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Volume XVI.
Toledo, Lincoln County, Oregon, Friday, Noyember 13. 1908.
Number 3S
Notice to Bidders.
Notice is hereby given that the
County Clerk of Lincoln county,
Oregon will receive sealed bids up
to 5 days before the opening of the
next regular term of .said Court,
" namely January 6th, 1U09, for the
rebuilding of the Elk City bridge
across Big Elk river. Bidders to
furnish plans and specifications
with their bids.
The Court reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Dated at Toledo, Oregon, this 11th
day of November 1908.
By order of the County Court .
Ira Wade, County Clerk.
Go the New York Casli Store, for
,yonr hnsipry. Rpgnlar 25e values
15c; 35c values 20c. Yours for
bargains, Chas. E. McDonald.
Bunch of four keys, on Olallanear
Gunder Olson's. Call at this office
and pay for this notice.
A new line of slickers at Stewart's
Wanted a farm in Lincoln county
near Toledo preferred. Want to
deal with owner direct. Inquire at
this office.
Thread! Thread! Thread!
Carrollton's Extra Soft Finish,
for hand and machine, strongest 3
cord thread made; 200 yards on
spool, only 4c at the Eclipse.
Canvas gloves at Stewart's.
A large new line of, Roger Bros.,
Silverware just received and have
more following. H. E. Peterson,
The Jeweler.
Buy your school tablets at
Joe Kosydar wa.s over from Siletz
C. C. Pond of Siletz was a Toledo
visitor yesterday.
Bobby Mann was down from
Chitwood yesterday.
Collins the. sawmill man was over
from Siletz yesterday.
Cleve Fish left yesterday "morn
ing for a visit with his brother,
Wallace, and wife at Forest Grove.
Mrs. F. A. Watts, and little
-daughter, after spending the Sum
mer here with her brother, D. L.
Cusack, returned Wednesday to her
home at Denver, Colorado.
How's This-
Four Papers for $2.00
The four publiflafiona we offer yon
are "The Ladies World." a liib class
bnueelolri magazine published in' NeV
York. "Fartp aud Home" a well known,
agricultural and home paper published
nemi-nionthlv' nt Springfield'' Mhhs.
''Good Literature," a popular liter
ary and family monthly published in
New York ami "The Lincoln Coonty
LEiDBR," with all the local and County
news. Here ia reading for every mem
ber of the family for only $2.0il per
year. Each of these publications is
ismied by a reputable house, is fairly
represented In its particular field and
is widely known. Samples of, the
above papers can be seen at this office.
Commissioners' Court.
Lincoln county's Commissioners'
Court met in regular session last
week, and disposed of the following
Petition of Joseph Blower, asking
for cancellation of tax sale, dis
missed. Answer of M. Wygant to petition
of Joseph Blower, dismissed.
Application of Claus Ludemann
for license to conduct and operate
billiard tables in Waldport, Clerk
ordered to issue license to Ludemann
for period of six months from Oct 1.
Petition of J R Harris for rebate
of . taxes. Ordered Clerk to issue a
warrant in sum of 825.45 in pay
ment fur taxes erroneously paid.
Petition of C H William? for re
bate of tax. Ordered Clerk to issue
Williams a warrant in sum of $71.84
in repayment of taxes erroneously
Semi-annual report of Sheriff,
Clerk and Treasurer accepted and
ordered placed on file.
In the matter of the Special road
fund of road dist. 19, it is ordered
that the Treasurer transfer from the
General fund the sum of $S0.80 to
the special fund of road district 19
on account of 880.80 having here
tofore been erroneously drawn from
said. fund.
In the matter of rebuilding Elk
City bridge across Big Elk creek at
Elk City. It is ordered that the
county clerk cause notices to be
published in the Lincoln County
Leader and Newport Mail calling
for sealed bids with plans and
specifications to 'ebuild the bridge,
same to le filed and opened at the
next regular term of this Court.
In the matter of the claim and
care of John Eckert. Ordered that
clerk issue warrant in favor of John
Eckert in sum of 810 for months of!
Sept and Oct, as county aid.
