Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, March 18, 1910, Image 7

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    Side Lisa's History. 1
Peter the Great had started In to
learn the ship carpenter trade.
"I would have ahlpped as a Bailor
before the mast," he explained, "only I
don't like the Idea of being called 'old
alt Peter.'" i
Warning the jackies that "shiver my
timbers!" would be conaldered lese j
majesty and punished as such, ha nm. i
seeded to chase the shavings along the
work bench. Chicago Tribune.
First lobster My children wer
caught on the shore this morning and
taken up to that fashionable hoel.
Second lobster That's too bad, but
there's one consolation.
First lobster And that Is?
Second lobster They will get Into
the best society. Cleveland Plain
Painted Lips.
The "Personal Recollections of Suth
erland Edwards," English music crltir,,
records that after the peace of 1815
It used to be the rule for every hussar
to wear a black mustache, and those
who had neither a black mustache nor
a fair one which they could dye were
required to paint the semblance of a
Mack mustache on their upper lip.
Bad Blood
la the cause of all humors, eruptions,
boils, pimples, scrofulous sores, eczema
or salt rheum, as well as of rheuma
tism, catarrh and other troubles. The
greatest blood remedy for all these
troubles, proved by its unequaled
record of cures, is
Hood's Sarsaparilla
In usual liquid form or In chocolated
tablets known as Sarsataba. 100
A Common Experience.
"It's a fact," declared Towne, "that
my wife Is able to dress on compara
tively little money." A writer In the
Catholic Standard and Times discloses
the secret
"What!" exclaimed his companion.
"Oh, come, now, what do you mean
by comparatively little?"
"I mean on little compared with
what she thinks she ought to have."
Let Him Oat.
Mrs. Nagger Oh, James, how awk
Ward! Mr. Smith' has come, and now
we shall be thirteen at table. Mr.
Nagger What then? Mrs. Nagger
(with a shriek) Why, one of us will
die before the year Is out! Mr. Nag
ger (brutally) Never mind; I'm
tough.- London PirkMefp.
No Apologies to Offer.
Stranger (In Drearyhurst) You peo
ple here don't clean the snow oS your
sidewalks very well, do youT
Uncle Welby Gosh No, sir. It saves
the sidewalks an' we b'lieve In con
servln' our resources. See anything
else you don't like, mister?
Barber Do you wish a close shave.
Customer Tes a close mouthed
have, if you please.
Mothers will find Mrs. WlnsloVs Soothing
Byrup the best remedy to use fox their uhiluiea
luriug the teething period.
Her Indorsement.
"I want to get this check cashed,"
laid the fair young matron, appearing
at the window of the paying teller.
"Yes, madam. You must indorse it,
though," explained the teller.
"Why, my husband sent It to me.
He Is away on business," she said.
"Yes. madam. Just indorse It sign
It on the back, so we will know and
your husband will know we paid it to
She went to the desk against the
wall, and In a few moments presented
thA check trliimnhnnt having wrlttAn
'an Its back:
Tour loving wife, Edith."
According to a writer In the Journal
of the Gypsy Lore Society, It was not
In 1417 but In 1414 that gypsies made
their first appearance in Western Eu
rope, Montaigne was astonished, when he
visited Switzerland In 15S0, to find that
"at all meals they put on the table as
many spoons as there are people present"
At the MgUt School.
Teacher1 You have heard, I presume,
of the "fourth estate." Have you any
Idea what It Is?
Shaggy Haired Pupil Yes, slrt It's
a quarter section of land.
'I tried all kinds of blood rem edict
which failed to do me any good, but I
have found the right thing at last My
face was full of pimple and black-heads.
After taking Cascarets they all left I am
continuing the use of them and recom
mending them to my friends. I feel fine
when I rise in the morning. Hope to.
have a chance to recommend Cascarets."
Fred C. Witten, 76 Elm St., Newark, N. J,
CUT THIS OUT. mail It with your ad
dress to the Sterling Remedy Company,
Chicago. 111., and rec iv- a handsome sou
venir Gold Bon Bon FREE.
