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C CXI TIVTTPV lJCYQ News - of. each Community Gathered each
VvUl I- I ,- nEf VVO week by Our Hustling Associate Editors
' : : i 7 1 : r"
I am much interested In reading the
Hems, from "Sltookum." They are
unique. I don't know where the place
is located, but I know the . writer.
"Hyas cumtux mamook sum. . Clonas
yaka close tlllicum pe nika hyas ticka
nan Itch yahka copa yahka llahee.
Wakelala nika chahco copa, pe nanltcb
mlka klosh kahkwa "
The Elk City cot respondent seems
to be worried over Newport's Sunday
closing law. This Is a Blue Law
something like they had a hundred
years ago. Here Is a sample of the
law. It reads thus, "all stores, shops,
groceries and cigar stores, bowling al
leys, billiard balls. Ice cream parlors
and all places of amusement must be
closed." Does our critic approve such
a law. I think not. He may be the
kind of man that would have hung
-witches hed he lived in the days of
Thomas Jefferson. This age is too
enlightened to trlc-ate such laws.
This law has already been turned
down in Portland and it is not gen
erally observed, only In so far as peo
ple are benefitted by haveing one day
in seven set aside for rest and recre
ation. This is entirely in the discis
sion of the people whether they will
go to church or out strolling, picnics,
on an excursion or bathing in the.
exhllerating waters of the ocean or
- sleeping If tired and worn out.
Commiesloner Hurt left Monday
morning for Portland, where he will
be Joined later by Judge Miller and
Commissioner W. F. Wakefield, the
other members of the Court. They
will meet with the state highway
' commission in Portland the 8th and
' continue In session three days. The
purpose Is to try to get our share of.
me money to aid in building a coast
road through Lincoln county. The
taxpayers of this county have -been
paying Into this fund $2,600 each year
for three years. We should get the
oenent or mis money. Clatsop, Til
latnooK. Lincoln. Lane. Cooa anil
Curry counties are interested in tha
fund. Some day, and we hope not far
uiBiani, we nope to see a good wagon
and automobile road built along the
cum i w me vaiirornia una.
The city election is over. It was
. the most Interesting election we have
bad for years. The women took as
much or more interest in it than the
men. The main Hunt centered around
the marshal's office. ' The ofllce pays
$60 per month with no emoluments or
rake off. Six candidates were striv
ing for the office. Each voter working
for his favorite. From the . start
Brown, Burdett and Frey were in the
lead. At Nye Creek Brown began to
fall behind. His friends loft him like
rats from a sinking ship. The women
laid off their sweaters, rolled up their
sleeves and went at it in good earnest
Several tussela occurred on the stoop
of the voting booths. Bach one was
doing her level best to put her can
didate through. After" the battle
closed and the smoke cleared away
the vote showed the following result:
R. A. Bensell Vaa re-elected mayor
by a majority of 66; John Frey was
, elected marshal by a majority of 28;
all the members of the old council
were re-elected exevpt in ward No. 2,
R. F. Baker was elected to take the
place of Andrew Jackson Brown, who
ran for marshal and was defeated.
The amendments to the city charter
were adopted, except two, the occupa
tion tax and the appointment of mar
shal by the council. D. T. Harding
was re-elected city recorder and Ar
thur Wing, treasurer.
' We have had month of heavy
torms. The ocean and bar have sel
dom been so rough. Saturday night
the wind blew a perfect gale It was
not 0 miles per hour, but 65. But
little damage was done save a few
shingles and boards were blown off
some old buildings.
Fred Stanton and Jim Derrick stop
ped over night at Newport while on
their way to Waldport to. view and
survey out some roads.
You will strike some extra good
bargains at Mrs. Frederick's tomorrow.
Horace Wood and the Cook Bros
made a trip to Newport Monday, re
turning Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Parks and son
spent Sunday with the Hills. -
Mr. and Mrs. J. Llssy went to B&y
View Saturday.
Fred Commons went to Yaqulna
John Hanlon and Robert McFarland
made a trip to Cook's sawmill Bun-
Clifford Phelps made trip to Ya-
quina Monday. Fay Belby accom
panled him.
Ernest Lewis of TTpper Beaver was
a caller at Selby's Thursday,
We will give away die Big $8.00 Boy
Doll. One chance with every 25c, pur-
cnase. Toledo Drug Co.
