Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, March 18, 1910, Image 4

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    Lincoln Ccarity Leader
KDire1 tthe jwiofflci at Toledo, Oregon, u
aecoinl -clasp mall matier.
One Year - - - 1 50
Six Months - - 75
Three Months - 50
PUplay, 10 cents per Inch per lusne.
Lornl and Hearting Not let-, be per line.
Notices 'or Bale, Wiititod, Kte., live lines or
nn dor, 'JSc per lsxtie; !) per monlh.
Homestead Notices, 13; Timber Kulieei, 910.
Iii Dr. MH ntliorn's article in this
tuner Inst ismie tlic typo ni.ulo him
nay Dig Elk when they should have
been "Hig Creek district got four
sections added of tiiiiljcr lands and
that district has only one pupil in-
their school while Newport has over
two hundred children of school age."
Every man in Toledo and the
pin-rounding vicinity should attend
the meeting of the Development
League next Tuesday cvonincr. Of
ficers for the ensuing year are to he
elected, the coming County Fair is
to bo -discussed, and much othe
business, important business, is to
oomo before the meeting.
Bids for operating a freo ferrv
ncross the river at this place is being
advertised for. The bids will be
opened at the next meeting of the
Development League. This is an
important thing, and one that the
people of Toledo must arrange for
Ncwjwrt'H enterprising citizens an
: i - i
Konig in jiave a ierry across the
lower hay, and Toledo needs one
Let ns all pull for the ferry.
The Secretary of the Interior has
reported adversely upon Senator
Chamberlain's Senate bill whicl
provides that entries of Siletz lands
rihall not he canceled for insufficient
residence and cultivation in cases
where it can bo shown that entry
was for the exclusive use and. bene
fit of cntryman and a habitable
house was built on tho land and
actually occupied by the entry man,
and a portion of the tract cultiva
ted. '
F. W. CARSON, Prep.
S The Best Quality of
Groceries, Drygoods,
Horseshoeing a Specialty. Black-
smithing of all kinds. Satis
faction guaranteed.
Flour and Feed at
the Lowest Prices
The Tort of Toledo has been form
ed for tho betterment of Yaquina
Bay, There are magnificent op
1 i! unities lying idle all around
Yaquina waiting for bettor trans
portation and harbor facilities.
The property lencfited should and
could pay for the improvements.
The State of Oregon should loan to
Piich ports the credit and tho land
values should return the loan ovor
lifter a term of years. That is be
ing done in Denmark with profit to
the land owners and tho develop
ment of the entire community.
Labor Tress. .
Portland's big new packing plant,
"just completed by the Swift interest i
!cgan killing livestock yesterday.
From now on, it will enlarge its
operations until all the departments
and allied industries are under way.
It is expected to be two or three
months before the big $2,000,000
plant is in full operation, The com
pletion of this great packing house
is a big boost for the producers of
livestock not only in this state but
throughout the Northwest, The
killing department is prepared to
handle about 00 cattle a day as a
starter and has a capacity of 1000
hogs and sheep. The interest
in livestock production throughout
the big territory tributary to' this
innrkut will largely determine tho
magnitude of opera! 5 ns by the now
plant, Hogs reached $11. 10 during
the past week,
When you want a gleasaut physio
ffiva Chamberlain's Rtomauli and Liver
Tablets a trial. Tbey are mild and
gentle in their acMou and alnya pro
(luce a pleasant cathartic effect. Call
tit Toledo Drug Co'i drug store for a j
free sample,
Columbia Red Top batteries at
Newton & Nye's.
Get tho Habit and chew Zeno
Gum, for tho breath.
All our seeds are new crop. No
old last year seeds. Toledo Drug
Tho Le?t side hill plow for Lincoln
county. II. S. Phuxkk, Nashville,
Onion sets, we have plenty of
them and the price is right.
Toledo Drug Co.
II. J. Altnow, secretary of the
Pacific Federation of Hardware and
Implement Dealers' Association, was
hero from Woodburn latt week.
