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Berry Industry
Gets Boost From
Siletz Citizen
a p Marvin Ureas Farmers of
. . Marvin urSes f armers ot
Lmcoln County to Apply
Themselves to Crop for Which
Oregon Is Famous;
Says Farmers of This County
Can Grow Better and More
r -ri (u.u c .:.,
Where Fortunes Have Been
That the farmers of Llncoii
county, and especially In the
Siletz valley, will reap a great
harvest if they will aiapt th?m
eelves to the raising of berries,
is the opinion of A. E. Marvin.
In expressing his opinion as to
the production of this crop for
which Oregon Is famous, Mr.
Marvin had the following to say:
J r .r.l bnnW thtlt lha WflTtVl WPnt III
w "- r-" T-
known as the greatest berry patch ot
Why Because fhfwestern section '
of Oregon is especially adapted to the
production of birrloa, through tho ex-
el.ency of soil and climatic cn&
themselves or inio i sreai w
i . VT rZnA tlrt hv exnerts and
VaUey grower laf they cannot pr
diet I birriT pe 'acre hW5
western LincoirT county, and especial
the Siletz vallev Then why sit back
' wk?n. "on thumbs and kU about
Tv ,". ,hna tho ihf m la
high taxes man
reaping an easy harvest?
Othera are doing it cas jw if
you only will, wake P to the fact that
W? m. n fhi? dndm alone in ?hTt
fa,"n I anl Linv morfofbt nleas
isiance and enjoy more ol the pleas
S,ne"p1 asurVlnd recaUon.
vhiclMs Uieirs by birth, an benefit
7hliL ,! -
hereby yourseir. fIeure.
m . im m.n.mrhPratkh arTno!
which I am noting here with "ot
,n 1920 1921 report Jus. L Mr. Frank
B. Bill manager Sbastopole Berry
Growers' Association of California,
Mys we ahlp all of our berries to the
middle west in fresh stage and are
unable to supply the demana. oar.
Staahl, representing the Puyallup grow
ers, says that berries have made more
mnnpv for PuvallUD than any o'.her
line of farming, with evergreens ieia-
Jng 7 tons per acre. That the Va.ley
canneries are offering to contract our
berriea for 5 years notwithstanding
the association has about 32,000 acres
of fruit at present. So why not get
In the game and Prosper with the
Prosperous. .We have tne cannery
with nothing to operate it on (That
looks good doesn't Mt?) except the
wild black berries, which is ta be
packed, I am told, by home-capital,
and though assuming the right to say,
1 assure you they would be only to
glad to start the wheels of Industry
rolling In the early spring and con
tinue throughout the season, first on
strawberries, second raspberries, third
logans, and close on the evergreens,
and It is up to us, you and I, Mr.
Fanner, to furnish the raw materia!,
If only an acre apiece at first, but be
careful to note the difference In net
returns per acre with that of your
Dresent nets per-acre farmed. Here
with is something to start your old
brain aworking: Professor Brandt of
tho dairy department of the O. A. C.
tells mo that good cows with good
records of production under good care
and managements are bringing to
their owners something like $50. profit
per cow per year on the following: 1
ton good hay about acre and 2
acres pasture with $30. to $40 worth of
mill feed; now here you are using
2 acres per cow with $20. per acre
net per year, if your cows can be hold
tn the clfisB above mentioned; but arc
ihey? With a herd of 10 cows you
would be using 25 acres In hay ar.d
pasture working yourself (as the o!d
av:ng goes; irom buu n sun, ooo uayn . ,i j
a year rnd having a net cash balnm-.e According to City Recorder Geo.
Pt thf close of year of $500.00 fro."i Andrews there Is to be drastic action
your 10 cows and 25 acres, do you'111611 regards to keeping fowls
taking the logans, as they are the:Pnned UP within the confines of the
lowest in net earnings of any and, 1 city limits of Toledo. This action was
have it? Now comes tho berries, ! teken at the regular meeting of the
going back over a period of 13 years, ,clty council held Monday evening and
we find nothing less than $76. net peri C1ty Marshal Z. M. Derrick was in
acre and high as $300. And taking i "trusted to carry out the order.