(Wednesday to Wednesday)
Last Saturday the Grange here met
In regular monthly session, and all
bad an enjoyable time.
Wm. En os lias Just finished putting
an addition to bis bouse here.
Rev. R. J. Davenport came In Friday
night on the evening train. He at
tended Orange, and held his regular
service' Sunday. .. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Van Allen left for
Albany Monday, where they will re
main until Mr. Van Allen has finished
some very Important business.
The . storms still continue to. rage.
Somebody pleaso cut them out
News this week h short on account
of the writer being busy. ......
Ladles velvet grip Hose Supporters,
a regular 25o. seller. To close them
out, 10c. pair.. Mrs. Frederick.
: o
Indnde and it must be grand to
have a President for a swateheart
Me own heart is turnin' to cinders for
very invy.
Rivers aro up and fish migrating.
The Darting boys have sold their
goats to Frank Davis of Harlan.
Frank Mulvany killed a' wild cat week that was camping on the
goat range.
Tho Kossi's aro planning Improve
ments on their l'nrtmnd property
where they stay. Will enjoy superior
social advantages. The Kessls came
bore from Corvallis sve years ago.
Will yon kindly allow me to make
a little suggestion to the reporters of
your good paper? I for one would
rcreatly appreciate- crop reports, fruits,
vegetables, grains, etc.; improvements
on the forms, etc. It would be a good
ad for the county and encourage toll.
era. Many of us can not visit the lo
calities in person, therefore our cur
iosity could be satisfied by the reports
given. I am convinoed that Lincoln
countv has much rich land 'n cultiva
tion and. more still .j be utilized dur
ing the near future. I am not a pes
simist! Let us look on the bright
side of surroundings and not hide our
light under a bushel, so to speak, Not
so, Mr. Editor?
' 0
Fancy Ban Bon Boxes, Candles, Toys
Tree Decorations, Xmaa Cards, at the
What's the trouble with the tele-
nhone company In Toledo?- We have
had no service there for some time.
The phone man here says his lines
are all in working order.
Several of the young folks and
some of the older ones attended the
lance at Mr. Hopkins' on Deer creek
'ast Friday night There was a large
:rowa and all had a fine time.
Those thinking br.cie does no harm
iliould note the difference now at the
country dances, anl when the young
ut.-u iibu oooza 10 eep uiem awake
'jefore the county went dry. They
teem to keep awake alright now wlth-
ut It contrary to what they used to
George Hodges was home a few days
last weok. Mr. Hodges visited the
nursery of which W. B. Griffith of Elk
'.'tty represents. He says there Is no
Iner nursery stock in Oregon and
Jiat you can't beat their stock any
where. We note the petition which is be
ing circulated for the hatchery claims
that the hatchery was discontinued
on account of the underhanded work
of the people of Big Elk, all of which
is a He. Just ask the fishermen on
the bay what they think of the way
the hatchery has been handled. You
don't need to listen to the Big Elkers.
We hear so much about the Big Elk
people killing the fish In the small
streams. Why dot. t the good Rod
and Gun Club at Newport send their
?ome warden along the streams of the
county and then compare notes. I
think he will tell you that there Is not
one nan slaughtered on Elk to ten In
incr piaces. Try it We note the
Elk City scribe says we should nnt
privately pass our opinions onto the
public. Very well. This should be a
oubllc question. But If vou ret down
to the bottom of the thing you will see
no ones mat puts up tne big fight for
the hatchery from Elk nt u ini.
vldually Interested on the dollar side
it me question.
Yerex-Brown A Co. offer avtra final.
Ity Outing Flannels at 7V4c per yard.
' We are having some Winter.
The bachelors on Fall Creek have
not been as dry during the past week
mey win ne in 1918.
F. B. Cams Is hauling wood from
rrea wesiDrooH S.
Ray Shearer and Harold Anderson
of Salem have taken homesteads on
run creea. ,
Clair Trenholm. our road supervis
or, Is doing some good work on the
E. M. Deals has his Fall grain all In
no nas nis winter's wood In the shed
Otto Dlockhoff Is slashing brush and
clearing up ground.
Tom Hockoma and Bryan Tom are
making somo Improvements on the
uscar torn place. 1
liert Tonnyhlll mnda a flvln Mn
to Beavor creek and return via Wald'
Pn, ana nas ukon up board and
w n ? Ularley Howe for the
hu;l,W;..Bn,0l, Mn ,oU ot
blacksmlthlng the few days. .
