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, 111 wilh the grip.
I Miss Helen Phelps and Miss Leola
Camp 3 C tliut was located at Cedar Hcwett rode over to Mrs. C. Christ
Creek near the base of Euchre Mt. onsen's Tor a days visit Sunday.
Iia3 been moved to camp 3 A near 1 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Commons were
Wessel'B on Depot SlouKh and will be in Ona Sunday.
used there In construction work on j i'eter Byrnes made a business call
the railroad that is being built from at the C. S. Ohmart home today.
Toledo to the Bpruce belt on the Sl
letz river, a distance of about 20 miles.
The camp had just been established.
It took a good deaV of hard work to
clear the ground for the teut3. The
men had Just commencd the grading
preparatory for the planking when the
order came to move. Such Is the un
certainty of military life. The wagon
road is now planked from the Agency
to within half a mile ot Euchre Mt.
, Mrs. Z. A. Kessl Is In Portland to
get medical treatment for her young
est son, Donald.
Mr3. Frank Mulvany Is recovering
nicely from a severe attack or rheu
matism. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis spent
Tuesday with the Mulvanv famllv.
gravel road. This makes a good auto- brlnglng dlnner for the Blck
mobile road from the Agency to Eu-1 Ga,e ghane )g ghearIng goat8 for
chre Mt., a distance of seven miles. Jess Martn of gweet Home
jrorn e.ucnre mi. mi mower,., u- Mrg wllllg Grant and Mrg T
Unce of five miles the road 1b almost TomaJon of Harlan representatives of
Impassable yet the mail is conveyed Blg E)k Grange caiIed on Mrs Mul.
over It three times a week by Louis v&ny WednBgdaT( jugt to cneer her up
Smith the veteran stage driver. This ;Bome neip.
piece of road ought to be fixed before j M w&Iker went to Ttolt Mr
an other winter. The reason the sol- gharp of Rackg Creek Saturday
dlers were taken from C the Govern- j wm Kegg, returned home to help
ment decided not to rive the spruce hlg fatner m abgence of nlB molher ln
logs but have them sawed. This portlan(i.
caused the change to be made. The . pjrcy Muivanjr vlgte(i ni C0Usln,
demand for spruce for airplane con- vvllDur ravls. Saturday, at Harlan.
utructlon Is Increasing right along aud i ToQ bad t(J b(J ,n th,, Deautlfui gar.
It the war doesn't cease this will be a denmg wcatner but ..we mugt uke the
great Industry for Lincoln county. blUer with the Bweetx 8Uppoge L1fe
Camp 3 B sUtloncd at the Agency ilg a teeter board,
will move to Camp A near the Kynls- j
ton place and will engage ln construe-1 0
Hon work on the railroad. This camp
has been comfortably quartered in a i
Government building at Sileti and we :
dislike to have the boys leave. It H
Mr. lirewer, the mill man, made a j
business trip to Portland Thursday of The. Thnrsen-HendiUckseji Lumber I Still another special draft call, the , Orton, (Spoc:lul)--The thlnl Ibcn.?'
1'iKt wppk and returned Tuesday even- Co. is no more. It is now the Yaquina third In a little more thnn one month, Loan drive has pone "over the tup"
lng I Bay Railroad & Lumber Co., with J. has been made by the War Depart- in great style, and to date postmaster
John Coovert WQ3 In from Ona Wed- 'O. Story, or Ta-,;oiim, as vice President nient. v.. M. rnilzer Has sold c.;ui) worm ci
and General Manager. Under this third can, urcgon is 10 bonds. The following is a lBt oi
The new company expects to begin furnish 251 men for service In the those purchasing bends:
operating two Bhlfts about uc:;t Mon- National Army, In addition to the SCO j Kmll T. Haddant $500.00
day. As soon as the mill finishes cut- 'called out by the order of March 11, k. M. Fralzer SOu.iM
Barnes, passed through here Tuesday, .ting the million and a half feet of fir jwho have already reported to Camp , Henry Scott 100.00
Leslie WU1U, who has been visiting ',logs that they l.avo in the boom, they j Lewis; and the !)23 who nre to report Wm. Porter 100.00
M:ss Jennie Hassman passed thru"
here early Monday morning.
Gcnrce Ryan and sister, Mrs.
home lor a wniie ueparieu mm wee . m .i-'"k nnri). juo .
for Dallas and was accompanied by spruce will all u-e cut rrom selected
his sister, Ellen. lf8 0I,d will be for the Government.
The cold storage building is nearly j The Yaiiulna Bay Ilallroad & Lum
finished in Yaquina. Some good push- bcr Co. contemplate the erection of a
The .to Camp Lewis In the five-day period
beginning April 26.
