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The board of trustees have elected
the following teachers for the ensu
ing school year: Daniel Daeg, prin
cipal; Miss Lurena Treat, re-elected,
7th and 8th grades; Miss Jessie Clark,
4th, 5th and 6th grades; Mrs. Colvin,
primary grade; Miss Junia Smlih re
elected to teach the Long Prairie
school and Miss Mary Henery, a grad
uate or tne Slletz High School, is em-!
ployed to teach the Lower Farm
school. The board of trustees by the
authorlty of the tax payers, are mak-
lng extensive improvements on the
Slletz school buldings to cost about
$700. A new stairway la being built
entering from the front of the building
to the east with an eight by twenty
foot porch in front of the stairway,
The room on the wes'. tiiat was used
for a wood shed will be fitted up for
a school room. This will make four
rooms that can bo used for school pur-
poses. With this new and splendid
equipment and live corps of teachers
Siletz may look forward to a very sue- Swimmin' Hole" a very popular place.
ceBsful year. The principal comes o
from the state of Washington and Is ' NASHVILLE
highly recommended as an educator
and disciplinarian. The foundation or N- G- Prettyman of Portland spent
our republic rests upon our public a ,ew davs ln Nashville last week as
echools, hence they should be Intenaly tlle gueat of the w- H- Martin's,
democratic and patriotic. The trail June Edwards went to Toledo Sun
should be made ph!n and strong day-
leading to the college and university. Parwln Nash was a Toledo visitor
This cannot be done without hard 3undav to Tuesday.
study and good training. The student
who Is well up In athletics and good
sports such as basketball, baseball,
and tennis will rr.ako a better scholar
than the one who does not like sports.
Messrs. Kearns and Williams, with
their wives drove to Salem and spent
a week looking over tin logan berry
situation. They visited a number o:
big berry growers and it was the opin-
ion of all of them that the logan berry
industry had come to stay. While the
price paid this y?ar is very low this
is only temporary because of the ble
price paid last year the people who
hold the product want to get their
money back; consequently but few
aleg are made. The people don't
want to pay the high prices for the
product. Messrs. Kearns and Will-
lams are going to put in extra labor
to develop the berry Industry at SI
etz. Mrs. S. P. Euni3on of RoBe City
Park is now on a visit with her
brother, Jess Daniels.
Mr. and Mra. W. W. Grant of Har
lan are also visiting Jess Daniels.
James Roberts with a party from
Corvallls came to Siletz Sunday and1 Mlss Dorthea Nash returned Sun
put In the day fishing. They caught . day trom a vacation at the beach,
a fine string of fish. They took din-j Stanton Co., has installed a gaso
aer at the Crawford. i llne tank and pump In front of their
0 store.
FRIIITVAI P I Rlley Stevens who has been working
j on the county grader is at home now.
Ray Moffitt and family, Melvin ; Abe Stevens and George Frary have
Johnson and wife, Ben Moffitt and gone out near Junction City where
MIbs Nellie Moffitt and Ivan Nye, : they will work a couple of months,
made a trip to Rock Creek last Frl- M1s Emma Brock of Woodburn,
day, returning Sunday. 'and Tressa Churchman of Portland
Ben Moffit and family are content-' spent Monday night in Nashville,
plating a move out to the Valley These young ladles are on a hiking
eoon. trip to Newport.
Chas. Baker and wife, Mrs. Allgood, I 0
L. T. StephenBon and family and Mrs.) SOUTH BEACH
R. F. Baker of Newport made an ex-1
tended trip up the coaat to Rock! J' Le'thisner of Bellrose Station,
Creek last week, spending Saturday ; Portland, arrived here Wednesday
night at Molauk Creek, then going on .morning for a, abort outing,
the next day to Rock Creek. Surely' Mls9 Lucile Rexroad of Milton,
the U. S. has no more picturesque ! Orerjon Is visiting with Miss Margaret
features than the rocky coast from
Newport north and until every Ore
gonian makes that trip they are miss
ing one of the grandest natural sights
Do you know
you can roll
50 Aood
cigarettes for
lOcts from
one bag of
of the world. i
Mr. Swaney hs taken the wood con''
tract for the school this year.
W. H. Oaburn has commenced to
butcher his beef stock and says he
never had such fine conditioned ani
mals a true proof of extra good range
Several car loadi wen', out to the
Burnt Woods ball game Sunday.