For homestead relinquishments, and can sell yout
farms and ranches quickly. Let us handle youi
business and we will guarantee your satisfaction.
Give full particulars in first letter.
610 Delcum Bide. Portland, Ore
They loosen the Liver, tone the Sto
much and relieva Biliousness, Indl
fresti n and Headache, They tone
and strengthen as they cleanse the
system. Price 25c by mail or at
vour drug store.
Bukerslield, California.
As a Base.
"Professor, is there any foundation
for the belief that every particle of
matter Is a universe In Itself?"
"My dear sir, you can found any be
lief on human credulity." Chicago
On the Mend.
Bessie Do you find that golf Is of
real benefit to you?
Bob Sure thing! I'm getting ex
cellent control of my temper. Many
of the strokes that I make with the
utmost calmness now would have
caused me to swear like a trooper six
months ago.
for the signature of E. W. Grove. Used the
World over to Cure a Cold in One Day. 26e
In nt the Wlntlap.
Gabriel was about to blow his trum
pet "Stop!" uttered a commanding voice.
"What for?" demanded Gabriel. "Who
are you?"
"I am O. Bernard Shaw," responded
the voice. "I merely wish to protest
against your following the absurd cus
tom of playing The Star Spangled
Banner' on such occasions as this. You
can go ahead now." Chicago Tribune.
As It Seemed to Her.
"Mrs. Wilfong, how many lodges does
your husband belong to?"
"He's a member of four lodges and
two councils."
"What Is the difference between a
lodge and a council?"
"Well, when he goes to a lodge meet
ing he generally stays later."
Gl nicer Cake.
One egg, one-half cupful of sugar,
one tablespoonful of butter, one tea
spoonful of cinnamon, one-half cupful
of sour milk, a level teaspoonful of
soda, one-half cupful each of New Or
leans and Porto Rico molasses, two
cupfuls of sifted flour. Mix the egg,
sugar and butter till light, then add
the ginger, cinnamon and molasses;
dissolve the soda In the sour milk and
add that; then add the flour, mixing
all well together. Bake In a moderate
Casserole of Beef.
Line a casserole or baking dish
with boiled rice about one-half inch
thick. Fill this cup with well-seasoned
boiled beef or any left-over meat
ground. Place a rice covering over all
and heat them in the oven. Serve
with sauce of one cupful strained to
matoes, eight teaspoonfuls of flour
and butter, salt, pepper and sugar to
taste, place one onion in mixture, re
moving when done.
White Cake.
Two-thirds of a cup of butter cream
ed with two scant cupfuls of sugar,
one scant cup of milk worked Into tne
butter and sugar, four cupfuls of flour
well sifted with three teaspoonfuls of
baking powder, the whites of three
large eggs or of four small ones, and
one-quarter of a teaspoonful of flavor
ing, added last of all. Bake in b
moderate oven.
Oyster Pie.
Drain three pints of the best oysters
and add one quart of thick, sweet
cream and enough fine cracker crumbs
to thicken, add pepper and salt and
pour Into a deep dish linsd with puff
paste. Cover with the paste and bake
three-fourths of an hour. The paste
for both upper and under crust should
be quite thick.
The coniidence lett by formers and 1
gardeners In Ferry Seeds to-day
i would have been Impossible to.fcel in
any seeds two score oi years
i ago. We have made s.
1 science of seed
I growing
V 1 3'.-j3 always do
V"- exactly what tou
'nj uj .1 !. ..I.
VI mini. v, Baic
everywhere. FEKBrS D10 SEED
iaimuu Free on request
D. M.FERRY A CO, Detroit. Mloh. I
For Asthma, Bronchitis and
all Throat Troubles Take
1 The relief is at quick ai it is certain. II
H rleasant to take and guaranteod III!
m aosoiuieiy tree irom opiates. i r
All Dnssista, 28 ess. Jjljj
Seventeen Years the Standard.
Prescribed and recommended for women's all.
nenta a scientifically prepared remedy of proven
worth. The result from their use is quick and
permanent. For sale at all drug stores.
Observation a.
