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    nuradajr, October 26, 1016
Result-Getting Classified Columns
' who, for example, publishes a Want ad once, and If It does not bring
the result desired decides that "advertising does not pay, should study
the practical results. In all lines -of endeavor, of perseverance. The law
of "try again" Is as potent In want advertising as In any other effort
or enterprise.
Classified Rates: One cent per word, first insertion; cent per word
lor each insertion thereafter; 30 words or less $1 per month. No advertise
ent inserted for less than 26 cents. Classified ads are cash with order
xoept to parties having ledger accounts with tbe office.
DR. P. A. HALL Dentistry and all
Its branches. Swedenburg Bldg.,
Ashland, Ore. Phone 157. 6-tt
DR. J. J. EMMENS Physician and
surgeon. Practice limited to eye,
ear, nose and throat, Glasses sup
plied. Oculist and aurlst for S. P.
K. It. Offices, M. V. and H. Bldg.,
opposite postofflce, Medford, Ore.
Phone 567.
LAW. Consulting and General
. . . n; T..lM!nfv n f .
fice with E. D. Briggs. Ashland,
limited to Eye, Ear, Nose and
Throat. Office hours, 10 to 12
and 2 to 5. Bwedenburg Bldg.,
Ashland, Ore. j 73;L
Osteopathic physicians. Women's
and children's diseases a specialty.
' Office hours 9 to 12, 2 to 4. Calls
answered day or night. Office
phone 208, residence phone 267-R.
Pioneer Bldg., Ashland, Ore. 85-tf
Frank Jordan, general contracting.
New and old work; cement walks,
cemetery copings, brick, cement,
woodwork, lathing and plastering,
cobblestone and general building
contracts. 4-12mo.
runn nnrvTOR R II Stanley, ex
pert furniture repairer and up
holsterer. Carpets Deal, reiaia auu
repaired, bedsprlngs restretched,
chairs wired, rubber tires for baby nlnHnv cleaning, house
cleaning, and furniture packing
done expertly. Call at 386 A
street or phone 403-R. l-tf
practor and Nerve Specialists All
functions of the body are controlled
by nerves. Electric, cabinet and
spray baths in connection. Office
at residence, 108 Pioneer avenue,
opposite Hotel Austin annex, ,18-tf
GEO. T. WATSON, Painter and Pa
perhanger. Phone 202-.R. 166 Oak
street. 40'u
BILL POSTER Will Stennett, 116
Factory St. Bill posting and dis
tributing. B4t'
regular meeting of the club will be
held on the second and fourth
Tuesdays of each month at 2:30
p. m., at the Carnegie Library lec
ture room.
lar meetings first and third Fri
days of each month at 2:30 p. m.
Mrs S. Patterson, Pres.; Mrs. Jen
nie Faucett Greer, Sec.
MONEY TO LOAN Mortgage Com
pany Holland-America has plenty
of money to lend on good farm
security. Isaac Best, agent, Grants
Pass, Ore. 41tt
FOR SALE Property close in, 104x
198 feet; comfortable house and
barn, large lawn, shrubs, fruit
and garden. Price 13,000; one
half cash, balance on reasonable
terms. Address E. G., care Tld
lngs. 35j
FOR SALE Modern cottage of six
rooms, on 1 acres of ground,
mostly meadow, under irrigation
ditch; young bearing fruit trees.
Price $2,000 cash. Bargain. Ad
dress E. G., care Tidings. 35-tf
little modern four-room bungalow
with acre of ground, so located aB
to go like hot cakes If subdivided
for tourist bungalows. Will sell
some good furniture to purchaser.
Worth $2,000 or more. Will take
$1,500 for quick sale. See Bert
R. Greer, at Tidings office.
FOR RENT Five-room bungalow,
furnished; bathroom, hot and cold
water, electric lights, woodshed.
Lot 50x150. Palm avenue, between
Boulevard and Iowa street. In-
.quire at 214 C street. Phone
459-R. 44tI
FOR RENT Furnished bungalow,
adults only. 147 Nutley street.
4 0-tf
FOR RENT Six-room house at 366
Granite street. Large lot. $6 per
month. Inquire at Tidings office.
4 3-tf
FOR RENT Large front room, 132
Seventh street. Phone 252-R.
WANTED Infants and children to
board by day, week or month.
Mother's care. 1 Good references.
Inquire 366 B street 103-tf
WANTED Salesman, southern Ore
gon for Kleanoff Sanitary Brush
es sold everywhere shown. Forty
per cent commission. Preston,
363 Yamhill, Portland, Ore. 35-tf
SHORTHAND and touch typewriting
taught complete in thirty days'
"attendance; low rates; private in
struction. Positions secured for
students upon graduation. Invest
igate. Residence 77 Pine street
Business phone 434-J. 39-st
FOR SALE OR RENT Tent house.