In the matter of the Thompson
creek bridge. Ordered that Com
missioner Kentta lie and he is here
by authorized to let contract for
rebuilding said bridge for a sum not
to excetd $100, and upon comple
tisn of same in good workmanship
manner, receive same and report to
this Court.
In the matter of repaying James
P. Wolfe certain taxes illegally or
erroneously -paid. Ordered that
Clerk issue to James P Wolfe a
warrant in the sum of 842.59 in
payment for said taxes erroneously
In the matter of appointing a
Justice of the Peace for Siletz pre- j
cinct.' W C Fischer appointed.
Application of W II Simmons'
for a license to run billiard tables at
Waldport. Clerk ordered to issue
The town plat of Tekinink addi
tion to the town of Waldport an-
j proved.. i
In the matter of paying claims of
judges and clerks of election. Or-
I uereo. vierK issue warrants to each
I .f atilil lilibrna nrwl s.1.ji1-.3 1 !
for their services.
Following bills were allowed :
Gardner ftJorgenson, supplies fi do
K M Carter, aalarv as health officer 25 oo I
Ross K Mnoms & Co, supplies j 29 '
Fish & Cro.ks, sawing c.yinty wood.... 19 83
L C Norton, supplius district 13. . 7 So '
U S Parmrle &Sons, lumber and hauling j
name for dltrit 1(1, S1.5n ulloWed... Gl 00 '
A M Collin, board of prisoners aud
county poor 22 00,
Austin Unseurnuk, collln and supplies I
Koscoe and Koot Sailing;, aud -euro of '
l,.u Halt for Sept and Oct y 00
H I. Veil, supplies for Koxcoe 0 80
W A Dickinson, report as supervisor of
dist. 8 and claim, I0 allowed W A
Dickinson, 7, J Jensen, ii.f0, Hewitt
Clara Uraff-Everson, legisierlng voter.
Alseapreolnet 1 60
Bradeion & Altree, work on Olalla dyke 26
Bradeson & Altree, repairing break la
Olalla dyke 83 00
"E Nost, car K Stilling, 17-not allowed.
J J Burdett, at al, supervisor Newport
dist and claim 68 75
Elk City Lumbar Co, luin. for dUt 10 ... 26 82 al, work In road dist 10
and claim 46 00
Fir & Spruce Lumber Co, lumber for
county, 88.0S allowed 7 is
BunhonK & Ca, supplies for county 81 ;5
W E Ball, work as assessor 150 00
Mra W E Ball, work for assessor 78 00
Lena Ball " " 72 00
G B McCluskay " " 3e-allow 80 00
L M Starr " " :-nllow 30 00
Henry Howell " ' 87 allow 72 50
Guy F Laws, " " e 00
W E Ball, stamps Sept and Oct i 00
EOom.etal, cost bill state vs James
Kent, 114.90 allowed J8 50
8 C Denny, et al, jeitort as supervisor
and claim, 1124.50; also allowed sum of
$6.75 on his July report 131 25
Matt Pom pel, taxe-erroneously paid.... 12 56
J H Ross, stamps ,, 12 i
Ira Wada, stamps, rx press, freight 25 70
F M t'rpr, .Tamlnlmr Vmn, ln.n 5 on
J H Ross, supplies for and guarding In
sane person ... 12 42
J W Walker, registering voters In Allies,
Tidewater and Beaver Creek 11 20
R S Van Cltva, supplies Flnley Owens 11 75
Glass A Prudhomrae, supplies 44 71
J I Willinrnsan, report as super, dist. It
andrlalm 46 00
OttoO Krogstad, supplies 1 35
Oren Ruperts, comity nid so 00
John Turnldite, Janitor and other work 15 50
H Lewis, supulles 4 jf,
R P Coin, salary, traveling expenses, ex
press and stamps ....137 68
J D Logan, at al, work in road dist. 0.... 828 60
Toledo Livery Stables, draying 1 so
Jacob Burkel, bresd for Finley & Owens 8 00
J A Bones, et al. work with men In rotd
dist. 14 58 50
Sam Hill, etal, cost bill Stale vs John L
Rexford, l.'..90 continued.