100. year after year you would only Outside of the regular routine of
have to farm 6 acres io give the same 'business and allowing of bills the
net return as your 10 cows with much "hove was the only imiportant action
less machinery and equipment working t the meeting.
less than of 366 or 18S days per 0
year, sitting by the fire place with PRES. F. A, DOUTY
your feet on the mantle and lrugh at
the rain the other its days, it is we:i
worth a few momen's of your thoughts.
Now dear reader. I wish to say, my
interest In this new Industry Is your a business visitor in Toledo Friday
Interest and the county's in which wo and went over the Yaquina Northern
live. I cannot help yon unless you try in company with Lieutenant Patter
to help fourself, and when you help son. Mr. Douty expects to commence
yourself yon help others and the com-; the rehab Hula tlon ot this line In the
munlty In which you live. near future.
'Secretary Frederick of the Chamber
'of Commerce during the past week has
received 'the following lusters of pro
test relative to the Port of Toledo pur
chasing the boat for operation in and
out of this port that Is now being con-
sidered by the locr! pert commission:
a Protegt Tojed0i 0re May 2 .22-
wo'the undersigned payers of taxes
on real property In the Port district
,' Toledo, Lincoln County, Ore., do
hereby protest against the Port of
.Toledo spending any money for any
purpose whatsoever except for the
improvement o oui harbor. Ivan E.
Kynlston. Leland Kyniston, W. A.
-,,' A r nrf. M
Kyniston, A. P. Brandt, M. O. Thomp
son, S. Romtvedt, Williard Graves,
Mary W. Romtvedt, Fred Romtvedt,
liorgna McRitchle, Mrs. Mina Thomp
son, J. W. Rogers, Mrs. F. D. Rogers,
A. L. Jacobson, Mrs. A. L. Jncobeon,
Carl H. Erlckson.
KddyviUe, Ore., Moy 1, '22. Mr.
Frederick: Sec. Chamber of Commerce
In runlv tn rh nrLlde in tho Lender.
!wi:i say I have talked with the follow-
ing tax payers of this community, and
I ail are Very much opposed to the Port
people buying a boat. Signed: M. D.
Weltln, F. R. RobblnB, F. C. Aldrlch,
O. R. Damon, Ed. Hauch, L. L. Mc-
" ' M!iri ' Hunt W1I.
t I a like the rest, very
"c opposed to buying boat. I am
7mn ' truly. ST. Loudon.
S-- "2;
meelm tomorrow night to Uke up
the matter of the Port of Toledo buy
uld like
ln th "f Wlr
f,n "iii
the good of the county at heart, to
- meet etrongly against h
move. As one of the original member
of your body, the policy was to dig a
. Haye guth
channel? not wn lnve8t tn5
d that
rot b'0 tney can be U8ed'
"". ave the lumber and other
load de veMelii
will have no trouble in getting the
d KelnB a better freight
,rJUe than you oan losalbly make your-
eWes. Running ships is not a Job for
P"" commission to undertake. When
are nunti frci ht 8 hftrd a8
- - " --u -
',,, Vw vr.
SVE" ""
Truly' w M" Scarth" -
YAKIMA, Wash.,-
w E Lamson of this city carried j
, nome agt week a flesh-covered human .
nalmi apparently from the body of a!
glrl accordDg to the police,
j 0n March 26, the same dog carried !
home a human foot, on which re-
.mained BOme flesh and ligaments
The police made public a theory
that a girl reported to have myster
iously disappeared about two months'
ago was murdered and parts of her,
body buried in scattered places.-
Oregon City Enterprise.
In a resolution adopted by the Taft,
(Ore.) Grange, at a meeting held In
that village on ADril 23rd. the oreanl-
nation went on record as being op-
posed to the turning of the $2,500,000
Roosevelt Highway fund to the State j
Highway Commission for any purpose :
than that which It was voted. Th
resolution follows:
"Resolved by the Taft Grange No.
