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-MW A M'ee'
Ifs easy to tell others to let well
tough alone.
It's pretty mean to hint that Peary's
story was Cooked up.
Woman suffrage is gaining ground.
Emma Goldman Is out against It.
Professor William Henry Pickering
thinks he saw a little vegetation on
the moon. Sad, indeed!
held by military men that tha strict
censorship which the government was
enabled to exercise contributed largely
to Japanese success In the struggle
with Russia, as by it the enemy and(
the world at large were shrewdly de-;
celved as to Japanese plans, losses In
battle, and resources. The vital fea
ture of the Japanese system was to
compel the press to tell deliberate false
hoods whenever It seemed necessary
to conceal the real facts. We are told
by the purist and strict construction
ists that such a system would not do
at all for the United States. In the
first place, such a censorship wouldn't
be constitutional; that whatever cen-
Back to the Farm.
There are three all-important things
to be weighed by the city man who
wishes to return to the farm. The
sorship might be attempted outside of , nrBt is his wife. If she is in every
Andrew Carnegie ls tightening the
purse strings, having Indefinitely post
poned the job of dying poor.
The University students have asked
for a wrestling director.' It takes skill
to get one of those Greek roots three
points down.
A Chicago clergyman advocates com
pulsory marriages. This space ( )
Is reserved for what the bachelors
think of the idea.
"When would you call a man a vic
tim of fate?" asks a correspondent.
Well, for Instance, when he has his
skull fractured with a life preserver.
A Texas man has just given away
several million dollars' worth of prop
erty; but don't get excited. He mere
ly gave It to members of his family.
King Leopold left a private fortune
which Is estimated at $53,000,000, not
withstanding the fact that he never
went around complaining that wealth
was a burden.
the military -areas would be subject
to the civil law, and that it would be
wicked to make the newspapers tell
lies, even to deceive the enemy. This
may be admitted as a general propo
sition, yet if the country were engaged
in a life and death struggle the strict
constructionists might have another
thought coming. Deceptions, strata
gems, are considered fair in war. A
man of integrity in civil life, drafted
into the army, might be compelled by
the exigencies of his situation to draw
the enemy into an ambush; to lure
him by false appearances and signals;
to pretend that he had a thousand men
when he had perhaps actually not more
than a hundred. If a citizen can thus
be made to lie in act or word, to risk
his life as well as his reputation for
veracity, why should not a newspaper
be compelled to suppress or color the
truth If our success in arms were to
depend upon it? It is to be hoped
that no situation will ever arise re
quiring an addition to the list of news
paper liars but it it does, we may
even have to grin and bear It, as ws
do war taxes.
A Northwestern University profes
sor thinks men should be proud to
have descended from an ape. Some
men Bhould be proud, undoubtedly; but
what about the ape?
sense of the word a helpmate, loves
the country and can give up what she
has been used to in the city for the
sake of the children and the building
of a real home, then the prospects are
fairly favorable to begin with. The
second thing to be considered Is your
years and capacity for work; the
third, what is your capital? If all
these are favorable, don't lose a day
in trying to get suitably located. If
any one of these points Is doubtful,
deliberate well and move slowly. If
you have a fat bank account and a
wife tied to the fleshpots of the city
you can do nothing in the country;
but, on the other hand, if your wife
be ono with you heart and soul, then
capital might at a pinch be forgotten.
As to the second point that of years
and capacity for work this is very
important, because so many cf thosa
who are earnestly desirous of forsak
ing the city to-day are well advanced
In years, who think that the country
would afford them an easy means of
earning a living. There is nothing
easy on the farm.
Animal Food for Poaltrr. ITALIANS iSP TBVlfl.
Bones and meat secured from ths I .......
........ a ... ,. n. nlprea br Memorial Presented lr Aabwwd
DULCUcr UiU l.ufc r
means of a bone cutter are perhaps
the best substitute for the Insects a
hen finds when on free range. Horse
meat, being free rrom tuberculosis, is
probably slightly preferable to that
from the butchers' stalls. Skim milk
is a good substitute for meat, but be
ing so bulky the fowls rarely eat
enough of it to supply the required
nutriment unless It Is soured to a
clabber and whey drawn off. Dried
beef scrap is a product of the packing-
houses and if of assured quality
makes a fair substitute for fresh meat.