The 251 men to be taken In the new
special call are ordered to report to
Fort McDowell, Calif., In the five-day
. . ... ' I. .1 1 I I... V,... .1 A ,l.ta la nn
ers there. nugn Dana sawmin as soon as arrange- jpenuu ueKuimiiK
The mill here now Is sawing lumber ments can be made for same f artillery training port, the supposl-
for the South Beach Jetty. but have not yet decided wheth- ;tlon Is that these men nre to bo put
Mrs. W. L. Hunt made a trip to er it will be located here or at Ya-j into tho artillery, though no official
Newport last week. Equina. This new mill will also Baw ! announcement has been made to that
John Bartow and family moved back spruce exclusively, aud will make a .errect.
big payroll here, while helping to "can Lincoln county win ne required 10
the Kaiser." furnish two men as Its quota of this
I The local mill has shipped two cars draft. And those to go will probably
of airplane stock this week and are be Henry Campbell and Erllng Brautl,
loading a third car. both of Toledo.
to their former home here Sunday.
Mrs. H. Slmonson vUlted Mrs.
Huntsucker last Sunday. 0
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. McWlllis and vvAtlT.H IWTAI I ?
daughters wede visitors at the Steph
ens home last Sunday.
George Ryan of Ona was helping
Jim Derrick Is In Port to survey
. Clement's homestead.
sounds like a military post to hear the ! Irish Tommy O. is working at the
reveille sounded every morning at C new mill as head trimmer on the slab
o'clock a the flag Is raised and every 3aw. Foreman Mills is running the
evening at 6 as It Is being taken down pony saw while Sea Lion Charley Is
for the night. Lleutcnent Porter and night watchmun.
his soldier boys have made many ! The E. L. Smith and Roanier are
friends while here and we all dislike still bar-bound ln Port.
to 6ee them leave. They cheerfully ' The logging camp at Mill Port Is
took part ln our entertainments and shut down for a couple of weeks but
amusements and we will miss them, will start up again as soon as the
They are engaged In this work to help company gets more lineB,
win the war. It may not be as danger-1 Bert Morrison and Jess Stonei are
oui to life as those ln front on the building a conveyor for slabs ln the
battle line but It Is Just as Important, mill.
The exposure of the boys was great Red Cross dance at Taft Saturday
during the bad weather, to be In the the 20th, remember.
mud up to their knees laying plank :
on the road or up to their armpits In
the cold mountain water rafting logs CHITWOOD
to the mill. The civilized world is as
tonished at the brutal and cruel mili
tary system that brought this war on.
The German people themselves ought
to see the awful slaughter that Is
Geo. McCaulou and crew have been
busy the past week erecting cook and
Al Waugh received a fine new soft
Mrs. Barns taking an Invoice oi the prinRs louniain mummy evening, unu
goods In the store a couple or days last Anuur y nas uee.i nu, aeiwus " Dunk houses, near the Dundon bridge,
weeki up tor nun tins ween, u is wnai is
F. Strake came down from Llnvllle known as a "Walrus Fountain and It
last Friday. 18 an up-to-date piece oi iurnuure,
Mrs. Mlartha Barns arrived from which will greatly faclllate the hand-
Bremerton last Saturday and Is visit- ling of ice cream and soft drinks.
Ing friends here this week. I 0
Pat Prescott wai a visitor at the ...
filmnn-nn home last Sunday. ,HJTAL UHIMUC
Mrs. Frances Johnson .... 100.00
Henry Cerino 100.00
Frederick Simmons .. . ... 100.00
Mi;is A. Porter 100.00
Misi Y. Goldman 50.00
G. II. Ilorefall ''0.00
R. 11. Plank 50.00
Chas. Schmltt 50.00
Wm. Henderson 50.00
John lHaacson 50.00
Geo. Baker 50.00
John Aken 50.00
James W. McCuIre 50.00
Rennte Callahan 50.09
Lodl Callahan 60.00
Edward Fry 50.00
Edward Evans 50.00
Henry Zblndcn 60.00
The dance given by the local order
of the Loyal Legion of Loggers and
Lawrence Hendrlckson was a visitor
at the Conoy ranch at Llnville last
Mr. and Mrs. F. Huntsucker were Lumbermen at the I. O. O. F. Hall last
visitors at the Slmonson home last Saturday evening, proved to be one of
Sunday evening. the biggest and best dances ever held
Mrs. K. HendrkkBon wai a caller at ln Toledo. The music by the Corvallls
A meeting of all goat raisers ot
Lincoln County will be held In the
for the use of th railroad workers. Grange Halt at Eddyvllle on Tuesday
Probably from fifty to a hundred men April 23, at 1:30 P. M. for the pur
will be quartered there, and will work 'pose of discussing plans for the or-
on the middle section of the railroad eanlzatlon of a permanent mohair
construction. Another crew Is work- ;pool thru which this year'B product as
lng from this end, and still another well as that of future years can be
crew Is working from the other end. marketed concertedly.
