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Annual Hyiu Debet
Rogue River Round-up I
Ashland, July 3, 4, 5.
Ashland, July 3, 4, 5. X
Rogue River Round-up to Excel
Any Like Event Ever Staged
Tho greatest roundup ever staged ers and bulldoggers from Texas, Ari
ls promised as the chief feature of
the Ashland doings. The great west
ern show will be staged dally in the
afternoons at the toundup grounds
just east of the city limits. Jitneys
will carry passengers to the grounds
for 15 cents. The grounds are in
easy walking distance for those who
The Ashland Rogue River Round
up, July 3, 4 and 5, thlb year, will
present six world champion riders, I
bulldoggers and ropers the greatest
aggregation of world champion buck
aroos ever gathered together at one
roundup. Practically all of the Pen
dleton winners of last year are signed
up to compete, and under the leader
ship of Del Blanchett sixty cowboys
and cowgirls and a herd of sixty
bucking horses and steers have al
ready arrived at Ashland to uphold
the fame of eastern Oregon. Klam
ath county and southeastern Oregon
will send the pick of the range, south
ern Oregon will be represented by a
score of riders, northern California
will send Its best, and for the first
time at any Oregon roundup an ag
gregation of twenty-five riders, rop-
Two Special Trains
Will Be Parked
A special train bearing the Port
land Police Band and at least 150
prominent Portlanders will arrive the
morning of July 3. All whistles In
the city will blow and bells ring as a
welcome when the train arrives. Citi
zens with aittos arc asked to meet
the visitors and drive them In a pa
rade over the park and drives. The
Coos Bay special will arrive the
morning of July 4 and the same pro
gram will be carried out for them.
Both trains will arrive at the main
line station but will be parked and
furnish accommodations for the vis
itors on the uptown spur. Special
trains will also run from the lower
valley and northern California.
Eyeiy Detail For
Comfort Complete
Auto camp ground to accommodate
hundreds of cars, rest rooms for I
ladles and bable3, the cool shade of
Lithia park, mineral waters, comfort
stations, accommodation bureau open
In tho city hall day and night in
fact everything Is being done to as
sure .the visitors comfort. "Ask Me,
I Live Here" badges will be furnished
to a well-informed number of citizens
who will act as traveling Information
Fireworks Display
Will Be Wonderful
An Immense and spectacular dis
play of night fireworks will be pre
sented in Lithia park tho nights of
July 4 and 5 and day fireworks on
July 4, following the flag unfurling.
These displays will be the largest In
Lights. Colors and
Flags in Profusion
Miles of electric streamers are al
ready up and will illuminate the
streets at night. Hundreds of flags
of the allies and America will be
hung above the streets and every
business house and residence in the
city will be decorated.
Five Bands and
Music All The Time
Continuous band concerts by five
bands and a massed band concert will
provide the music fop tho three days.
The Portland Folice Band, Grants
Pass Band, Dunsmuir Band, Ashland
Band and Ashland Boys' Band will
j Phone Job orders to th Tidings.
zona and southern California will
compete. The worst buckers and the
woolliest steers In the west are be
ing gathered for the Ashland show
and over two hundred head of horses,
steers and bulls will be in tho corrals
when the roundup opens on July 3.
One of the hotels of the city has been
leased" and will provldo free board
and lodging for the two hundred rid
ers who will be there. The relay
racet next to the bucking contest,
promises to bo the most exciting fea
ture, with six teams, including Rube
Fisher's Pendleton winners, Roy An
derson's string from Los Angeles, the
Murphy string of southern Oregon
race horses, Helms' fast team and
two strings from Klamath county
competing. Thirty-five hundred dol
lars In cosh prizes and numerous oth
er prizes have been hung up for open
Lee Caldwell, Jackson Sundown,
Fred and John Spain, George Weir,
Dell Blanchett, Sid Seales, Katherine
Wilkes, Ella Mayfleld and Josephine
Sherry are a few of the top-notchers
who will participate. Competition
between the various sections will lend
a sensational Interest.
Dances, Sideshows,
( Swimming, Sports
Three dances, at an open air pa
vilion, the Bungalow and Natatorium,
will be held afternoon and evening.