A. W. Weber of Ona was in the
city Monday. While here Mr.
Weber availed himself of the oppor
tunity to have a couple of painful
teeth extracted.
Newton & Nye have just recieved
tho largest and most complete line
of fishermen's supplies ever shown
at the Bay. If you expect 1o catch
fish of any kind see their line.
i lie loggers' dance given in
Woodmen Hall last Saturday even
ing was one of the nicest functions
of tho kind held in this city for a
long time. There was a large crowd
in attendance and tho boys showed
their guests a good time, As floor
managers Messrs, Merrell, Gatcns
and Mann cannot bo beaten. The
boys dressed in logger attire made a
novel appearance. Prizes were
awarded the following: Miss Maggie
Freeman, for host sustained logger's
costume, Frank Gatens, gentlemen's
logger costume, Mr. and' Mrs. II.
L. Collins, best carriage, position
and smoothness in dancing. The
young people hope the loggers will
give another ball in the near future.
Development Laague.
A meeting of the Toledo Develop
ment Lcaguo will be held on Tues
day evening, March 22, 1910, for
the purpose of electing officers, ar
ranging for literature, etc. Come
out, C. B. Chosno,
Bids Wanted.
Bids will be received by the Sec
retary of the Toledo Development
League, for operating a free ferry
across the Yaquina river from tho
city wharf at Toledo to the terminus
of the Wald port-Toledo wagon road
at Butler's place, Bids will be
opened Tuesday, March 22, 1910.
C. B, Cuosno, Secretary,
i -
Hurley Lutz Passes Away.
J. II, Lutz, one of the best known
citizens of Lincoln county, died at
Portland last Friday night, after an
illness extending over several
Mr, Lutz was a county officer of
this county for several terms, and
about two years ago resigned the
office as Assessor and went to Port
land where he has operated in tim-Ix-r
lands until his death. Ho also
My Shop to the Woodmen Building,
next door to the Bank, and am low
prepared to repair
Strap Work
Etc., Etc.
Lot me figure with you if it is to be
made of Leather. .
W. O. DAVIS, Prop.
Get the Habit
Fiintijj death from shot and shell in
the civil war was mote n'geeable to .1. A.
Stoin-, i.f Kemp, Tex., theu facing it
from what, doctors eni.1 was consum
ption."! commuted a stubborn cold''
he writes, "I hat developed a cough, that
stuck to me in ppite of all remedies for.
years. My weight ran down to 130
lonnnV. Then I bejiau to use Dr
King's New Discovery, which com
pletely fined me, I now weigh 173
pounds,'' For Coughs, Coldf, I,Hgi ippe.
AMhmu, Hemorrhage, Hoarseness.
.L'ronp, Whooping Cough and hinjr
trouble its supreme. 50c. 1 00. Trial
bottle free. Guaranteed by Toledo
Druij Co.
Nearly all diseases of the skin as ec
zema, totter, salt sheum and barbers'
itch, are characterized by au intense
itching and smiii'ting, which often
makes life a burden and disturbs sleep
and rest, ' Quick reltof may be had by
applying Chamberlain's Salve. It all
ays the itching and Ginnrting almost iu'
stautly. Many cases Lava been cured
liy it s use. For sale by The Toledo
Drug Co.
For Your Segars, Terbaker, Kandy, Frutes, Nuts, Lunch Goods, Etc.
We alao carry a Large Assortment of Pipes and Smokers' Articles.
Sr Short Order House and Pool Hall in Connection
AL WAUGH, Proprietor
I.estonitlon to entry of lands In National
Forest. Nut Ine Is hereby given that the lands
described below, embracing 90 acres, within
the Hlaslaw National Fi-ret, Oregon, will be
subject to settlement and entry under the pro
visions ot the homestead laws of tho United
States and the net of June 11, 1900, m Slat.
