Ashland tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1876-1919, June 18, 1880, Image 1

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i J. M. McCall.
W. II. Atkinaon
W. A. Wilshire
A Bold Crime.
Reading the highly special and illus­
trated stories that adorn a certain class of
weekly papers, one involuntarily smiles
----- BY-----
Ashland Oregon.
at the idea of the people of this wide­
awake and practical age swallowing the
stuffs gives them under the head of
mysterious murders, strange elopement«
OFFICE—On Main Street, (in sucond story of McCall
and monstrous abductions. Yet, one
A Baum’s new building )
could barely he found that reads more
Job Printing.
Of all descriptions done on tliort notice Le'ral Blanks,
romantically than an incident that oc­
Ou't’ulars Business Card., IlillhMda, letterhead», Bo«-
curred within this State last month, in
Wra, etc., gotten up-in gotxl atyle at living prices.
NEW PRICES!!! daylight, and a thickly populated part
Terms of Snbaeriptlou:
of the city, and which has been kept
Oae copy, one year....................
8- M
out of the papers, excepting the Herald,
•* “ six months....... ....................................... 1 50
which had a mistaken account of a sup­
" ** three months......................
—............. I 0°
Club rates, six copies for........... ........................... ....12 50
elopement, retracted the follow­
Terms in advance.
We are now receiving our New Spring
when the young lady was found
Stock, and everyday will witness
Ternis of Advertising:
to be at home. ■ The followftig are the
additions to the largest
One a ¡mre (ten ii.tcs or less) 1st insertion............82 50
given the New York correspondent
stock of
Ea*h aiihtioaal insertion
1 00
of the Cincinnati Enquirer by an ac­
quaintance of the family:
L oca ) notices pur line ...............
Rûgiilar advertisements inserted upon littéral tenus.
There is living in the upper part of
this city a gentleman whose name as a
Ever brought to this market. We de­ druggist is known throughout this coun­
sire to say to every reader of
try, and most favorably, who has
this paper, that if
amassed a fortune in his business, and,
with his wife, occupies a high social pos­
ition. Near them resides, with her pa­
OFFICE At the A.hUnJ Unix Store.
rents, a favorite neice, who not long
Sold at the Lowest Market Prices, will since made her debut in society, and
whom her relatives referred to delighted
do it,, we propose to do the larg­
to bring out at their frequent receptions
est business this season, ever
and introduce to their friends. The
ATT O R N E Y - A T - L A W ,
doie in Ashland; and
young lady, Miss W., is very charming,
wo can’ ¡»ositively
Jacksonville, Oregon.
not at all a beauty, but possessed of a
make it to the
intelligent face, relined manners
voice. Without being at
of every ono to
all conspicuous, she is one of those girls
call upon us and test
people involuntarily turn to look
the truth of our assertions.
Linkville, Lake Co., Oregon.
in her demeanor she seeks to
W e will spare no pains to fully
OFFICE In Pint Office building. S|>eeijl attention maintain the reputation of the House, avoid attention, and of flirtness or
iven to uonvevaneing.
loudness there is not a suspicion about
As the acknowledged
Early last Fall, Miss W. began to re­
ceive letters in a gentleman’s handwrit­
ing, and signed with an evidently as­
Ashland, Oregon.
sumed name. The author of them ex­
For Staple and Fancy Goods, Groceries,
passionate love and admiration
Is prepared to do any work in hi. line on .hurt notice.
for the young lady, begging she would
Shoes, Hats, Caps, Dress
permit him to make himself known to
Goods, Crockeiy, Glass
her by her wearing some flower on a
and Tin Ware, Shawls,
certain day, or showing in some way
W rappers,Cloaks,
lias permanently located in Ashland.
that she was willing to hear him plead
everything required for the
Will give his undivided attention to the practice of
his cause. These letters were almost
medicine. Ila* had fifteen years’ experience in
trade of Southern and South­
Oregon Office at liis resilience, on Maiukjreet,
violent in their expressions of love, and
eastern Oregon.
opnoaite the *M. E. Church.
were evidently penned by a foreigner,
unappreciative of the force of the
A full assortment of
English language. Miss W. had not
the slightest idea of their source, but
was alarmed by their frequency and
tone. Telling her family, she was not
Link\ille, : ; : : : Oregon.
