Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, January 02, 1914, Image 1

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    l,.T . . I
Died, at the home of his parents:
on Nye cretk. December 26th. El-
mer W. Fremwick, aged fifteen
months. Funeral services were
conducted by Rev. C. T. Hurd and
Were held at the
residence Sunday
attemoon. ine remains were in
terred in the Eureka Cemetery
Mr. Fremwick is the leader of the
NewDortband. In this sad bereave
ment the family has the sympathy
of the entire community. The
Savior's cheering and . consoling
words were ''Suffer little children
to come unto me for of such is the
Kingdom of heaven."
r D. W. Campbell, general superin
tendent of the S. P. Ky., F. L.
Burkhalter, chief of the engineer
ing department, John Stevens,
superintendent of the C. & E. Ky..
and E. W. Barnes, all Southern Pa
cific officials, were guests at the
Abbey Monday night. These gent
ieraen were on a tour oi inspection
ot me roaa. ine roaa is oeing nut
! J 1M.! 1 i! J
4ii kwu cunuiuon uy putting aown
new ties, laying heavy steel rails
and ballasting; also a fill will be
made at Summit instead of the
high trestle that is there now.
When completed the road will be in
fine condition for Summer travel.
A tourist night train will be put on
next Summer to accommodate the
increasing travel that comes to
Newport each year to enjoy the
The hnlidavn Mt riflfcsi'niy tH vtYV
pleasantly. Big dinners, picture
ahows, skating rinks, grand balls,
Christmas trees and the' football
same that was played on the Baker
field Sunday' between the Toledo
kids and the Newport veterans fur
nished ample entertainment for the
people. The score stood 9 to 7 in
' favor of the Kids. Also the solen
did lecture given by Prof. J. B.
. Horner ot the O.A.C.. Sunday even
ing in the Presbyterian church, sub
ject, "From Jericho to Jerusalem"
' illustrated. A large audience was
present and the lecture was full of
interest from start to finish. Prof.
corner ana ut. j. w. n. JJeii;
passed over this historical ground Drill, Month" of the Year. 12 child
only a short time ago. With fine iren. Rec., The Shipwreck, J. Der
lllustrated pictures the Professor ihv. Rp Old n.v..
went over this ground again giving
in detail the customs and habits of
the people and the lav of the
country and the beauty and grand
eur of the cities.
The Patsy came in Friday with a
full cargo of freight for Newport
and Siaslaw. She departed Mon
day morning for Florence where
she will discharge the remainder
cf tier cargo, and from there she
will return to Portland-for another
argo of freight for Newport.
The Ge&d C. also went out Mon
day bound fur Astoria. Her cap
tain and crew wanted to take their
Hew Year's dinner at home.
The barge Frederick will soon
have her false bottom completed,
after which she will be taken to
Portland and placed on the dry
docks for repairs. It is thought
bbe can be made as good as she
was before going on the rocks of
the north jetty. The tug Roscoe
will take her to Portland. The
, dynamite was placed on the sailing
schooner Coquille. now lying at Ya
auina docks. The people there will
, feel a little safer when this great
bulk of explosives shall have been
taken from that part ' of the
country. ,
The entertainment given by
two teachers. Miss Carnahan
Mrs. Myrtle P. Lockwood. at
cannery was a grand success,
could readily see that they
trained their pupils welL
The launch owned by Charley
Hyde came near going out to sea
the evening of the 21st. He had
gone down to the mouth to get a
load of people that were going .to
the entertainment at the cannery.
The current was so strong out at
the mouth of the Siletz he could
not stem It. Seven of the men got
onshore with a to Una and held
Jesse Farrla'i brother, who lives
at Marshfield. has bought the Jakie
Johnson tidelan.i on Drift -iupr.
; He will dvke and stock it with rows
. and hops
Willie Bones and wife are visit
ing friends and old acquaintances.
Through the kindness cf Mr.
Gerttula the cannery was lit ud
with gasoline lamps the evening of
j the entertainment.
