Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, January 16, 1914, Image 7

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    A Guarantee
.ring your watch to an exper
ienced workman For five
years we have been studying
tlie anatomy ol a watch and
today we can cure the moat
cesper te cases. Let jour
XT3teh spend a few days in our
shop and it will come forth al
most as Rood as new, with a
guarantee from us to give you
satisfactory service, if this
e fail to do we will cheer
fully refund your money.
Hawkins Bld.i Toledo, Or.
Attorney V. E. Gwynn was up
from Newport yesterday.
Victor E. Hachman of Eddyville
is visiting his daughter, Mis. R.y
fillter, in this city.
Owing to sickness there will be
no Saturday Epecial "Economy
SJfcle" at the Raiket this week.
Cecil Eme;y was uu from New
port Wednesday makirg arrange
nents for the putting on of another
play here by the Newport Dramatic
, Mrs. Allen Hughes went to Tort
Und the first cf tre week, and
word was received that she would
bf Derated on today for oppendi
o.iid. Mr. Hughes went to the city
Wtdnesday to be with her.
Subscripitons received this week
re, L. A. Denr.ick, Newport; L.
F. Vjrf-ihy, MsAlester, Okla; C.
Chiiitensen, Yaquina L. Forget,
Newport; Ike Leabo, Jerome,
IcLho; Roy Walter, Chitwocd; J.
J. Caither, IoleJo; A. Deardurf,
Portland; K. S. Langhei, Tiledo;
S E. Coffin, Ioledo.
At the annuel meeting of t the
Creamery Association held last
Monday the following officers were
elected for the ensuing year: Presi
dent, J. W. Parrish; secretary, J.
L. Whiteis; treasurer, Claus Christ
iansen :'dictora, T. B. Butler, C.
Brmer; I. F. Hiser, 0. A. Copeland
John" FoT.-nsbee.V' It is thought
acuial construction work will be
commenced about the first of next
We are now havinnr the hichest
wrier we have had for four or five
yerrs. The Schooner creek and
Drift river bottoms are all under
The Siletz-Taft mailcarrler only
f ol to Drift river Monday with his
mail. The hay was a mass of white
caps. The Siletz river was running
so swift that it was dangerous to
undertake to go further,
Mr. and Mr3. Plank came down
with the mailcarrier. Mrs. Plank
was formeily Mis3 Edith Ball. She
Las .come to finish her school cn
Schooner creek.
D. R. Ring's tawmill is shut down
ton account of high water.
Bert Morrison is working fcr
Dcdson & Cook. They have found
that their business has out grown
their building and they are build-
. tag an addition.
Misj Nellie Nixon, ore of the
Schooner creek schaol teachers,
visited Mrs. Walter Bones last
Miss Nellie of Schooner
reek n staying with her grandma,
iln. Amon Bor.e3, and going to
school for a short time.
II. 1 ! 11 V
ivjr. ana Mrs. wiuie nones were
vintors at Mr. McClintock's fcr
leveial days last week.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed by
the County Court of Linioln "countv.
Orczcn, administratrix of the estate
of David Foreman, deceased. All
persons having claims neairret Soid
estate ore hereby notified and re
1 . L 1 I
auireu 10 preEcni mo earne to mo
for payment, at the lawtfTiceof G.
IB. McCluskey, in Toledo, Oregon,
with proper vouchers, and duly veri
lieu, within six months from the
date hereof.
Dated December 15, 1913.
Nellie C. Harrison,
Administratrix of the estate o
David Foreman, deceased
G. B. McCluskey, attorney ior Ad-
' .jninistratrix, Toledo, Oregon.
Jury List
The following is the jury list
drawn for the regular February
term of Circuit Court for this
F C Aldrich. Eddyville
Ira Bray, Waldport
Cecil Blower, Toledo
A b Clark, Elk City
Wm Psrnley, Toledo
P H Elting, Siletz
J H Earley, Waldport
F F Foster, Nortuns
Jessen Farrin, Taft
A Hurley, Toledo
L A January, Harlan '
Jas Kent, Waldport
T F Kershaw, Newport
0 E McMillan, Rose Lodge
T B Newman, Rocca
G A Olin, Siletz
G N Pulse, Tidewater
H J Prosser. Newport
C H Pierce. Otis
Geo Prescott, Bav View
Faris Parks. Elk City
A F Ross Dcnzer
D B Ramsdell, Elk City
J F Sapn. Denzer
L W Williams, Newport
W D Wheeler, Newport
A W Weber. Ona
Fred Wagner, Nortons
G N Barclay, Tidewater
A Gallagher, Ona
A C Crawford, Siletz.