A merry-go-round, Ferris wheel and
scores of minor features will enter
tain the. children ( and . old folks
also). Swimming contests at Hel
man's baths and the .Natatorium and
swimming for all. Sports will be
staged of all
kinds races, tennis
tournament, etc
Largest Flag to
Be Unfurled
The largest flag In the state of
Oregon will bo unfurled from a cable
200 feet above the lower park on the
morning of July 4 while massed
band3 play the "Star Spangled Ban-
I ner" and the crowd sings. Many
other patriotic features will be
Band to Open
New Chautauqua
The finest and largest auditorium
In tho state outside of Portland will
be opened the night of the 3rd with
a concert by the Portland Band. The
Chautauqua session opens July 11
and continues to the 21st, and many
will remain for It. Camping privi
leges freo.
The ladies will serve Cafeteria
meals in the basement of the Baptist
church July 4. 10-3t
Ashland's Bed Cross allotment
which the city was expected to raise
last week was $5,000. Ashland raised
$10,400. No wordjy praise or fire
works are necessary. The figures
sneak for themselves. Ashland placed
herself at the top of the list of patri
otic cities of southern Oregon. Port
land's allotment and the state allot
ment were far exceeded as well.
Red Cross Aftermath.
The big week in Ashland was com
pleted Saturday ovenlng with a mon
ster parade of automobiles that
formed at the East Side school and
made the run to Mdford. No one
seems to know Just how many were
In the parade, but it made a very fine
showing. There were somewhere be
tween 75 and 100 cars, and they av
eraged at least six to tho car. Bao
ners with proper devices and mottoes
were displayed. Flags, bunting and
flowers were in profusion. Horns and
other devices waked the echoes of
the still, beautiful evening, and Ash
land fittingly celebrated the momen
tous occasion. It was a red letter
week In the history of the Granite
City. Ashland's allotmont had been
Just a Few of The
Hyiu Hehe Attractions
Rogue River Roundup, staged at cot io exceed $15,000 and
best In the west. Two hundred head of stock and over one hun
dred participants. Keen competition between Pendleton, Rogue
valley, Klamath county, northern California and southern Califor
nia cowboy contingents.
Continuous band concerts by several bands, Including Portland
Police Band; massed band concerts.
Day and night fireworks, largest display in Oregon.
Unfurling of largest flag In Oregon.
Stupendous patriotic parade on Fourth, miles In length.
Baseball game3 between champion northern California and
southern Oregon teams daily.
Baby show.
Sweet pea show.
Dazzling electrical illuminations nnd thousands of flags. City
one big blaze of red, white and blue.
Dancing on three big floors.
Lithia park with sixty acres of shade, four mineral waters and
many attractions.
Merry-go-rounds and scores of sideshows and minor features for
the klddie3.
Swimming at two big sulphur natatorlums.
Boy Scout encampment and sports. ,
Free-for-all sports.
Auto camp accommodations for hundreds.
Well organized accommodation and Information bureau, listing
accommodations for fifty thousand.
Confetti Battles.
Chautauqua building band concerts in largest auditorium in
state, newly completed.
Hyiu Hehe (heap big good time) spirit rampant.
Gigantic Parade
On the Fourth
A gigantic patriotic parade on July , A ten-sound main event and two
4, miles in lcngthvwith scores of pari fast preliminaries will be ofered at
trlotlc organizations, five bands, boxing tournaments to he' held at the
scores of floats and hundreds of au-j roundup grounds under the auspices
tomobiles and special features, will of leading L03 Angeles and San Fran
surpass any parado ever seen in Orejcisco fight promoters on the morn
Baby Show and
Sweet Pea Show
A baby show will be held under the
I auspices of the Sunshine Society in
the McCall building on the Plaza. A
sweet pea show will be held under
the direction of the Parent-Teacher
Speedy Teams in
Baseball Games
The fastest . baseball teams of
northern California and southern Or
egon will compete in daily baseball
games at the high school ball park.
Track Is Fastest
In Entire West
The track at the roundup grounds
has been rebuilt, is Baucered at the
corners, wide, and in fact the best
quarter-mile track in tho west. The
race events will1 be among the most
Interesting events.
placed at $5,000 and her actual sub
scription was $10,400. Ashland over
subscribed her Liberty bond allot
ment by more than $11,000, so that
it will be seen that patriotism abides
The organization for the canvass
reflects great credit on the organiza
tion effected by the executive com
mittee headod by Chairman Carter.