For Blacksmiths’ and General use.
allowed to go out alone after dusk, and
Office and rcsúleiice. south »ide of Main »treet.
a sharp watch was kept for the myste­
A Full Line of
rious lover. For some months this
lasted, and then the epistles came with
less regularity, and finally ceased alto-
gether; vigilance was relaxed and the
Flannels, Blankets, Cassimeres, Doeskins, episode nearly forgotten. On a certain
Main street, Ashland, Oregon,
Clothing, always on hand and
evening, Mr.------ , the uncle, was togivo
an elegant reception in honor of his
OFFICE In lecond story of M abohw Hall. Office
hours, from 8 to 12 A. M., anti from l:.-,0 to 5 I*. M.
niece’s birthday, and it was duly ar­
The highest market price? paid for
ranged, that she should come early and
dine with them, staying the remainder
of'the night
On the afternoon of the lame day
Miss W. sought her room to lay out her
A shland , April 10, 1880.
W. W. Kentnor, Prop’r,
toilet for the occasion, and then tivso.
An exquisite cream-colored satin di:t,*id
with lace was brought out, and its \ ri-
ous accessories ’in the way of jewelry,
Wagons, Buggies, Carriages, Wheel
gloves, etc. The young lady
Barrows, Plow-Stocks, etc., made
disrobe herself prior to dress­
and repaired at shcrt notice.
ing, and had taken off collar, cuffs and
ornaments, when she suddenly remem­
bered she had no floweis suitable for the
Knowing that, by crossing over to
All orders left at my new shop, north
Sixth avenue, close to the Reservoir
of the bridge, will receive prompt and
Park, and only a short distance, slie
satisfactory attention.
could get them at a florist’s, she hur­
riedly slipped on her fur-lined cloak and
hat, and left tho house.
It was then five o’clock, and perfectly
Jacob Wanner.
E. K. Andenon.
W. H. Atkinson.
light. Hurrying along she was soon at
the store, where she purchased a gener­
ous handful of Marshal Neil roses, and
started to cross Fortieth street, where
she must wait for a few moments while
the other dramatis personal are brought
Wo will continue to purchase wheat
forward. No one in the house of Mr.
W. had heard the young lady go out,
—A T-
and it was not until the carriage came
for her, at close to six o’clock, that her
The Highest Market Price,
mother visited her sleeping apartment to
And will deliver
see if she was ready. To her astonish­
ment there lay the reception dress ready
to put on, and the articles of toilet on
the bureau evidently recently taken off,
Anywhere in town,
but no daughter, and searching the
AND HOSIERY. house for her proved in vain.
Wniftier, Andemon A <'••
Thinking she might have gone out on
an errand and been detained, the mother
waited until nearly seven, when feeling
something was wrong, she sent for her
husband, and he at once went to the
uncle’s, hoping to find she had been
there, but without result Eight o’clock
came, and by that time telegrams were
sent to fifty different families where
Miss W. visited, and the police stations
were notified. At nine o’clock nearly
Are invited to send in their orders and a hundred people were looking for her,
Main Street, : : Ashland.
are assured that they
and both houses plunged into the great­
est consternation. At ten o’clock Miss
I havo constantly on hand the very best
W. entered-her father’s house, pale as
death, trembling in every limb, and es­
corted by a gentleman acquaintance.
At Prices that Defy Competition.
Some stimulant was given her, when, as
And can furnish my customers with a
soon as she gained tolerable composure,
tip-top turnout at any time.
she told the following remarkable story:
.Coming along Fortieth street rapidly,
she would not have time to dress,
she noticed a close coupe with a single
On reasonable terms, and given the best
horse drawn up against the sidewalk,
attention. Horses bought and sold
and by it standing two men. As she
and satisfaction guaranteed in
was about to pass them, one stopped
all my transactions.
her to ask if she could tell him where a
SECRET AB Y certain party lived. As he spoke the
T mkikm I every ITriilay,
McCall, Atkinson A Co.,
General Merchandise !
Standard Goods!
Ashland Woolen Goods !
Wagon Manufactory, Wheat, Oats, Barley, Bacon, Lard.
The Very Best
Flour, Feed. Etc.,
Livery, Sale & Feed
louR patrons !
SHall Receive Prompt Attention !
W. H. Atkinson,
other advanced close to her, and be­
fore she 'could reply Bhe
lifted into the coupe, and something held
over her mouth.
What it was she
could not tell, but it is supposed to have
been a sponge dipped in chloroform.