It should be fed in hoppers and should
constitute about 8 or 10 per cent of
the grain ration.
Landing; Blocks of lee.
An easy way to take the blocks of
Ice from a pond after they are cut is
shown in the accompanying sketch,
from Popular Mechanics. A plank ten
to twelve feet long, with a handle at-
Judlclal authorities are wrestling
with the question, whether a safety
razor is a deadly weapon. It may not
be deadly, but amateurs In Its use
assert that It can hurt a lot.
Some persons are reviving the old
controversy about Abraham Lincoln's
religion. Viewing the career of the
great American from this distance it
seems hardly worth while to worry
about what particular brand of reli
gion he affected.
Curiously worded advertlsementai
which are funny without the author's
intent, are to be found in almost any
number of any newspaper. The fol
lowing announcements were printed In
all good faith In the advertising col
umns of various English newspapers.
and, as a whole, they won a prize of
fered by a London periodical for the
best collection of such specimens of
unconscious humor
Annual sale now on. Don't go else
where to be cheated come in here,
A lady wants to sell her piano, as
she Is going away, in a strong iron
Wanted Experienced nurse for bot
tied baby,
Furnished apartments suitable for
gentlemen with folding doors,
Two sisters want washing.
Wanted A room by two gentlemeu
about thirty feet long and twenty feet
Lost A collie dog by a man on Sat
urday answering to Jim with a brass
In a recent speech at Yale Unlver-1 collar round his neck and a muzzle.
slty, Governor Hughes, of New York, Wanted, by a respectable girl, ner
nut his finger upon an ugly spot in passage to New York; willing to take
American life -the ready habit of be- care oi cnnaren ana a gooa saiior.
lleving and spreading evil stories Respectable wiaow wants wasning
about men in Dubllc ofllce. He plead- on Tuesdays.
Lous on Farm Crops Doe to Fungi.
Prof. W. A. Orton, in an article on
the importance of the development of
farm crops resistant to disease, justi
fies his statements by pointing out
that the present losses from plant dis
eases are a heavy tax upon the farmer.
He states that In the United States
I alone the average annual loss from oat
smut is more than $6,500,000; from
loose-smut of wheat, $3,000,000, and
from bunt, or stinking smut of wheat,
more than $11,000,00'0. Loose-smut an
nually diminishes the value of barley
$2,000,000, a careful estimate of the
loss in one State last year placing it
as 7 per cent The combined effect of
the various diseases of fungal origin
attacking, the potato diminish the
The holiday season brings a realiza
tion of the importance of toys in the
commercial world. In 1908 more than
seven million dollars' worth of toys
were imported by this country, mainly
from Germany, which excels the rest
of the world in producing wonderful
things dear to the childish heart.
ed with the students that those who
go Into journalism be fair with pub
lic men whom they criticize, although
they comment freely upon the acts of
such men. "A man who seeks profit
In the sale of calumnleB is the most
despicable of human creatures," said
the governor.
The movement for uniform laws
governing the operation of motor ve
hicles throughout the United States Is
gaining strength through the activi
ties of the various automobile asso
ciations in the country, and the prob
lem will be one of the chief matters
tor consideration at the meeting here
In January of the American Auto
mobile Association. It Is not believed
that exactly similar laws will be
adopted by all of the States, but it is
hoped that uniformity relative to ex
amination of drivers, registration of
cars, signals, road signs, etc., can be
For Sale A pianoforte, the property
of a musician with carved legs.
Mr. Brown, furrier, begs to announce
that he will make up gowns, cape3,
etc., for ladles out of their own skins.
A boy who can open oysters with
Bulldog for sale; will eat anything;
very fond of children.
Wanted An organist and a boy to
blow the same.
Wanted A boy to partly outside and
partly behind the counter.
The World Went . Round.
When Blogglns senior on the occa
sion of his annual party was obliging
his guests with " Tis Love That Makes
the World Go Round," Master Wil
11am Bloggins seized the opportunity
to retire for a few minutes behind the
Japanese screen with his sire's half
smoked -cigar.