575 in regular session Apr!! -23, that
this grange is opposed to turning over
to the state highway commission the
$2,500,000 voted for the Roosevelt
Highway, to be used for any purpose
than what It was voted for.
president F. A. Douty of the Mult-
nomah Box & Lumber company, was
Plan on Foot to
Exterminate The
Destructive Coyote
Sheep and Goat Industry of Lincoln
County May Be Wiped Out Unlets
Diastic Action Taken; Plan Hiring
Expert Hunters. j
If arrangements are carried out that
are now being planned by County
Agent J. E. Cooter It will be a hard,
summer for the wiley coyote that have
been causing great havoc among the
Bheep and goat herds of Lincoln coun
ty. Mr. Cooter plans on ralBing a fund
of approximately $600 In this county
which will, it is thought, be matched
with a like amount by the Predatory
Animal dept. of the Department of
Agriculture at Washington. With this Is planned to hire expert hunt
ers to exterminate the coyote in Lin
coln county. According to Mr. Cooter,
efforts to get rid of this pest has not
proven successful and that they seem
to be Increasing In number and, un
less draattc action Is taken by all in
terested in the county, the Bheep and
goat industry, for which this county
has wonderful poeiibllitles, will be a
Plana Raising Money.
Mr. Cooter met with the county eourt
Wednesday and received a pledg of
$125; he expects to get a like amount
from the county coyote club; the sheep
and goat men and expect to solicit the
same amount from business men of
Toledo and others who are interested
In seeing a thriving Industry maintain
Meeting Monday Evening Elects Tem
porary Manager and Captain to
Start Ball Rolling"; New Suits and
Equipment Now Here.
It will not be long now, providing
tho weather man will dish us out a
few sunny days, until the baseball
fans of Toledo will hear that longed
for cry by his majesty, the Umjts
"Play Ball!" . .
At a' meeting held in the Chamber
of Commerce rooms Monday evening,
which was attended by some 25 en
thusiastic fans and players, plans were
put under way for the purchasing of
new suits and equipment for the boys
who will uphold Toledo's good name
on the diamond this season. The
equipment was ordered through local
ferms and arrived here Wednesday
and Is now at the eBrt Hcwe barber
shop where arrangements are being
made to provide a shower bath for the
Some little trouble was had In find
ing a man that would take the respon
sibility of managing the team. How
ever Tol Weeks was chosen as tem
porary manager and Bunny Service
was elected as temporary captain.
Thes men since their election hav
gotten things well under way. Be
sides having the new equipment on
hand for the opening game, the date of
which will be announced later, they
have made arrangements for putting
the diamond in condition and are lay
ing the foundation for the organiza
tion of a real live organization of base
ball artists. The team will consist en
tirely of local players and" arrange
ments for games will be made with
some of the strongest teams in the
Southern part of the state.
First Practice Sunday.
The grounds are now being put Into
condition and it is expected that the
first practice for the prospective play
ers will be held Sunday afternoon.
Manager Weeks and Captain Service
are very anxious to have every man
who cal'3 himself a baseball player to
show up and make a try-out for the
team. Every man will get a fall
chance and the best mian Is the one
that will hold down the respective po
sitions. Watch the columns of the Leader
for stories and box scores of ' eacU
We are sending one of our representatives to Toledo, at
the Lincoln Rooms, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 9th, and
10th, to examine your eyes and fit you with
glasses if you need them. All work guar
anteed no charge . for examination. Ask your
banker to ask any Bank in Salem as to our ability, standing
and reliability. We are associated with Drs. Finley &
Steeves, Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists. F
Morris Optical Company
"Oregon's Largest Optical Institution"
Public Meeting
Votes Against
Purchasing: Boat
Adopts Resolution Demanding
That The Port Commissioner
Do Not Purchase Boat Under
Heated Discussions by Speapers,
for and Against Proposition;
Committees aMke Favorable
At a meeting held In the Cham
ber of Commerce rooms Tuesday
evening to discuss the advlslbilii)
of purchasing a boat for the To
ledo port, those present went on
record by a large majority to not
purchase the boat that is now be
ing considered by the port com
missioners and in a resolution de
manded that no action be taken
by that body. The resolution also
threatened injunction proceedings.
