Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, January 16, 1914, Image 1

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News of each Community Gathered each
week by Our Hustling Associate Editors
The new city officers took
seats last Tuesday evening. . j
Mr. Rankin of the forest service'
was a Waldport visitor this week.!
C. M. Starr came over from Cor-,
vellis last week. Mr. Starr has'
bought a place up Mill creek. j
O. V. Hurt has bought the Earley '
tlace and expects to make it his :
borne next Summer. j
J. I. Head has bought the Central .
Hotel at WHldoort and took charge j
the 4th. Mr. Head is an experi-,
enced hotel man and has announced
bis intention to re-f umish the build-
ing and conduct an up-tc-aate es
i m i
Some of the ourils of district 41
are absent this week on account of'
J. Van Schoick visited at the
home of 1 nomas Brown Sundey.
George Lewis was in Yaquina
Wr. and Mrs. Bill Eackus, daugh
ter, Alice, eon, Clarence, and Floyd
JDay visited at the home of Mr
jwid Mrs. Van Boone Sunday.
George King and grandsons,
Delno and Cedric Shermer, were in
Yaquina Sunday.
Gladys King is on the sick list
this week.
Clarence. Boone was a Newport
visitor Saturday niabt,
. "Newa u scarce wilU Us this week,
, lowing to being holed-up. : ,
M. Hodges has built agecttage at
Salado and Ray Thomas is building
him one.
The eawmill was idle a few daya
last week owing to the breaking oldavlight.
- Dave Murphy is laid ip with a
sore hand.
Jim Hedges looks rather gaunt
of late. What is the trouble; slap
jacks, home made?
We ere sorry to see m last ween s
issued me UK wry ana Dig r.iit ;
items a slur and comment n an
item of late date when we ex- j
pressed our views in regard ro
icads, as we did not wish to ruffle
the gentleman s Iesiing3 m tnis
article, as we only stated facts as
we see them. As the writer of
these items has lived in the Big
Elk country about thirty years and
las volunteered work as well as
-paying his taxes, we cannot
refrain from expressing our views
in regard to our roads'. Our cor
respondent says we can't build
roads by holeing up. Quite so. I
put in twenty-three days' work
last Summer voluntarily on our
public roads and traveled over three
.different districts at least twice a
: month during the entire year. The
correspondent had best ree more
than four or five miles of road
Jbefcre he criticizes others' views.
Died At Col. E. L. Smith's Jan
uary 13th, Marcus C Perrin, aged
7fi years, 9 months and 11 days.
Mr. Perrin served in the U. S.
r.avy as steward -for three years
during the Civil War. He was a
eraduate in medicine and practiced
his profession in Illinois for many
years. He came to this coast five
years ago and located in Newport,
where he lived up to the time of
his death. He was' a member of
the Baptist church and lived a Con
sistent Christian life. He was
noted for his kind, benevolent dis
position and unblemished character.
He was liked by all who knew him.
He is surived by two sons, J. P.
and J. A. Perrin, who live in New
port, and a daughter, Mrs. Saak,
-who lives in San Francisco. His
-wife dieii some, eight years ago in
Given by the Newport Dramatic Society. This is cne of the Best Comedys on the Ameri-'
can Stage of today, and will be handled by an All-Star cast, so if you want to Bee some
thing good you cannot afford to miss it. . .
s the cast is drilling hard we will not te able to give the Date until the next issue of
the press, but watch for it.
Washington. He wa3 enr nets in
the East Washington hosf. tal for
seventeen years, and- from th re
came to Newport. The une al
services were held at the hni;
of Col. Smith, being conducted b '
Rev. Charles T.Hurd. The in r r
roent took place in Eureka ceme
tery. The heavy storms of this
Winter seem to have been hard on
old people. A good many deaths
have occured in Newport and vi
cinity. The basket ball game played Fri
day evening at the skating rink be
tween the Black Sox girls of Tole
do and the White Sox girls of New
port was won by the White Sox,
the score standing 5 to 3 in theii
favor. ' - - v -
.The Fatsy, on her way from
Siuslaw to Portland, stopped over
Thursday night at Newport and
left early Friday morning in order
to pass over the . Columbia bar in
The Mirene and Ahwancda came
in Friday with freight for Wald
port and Newport. Capt.;; Morse
had,85tonson his beat, 75 tons
for the Morse grocery store and
the other ten tons for Waldoort.