J. C. Johnston and family of Spo-
kane, Washington, are spending a few
days on their ranch here.
iW. W. Grant and family went to
Slletz last Sunday to visit Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Daniels.
Mrs. 13. P. Grant is home again
after spending everal weeks in New-j
port and Corvallls. She Is a Utile I
better and the doctors think with care '
they can build her up again. !
Prank Davla, our local merchant has
bought a new Chevrolet truck.
These warm days make the "Ole 1
Mrs- Darwin Nash was . a Valley
bound Passenger Sunday. I
J,r- aud Ml;J- Asn MiM Zora Briggs
and sma" brother, are here for a ten
ou'.ing and visit with relatives!
the Gilletts. They are camping at:
lake wlllle nere- !
cha'- Hmiar'was a Toledo visitor
Iast week-
Mrs- Towsiey came over from Steer j
Creek Thursday for a few day3' visit.
Vern -tt&rtin was a Sunday visitor
at Jess Heeder home.
Mr- and Mra' cha3- Hinshaw, Mrs.
Hinshaw, Sr., and Prof, and Mrs. Crow- (
ley returned Sunday from a black-1
berrying trip on the Slletz. .
'" MrB- Stanton, Mrst Towsiey and
Mrs- Hogvohl visited Sunday at the '
N- G- Harris nome near Summit, go-
lnS UP ln the Hogvohl car.
Little Mary Hamar visited' the first
of the week with her cousins near
Mrs. W. H. Martin was in Toledo
and Newport Wednesday and Thurs
day. R. N., and Mrs. Nash and Mary Lou,
out from the ranch Tuesday evening.
Ewing for a few weeks.
Miss Pauline Walton and her mother
of Eugene are spending a few weeks
at Seal Rocks. ' ,
iMr. and Mra. Hawthorn are at Seal
Rocks for an outing.
Mrs. Omlid went to Newport Wed
nesday, Dr. Forbes parsed thru here on his
way to Waldport Wednesday.
Sydney HoiHington left Monday for
hi? home ln Michigan.
Last Thursday, while hauling hay,
John Davenport was severely injured
I by his team. Ho had split the wagon
j tongue, and in attempting to go be-
tween the horses, accidentally touched
I one of them with a piece of wire. The
horse became frightened and kicked
him with both hind feet, tearing his
clothes and Inflicted several bnd
wounds. Mr. Davenport believes that
one and possibly two, of his ribs are
fractured. At last reports he was gett
ing along nicely, but it will be 'some
time before he will be able to do any
Mrs. W. R. Moore and grandson,
Everette, left for McMinnville, Tues
day, where she will remain for an In
I definite period with her son, Ever-
otte's father, Roy Moore and family of F. R. PENDLETON MAY
thrSLrt8SrtrdaySt0Cker P' R" Pendloton of Evere"' Wa8h"'
Nathan Walkins visited with Joh.'w" ln.the c,t eveln? '
Davenport Monday.
Misses Rosa and Alice Davenport
went to Toledo Saturday.
The bears are certainly getting very
m,., i .m nat wh' Thai.
numerous in this neighborhood. Their
tracks are seen every day along the
roads, and they are becoming so bold
that they come right out in view of
the farm houses and kill goats. One
even was brave enough to venture up
to within about fifty yards of Nathan
Walkins' house. '
Cn Wednesday and Thursday, Aug-
t 3 and 4, we have Mack Sennett's
big 6 reel comedy I
This will be the bi-jgest laugh you will
get this season. The Mack Sennett
"Dolla" 500 of them .will be there. !
You will see Melodrama, Spectacle, '
and Comedy.
Friday and Saturday, 5 and 6, we
are showing
Thai wonderful film that has had such
a wondeii'ul success. It took the Aud
itorium In Portland to hold the crowds
that saw it. You will have a chance
to see this in Toledo later.
Sunday and Monday, "ith and 8th
we will present another 3Uper-feature
by Paramount
Acclaimed by the editor of "The Movv
ing Picture World" as the greatest
legitimate dramatic production the'
screen has ever seen. i
The County Court has named Peter
Frederick of Toledo, J. Franks of SI-
letz and Chauncey Hawkins of New-j
port as members of the Fair Board
in addition to die permanent member
R.' P. Goln. 5!r.' Hawkins has been
compelled to roruse thru pressure 01
business, to serve.