I Elbert Knight, Jr.. 'is helping
! build the house for Mrs. Sacks in
Longjoy Park.
Why is it that Oscar Nelson' and
Young Johnson are Been' so often
on Drift river?
D. R. Ring has a fine new boat
called the "Dora."
John Rickenb3ck is seen Quite
often with a pie in his boat. It
; must be he is going
to stock his
farm with hotrs.
Mrs Gardner
sick list.
Bowers is on the
Word came that Cecil Cosner, the
Devils Lake postmaster, had been
badly hurt by a horse falling with
him, and his foot catching in the
The phone lines are uc atin in
good working order.
Mrs. Leona Bones is sick.
The Parmele Pride cheese factory
i 3 Bti11 making; cheese.
The following program was ren
dered at the entertainment held
in the Kernville cannery December '
27th, given by the two teachers,
Miss Carnaban and Mrs. Lock wood:
Song, 'lis Shining Still, school.
Recitation; The College Oil Cans.
Hoyt -PBrmel' ' Recitation, The
Five Little Dims, Mildred Bowers.
bong. Santa Claus. Dove. Billie,
btbel Knight. Jessie Riug.
Papa Darling. Hazel Knight.
lbe Converted
e Converted Rnmsflllpr. G. S.
Parmele. Lullaby. Mildred BowerB.
Alice Morrison. Rec.. The Bor -
rowed Chimney, Golda Knight.
M ornson. Hc, The Face On the
Bar Rqom Floor, Elbert Knight.
Jr. Song, Santa Claus. Ezra and
Alice Morrison, Mildred Bowers.
Rec, The jealous Wife, Miss Carna
han. Rec. The Life Boat, Edgar
Parmele. Song, jack Frost. Ethel
and Billie Knight, Jessie Ring.
Dialogue, The Delayed Xmas Din
ner, Miss Carnahan, Amun and Lee
Bones. Rec, The Sinking Ship,
Zella Knight. Rec.. Who Is Santa
Claus? Mrs. Morrison. Song. The
Lady,0(i tbe Cars. Mrs. Morrison.
Rec. The Shadow On the Blind,
Mrs. Lockwood. Song. He'8 The
One, by all.
Mr. Downie is 0n the sick list.
The Eddyville school ope"ned
Tuesday after being closed two
The annual Christinas tree of Ed
dyville was held at the scboolhouse
Christmas Eve. -
James Salon returned from Port
land Saturday, where he had been
working for several months.
Clifford Hunt .returned
from Corvallig, where he has
working for somtf time.
Mrs. Downie came in from Port
land Tuesday, where she had1 been
Visiting friends the past week.
Lester Seits has quit working
with McGee'a bridge gang and is
clerking n his father's store.
Olse Petersen is tired of bachelor
life and left for Junction Tuesday
to get a cook.
Dr. Mewth of Phiolmath
called to Eddyville Tuesday to
Mrs. fceus. who is quite sick.
J. A Denny and family have ar
rived from Enterprise, Oregon, and
week by
.taken possession of the
bought of P. 0. Shirley.
Mr. aid Mrr. I. J. pepin of Chit-
passed through Eddyville
Monoay enroute home from Little
Elk where they had been visiting
over Sunday. a
The United Artisans of Eddyville
Assembly. No. 304. elected the fol
lowing officers to serve tho ensuing
year: E. G. Jones, M. A.; Brown
Wakefield, Supt.; Olaf Etickson,
Inst.; A. B. Hunt, Sec; L. F. Rob
bins. Treas ; R. V. Loudon, S C;
W. E. Rutter. M. C.; L. V. Porter,
Warden: W. F. Wakefield, Insp.;
Fred Wagner, P M A.
Happy New Year to all.