Amy Fltzcharles has been sick but
ls getting better.
Earl O'Brien has been making roads
and grubbing out stumps.
D. M. Cams seys be Is going to
send to Arkansaw ijr some lightning
bugs and' cross them with bis bees so
they will work day and night D. M.
has tne right laea.
N. P. Parr has been building some
new fence. . . i
t t o.n.. u Tnir'a 1
Mr. 'and Mrs. Long are at the St Mar-
tin hot springs . j
December 31st will be a big day at
Waldport John Barleycorn is there
now waiting for the crowd. .
. o .
Going out -of business . Saturday, '
December 11th Is the last day,
It is expected that the Rev. S. MV
Woods will again be In Bay View
and hold
Thursday, December 2d
meetings over Sunday.
On account of the rain and stormy
weather the Bay Viewers who had in-
tended on going to the Fishermen's
and Thanksgiving cance at Waldport
,,. .h. ... m.
Prescott having compied an added
w. kn...o h. k.,i. ,.
Invited np and the result was at
dance. One of the-best of suppers
was served at midnight and. everyone
stayed till ah. early hour. It is un-
necessary to say that the evening waa
enjoyed by all for did ever anything
occur here that was not enjoyed?
Elmer Hlmonnnn nf . nn won . in :
Bay View Sunday and Monday.
The organ for the Sunday school
and church services was brought up
Saturday and hacr Its first tryout Sun
day. It Is quite an Improvemet-t . 1
Miss Emma Thompson, the school -teacher,
while playng football with
the children Monday, got kicked quite
badly. However, she is able to to
eontlnua taayhlnft-
Th Moo.r. ni v Dv,ini.
HtaWSSS cEreewe?e
transacting business In the city Tue
John Coovert and Conrad Thompson
of On. were In Bay View Tuesday.
With every. 25c. purchase we .will
give one chanca- onthe big boy dolL
""do Drug Ce.
The dance at Mr and Mrs. W. R.
Moore's Thanksgiving was not very
successful on account of high water
many people could not come.
Ray Brown la riding around on a
fine, new horso.
Miss Clara Moore spent Thanksgiv
ing week at home.
John Davenport went to Toledo last
R. T. Moore has almost com Dieted
th maA tn Ma h.n,.....i Ti.. .
StafTta a hoi'se 0me"lead- Tb" neXt
Jesse Davenport went to Toledo
Monday .
Lots of untrlmmcd Ihaoci BOe. aaeh.
Lota of trimmed hats $1.00 each. A
few $5.00 and $6.00 Hats left vour
choice, $2.00. Mrs. Frederick.
WelL It Is all wind and rain here
and no news.
Leland Wright who. after strand
ing a week visiting his sisters, Anna
and Emma, returned to the Lower Bay
W.J). Roberts was moving thlncs
off his place Saturday.
P. Shermer has been kllllna- several
fine beeves lately.
E. S. Hall and Thos. Barker, dlrec
tors of school District No. 11, and
nars. -inos. Urown, chairman, have
been trying to get tne schoolhouse
fixed up with new desks, teachers'
chair and paint for the inside of the
schoolhouse will be the new Improve
ments. , -
See the Xmas Goods at Bonbonlere.
Archie Zeeke nf Poole slough was
in mis vicinity Tuesday,
Mrs. A. Peterson and children re
turned homo from Oyster City Tburs-
uny. f
Henrv Rhoades, J. C. Huntsucker
ann I. n. Huyett were trading In Ya.
quina ana uystervllle Monday.
Henry Emerson of Oyster City vis
ited at the Peterson ranch Tuesday.
The teacher and pupil are busy
preparing for the play, "Christmas
Visitors" which Is to be given when
school closes for the holldavs, Decem
ber 17th. The exercises will began at
S p. m., and everyone Is cordially In
vited to attend. ,
O. E. Lewis was busy repairing the
telephone line Tuesday.
Mrs. J. C. Huntsucker and daughter,
Alice, and son. Ira, visited at the
itnoades home Sunday,
H"nr Emerson was In our midst
Friday. ,
Mr- A- Peterson and daughters,
Edith and Joseph In., called on MraTlL
O. Rhoades a few hours Tuesday after-
Peter Petorson was an Oystervilfe
caller Monday.
J. M. Bowers and H. 0. Rhoades
made a trip to Newport Thursday.