(Following the passage of the reso
lution some discus-ion was had as
to whether any boat should be
purchased by the Toledo port
which resulted in, a motion being
snade and carried that ''The Port
of 'Toledo shall not buy any boat
' without first submitting the prop
' Qeition to the -taxpayers of the
port district."
Many Speak on Subject.
IMany speakers wre heard during
the evening for and against the pur
chase ot the boat.' Among those who
spoke for the proposition we:e J. W.
Parrlsh, president of the port commts
sicn; Attorney W. U. Waterbury, G'.iy
Roberts and B. F. Jones; while among
the speakers against were Peter Fre
derick, Lieut W. K. Patterson, Hanj
Olson and A. T. Peterson. At times
the discussion became heated as the
speakers attempted to show why To
ledo should or should not purchase a
boat to haul oargos to and from tli9
Jonet Delivers Oration.
The most dramatic talk of the even
ing was made by Mr. Jones of New
port who, ta making his appeal to the
meeting to go on record for the put
cnase of the boat, stated -that while he
was not now a taxpayer of the local
port, nevertheless, he believed that It
would be a great asset to this section
to have a boat operating. He stated
that the people of this section had ex
pended great sums of monoy on mak
ing the port navigable by dredging
and building jetties and that now they
were getting no returns for the money
expended. Ho aaid that if Toledo had
a boat operating It would be an easy
proposition to get the government to
appropriate money for further devel
opment of the channel. He classod
I me loieao port as second io none in
Oregon with the exception of the Wil
Those opposing the purchase of a
boat at this time are of the be'.lef that
recognlzation can be had from the
government without necessitating the
expenditure ot $50,000, the purchase
price of the boat in question.
Commltte Report.
Following the opening of the meet
ing President McCluskey, called upon
several outstanding committees for re.
ports including the cleanup committee
and the committee appointed to pro
vide entertainment and rooms for the
visiting teachers of the coun'y who at
tended the institute here last week.
The committees were complimented
for their work and discharged.
The meeting also went on record as
favoring the publication of the min
utes of the City council and port com
missioners meetings for the benefit of
the taxpayers.
The vote adopting the resolution for
bidding the port commission to pur
chase tlie boat, according to the sec
retary's report, was as follows, 63 tor,
7 against.
On the motion that the port commis
sion not buy any boat without first
submitting same to a vote of the tax
payers, the secretary's report gives
the number being present as 65, many
having left the moating after the
adoption ot the resolution.
Coard of Directors of Portland Cham-
ber of Commerce Orders Booklets
Printed to Show Possibilities of the
State of Oregon.
(Portland, Ore, May 1, OpeclaD
A state-wide survey of Oregon's agri
cultural, Industrial, mineral, scenic
and other natural resources wsb or
dered by the board of directors ot tho
I Oregon State Chamber of Commerce
I In an all-day meeting held in Port
land on April 29th. The date gath
ered In thlB survey will ba used In
the compilation of a booklet descrip
tive of Oregon's resources.
Decision to undertake the survey
'was reached after reports by direc
tors in charge of the various depart
ments of the State Chamber showed
that Oregon an a state had not suf
ficient data, available setting forth
in exact terms what the various dis
tricts have to offer to prospective set
, tiers and investors.