Christmas is past and
merry time. A nice family tree1'
full of Xmas cheer was given at!
the home of Earl McMillan and i
those prtsent were John Ludemnnn :
vwi iuv.m etc in eu tu nave s
and family, Henry Bobell. Mr. and
Mrs. Eschenbeck of Waldport, Mr.
and Mrs. Claus Ludemann, Miss
treda Thompson, N. Ludemann and
family and
fajnily. ;
Earl McMillan and
A. Reynolds and Moses White of
Waldport, and Lester White and
family spent Xmas at J. Earley's.
A number of our young folks
went to Waldport to the dance, and
came back the 26th. ' -
Mrs. George Prescott was up
from Bay View visiting with Mrs.
Earley the last of last week. Mr.
Prescott had been here over a week
driving piling for a boom lor the
Ludemann-McMillan Lumber Co.
here He had the nort piledriver.
Mr. Prescott has returned again,
after spending Xmas at bom, and
is going to move the piledriver
down river and drive piling lor
inHiuSritlfl) HnnlfQ rr Ula man Innm
The mill company here wi'-l have
a good boom when it is . completed.
The Berry Bros, ef Scott , creek
'havea contract 'or one hundred
cords ol shingle bolts for the Lude
mann mill. They have most of
them out now and ready to drive
as soon as there is water enough
to get them out of Scott creek.
Ray Barclay is getting out oiling
for the people along the river. It
takes timbers from 40 to 45 feet
long. ,
We hear that 0. V. Hurt is com
ing up in a few davs to take full
possession of his place that he
bought of J. Earley a month ago.
You see, Mr. Hurt is going to turn
over a new leaf with the New
Mr. Moses White, who has been
visiting with relatives here, left
Friday for Blodgett, where he will
visit a while before going on up to
A party and dance was given at
the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Mike
Shermer Saturday night. Everyone
wlio attended reported a good time.
Mr. George Lewis is on the
list this week.
Archie and Banner Zeek
Yaquina visitors Sunday.
Mrs. J.H.Sugg is, home for a
week's vacation.
Garden Emerson is visiting Mr.
and Mrs. George Lewis
, Mr. and- Mrs. Lurenzn Emerson
and little granddaughter, Gretchtn
Shermer, visited Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Bessie Shermer gave a party
Thursday night in honor of Misses
Nellie King and Alma Boone The
evening was spent in playing games
and dancing. At midnight a de
licious luncheon was served. Those
present were as follows: Misses
Nellie and Gladys King, Ada Lewis.
Alma and Cora Boone and Florence
Dowling. Mrs. George King and
Bessie Shermer, Messrs. Archie
each Community Gathered each
Our Rustling Associate
nnrl Dmui. "7.,l. r r
Charley Brown. Floyd Day, Royal
err. Delno and Cedric Shermer,
rrancis Huntsucker and Henry
Mis3 Alice Schrueder came over
from Salem Monday evening to
epend the holidays with Mr. and
Mrs. John Margson.
Thomas Brown and son. Charles
were Yaquina visitors Saturday.
Miss Nellie King returned Satur
day to Salem, after spending the
holidays at home.
Lloyd Lewis is on the sick list
this week. '
) Miss Alma Rnnnn retnrnoif tn
Brownsville after spending the holi-
days at home.
r!nnA I. !- J 1 L 1 1
j0Bepn have Deen Qujte g;ckj
a. . .
,a" accounts are ""Proving,
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hath spent
Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Severson. '
Jay Van Schoick was a Newport
visitor Wednesday.
Miss Ada Lewis is on the sick list
!ini weeK' . Mrs. Oeorga King hi
aiHu ueen sick mis weeK.
, We are still alive after celebrat
ing Christmas week.
A Christmas tree was held at the
school house the 24th, and in the
evening a nice little taffy pulling
was enjoyed at Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Brown's. - , - ...
Glen was well represented at the
dance at Ray Calkins' Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davenport
and famliy have been very ill for
the past week, being unable to du
their work, but they are greatly
recovered now and it is honed they
will be able to attend the big New
Year '8 dance at W. R. Moore's.
Everett Brown went to Elk City
last Saturday.
W. R. Moore made a business
trip to Toledo Monday.