Neither Absent
Nor Tardy
The names of pupils in the 4th,
5th, 6th. 7th and 8th grades of To
ledo schools who are neither absent
or tard.v will be published each
week. For the week ending Jan
uary 9th, we have the follow
ing list:
Fifth Grade Howard Brown, Al
fred Andrews, Herthel Ports. Isa
bel Lingenfeller. Josephine Dahl.
Katie Wajgh. Nelson Anderson.
George Freeman, Edna Plank.
Aletha Campbell, Rose Conibcar.
Kenneth Waddle, Vivian Spicer.
Foutth Grade Roy Swayze. Sada
Chambers. Joeephine Chamberlin,
Curtis Chambers, Nellie Peterson.
Felice Avery, Edward Dabl. Llovd
McJunkin, Myrtle . Weaver, Carrie
Wade, Edith Peterson. Walter Mc-
Caulou, Austin Huffman, Ivan Gill.
Rosa Gwynn, George Stanley, Mar
tin Stanley, Wan en Stewart.
Sixth Grade George Slyter, Ar
nold Freuery, Ihomas Harding,
James Ross. Inez Weaver. Rosa
Derrick, Iris Akin, Mary Geer. May
Salvage, Helga Larsjn, Thelma
Seventh Grade Carlton Brown,
Anna Collins. Elma Peterson, Erma
Nye, Francel Stanton, Lois Brown,
Myrle Collins, Hazel Winters, Mar
gart Hart, Antosia WiBniewski,
Gertrude Chamberlin, Violet
Eighth Grade Margie Ball. An
struther Scavth, Frances Paire.
Clara Harding. Eennie Towmbley,
Winifred bweanngen. Raymond
St. wait, Ruth Larson, Bennie
Chamberlin, Milly Slyter, Myrtle
Gwynn, Grace. Gill. , . , .
New Council
Sworn In
At the council chambers Monday
evening O. R. Hollingssvorth, A.
T. Peterson and Austin Rosebrook
took the oath of office and at once
took their seats in the council an d
went ahead with the routine busi
ness of the city. The councilmen
retiring are M. N. Anderson and
W. E. Ball. These men have
worked faithfully for the better
ment of our citv and are entitled to
your thanks.
Newport 5;
Toledo 3.
In a fast game of basket ball at
Newport last Friday evenincr thn
Toledo High school girls lost to the
Newport girls by the above seorp.
The launches Chicora and Transit
took the Toledo bunch down. A
return game will be Dlaved
The Newport bovs' haaket hall
team will play Toledo here at the
rink tonight. A dance will be had
after the game.
Mrs. Rhoades was a passenger for
the Valley Saturday morning.
John Folmsbee of Big Elk was
in the city the first of the week.
faamuel Reichen of Newport had
business in the county seaf last
oy Furniture
The Furniture Man
The Price is Always Right
ale starts
Clearance Sale
in our stock of
. '
Large portion of our Tailord-to-
Order samples.
- Smith's
.... The Leading Clothier
O Sale Price for Cash Only $
Miss Grace Davis visited at Chit
wood Saturday.
M. N. Anderson has been sworn
in fas deputymarshal.
Miss Lena Ball was a passenger
for the Valley Saturday morning.
Maurice Anderson was a passen
ger for Portland Tuesday morning.
. Dr. R. D. Burgess returned last
evening from a visit to the Valley.
Mrs. C. K. Cronso entertained
the Wist Club last Friday after
noon. Miss Mary Green of Newport
visited friends here the first of the
week. '.
t Merchant Allen Hughes was a
passenger for Portland Wednesday
L. C. Smith, the Newport realty
man, had business in this city
Mrs. Milliard Merrell was a pas
senger for Portland Wednesday
Lot Putler returned to Monroe
Wednesday after a several days"
visit here.
Caot. 0. F. Jacobson of the
Newport passed through Wednesday
morning enroute for the Valley.
Mrs. Jos. Swearingen went to
Corvallis Saturday to visit with her
brother, H. A. Newton, who is
quite sick.
Ike Leabo cf Jerome. Idaho.
visited here with his aunt,. Mrs. J.