Secretary George Quayle was In
structed to get In touch Immediately
with all state commissions and de
naxtments. the Oresron Aurlcultural
College and Experimental station, the ea for a foreclosure of mortgage bonds
Oregon bureau of mines and all oth-'ln the Bum of $200,000. Through ap
er sources of authentic Information. ! plication ot the minority bond holders
These organizations and departments , asking that a receiver be appointed the
will be asked to state to what extent, court named Ira Wade of Toledo as
they can assist an undertaking of this receiver and fixed his bond at $5000.
kind. According to the belief of many stock-
"We propose to bring Oregon up to holders the appointment of a receiver
date in a Btatlstical way," sold "Bill" , wl" result in development work soon
Hanley of Burns, president of the starting on the company's property,
state chamber. "Before we can con-' In the case 'Title & Trust Co. vs.
tlnue the development plans we have Yaquina Harbor Lumber Co., a cor-
under way, It Is necessary that we poration; Albany Iron Works, a cor
'know exactly what the state has to poration; Yaquina Electric Co., a cor
offer to the investor and settler. The poration; H. A. Holland, as receiver
preliminary work In this survey will ot said Yaquina Electric Co.; Chris
be done through correspondence. Lat- Larson, G. A. Ford, R. L. Booker, Mer
er, our field man will secure final ana wyn Paget and Tena Johnson", on mo
complete data on every dlatrlct of tlon of plaintiff case was dismissed
the state through personnl inveBtlga- as to defendant,. Albany Iron Works,
'tlon." and said defendant received Judgment
! n (for costs; case also dismissed as to
BASEBALL DANCE TO BE 'defendants Larson, Ford and Booker
I HELD SATURDAY NIGHT with trial decree for plaintiff. The
caso was closed by the court with an
1 There will be a dance at the I. O. order of foreclosure. G. B. McCluskey
O. F. hall Saturday night for the ben- of Toledo representing Messrs. Larsen.
ef it of the loal baseball club, the re- Ford and Booker,
celpts from same to be used for the Other cas.j considered were aa
defraying of the necessary expenses follows:
that will be necessary in organizing Mary Pearson granted dlvome from
and helping pay for the equipment Frank A. Peterson; Hammond Lumber
needed from time to time. The mer- Co., vs Guy Roberts, taken under ad- -
chants ot Toledo have already sub-
scribed a goodly amount to the sup-
,'pert of the club and It Is expeoted
that this sura combined with the re-
ceipts of the dance will give the boys
a good send oft for the season.
The tickets are now on sale and
are selling at a rapid rate.
-o .
I Farmers of the Olalla district will
be pleased to learn that "Lad's iota ",
lialf sister to "Marines Lad", i, s been
recently awarded the wor.ds chain-
pionship In tho Jersey class. ... .
I "Marines Lad , owned by farmers in
the Olalla district was purchased for
the purpose of breodlni? a higher class
milk strain Into the herds of that sec-
tlon. The fact that his calf sister is
now world's champion gives the Ol-
aim minium uiuio asDuiuuva ui nm
valuaible animal they have in their
An L. C. Smith typewriter was taken
from the office of County Clerk Curl
r,.r,i!,, t rnrt- frnn, n, ..ffiPB
I ' - r
,im.i.inv, ".vo a. n.uu .
n,..n1itn.,- ..., a url,la nnp, .lira
11 11 U E a linn 11 uvuucu 1 1 1 : 1 i: .1 .1 1 1 J
in the handling of the clerical work of
It might be possible that some euro-
; iTZ: T ' ...; r ..." ,,r
r, , "T Tn ., ,;, .
course of time, at least It Is to be
hoped bo.
Col. Chas. VanWay, president of the
United Spruce Production Corpora-:
tion; Major J. b! Fickel, chief engl-
nnnr f thn Rnrtirn rormiratlnn. and
party arrived In Toledo Thursday to
inspect the progreBS of tho Pacific
Spruce Corporation for tho war de -
partment at Washington D. C.
The army officers win be here lor
three or tour days.
The tug boat Aleut, recently pur
chased by Jack and Frank Fogarty
arrived in the local harbor last week
from Seattle, Wash. considerable
bad weather was experienced on the
trip down the coast.
Tho Messrs. Fogarty have the con-1 the time of her death and was widely
tract for towing logs from Yaquina toivnown In this section belne a dauuh-
Toledo for the Pacific Spruce Co., and
bought the Aleut for this purpose,
She Is a staunch looking craft, length
59.5 feet, beam 19 feet, draft 8 feet,
horsepower 140.
