Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, January 30, 1914, Image 7

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    A Guarantee
Bring ycur watch to an exper
ienced workman For five
years we have been studying
the anatomy of a watch and
today we can cure the most
desperte cues. Let your
watch spend a few days in our
shop and it will come forth al
most as good as new, with a
guarantee from us to give you
satisfactory service, if this
we fail to do we will cheer
fully refund your money.
Hawkins Bid. TUcuo, Or.
Walt Harding was a Toledo visit
cr Sunday.
W. C Fischer wai up from Ya
nina Saturday.
Kcv. W. T. Pearce was over from
fie Ag:ncy Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Georee L?wis were
9 from Winant Saturday.
Mrs. 13 s 11 of Portland arrived
bt Saturday evening for a visit
wih her sister. Mrs John Turnidge,
in this city.
W. II. Dean came over fromCor-
vsITis this week to look after his
dfues which were damaged by the
recent high tides.
Kris Norgaard arrived Saturday
evening from Montana, and will
make his home here with hii. par
ents and assist them in the retstaur
znt. Last Monday morning the C.&E,
Eailroad company paid to Rev. Sny
der of the local M. E. church, the
icm cf $15, the full amount of aiu"aav. January zo, rue
tlaim for damnees done to some ! bnde 13 the daughter of Mrs. Lor-
newsshiDoed over the road Borne .
time ago.
The high wind and tides of last
bunaay nignt wre:Kec tne siock , her a ,ife of naDpines3- The gtoom
jheds on the fair grounds and a is well known in Fholomathi wh(,re
large part of them were floated jheia employed in the ticket office
across the fields to the "lroad.Qf the railroad comDany and the
track. 1 he tide and was flooded and couple , will make their home in
SKXW !B.:M8!Bfi " i
In the Circui t Court of the state
i Oregon for Lincoln county.
Salinda Spmggins, plaintiff,
. Allan ?pragginB, defendant.
lo Allen Soraggms. the above
amed defendant:
In the name of theStateof Oregon:
You are hereby summoned and
required to appear and answer the
complaint of the plaintiff in the
ahava entitled suit, now on file in
fh? office of the County Clerk of
the above entitled Court, on or be
fore the last day named in order
icr publication of summons, made
ly the County Judge of Lincoln
County, Oregon, (being the county
where the above entitled suit -is
pending in the Circuit Court there
of), which said time for appearing
and answering is fixed by said or
der as hereinafter referred to, to
wit: On or before six weeks from
Ihs date of the first publication
And you are hereby further
notified that if yon fail to appsar
end answer the said complaint as
herein required, for want thereof,
the plaintiff will apply to the above
entitled Court fur the relief prayed
icr in said complaint, namely, a
decree of the Court that the bonds
f matrimony between plaintiff
and defendant be dissolved, and for
foe custody of the minor child,
Allen C. Soraggins. and for such
ether and further relief as to the
Court may seem proper.
k This summons is published in the
Lincoln County Leader, once a
week fur six successive and con
secutive weeks, beginning with the
23d day cf January, 1914. and end
ing with the issue of the 13th day
cf March 1914, under and in pur
auance of , the directions contained
in on order made by the Hon. John
Fogart County Judge of Lincoln
county Oregon dated the 23d day
tt January 1914.
Gwynn & Clark,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
A reward of $100 will be given
invone finding the body of Oscar
Mayes, who was drown in the SiIetz
rhrer about November 20, 1913.
' Mrs. Jessie Mayes,
Rccva, Oregon. -
Neither Absent
Nor Tardy
The names of pupils in the 4th,
5th. 6th. 7th and 8th grades of To
ledo schools who are neither absent
cr tardv will be published each
week. For the week ending Jan
uary 23d, we have the follow
ing list: .
Efghth Grade Anstruther Scarth
Frances Paine, Winifred Swearin
gen, Amelia Whiteis, Terrence
Gaither, Ruth Larson, Bennie
Chamberlin, Milly Slvter, Mrytle
Gwynn, Russell Wishart, Grace Gill.
Seventh Anthony Brown, Carl
ton Brown, Vivan Peterson, Elma
Peterson, Anna Collins, Erma,
Lois Brown, Myrle Collins, htez-1
Winter, Margaret Hart, Gertrude
Sixtn James Derrick, Arnold
Frcmery, Clay Sugg, James Ross,
Inez Weaver, Rosa Derrick. Iris
Akin, Marv Geer, May Salvage,
Marie Miller, Helga Larson, Tnel
ma Bingham.