The board held Its first meeting on
July 27th, at this time a number of
the committees on exhibits were
named. It was impossible to name
the exact date of holding the Fair
until such time as they could get a
Hat of the fairs in the surrounding
counties. The date will be announced
as soon as possible thru these columns.
You must have something along the
livestock, agricultural, relic, school,
art or housework line that you think
well of. Bring It along to the fair and
let your neighbors see and talk about
Mr. George Parrlsh and Miss Eva
Newcumbe were untied In marriage
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Turnldge in this city, Wednesday
morning, August 3rd, at 10 o'clock;
Judge John Fogarty officiating.
Mr. Parrlsh is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Parrlsh, who live near this
city. He is a veteran of the World
War, having saw service In France.
Since his return he has been em
ployed by Fred Horning. The bride
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. New
cumbe of Summit, formerly Toledo,
-.nd was a student at the Toledo High
SehoolVhe past year.
Just the immediate relatives of the
contracting parties were present at
the wedding and Immediately after
the ceremony the happy couple de
parted via auto for a honeymoon trip
to Lebanon.
Mr. and Mrs. Parrlsh will make
their home in the cottage recently
purchased by the groom of Prof. W.
C. Cox.
The Rev. Simpson, of Corvallls will
ho In TnlRrin SiiikImu ovonlnir o,wl will
give his sermon at 8 o'clock at the
St. John's Episcopal Church.
Sunday evening, August 7th,8 p. m.
An 8 pound boy was born to Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Cooter in this city, Frl-
day evening, July 2!)lh. The little fel -
j low was not strong and lived but two
1 days, passing away Sunday. The child:
va3 buried at Corvallls Monday. Dr.
Barber of Waldport and Dr. Burgess Wo are looking forward to the time ; DATES CORRECTED
of this city attended Mrs. Cooter and J when we can have a Dist. Sunday j Dr. Kellogg the Eye Specialist, will
she is getting along splendidly. School Rally. t)0 nt Waldport on the dittos of August
,Mr. and Mra. Cooter have the sym-j AVntch for the Epworth League Bake If,, 16 and 17, Instead of the 26th,
parhy of the entire community Inhale. Every Saturday. Sdienck and 2t;th and 27th, us heretofore adver
their sorrow. I Wude Building. Quality baking. tiscd.
connection wnn a proposed aeai,
I whereby his company may purchase
i the mill and railroad of the former
I ClBt.A.n: IV.- r U. T,,.-. .11 .
met with the City Council, to see if
, . .
4,ry arrangements could be
made ,or the laylng of water malns
to the 8lte of the m1"' in case the
aoai was cunsumaiea. ine company
alao would want the bridge across the
tide'ands moved farther up stream so
that boats could loud at the mill doc lib
the channel would have to be
' dredged, etc. Tlio company's tracks
'would cui. across one corner of the
city park and playgrounds, and they
would want to secure this necessary
Tlle Council expressed Itself as will-
lng t0 aid Pendleton in every way
'l wi" be about sixty days before
anything definite is known, but Mr.
Pendleton seemed lo think that every-
tMng was very favorable that the
deal would through. I
For boys' good servicable achool :
suits, see Colvin. '
Manager Ford of the Yaqulna Elec-
trie Co. Informs us that there will be
uo lights next Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday evenings. The com-
pany expects to rebuild Its furnaces,
at this time, 30 remember on the
evenings of August 9th, 10th and 11th
there will be no lights. The work
v.-m be ru ihed as fast as possible,
but It is estimated that three days ou bet we will be back ne:t year"
will be required. L. H. Payne of bejt expresses the attitude of the peo
Newport will be in charge of the l)l8 froni a" over tho stllte who WBro
work and as many masons as can be
used will be put on the job.
A new smokestack will be brought
in on the Roamer the next trip, and
wiU at once be installed. - :
TONIGHT AND SATURDAY tainment consisted of a big free din
When the Wind BI0W3" A "Snub" ner, served cafeteria style, followed
' ronara iomeay snowing tne little
'"8ro boy and the donkey. The drama
"Tn Lve Cheat" with Creighton
Hale ln tne leac1, You wl" remember
him the ner0 of "The lron Claw"
35 celt and 15 eents.
