of age,
but still brink and energetic,
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
if It falls to cure. E. W. Grove's sig
nature Is on each box. 25c.
Bachelors say that they like to
marry widows because the latter have
discovered that men are not angels.
But It would be a very mean widow
who would not declare that at least
one she had known was now playing
that role.
Mothers of children affected with
croup or a severe cold need not hesi
tate to administer Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It contains no opiate
nor narcotic In any form and may
bo given as confidently to a babe as to
an adult. The great success that has
attended its use In the treatment of
colds and croup has won ror It the ap
proval and praise It has received
throughout the United States and In
many foreign lands. For sale by Chas.
. . Telephone JJ.
All Goods Bhlppee to 'our Care
Will Receive 8pctal At'.entlon.
No. Rt Duane 8t,
AaUria, Ore.
W. J. COOK. Mgr
Ru. Tel. Ill
A familiar name for the Chicago, Mil
waukee A St. Paul Railway, known all
over the Union as the Great Railway
running the "Pioneer Limited" trains
every day and night between St. Paul
and Chicago, and Omaha and Chicago.
"The only perfect trains In the world."
Understand: Connections are nutde wli
all Transcontinental Lines, assuring to
paasegvnrs the best service Known. Lux.
urlous coaches, electric light, steam heat
i of a verity eaualed by no other line.
Dee mat your uckoi reoos vut i ne
Milwaukee" when going to any point tn
the United Status or Canada. All ticket
agents sell uim.
For rates, pamphlets, or other Inform.
uon, address.
Trav. Paaa. Agt.. General Agent,
Portland. Or. Portland. O.r
5:00 a. ra. Portland Union Depot, 111:16 a.m.
7:00 p. m. for Astoria and Inter) 9:40 p.m.
mediate points, (
3:48 a. m. For Portland and ln-ll:M a.m.
8:00 p. m. termedlate points, U:S0p. m.
p. m.
5:00 11 :55ILv ....Astoria.... Arl
r.:2.-,ll:56Ar , Lv
a.m. p.m.
7:40 4:00
7:l J
6:63 1:10
:15 1:30
B:D0U:lSLv " '"" "Arl
6:301 l:00Ar ....Seaside..,. Lv
Leaves Astoria at 8:30 a. m.; arrives at
Seaside 9:45 a. m.
Passengers may return on any train
shown on schedule on same date.
ALL TRAINS to and from Seaside run
to Flavel and New Astoria via Warrerw
All trains make close connections at
Ooble with all Northern Paclflo trains
to and from tbe eaat or Sound points.
At Portland with all trains leaving
Union depot
At Astoria with I. R. ft N. Co.'s boat
and rail line to and from Ilwaco and
North Beach points.
torla for Sacramento, San Francisco, all
Eastern and European points.
City ticket office Astoria. 524 Commer.
rial street. 3. C. MAYO.
Gen'l Fr't and Pass. Agent
These tiny Captulei are superior
to balsam or uopaioa
vudcds or injections anof ymy
II l I the same diseases with-
w"Ji out inconvenience.
41 Sold h all Pmiytrft.
.... THE ... .
Encyclopaedia Britannica
The Torch
of Knowledge
burns brighter to-day than ever
before, and yetthere are many
people lower down in the scale
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they ought to
be or want to
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lems of pro
gression can
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ed by think-
Iing, educated
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men. A need
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ists for a great
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Is far reaching in its influence.
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centrated thought from the be
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of the pudding I In the atlnt
and the proof of liquors
That's an argument that's con
elusive- demonstration.
Ours will stand the tst
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place of business with
Vapor Gas Lamps
100-candIe power at a coat
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Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
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Nature In strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted d I Restive or
gans. Hlsthelateitdlscovereddlgest
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stantly relieves and permanently curat
Dyspepsia, Indication, Heartburn,
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Restore Vitality. Lost Vlfor and Manhood.
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yji abuse, or excess and indie
jrJcrctlon. A nervo tonic and
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tee to cure or refund the money.
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Astoria. Oregon.
Conducted by the HcncUictinc lutlicrs.
....High-Grade College for Boys and Young Men....
Healthful and attracthr. location (40 nillra fron Portland on the Southern
PaoJIlo Springfield branch). Complet. nnd thorough preparatory, literary,
aolentide, claasloal. normal, cotnmerot al coune. SPECIAL COURSES W
matheauitljs, Surveying, Drawing, a vll Service, Frvnch, German, SpanlaH
Italian, Shorthand, Typewriting-, TelefnBphy, Munlc. Ax-adrmlc Degree, and
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The President Mount Angel College, Mt. Angel, Oreg
The North Pacific Brewery, of which
vlr.John Kopp is proprietor, make beer
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ftorth Pacific Brewery
A lull Una of Plpaa, Tebacce,
ana Smok.ra' Artlcl.a.
4 7- Commercial Sit.
Seventh and
Served Day nnd Night.
riTPInrWR .Irnnrthiini
Tile rfason aMtTcrors are not oiircil hv lux-lora in beriiuse ninety prr ppnt ara ttnuhlnj wlit,
Proatalllln. CU VI DKNIC la Win onlwknown rcm. iW to cure without un oncrntlon i,ti ,.
' OOabo,ii(Vir(vuo,liy mull. Bend for rwcuclmilnr ami ii'mimmiials. c.-uui i uioura
iddcrai UATOI. nKDIC'IMB CO., F. O. Uia Wii, Huu i'rhcU-o, Ciil. rirta!r
CHABUM ROGERS. 459 Coitm.rclal It
A in.,.., ii.nnnu m
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h Always Mailable
"Li Belle Astoria" Clear
Schelbe's Opera Star
Schelbe's Special
And Othar Brandt
Astor Street.
- - M nnncrer
Hon of a ran,ou.l'r,nch phjaLlnn. w,, "",; Z,. TymTnu'ilZ
vom or 1 waiM of t.Ue kimiituiivo oritiina aiiih fj... u , "f
Insomnia, I'alnaln til. Jlu k , Seminal f; " l& 5..rvn, . ?u'!X?fii'
i'.m.K', UnUmeM to Marry, Kxhaiwtii si), v.Tniii'S . ,yA
Coi.stlw.tlon. 1 1 torn all low., i,y ' r ftr' J 2 ' , "d
nr mo disrharir.., which If notohiX "Jo toLrmM 1 T,
lll,ehorrnniofImi.ot.wv. ' I ... -mV.:. """"r
kli,,.v..,.d ihnurlriarv amino! .11 17 uyr, tu.
urnurl f S hntna , ... j., ' -ki r