Fifth Alfred Andrews, Herthcl
Ports, ' Isabel! Lingenfelter, Jose
phine Dahl, Virginia Altree,. Katie
Waugh, Nelson Anderson, George
Freeman. Enda Plank, Aletha
Campbell, Kenneth Waddle, Vivian
Fourth Jofep'iine Chamberlin,
Sada Chambers, Curtis Chambers,
Nellie Peterson. Felice Avery. Ed
ward Dahl, Myrtle Weaver, Carrie
Wado.' Edith Pettrson, Walter Mc
Caulou, Ivan Gill, Rosey Gwynn,
George Stanley; Martin Stanley,
Roy Swayze.
Miss Eva Bailey and Mr. Delbert
iFollett wlere married at Philmoath
i .- - . .
enz5 Emerson of this city, and' has ;
resided on this Bay all her life
She is a charming young lady and
I Vlfln n lmst nf f rionrla ttrhn will utich
i many beautiful presents
der joins the many friends cf the
couple in extending congratulations.
Wm. Toner was up from Yaquina
Jack" Morgan returned from Port
land laet evening.
Newport is well represented on
our streets today.
I B. Smith was a passenger for
Albany yesterday morning.
Samuel Reichen of Newport had
business in this city yesterday.
George Chambers went up to his
ranch near Nortons Wednesday.
Mrs. 1. M. Tindall of Newport
was visiting in Toledo Saturday.
G. W. Huffman was a passenger
for the Valley yesterday morning.
to Salem on business Wednesday of
this week.
C. 0. Tripp of Portland has
cepted a position in W. T.
barber shop.
PnmcrmVi. tba MnraioA WnvJ
at Wondmpn Hall this vmincr h '
Prof. Sweetser of U: of 0.
' - - " - ft
Write or phone. For 18
extra you can gei lour magazines,
end the Leader for one year.
We now urge al our subscribers
to renew their subsiriptions to the'
Lead-r and get four magazines one
year for only 18 cents extra.
M-s. Mike Shermer and daughter,
Gntchen, of Winant went to Philo-
math io attend the marriage of
Mrs. Shcrmer's sister, Miss Eva
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoeflein and
daughter. Jaunita. departed Mon -
Anv mfirnino for Oakland. Califnr.
nia, where they expect to make
their home
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hall of
Silotz wer passengers for Portland
Wednesday, where they will take
in the automobile show and Mr.
Hall will attend a hardwaremsn's
The ladies-of the local M. E.
church will give a basket social at
Oddfellow Hall, Saturday evening,
February an. a good program
will also be rendered. All the
ladies are requested to br!nj
baskets, and everybody invited.
uy Furniture
o. r; hollingsworth
The Furniture Man
The Price is Always Right
Your Residence or Farm Property.
With the
Oregon Fire
Of McMinnville
Conservative in Writing Risks. Liberal in Adjusting Losses.
Surplus. $272,000 .
L. C. SMITH, Agent,
Mowport, Oregon
Write or Call, ou Mutual Phone
QPOD tS Atf)LE &
Kuns Dailv Dray Line. Goods delivered Promptly at all hours.
N 1 . eral hauling. Teams furnished on Bhort notice,
Will be in his office in the Ofstedahl Building
Jim Derby of Kernville just re
ceived a K Hand Power Stump Pul-
j ler and will use it on his farm down
there. '
Tell your neighbors about our big
club offer. They Burcly would like
Pall's got the Leader and four maga
zines, all one year, for ?1.68. ,
We have just looked
are now
Kod clubbing offer and
.offering you $10.50 worth of read-
..OB At 4 n
ling matter for $6. thus: McCalls
Mnoninn fiflf fiimcnt S5KV
nailv Oreoonian. Sfi nn? Leader.
$1.50; for the next 30 days we
w" Rive you all four papers for
n sear for the sum of $6.00.
Write or bring in your orders.
The f0nowinK SiIetz citizens
went to Portland Tuesday morning
to appear before the Federal grand
jury in the Wantuck murder case:
Superintendent K. C. Egbert, C. S.
Davis. Dr. Clausius, Charles Black-
eMter;. Joh" Adams; Peter Casey.