It Is thought this road will be com-1 It Is Important that every grower
pleted and operating In about a month, w ho possibly can, to attend. This Is
a busy time of the year, but the for-
W-8-3 niatlon of a permanent nnd effective
BARGE JULIA organization will In a couplo of years
HERE FOR REPAIRS Pav nia"y tlniej for the day spent at
The Barge Julia, that Is used during this meeting.
the Summer months for carrying pas-
, orchestra was fine, and the hugh crowd tsengers between Yaquina and Newport,
the Slmonson home last Monday.
Mrs. J. C. Barnes left for orants :certanly enjoyed themselves. Quite
Pass last Monday. They traded their 'a num)er from Elk City, Newport and
store and property here for property J 'sileU were In attendance. The neat
ln Grants Pass. (sum 'of 107 was taken In, and after
Dan Hendrlckson Is helping Mr. :aIj expenHeg had been paid the sum of
Olson of Llnvllle with his plowing a J46.05 was turned over to the local
few dayB this week. 'Red Cross.
Mrs. H. Slmonson left 'or th-s Valley
last Monday. She Is going to visit .
her daughter Mrs. H. Plegman. COUNTY AGENT
Miss Maude Landers who has been
visiting the past three weeks In Port
land returning Wednesday.
Mrs. A. L. Porter of Albany Is visit
in ir her sisters Mrs. I. J. PeDln and
made cf the young men of Germany jIrs Pepin.
to gratify the ambition of the Kaiser." v'.w' returneli from Port-
Germany iicrscil
several menus ana !" lo mect the farmers or that Bection. : ury wa8 recently enriched by a do- docs not greatlv exceed the allotment
pleasant evening at the home of J. ., .,MrrBSpd Hn udiencB at that l,.( f,, n, 1 1. 1 1 v m 1., ...,., ..
,,r r. . .!,V, In l,r.n,. " v . .... .... . ... ,,,u v.,,..n .,u..i...
. uuvcuiiuii, uu u. place SaturdaVt outlining the work
and his associates,
ought to rise up In her might and put
this power down. This Iron military
rule will not go ln this age of tho
world. The people must have some
thing to say as to who shall be their
ruler. The wheels of civilization
will not be turned back. Tho German
with this Idea In his head cannot sue-1
ceed. The German rulers have proved
themselves to be the most sctentlficly
land Thursday.
Born to the wife of G. T. Smith on
April lOtli, a baby girl.
M. Brown returned from Portland
Thursday. ,
A. Pepin and family of Harris spent
the week end with his mother, Mrs.
L. F. Pepin.
Grandma Flasher of SJllverton is
visiting her son, W. Flesher.
of Mr. Davenport's 4Sth birthday an
Mrs. Alta, Miss Reva and Mrs. II.
W. Allison vhlted the C. W. Brown
family Thursday.
Tho school enjoyed a visit from
County School Superintendent Coin giLETZ PUBLIC
Mrs. Helen Daniels visited the
Davenport family Sunday.
I. J. Penln was a Toledo visitor
cruel people on earth. Already Ger- Tu,,Bday
many is oeginnmg 10 leei uie -urons . T)lug Kurlk.,lanov Ig vl3ltng hlg
arm of our uovernnient as wen as pnrentl,
that or tne Allies ano tney win lee. . Mfg E stolnmeti and daughter
It more and more to the end. Ger-!were v,gltorg TueliU!iy at the Vine
many has by her conduct, lost the con-' p,0 nunch the home of Mr 8nd
Iiaenc,e ana respect 01 an uui eui. l"-u"!jrg j, , Sturkln.
pie. I believe It would oe just ana
Chas. Newman and family have
moved from the Mauer place to Chit-
right and a warning to others and al
so as an example to the world, when
this war Is over and when the Prus
sian power and autocracy Is broken
tip to take the Kaiser and his asso
ciates and stand them up against a
atone wall on Belgian soil and have
them ohot to death by a platoon ot
others that a war waged for such al'rom heart and stomach trouble and
purpose will never be undertaken jh many friends wish him a speedy
cam dv any monarcn. ains or ciur
B. O. Young took his father M. H
Young to Corvallls to see Dr. Pernot
of that city. Mr. Young Is suffering
(or kaiser) while the world stands!