"Did you observe anything peculiar
about that explorer's observations?"
asked one arctic expert
"Yes,", replied the other. "Most ot
them were personal and somewhat pro
fane." Washington Star.
As Sometime Happens.
"You'd like to have me give this a
notice, I presume," said the literary
"Indeed, I would," answered the au
thor of the book; "the beat In the
But the conscientious literary editor,
tfter reading it, classified It as ono of
the worst In the world.
Catchlnar On.
"Euphorbia," he groaned, "after all
these years of devotion on my part are
you going to close the door of hope In
say face?"
"Tes, Algy," she said; "but I'll open
It when you er ring."
Algy understood. ' He brought a soli
taire ths next tlms hs came. Chicago
Beonciiiax Troches
& convenient and effective remedy fat Coughs and
osrsenees. Invslusble in Bronchial and Lunf Tfoublea
m n Dingers ana opunn lot clearing the voles.
InMrshr Ins from opiates ereny harmful inpatient.
ics, 49 cents, ou cents ana SJ.UO pet box.
p- meuaa on request.
QN I. BP OWN fc SOW, Boston, Mses.
Chocolate Sauce.
One pine of sugar, one pint of milk,
one egg well beaten, one tablespoon
ful of butter, two squares of chocolate.
Cook these Ingredients in a double boil
er until of the consistency of cream,
then remove from the stove and add
a teaspoonful of vanilla. Serve hot
Cold Meat Ixaf.
Two cupfuls chopped fresh or cook
ed meat, one egg, piece of butter If
meat Is lean, one cupful of sweet
milk, two cupfuls of crackers or
bread crumbs, one apple chopped fine,
one onion chopped fine, salt, pepper,
and sage to taste. Bake one hour.
Sance for. Jam Podding;.
Put Into a saucepan, two cupfuls ot
brown sugar, one cup of water, half
stick of cinnamon, one teaspoonful of
butter and a pinch of salt Boil rap
Idly until the sauce is the consistency
of sirup. Just before serving add one
tablespoonful of brandy.
White Chocolate lee Cream.
This Is simply rich vanilla creatu
with chocolate grated coarsely into It
at the last moment just before freez
ing. It will not turn dark like ordi
nary chocolate, but remains white with
the little speckles of chocolate
Bakes Bananas,
Peel firm bananas and spilt In hah
lengthwise. Lay In a' buttered pud
ding dish, sprinkle with fine crumbs
and bits of butter. Sift on a little
salt and bakt until tender. Serve in
the dish In which they were cooked.
Orange Ice.
Stir two pounds of sugar into halt
gallon of boiling water, boll for a few
minutes, then set aside to cool and
add the Juice of six oranges and the
Juice of four lemons. Freeze and pack
way until wanted.
Layer Cake.
Cream a tablespoonful of butter wit,
a cup of powdered sugar, add four
beaten eggs and a cup of flour sifted
with a teaspoonful of baking powder.
Bake In layer tins. The recipe wll
make two layers.
Bints Abont the House.
Cranberries cooked with grapes make
a good dessert or pie.
Sprinkle granulated sugar on top of
Jellies to prevent mold.
To remove the odor of fish from
steel knives wash them In hot Tine
gar, then suds.
Whipped cream tinted with any veg
etable matter Is tempting on a cup of
hot chocolate.
If a lamp wlck does not more easily
In the holder draw out on or two
threads from one side.
In making fruit pies, when they
boil over sprinkle some salt la ths
oven and It will not smell.
- wire brush Is excellent for clean
ing milk bottles and a little soda
la tha water sweetens them.
Ht You mustn't believe every beg
gar who comes to your door. She
But this was no common beggar. He
was a sea captain who had lost every
thing In a shipwreck. He How do
you know he was? She He told a
straightforward story about how his
ship went to pieces on the coast ot
Amended Veraloa.
Alexander had defeated and captured
"How do you wish to be treated T" he
"Like a king!" answered Porus, with
"Good!" exclaimed his conqueror. "1
was thinking of using you as a plaster."
For already he was beginning to be
stuck on him, as It were.
Fortunes of War.