The writer isn't going to say any-
thiny about the sunshine in this
week's items, if this is the way the
weather is going to act
Children's Hose 8uDDorten. the
tl'nQ"t end best mads, 7c the 'pair,
' . ; Mr- Frederick.
. . , .
The "Skookum" creek
debt rather puts some of the rest of ,
us In the shade, for interesting news.
Vome again.
Leland Wright Is helping his sisters
this week at their dairy ranch.
Mr. Colver spent Friday evening at
the Davis home.
sir. and Mrs. Weaver called at the
JrisomM ranch Thursday.
me uuuer neighborhood is prepar-
".. 'T" l " ' lor V"18
. Ti . ' JT
" f ' ?ef, on"- fam:
'J? J"? bf,,et and
banta Claus will finer the little ones
for be8l
gooa a nner. .
wooaing u on me sick ubu
Mr. and Mrs. Weaver spent a very
pleasant day at the E. S. Hull ranch
Thomaa Butler la repairing the tel-
ephone line along the county road
.this week.
Our holiday stock is more complete
than ever. Come and see our line be -
r you purchase. Toledo Drug Co.
Earnest Bryant Is building a new
residence on his 6-acre tract bought at
auction saie iasi year, ana will
toe ' "
Jjjft1 PM?VrStaT U sreTa
1"' tTbaul freight over. This
road needs to be planked If any road
, Harley Tjr,or of slIeUVM . Toledo
TliUor tha t of y,, week ,,,0
Mr. Toberer of Lower Siletx went to
Toledo Monday to make final
K21 " J "? iST?
BUeU country. He took Guy Butter-
ne,a lon " nlB witness.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant King sued Fred
Butterfleld and wife for a board bill in
wn'ch Mr. and Mrs. King were given
, Judgment against Butterfleld.
i Hawkins Bros, ft company have
signed lue contract to saw and lay the
" "r ' rott
i u,:',w,":u WB lwo new onuses towara
i . ' . . . .
rung t mcuonaia nave taxen
, ? "V? d V? IoB,n5
engine that belongs to this road dls-
trlct down to do tha logging with
Hoxle Simmons and Billy Martin
wtnl to Toledo, returning Wednesday.
Hoxle brought a load of freight
Miss Opal Brassfleld went to Toledo
Tuesday, returning Wednesday.
The patrons of this school district
met at the schoolhouse and voted a
tax levy of 6ft mills and some are
bowling at that Such people surely
have no use for schools, and think
they should not have to pay to keep
them up for others. It we had voted
a 20-miIls tax like Bandon we would
bave had a few funerals here. It
might break them up In business. I
don't think there tan be too much
done in the way of education, so do a
majority or the people.
Misses Hart came over from Toledo
Friday to visit thai? sister, Mrs. Geo.
Miller of Lower Farm, and to attend
the masquerade ball at that place.
There was a large crowd at the dance
ana an report a fine time.
All kinds of Christmas Goods at the
Names of Duotla on rtnii nf nnnn.
for the month ending December 3, are
- -
Laura Smith, Irene SmHh, Zeta
Smith, Levi Smith, Ines Weaver, El
mer Smith.
Those neither absent nor tardy dur
ing the same period are, Laura Smith,
Kdlth Batter, Ralph Smith, Emmett
Smith, Cecil Smith. Grace Smith, Ed
Dwlnnell, Elgin Rnld, Marlon Mlnogue
Zela Smith, Levi 8ni!;h.
The per cent of attendance for the
month lias been 90.1.
Pupils having "A" In scholarship,
Irene Smith,
-0 .
Don't wait until the last few days
before Xmas. Come tn early and
make your selections. Our stock Is
complete. Tolsdo Drug Co.
Willamette Vallev farm, 100 acres,
to exchange for sirall ranch In Lin
coln county. If Interested Investi
gate. John Bradbury.
Aurora, Oregon.
Ladles' Hose, to elsan out the bal
ance ef the stock 10c a pair.
v ,. Mre. Frederick.
Elsie Gordon was absent from
school Tuesday on account of sick-'
ness. '
Jim Ross was absent from school
Monday afternoon, because of neu
ralgia on the brain.
The Seventh and Eighth grades are
making some demonstrations in agri
culture. The demonstration last
week waa to test the raising qualities
of milk. At present the classes are
demonstrating the mould In cheese.