All the teams of solicitors are entitled
to great praise for the efficiency they
exhibited. Special mention must be
made of t!ve efforts of the ladies, who
were on the Job early and late and
all the time. The luncheons served
in the beautiful banquet rooms of the
Elks Temple each day at noon, to the
workers, was a featuie long to be
remembered by the workers who en
Joyed them. Tho first was given by
the ladies of the Presbyterian church
on Tuesday and brought forth de
served praise for Its excellence. On
Wednesday the noon hour was under
the supervision of the ladies of the
Christian church, headed by Mrs. Mel
linger, in a menu a la Mexican., This
dinner .raised Mexico in the estima
tion of the dicers, if It truthfully ex
Boxing Tournament
July Fourth and Filth
ings or July 4 and 5. Harry Lewo
wtU of. "The Referee," a leading
coast sporting paper, arrived this
morning and is making arrangements
for the events. He has secured two
pair of the fastest lightweights in the
J west for the two main events. On
the 4th the principals will be Red
j Watson of Denver, conqueror of Bud
Anderson, and Fighting Eddie Burns
of Oakland. On the 5th the main
event will be between Fighting John
ny McCarthy, who has just returned
from the east, where he won twenty
straight fights, and Frankie Jones,
who has Just won five straight in
Portland. These events will lie the
greatest boxing maches on the coast
this Fourth and will attract large
numbers of fight fans from the coast
Three Ballyhoos
Will Announce
Three ballyhoos, located on posts
at each end and at the center of the
arena and connected by telephone
with the corrals and the timekeepers,
will announce through megaphones
each horse and rider as the events
come up. and also the winners and
Hmo Thio win ooonro tho Qnecintnrs
of perfect service in this respect.
hibited the skill of Mexico In the
culinary art. On Thursday the ladles
of the Catholic church came to the
front with boiled beef and dumplings
in a style that br.ought to mind our
mothers' best efforts In the days of
auld lang syne. This luncheon was
directed by Mrs. Wolf of the Depot
hotel. On Friday the lunch was
spread by the ladles of the Congrega
tional church. This was a fish din
ner and aroused enthusiasm for Its
excellence. The ladles of the Meth
odist church occupied the front on
Saturday with a chicken dinner with
dumplings. If the Methodists live
like that at all times, almost the writ
er .is persuaded to be a Methodist.
But taken as a whole, and If one
intended to be guided by these lunch
eons in the selection of the church
he preferred to Jojn, I fear the result
will bo confuslng-they are each par
excellence in thel character. If the
Methodist ladios all know so well how
t6 cook chicken )us: did those who
pnepared .Mils Saturday lunch, we are
nirt surprised that the Methodist min
isters are intemperate in their prefer
ence to chicken. Turn, yum, yum!
Something Doing Every Minute
Of the Three "Big Time" Days
There will be something and not The city Is prepared to care for all,
just one something, but soveral some- however. Auto camp accommodar
things doing every minute of the Hons for hundreds will be ready. X
three big days and nights of the Hyiu systematic canvass of tho city has)
Hehe Hyiu Hehe is Chinook Indian listed every avallablo accommodation,
jargon for "heap big good time" and and an accommodation and informa
the Hyiu Hehe spirit is to hold full tlon bureau will bo open night and,
swny over the city.
Attractions to please the children
and the women as well as the men
folks will be offered In profusion.
The program In full Is being ar -
ranged today and with the time of,
every event will be published in the
next issue of the Tidings.
No cAhor community on the Pacific.
coast, is attempting a celebration cvery-mlnute duty to make tho
which can compete in point of size (stranger an everlasting friend of Ash
or completeness with the Ashland land.
Hyiu Hehe, no other celebration has With Its miles of drives, shady
been so well organized, and with the streets and, most of all, its sixty acres
wonderful record of last year's sue-; of shady park, hotels, natatorlums,
cess behind this jear'B celebration ( etc., no city Is bettor prepared to of
and roundup the greatest crowd ever fer enjoyment to a visitor, and with.
assembled outside of Portland and
the largest crowd ever gathered in
a city of Ashland's size on the coast
is a sure thing.
Grounds Are Ready
For the Big Doings
Seats to accommodate 15,000 will
be ready for the big doings at the
roundup grounds. The bleachers
have been extended five-sixths of the
way around the track and arena, and
additions built to the grandBtand,
Including boxes to seat 1,200. Two
or three bands will furnish music
during the roundup performance.