"But, Senator," asked the reporter,
who Is to pay. the cost of placing the
country on a complete war footing and
keeping It there?"
"My dear boy," said Senator Lots
mun, "It's a tossup between our pos
terity and the posterity of some Euro
pean or Asiatic power, and really
doesn't Interest us. Try one of these
Imported perfectos."
Shake Into Tour Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. It cures
painful, swollen, smarting; sweating feet. Makes
new shoes easy. Sold by all DruKtrista and Shoe
Stores. Don't accept any substitute. Sample
"BEE. Address A. S. Olmsted. Le Roy, N. Y.
BI Using;.
"Our son doesn't get his brains from
you," says Mr. Jawback.
'Vu," uusAcis Mrs. Jan tack, with
meaning. "I confess he must have got
his brains from you. At least some
body got yours If you ever had any."
Cleveland Leader.
Does Not
Color Hair
Ayer's Hair Vigor, as now
made from our new improved
formula, does not stain or color
the hair even to the slightest
degree. Gray hair, white hair,
blonde hair is not made a
shade darker. But it certainly
does stop falling hair. No
question about that.
Dots not change the color of the hah.
formula with saou bottle
Show it to your
a ik hlmTbout It,
then do as he esys
Indeed, we believe it will stop every case
of falling hair unless there is some very
unusual complication, something greatly
affecting the general health. Then you
should consult your physician Also ask
him about the new Ayer's Hair Vigor.
.Hade by the J. C. Aysr Co., Lowell, Mass. .
PAZO OINTMENT is iruaranteed to cure any ease
of Itching-. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in
to 14 days or money refunded. 60c
Its Location.
"It's too early to look for the comet
with the naked eye, Johnny," said Mrs.
Lapsllng. "If you had a telescope,
though, you'd ,flnd It, I think, some
where In the consolation of the Can-tharldes."
Worth Its Weight in Gold.
It's PETTIT'S EYE SALVE, strength
ens eyes of the old, tonic for eye
strain, weak and watery eyes. All
druggists or Howard Bros., Buffalo,
Ne i
"People are getting so they do as
they please," said Mr. Slrlus Barker,
"But see how we are progressing!"
"Yes. Look at these aeroplanes. We
aren't satisfied with snapping our fin
gers at the revised statutes and police
regulations. . We haven't even any re
spect for the law of gravitation."
Washington Stnr.
Don't waste time and money plant
ing poor seeds. Our seeds won First
Grand Prize at the Seattle Exposi
tion. Our prices are reasonable.
Big Catalogue free. Send for a copy.
Vogeler Seed Co.
Salt Lake City, Utah
At Prices thai Defy Competition
t V I v tj
Out-of-town patients can obtain perfect work
and save money by calling at our office.
All work guaranteed for ten years
323V Washington St.. Cor. Sixth
Established 15 yean. Hem to stay.
P N U No. B-'IO
II KN writing; to advertisers please
mention snia paper.
The Kind You Have Always Boucrht lias borne the siirna.
ture of Clias. II. Fletcher, and. lias been made under his
personal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Just-as-good" are. but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children Experience against l.xpcrimcute
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing1 Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other .Narcotic
substance. Its acre is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fcverishness. It' cures Diarrhoea and "Wind.
Colic. It relieves Teething: Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and IJowels, giving: healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Hare Always Bought
.Bears tne Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
ths esarsuR Mama. TT auaasy amsrr. nsw yeas orrr.
The Right Way
In All cases of
Of All Horses, Brood Mares, Colts,
Stallions, is to
On their tongues or In the feed pat Spohn's Liquid
Compound. Givetheremedy toallof them. It acts
on the blood and (lands. It routs the disease by
expel Una the d iseae e irerms. 1 1 wardsoffthe trou
ble, no matter how they are "exposed." Absolute
ly free from anythinjrinjurious. A child can safe
!r take it. COeentsandtl.CO; $5.00 and Slu.OOtha
dozen. Sold by druggists, harness dealers, or sent
express paid by the manufacturers.
Special Agents Wanted
Chemist and Bacteriologists