Lincoln County leader. (Toledo, Lincoln County, Or.) 1893-1987, March 18, 1910, Image 1

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$tmtti- Render.
News of each Community Gathered each
week by Our Rustling Associate Editors
Ranger Durbin had to fight fire
last week on Saddle Mountain.
Chas. Webb is delivering some
ff r logs to the Lumber Company.
Services are being held every
night this week at the Presbyterian
Quite . a lot of Waldport freight is
already waiting Captain Tyler at
the dock in Portland.
The Commercial Club has been
asked that Waldport be represented
at the "Spirit of the Golden West"
parade at Portland during the Ro6e
Festival next June.
Christen Jensen is pulling up a
new woodshed and a little later
will begin the construction of an
addition to the House he bought
from C. J. Smith. Mr. Jensen ex
pects his family to move down soon.
Capt. Henry Nice is clearing
some land on the north side of the
Bay. The Captain has also been do
ing some gardening during the past
two weeks.
Waldport's school will close the
latter part of April. The patrons
of the school desire very much to
have a longer term next season.
Anything short of nine months
who'll for a district as huge as this
is unsatisfactory.
We are glad the County Court ap
proved the Port petition submitted
by the Waldport people. Taking
in as we do the entire Alsea River
within the County we are free from
any kind of strife over harbor im
provements. The Commercial Club recently
asked Supt. Ackermari for infor
mation regarding the prescribed
standard for High Schools in order
to participate in the County High
School fund. The following extract
may be of interest to many: '"The
district shall furnish at least one
teacher who shall devote the whole
of his or her time to high school
subjects, and also maintain at least
eight months of school during the
year, provided that in a newly or
ganized high school for the first
year a teacher miglt spend part of
his or her time teaching grammar
Wade subjects".
Tittle' Elk
Spring is here at last.
Farmers are busy plowing and
Bowing during this fine weather.
Irvin Magee and S. T. Louden and
Km, Virgil, went to Chitwood last
Sunday to look after their cattle
that are being fed hay at Mr. Wea
ver's place.
Dr. Lee Shirley and family of
Magee Creek were visiting at the
Cordell home la-ii Suitd:iy.
Mr. Crocker has been on the sick
list the past week but is better at
this writing.
Rev. Hoinschurch of Portland
and Rev. Plumer of Salem held
services at the Little Elk school
house last Monday evening.
Mrs. Kline is home again and
many of her friends are glad she is
able to be among them once more.
She has been at Corvallis for several
weeks taking medical treatment
Our Debating Club has been
changed to a Literary Society and
Spelling School. We find the
change a good one. Any thing to
keep the people interested.
Mrs. Herring is reported on the
v sick list. We hoiie for her speedy
As Mr. Damon was going to
Eddy ville last Thursday morning he
saw two dogs killing Mr. Weltin's
fine ram. Mr. Damon killed both
After a successful six months'
term the Eddy ville school closed
last Friday.
Mr. Herring is making great im
provements on his homestead in the
way of clearing and fencing.
A. M. Baxter, A. B. Hunt, M.
S. Herring and S. T. Loudon went
to Toledo last week to attend County
Court in the interests of good roads.
Born March 14th to the wife of
George Willoughbv a seven pound
boy. George is dofng as well as
could be expected.
Rev. Plumer of Salem, Rev.
Bartholomew of Chitwood, M. P.
Herring and S. T. Loudon of Little
Elk attended quarterly conference
of the Evangelical church at the
home of Mr. Stringer last Saturday.
Rev. Hornschurch of Portland
Presiding Elder in charge.'
Our good roads bard have their
plans all finished and turned over
to the supervisor. They have 126
days work subscribed, the County
Court will help with some money
and we voted a two mill tax, so in
all wo will have about $S03 to
make roads with. Road district
No. 11 will have good roads
as well as others.
We are all taking advantage of
the good weather by putting iu our
F, S. Murray and A. M. Royse
are both harrowing and seeding.
John T. Dickens visited 0. E.
McMillcn this week.
Dickens & Co. sold two fine milch
cows this week.
O. E. McMillcn, our new road
boss, is in the lower end of the
district looking aver the road.
Mr. Rash made a trip to the
Valley after his daughter, Anna,
who has been away since August.
George Thompson has returned
to his home in Willamina.
Marion Curl is out in the Valley
visiting. .
Leslie Bob is at Grand Ronde
fencing his land. .