Water has been piped to the grounds,
nearly a mile of high wire fence
built, four small corrals, a runway
and three big corrals aro ready for
the stock. An Immense tent nam
houses the Tendieton stock. J. J.
Murphy has had charge of the con
struction work at the grounds and
surely has accomplished his work
Prominent Stock
Men to Be Judges
Three of the most prominent stock-1
men of the state, men of ability and
character, are to Judge the roundup 1
events. They are: J. 1-ianK Amims,
Klamath county stockman; Wllllnm
H. Dauglitrey of the Portland Union
Stockyards, and Mike Iianley of thlB j
No Waits Between
Roundup Numbers
There will be absolutely no waits
between the numbers on the roundup
program. Corrals aud runways have
been arranged to handle tho buckers,
racers nnd steers in a speedy manner
and none of the waits which so often
snoll tho snectators' enjoyment at
such events will occur.
It was good.
Tho ladles of the Baptist church
decorated the banquet rooms and
demonstrated their patriotism as well
as artistic taste. Flags nnd flowers
in profusion were woven to thrill all
who were fortunate to feast in such
environment. Miss Lillian Patterson
must not be forgotten. With un
bounded enthusiasm, taste, tact and
talent she presided ovor each day's
entertainment In such a manner as to
win universal applause. The lady
workers were all in their Red Cross
uniforms and with dignity carried
each day's effort to a successful and
dellghtfu' conclusion.
Many windows in the business part
of the city were docoratod splendidly,
but special mention can only be made
of a few. The Rose Brothers win
dows and those of Alnutt & Pracht
were decorated by the Honor Guard
Girls and brought many an expression
of surprise and delight. Vau pel's,
McNair Brothers', Poley' and the
East Bide Pharmacy were very beau
tifully and tastefully docorated. In
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day for the benefit of Wie visitors.
Medford will bo called upon to car
for thousands who will the half
jhour going and coming over tha
j paved Pacific Highway morning and
Ashlnnd "knows how" to maka
every stranger feel at home, and
every Ashlander will niako it hla
the celebration features of this year,
Ashland Is offering an outing oppor
tunity which few within traveling dis
tance will be able to resist.
Two Hundred
Head of Stock
Over two hundred head of slock
will be quartered at the roundup
grounds. The Pendleton bunch,
brought 65 horses. The Spain Broth
ers' string of 25 outlaw buckers are
here.' Doc Holms brings 55 head of
buckers, racing stock and steers. Tha
California aggregation will bring 29
head. Klamath county will send
probably 25 to 50 head. Outlaws
and bad steers gathered up from
around northern California and
southern Oregon will total 50 more.
The famous Dunn steer, which es
caped last year, has been recaptured!
and will be a feature. .
World Champion
Rider Will Exhibit
Lee Caldwell, who won the world's
championship In the Mew York buck
ing championship and who twice won,
the Pendleton championship, will be
unnblo to compete owing to the fact
that he Is In the government service
as captain of the cowboy cavalry
which Is being organized among tha
western riders. He will give dally
exhibition rldos on the worst buckers,
however. Competing for prizes la
forbidden to army men.
Pendleton Bunch
Arrived Today
1 The Pendleton "rarln' to go" bunch
arrived this morning thirty strong,
bringing the greatest aggregation ot
world-renowned performers even
brought together. The city Is assum
ing roundup appearance nnd things
will hum from now on. They ara
quartered at the Let 'Im Buck Hotel.
They brought 65 hend of horses,
which have been taken to tha
Two Bucking Bulls
Never Yet Ridden
Tho roundup association has se
cured two ferocious bucking bulls)
which have defied all attempts of
riders to stick on them, and these
will be brought out dally and at
tempts to ride them made. Big cash
prizes have been hung up for the suc
cessful rider, If any Is found who can
stick on them! One has been named
"Hyiu Hehe" and will give a big time'
to the cowboy who straddles him.
Purchase Herd
Of Wild Steers
The association has purchased a
herd of wild and woolly Texas Long
horns which have been shipped from
California and will provide the bull-,
doggers with real competition. Over
fifty steers and bulls will be gath
ered in altogether from Oregon and!
California. 1
. V. t