:Mar ha Johnson, Arch le Johnson,
' Applegate Jack, Paul Washington
; and Oscar Wood.
Miss Sara Crahen, as administra
trix of the estate of Thomas Dil
lon, who dropped dead at SiIetz
some weeks ago, went to SiIetz last
Thursday and sold the personal
effects in the estate. E: T. Raddant
bought the team and two colts fur
$390; G. A. Olin bought the hogs
at $20; Mr. Myers, the mowing
machine at $40; Grant King bought
400 bushels of potatoebat 77J cents
per 100; C. S. Davis paid $40 for
the cow; Jas. Franks. $18.50 for
a calf; the hay in the barn sold for
$11.50 per ton. " v
Old Reliable
The schooner Ahwaneda came up
yesterday and got a load of lumber
for Peterson's lumber yard at
The dredge Lincoln is at work
repairing the Lee Wade dyke,
which was damaged by the high
tide Sunday.
I. B. Smith has mude an assign
ment of his stock of men's fur-
nishings for the benefit of his
creditors. It 13 said that the stock !
will invoice more than the liabilities !
amount to.
Miss Iona Gill cams home from
Portland Tuesday evening and re
turned to the city again Wednesday
morning, where she has accepted a
pesition in a department store.
Mr and Mrs. James Salvage and
W. F. McJunkin departed. Saturday
morning for a trip to Southeastern
Oregon and California points. They
will be gone a couple of weeks.
Corner of 5th and Grove Sts.
Toledo, Oregon.
Services Sunday School, 10 a. m.
C. T. Saling. Supt. v
Preaching service, 11 a. m.
n l. f M
neacning, YltfU p. m.
Epworth League, 6:45 p. m.
S. B. Ports, President.
Song and Prayer Service Thursday
7:30 p. in.
Choir practice Wednesday 7 :30 p. m.
Residence of Paster, first door
eouth of Church.
Sanford Saydar; Pa stor, -
lascect those new
Warnock & Hughes.
premiums at
Notice i3 hereby given that the
undersigned has been duly ap
pointed, by the County Court of
Lincoln County, Oregon, executor
the estate of Moses Lane, deceased.
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified and
reauired to present the sane to me
for payment at my home in SiIetz,
Oregon, with proper vouchers and
duly verified, within six rconths
from the date hereof
Dated January 23, 1914.
C. S. Davis.
Executor of the estate cf Moses
Lane, deceased.
I have a team of 4-year-old, well
broken oxen, good disposition,
weight between 1400 and 1500
each. Reasonable of sold at onse.
C. Baternan. Toledo, Or.
Notice is hereby sriven that all
warrants drawn on the' General
Fund of Linci-ln county and en
dorsed "not paid for want of
funds" cn and prior to March 14,
1912, are hereby called and the in
terest stopped thereon this date.
Dated at Toledo, Oregon, this.
15th day' of January, 1914.
' G. B. McCluskey,
County Treasurer.
Look Here!
You people who want to sell, if
you will make the prices right I
can do business with you. Bare
good, live firm in Portland to assist.
Call at thp Racket Store and list
your property. R. N. Warnock. ,
Dr. King's New Discovery is
known everywhere as the remedy
which will surely stop a cough cr
cold. D. P. Lawson of Eidson,
Tenn., writes: "Dr. King's New
Discovery is the most wonderful
cough; cold and throat and lung;
medicine I ever sold in my store..
It can't be beat. It cells without
any trouble at all. It needs no
guarantee." Thi3 is true, becansw
Dr. King's New Discovery will re
lieve the most obstinate .of coughs
end colds. Lung troubles ouicklr
helped by its use. You should
keep a bottle in the house at all
times for all the
family. 50c and $1.00. All drug
gists pr by mail.
Philadelphia or St. Louis.
Notice is hereby given that that
undersigned has been duly appoin
ted by the Countv Court nt th.
State of Oregon. vfor the Countv
of Lincoln, administratrix of th
estate of Thomas Dillon, deceased
and has qualified as such.
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby required to
present them duly verified with the
proper vouchers within six months
from the date of this notice to m
at the office of the Yaquina Bay
i-anu ana Abstract Company, in
Toledo, Oregon.
Dated and first publication. Jan
uary 9, 1914.
; ' EaraCrahcnv
Administratrix of the estate oC
Thomas Dillon, deceased.'