McCluskey, the latter part of last
week. Mr. Lenbo-lived here on the
bay forty years ago.
FntllPP T. TTnvfif rmul Vioa
charge of the Chathoic churches
in mis county, having taken up
the work of Father Hampson.- He
is at Ncwnnrt tha f-of
Sundays, at Siletz the second and
nere me imra Sunday, holding ser
vices at 10 a. m.
Sat. Jan. 10
Commissioner Wakefield returned
Monday morning to his home at
Eddyville, after sitting in Comis
sioners' Court here last week.
Roy Walter of Chi two id was in
the city laet night. Roy just re
cently received patent to his home
stead and had the patent filed at
the clerk's office. :
J. J. Cusack arrived onr frnm
Portland Monday eveninor to look
after his brother's estate, of which
he is the administrator. He and
with Fred Stanton left for n trin
into the Siletz timber Tuesday
" $100 REWARD $100
A reward of S100 will hn oiupn
anyone finding the body of Oscar
Mayes, who was drown in the Siletz
river about November 20, 1913.
Mrs. Jessie Mayes,
Roc:a, Oregon.
I have a team of 4-year-old, well
broken oxen, good disposition,
weight between 1400 and 1500
each. Reasonable of sold at on:e.
C. Bateman. Toln.dd, Or.
Notice is hereby given that all
warrants drawn on the General
Fund of Lincoln county and en
dorsed "not paid for want of
funds" on and prior to March 14,
1912, are hereby called and the in
terest stopped thereon this date.
Dated at Toledo, Oregon, thiB
15th day of January, 1914.
G. B. McCluskey,
County Treasurer.
Farms Wanted
If you have a farm ' for sale or
exc tange, and will .price it right,
we can dispose of it for you.
Send us complete description
and piice. - ,
212 Selling Bldg., Portland, Or.
Miss Frances Simpson of Elk
City is visiting friends in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. McEwian re
turned Saturday from a visit at
John Hamar was down from
Nortons on business the first of
the week.
Howard Sherlock of Newberg is
here this week visiting h's old
friend, O. R. Hollingsworth.
Shook and children spent the day
with friends up the mad Tues Jay.
Mrs. Millard Merrell came up
f orn Newport Monday morniag for
a isi at the Merrell home in this
citiC '
Fred Chambers returned to New
port Wednesday evening, where be
is helping to look after his mother
Miss Esther Copeland has been
on the sick list this week! Mrs
utiitn Howeu taking her nlacd : in
fi.,.W.. HnfTmon .
the Toledo Lumber company, was a"'
Portlarid visitor this week, return
ing last evening.
Lambert Nelson was dawn fm
Pioneer Saturday evening. nttonJ.
ing the installation of the local I.
U. U. t. and Kebekah lodges.
Mrs. C. G. Holland returnd -
her home at Portland Monday
tvilu ner
parents. Mr. and Mrs.C .T. Sailng
in this city. ' '
Grandma Dundon in
anu, uemg very oia, iears are enter
taintd for her recovery. Her
daughter. Mrs. Mattie Scott, ar
rived last evening to be at the bed
Surveyor Hayes returned Mon
day evening with a crew of men to
resume his work for the C. & E.
railroad in this vicinity. They will
a4so survey out a "Y" at Yaquina.
J. A. Peteroon has told the Pal
ace restaurant to Hans Norgaard,
the latter taking charge last Monl
day morning. Mr. and Mis. Peter
son conducted this place for over
two ytars and in that time built up
a thiiving business. That Mr.
Norgaard and wife will do well in
catering to the hungry public there
is no doubt. Mrs. Norgaard is an
excellent cook and her tables will
be always sjpplied with the best.
Miss Harvey has moved her candy
shop into the same building and wiil
also assist with the restaurant
Dr. King's New Discovery is
known everywhere as the remedy
which wiil surely stop a cough or
cold. D. P. Lawson of Eidson.
Tenn., writes: "Dr. King's New
Discovery is. tho most wonderful
cough, cold and throat and lung
medicine I tver sold n my store.
It can't be beat. It sells without
any trouble at all. It needs no
guarantee." This is true, becauso
Dr. King's New Discovery will re
lieve the most obstinate of coughs
and colds. Lung troubles quickly
le.neu oy us use. You should
keep a bottle in the house at all
times for all the numbers of tha
family. 50c and $1.00. All drug
gists or by mail.
Philadelphia or St. Louis.