Today, Saturdays Drama, "The Right
to Love" Beauty, Passion, Splen
dor! A Turkish tale of a young
American wife, forced to share even
her home with 'the other woman,' In
the city of the Sultan. Also comedy
Prices 35c-10c.
Sunday-Monday Mildred Harris
Chaplin, In good drama; also a 2
reel comedy 30c-10c.
COMING. Rudolph Valentino, the
screens favorite actor, In "THE
SHEIK," a wonderful production.
Recaiver Appointed for Property
Owned by Toledo-Siletz Rail
road Company Et Al.; Other
Cases Decided.
The Lincoln County Circuit Court
held session in Toledo Friday and Sat
urday with Judge J. F. Skipworth of
EuKene presiding. Many important
cases were closed and a few continued
until the August term.
One of the moat important cases to
be considered at this session was the
one entitled "Title & Trust Company
of Portland vs. Toledo & Silt-tz Rail
road Co. et al." A petition fiW about
'. 6 months ago by the stockholders ask-
visement; W. C. Foster vs. J. W.
Young and wife, et al, decree of for
closure granted; D. A. Relnoehl vs.
Mrs. J. W. Weldman, defendant al-
lowed 60 days to file bill of exceptions;
W. C. Foster vs. J. D. Welch and
wife", et al, default and decree granted;
W. C. Foster vs. Larkie Logan and wife
et default Bn(j decree of foreclosure
granted; Ellen Weldman vs. Goo. Rein.
gettIed ftnd dinmlssed; J. P.
Qunn V8 w w Walker, et al, tax
foreclosure ecree; M. J. Brooks v.
Verla Brooks, decree of divorse m
granted; Title & Trust Co. vs. L. a
Ainsworth and wife, settled and die-
m8Sfld; Joseph Sijota vs. SI'.et Bay
Lumber COm plaintiff given 10 days to
nlo auiendrtd complaint; Joseph Sijota
VB sletz Hay t,umber. Co., dismissed
and d(,fendant received Judsrment for
costs. s. S. Hltchinps vs. Emma Hitch-
continued; Whi. Zwlcky vs.
of foreclosure; Clara Stevens vs. Alex
Stevens, divorce granted; Bertha
Lew vs. Frank Lew, divorce granted.
Many other casos wer continued to
the August term of court.
Tho train coming Into Toledo Satur-
AW wl" have n board 18 registered
In.aiiiF nnluad tn rt iut 1-i till f tfl tn O m
"l'lnuJ v . w "J
, .,. ,l ,, ,,,- nt .
inn ny boys and girls, members of the
, , , , r, . . , .
1Jo and ,r;" '"7?' lf ' Pp'.tt
cording to County Agent J. E3. Cooter,
who Is also head of the boys and blrla
clubs of the county.
Immediately after the arrival of the
d' f
calves to their new owners the boys
and elrls will proud lv narade their nnl-
'mals through the main streets of To-
"do. The calves are all or registered
typo and were selected from some of
fie best herds In the state.
Professor Seymour, head of the Boys'
and Girls clubs In the state of Oregon,
Will be present and give the youn
sters a talk. The parade will start
aooui i p. ra.
! no purrnase or ine caives, accora-
Ins to Mr. Cooter, Tms financed by the
Lincoln County Bank.
Mrs. Grace Hoover, wife ot Lo.a
Hoover of this city, passed away Sat-
urday due to a complication of discasoa
resulting from an attack ot influenza.
IMrs. Hoover was 27 years of ase at
( ter of Mt. and Mrs. F. W. Carson, a
pioneer family of Toledo. Besides her
husband and iparents' family Mrs.
Hoover leaves four small sons, the
youngest of which Is 1 year old.
Funeral services were held Sunday
afternoon In the local undertaking
parlors and Interment was made ia
the loca. cemetery.
Hill St, Toledo, Oregon
' Ask about our
Beet established eating place la
Lincoln County N
C. i. FOWLER, PrsK