Mrs. C..8. Ohmart and little son,
Waldo, who went to Newport last Fri
day, returned homo Monday. Little
"Waldo was quite 111 when he left but
after a few days with doctor he Is
doing nicely and Is quite himself
again now.
Horace Wood and Clarence Root
have gone to Elk City to work In the
eawmlll there.
Mrs. Faye WolforBperger left today
for a week's visit with her brother
Lloyd Commons at Oystervllle.
J. R. Coovert went to Yaquina Wed
Besday. Mr. and Mrs. John Hanlon took din
ner at the L. L. Parks home last Fri
day. Mr. Hanlon helped shear Mr.
Parks' goats.
Mrs. J. R. Coovert Is reported quite week.
The R. M. Young family are afflict
ed with measles at the present writing
four children are reported 111.
Miss A. Mcani, Miss Fannie John
son and Mrs. Ruth Grant spent the
week end with the latters mother, Mrs,
Henry Allison.
I. R. Payne made a trip to Blod
gett for a load of merchandise Sat
urday returning Sunday. "
ft! W. Allison came ln from the
Marys River logging camp with a load
of supplies for his family.
Mrs. Sheltin and daughter, Helen
have gone to the logging camp where
Mr. Sheltin l working.
B. F. Grant put In three days col-
lectlng money for the Armenian relief
R. L. Hathaway, Huron Brlggs and
Clifford McDoimld spent severul days
working on the phone line laBt week.
The Red Cross workers met with
Mrs. I. R. Payne Wednesday of this
Au A. Asbahr,
County Agricultural Agent.
Is here for repairs, and will be pulled
out on the ways at the Andersen Boat
Works and be given a thorough over-1
hauling nnd painting.
The Andersen Boat Works has Just
completed the repairs to the Newport. !
County Agricultural Agent A. A.
lAsbahr went to Waldport last Friday
' Oregon's Job In the National drive
l to recruit boys for farm labor which
j opens 011 April 15th, is to enroll at
, least 9500 boys for work on Oregon's
Farms, Fruit ranches and Dairies. It
Is a big Job and is being handled In
a big way. Considering tho activities
Mrs. Rosemnry Schenck. secretary that have been set In motion to pro
of the Red Cross In this county, In- mote the work. It will bo surprising
forms us that the Red Cross tresis- f the total number of boys enrolled
'et;, etc. Mr. Asbahr Is rapidly be-
ciimplliih much good here
the sum of $tli.05. This being the net , Governor Wlthyconibe nnd the Ma
proceeds from their dance given lust yors of all the largo cities of tho
coming acquainted with the people of 1 Saturday evening. This money enn stale have Issued proclamations ap
the county, and- we believe, will ac- jbo put to good use by the Red Cross pealing to the boys to do their "Hit"
and is certainly appreciated. in the Uind Army. Workers will bo
placed on fiiruu through the olliro of
'tho Farm Help Specialist of the De-
BIG DANCE partn.tnt of Agriculture, and O. A. C.
J. S. Coin is back again teaching,
Geo. Henshaw one of the old time jafter on absence of a week.
residents of this place went through Mary Henry und Alma ujaia re-
with the Watklns wagon last week. ;turned to school. 1 ney nave ueen bick
Elmer Watklns ha been repairing with the Liberty measles.
the road between here and Harlan "all siocum is sick mis wees,
this week. Mr- Hartmnn and Mr. Hurt visited
n P fimn nnrl Smith Alllnon trail- the school Tuesday.
ed one of the Hnrlan bears through Miss Mary Gibson took charge of
to our neighborhood Thursday.
Miss Edith Davenport went to To
ledo Saturday to stay for awhile with
her brothor John's family.
TOMORROW NIGHT who is the Federal State Director of
Don't forget the big dance nt the . ;l'1B " rvi
O. O. F. Hull tomorrow evening with c
music by the Newport orchestra.
Dance starts at 9 o'clock prompt, nnd
will end about 1. Dance tickets 75c. j
Good music and a good tlmo for all. !
Prom Oregon Headquarters of the
! Aiiiei'lian Committee for Armenian
'and Syrian Relief, Portland. Oregon.
Miss Darzces room Tuesday.