The applause subsiding, Master Blog
gins was observed by one of the com'
pany to be looking far from well. His
The spelling of some of the enter- face had taken on the hue of putty,
lng class of a great Western university and his eyes stood out like small hat
has lately been published for the nees,
amusement, and perhaps warning, of
students elsewhere. Words were mis
spelled that any pupil of an un
graded country school should know
by heart. The head of the English de
partment, in commenting on the mat
ter, expresses the opinion that possibly
one in a hundred who thus offend Is
constitutionally deficient in the men
tal traits which make an accurate
speller; but with others who have
studied the matter, he lays the trou
ble among the ninety-nine to lack of
sufficiently thorough early training
and drill. No real substitute tor the
old spelling-book haa ever been found,
and Ignorant and illiterate spelling Is
sot "reformed orthography.
"Good graclaus, Willie! What's the
matter?" cried Mrs. Blogglns In alarm
I believe you've been smoking."
Willie' shook his head.
"'Taln't that," he declared untruth'
fully. "If It s true what father's been
singing about, I I reckon I'm In
love?" London Express.
Colonial Dame (impressively) My
ancestors came over in the Mayflower,
Daughter of the Revolution Humph
If my ancestors were immigrants
wouldn't brag of it. Pathfinder.
tached to one end and a block of wood
nailed to the other, takes the place of
Ice tongs. One person can take out a
heavy block of-ice as easily as three
men could with ice tongs. In remov
ing ice blocks with this board, the op
erator will not get wet
Owls for Orchards.
The fruit growers of New Zealand,
after long racking their brains in vain
to find some way of getting rid of the
small bird pest, recently thought of
trying owls, says the Sydney Mall.
hundred small German owls were or
dered from Europe, and a part of the
order was delivered last September,
The owls were liberated in the fruit
growing districts and immediately
proved a wonderful success. They kill
tea tea .
A' 4
A stall with movable wooden floor and fastening for the same. The ad
Vantage of this design will be appreciated In winter when the concrete
is too cold for-the comfort of cows. Two iron pins set In the concrete floor
near the front corners of the stall keep it in place. The floor panel Is easily
removed for cleaning.
In London to Drorjr Lane.
"The critics were very severe and.
in my judgment justly Bevere to
ward the 'Dante' of Sardou; but the
fact remains that Irving, at the de
cline of his life, felt the attraction of
the Influence of Dante's great person
ality. Irvlng's endeavor to.
impersonate on the EngUsh stage that
powerful individuality turned his last
thoughts toward Italy, and today it la.
those among her sons who are united,
to him by the brotherhood of art who
offer this tribute to a man who has
so highly contributed to show to man
kind all the nobility and loftiness ot
his art."
Thus spoke the Italian ambassador
in London, the Marquis of San Giulla
no, at Drury Lane theater recently
in unveiling the memorial to the late
Sir Henry Irving presented by Signor
Tommaso Salvinl and the leading
members of the dramatic profession in
Italy, says the London Chronicle. The
memorial shows the effigy of Irving
in bronze, enriched by a wreath of
laurels, with a background of gray
The memorial has been placed on
the wall at the head of the granl
staircase. Around -it yesterday were
gathered many people well known in,
the dramatic world.
"You English artists," said the am
bassador in the course of his speech,
have greatly assisted me in my study
of the English language, trequeuuus
the theaters and seeing your acting
have learned more of the English
character, life, feelngs and mode of
thought than in reading many learned
books which I have tried to forget
as much as possible."
"The English artists have given elo- -
quent proofs of their sympathy with;
Italy by the homage they have paid to
Salvinl, the magnificent benefit to tne
memory of Rlstori, and the part they
have, always taken in our charitable
works. When Italy was sua divided,
when its Independence and unity
were still a goal and an ideal, and ta
many people even a dream and a Uto
pia, Salvinl and Rlstori were among
the forces which contributed to our
national deliverance.
"Salvinl In 1849 acted in Rome, ana
at the same time fought In defense ot
the cause of liberty. Once an alarm
was raised during an Interval. He
went to the ramparts and after the
repulse of the attack resumed the
performance. Ot course that evening
the curtain, after the Interval, did not
rise with the scrupulous punctuality
of the English stage."
Wanted a Pattern.
A ragged Irishman was charged in a
London court a short time ago with
tendering a counterfeit shilling in pay
ment for a penny loaf.
