Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, January 30, 1914, Image 1

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News of each Community' Gathered each
week by Our Rustling Associate Editors
Wf &JaDOrt
Walter Sterling and W. H. Baker .
of Portland are speding a couple cf j
weeks at Ten Mile securing agates
and birds for mounting.
Superintendent Goin is visiting
some of the schools in &3Uth Lin- j
coin County this week.
. J. K. Berrv shot a pelican a few
days ago and sent it to Cor? allis
for mounting.
A contract has been let for the
repair of the Alsea Hotel. The .
orcseut building will be raised
and another story built under it.
Mrs. Wm. Crocker, accompanied i
by her daughter. Juarita, and son, i
Edgar, are visiting friends in the
c... ki v !
point may be a delightful enjoy
ment in the Summer, but with con
ditions bs they were last Sunday we
are unable to Eee any reason why
six boys in three small boats should
venture almost 10 the bar. Better
stop it, boys, for the penalty is
sometimes heavy.
Little Elk
Very stormy weather this. Little
Elk tributaries are overflowing.
Vance Cline's new barn i&' near-
ing completion. From all accounts tonitis set in and he died Tuesday
it will be a good roomy barn. morning at 2 o'clock, just twelve
Mr. Lelean and Mr. Baird are ' hours f rom the time he opera
making a good showing on their tion- Joseph Briggs was born at
i a- il!. fi?i xl . Curia Fnnlucpnthnr Mow 97 1 Q79
numeiitaus una miner, in me way
.i..k.-n mM k..;M:..
m wuiu ling tsik uia lauui auu
gone to Enterprise, Oregon,
he will have charge of his
in law's ranch. .
r j-;,-f ti.rl- -.U!.'
davs last week. We thought from '
111 L1J13 va'ICJ I nil VI bll&CC
his talk he intends coming out for i
some effice at
the primaries next being built on this land. It is one! Arthur ana George Wigle re
of the most beautiful locations in turned from Nashville where thev
Walter Standard of Philomath is
visiting his mother and sister this
weeK. waiter says there is no
Place like home, specially if home !
is on Little Elk. ,
W. F. Wakefield killed two cf the ;
largest hogs last week that have;
oeen Kinea m tnis pari oi tne
couuiy ior soire ume. uneiwent. He was Wo. 'I in thu U S.
weigneu ooo pounus ana we omer ,
917 onH thou mora nnf vnrn.fiul I
Those of our - school who were
-neither absent nor tardy for Jthe
last month were, Walter . Cline,
"Kenneth Loudon, and Richard
Ttoynton. This was very good con
sidering the weather.
The Little Elk local telephone
company held their annual meeting
Friday, the 23d. They elected new
officers for' the ensuing year and
made arrangements for taking on
new members and for paying switch
dues. The officers elected were, S.
T. Loudon, president; Jrvin Magee,
;j L . T T .1 !
vice jjrtsiueiu; w. j. inne, secre
vtary; M. L. Seits, treasurer.
Mr. Royce hauled Bert Oviatt's
'launch over from Devil's Lake to
Siletz Bay for bert to use while
teaching school at Hill's.
Johnny Crowley was over from
Salmon river last week.
Captain Cook came in' with the
mailcarrier. The ocean is so rough
he cannot run the Nenamosha in,
and supplies are running low.
Dodson & Cook are going to have
the schooner Mirene bring in a full
We are having more high water,
Siletz river, Schooner creek and
Drift river are booming. G. S.
Parmele is watching his bridge
across Drift to keep it from going
if he can. '
" All stock in this community is do
ing fine.
So many people wanting lumber
and the mill cannot run on account
of so much high water.
oi tee I ii i iL. ct
of the week, enroute to Salmon
The Hotel Mercer is doing a
good business,
Barber Jesse Farr in says "Right
this way for a ciean shave and hair
cut." You will find him next door
to Dodson & Cook's store.