Good floor, doors and windows.
FOR SALE Jackson county war
rants in the sum of $744.58, regis
tered February 4, 1916, drawing
6 per cent interest from date of
registration, at par and interest.
Call at Tidings office. 4-tf
FOR SALE Good transrer, storage
and coal business. Reasonable.
Apply to City Truck Co., D. Guy
Good. 31-tf
milk a specialty. C. P. Good,
Trop. Phone 17-F-2. 40-tf
FOR SALE Doors and windows. In
quire G. W. Holly, Granite street.
TO EXCHANGE Lots In Eugene
and land near, for property in or
near Ashland. Prefer small stock
and hay ranch. Will conRider a
business. Write particulars. F. E.
Wilmot, owner, Eugene, Ore., R.
D. 2. 43-4t
FOR SALE Excellent, unblemished,
1,200-pound seven-year-old horse.
Goes Blnglo or double. Time to re
sponsible parties. R. D. Sanford.
Helman street, Ashland. 42-tf
FOR SALE Mare, aged 6; 1.400
pounds. Phone 6-F-3. 4&-3t
FOR SAE Two-hbrsc wagon. E.
W. Scott, Talent, Ore. 43-6t
FOR SALE cheap, If taken at once
Fine riding and driving pony,
buggy and harness. Work single
or double. Good for small orchard.
J. W. Millner, near Normal. 44-tf
FOUND Bunch of keys on Billings
hill. Owner may claim at Tidings
office and pay for this ad. 44-2t
In the Circuit Court of the State
of Oregon for Jackson County.
Samuel MacClintock, Plaintiff, vs.
Menerva Glenn, and all other per
sons unknown, If any, having or
claiming to have an interest in or
to the real property hereinafter
described, Defendant.
To Menerva Glenn, the above
named defendant, and all other
persons unknown, if any, hav
ing or claiming to have an in
terest ill or to the real property
hereinafter described:
In the name of the State of Ore
gon, you are hereby notified that
Samuel MacClintock is the holder
of Certificate of Delinquency num
bered 27S3, issued on the 12th day
of April, 1915, by the Tax Col
lector of tbe County of Jackson,
State of Oregon, for the amount of
Twenty-nine and 64-100 ($29.64)
Dollars, the same being the
amount then due and delinquent
for taxes for the year 1910, to
gether with penalty, Interest and
costs thereon upon the real prop
erty assessed to you, of which you
are the owner as appears of rec
ord, situated in said County and
State, and particularly bounded
and described as follows, to-wlf.
The East Half (E) of the
Northwest Quarter (NW) of
Section Fourteen (14), Township
Thirty-six (36), Range Three (3),
West of the Willamette Meridian.
You are further notified that
said Samuel MacClintock has paid
taxes on said premises for prior or
subsequent years with the rate of
Interest on said amounts as fol
lows :
Years tax, 1911; date paid, April
12, 1915; tax receipt number,
14291; amount,' $27.44; rate of
Interest, 15 per cent.
Year's tax, 1912; date paid, April
12, 1915; tax receipt number,
14292; amount, $32. SO; rate of
interest, 15 per cent.
, Year's tax, 1913; date paid, April
12, 1915; tax receipt number,
1329; amount, $25.88; rate of In
terest, 15 per cent.
N Year's tax, 1914; date paid, April
23, 1915: tax receipt number,
4366;'amount, $20.60; rate of in
terest, 15 per cent.
Year's tax, 1915; date paid, Feb.
,28, 1916; tax receipt number, 275;
amount, $20.80; rate" of interest,
15 per cent.
Said Menerva Glenn, as the own
er of the legal title of tbe above
' described property as the same ap
pears of record, and each of the
other persons above named, are
hereby further notified that Sam
uel MacClintock will apply to the
Circuit Court of the County and
State aforesaid for a decree fore
closing the lien againBt the proper
ty above described and mentioned
In said ' certificate. And you are
hereby summoned to appear within
sixty days after the first publica
tion of the summons exclusive of
the day of said first publication,
and defend this action or pay the
amount due as above shown, to
gether with costs and accrued in
terest, and In case of your failure
to do so, a decree will be rendered
foreclosing the lien of said taxes
and costs against the land and
premises above named.
This summons is published by
order of the Honorable F. M. Cal
kins, Judge of tbe Circuit Court of
the State of Oregon, for the Coun
ty of Jackson, and said order was
made and dated this 21st day of
October, 1916, and the date of the
first publication of this summons
is the 26th day of October, 1916.