Though forlorn in aspect, he was not
destitute of that shrewdness which Is
characteristic of his countrymen. He
stated that he was sent tor the loaf
by a person at a public house close by,
who gave him the coin to pay for it,
and that on discovering it was not
good he bought the coin for three half
pence. The Magistrate How came you to
buy the shilling after you had discov
ered It was a bad one?
The prisoner, with much apparent
gravity, replied:
"Sure, then, your honor, I bought it
so that If I should happen to have a
bad one offered to me I might know it
by looking at the one I had with me."
There was a burst of laughter, and
the rogue was dismissed with a. caution.
General Bell proposes a military
censorship of the American press In
-war times suggested by the Japanese
censorship in the recent war. It is
yield of this crop over $36,000,000 each
year. The above account shows that
an annual loss amounting to over $55,-
000,000 Is sustained, due to the injury
caused by fungi to cereals and pota
toes alone.
The Fnrm-Wlfe.
Where ends the road xcrosB the hill?
I do not knovv I do not know;
Bui all 1ny long and all the night
I long to go I long to go!
It runs so stralpht beneath the sun.
So white heneath the moon;
It calls me from my work and dreams.
And I must answer soon.
I holt my door, I do my tasks,
I kiss my goodman's cheek
Yet I cannot hear my baby's laugh
For what the road would speak.
Where ends the road? I only know
Here, from the pasture-bars,
It la familiar to' the sun
And mistress to the stars.
Reginald W. Kauffman, in Llppln
cott's. Wisdom In Boring- Feed.
When much food is to be bought
the aim should bo to grow so much
coarse fodder that whatever is bought
will bo bought in the shape of fer
tillzer. The wisdom of doing this
arises from the less cost of transport
ing concentrates because of the less
bulk which they contain in proportion
The hole in the doughnut doesn't to their nutriment The fertilizer may
amount to much, but it is better for ' be very profitably used in growing the
you than Us surroundings soars fodders needed
Put a man's hat on his head, and the
chances are about a hundred to one
that it will be uncomfortable until he
adjusts it in his own peculiar way.
ed waxcyes, finches, green linnets,
thrushes, blackbirds and sparrows
also mice, rats and young rabbits. They
fed their young on caterpillars, grub
and beetles, and their only fault
seemed to be an occasional fondness
for a barnyard chicken.
ProAtnlile Hog Has Strength.
The profitable market hog must pes
sess a good, strong constitution, for
without this no hog can make a good
t.iarket hog. The hog that possesses a
good, strong and vigorous constitution
Is invariably extremely good through
the heart and chest, and here is when
he lives, and he cannot be strong and
vigorous if he lacks in this essential
of development. He should have a
good strong back, be broad and strong
through the loins, for it is a mere
chance if we ever find a profitable mar
ket hog that is weak and poorly de
veloped through the loins.
Valne of a Good Garden.
A good home garden is a great insti
tution. It means more on many farms
than the crop of wheat, corn or oats.
It furnishes food for the family
throughout the summer, and, if prop
erly handled, a liberal supply for win
ter. Some gardens are handled so skil
fully that there is a surplus of vege
tables tor sale almost every week. It
means much to the farmer and his'
family and should be planned with the
utmost care ana given the very best
Rotes of Women.
A French book on the evolution of
the Englishwoman finds the woman's
club which in England is a real club,
not a body which holds monthly meet
ingsan excellent institution for both
married and single. For the married
woman It Is her "own place, where
her husband cannot worry her," while
for the unmarried it is a place where
she need never be dull and where she
can properly entertain friends of both
Airship Btrd
The canaries are having the bene
fit of the present craze for all things
in the airship line. The latest bird
cages are made In the shape of air
ships, to be hung in the window. And
so pretty are they the wonder Is the
airship fashion in cages didn't become
popular among canaries long ago.
Esprit de Corps.
Passenger (to motor bus conductor)
What's all this crowd about Is It
the motor show?
Conductor Yes, sir; and the most
successful show we've had so far.-
Hyprophobla In Germany.
Though hypdrophobla "has been
stamped out ot Britain, it is still ram
pant In Germany, where every year,
over 2,500 doga and cats afflicted with
the disease are destroyed.
When a man puts on another suit,
the other men will sav: "New. or
cleaned up?'