' Sunday and Monday, the drama
"Forbidden Valley" A J. Stewart
BUckton production a romance of
old Kentucky. Ford Weekly. 30c. 10c.
A Blizzard EnsiUae Cutter was re-
ceived this week by five enterprising
dairymen and stock raisers of this
vicinity, who purchased it coopera-
; thely. Silage is one of the very beat
of stock feed and is gaining in favor
' among Lincoln County farmers since
I the advent of the silos. Those joining
' In the purchase are: J. W. RogerB, V.
D. Graves, Fred Romtvedt, M. O.
, Thompson and D. L. Peterson.
Sunday School Sunday morning at
the usual hour, ten o'clock.
H.iv. Cain will preach Sunday morn
ing at eleven o'clock, and in the even
ing at eight o'clock. Ail are invited
to be present at these services.
Epworth League Sunday evening at
3even o'clock. The following officers
are to be installed for the coming year
Vida Beck, pres.; Rose Gwynn, 1st
vice-pros.; Minnie Crooks, 2nd vice
pres.; Mrs. Cyrus Siratlon, 3rd vlce
pres.; Mrs. Hart, 4th vite-pres.; Doro
thy Beck,' treas.; Ont itta Van Cleve,
The monthlv hllMlnasa moot dtp fnr
j both Sunday School and Church will
be held Saturday evening at seven
Mid-Week Prayer Meeting every
Thureday evening at eight o'clock.
Next Sunday at the morning
s'-rvice tho delegate to tho Laymen
Convention will be elected.
During the past week Mrs. Hurt's
cbus, the "Blue Hlr.-rs" went to Now-
port 011 a picnic.
! Snda Chamber's class hold a picnic
ju.t outside of town. .
A good time was reported at both
; of the above gatherings. !
A' 01eb,sdl f PorUand WM the "UC-
cesafiil bidder on the grading of the
loieao-cnitwooa secuon m wo now-
port-Corvallls Highway.
This Job
covers approximately ten miles of
1. 1 Y. ..... .. .1 V.I. hIJ u'n a f U1 11 ! fift
. ,
In the past there has been lively
. .u
bidding on particular jobs but the
blddJnK on Ma plece 0f WOrlC ej"b'
lis!icd a new recrd', tilT bflnf
iwemy-one uius buujuiiiou. 11. wur
the Highway Commission some little
time to go over them and determine
which was the best bid.
Contracts have now been awarded
coverin;; all work between Newport
and the Benton County lino, except a
two mile strip between Chltwood and
Eddyvllle, along what ia known as the
"Hayes Creek Grade."
Grading on the Benton County por
tion of he Newport-Corvallis Road is
now all completed with the exception
of about a three mile section at Blod-
gett. The rockins from Blodgetl
to Corvallls will be completed by this
At the Council meeting Monday
evening Harry Lutey was appointed
councilman to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of D. L. Chesley,
and George Andrews was appointed
.pcotAp. ln th n,nrfl nf R. Mm,
..,. ;
Wash boilers, tubs and boards at
ln attendance at the big Farm Bureau
Picnic held at Yai liats July 29th and
"0l"' Tllere was eoniothlng doing
every nilute and differing from slmi-
llar occasions, there waa more doing
than advertised.
j Aside from the many native attrac
tions of tho Yachats, Frlday'B enter-
Dy an excellent program or music,
speaking and dialogue. Following the
program was a sport program and ln
the evening a big bonfire on the
Saturday's program consisted of a
speclul clam, crab and salmon .bake.
an afternoon sport program and big
bonfire on the beach at which all the
new and best atories of the age were
. told-
I TIlB NewPrt band added wonder-
fully t0 t,le occa3ion-
People In attendance were Insistent
that the event be made an annual
one, promising to bring their neigh.
bors with them next year.
The remarkable thing about the
pcnc wag that the success of the
BffBr cannot be credited to any one
or few individuals as the whole south
end of the county jumped rfeht In and
helped the Yachats Farm Bureau peo-
pie make a succcbs of it. For the
dinner, pies and cakes came by parcel
post from all over the terri.ory. True
it is however, special credit is due
Messrs. Mitchell, Kocher and Mrs.