11SX), at thi United States land oflice at Kose-
bnrg, Oregon on May 10, 11110. Any settler who
was actually and in good faith claiming any
ot said land for wrrliMiltiiral purposes, prior
to January 1st, 1900, and has not abandoned
same, has a preference right to make a home
stead entry for the lands actually occupied
Said lands wore listed upon the application's
of llie persons mentioned belov , who have
preference right Bnbject to a prior right of
any' such settler, provided such settlor or
applicant is qualified to make homestead en
try and the preference right is exercised prior
to May 10, 1910, on which date the lands will
be subject to settlement and entry by any
qualified perBon. The lauds are as follows:
Thenof mvjof nwof See, 25; the nJj;of
nei of n o; Ihe sw of 110J4 ofne'i; the wj
01SBV4 orne4; the w'$ of S of se!-i; of Sec.
2ti,'l HS B. 11 W., W. M.t Hated upon appli
cation of Sampson Levins of Ocean View Ore
gon; Mst 6-212. B. V. Pboudfit, Assistant
Commissioner of the General Land Olllce. Ap-
proved February 19, l'.MO, Frank Pibhce, First
Assistant Secretary of the Interior.
ltostorattou to entry of land.- in National
Forest. Nolice Is hereby given that tho lands
described below, embracing 73,32 acres, within
the Sluslaw National Forest, Oregon, will be
subject toscttlenie it and entry under the pro
visions of the homestead laws of the United
Htatesand the act of Juno 11, 1906 (31 Stat. ,233),
at the United States land cilice at Portland,
Oregon, on May 10, 1910. Any Settler who
Was actually and In f0nd faith claiming any
ot said lands for agricultural purposes prior
to January , 1900, and has not abandoned
same, has a preference right to make a home
stead eiitrj for ti e lands actually occupied,
bald liuids wore listed upon the applications
of tho persons mentioned below, who have a
preference riuht subject to the prirr right of
any such settler, provided such settlor or mi.
hold the Office OS County Clerk 0f ,P11?,nl,)'l to make homestead entry
., . , , , , , "l th prei'oronco rlith lis exercised prior to
tlUS COUllty, being SUCCeodOll by Olir May 1910, on which date the lands will
present clork, Ira Wade, in the 06 ".,,ft 10 "9ltle,"e,,t "nd on,rr by ""
J. , ' ' quail lied person. The lends are as follows!
the election of June, 1902. hot 3 of see. a, t. 8 s., u. 10 w, w. m.; om
Hurley Lutz was born in Illinois ' 1Uud upo" ,he ppiioHn of sardius
, 1 j 1 .t I h Jenkins of Keruville, Oregon; hist 6-163.
In 18 (0, ond was unmarried. Ho Tneni.';0f oi ej: the.of nwof sej
came to Toledo In 1890, and made lo' "'' th sw4 ' nu ' M of se!4- the
i . 1 . rr, 1 j 4J 1 i "J o( wi of se' of e;; the sw of iw!4 ol
his homo at Toledo continuously, I e of se;;, th. Mt 4 0t seiii the seji of
except a couple of years spent at th8n'""he,M,!40"he e'i of 8,n- 3-
o-i , ... . . n , TT 1 utfof nwlnf nofi the nw'4 of tne se4 of
biletz, until going to Portland. He nwof in;; tbeneof.wHof nwj 01 th.
was always a staunch friend, a jolly, ' . 10. t. i s. k.iow.j 72.5 acres, aP.
. , , it, plication of W. C. Maynard of Newport, Ore.
good natured man, and bad many gon; 6-239. s. v. PaouDFit, Assistant
warm friends here who will be ;mm isomer of the .ieuerai und oitice.
, . , AI'P"'V1 February 21,1910. Frank Pikbcb,
grieved to learn of hlS death , irst Assistant secrottty if the Interior,
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I O. R. ALTREE, - - - Manager B
$10,000 Paid Up Capital
Dfafts and Money Orders sold, payable at all principal points
the United States, Canada and Europe.
THOS. LE . President, WM. SCARTH Cashier