Kenneth McCaulou Is absent from
school on account of sickness.
. 0
"Buy Early" while our stock Is com
plete. All new, fresh stock, and
prices are right Toledo Drug Co,
On Friday evening of this week the
Ever Ready Bible Class will meet In
the parlors of the Church. At this
meeting will occur the annual election
of ofllcers. After the business sess'on
the social committee will have chat-go.
They have a pleasnnt time planned.
Promptly at 7:30 p. m. on Friday
evening the first quarterly conference
will be held at the parsonage. Dr. J.
T. Abbett. of Eugene will preside at
this meeting. All members please
meet promptly so we can get through
in time to go to the Ever Ready meet
ing. . - ,
School; . .oonjylree'aolfllireshmmebme
Sunday services: 10 a.m., Sunday
School; 11 a. m., morning Worship.
The pastor wty preach at this service.
7:30, Evening Worship. Dr. J. T.
Abbett of Eugene will preach in the
'u.t?" L?le.Ala P-Jc:etjr Is going to
na luncy
work of various klnds on Friday, De- tlflratos which will certify that the
cember I7th. A more complete an- holders have not only taught success
nouncement will be made next week ! fully during the proceeding year, but
th?rhrd,e.nnHn'1 'D?cember 18 ihat they are progressive and have
SfariA0": 'hn PP" Professional spirit to-
will be one of the best musical pro
' -aw .uviuuu avwuih. lino
grams ever heard in Toledo. Under
the efficient leadership of Mr. Ralph
T. Moore they have :een working hard
on this. We hope you are planning to
A great, big line of Boys, Under
wear Just received. Yerex Brown A
A Federation of U the Co-operative
Creameries In Oregon Is being
:r:'JT.S- "r.!K" 1"8
: -cT. and .Talf TSFSZ a
80ciatlons. for OL n Lrv.
Ing the "Butter Trust." At present
the small creameries are operating
; under a serious handicap, having to
, take practically whatever price the
"Butter Trust" will give them for then-
product regardless of what It is really
Under the proprsed new arrange
ment all the co-operative creameries
In the state will Join together and
have a selling agency of their own.
The plan In detail Is too long for us
to give here. Members of the state
committee are meeting with the di
rectors of the Toledo Creamery today,
and are explaining and presenting the
pian to mem.
Children's Underwear, to close out,
will sell at about the price of ths but
tons, 12c to 18c. a garment
Mrs. Frederick.
Mrs. J. R. Turnldge Is reported very
S. C. Brassfleld of Siletx Is in this
city today.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant King of SJfoti
were In Toledo last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Butterfleld of the
Lower Siletx were In the city Tuesday.
Shem Lafayette, Billy Mctcalf and
James Franks of Siletx went to Port
land Monday.
Ed Palrte this week razed the shop
building used by Geo. Walker on the
bank of the slough.
Miss Opal Brassfleld of Siletx was
In the city Tuesday, as a witness In
the Klng-Butterfleld law suit
I have Celery, Lettuce, Sweet Pota
toes, Oranges, Bananas and Lemons
for the Holiday trade. R, 8. Van Cleve.
W. H. Price, who recently bought
kn n n nn... ..! - r. , , i .
v. v, unci ia.v bi vuliwuuu, waa
..'miiv oTjufc vinuui ma mat ui tun
1 week.
Attoreny W. E. Gwynn, candidate
for district attorney, was In the city
Tuesday In the Interest of his client In
the KiiiR-llutterfleld suit
The big sale at Henry Lewis' Is on
today. This Is the first big sale at the
Lewis store. Goods are going fast at
right prices. See the big ad on page
John Bradbury of Aurora was In the
city this week. Mr. Bradbury wants
a farm In Lincoln county. He has a
fine farm noar Auroi which he wants
to trade for one here. See his ad In
this Ihbuo.
The Toledo schools will close for a
two weeks' vacation next Friday.