All process and papers in this
proceeding may be served upon
the undersigned residing within
the State of Oregon, at the address
hereafter mentioned.
Attorney for the Plaintiff.
Address, Grants Pass, Oregon.
Plaintiff, vs. J. E. McKenzie and
Mary M. McKenzie, Defendants.
By virtue of an execution and
order of sale duly issued out of
and under the seal of tlie circuit
Court of the State of Oregon, in
and for the County of Jackson,
dated the 9th day of October, 1916,
and to me directed, in a certain
suit therein for the foreclosure of
a mortgage in which the plaintiff
recovered a judgment against the
defendants, J. E. McKenzie and
Mary M. McKenzie, for the sum of
$500.00 with interest thereon at
the rate of 8 per cent per annum
from February 5th, 1913, and for
the sums she has paid in taxes, to
wit, $20.50 paid on the 28th day
of October, 1914, $16.40 paid
Mnmh 10th. 1915. and the sum of
$17.78 paid March flird, 191 G, to
gether with 6 per cent irom me
dates of said payments, together
with her costs and disbursements
taxed ft $32.00 and $60.00 attor
ney's fee.
Public notice Is hereby given,
that in compliance with the com
mands of said execution and order
of sale I will on Saturday, the 18th
day of November, 1916, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. m. at the
front door of the Court House in
Jacksonville, offer for sale and will
sell at public auction to tbe high
est bidder for cash, all of the right,
title and interest that the defend
ants above named had on the date
of the mortgage herein foreclosed
or have since acquired or now have
In and to the following described
real property, to-wlt:
Beginning at an Iron pin . on
Iowa street, In the City of Ashland,
Jackson County. Oregon, which is
96.4 feet east of the corner of Lin
coln and Iowa streets; thence
north 142.75 feet; thence east
45.70 feet parallel with Iowa
street; thence south 142.75 feet,
and thence west on the north Bide
of Iowa street to the place of be
ginning. Being the center of lot
of G. S. Butler, plat of lots sixteen
(16) and seventeen (17), Ashland
Homestead Association, facing
Iowa street. ,
All of the above described real
property will be sold at said time
and place In the manner provided
by law for the sale of real property
under execution, to satisfy the
judgment herein before mentioned.
And that said sale will be subject
to redemption as is by law provid
ed. W. H. SINGLER, Sheriff,
By E. W. Wilson, Deputy.
Hattle M. Alden, Plaintiff, vs. Henry
D. Taggart and Elizabeth Taggart,
his wile, and Jesse Hobson, De
fendants. By virtue of an Execution and
Order of Sale duly issued out of
and under the seal of the Circuit
Court of the State of Oregon, in
nd for the County of Jackson, to
me directed and dated the 10th
day of October, 1916, in a certain
suit therein for the foreclosure of
a mortgage In which the plaintiff,
Hattle M. Alden, recovered a Judg
ment against the defendants,
Henry D. Taggart and Elizabeth
Taggart, for the sum of Nine Hun
dred Eighty-nine and no-100 dol
lars, with interest thereon from
said 8th day of August, 1916, at
the rate of 8 per cent per annum,
and Ninety-eight and no-100 dol
lars attorney's fee, and the further
sum of Eighteen and 25-100 dol
lars costs and for the disburse
ments of this suit, which Judg
ment was enrolled and docketed
in the Clerk's office of said Court
in said County on the 9th day of
October, 1916, and is of record in
Volume 25 of the Circuit Court
Public notice is hereby given,
that in compliance with the com
mands of said Execution and Or
der of Sale I will on Saturday, the
11th day of November, 1916, at
the hour of ten o'clock a. m. at the
front door of the Court House in
Jacksonville, Oregon, offer for
sale and will sell at public auction,
subject to redemption, to the high
est bidder for cash, all of the
right, title and interest that the
defendants above named had on
the date of the mortgage herein
foreclosed or have since acquired
or now have in and to the follow
ing described' real property situat
ed in Jackson County, Oregon, to
wlt: The lots numbered eight (8),
nine (9), ten (10), eleven (11).
twelve (12), thirteen (13) and
fourteen (14), being ail of the
west half of block number sixteen
(16) of the nmended plat of Oak
dale Park Addition to the city of
Medford, according to the official
plat thereof, now of record, as the
same is described In Certificate of
Ttitle No. 1644, Issued to Henry
D. Taggart by the Registrar of
, Title No. 1644, Issued to Henry
AIL of the above land will be
sold at said time and place in the
manner provided by law for the
sale of real property under execu
tion to satisfy the judgment, costs
and accruing costs of this sale'.
Dated at Jacksonville, Oregon,
this 11th day of October, 1916.