Charley Hyde and wife are visit-
, ors at Bert Morrison's.
It was Erikscn's house thaMook
a slide. The logs and earth that!
came against the house took the
house leaving the floor.- There
were nine persons In the housa at:
I timn n kU. 4. k.J - '
stairs. All got out unhurt. They
are now building a log house.
Holton & Erikson have been
turning out lots of first class
shinelea. They have had plenty of
water power this Winter.
Died Joseph Oliver Brig died
in the hospital at Albany following
an operation for appendicitis. He
was taken sick Monday night, the
20th, and was taken tu the hospitrl
Wednesday morning and the opera
tion was performed at 2 o'clock of
the same day. He stood the ccer-
lation fine and it was thought he
would come out all riaht. hut neri-
u ji.: .. ,
'His aee beine 41 vears. 7 munths!have some dentistry work dane Kr ooq nn oar a r. nnaoo
wno wa3 arown at cig create near
..n Ur Dn.i r.,. J
lnn nik l.T. filn,01 the Raddant saw mill for a few
""; v:.:.ri
ul-lLU vt louu a I. vo jJVi 1 vutffcailiCl
A Dart of this land is now a
government reserve, the lighthouse
Oregon. The view from the light-
bouse is simply grand, both bv land
and sea. .Amidst these beautiful
""f ffiTtfifLB,"w.iS!
'"a"- "au uu
was liked and respected by everyone
who knew him. He looked on the
bright side of life and brought
cheer and sunlight wherever he
jue saving cr?w lor about eight
...... T. .D: j
ycuio. uoc t)iii43 never reiuaea
to do his duty even though the sea lapoointed trustee,
was rough and dangerous. He j M , . .
went out over the bar to save life! Mr and Mrs. Chas. Mulkey went
or, nnT,nfn wk ! to Philomath one day during last
vet it v ib sad to think that Joe
Briggs has crossed the harbor bar
for the last time. He has entered
that shoaless ocean from which noj
traveler ever returns. The funeral '
services were held at the Prcsby-I
terian church on Sunday. A large
number of his friends and neigh
burs were present to pay their last
tribute of respect to his memory.
The floral offering3 were numerous
I l mi
ana Deauiuui. ine services were
conducted by Re?. C, T. Hurd.
The church choir sang some beau
tiful and appropriate selections.
The interrment took place at Cape
Foulweather, where his little sister,
mother, wife and one little daugh
ter, Dorty, are buried. He ia sur
vived by two Bisters, Mrs. Walker,
who lives at Gardner, and Mrs.
Campbell of Freewater, a little
daughter, Alice, who lives with
Mrs. Campbell.
J. T. , Plant, representing the
citizens, and R. F. Baker, represent
ing the city council, went to Port
land Monday to meet with the re
presentatives of the Portland West
Coast Railway and Naviagtion Com
pany with regard to the completion
of the franchise to that company
with the understanding that a rail
road will be built to Newport with
in the next four years. This road
comes through a very rich, unde
veloped country and will be, when
completed, one of the finest pieces
of roads in America. We hope and
believe that the agreements will be
perfected and that the road will be
built within the time specified.
The wind and rain storm of Sun
day and . Sunday sight wua the
heaviest that has occured for many
years. The barometer registered
28.80, S unday. the lowest known
for many years. This indicates a
great storm and we were not dis
appointed. The wind blew 80
miles an hour and the rain fell in
torrents. The houses .swayed and
shook but little damage was r'one.
The Ahwaneda went tu Waldport
Saturday with 15 tons cf freight
for Walker & Leabow and returned
within 21 hours without any
trouble. ,
The Roscoe and the two barces.