I.lnc.ln County Leader, printing, 1107.20
allowed J9 90
Ora A Powell, reg. voters In Yaquina.. . 1 30
A I. McDonald, rep.rt ss supervisor and
claim continued
G B McClnokay, reg voters on blank A
n election day 3 40
Geo F Sylvesrkr, reg. voters in Newpert
12.55 -continued.
C K Ellsworth, board of insane parson
and keeMtr, tcoutinucd.
J F Stew art, supplies, 82.05-conlinued.
H E Peterson, fixing deck in hheilrlV
office continued.
FA Godwin, rrg. voters in Nashville
Spring aud Fsll elections, II.SO continued.
John Finley, carrying and putting wood
n shed 2 00
F Terman, supplies 22 60
Keeve dt McJuukin, work on Olalla dam
14.58 -continued.
I B McJiinkin, work as supervisor Olalla
dyke and dam, 1135.50 continued.
Headquarters of Abe Lincoln
Post No. C8 G. A. R.
Toledo, t iregon.
All Comrads are requested to le
present the first Saturday in Decem
ber at 2 p. m. for the nomination
and election of officers.
T. P. Fish, Adjutant.
M. SI. D.ivis was a Toledo visitor
W. N. Cook of Chitwood was in
the city Tuesday.
Nick S temple of Kernville was in
the City Wednesday.
Bruuson it Vanderpool the black -smims
have a new ttd in this issue.
Sam livin of Newport was a
Valleyward passenger Tuesdtiy
Mrs. C. 0. Copeland of Siletz
was a passenger for Portland Tues
day morning.
Sirs. Lester Waugh and Sliss
Slary Ewing attended llebekah
lodge at Newport Monday evening.
J. McCluskey is improving his
property on First street, occupied
by Ottf) Krogstad, with a new fence
along the front.
The steamer Newport came up
last Saturday with the. barge Elk in
tow. The barge was left at Altree's
mill, in fresh water, for the winter.
Next Sunday the Yaquina cham
pions will play the Elk City cham
pions a game of football on the
local grounds. This should be an
interesting game us these are both
strong teams. You can't afford to
miss it! Can you?
Sirs. G. A. Hall was a Newport
visitor Friday.
June Edwards of Nortons was in
the city the first of the week.
Several Slasons of Newport at-'an,l dl seemed interested, Oi e
tended lodge here Slonday evening, j fourth of that numler being broth
Farmer Ed Avery of Bald Moun-i e there waH certainly no lack of
tain was a Toledo visitor the first 0f , enthusiasm on tht-'ir Part.
the week. I '1U Iawt President Mrs. Galloway
Capt. W. R. Wakefield of Wald-1 f McMinhvil,. '"8 Pent the
nortw.nRin tl -itv Mnn.lnv n,l!",ul1 waa 'V ii very imerps-
Sliss Elma Derrick visited over
Sunday with her cousin Sliss. Viola
Sirs. Anton Jacobson and children
came down from Elk City Wednes
day evening.
H. T.wi returned Wdrtadtiy
evening from a short visit with his
family in Portland.
Wc have the Sweedish cross-cut
ami buck saws now. Can't be
beaten. Newton & Nye.. j
w i i -u
U m. akehcld of hdtlyvillo was1
,i .. , .
ln the P.ltv Mnni nv miirninrr en.
in the city Slonday morning en
route home from Newport.
Just received the famous Sweed-'
ish Boot oil, the best oil for shoes
on the market, at Newton & Nye's.
Sliss Rena Bradeson of Newport
visited with her parents at Toledo
Monday and Tuesday of this week.
The place to get your tablets,
pens, penholders and pencils is at
the New York Cash Store, on Water
front .
imvm i.arns, diaries i',.arn8 pll,v o(jt))!lll SU(Wuly the h,
and Thomas J. Cams all of Alsea!niUHt pnu.ti(.e m()n, Wh(,n hy
were county seat visitors the first of had lho )al, tu,y cmM n()t mulw
thewe?k- jit for lack of team work, so cor-
County Surveyor Jim Derrick re-, pequently were Iwaten 11 to 0,
turned Wednesday evening from They were fairly strong on the ('e-
Southern oregon where he has been fensive, Elk City making her yard-
for some time. J nge by punting.