School will start in the Wesl dis
trict the 25th inst.
B. E. Oviatt is teaching in Dis
trict No. 61.
C. S. Parmele is doing a nice lot
of plowing on the land he has rented
of John Morris.
Wm. Samuels is making himself
a fine large redwood canoe.
Wm. Combest of Taft was a
visitor at J. T. Dickens' this week.
Jesse Farrin passed through on
his way to his home at Taft the
other day.
A man was drowned in Salmon
river the other day. Who it was
we have not yet learned.
The Otis ball team will meet and
organize next Sunday. v
Prof. T. N. Lowe had a call Sat
urday by B. E. Oviatt.
Mr. Burnsidcs of Sheridan visited
J. T. Dickens this week.
Dickens & Company have finished
hauling 'hay from Moso Killiams',
and he still has more for salt .
Joe Dick has been busy the last
few days hauling wood and making
spear poles.
We hear Mow Killam will start
for the Siletz Agency next Monday.
P. G. Wheeler will start to ihc
Valley to work next Monday.
W. J. McDonald cut some wood
for district. No. 61.
They are extending the phone
line from J. M. Booyers to 0. E.
McMillen's, a distance of nine
There is a sink about 30 feet long
and 10 feet deep in the II. T. Curl
grade, but travel goes around it.
The younger Muir boys are pre
paring to milk for the factory.
Mr. Miln is staying at William'
Gardner's. :
Nels Gardner and Lilbern Hardin
visited J. T Dickens and A. M.
Royse this week.
Nearly every one we meet says
what good weather we are having.
The whooping cough subjects are
gradually improving. It is some
what amusing to hear Jack Phillips
whoop just like the kids.
W. N. Cook's family all have it
except himself and he has been laid
up for some tune with rheumatism
or something of the sort.
Mrs. Uhssa !Villiamson was down
from Washington to make final proof
on her homestead hist week, return
ing home- Wednesday.
Grant Hart is up and around
once more, and was over to J. E.
Wilson's nursery purchasing some
fine fruit trees this week.
Earnest Cook caught a bouncing
big wild cat a few days since.
Simpson Creek School . began
Monday the 14th under the tutor
ship of Miss Iva Turnidgo of Ma-
'comb, Oregon.
We are informed that Rev. Bar
tholomew has exchanged his farm
for Salem property. We are sorry
to lose him as h.j is quie', a booster
for Lincoln county.
There is lots of good tillable land
in Lincoln county that can lie
bought cheap. We certainly have
one of the best places under the sun
, to raise extra good keeping apples,
with so few pests to combat, and
just the right soil to produce the
best quality, llood River not except
ed, but there few who take proper
care of their trees.
( opened up here. We have a large
Bcope of watershed and as fine tim
( ber as can be found anywhere along
j the coast and it must go out over
this bar, and that soon. Let us
j wake up and take advantage of our
I splendid opportunities,
j Word received from the Grays
' Harbor Lumber Company is that
jiliey will be herewith a boat in the
near future after their lumber.
We Kernvilleites believe that the
Grays Harbor Company will do
something for us if we will do some
thing for ourselves,
j G. S. Parmele made a trip to the
Valley after some cows and horses
the first of the week.
The latest news is that Walter
Bones has sold his water front to a
Seattle company.
Word came that we would not get
a boat in here with supplies very
soon. So if the people get seed oats
they will have to haul them in.
II. F. and C. S. Parmele have
gone to Newport after seed oats.
They will have 100 bushels, which
j they will sow on the John Morris
i Jesse Farrin made a trip to the
Valley last week. We haven't
heard whether he found a location
;to suit him. .
The sawmill has started with
Dick Anderson as foreman.
Mrs. Esther Sthcphcns and child
ren have gone to Newport, . where
they will visit friends for a while
then go on to visit Mrs. Stephen's
mother, Mrs. Ilorton.
There are just two sacks of flour to
be found in our stores, and tvery
one out or nearly so.
The people of Lower Siletz river
are forming a port. They plainly
see that it is the only way of getting
transportation and get something
Mrs. R. R. Miller, of Summit, is
visiting her husband who is teach
ing school at Yaquina.
W. A. Williams came down from
his ranch near Toledo, to spend
Sunday with W. C. Iloeflein.
Shove left Thursday for the valley
where he will make his home.