W. H. SINGLER, Sheriff.
By E. W. Wilson, Deputy
Golden West Coffee
is "mt Kteftr
1 J
r v - v ,
G. W. Ager
Republican Nominee for
County School
If elected, I pledge myself to an
houeM. impartial and economic ad
ministration. I shall consider it my
duty to get into the field at every
opportunity and shall set aside cer
tain days of each week for the per
sonal supervision of our schools.
Routine office work will bo delegated
to a competent clerk.
Your support will be appreciated
at the polls on November 7.
TheWinning of
Lincoln Wirt
Two and one-naif years ago a man
went to a bureau manager, all un
heralded and unknown, pnd said, "I
think I have a message the American
people will listen to." The manager
was not interested. He had heard
something like that before. But he
could not get that face out of his
mind. Later he phoned, "There will
be a few friends at my house tonight
come out."
As the stranger told of his three
years midst the silent places of the
"rivers that run God knows where"
of his noble dog "Whiskers" this
small but critical audience listened
more and more Intently, leaned for
ward, gripping their seats, wept and
cheered. Thus did he win his first
contract. That man went out to ly
ceum audiences all unknown, and
shot to the top of demand. Summer
and winter ever since he has hot
footed It from audience to audience.
Gunsaulus heard him and called
him to Armour institute to give him
a doctor's hood and degree. Bishop
Quayle, Senator LaFollctte, Govei
nor Hadley, Lorado Taft and other
platform princes moved over and inr
vited him to sit in the front row.
Clubs, colleges, chautauquas, lyceums
with one accord labeled him "great."
The other day when President Wil
son signed the Alaska Railroad bill
a thousand newspapers said that the
lecturing of this man from Alaska
all over the country, had done more
than any other single agency to cre
ate public opinion to support and de
mand Alaska conservation.
Wirt Dr. Lowal Lincoln Wirt Is
bis name. ' I hope you will get him
II Clint Gallatin
1! Candidate for
i i
Have had three years
; ; field experience and will
!! give the people of this
county an honest, effi- X
t cient and economical
I administration.
Real Bargains
Real Estate
Three acres on Oak street, nice
ioine place, good dwelling. $2,700.
Five-room dwelling, hard finished,
good plumbing, nice location, for
$1,800, furnished.
Clark county, Washington, proper
ty to exchange for fruit land in
Rogue River Valley.
Billing's Agency
Real Estate apd Real Insnranee
41 East Main Phone 311
Worth Careful Thought
Do you read the label to know whether
your baking powder is made from cream
of tartar or, on the other hand, from alum
or phosphate ?
Royal Baking Powder is made from
cream of tartar, derived from grapes, and
adds to the food only wholesome qualities.
Other baking powders contain alum or
phosphate, both of mineral origin, and
used as substitutes for cream of tartar
because of their cheapness.
Never sacrifice quality and healthful
ness for low price.
New York
for your town if yau have to apply
a year or two aueaa, uecause no
builds up and makes It easier for tho
rest of us on the platform.
He lived years in Alaska, built
hospitals along our farthest fronties;
was appointed territorial superinten
dent of education by the U. S. gov
ernment, and established the public
schools farthest north. Seven more
years he travelled the tropics, found
ed the Queensland Institute of Social
Service, was made Fellow of the
Royal Geographical Society. His lec
tures have power because they are
his life.
Society revels in spooks this week,
the near approach of Hallow-een cast
ing an air of masques and mystery
over every society doings. Black
cats and witches, pumpkin Jack o'lan
tern and spook costumes are the pre
dominant feature of a number of af
fairs which have been given or are
The soaring price of wheat has decreased the
size of the loaf or increased the price. Either means
increased cost of living.
The makers of
have neither advanced tho price, decreased the size of
package, nor lessened the quality of this splendid wheat
and barley food.
It contains the full nutriment of these sturdy
grains, including their invaluable mineral elements,
so vital for maintenance of strong bodies, steady
nerves and capable brains.
' Quickly digested, appetizing-a household word
for nearly a score of years Grape-Nuts easily stands
at the head of all prepared cereals for delicious flavour,
concentrated nourishment and economy.
Every table should have its
daily ration of Grape-Nuts
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
Ray Clossor and wife and son of
Oakland, California, are visiting with
Mr. ('losser's parents, the C. B. Clos-
ser family.
San Francisco
Oregonians Head
quarters w hile in
San Francisco
moderate rates
Runnfnit di(llfI
ice iMltT in every 4 W. K.elley
room. Special alien.
(ion given to ludiel
traveling tmesror- j
fed. A la carte
The Loaf
"Meet mc at Y
the Manx''-