C.lf 11 1 1 lfl OnH VroAorinh o-i cfill it
Yaquma unable to get out. The
I indications now are that the storm
jis breaking up and we may expect
I good weather soon. February will
, no doubt be a good month.
j Dr. Carter never appeared in
I Justxa Parrjsb'a court as stated iii
j last week's Leader. It was a mis
itake. '
Rock Creek
Clinton Southwell visited relatives
in Falls City the latter part of last
week. He reports the roeda in had
condition. . The wind having blown
quite a few tree3 across the road.
Henri Zebinden has resigned his
his position with Emil T. Raddant,
I and, is Jiving on hu homestead
j again. ;
I Roy Elting cf the Upper Farm
i made a trip to Dallas t lis week, to
fenm PaW nln.. u
.W- J- Southwell has taken charge
months. They are going to
out the lumber for the two bridges
to cross the Siletz at Upper Farm.
hae been building roads. Itsaemsi
'he ram washed the mud in faster
than they cduIc grade it out.
Royal Plank was a business visit
or at Toledo last week.
A telephone meeting was held on
the 24th inst. R. L. Hathaway
j was elected president: Riley Young
I .
i vice nrpsifipnr- k. k. k ark n
H. W. Jacobs is visiting in Cor
vallis and other outside points. '
A party wrs given for Lige
Grant on the 26tb, that date being
his birthday.
Lawton Barber md Miss Dorothy
Neave were married at Corva'lis on
January 21st. The Barbers were
former residents of Harlan, and
Lawton's friends here wish the
young couple much happiness.
P. H. Martin spent last week in
Corvallis visiting his daughters.
Mr. Jones, who has been visiting
at the residence of G. F. Kinney,
returned Monday to his home at
Miss Delia Davenport went to
Riverside to visit her her brother
and family Saturday, returning
We have been having high' water
and the wind keeps our telephone
out of cornntSkion must of the
"Marion Lytle, our mailcarrier,
met with with all kinds of luck
(but Rood kinds) coming over Mon
day. He had three breaks about
hia rig and found two trees in
the road. He had to get help to
get around one tree. This is the
first Winter a vehicle has been used
all the time, but there is too much
mail for a pack horse.
School opened again Monday with
every pupil in attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. John Margson and
Miss Gertrude Schroeder were in
Toledo Saturday.
Eugene Emerson and Peter Peter
son came down frcm Toledo Satur
day. Miss Cora Boone spent Saturday
and Sunday with Miss Ada Lewis.
Clarence Boone annd Royal Ferr
were in Toledo Saturday. -
Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis Bons,
Lloyd and Joseph, and daughter,
Margaret, visited Mis. Dora Hunt
sucker Saturday.
. Mrs. Mike Shermer and daugh-
i ter, Gretchen, were passengers for
the Valley baturdav morning.
Van Boone and son, Dannie, were
Toledo visiters Saturday.
Ihomas Brown and sen, Charles,
were in Newport Saturday.
A new sun arrived at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davenport.
Saturday night.
Miss Clare Moore sp?nt Sunday
night with Miss Etehl PurEfnll.
A dance was given at Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Brown's Saturday
night. As usual all report a dandy
jim time.
John Davenport went to Elk
City Wednesday.
Mr. Murphy of Big Elk did some
surveying for R. I. Moore' last
Messrs. Everett and Asa Brown,
Jesse and John Davenport and
Ruoert Stewart attended the sur
prise party given on R. E Grant
at Mr. and Mrs. N L Grant's at
Harlan Monday night
West Yaquina
On account of the rasing storm
'Sunday night a great amount of
damaxe was done.
The wind blew several fences
down last week.
It i3 a case of "the sun and rain
were paving hide and seek together"-
these days.
The bay has been so rough that
Mr. Snow has been unable to cross
over to work. .
The high tide Sunday night took
Dick Huntsacker's cabin away.
When. Dick returns it means work
for him.