At any rate, she says that while unable
to call out she was consciqus that they
were driving rapidly and turning many
corners. When they stopped one of the
men drew her cloak up over her head
and tightly across her face, and the two
lifted her out and carried her into a
house, when they allowed the cloak to
fall off, and she was in f. richly furnished
room, where a table was spread with
wine and delicacies, as if for some en­
One of the men then left, and the
other, advancing to her, said : “Have
you received a number of letters this
Winter from a stranger?’’ “Yes,” she
had. “Well, I am the man who sent
them, and I am the man who will be
made your husband in an hour. I do
not like farced marriages, therefore you
must consent, and jvlien the minister
comes do not betray that it is unexpected.
I give you your chance. Agree to
marry me, and you shall not repent it;
refuse, and you will never leave this
house alive. You shall have one hour
to think it over, and here is wine if you
wish refreshment. Do not waste your
time thinking about escape, for you are
bolted and barred in.” So saying, and
despite her piteous remonstrances, the
modern brigand left the room, locking
the door after him.
For some time the girl sat numb with
terror, and then summing up her ener­
gies, she rose and examined the room,
which was evidently the back ¡tailor of
a large house. The doors were securely
locked, and advancing to the windows
Miss W. tried one; it was nailed up.
The other was approached, and to her
ioy, she saw the lock on it was broken,
and gently opening it, found herself on
an iron balconv, some ten feet from the
ground, and with spikes across the top.
Hope and excitement gave her courage.
She drew out hei long, heavy cloak,
pushed a spike through one end of it,
and, though at the expense of sore
hands, climbed over the railing and let
herself down within a few feet of the
ground, which she lit on safely, and
away she ran, down a narrow alleyway
into the street, losing her wits in her
fright, and turning first one corner and
then another, until she saw a street car ;
this she haileil, and found, after getting
on, it was an Eighth avenue car, and
the lower part of the city. She rode up
this to Forty-second street, where she
got off and started on a run for home.
In passing the Rossmore Hotel, she met
one of the friends telegraphed to, and,
alarmed at her condition, he hailed a
carriage and took her home, and so
ended one of the most mysterious ab­
ductions ever made in New York. The
detectives have been looking for the
parties ever since, and several arrests
have been made; but Miss W., who
says she could identify her «abductors,
has failed to so far, and unluckily can­
not describe the house, as she had nc
view of it from the outside.
Wolves in Russia.
Their number in Eiropean Russia is
estimated at about 200,000 head; and it
scarcely need be said the havoc they
make every year is immense. Inform­
ation collected by the Imperial Statis­
tical Bureau shows that in the year
1873 the damage so caused in forty-five
governments of the Empire amounted in
value to 7,500,000 roubles, or about
£1,250,000 sterling. The losses are be­
lieved, too, to be vastly under estimated.
The value of live stock varies immensely
in different parts of Russia, and the of­
ficial estimate is said to have been based
on much too low an average per heal.
In one district of the government of
Perm it was reported that no damages
had been caused by wolves, although it
was a well known fact that over 3,000
head of reindeer belonging to the no­
mads had been destroyed by wolves in a
single night there. In this and in some
other instances there was an obvious de­
sire on the part of the peasants to con-
ctal the facts. The destruction is not
confined to cattle. In Kazan it is esti­
mated 11,000 head of geese are thus
carried off every year, and in Kaluga,
2,000 head.
Besides large numbers of
camels, horses, and ponies; 100,000 dogs
are thus destroyed every year by wolves.
In taking these figures into account, it
certainly does not appear an exaggerated
estimate that the value of the live stock
and domestic animals destroyed by
wolves in Russia exceeds 15,000,000
roubles every year; and if to this be
added the frightful destruction of rein­
deer belonging to the nomad tribes from
the same cause, the total becomes enor­
mously increased. The annual loss of
human life by wolves is about 150 of aF
_____ _____________
Mrs. Lillie Devereux Blake wants
policewomen to be employed at the ¡K)-
lice station in New York, as they are in
Saxony. She bases her suggestion on
the fact that among the hundreds of wo­
men who are arrested many are crazy
or ill, and need other attention then the
policemen can render them. She would
have the policewomen strong, healthy
women, of good physique, and paid the
same as policemen.
There are 800 potteries in the United
Chinese Tales.
82 50 PER ANNUM.
A Ghastly Gallows Scene.