Tt,e new grafe aD(j p,,, roa(j
that ia being buiit frora Front to
Qase street is nearly completed,
w en done it wiil be the best road
j and best grade to Nye Creek lt
iwili also B,orten the distance to
, MVe creek about 1000 vards and
I the grade will be about six per
cent, which gives an easy grade
for automobiles, wagons, pedes
trans and all other modes of travel.
Bush Davis has the contract and he
has kept a force of men at work
right along notwithstanding the se
vere weather that has prevailed
most of the time. .
The committee that was appoin
ted by the city council, consisting
of J. T. Plant, S. G. Irvin, R. A.
Bensell, Thomas Leese and J. L.
Rickman, to prepare a draft of an
ordtnance or agreement for Jetting
a franchise to the Portland West
Coast Railroad and Navigation
company, met with the council at a
call session Saturday evening and
the ordinance was read by J. T.
Plant, chairman of the committee,
to the council and citizens. Mr.
Plant explaining carefully each sec
tion of the ordinance and invited
any corrections or criticisms that
might be noticed by any person
present. Aside from a few minor
iems the draft was considered to
be a vtry able and well prepared
document, safeguarding all the in
terests of the city. Mr. Plant
took the report out to Albany to
have it examined by an expert law
yer to see that it is all right.
At the next regular meeting of
the council the report will be pre
sented f or adoption. A vote of
thanks, both by the council and the
citizens, was passed thanking the
committee for the very able and
careful manner with which the re
port was prepared. '
Rock Creek
Bert Geer visited the Valley this
week on county business.
R. Feterson and family moved to
Portland for the Winter,
Ed Sampson.. Polk county's road
supervisor, soeht a few days in this
district looking over the roads and
visiting his children.
George Wilson, the merchant of
Norton, who intends building and
putting in a store at the mouth of
Rock creek, was over Sunday .look
ing over a store site.
Neal ' Birdwell. who has been
down with typhiod fever, Ii im
proving rapidly and will soon be
about again. ' " --- m.-.- - -
Wm Birdwell and the Wigle boys
have finished their logging contract
wiih Erail T. Raddant. , The logs
are to make lumber for the bridges
to be built across the Siletz river
at the mouth of Rock creek.
Emil T. Raddant returned from
Portland Tuesday night.' While in
Portland Mr. Raddant purhcased
the big cables for his suspension
bridge over the Siletz river at Up
per Farm. -
A great deal of damage was
done in this part of the country by
the big sturm and high water last
T. M. Mcflintock was recently
put on the school board as a direct
or in District No.j60.
Mrs. Saarenpaa died at her home
on Schooner creek Monday morn
ing, January 5th, after a brief ill
ness. Mr oaarenpaa and the two
oldest children were away from
home working and friends of the
family were unable to find them.
She was buried Thursday, the 9th.
Mr. Erickson's house was dam
aged beyond repair during the big
storm last week, by a land slide
the iamiiy was lucky to escane
with their lives. Mr. Erickson is
no'.v planning on building a log
housj to live in until the roads get
good in the Spring, so he can haul
lumber for another house.
Miss Nellie Bones, who has been
over on Drift creek going to school
during vacation, returned home
J. A. Coovert ha3 been very
the past week. f
J. C. Elliott, Henry Wiland and
Mr. Sicbert of Portland visited at
tl.e Weber ranch tho past ten days.
Herman Weber is visiting at
Mr. and Mrs C. S. Ohmart. Mrs.
W. C. Weber and A. W. Weber
visited at the Lissy ranch Sunday.
Reynolds Ohmart, 'Fay Selby,
Clifford Phelps and Earl Denny
visited at the Weaver ranch on-Up
per Beaver Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lissy spent Monday
nigbt and Tuesday at the Ohmart
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Hewett of
Upper Beaver and Mr. and Mrs.
Denny and daughter, Leta. visited
at the Coovert ranch Sunday.
Beaver creek was the hiehestlast
week that it has been for five or six
The holiday season is past and
everyone has settled down for an-
other year's
'profit and loss" ac-
Everybody knows that Southern
California is called the "Garden of
the world," but we see real estate
buyers from thi sunny south on
our streets this week hunting a
home where there is some rain and
soil instead of shine, rocks, horned
toads, centipedes and scorpions.
Who says Oregon is not the coming
Garden of Eden?"
What is the matter with our
"Club" reporter? Come, let us
hear from you.
We understand that our jovial
merchant will retire from buisness
and rest on his well earned laurels.