Sfrs. George Green left Tuesday We were unable to get the lineup.
morning for a trip to Portland and Sunday Elk City will play' Ya-
Lewiston Idaho. She expects to be
gone about two weeks.
James McDonald of Chitwood
attended Sfasonic lodge here Slon
day night and Tuesday night went
down to Newport with a bunch of
Slasons to attend a swell time with
their brothers at the Resort city.
One of Hall Brotherss' big work
horses had leen suffering with his
teeth. Friday they had Dr. L. G.
-i-s'i'rJi(rV'SSIIl'tIiv,IIUV'l II (It
Stickney, a veterinary surgeon of visiting the schools in the Eastern
Corvallis, perform an operation on j)art, ()f thd county the firsi, of thv
the horse, by pulling several teeth 'Week. Sir. (Join informs us that
and drilling a hole through the jaw. ; the library books . for the different
Frank O. Bridgham, a . former ' districts have arrived and can U
resident of tin's place, who shot audi 11:1,1 !,t ay them
killed his wife last November at mil P into hundloH for the dif
Napavine, Washington, and was fl'rent schools,
sentenced to hang, will now lx; rc-l There are 10fi0 students enrolled
sentenced. The superior court has ' in the Oregon Agricultural College
just handed down a decision con- j at Corvallis, eight of them being
firming the sentence of the lower from Lincoln county, as follows:
court. j Alio C. Armstrong of Kddyville;
A correspondent from this office 1 ,ly Borden, Neww.rt; Conrad,
visited the Dilution farm a mile out j Christiansen, Lawrence Preset! ,
of town Slonday afternoon. He : AlvhiM Romtvedt, Tobdo; Slar.y
found Mr. Dundon busy putting Lilian' Earnest, Vernon ; Edith II.
the finishing touches to a fine, large j Cast eel ami William A. Toner, Ya
barn. The barn is 8(!x7() and will lna.
hold at least 75 tins of hay and
accommodate 25 or 30 heud of stock
in stalls. Lon will also build a
shed for stock adjoining the barn.
It is Sir. Dundon's intention to mi-
prove his dairy herd by stocking1 Leadkk, claiming that she can not
up with a better grade of cows. He; get along without it. She sends
is very anxious that some action bej regards to her many Toledo-friends,,
taken in rcgiwd to the dyking or j and also states that she would much,
damming of Depoe slough as he hatt : rather live in Oregon than Nebraska
several acres of tideland that will j where she has to suffer with heat
prove profitable when the titles .arc..', in tile Summer anil sit freezing by
shut off. the stove in the Winter,
Rebekahs Convene.
The District Rek'cca Convention
was held at Newport Nov. 9, 190N.
There were about forty present,
ting talk on almost every line of
work so badly needed in the lodge.
The three lodges that make up
the District were represented as
follows, Newport 3CJ, Elk City 2,
Toledo 1, one visitor.
The hall was beautifully decora
ted, and speaks much for the ladies
rf t!n Rhnrlrutondrnn l.b'"
At the evening session the ofliei r
were elected for the coming conven
tion which was voted to lie held at
''y- A vote of thanks was
given to the past President and
members of the Newport lodg
, ' , .
, aner wnicn tney atJiournett and le-
.paired to a room below and partook
of a bountiful and elegant spiead
which the ladies certainly know
how to prepare. It was the wee
hours of morning ere all close 1
their eyes in shimlterland and
dreamed of all the good things in
store for them at the next conven
tion. "Rhea."
Elk City 11; Toledo 0.
The football game at Elk 'City
hint, Snnd'iv (liMrmtwtr-.irml Hinl
quina on the Toledo grounds.
Wanted Three or four good
timber fullers,
Yaquina Bay Lumber Co.
, School supplies at Stewart's.
j c E Hawkilw irt m,(ving il)t() Un.
,ftrgu ()0W resi(lcm;(! 0 tll0 ,lUl tWtn
week. This is one of the fine-t
residences in the city,
We are in receipt of a letter from
ti former citizen, Mrs. J. A. Hall,,
who is now living at Gross, Nebr.,
in which she enclosed $1.50 for
another year's subscription to the