Words Upon Dying Lips
Some of the stories have now and
W ashington , April 9.—J. M. Stone,
Queen Elizabeth, at the odd C# a most
then a European touch about them, but the wife murderer, was executed here prosperous reign, begun
they are so mixed up with a peculiar today. The attending circumstances and difficulties that waim £^YWB vc bv
kind of witchcraft and with competitive were sensational in the highest degree. bold measures and prudca^wrife, died
examinations, that the differences are Stone was awakened about G A. M. and exclaiming, “ A’l my poMlflons for a
far greater than the resemblances. ate a hearty breakfast. The morning moment of time.”
These two things, at first sight so incon­ was spent with two colored and one
George IV. met death with almost a
sistent, are frequently combined in a white ministers in his cell singing jest upon liis lips. Turning to Sir Wal­
curious way. We find ghosts and spir­ hymns and praying. The condemned ter Waller, on whose arm he leaned, he
its aiding a dull fellow to take his de man expressed himself willing to die said: “ Whatty, what is this? It is
gree. In the first story in the book the and believed lie was going to heaven. death, my boy, and they have deceived
post of guardian angel or tutelary deitv Shortly after 12 o’clock Sheriff Crocker us.”
to a ceitain town is given after a com- entered his cell and read the death war­
The Danish sovereign, Frederick V.,
petive examination. In many of the rant and at 12:55 P. M. tho procession greatly l»eloved by his subjects, cried,
tales, however, it is love and withcraft to the scaffold was formed.
Stone “ There is not a drop of blood on my
that are combined. Thus in the story walked between two turnkeys followed hands,” as he passed away.
of “ The Laughing Giri,” we have the by the officers and attending clergymen.
Henry VIII., who altered the whole
hero Wang picking up a sprig of plum His bearing was rather dignified as he course of monastic life in Europe, ex­
blossom which the heroine had dropped emerged from the jail corridor into the claimed, “ Monks ! monks 1 monks !”
at the feast of lanterns. He treasures enclosure, where a scaffold was erected.
Edward VI., the wan boy king, with
it up and wastes away for love of her He glanced curiously at the instrument liis fast fading eyes, commended his soul
just as if he were a modern hero. The of death but never quailed, ascending to God: “Lord, take my spirit;” and
priests are called in by his mother just the gallows with a firm step. There he Cromwell, as he listened to the discourse
to see whether the youth is bewitched. spoke a few words in a low tone to Dr. of those about him, said, “Then 1 am
He sets off for the hill country in hope Rankin, who said to the hundred of safe,” and was silent forever.
of meeting with the girl again, and spectator’, “ he wishes me to say he
The last word of Charles I. on the
takes with him the dried up sprig of dies at peace with the world in full scaffold to Archbishop J uxson was, “ Re­
plum blossom. He discovers, almost hope of meeting his Savior.” Stone was member 1” referring tc his desire that his
buried under the luxuriant growth of observed to be neatly dressed in a black son Charles should forgive his fatlier’s
trees and flowers, a small hamlet in a broadcloth suit with a spotless linen murderers.
valley. At the doors of one* of the turn 'over collar and black necktie.
Anne Boleyn, in the same situation,
houses were seme graceful willow trees, Prayer was offered and a portion of the clasped her fair neck, saying, “It is
and inside the wall were peach and apri­ scriptures read, during which he listened small, vey small;” and Sir Thomas
cot trees, with tufts of bamboo between with close attention, bowing his head More said, as he yielded himself to the
them and birds chirping on the branches. reverently during prayer. He then executioner, “ By my coming down, let
He heard a sweet toned voice and by bade good-bve to those about him ; the me shift for myself.”
him passed a girl with a bunch of apri­ noose and black cap was adjusted and
Joan of Arc, at the stake, ended her
cot flowers in her hands and occupied the spring touched. He shot like a eventful, stormy life with our Savior’s
in putting hair pins into her downcast flash through the trap, falling to the name upon her lips, as brave as Gen.
head. It was the beauteous Ying-ning, ground heavily. There was a general Wolfe, who, dying in the midst of vic­
of whom he was in search, and who cry of horror and intense excitement tory on the battlefield, and bearing of
turned out to be a relation of his. prevailed. Those nearest to the scaffold the enemy’s retreat, cried : “ What! do
Wang shows her the dead flower which then began to realize what had happened. they run already ? Then 1 die happy ;”
he had treasured up. “ Its dead,” said His head had been cut from his body, or Sir Philip Sidney, after he had relin­
she; “why do you keep it?” “You as cleanly as if done with an ax, and quished the draught of water to an hum
dropped it at the feast of lanterns,” re­ rolled two or three feet from the body. bier comrade, though parched with
plied Wang, “and so I kept it.” He Blood spirted high on the uprights of thirst, turned him over to die, saying,
explained to her that it was a proof of the scaffold. Of course death was in­ “ Let me behold the end of this world
his love.
stantaneous. The rope was amply stout with all its vanities.”