The Eddyvllle Dramatic Club pre-
Mary Tlckford In Rebecca of Sunny
brook Farm, will be shown at the
Dime Theatre Saturday night only.
sented a two-act comedy entitled "Mr. , popular prices, 20c. and 25c. Coin-
Bob" on April 6th. The proceeds of plete change of program Sunday even
(18.15 went to the Red Cross. The ng. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, re
followlng was the cast of characters: 'pie to with native wit of the rural dls-
Mr. Brown (who came down), Richard trlcts, aud the wholesome charm of
Glrdler; Misi Rebacca Luke, who has untrammcled American girlhood
cats on the brain, Miss Susie Barton;
Philip Royson, her nephew, Earl Wei
tin; Katherlne Rogers, her netce, Mrs.
L. L. McBrlde; Marlon (Bob) Bryant
who Is such a weak specimen of a
man, Helen Sparks; Patty, a stage.
The boiler and Btack, set works, and
. .. . . A I . ltl n
struck maid, Pearl Barton; Jenkins maci.n.erjr .u. ...
h.,.ir h ni,w.. I.. 1. Mcrtrldo. Ohesley Lumber Co.. arrived Wed-
Mm. O. C.lrdler live In- nesuay evening, ana mr. memay -u.r
v.limhln holn n ll,o rn.l rtnrlnir re- rcw are uuny iiiui.....b ....
hearsals and on the evening of pro- ,eMect to have this mill ready to star
ductlon. Misses Jean Sparks and .awln by the first of May. The mill
Eleanor Glrdler entertained between will have a capacity of twenty-five
acts with a song. "Good-bye Broadway Miouaand feet per day, and will cut
Hello Fmnon". resnondlnir to an en- nioBiiy lies,
core with a ditty describing whut our
boys will do to the Kaiser.
The Red Cross meets regularly each
Wednesday at the Hall. Since finish
a, .rit tr. mi a
THE USE OF WHEAT iM, irn wadn. County Chairman.
FLOUR SUBSTITUTES ArlI1PIItt,, t,.,.f Committee,
(By the County Agent) Or0K(m
There seems to bo a great deal of Dear Mr. Wade;
trouble within many households. In j Please accept our thanks for your
the matter or the use of the great check for $553.63 which will be Itn
quantity and number of substitutes 'mediately forwarded to New York for
that must be purchased with each 'Armenian Relief. The size of this
sack ot wheat flour. The School of check and your confidence that you
Home Economics at the Oregon Agri- will be able to send us an additional
cultural College, has Issued a bulletin $300 Indicates to us that you have
giving advise and receipts for the ila(i all over Lincoln County, men und
making of many kinds of Liberty women who, at the sacrifice of their
Dreads, Cakes and Pastry. Directions home and business Interests, have be
ars given for making potato, corn coino the spokesmen of the starving
meal, rice, shorts, crackling,, hominy, children of Asia Minor. The work
rolled oati, cornmeal, corn, oatmeal Irould not have been done without
and barley bread. Receipts for mnk-jthelr sacrifice, and I wish you might
lng various kinds of muffins biscuits, express to them In some way the gratl
and all kinds ot war cake. 1 1 tide of oar State Committee for their
Doubtlessly many people could find nplendld work,
relief, or at least valuable suggestions I it is a satisfaction beyond
by sending to the O. A. C, Corvallls, , d ,u,a t),ut we have already
Oregon, for Extension Bulletin 289. It gunt from 0lB state nu)re umtl i2o,.
will bo sent froe of churge. noo.00 and reports received from var-
0 !ous county treasurers Indicate that
I we shall soon be able to send an ad-
RESOLUTION ultll)lml $m5i000. . . .
Bo It resolved by Toledo Grange ! Muy I nsk that you will share this
No. 426 In regular session thU 13th letter with the others who worked
day of April 1918 that we unanimously ' with you In this life-saving Bervlce?
ask that the County Court of Lin- Will you also express to as many as
coin County accept the favoruble re- 'posslblo of those who gave, our grat
port of the viewers appointed to view Uudn; nnd suy to them that the fund
tho rond and bridge called for In tho will bo kept open during the war, and
petition of J. L. Thomas, ct al, and remittances may be sent In any time
that thev Immediately proceed with and w'lll be promptly forwurded.
I am, very sincerely yours,
The Peterson Hardware Co., receiv
ing the work assigned the members ed a carload of new Fords on Monday
have been working on bandages. evening's freight. There were six cars
Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Aldrlch of In the shipment and four of these aro
Portlnnd have been visiting their oar- sold. It Is thought that quite a num-
.1.- ..,. t ai. i.op nf nn will lie Durchased by the its construction. I. F. Hiser, Master,
.r..,iin,. 1..1 r. i.nm,t.. of this section this Summer. rScal) J. L. Thomas, Sec. I Ben Selling, State Troasunr,
vuntiuuvu wm a mta m, ' I- " r '