Harrison of the committee on ar
rangements and Mrs. Hoffman of the
program committee, and Mrs. Hcluoehl
who remained night and day with tho
stand, and Mr. Hays who run his
truck at high tide or low but It would
be impossible to enumerate all those
deserving credit for the big success
of tho event was due to the fact that
everybody thero Just Jumped In and
did all they could to make every
body else have a good time.
That the people appreciate nn event
put on not with a view of money mak
ing but -for the good time of all was
certainly well Illustrated by the ac
tion of many of lio visitors who came
to tlie committee asking to he per
mitted to muke donations to help do
fray expense.
1 Tho followin;; jurors wuro selocL-d
to servo on thu Grand Jury for the
ensuing term: I,. ('. Mowerv. Sil..i J
o. P. Dickson, Toledo; E. K. Colvin, I
Siletz: Virgil Howell Yachats- C n' '
Hallmark. Waldport; Roy .Mills, To-
lodo; A. II. Phelps Ona ' '
The regular August term of Circuit
Court waa concluded Wednesday
evening. But two Jury trials were
had, one being tried Monday and the
other Tuesday.
The flrBt was that of George Lewis,
of Winant, vs. the Southern Pacific
R.' K. Co., Mr. Lewis suing for $2000
damages for alleged damage to bis
Oyster Plantation by reason of the
defaudunt company dumping mud
and debris from a slide, which oc
cured on their tracks, over the bank
onio the beach above his oyster bed.
Mr. Lewis claimed that this mud had
washed down and buried the oysters,
and as a result of this coating of mud
they hud smothered. The jury re
turned a verdict of $171 for Mr. Lewis.
Attorney B. P. Jones of Newport
represented Mr. Lewis, and Attorney
Ilauipson, of Portland, defended the
R. It. Co.
The second jury trial was that of
1). S. Conrad vs. Warren Ashworth.
Thia trial proved to be more or less
of a farce. The plaintiff was suing
defendant for damages received in a
peisonal encounter about a year or
two ugo. Mr. Conrad was represented
by B. F. Jones, and Mr. Ashworth by
Hawkins, McCluskey and Clarke. The
jury brought In a verdict for the
plaintiff In the sum of $7-50. Plaintiff
must pay all costs, which amounted to
$84.20, so the plaintiff came off loser
In the end.
Merle Jones of Newport was In
dicted by the Grand Jury on a charge
of larceny. He plead guilty as In
dicted and was sentence.! to three
years in the penitentiary. The Court
parollod him, however, to his brother,
Howard Jones, of Portland, pending
his good behavolr.
ln llie cane of the State of Oregon
vs. Harold Anderson of Newport,
charged with an asauult with a dan
gerous weapon, the Grand Jury re
turned a not true bill.
Oilier cases were disposed of as
Earnest H. Meier vs. Opal Hazel
Muier, Dismissed.
C. R. Evens vs. C. L. Diven, et al,
Trial had and Judge has taken same
under advisement.
D. S. Conrad vs. Warren Ashworth;
Verdict for Plaintiff for $7.50 and
Plulnliff to pay all costs Incurred
ln the Matter of the Estate of John
Bain Deceased; Petition granted.
David S. Conrad vs. Edna Ashworth
Dismissed 'Plaintiff to pay costs.
Standard Oil Co. va. Soren Dahl;
Non-Suit Dismissed.
Louise Olsson vs. Oscar Olsson; Di
vorce granted.
i Ellen Weldman vs. Daniel- A. Rein-
ohel, et al; Dismissed.
A Benson vs. Slletz Valley Lumber
Co., a corp.; Dismissed.
, United States Spruce Production
Corporation, vs. Edward B. Perrin;
Decree for Plaintiff.
United States Spruce Production
Corporation vs. Hiram M. Hamilton;
Decree for Plaintiff.
United States Spruce Production
Corporation vs. Celia Bullus, et al;
Decree for Plaintiff.
United States Spruce Production
Corporation vs. Henry E. Dore, et al;
Decree for Plamtiff.
United States Spruce Production
Corporation vs. W. H. Adamtf, et al;
Decree for Plaintiff.
I). A. Reinoehl vs. Mrs. J. W. Weld-
nuin, etal; Dismissed.
I Geo. H. Wilcox vs. H. O. Meltamore
and wife; Dismissed.
United States Spruce Production
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