“ You needn’t make such a fuss about to bear him, who weighed 180 ¡annuls,
Mirabeau desired to die while de­
a trifle,” she replied. “ I’ll give orders and the drop was not too long ; but he licious strains of music floated on the
to supply you with a whole basketful of had a small neck for so large a body, tlir, but his last utterance was a demand
flowers when vou leave.” Wang told and it was supposed this was the cause for laudanum, to drown pain and con­
her that she did not understand. He of the decapitation.
said : “ I didn’t care for the flower it­
Physicians were alone immediately
Mozart’s last words were: “Let mo
self ; it was the person who picked the allowed to approach the remains, Dr. hear once more those notes so long my
flower.” “ Of course,” answered she, McWilliams being first to feel for pulsa­ solace and delight" But Haydn, for
“ everybody cares for their relations. tion in the corpse. Dr. Crook removed getful of his art, cried, “God ¡»reserve
You needn’t have told me that.” “I the head from its black envelopment. my Emperor.”
wasn’t talking about ordinary relations,” The heart beat for five minutes and the
Altieri's sympathetic nature displayed
said Wang, “ but about husbands and lips moved slightly. After being picked itself in ‘Clasp my hand, daar friend, 1
wives.” “ What’s the difference,” asked up it was found that a remarkable clean die.”
“ Why,” replied Wang, cut just below the chin, and passing
Goethe cried: “Light, more light,"
“husband and wife are always to­ close under the ears, had severed the Tasso, “Intuos man os, Dominie,” Byron,
gether.” “ Just.what I shouldn’t like,” head just under the last vertebra'. An “Come, come, no weakness; let’s be a*
cried she, “ to be always with anybody.” iron cot was piocured and the body man to the last; I must sleep now.” And
Wang marries her but is troubled by placed on it, while Drs. Carroll, Morgan those who saw Lis embalmed body in
his wife’s immoderate laughter. He and Crook, under the direction of Dr. 1824, when brought to England from
learns that her mother has been a kind McWilliams, sewed the head on. In Missolonghi, in the Florida, «and removed
of witch. In many ot these stories we the course of this operation it was per­ to Sir Edward Knatchbull’s house in
read of foxes who had the power of ceived that the skin was peculiarly thin Great George street, where the coffin
changing themselves into the shape of and tender, being no more difficult to was opened, desaribe the face of marble
human beings. From such a fox Ying- pierce with a needle than an infant’s. whiteness, tho expression that of stern
ning was said to be sprung. She owns Under the skin there was a larger offat quietude, lying wrapped in liis blue
to him that she was the daughter of a or adipose tissue about an inch in thick­ cloth cloak, the throat and head uncov­
fox, and that for the ten years before ness, while the spine was remarkably ered, crisp, curling locks, slightly
her marriage she had been brought up slender. Bleeding was singularly slight streaked with gray, clustering over the
under the charge of the disembodied for with the exception of the streams temples, the profile of exceeding beauty.
spirit of an old woman. Her foster- which spirted from the neck and be­
Boileau congratulated himself, as ho
mother’s body was lying unburied and spattered the scaffold in all directions, closed his eves upon this world, upon the
she begs her husband to appease the not more than a quart was shed. Drs. purity of his works, saying, “It is a
discontented shade. They find her Noble, Young, Eliot, Newlan and other great consolation to a poet about to die
bones amidst a thicket of brambles and experienced physicians made a carefxl that he has never written anything in­
bury them in the family vault That examination of the body while still dis­ jurious to virtue; ’’and Sir Walter Scott
night the old woman’s spirit came to membered and pronounced it a truly little thinking his end so near, said. “I
thank her foster daughter.
extraordinary instance of weakness of feel as if I were myself again.”