Miss Hilga Ilolmgreen, who
works at L. E. Casteol's Hotel, left
Tuesday for a two weeks visit with
' ner mother Mrs. S.' A. II dmgrcer.
of Ona,. . : ... . . .
j Wm. Shove and family of Yaq-
uina are going to make their per
manent home in Newport.
I R. Pond and family of Michigan,
are visiting the family of C. Pond.
Supt. R. P. Coin, visited the
school here Wednesday.
The bay is full of small fish now.
Wm. Baehus is shipping from
! 300 to 400 lbs. daily.
It is reported that Adlia Castcel
is confined at the hospital at Cor
vallis, with scarlet fever.
High School News
The literary society last Thurs
day was well attended. Everyone
on the program was prepared. In
the debate, "Resolved, That women
should be denied the ballot," the
judges decided in favor of the neg
ative. The name "Amacitian"
for the society was decided upon.
The High School had its monthly
examinations Friday.
- Jean Bell returned from Pioneer
Monthly, and was at school Tues
day. Several of the most industrious
girls of the High School washed the
greater part . of the front of the
sehoolhouse Tuesday.
Elma Waugh has been absent
from school most of the week on
account of sickness.
A new pupil for the Ninth Grade,
Joel Booth, started to school Wed
nesday. Baseball has taken place of boxing
this week.
The return of Hester Hill to
school this week just doubles the
number of the 12th Grade at the li
ghtning of the term.
The 11th Grade has finished
"Canterbury Tales" and is now
rjading "Lays of Ancient Rome."
On the evening of March 10th a
number of the friends of Miss"
Eleanor Grady agreeably surprised
her at her home. The occasion le
ing Miss Eleanor's 16th birthday,
The evening was spent in playing
games. Refreshments were served ,
by the mother. At a late hour the
guests repaired homeward. A good
time was reported by all.
Three more lxys f ir the Ninth
Grade are desired by that class.
This weather makes everyono
sleepy, therefore, the school is very
Lena Ball has been absent almost
all week.
Alleen Gaither was absent Wednes
day morning.
St. John's Church.
Service next Lord's Day (Palm
Sunday) at 11:00 a.m. Evening
service at Yaquina at 4:30 p.m.
Everybody welcome.
Rev. Tran is O. Jonep, Rector.
G. L. Gray of Newport was n
c mnty seat visitor Wednesday.
Clyde Van Orden was down from
Elk City Tuesday evening.
Get tho Iladit, and chew Zeno
Gum, for the breath.
Tito one that made them cut
prices Water Front Barber Shop,
Toledo, Or. ILiir cut 25c; shavj
W. K. Merrill and R. B. W.iln
of the Toledo Newport Telephone
Company were passengers fov tho
Valley Monday morning.
Position as housekeeper, by mid
dle aged widow. Apply at this office.
Harrison At his home in Cen
tralia, Washington, on March
2, 1010, of Bright' s disease,
William Henry Harrison,' aged 75
years, 1 month and 1 day.
Deceased was born in St. Law
rence county, New York, on Feb
ruary 1, 18154, of Irish parents.
When about 15 years of ago the
family removed to Huron, county,
Ontario, where he was sent to school
and later apprenticed to learn the
carpenter trade. On August, 12th,
1861, he was married to Miss
Margaret Clow of Wawanosh, On
tario, of which union eight children
were born. In 186!) he moved to
Rush City, Minnesota, where he
took a noniestead. Later he en
gaged quite extensively in tho cord
wood business there. In November,
1885, the family came to Oregon.
Settling for the first winter at Dal
las, but later moving to Newport,
where he built some Cottages. In
June, 1886, he, in company with
Captain F, E. Dodge, established
tho first cannery on Alsea Bay.
The partnership lasted for but one
season, after which Mr. Harrison
built and managed a cannery inde
pendently for three seasons. In
1890 he built the steam schooner
V. II. Harrison, which he owned
and managed for about two yea: s,
D.iring this time and for several
years latter, he was engaged in
sawmill business at Waldport, but
his liking for a farm led hi in to
leave the mill in the hands of bin
sons that he might devote his entiro
time to his farm at Bay View. Tho
latter years of his life except tho
last year and a half, were spent at
Bay View and Ona, Ibis county,
where he owned a farm at the time
of his death. In October, lS)10, ho
moved to Centralia, Washington,
where he has many relatives. He
leaves a wife, two sons, four daugh-.
ters and nine grandchildren. , In
ierment was made at Centralia, oi
Saturday, March 5th,