The wind blew Ed Hatlon's
kitchen window in and also blew
the woodschd dour off the hinges
and the tide politely carried his
wood pilfi off. The hieh tides
swamped the telephone lines and
the people of thi3 vicinity had to
wa!t till low tide to do their talk
ing. The barges Frederick and Co
quille are still tied at Yaquina
wharf waiting for tho bar to calm
down so the tug L. Roscoe can tow
them out to sea.
Dick Huntsucker is spending a
few weeks with Banner Zeek on
Poole slough.
Messrs. Chester and Leslie Willis
returned to work on the section
Tuesday morning, after spending
Sunday and Monday at home.
Floyd Day is slowly improving
from a severe burn which he re
ceived while working for Bill
Mrs. Smith 'is getting well as
fast as can bo expected.
The following pupils of District
No. 24 were neither absent nor
tardy the last month: Myrtle Wil
lis," Stella Willis, Emma Willis,
Olive Willis, R. V. Hanlon, Charles
Hanlon, Robert Haulon, Gladys
Snow, and Cecil Snow.
A. H. Phelps and S. C. Denny
went to Yaquina Friday.
J. A. Coovert U slowly improv
Mr.andMrs.C.S. Oimar and
R. W. Ohmart visit?d at the Wooer"
ranch Sunday.
H. H. and A. M. Cook wers trad
ing at Newport Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Mrs. Francis Gatens is helping
at the Coovert ranch during Mr.
Coovert's illness.
Those Tax Values
Elsewhere in this issue will be
found an article on the method of
apportioning state taxes to the dif
ferent counties, which is self ex
planatory. It would seem that after our
windy contemporary had informed
its readers that they were being;
l o' bed by the present hi, h valua
tions made by Assessor Ball, and
the Leader had thown its lack of
tact by butting in an J proving with
figures that they didn't know what
they were talking about, and how
they silenced us forever by referr
ing to m fs "the oracle of human
wisdom," "thi source of all know
ledge," "the hidden editor," and
such other complimentary phrases
as came, to their minds, just because
we corrected them in their error.
It would seem that after all thi3
controversy the large minded man
who edited those articles thought
it was about time he found out
what he was writing about.
The answer from Tax Commis-
soner Galloway is very gratifying
to us as it bears' us out in our
statements. Lincoln county this
year i3 allowed the best percentage
on the assessed valuation of any
county in Oregon.
If the Sentinel desired to be
so hon st with everyone, we would
ask, why, in all fairness to Assessor
Ball, they have not published this
information received from Mr. Gal
loway. We have waited several
weeks hoping they would do bo,
but they have used dead legal
notices, and have run the same
notices on both the front and back
pages in order to fill oace, but
never a word of apology to Mr.
Ball. Mr. Ball took the oath to
perform the duties of Assessor, as
by law provided, and has done th
same conscientiously, having made ,
the best assessment of any Assessor
in the state. We believe the Senti
nel owes Mr. Ball an apology, also
owes ti. readers an apology for
misinforming them on this subject.
Toledo Wins
Double Header
At the skating rink - last Friday
eveniug Toledo came off victorious
in both games. The first was the
girls' game and was one of the
most interesting games ever played
in Toledo. From the start the
sjore was nip and tuck and at the
end was tied 14 to 14. Tho game
was continued until one side scored
and Toledo wa3 the lucky one.
winning 16 to 14.
The boys' game was won by the
score of 48 to 20, and was not so
interesting, being marred by rag
chewing. The game at Newport Saturday
evening between the town teams
was won by Newport by the score
of 23 to 19. The Ollis S. took the
crowd down.
Call in and inspect Warnock
Hughes' new premiums.
Ira Wade returned last
from a trip to Portland.
County Judge Fogarty wes a
Newport visitor this week.
Sheriff Geer went to Portland
Tuesday returning yesterdiy.
Fred Salvage and Edna Waugh
were Corvallis visitors yesterday.
Circuit Judge Hamilton arrived'
last evening and is holding Court
Mrs. 0. R. Hollingsworth re
turned last evening from a week's
visit in the Valley.. v