Mr. Brown is circuiting a very
good petition, which everyone
should sign. Probably most of us
would be glad to pay less tax and
still enjoy full U. S. protection.
We are informed that the state
game warden is due to visit us in
the near future, to investigate the
dumping of sewage and dead ani
mals into the creeks and rivers of
this vicinity. Why will man so for
get himself that he will endanger
the health of his fellqvv beings for
a few measely dimes?
We see that the carpenters are
nearly dons with Mr. Hiland's
housa. Passers by report hearing
the rat-a-tat-tat of their hammers
from daylight till dark.
Why arn't the "Club" carpenters
busy with the creamery building?
The club house, too, is needing
more men.
The "Club" has been enjoying an
extended holiday vacation, and has
turned over the customary new
leaf and is no-w meeting on Satur
day evenings. It would have been
worth anyone's time to have
listended to the able talks on poul
try "air castles." The 1914 crop
of eggs were hatched or marketed
andthe friers and old stock all
shipped to good markets.
On account of heavy rains
creeks have buen very high.
A surprise party on Miss Ethel
Purseful was given at Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Crooks' last Saturday night.
Those being present were Mr. and
Mrs. R. J. Moore, Mrs. W. R.
-Moore, Miasms Je3si3 Brawn and
Clare Moore, Everett, Asa and
Louis Erown, Jesse and John
Davenport, Alva Moore and Elmer
end Nathan Watkinb. A pleasant
evening was SDent in singing and
Een Triompson and Luke Williams
sent a large shipment of furs away
last week.
Jesse Davenport went to Elarlan
Tuesday after come cattle that h&d
strayed away.
R. T. Moore went to Elk City
V ed lcsday.
Louis Brown spent Saturday
night with Alva Moore.
B. F. Grant, aceomDanied by his
brother and nephew, went to To
ledo last week. Mr. Sam Grant
and son bave returned to Eastern
Oregon, but whlie here looked at
several ranches eo may return and
buy. Am sure he couldn't locate
in a better place than Lincoln
H. W. Jacobs went to Corvallis
Monday on a business trip.
C. W. Mulkey is sawing lumber
this week.
I. R. Payne had the misfortune
to break his wagon down on his last
trip to Blodgett and had to leuve it
and come in on hursrback.
Leonard Grant was given a pleas
ant surprise by the young people of
the neighborhood on the evening;
of the 12th, that date being his
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Martin are
both on the sick list.
The attendance at Sunday school
has been small eince the first of the
year, as the weather has been very
bad. -The rewards given for the
most regular attendance during the
last quarter of the vear, were won
by Marion Walker and John Rankin,
the prizes were to be bibles.
Little Elk
Weather is fine, grass is growing
and stock of all kindn looking fine.
G. E. Colby and family are go
ing to mtve to Enterprise, Oregon
in the near future.
Clifford Wakefield went to Ona
Friday, the 2d, having been en
gaged to teach the Beaver Creek
school for a term of six months.
His many friends in this vicinity
wish him success.
S. S. Gossman, the school super
visor, visited our school one day
last week.
Mrs L E. Boy n ton and grandson
went to Portland to be with friends
and relatives during the holidays,
returning last Saturday.
Mrs. Rood and son of Sheridan
were visiting Mrs Rood's daughter,
Mrs. Virgil Loudon, last week, re
turning home last Saturday,
Miss Irene Magee gave a birth
day party January 2d. Those pres
ent were Miss ODal Ludiker, Marie
and Leslie Denny, Sophia Genini,
Francis and Myrtle Cline, Gertrude
Standard, Kenneth Loudon and
Emerson Harris. All reported
having a fine time.
Most farmers in this vicinity are
making some good improvements
this Winter. Cline Bros, are build
ing a large stock barn on their
ranch. W. F. Wakefiled is building1
quite a lot of new fence, S. T.
Loudon and sons are fencing forty
acres of their ranch. From the
amount of land that is being
fenced one would think that we
wore to have a herd law.
Eddyville Grange elected officers
at their last regular meeting in
December. The officers elected
were, S. T. Loudon, Master; G.
Girdler, Overseer; Mrs. Robbins,
Lecturer; H. O. Boynton, Stewart;
Leland Wakefield, Asst. Stewart;
Geo. Moss, treasurer; Chris Wid
mer, gate keeper; Mrs. Loudon,
Ceres; Mrs. Jessie Loudon, Po
mona; Mrs. Albertson, Flora; Lois
Loudon Lady Asst. Stewart.