School will resume on the 3d of Jan
uary. The schools are plnnnlng
Christmas entesjnlnmcnts for Friday
- The onnunl Moose dunce will be hold
at tlietfiddfnllows hull In this city
Friday Vvenlng, Dec. 2h, (Christmas
Kve.l This promises to be a big
event. The N committeo- having the
dance In charge Is dulng everything to
make It a most pleasant affair. Re
member, It Is Just two weeks from
this evening,
Saturday, December 11th Is tht date
and Newport Is the place. Hoi.'t stay
at home or go sonlewhere etse because
you are not a teacher, for It . is for
everyone who wlshus to nttenJ,. and
the more the betten 1 would Hk to
see so many that mony of the teachers
would have to stand that you flight
have a seat , . -
The Toledo teachers 'and others
along the river and -bay will go, on a
launch and It will be perhaps ten
o'clock before We ran reach the
schoolhouse, so we will begin at. that
time ten o'clock. Remember the
hour. , : .
' These meetings are held for' the
good of the pupils more so than for
the good of the teachers, yet they are
never called pupils' meeting?. A
good program will be rendered' and
you will miss something you would
like to hear if you' fail to attenrt.
As tho heading Indicates, it will be
free, no collections at the door.
. R. P. Coin,
County School Snperlnten'le'it.
Fancy Celery, New Navel Oranges,
Cape Cod Cranberries. Yerex Brown
A Co.
A pllan for Riving Dubllln rernnrnl.
tlon to those teachers of the state
who have proven themselves to be
progressive as well as successful In
their work, has been announced by
Superintendent of Public Instruction,
J. A. Churchill. To all teachers who
meet the five requirements adopted by
,the State Superintendent there will
he given Professional Teachers' Cer-
iwarn Tfifiir wnrir
The certificates will be Issued by
the Superintendent uf Public Instruc
tion upon the statement of the county
superintendent that all of the require
ments have been met and that the
teacher deserves especial recognition
of his attainments.
While the certificate will, In Itself
not entitle the holder to teach, It wir
oe oi great assistance to school
boards in helping them to select
thoroughly progressive and"up-to-date
teachers, who have been especially
successful In their work.
The requirements which must be
met for the Professional Teachers
Certificate are as fallows:
1. Having taught successfully for
at least eight months durlnr h
school year 1916-19'6.
2. Having met all thn rAnillrOTflAnf a
for a teacher in a standard school
and having compile 1 strlctlv with the
laws relating to fire dangers and fire
3. Having sent promntlv to the
county superintendent all reports re
quested by him or required by law.
. Having attended the annua)
teachers' Institute ir teachers' train
ing school, and at least ono local 1n
6. Having read durina- tha
under the supervision of the Univer
sity or uregon or the Oregon Agri
cultural College, at least two bonka
on the teachers' reading circle list
R. P. Goln.
Come In and see our line of HniiHav
Goods. We will gladly show vou the
line and give you price below any cat-
lugue. loitao Drug Co.
The following was taken from tht
files of the Leader of 21 years ago:
O. A. Hooker of Storrs waa in the
city Tuesday.
Chas. Don Caster was ud from New.
port after horses Tuesday.
Rev. S. W. Potter is holding pro
tracted meetings In tho old school
Dr. Dlven was up from Waldpor'
Monday. He returned to Newport t
take the steamer Augusta to Alsen
bay. ,
Luke O'Brien, the Yaqulna clothier,
was In town the first of the week.
Rev. A. L. Hawiey, who was on thl-
circult last year, has beeh asslgne I
to work at Newberg.
At the city election held last Mnr.
day the following were elected:
Councllmen, O. O. Krogslad, Rltt
Dcdrlck,. Wm. Alexander, and M. E
I'ealrs. ,
Pellet Felix went to Yakima, Wash.
The steamer Volunta stoDnnd her
on her way up the river Monday.
wesiey uavis made a trip to thr
Valley the latter part of the week.
Married At the bride's resldenc
In this city, Thursday, December 6t'
1894, Christopher C. Kubler and Mrr
Emallne A. Glore, J. A. Hull. Justin
of the Peace, officiating.
Married At the Siletx Agerfcy, r
Sunday, December 2. 1894. I)r. C.u
and MIrs Humphrey, Rev. Potter .
Tom Horning roports that they hn
the last mess of roasting ears of tv
soaaon at their homo lust Tuesday.
ir.u ... . i .... . . .
tiii. u. moninr was Killed at H'
Pioneer quarry yesterday, bv hel
cruHhed by a heavy timber of a d
rick they were putting In place.
Governor-elect W. P. Lord and 8c
ator Mitchell called on I'resldoa'
Cleveland last Thursday .
o .:
8ee the big Boy Doll In our wlndrw
we will give away. One chance with
every 25o. purchase. Tolsdo Drug C