“The Magic Path'’ is as curious a tissue in a vigorous looking middle-aged
Dr. Johnson, the rough, kind heart
story as it is true. A scholar named adult. The body was turned over to his who loved a good hater, died as he said
Kuo one night loses his way amt ng the friends for burial.—Rochester Herald. to Miss Morris, “God bless you, my
hills. He hears the sound ot laughter,
and going in the direction of the sound A Fifty-One Million Millionaire.
Washington at Mt. Vernon, cried “It
he finds some ten or a dozen persons
is well.”
sitting on the ground drinking. He
It was announced in the Bee a few
Franklin’s last words were: “A dying
asks them to show him his way, but days since, by telegraph from New man can do nothing easily."
they press him to join them, He tosses York, that W. H. Vanaerbuilt had in­
Mme de Stael, whose trial was her
off the bumpers so fast that he was at vested $51,000,000 of the sum he had enforced absence from her native land,
once voted to be a jolly good fellow received for his railroad interests in U. died saving: “I have loved my God, my
He was very clever in imitating the S. four per cent, bonds, and that he had God, my father, and my liberty.”
notes of the birds and did it so well several millions more coming from the
Hannah Moore’s last words were
that for a time he deceived his compan syndicate, which, when received, he
—joy;” Grotius, “Be serious;”
ions. After a while he imitated a would also thus invest. The annual in­
“The artery ceases to beat.”
parrrot and cried, “Mr. Kuo is very terest on $51,000,000 is $2,040,000, or
drunk you had better see him home." say, $5,866 per day all the year round. Adams, “Independence forever;” Jeffer­
They said that they would first show It is probable that this Vanderbilt is son, “I resign my soul to God, my
daughter to my country;” Iz>cke to Lady
him a few acrobatic feats.
the richest man in the United States,
They all arose, and one of them plant ready cash considered. And then what? Masbam, who was reading the Psalms,
ing his feet firmly, a second jumped up Is he happier than the man who has a “Cease now;' and ¡»oor Lamb, after the
on his shoulders, a third on to the competence earned by daily toil ? Can most sacrificing existence, wrote his last
second’s shoulders, and a fourth on to he 1 ive better or with greater ease ? words to a friend, “Mv bed-fellows arc
his, until it was too high for the rest to And is such vast wealth in individual cramp and cough —we three sleep in a
jump up, and accordingly they began to hands dangerous to the Republic ? To bed.”
Bishop Broughton’,- last words were :
climb as though it had been a ladder. all these questions “no” seems to be the
the earth 1». tilled with His
When they were all up, and the top­ proper answer. Men who accumulate so
most head seemed to touch the clouds, much money, or men who can take care glory ;” Archh><«hn|i Sharpe, “I shall
tho \*hole column bent gradually down of so much money, are merely money be happy ;' Bishop Ken, “God’s will
until it lay along the ground, trans­ worms. They have no ambition beyond be done;” Farr, Cramner, Hooper and
formed into a path. Kuo remained for grabbing the cash. They are not am­ George Herbert, “Lord, receive my
spirit 1” and these arc but few of many
some time in a state of alarm, and then bitious to rule or ruin a land. Their
setting out along the path ultimately soul has gone out into the coin which is
The Prince Consort confirmed the im­
reached his home.
their god, and there it has been forever
that prevails that the dying have
The next day he revisited the spot, lost And on coin men cannot found a
but though he saw the remains of a family. The Rothschilds may have done sometimes a foretaste of coming Happi­
feast lying about there was no sign of a so, and Vanderbilt is probably making ness. “I have such sweet thoughts,”
were his last words.
the attempt, but history contains few, if
any, instances where the effort so to do
It is getting easier and easier to get has succeeded. On land, in countries
When a man tells you he doesn’t be­
up a row in a church. Samuel J. Horton, where, as in England, the laws of primo­ lieve the Bible, quote something from
steward, has sued Rev. William W. geniture and entail are established, Aristotle or Shakspeare, and ask in
Maguire, pastor of the Methodist Church families can be and have been founded, which portion of the Scriptures the same
of Lawrence, L. I., for $1,000 damages but on personal proj>erty never—or passage occurs, and ten to one he will
for slander, the minister having asserted hardly ever. So long, then, as the assure you that he has often read it in
there was a deficiency of $4 in Hoi ton’s people who cultivate the land own the the sacred book, but he cannot recall the
accounts. The woman in this case has land they cultivate there can be no chapter and verse.
not presented herself yet.
danger to the Republic, no matter how
many Vanderbilts there may be among
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