H. B. Capell was a dinner guest of
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Moore on
Louis Shults, former section fore
man of this place, departed Monday
for Junction City where he will
take charge of a section on the
main line and do a little detective
work on the side.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hamar of
Nashville have been visiting with
relatives ut this place.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Porter and
daughter, Mildred, of Newport
spent Christmas here.
Mrs. Ed Boyle of Newport has
been visiting with her mother, Mrs.
N. F. Edwards, returning home
. Ed Hamar went to Philomath to
look at some horses last Wednesday.
Miss Amy Raddant returned from
Portland Wednesday, where she
has been attending school, to cpend
the holidays with her parents.
Mrs. Warren Wright and son,
Jay, left for their home in Wash
ington Friday.
Art Fcndall went to the Alsea to
spend Christmas, returning the fol
lowing Saturday. -
Rufus Wood went to his home at
Chitwood to spend his vacation
With relatives at that place.
Prof. Raymond Dickson of the
Rock Creek school passed through
here on his way to Toledo.
C. A. Babcock came out from
Rock Creek Wednesday. 4
Roy Hamar, of tha C. & E.
bridge crew, came down from Sum
mit to visit with his brother, Ed,
last wee1.
Harry Nelson, who has been liv-
ing about a mile east of here, has
moved into town so as to be near
his work.
Frank and Rube Chamberlam re
turned to Blodgett, where they are
working on the C. & E., Frank hav
ing charge of a crew.
Joe and John Ergish of Nashville
were Nortons visitors Saturday.
Louise White came in from Cor
vallis to spend a few days with her
J. T. Dailey came out from
homestead Monday.
Pete Mason of Steer creek was
in Nortons the first of the week.
ft i . - . .. . .
j D
juercnant u. t;. Wilson is quite
usy invoicing his goods.
Christmas has come and gone and
I think Old Santa did well by every
one in this neighborhood. There
was a tree at the lower schoolhous
and a good program was rendered.
Special thanks are due Mr. and
Mrs. Thomason who worked so hard
to make it a success, and also to
Mrs. B. 0. Young and Peggy
Thomason, who cleaned the school
house after the entertainment.
Mrs. John Mischler gave the
children of Spout creek neighbor
hood a tree on Christmas day and
put joy in many little heartb.
On the 26th Marvin Brander
berry received word from Portland
of the death of his father, which
was a great shock as he had had nu
illness. M. Branderberry is still in
Portland. . .
George Kinnev haB returned to
Harlan after a six month's absence.
Ji'hn and Etta Boice. who are at
tending O. A. C. are pending the
holidays with friends and relatives
at UarJan.- -
Mrs. B. 0. Young gave her
brothpr, Huston Grant, a birthday
dinner on Sunday at which there
was about thirty present. I'm not
going to tell how old Huston is;
but, girls, he's old enough to get
B. F. Grant has a brother and
nephtw from Eastern Oregon visit
ing him and other relatives at Har
lan. Miss Devenport opened school cm
the 29th, after a two weeks' vaca
tion. Mr. Kessi and son,
Willie, re-
turned Sunday from
Monmouth. '
where they-had been to
epend tho
R. R. Black thought he had made
a sale of his ranch to a party from
Heppner, who made a small ray
ment, but so far has failed to
return. v
Chas. Lillard gave a dance at
their home Christmas nigljt. Mr.
Lillard is still quite lame from bis
hurt ankle.
Dorothy and Leta Martin are
spending their vacation at the
Mr. Morse and Mr. Pettibone.
who reside near Corvallis, were
visitors at Harlan last week. Mr.
Morse took some cattle from his
ranch here out to his Corvallis
Marion Walker spent Christmas
with relatives in Corvallis.
G. F. Kinney and little daughter,
Nellie, came home from Mill City
before Christmas.
Isaac Boice has been visiting at
Some of the young people of the
neighborhood gave Earl Jacobs a
surprise party on Saturday night.
He is going away to work soon.
The C & E. track laying crew
reached the depot in Toledo with
the heavy rails New Year's day.